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File: 1475813785202.jpg (32.83 KB, 236x372, 59:93, 7b119c40d2d9b29c1c2794d191….jpg)


There has been another exodus. It's clear at this point, where the fuck do we go from here?

I haven't found a site for /pol/acks to go to yet, and this seems to be the place all of us are hanging out at.

What the fuck happened lads?



What exactly happened to 8chan? I'm out of the loop. If you can't find anywhere you could always make your own site based on the 8chan software, like the founders of fringechan did.


File: 1475864584366-0.jpg (67.59 KB, 1636x289, 1636:289, 1454421375104.jpg)

File: 1475864584366-1.png (695.28 KB, 631x901, 631:901, 1454776555762.png)

File: 1475864584366-2.jpg (827.79 KB, 1350x940, 135:94, 1466402083864-2.jpg)

File: 1475864584366-3.jpg (85.65 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1389521162394.jpg)

>What the fuck happened lads?

We realize we where gods.

We already saw 8chan breaking when the Trump memeing was really heavy, we knew it was merely a matter of time. In fact this was setup as a bunker for /fringe/.

The lines between esoteric traditionalism and outright magic are so blurred now that 1/2 of /pol/ threads, if not more, are dominated with occult content.

Eventually it will reach a point even without a place to shitpost together we can psychically heil trump and praise kek with the same level of effect because we know its effectiveness.

And now we proceed uproot all that which stands against us and to lay down our ideals upon the world in a shitstorm of lulz.


/pol/ delivered unto itself the ultimate redpill about the very nature of reality itself, consciousness.



Huge influx of 4chan because the new 4chan owner made it something awful 2.0


What you're talking about is the upside to what I'm talking about.



I'm migrating to irl, giving up the interjew and living the ascetic life.

Once I have absorbed a minimum amount of information from books I'm fucking done.



>new 4chan owner made it something awful 2.0

What does this even mean?

All he did was remove the bottom ads, put more frequent "edgy" banners and autoban people for doxxing jews at /pol/

… and maybe the porn boards are loading slower

It's less SJW now than under moot and this makes people migrate to cripplechan which is one step closer to reddit? Seems like this is no loss for 4chan.


Like all good things, it must come to an end.

When it does those that are left will wander into new spaces setting up camp here or there.

The place that becomes the new is not known to anyone, but it will be as more people are attracted to it with the same interest.

To continue the memes.



I don't think 4chan really will go down. The new ads are driving phonefags crazy, and this is likely to reduce traffic from the younger generation. Traffic cost is the main issue, so it may just end up at a lower level of popularity and survive like that.

Some boards even have porn ads now.



The last time I went there, my browser blocked the site, calling it dangerous. Must be some serious adware-ridden advertisements going on.

Before that, /x/ was full of clowns and flat Earth when I last checked. I mainly went back for /p/ since 8/p/ is dead.


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