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File: 1479856592644.jpg (522.12 KB, 1504x2186, 752:1093, ANIME-PICTURES.NET_-_33664….jpg)


Is there any way of becoming a female, right here and now, without going through HRT? Like spooky magic? Or even if it is along the lines of HRT, just some tips. Or even just trap tips would be great.


saw your post on /x/ so i'm gonna send you right back to 4chan by saying: go find trappy-chan's exercises from /fit/ to get a nice trap ass



epicly troll'd me :(((

Thanks for giving me some advice though, ill look into trappy-chan now.

Have a good one



i'm not even that guy lmao



Oh alright. I'll stay here for some time just incase he does come along.



Check out the shapeshifting thread at /fringe/


Can you incarnate a different gender in your next life?


It's easier to change your mind than it is your body. Though if you refuse and only want the later you can effect your hormones with what you eat

>Avoid regular high caffeine intake

>Avoid meats and milk with animals that were given steroids.

>Eat soy products

>Eat grapefruit (unless you're on a medication that would interact

Also some people take part in corseting to change their figure but it's a dangerous body modification.



I'm the guy who told you to post here.

Like I already said there is a way for this if you are 100% determined and this is the only way forward in your life.

The catch is it can't be reversed, and other people are not allowed to know you actually changed gender, you will also not be able to mention it to them, but you will be aware of it. This is a safety to not break the general illusion that magic isn't real.

You'll get to hear things like your gender being misrepresented in official records, being a tomboy when you grew up etc.

How much of an issue is your current situation? It's important that you do not ever want to go back after changing. Are you one of those who are considering suicide if you can't change, or would you be ok with just crossdressing?

There's a difference. Also, being gay doesn't make you qualified for gender change, as a female you won't be gay.

Elaboreate please.

If you qualify it will be done, you don't have to do anything, consider is a free service for a better world. Doing good things etc.



Tbh I would have preferred to have been born a female instead but I don't feel bad in my male body neither because I have a nice state of mind that makes me cop, but would I qualify?

Also what are saying exactly? You claim to be able to magically change people gender? I do know & believe in magic but what you are saying is huge. Are you some Gender Angel™ or something lol?



It's possible as a life saver only, so since you don't feel bad in your body I guess it can't be done.

Don't ask me how, maybe it really is supported by angels? I just know what to do and it has worked. But obviously you won't hear of it, it has to be hidden.



It has worked? Tell me about it please.

Yeah true is it would be cool for me to be a female (maybe next life) but it wouldn't be a life saver as I don't hate myself regardless of my gender.



>other people aren't allowed to know you actually changed gender

Wouldn't they know just by looking at you?



Details can't be given except this can only be done in cases where someone was badly fucked over by certain beings messing with the reincarnation process. Someone who would be a perfect female was incarnated as a male as some kind of "test" and then got depressed and suicidal because of this. Is that benevolent in any way at all? No it isn't. Some supposed "angels" or whatever they are, do things that can only qualify as extemely mean because they think they have the right to do this. You may have seen some people talking about (in these chans) how demons will trick you and try to rip you off, but noone expects any less from them. Angels on the other hand are religious zealots, they'll kill someone because of "the bigger picture" and will think they are doing it for "good", they also appear as stern and may punish people based on their own personal moral code. So it's really the angels you need to watch out for, you already know what demons stand for, so it's usually not an issue with them.

This may not be the reply you wanted but it's complicated. In the case of someone being about to kill himself over this, and the fault lies on those meddling "angels", it is possible to correct this. The body will be brought back to the state before the gender was determined, and then reformed all the way down. Changing physical reality is not the issue, it's the acceptence of other people and non-physical beings that stops this from happening in most cases. If a proper argument can be made, they will not block the magic, and it can be done.

Most people don't seem to understand that most higher tier magic is dependent on spiritual politics rather then just technical skills in the execution of spells.

It's not even needed that you personally perform any such spell, if you can make the proper argument some being may do it for you. It's not really that costly, energy wise. Molecules are low value matter and noone really cares if they are changed, as such. It's the implications of it that is the problem.

This is the reason why prayer may work. If you get it right, someone will fulfill your wish for basically nothing, just because you convinced them it was the right thing to do.


>Wouldn't they know just by looking at you?

It can't be widely known that this magic is available. See reply above, large groups of beings will not allow it. (Talking about it on the shitposting section of a site like this is ok.) So the people who know you will have their memories clouded, they'll just remember you were always masculine, and they'll find ways to explain away anything that doesn't make sense. The human brain is very good at explaining away any incosistances, you'd be surprised.



What about pictures of you that would contradict the new gender?



>you look just like a boy in this pic, lol

>she always dressed like a boy

>were flat chested until really late


Changing gender for real is impossible, right? It couldn't have happened so anything you see is just because <insert valid reason here>.

Also, digital pictures saved on a phone or computer may get "lost" or accidentally deleted.



You're lucky I stumbled upon this thread. Post a picture that expresses your dream girl-self. It can be 2d anime. It's important for the procedure.

If you dream of becoming a girl, you already consist of entities that are feminine. What you're actually looking for is not becoming a girl, but a recognition from others that you're a girl. More precisely, your subconscious needs to receive signals from others recognizing you as a girl and then integrate these signals. Others are a mirror.

You're about to read a spell. Warning: Only proceed if you're sure of your desire to become a girl. Also, you need to be open toward me and my post. If we met IRL, I could act friendly toward you and you'd trust me and it would be easier. But we're talking over the Internet, so you just need to like me and trust me and open yourself to me before reading the spell. You need to think of me as a friend and not be afraid.

Watch how your emotional heart reacts as you read the following spell.

With absolute sincerity I believe you are a girl. I recognize you as a girl. You are a girl. You are a girl. You are a girl.

If you were open, your subconscious should have enjoyed that and be tingled. Every time you become happy like this, you glow and in the bask of this glow, you change to a girl, one tiny bit at a time.

Every time you think someone thinks you aren't a girl, this process is then reversed. If everyone believed you were a girl, you'd be a girl in their eyes.

It is all about tricking the subconscious. This is why some people lock the doors and dress in feminine clothes. It's stupid, right? It doesn't make you a girl, you say. Well, of course, it does trick the subconscious. It's the same with everything in the world


Try being yourself before being an image of something else.



If you were more confident, you'd get all the cock you wanted even without cutting ff your penis and having fake tits installed. You're just lazy and craven. Grow a pair, don't lose them.



The difference between possible and impossible is the motivation. If your attachment to your current body isn't that strong, you can live with it. If you feel it is "foreign" you are not that bad off. Not feeling at home in your body is normal. It's the reason for the beauty industry existing, why people exercise, try to lose weight, do plastic surgery and so on.

There's nothing saying you wouldn't still feel this way in a female body. You may still not like your facial appearance or body type and you'd be fucked just the same, stuck with lifelong dieting for no reason, trying to compete with something you will never have. Because that's reality for many females.



What I'm staying here is I tried and these are the reasons which came up that wouldn't let it happen. The issue here is; some people want to learn magick to change their own gender, but if you have the kind of self control needed for this you won't experience strong feelings of gender dysphoria, it's mutually exclusive.

So anything like this is done by a magick practitioner or an external entity for another person experiencing gender dysphoria, as a kind of last resort treatment when nothing else helps. If it was blocked, that means there are other things that can and should be done first.

You seem rather upset, this in itself shows you didn't give up at all. Personally I don't like the male body at all, but this still invalidates any wish to become a female, because females are to be with men. I'd rather still be with females positively than become one and compete with them.

I don't know your motivation for wanting this, because you didn't say, but from what you wrote here you feel dirty in your male body. That's something you can work on. Girls like the male body, as a girl you would like what you currently have and you would desire it, just in a different way. Feeling that the male body is undesirable is not a good reason for wanting to be a female. It's more a self confidence/self respect issue here imo. Do you socialize with girls/women and want to be like them? Or do you just want to be desired by men in a socially accepted way?


I was comfortable with my body, but not the bodies of others, so I created my own realities to spare Yahweh.

~insipid revolution~



>you wouldn't understand

Don't fucking ask questions, if you don't want answers. Talk to yourself and don't waste space.



> I am now to kill every desire, every goal, any kind of individuality and live like a ghoul?

Human life is pretty limited anyway, even if you had the perfect body it would only look good for a couple of 10s of years, maybe you'd still be acceptably hot in your late 40s if you're lucky. You are on an esoteric chan after all so the things you bring up will be interpreted from this view. The perfect body isn't human, your goal shouldn't be this futile. Giving up your human desires to achieve something beyond human is part of many practices. I'm developing my eternal body in the form I want it instead. Your human body is a tool, so being fit is not a stupid goal here still. Being attached to your external gender is incompatible with this view of life because it is just human, and it can be seen as selfish and narcissistic. What about the happiness you could give others living with the body you now have?



>If it was so futile beauty wouldn't exist. It makes life enjoyable. "Something beyond human" is too abstract me

Beauty is telling you about the eternal life you could have, I'd say. I didn't go all out at first because I don't know how you would take it, but if you look at the timeframe of the existence of the universe, what you want, one human lifetime as a female, is extremely short. You have the chance right here to break free of reincarnation and stay beautiful, with the body you want, forever. But it takes work. Don't focus on getting or keeping small things that are soon gone. Set your goal on the eternal.

> I can't even tell the genuine teachings apart from the useless ones

Even if I told you, would you believe me? Everyone will tell you their specific practice is the correct one. But since you bring it up I'll recommend you to check out falun gong, you can download the materials here for free:



Start with the book Zhuan Falun. Even if you don't decide to follow this it may give you some references.



That is correct. But you need to read the main book cover to cover and understand the deeper implications of it for it to be really effective.


File: 1481278374765.jpg (76.44 KB, 480x454, 240:227, 1475906892387.jpg)

>tfw op was mandela effect'd into a woman



I know there is a focus on the health aspect at first, but imo that is secondary, and it's not the reason I started the practice. I just wanted the buddhist type enlightenment and couldn't really care less about the rest.

Still there are lots of stories of people who treated serious illnesses throught the exercises alone, but this is not meant to be talked about as the main goal, it's more of a side effect.

>looking at their founder isn't promising

I know it sounds like a typical excuse, but it was explained in a recent lecture he held. There's also mentioned in Zhuan Falun how the founder of buddhism could have remained here as an immortal, but choose not to, because it may have caused attachments among his followers. You may interpret the aging of the falun gong founder in the same way. I believe a lot of the chinese practitioners are kinda dependent on him and want him to do things for them, it's the feeling I've gotten. I've only personally met exiled chinese who moved to the west because of issues with communism in china, but even so they were VERY deluded by communist ideals, in my view. Part of that means to not have your own ideas and just doing what your leader tells you, so whatever is playing out can be seen from that context. The founder indeed do have reasons to age, and even die, looking at how hopeless some of his followers are. That may be the only way for them to actually assume responsibility. If you want them to be the new leaders of chinese culture, they can't be so undetermined and frail, only hoping someone else will do things for them. This is how I understand it, looking from within the practice's community.



maybe.. I did find it strange how his posts were deleted



Going by the examples given in different lectures I think it's seen as fully possible. But then there is that issue about attachments again...

If you just read zhuan falun I think most of these questions will be answered, it's better you get it from the source.




can I get in on this too?



He is just a roleplayer.

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