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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything shitposted here as fact.


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File: 1476754151964.jpg (2.69 KB, 150x150, 1:1, un.jpg)


Are sanguine, supernatural, physical vampires real?


File: 1476778185749-0.jpg (291.13 KB, 730x487, 730:487, parasites.jpg)

File: 1476778185749-1.jpg (107.2 KB, 540x699, 180:233, wew.jpg)

Yes. For one, there are the Jews. Secondly, there are non-human lifeforms that prey upon our species for blood and other components.


File: 1476815846040.jpg (39.08 KB, 640x624, 40:39, decollete-574354_640.jpg)



They also do exist in the traditional sense, except from what I've learned

>no bursting into flames in sunlight

>not allergic to garlic

>not invisible in mirrors

>cannot shapeshift

What they do have tho, if we are talking about the old real ones:


>immune to illness

>very skilled in magic due to old age (lots of practice)

>extremely slow aging (will still look old after a certain time)

>physically slightly stronger/higher endurance

>cannot die (unsure how this works, supposedly occult protection keeps danger away, so no physical harm can come their way, forget about wooden stakes, you'd be mentally unable to do it)

>dimension jumping by using a prepared ritual area, mostly used for fast/instant travel

>ability to control human thoughts and behaviour

>cloaking magic, will make human doubles appear in the same area, making it hard for people to realize their presence (will discard it as the known human when seeing them)

If you really think like them and have something to offer, you can become friends with them. It's all by how useful you are, think nothing else and you'll be fine.



lol considering how powerful they are its pretty pathetic that they cant stay forever young and keep aging even if its slow


File: 1476902943604.jpg (28.74 KB, 640x428, 160:107, ballet-534357_640.jpg)


Depends on how you look at it. They're still among the oldest physical beings around.

Someone at 2500 years old is not effected by aging yet. At 7000 years old they look like in their 30s. There's then a huge leap before reaching what looks like being in their 40s.

That is, supposing they turned young.

For those of the weaker bloodlines or those who never fully transformed, aging is not an issue because they will die before it takes effect.

If you can accept this idea, take a look at history and you will find local rituals of blood sacrifice in many cultures all over the world. Giving blood for the "gods", it's not just something done by primitive tribes for no reason.

Same can be said about the cult of Baal with its supposed sex orgys at those platforms. Vampires are mostly asexual, but even if you can't get it up you can still enjoy watching others...

I find most wierd stuff in history can be explained once you add the missing element - real physical immortal vampires.


Where can I read about vampires?


File: 1476906114255.pdf (615.4 KB, the-vampire-his-kith-kin.pdf)



Thanks fam, this looks good.



how would one go about learning more on the old ones without disinfo?


How does one gain the attention of a vampire and show themselves worthy of joining them?




Il make my own tread now sorry for interfearing my bad chow



By talking to one directly. Though I think it takes a long process of getting that close to one of them. If you can use telepathy that can be allowed earlier. I don't understand fully their rules, the real old vampirism connects all of them like a loose version of the borg in star trek. They also have an inner society created by linking the life force of some members to create a barrier. They don't talk about who they are, they don't need to because they have telepathy with their own, they live normal human lives in all other regards.


Not sure, but any of the traditional should work

>extreme wealth


>artistic skill

>any other unique ability

But only the old ones live openly with their real names, they're too powerful to need any hiding, they'll just mind control you into accepting them as normal. The common vampires seem to recruit by faking the death of the new member unless you're a nobody, can't have celebs living for 200 years, that would expose them.

A recent thread on /x/ had some new info that was in line with previous lore, there was some feeling of it being correct to some degree.




I thought vampires being rich and materially powerful was from strokers account of dracula and the one noblewoman who killed 600 virgins



material as in status or material wealth of some kind



No idea about that.

The ancients are not rich like you imagine it, they're older than modern civilization, they probably had a hand in creating it, so they don't need to own things by legal documents. They already own large parts of the world in the sense they can use any part of it as they like because they control its function.

If they need something they can just talk to the right person and they'll have to hand it over to them.

Only the "youngsters" need money because they are just mere humans with a longer life span.



do you have any websites or resources that you could link so we can know what you know?



Sorry, you will have to piece together the bits of info you can find posted here and there. Most websites forums are swarmed by "living vampires" and discussion is mostly hopeless.

Treat it like a puzzle where the correct pieces form an image while the fakes are incosistant and you can see what the real image looks like. But you also need to make observations on the world. Whoever controls it will leave traces.

Why are we even talking about this here? How come vampire fiction is a thing?


If you're completely clueless you can go from here




this is a just a larping site though



The documents section has lots of info on vampires either way.



maybe it has 1 or 2 things to read but from what I can see in the educational books it just a list guide to myth and modern vampire bullshit as well as some folklore



Did you check the database, there's over 500 entries.

There's not much to say. If you don't catch their attention you're out of luck. What do you have to offer them? Would someone looking for them really find them if they have no interest in you?

Even when you're let in on the inside of their protective barriers you'll have to rely on telepathy to get any info out of them, unless you find one posting on /x/. I never cared or believed in the existence of physical vampires until I saw them, and still I only know because of the way the interaction played out and what I recieved from them.

Looking at someone and into their eyes, and knowing that this is the person who contacted your mind at night. Their magical skills are beyond anything you'd be able to find in a place like /fringe/. What they do will just wear down anything, work it's way through obstacles like a diamond chainsaw, all the time seeming like normal events to an outsider.

Why would the vampire fiction be so far off from reality, it's bits and pieces of reality placed out there for anyone to find. If you're clever you'll understand what it real, if not it's just fantasy and fiction.

I just want to meet vampire bitches because I find the idea of young body/old age attractive somehow and they know this full well. Get it?



So you just want to fuck a vampire?



While that idea is amusing, it's turned out to not be so simple. It seems their occult/magical barriers are very strong and they can not even change this themselves. Some of them seem to have been turned as virgins and they still are. From what I understand the females like giving blowjobs but they just can't go all the way.

Imagine being mentally blocked and stronger than anyone, noone can force themselves on a vampire. The ancients are not the whores they have been presented as.

So there you have it... at first they thought I was a demon and performed a ritual to exorcise me when I contacted one of them telepathically, because this just doesn't happen.

It's just an idea, but they find it amusing as well, would someone be able to do it?

On the other hand, if you want to be a vampire you're looking up them as some kind of ideal, and this is not very interesting for someone who's mostly old and tired. If you're no fun, they won't care.



If their barriers are so strong that would just give them away to someone who tries to enter.



Barriers are not physically visible or felt with the senses, they function by mind control of every being or spirit around them. You can't see what your mind doesn't allow you to notice.



That's easy then you just have to keep your mind focused on being tampered with, the hard part would noticing others can't notice the person

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