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File: 1479203515247.jpg (336.73 KB, 600x840, 5:7, 1479117202596.jpg)


Fringe Meetup thread

As nice as the questions thread or hanging in a discord is, Meeting up to exchange ideas, experiences and practice together really can't be beat.

This is a thread for trying to find, and touch base with the fellow Magicians in your area.

Seek and ye shall find right?



Nice try illuminati hitman



I already know an occultist in my area and not intrested in meeting any other. Actually there's a bunch of them but they're pretty wack in the head and not people I'd like to hang out with.

>wiccan who runs an erotic online shop

>hippie who works at the church but is a practicing hinduist

>retarded satanists who drink each other blood


Oh and one other anon from here is close by, I've guessed it from info he accidently slipped, but I wouldn't still meet him. Asking for that is like those "meet a vampire" threads on /x/

>get mail, you passed the test, come to quarter house at this address

>show up, get invited and given a drink

>pass out

>wake up at the train station with stitches, missing one kidney

Nooope, I don't think so



>>wiccan who runs an erotic online shop

>>hippie who works at the church but is a practicing hinduist

>>retarded satanists who drink each other blood

Dismissing them based solely on this would be pretty closed-minded. How well do you know them?

>>get mail, you passed the test, come to quarter house at this address

Lol, you'd have to be pretty dumb to meet someone you don't know in a private place..


Any wizards in Michigan, or relatively close by?


The first two don't sound too horrible, and I'd be pretty leery about the satanist. Your best bet is probably the hippie.

>Asking for that is like those "meet a vampire" threads on /x/

I think a few anons in Australia met up recently at a cafe and it seemed to go over well. It might be fun anon, you never know.



>get mail, you passed the test, come to quarter house at this address

>not meeting at the pub

Ameribonger confirmed

Aussies have enough people on here to meetup but not bongs, pah. We should have a meetup lads. Where in the UK is the question.


File: 1479280884154.jpg (149.93 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, f65e0fd711b805ccf0e463e9c1….jpg)

Anyone in or near Amsterdam?



our admin is dutch i heard


Good timing to rock up at fringe again. I'm in Melbourne, would be interested in group meets.


360, or Seattle area. I'd rather not meet but somewhere deep down i want to.



Probability wise America is way too fucking big for there to be a remote chance that more than 2 Americans on this site live within even 6 hours of each other.



we could if we really wanted too.

I am still a neophyte though so I wouldn't attend do to offering nothing, except maybe books I have.



I plan to vagabond around the States next summer, may try to meet some members.

But for now I'm in this guy's boat. >>10059



>offering nothing

A wiling student is the greatest offering a teacher can ask for.



Australia has a much lower population density, and there was a meetup there.



Australian culture is nothing like American culture.

I lived in America a long time and have relatives there, in general there's a background paranoia about meeting people online, even in public spaces. Americans fear getting shot or nigged every time they go outside of a majority white area anyway (for good reason).


Anyone near Seattle? Asking for a friend.


I know its highly unlikely but I'll ask anyway: Anyone from Chile in this board? Or pretty much any southamerican out there? Even if I'm mostly spaniard, I think there's much to talk about concerning south american shamanism.



Ah! Rotten timing, you missed one a week ago to the day.

No plans for the next one …yet.



How did that go down?


No, still living in Amsterdam :) Am deeply entwined in South American Shamanism & visiting South America is definitely on the list.. but this will probably be in 2 or 3 years \\




I figure not this coming full moon but around the next we can get some plans ready (working with everyones availabilities and when they're in the area).



>How did that go down?

Really well actually. We've got a pretty good group going here. I've noted people have… a sense of distrust when meeting with others. Especially in the fringe community. Not wanting to meet with people… B…Because… What if they curse you? What if they're dangerous? Are they out to get my sweet, sweet loosh?! In my admittedly limited experience so far; We may be natural born shitposters but if you meet someone in person, It's very human nature to be kind to each other and want to help.

If you can find people in your area, you have less to fear than you may assume.


Welp, You heard it here first. Bi-Monthly Melbourne meets confirmed!


25 year old Englishman here, situated in glorious Yorkshire. Interested in a meetup to share knowledge, ideas and experiences, maybe make a study group, ie we all try this for this amount of time etc. Not interested in any hedonism or social obligations.

I feel like I am posting in a Lonely Hearts column haha.


File: 1479846233424.jpg (112.19 KB, 570x855, 2:3, img-19779785d43[1].jpg)

I suppose I'm the only french strolling by. If not I'm able to move if nedeed, but i'm living in 33 right now.


Sacramento area California.

Putting it out there.


File: 1480013531141.png (416.49 KB, 2000x1366, 1000:683, 1479391340022.png)

I'm by the leafy liberals, the commies, and the hub of the universe. Anyone nearby?



Hey, back bay here, email me at wutduhfuk@mail.com



I live in Leeds, maybe we could work something out.

>I feel like I am posting in a Lonely Hearts column haha.

Lol, you didn't have to post your age, race and gender fam.



I'm right next to Sacramento, want to meet up sometime? If are not busy this weekend…


I am pretty sure there is no one around Mississippi to meet up with



Next to the city or the county? I'm busy this weekend sorry anon.





>tfw you kind of want to meet people but you hate non-whites and disdain talking to women and people under 30




your problem m8



I'm ~30 mins from Sacramento depending on traffic. I travel to the city twice a week, so its no problem for me. I'm open most weekends as well, so post here whenever you are open and we can make location agreement.


File: 1480200885343.jpg (762.53 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Koala.jpg)


>missing out on meeting your potential /fringe/ qt waifu

thats ur prollem m8 but im here for the magick pussy



>implying I've ever had more physical contact with a female non-family member than the barest brush as I pass by them on the street

>implying I'm not celibate



Get in touch if you're ever in Socal. I'll leave my email here. Anyone here is welcome to email me, if they are interested in a one to one correspondence as opposed to image board discussion. There's pluses and minuses to both in my experience.




Sorry but you're going to be deported so I'm afraid you won't be meeting anyone here unless they live in Mexico.

>but I was born here

>b-but I'm an American too esse!

You've gotta go back, you're going over the wall juan, you're going to Mexico.


File: 1480273263195-0.jpg (76.66 KB, 570x631, 570:631, o-KENNEDY-STYLE-570.jpg)

File: 1480273263195-1.jpg (41.83 KB, 853x480, 853:480, fitzcarraldo.jpg)

File: 1480273263195-2.jpg (111.3 KB, 588x460, 147:115, children-of-paradise-bapti….jpg)


I'm not Hispanic. Not even remotely. That's a pseudonym. Juan Fitzcarraldo = John Fitzgerald, as in Kennedy. Fitzcarraldo is also a character from a Herzog movie. And Baptiste is a character from a French movie. You think I would share my real identity online? Dumbass.



JFK had some fucked up eyes man



Ah snap anon, I live close to you. I don't have transportation right now though. Biggest transitional phase of my life. I'd be down to meet up sometime but I am fresh into occult structure, theory, and practice. Fuckin skrubbiest of the skrubs.


Central Florida area here




Hail, brother




Where mah deetroyt bruddas at holla.


Anyone from Toronto / Ontario here?


NYC, there's gotta be another one here


ATL ho




Neat, not one, but two Magi in my (relative) area. Locale-wise I'm dead center in the middle of the state, a bit southwest of Midland. It's exceptionally mundane around here, but it's nice to know there's a couple of wizards around here.

I'd be willing to do a meetup of sorts if any of you two would like chat or attempt some magical work. It's something I've never done with other people, but I guess we could just wing it and hope for the best.




Hey, anons, want to meetup sometime in Sacramento? Perhaps a park or similar nature filled area? The time when we would meetup would be ~13:00 (1:00 PM), we could discuss occult material and/or methods for a few hours before heading home.

Since most restaurants are filled with mundanes, I don't really want to bother meeting up there (unless we are meeting for a meal together). The time could potentially also be later, earlier, location change, etc. Maybe meetup somewhere, head over to a local park and talk, head over somewhere to eat, etc. We are all wizards here, so things can't be that complicated.

Here is my Tox id: CAE39B6168ACF8077B4A70B10897509180CCCA04D35805F3EDF0E02A64139B276CA62BF0BB0F




Southeast, moderate interest in my area it seems. Where would a good location be?




I'm in the hub of the universe as well, give a time and place and I'll be there. I'm gonna hang out with the Gnostics at the Theosophy Society this weekend if you wanna show up. We meet on the second Saturday of every month at 5:00 pm at the Theosophical Society in Arlington.




What's the Theosophy Society like? How has it changed since its foundation?



Hmm, good question. Admittedly, I don't travel too far from my home, so I have almost no suggestions for a good and fair spot to meet.

Fuck, I need to get out more. Assuming you're around Ann Arbor/Detroit, somewhere near Lansing would probably be ideal.

I'll drop my Tox as well if you or anyone else would like to chat as well:




Unfortunately I live too far right now and don't have my own means of transportation. Just pulled myself out of some isolation-energy-wave that hit me and a few close friends recently. Should be getting back on my feet soon.

I'd love to meet if you're not a complete stalker wizard who's gonna try to sacrifice me for loosh though.



My tox id is there if you want to ever get in contact.



I'm on long island m8




>Nice try illuminati hitman

i was thinking… is there any imageboard where its safe to meetup with the people on there? i mean, even /v/ is le ebul gaymergate nazis… every major board has a negative stereogype and most of the rest are just assumed to be pedos or soon-to-be betauprising terrorists



>is there any person you don't personally know that's safe to meet up with?

>just about every demographic has negative stereotypes, niggers chimp out, chinks will eat your dogs, kikes subvert civilizations for their alien overlords and whites are ebul nahtzees

Overall if taking the best and worst case scenarios /fringe/ anons would probably be the best ones to meet.



>is there any imageboard where its safe to meetup with the people on there?

None of these negative stereotypes sound actually dangerous. If you meet up with someone and they turn out to be a creep, you can always just cut contact, assuming you weren't foolish enough to give them your personal details.



And even so, there's only so much people can do to harass you using mundane means and anything else requires effort and there isn't much you can do to prevent it if they succeed.


File: 1482143773868.png (507.33 KB, 626x446, 313:223, tumblr_m24s9tARvJ1r0mfiao4….png)

It's probably about time we started thinking about organizing our next meet down here in Melbourne!

The next full moon is on the 12th of January which falls on a Thursday. We could do it on the weekend before (7-8th) or the weekend after (14-15)

When works best for everybody?




>Overall if taking the best and worst case scenarios /fringe/ anons would probably be the best ones to meet

no, i mean as far as feds or lurminartis or whatever. like, meeting up with /pol/ will probably get you on some FBI or ADL hitlist probably. but other than that i'd meetup with any of these groups, really, as long as it was daytime and in a public place. technically saying "hi" to someone on the street is "meeting up with a stranger" so no biggie



Earlier sounds better. Balanced energy is comfortable.


File: 1482929062448.jpg (216.77 KB, 800x799, 800:799, JaffaandAkubra140515-800x7….jpg)



I was hoping you'd say that. The three days prior to a full moon are the best for magickal workings to my understanding. Alright, It's a little short notice, So I hope people can come out. My apologies, I should have started organizing this earlier! I don't have S's flair for this sort of thing.

How does

Saturday the 7th at 12 noon Sound?

For simplicity we could meet up at the Northcote Loving Hut again like last time.

I don't think S is in Melbourne right now, but haven't heard from him in a while. Worst case scenario it might be just Khan, Sakuya and I. I'll send out an email tomorrow to see if everybody is around.

Pump some energy into manifesting a nice, cool day for us! I haven't achieved the immunity to weather conditions Siddhi yet!!



I find the ritual of the clotheless is good for that one.

I'll do what I can on all fronts to get it moving. I figure everyone'll see this thread from our bumping.


I am away on the weekend of the 7th but the following week, I could attend! I like the 14th.

Would that be good?



I am away on the weekend of the 7th but the following week, I could attend! I like the 14th.

Would that be good?


File: 1483006014346.jpg (187.34 KB, 458x640, 229:320, __izayoi_sakuya_koumajou_d….jpg)


I agree the 7th doesn't work for me, the 14th would be better.


The loving hut's good for a meeting spot.





No problem. Is it the sunday or saturday when it opens later? (I am secretly enjoying these pictures)





Okay, Saturday the 14th it is!


Sunday was when it opens late. That's why we wound up all sitting outside like chumps last time.




>Probability wise America is way too fucking big for there to be a remote chance that more than 2 Americans on this site live within even 6 hours of each other

I live within 6 hours of Seattle, so I guess we have a statistical outlier



>live within even 6 hours

why? that's not too improbable. purely land-wise, sure, but keep in mind most people live in metropolitan areas, so already statistical chances are up. NY-NJ-PA/new york area has a population of approx 20mil, los angeles area has around 13mil, chicago area has 9mil. etc.

if you live in buttfuck, alabama then sure, the nearest person to you might be out in buttfuck, louisiana or somewhere, but if you live in a metropolitan area you've got a decent chance of finding someone else in one. also most canadians live relatively close to the us border (under 100m or so) which fits in under the 6h mark and increases your chances.

seattle metro area is approx 3.7mil, and vancover metro area is another 2.4mil


If there's anyone in/around the bay area (CA), I'd consider a meetup.



take my email from here


If you ever find yourself in LA, or the next time I find myself in the bay area perhaps we could meet. Otherwise we could correspond through email if you want.


here, a map for meet ups and other shit if your interested.




I'm in the Bay

shoutz out to whoever posted on FB a few years ago about that Rosicrucian Museum in SJ, it was fun to visit that place


No one from Ontario up in this bitch?



I'm back in town, boys!

Guess we're all down for the 14th? Midday?



Glad to have you back S!

For those of you who are lurking out there, We're doing our next Melbourne meetup this weekend!

When: Saturday the 14th at Noon

Where: Loving hut, Northcote

Why: Why not?

Weather looks to be a very pleasant cloudy 22 degrees, So I'm hoping we get to see a new face




So, it looks like we are going to sit outside like chumps again, unless we switch the location. Loving huts closed til the 23rd. I went past today and saw it on the door.

How about the Melbourne museum? Any other ideas on a place we can loiter? (Northside )



Crud, Didn't realize! Glad you brought it to our attention. I'm cool with the Melbourne museum, I can probably get there after a short bus ride. I'll email the others right now and see if they're alright with the change in venue



Where abouts at the museum do we plan to meetup at?


File: 1484216606597.jpg (137.56 KB, 625x313, 625:313, 1162200commelmuse.jpg)


Lets meet up at the big ugly Rubix cube thing, nice and easy.


File: 1484302098013.jpg (44.38 KB, 500x406, 250:203, thumb-up-terminator pablo ….jpg)


File: 1484381333619.png (255.55 KB, 442x664, 221:332, ihk7ygjh.png)

And next time I'll teach the kamehameha wave.


File: 1484454346264.jpg (53.97 KB, 546x896, 39:64, 1471119125248.jpg)


I thought MK3 went down well, it was quite informative. I will diffidently be up another in couple of months.


File: 1484538625726.jpg (50 KB, 499x488, 499:488, 1474661619819.jpg)


Always save the best for last don't you?


Agreed.I was hitting a bit of a plateau with my training and chatting with you guys gave me enough ideas to bust it wide open again. I really enjoy your company.

I also want to extend an open invite, If anyone else in the Melbourne area would like to meet up (I know there's a few of you) I'm down to hang on a less formal basis. Just give a shout!


File: 1484623013056.jpg (754.07 KB, 2262x1200, 377:200, 1472531089208.jpg)


Same hear and I extend the same offer.


File: 1484658867022.jpg (86.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1467154216419.jpg)

>summer gives me a gorrilion of Smiley tier household fixing obligations because storms keep fucking up our roof and the bathroom is practically in disrepair with some pipes getting fucked by the heat and others rupturing and leaking waste water into the foundation

>the rest of the seasons are filled with inescapable uni group work

>too much of a poorfag/jew to fly to Melbourne just for a couple hour meet

>one way trip on a train takes almost a full day

I'd say that at least I don't live in the cuck capital of Australia but goddamn are other Adelaide dwellers trying to steal that title.

What's the level requirement for a teleportation spell again?



>one way trip on a train takes almost a full day

That is just a lack of dedication on your end.


File: 1484737934790.jpg (119.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, e2ca5db8cabcf3fb694f0c0ab0….jpg)


I do my best to avoid going to uni if the time in transit takes longer than the time I have to spend there, imagine what a whole day on a fucking train will do to me. Time is the only resource I cannot replenish and the planets might never align so that I have 3 days of nothing to do and a /fringe/ meet on the 2nd day.

I am a little frustrated.




>imaginary suffering

>futile excuse

>imaginary suffering

>bare truth

you control your faith, sama-kama


File: 1484793520815.jpg (144.96 KB, 656x480, 41:30, 4ca83aa7dfa47c0c63656d6818….jpg)


It's not my suffering that I'm worried about fam, I simply have people that I'd seriously let down if I were to abandon them to pursue my own interests whenever I wanted to.

I guess this means it's all a problem of values for me, since I seem to value other people's wishes more than my desire to meet other wizards which may boost my spiritual growth. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify my own laziness, who can say but me.

It's such a shame we can't all be NEET wizards with no attachments.

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