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File: 1453237979862.png (747.82 KB, 1794x2506, 897:1253, 1444298708373.png)


Hermetic and General Western Magic Tutorials and Practice

Introduction - What can I find here?

Hello and welcome to another theory and practice tutorial. The original intent of this thread was to teach evocation since I've always felt it to be one of the most major and integral techniques that an aspiring metaphysician/occultist/wizard should learn and master. Namely because of the effectiveness of it in "bending" reality. Chances are if you're an occultist on this site then your life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Most of us have come from having nothing and being screwups into alchemizing ourselves to a far greater human than we ever thought possible. Evocation is one of the tools which allows you to take this to the next level. Ideally western magic in general is good for this. I'll teach you some practices which can be applied for both lesser and higher magic. As always, what you do with this stuff is up to you. Do the work, make it your own and use it to better your own life.


Be careful what you wish for. Be careful about crazy wizard syndrome. Don't take things too seriously or let it get to your ego. I suggest you all to read my previous Qi-gong thread since I merge eastern and western esoterism into a wholesome combined field(Though I will be keeping it simple for the new comers. Though you may add the energy work parts in later to amplify the rituals). Finally the most important thing to know is that there is no right or wrong way to do any of this. You're always doing it right. But there is a gauge of how effective you've done it. For example if you keep chanting a spirits name but still don't hear them then chances are you've still made contact(we'll go over that later). Unlike energy work where meridian blowout symptoms or kundalini shocks are a problem of misconduct, the problems here are far more mental and metaphysical.

What is Expected of you?

I do expect you to have a decent grasp of the occult already if you're thinking of undertaking the practices here. But if you are a complete occult noob then this read will do you good and if you feel like undertaking these practices then by all means do. You should know by now a basic understanding of things like the 5 elements, 7 chakras, planar theory, egregore and deity theory, basic planetary magic Qabalah and lesser magic. I'll be going over and giving a simplified explanation for most of these while we go through the practices but it will aid you to already have some understanding in these fields. What's absolutely required is that you are currently performing at least 10 minutes of mindfulness mediation per day. This is so you can still and quiet your mind enough to perform the rituals. Aside from that you're ready to jump in.

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What are we "Really" doing in Ritual

We're combining physical actions, emotions, objects, words, symbols, energies and other elements with a mixing pot called our imagination. All of this unlocks corresponding parts of the subconscious and collective "god mind". We impress our own will on the astral plane which is known as the womb of Gaea. Everything in the astral plane manifests downward. This is why when you become more conscious and aware you start to notice that everything in your life is just a manifestation of a previous thought be it conscious or unconscious. Like a dancer in performance, the magician truly is an artist. Using gestures along with imagination to impress symbols into astral matter, calling upon energy or what is personified as entities and gods, speaking divine frequency to give life and power to all of this. Every part of ritual is just a show and play to impress our subconscious mind. But do not think lightly of this for impressing your own subconscious impresses the entire world. You will soon find this with your own experiences that the world around you shifts and bends to your will. Strange anomalous events seem to happen and your own views of reality crumble once again as they have many time before.


Elements of a Ritual

I mentioned some of these elements previously in which I will expand upon here. Firstly there is the use of your imagination. Drawing a banishing pentagram or planetary hexagram is completely useless if you do not "see" it and "feel" it being created with your own internal vision - the imagination. We are using our own chi or energy which acts as a vaporous liquid to really draw these symbols and sigils, intentions or ideas into the astral plane which overlaps our own physical reality. I want you to understand that your imagination is creating impact in other worlds beyond your physical eyes. We are beings capable of multi-dimensional control and manipulation.

Next are the toys or physical implements such as daggers, wands, pentacles and cups. Depending on the order or school of thought will depend on the tools used if any. All of these are simply enchanted and imbued items to act as physical representations of their symbolic subconscious true meaning. For example a magician may use a wand to represent his will. It may also represent an element. You may use an item to represent deities, elements, energies, zodiac houses or other. It's just like using a sigil of a planetary god to access their archetypal force and energy. These all put magicians into "the zone". A magical mind state. This is the same thing for robes, candles and many of the other items. While some do have actual purpose like fire is a portal to the astral and incense is a good manifestation base, a lot of them are just for tradition and habit. If you understand the second law of correspondence or analogy this will be easy for you to grasp.

Your physical actions and emotions are key elements to making any ritual successful. The physical action is your dance to direct the flow of the ritual. While you may bring up a sigil or banishing pentagram within your imagination, it is much more impacting to draw it physically along with the imaginary part. The body also helps for integrating energy work into the ritual since your hands are excellent energy exchange points for your shen (upper dan tien chi - spiritual energy). As for emotions, these act as a directing and fuelling element for the ritual. My first groundbreaking evocation was done in a wrathful fury. Emotion works exactly like a hot iron for your subconscious. Allowing you to draw new thoughts into it. It can also act as a radio frequency crystal for your current state in the astral. To say that it will dictate what plane you're native to and the kind of entities that are drawn to you.

Finally we have symbols and energies (deities, gods, egregores, demons, angels, spirits, faries, etc). Wherever there is energy there is intelligence. Ancient cultures around the world would categorize this energy and personify them. Calling them angels, spirits, demons, nymphs, salamanders, fae, gnomes and other such names. Every time you start a fire you're calling upon the energy of the fire spirits. When you're washing your hands the water spirits. People are controlled by all manner of entities. The common man has far too many aura gaps to have any protection. This is why some people seem to become "possessed" by depression or other ailments. Others "invoke" the wrathful forces of Mars or an artist might invoke the divine beauty of Venus for a performance. The thought loops inside of your mind are the entities around you. A thoughtform is just a thought that thinks after all. Thinking equating to much more than you currently are aware of. It would be quite a lecture to go through intelligent energy so hopefully these basic ideas have sufficed to get you thinking about what spirits are.

We as magicians call upon these spirits or energies by using their given name and symbol/sigil. Sigils being a geometric creation which the subconscious mind can access and tap into acts as an astral telephone number for the entity in question. Asking an energy force to do your bidding is like calling up a friend to go run an errand for you. Sometimes they can do it much better than you can and surprise you of the results.



Journaling and documenting your occult work is one of the most important skills to learn. Keep a general day journal, health journal, occult journal and any other journal you might find useful like routines, cultivation or other. Not only can you look back on your journal to remember and figure out the kind of rituals you might have done but it also serves as good documentation when you need to share your work or compile it. You may cast of a ritual and then forget all about it which starts to lead havoc in your life. Or maybe you just need to go back through your successes and create a new foundation for your dedication. Journaling has too many important uses to pass up. Always be writing down each occult event, be it ritual, synchronicity, tarot readings, evocation, spirits or other notes. Remember to write not only the ritual but what results came later.


Altars and Magical Tools

Do I need an altar and the tools that long along with it to perform magic? No, not really. At the purest form ritual magic is all done via the mind and all rituals like the LRBP, MPR and others may even be done astrally to the same effect. I've done rituals with and without tools finding good results in both. Your altar acts as your own magical workstation in physical reality. You will create one physically and astrally as well to conduct rituals up there. The altar can be thought of like a physical representation of our subconscious. This means we get to customize and personalize it for ourselves. There are many kinds of altars and purposes for them but let's start out with a general beginning altar for ourselves. I will link some pictures of my own altar (the current state of it has changed slightly from the pictures date) to give a basic idea and a full explanation of each and every item on it.

Go find yourself an altar base. Be it a table, box made out of metal or even cardboard. It can be the floor of a closet or a small corner in your room. It's preferable to not have your altar in any room you spend a lot of time in but most of us will end up having it in our bedrooms due to space constraints. Performing rituals starts to change the energy of whatever room it is done in. This means after a certain time and work the room will invoke strange or different feelings. You or a family member/friend may have already noticed this. This is why it's preferable to have a dedicated location to perform your esoteric arts. Though do what is necessary for your own situation. Energy cultivation is best done outdoors and ritual is best done indoors I've found. Once you have found a location for the altar and a suitable object (or floor) it's time to get a cloth. Usually you will use a colour specific cloth for the ritual except since this is a universal/general altar it may be any colour or pattern. You don't technically even need the cloth but it does serve as nice decoration. The more effort you put into this the more you will subconsciously attach to it and respect it. The next required element is candles. I suggest using 4 candles for each elemental quadrant. You may also use two candles one black and one white to symbolize the two pillars of the qabbalah. You may even just use a single candle if none of these are appealing or none at all. Fire helps to excite and awaken the subtle senses. It also acts as a portal to the spiritual realms. Currently on my altar there are four candles symbolizing the elements and a little cloth I scavenged laying about. Make do with what you can get.



Next we'll go over the tools and objects. Our main tools for ritual use are a wand or dagger which acts as the extension of your will and an item to channel shen or spiritual energy through, incense for a manifestation base, a black scrying mirror/black bowl/ fire brazier, sigil paper, pen, summoning triangle and circle of protection and an offering holder. As mentioned previously, none of these are required. Most of my earlier rituals were done with these tools and then I slowly dropped them all except the sigil paper which then I finally let go of last. They all act as symbolic "Training wheels". While these are the main tools there are many others that can be used like a lantern, spiritual jewellery and robes for example. I'll briefly explain the tools on my own altar. I have four tools to represent the four elements. The violin bow acts as a sword to represent air. The war fan (covered up in purple fabric) acts as the wand for fire. The black chipped bowl represents water and is used for scrying, offerings and fire (try to find an actual black bowl if you want to use one. Water wears away at most paints). The incense acts as my earth element and is a manifestation base(Gives energy something to form in). Other tools on the altar are the crystals. Four for each element and many placed all around the altar to act as batteries. I've set up a complex energy grid system with these so that they store and feed the intention of any ritual performed. Around the cloth is a journal, pencil and eraser for note taking. Above that are mantra beads and two tarot decks. You might have noticed the tarot cards spread all over the altar. I place these symbolically related to my current altars intention. To the far right is a wooden lantern that acts as an "on and off" switch for the altar( I personally like eastern styled things which is why I use it along with the fan). Next to that are some items like scissors, sewing thread and rosin. The sewing thread was a request and the rosin and hair dressing scissors are ancestral items. If you're trying to communicate and connect to your past ancestors then it is good to use items that they are fond of. Below this is my offering plate with two sweet potatoes on it. Similar thing as before with requests. Spirits will communicate what they want no matter how strange some might be. Generally your offerings will stay preserved through the energy of the altar.

Each item needs to have a significance to you. You may use a toilet brush for your wand and potato as a scrying tool if it resonates with you personally. What I'm saying is that there's no wrong way to do this. Set the altar up around its purpose (planetary energies, pathways, spirits, elements, themes, rituals, people or other). Use items that are special to you and bring out the qualities you want. Maybe you want to use a pencil as your wand or a pan as your bowl. It does not matter as long as you trust and believe in it.

You might be asking around now "How do I set an intended purpose for specific items". We use our enchanting skills for this. You simply need to enter a trance like state and build up energy with an intention. This is easy if you already do energy work. If not then try to feel as if you're drawing and breathing in energy all around you with your body inside one of your dan tiens. So either at the heart, naval or head. Give this energy the intention you have by simple will or affirmation. For example if you're trying to enchant a dagger to become your magical tool then hold it in your hands while pouring out the energy with the intention of its purpose to be your magical implement, an extension of your own willpower. Allow the energy to flow into it and merge with the item. This is all done via the imagination. Through every sense you can muster up. Every time you use this item it will be consolidated further in your mind that it is the tool you've created it as. You may be a planetary magician who uses an item for each sphere. Your thoughts of war, strength, will, courage and anger give your battle axe of Mars a certain "magical" quality to it. That every time you pick it up you start to enter "a zone". A new state of consciousness which invokes red bloody Martian energy. Crowley used a new ring for each magical personality. You can do the same with a piece of jewellery or a robe if you wish. Every time you put the piece on you "become" the magician. This is when you give up and forget every part of your old self and life for the duration of the ritual. Eventually it becomes inbuilt and this item BECOMES "magical". It's just like a lucky charm.



Anyway go have fun some setting up an altar and making magical tools. Remember that it's meant to be personal and all within your own means of acceptability. Butter knifes and masking tape circles will bring you closer to the other side than you could ever imagine. As A side note I recommend putting pictures up on your altar or above it to do with your own intentions. Be them comic book, anime, movie, cartoon characters or even the gods themselves. The main key is what works with YOU. You may notice by now that regular people build up what you might think of as an altar. Areas of space with personal items that take them into their memories or dreams. It may be a traveller who puts his acquired items on the wall or an artist who has a slanted table full of pens and paper. A work station and area of mental invocation. These can both describe the altar but it is far more than only this.


As a fun side project I want people to start meditating over, deciphering and understanding the symbolism of baphoment, the picture posted.


File: 1453242871213-0.jpg (2.38 MB, 4608x3196, 1152:799, 1444394884852-0.jpg)

File: 1453242871213-1.jpg (2.89 MB, 4608x3212, 1152:803, 1444394884852-1.jpg)




Example altar.


File: 1453243474771.jpg (1.6 MB, 2376x3424, 297:428, 1430026383318.jpg)

Practical Qabalah

We all must traverse through each sphere of the Qabalah to achieve divinity/ ascension. This is merely one of the many path working systems which spirituality has to offer. The Qabalah is an exceptionally well designed tree or map of the micro and macrocosm; the universe and yourself. To learn the Qabalah is to learn and understand both of these, to learn all the energies that we may tap into. Practical use extends far greater than just knowledge or experience of life but into knowledge and experience of the planetary spheres, spirits, energies and various pathways, etc. For example you might desire to work on Geburah so you may learn to harness willpower and warrior strength. Or you may even want to test your skills in astral battles. To even have conversations with grand warriors and see what they can teach.

Each sphere has its own correspondences which symbolize the energy given. Try to think of each sephirot(planetary spheres) by the planetary name and correspondences for simplicity of understanding. I'm sure by now we've all gained a handle on what the Sun, Moon, Saturn, etc represent and the energies tied into those. Once you've mastered the basics of understanding what each sephirot means then you may begin to think Qabalistically. Just like how we think Hermetically with the seven axioms.

Let's use the example of desiring to obtain an item in daily life. Your desire is represented by Netzach, the Jupiter sephirot. The mental structure of how you will acquire this is represented by Hod or Mercury. Willpower is fuelled by Geburah or Mars energy. And the imagination aspect is given birth in Tiphareth(sol) which eventually funnels down into Yesod(Luner), the astral plane. This then manifests downward into physical reality, Malkuth.

This is only an exceptionally bare bones and basic explanation of some of the workings that the Qabalah goes through to make reality manifest. There are many other factors like pathways, other spheres and energies, etc that we need to take into account generally. But it will suffice to show the one use of the tree and application to relaity. Much meditation is required over the tree to make sense of anything and to piece together the flow of information if you do wish to take it up.

I advise all of you to go out and study this tree for a greater understanding of the universe and of yourself. It will allow you to guide yourself through spiritual advancement so no longer will you keep thinking "what is the next step" for you will already know because it is right in front of you in the diagram.

This brings us onto the topic at hand which is Qabalah path working and stages of spiritual progress. Not only of yourself but how to understand the progress of others by using the Qabalah, for it will show where you are and also your friends/partners development.

You might be noticing by now in your spiritual development that you are speeding past and progressing much further ahead of the people around you. This causes great discord and argument. You speak of great spiritual and mystic experiences which they cannot comprehend and will not understand with further explanation. They might get angry or dissatisfied and retaliate against you, damaging the relationship. For you who have been in this field for longer will know how to deal with people by experience. You might of already noticed that each person is at a different stage of life and must be talked to differently. This leads to dissatisfaction for yourself though. For who wishes to talk to a child that has nothing to say but fedora beliefs, nihilistic depression, psychedelic philosophy or communist ideologies? Possibly they are a hedonistic animal who wishes only to waist their life in physical ecstasy or some other unfavourable character. These are but few examples of types of people you might have communicated with. They are a physical and mental drain on us, a waste of time and most of all a no good annoyance. But we are stuck on an earth where human interactions is nearly vital(becoming less so with the rise of technology) and generally exceptionally helpful. Friends and partners can help fulfill our needs as humans so it's best to keep them on our good side.



As you will see on our Qabalah diagram I have created with the PROPER planetary symbols, not the false disinformation Qabalah you will find online with the Uranus, Neptune and Pluto spheres incorrectly labelled. The paht we take is from Malkuth to Kether. It goes from Malkuth to Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tipareth, Geburah, Chesed, Binah, Chokmah and into Kether. Da'ath is skipped hence it is a unique sphere(don't wary about this for now). I hope pretty pictures and words have kept you entertained because now we're going into the actual meat of the discussion.

First we all start out on Malkuth, this contains all four elements and whatever they bring for you and your life. We will only briefly be discussing the lower spheres in this talk. But next we start to pathway upwards in the tree. I should explain about growing or advancing in the Qabalah. You grow by the spiritual experiences you gain in life. These might be obtained in physical reality (having to fight, given chances to manage money or having relationships and family, intellectual study of sciences, practicing arts, studying from observation and philosophy, etc.), they may also be obtained through clairvoyant investigation of the tree, meditation over it and even experiences gained in the astral. Generally you will path work in each sphere to experience the wonders it has to give and talk to the many great spirits there.

Going on we next have Yesod. Yesod represents Luner(masculine, feminine is Lunar) or the moon. Of those of you who are familiar with the moon will understand it has a very subconscious, astral, sexual, bestial nature. This means people who are currently at the state of Yesod in their life will be interested in hedonism. You might know friends who only desire sex, alcohol, food, entertainment and other such pleasures of the physical world. Don't grow angry at these poor souls for you were once just like them. Allow them to have their fill of physical ecstasy.

After Yesod we start to move into Hod. Hod is the Mercurial sphere. Mercury is the realm of science and intellect. I believe those who we call "fedoras" are trapped in Hod. People who are interested in university study and logic based activities have strong ties with Hod. This could be related to the left side of the brain. The right side of the brain would be Netzach. Netzach is the Venus sphere. It is very artistic and emotional. This is where your desires lie in. Those of you who are musically or artistically inclined will have very strong Netzach energies and ties. A strongly defined sphere would be of Mars or Geburah. Those of you who have traversed across or are up to Geburah will have faced great struggle which brought out your inner strength and will, forging you into a valorous warrior.

We require each sphere to be well developed within us to have a strong foundation. You can regress downward and degenerate your spiritual development. An example is of those who start to fall into hedonism. This takes us back to Yesod. Or those who start to doubt their experiences and wisdom and then degenerate back into Hod. Nihilism is also a nasty mental disease for it never truly allows one to travel into Kether and gain divinity.

You might have figured out that we have in the past had cults and religions dedicated to a specific sphere(Solar religions like Christianity, Lunar religions like goddess worship). These act as a safe environment in which people can fully express their desires and needs in order to grow. Now in modern society since we are "civilized" men in suits there is no time for play or fun of what these cults can bring. I for one demand a Mars and Venus cult where we hold dramatic 1v1 gladiator matches backed up by a musical band. Back to seriousness. Do try to seek out groups or activities in which you may gain the experiences required by your stage of development.

The purpose of my words was not to give you all the keys and unlock every door, but to spark your interest in Qabalah path working and understanding. You should be able to already see some of the very basic practical uses of this system.

Know thyself for the seed holds all information to create a plant. You contain the entire tree within yourself, it is just that you need to discover it. Everything you need in your spiritual development is within. Do not read this as an excuse to stop studying, for without study you will never know the basic information to meditate over to understand the Qabalah.


We are in an age where knowledge runs free. Self initiation into any field of magic is extremely viable. Bardon does a good job at removing a lot of the mystery about it.

As for a general description of the spheres.

Kether - "The crown", divine purpose and spark. Absolute divinity.

Chokmah - "Wisdom", knowledge and understanding of secret occult abilities and energies.

Binah - "Understanding" time, cycles, death, decay.

Chessed - "Kindness" Diplomacy, wealth, leadership, management.

Geburah - "Serenity" Will, strength, action, power.

Tiphareth - "Beauty" Inspiration, ideals, christ energy.

Netzach - "Eternity" Emotion, desire, expression.

Hod - "Splendor" Logical, analytic, rational.

Yessod - "Foundation" Astral "womb", astral plane.

Malkuth - "The Kingdom" Physical reality, final path of manifestation, four elements.

You're really going to need to do some study and then meditation over each sphere and the corresponding planets. Examples are path working in each planetary sphere, trying to get a feel and idea what they're like. You'll also meet a bunch of entities who can answer your questions and give you a hand. If you know the attributes of the corresponding planets then you can begin to apply them to the sephirah.

Do meditations trying to link them together in scenarios. Start at Kether and take the flaming sword path down to Malkuth, acknowledging what each sphere does to create a whole product. This is especially important for those of you who make thought forms or egregores and want to "juice" them up a little. Give them a purpose and personality, etc.


Explanation on Spirits

As magicians we work with energy. We've learnt to categorize this energy through planetary spheres, elements, pathways, the zodiac and other. That's why if you pull open a grimoire you will usually see a degree, element or planetary sphere for each spirit. This defines the alignment (for practical reasons the purpose and use of this spirit). Familiarize yourself with the Qabalah since it is a roadmap and compass of the ritual magician. Other than this go search up pictures of it to get your mind thinking. I would suggest you to at least build up a basic understanding of what each planetary energy represents. If you're familiar with mythology then this should be of no problem.

What are spirits you might ask? They are energy. Usually this energy is personified by a given appearance and name. The energy of Mars is that of pure will, aggression, force, the masculine principle and so on. This is how we create the archetype of a red warrior with a spear. The spear representing the masculine principle again. You will soon find or have already found that everything in the occult is heavily symbolic. Thus I've posted a picture of Baphomet to get your mind thinking in symbols instead of words. You can ponder this further by thinking of the fae are the energetic personification of nature, salamanders of the fire element and gnomes of the water.

There are two schools of thought. One that says all deity and spirits are simply part of one's biology, mind and nervous system and the other that thinks they are external. I personally like to understand that we have the "potential" of all energy or spirits within and that the external reality is merely a tool in which we use to bring out this energy. You stub your toe and get angry which causes the invoking of an anger spirit. You might sit in nature and be given great ideas from invoking the energy of nature. Or maybe you listen to a beautiful piece of music and feel inner divinity, invoking the energies of Venus. You are a microcosmic version of the macrocosm so this should be understandable. Think of it like you have a closet full of archetype figures which you pull out when you wish to either "become" or request the aid of one of these. In fact using crafted figures is a method of performing ritual.

Spirits reside in the astral plane. A non physical realm which overlaps our own reality. This can be accessed simply by the use of your imagination. When you call upon a spirit you bring it astrally into the current room you're in. You can mental/astral project to this room or use a scrying device to view and interact with the spirit. You may also bring it into your body or another vessel. There is a third technique which we call manifestation that the magician will bring this energy into reality via the use of blood, yang chi, incense or other "manifestation bases". This acts as a thick vaporous substance that allows the energy of the spirit to inhabit as a body. Meaning you and the spirit both meet in between worlds per say. I personally rather astral evocations since they can be done within less than a minute and serve the same purpose as a full manifestation.


I heavily suggest to anyone who's seriously interested with evocation to watch EA Koetting's evocation video tutorials. He may look like a cheesy salesman but he's one of the only few people alive right now who's had decent experiences and actually does "the work". Anyway I'll still be posting a tutorial on evocation but if you're not good with text tutorials then check him out.



First we need to go over the trance state. In day to day reality you are usually at an active beta state. This is your alert state. Next is the alpha state. This is when you dip into relaxation, maybe watching tv, listening to music, reading or eating food. We need to go further than alpha or beta for ritual work which is where we enter theta. Theta is the state you start to hit once your body is fully relaxed and you're in what you might think of as meditation. If you keep your eyes open and relax your gaze you will start to see tv like static. A fun experiment is sitting outside in theta with a piece of white paper. Gaze lightly at the paper and wait for the theta state to set in. I won't ruin the results and fun of this test. Anyway to hit this state you simply need to drop mind. Completely relax the body and almost "flop" over mentally and physically. Still the mind enough that it can begin ritual orientated work and you're all set. This is not difficult so don't make it any more than it needs to be. You should be able to train yourself to enter this state within a second or two.

Next we need to prepare our ritual tools. What tools you use is up to you. You don't need to use any at all but I suggest at least using sigil paper and a journal as a basic crutch. A reminder that all of these tools are simply subconscious reminders to help you enter certain states and to focus your will. They help the untrained and inexperienced magician achieve better results. Your circle will act as a gateway between the microcosm and macrocosm(Everything inside the circle is a direct representation and mirror of everything outside of it). The triangle acts as a space for the spirit to inhabit (think of it as a room or sofa for the spirit). Your incense acts as a physical substance for the spirit to inhabit and manifest in. The candles are to light up your scrying device, cause burn in effects, set the mood and open up the subtle senses. A wand or ritual dagger act as an extension of your will allowing you to reach further. Offering bowls hold energetic offerings like flowers, food, liquids or others to give to the energy(simply calling the spirit will feed it enough energy to perform your request). Any garments act as a tool to separate the magician from his human ego. The journal acts to hold notes, sigils, speeches and other things you may want it for. And your sigil paper which I think is the most important tool acts as a gateway or telephone to call the spirit into your presence. What tools you use is up to you. I suggest using thick black marker to draw sigils out on white printer paper. This helps you keep focused.

I'll now give you the fundamental barebones of what you need to do to make contact with these forces. It might sound simple or basic because of how much I've stripped away and refined. But I assure you once you get results you won't complain. First thing is mentally preparing yourself. This is done through a banishing ritual. You usually want to clean both inside and outside so I suggest either taking a bath or doing a little bit of mindfulness to get yourself in the mood. Next is the external banishing. You may either perform a LBRP (I'll explain this one later on for the newer people) or perform a simpler banishing using energy and water. To do this you hold out your palms and project banishing energy out. You may view this as white light coating the room you're in. You may also create banishing water with salt. Pour your intention and energy into this water for it to banish all unwanted entities and then sprinkle it around your area. Especially into the corners of the room. This work prepares your room and body astrally by removing the current energies or spirits from it. Think of it like cleaning up your apartment before calling a friend over. We'll also want to set out and prepare our tools if using any. Try to have everything near you on the floor and set the spirits quarters out in front of you. Light up the candles, burn the incense and get ready.



Enter your favoured posture(asana) or simply sit cross legged on the ground. Keep your palm sized piece of sigil paper lightly in your grasp. Start to relax your entire body and enter the theta level trance state. Gaze lightly at your sigil taking in the entire image and not focusing strongly at any part. You may start to see static around you, this is a good indication of the theta state. Start attuning yourself to this sigil by impressing it into your mind. See the sigil glow in front of you in blue energy just like you will do in an LRBP. Feel as if your entire consciousness is a radio crystal which is aligning to the energy and power of the sigil. Call upon the name of your spirit. Try to pour your emotion and power into the calling of this spirit. It may be done mentally if you are unable to physically call for it. Continue aligning yourself deeper to the energy via entering a deeper trance state. Lose your conscious mind in this work and allow the subconscious elements to take over. Keep gazing and chanting the spirit name until you start to feel a presence. It may be a weight or different quality of the room. Strange phenomena may occur around you or you may feel energetic activity like pulsations in your third eye points. The more you're able to lose yourself and merge with the ritual the better. Don't be expecting fireworks and a puff of smoke which shows a cartoon demon right in front of you. It does not work that way I'm sorry to say. If you don't notice any effects but have still tried to sufficiently call the energy then don't be worried or disheartened. Chances are you have not developed your spiritual centres enough to hear, see or notice the energy. But you can still progress with the ritual.

Onto communication. Since we've just called the spirit into our astral presence this means all communication and exchange will be done mentally. If you wish to see the spirit then ask it inside your imagination to see it(your inner monologue). You will be given an imagine or a person/ other being will appear mentally. This is how your mind interprets the energy. Talk to this energy via the use of imagination and mind as well. It may feel as if you're talking to yourself and for all intensive purposes you technically are. Just a long hidden and kept secret part of your inner being(you'll stop caring about the ridiculousness of ritual and stop self doubting once you get good physical results). Don't disrupt or halt the flow of information by allowing your ego to enter the exchange. Many people self doubt so heavily that they can ruin any connection. You may notice you get answers back which you've never known or heard of, new information. Anyway if you're not particularly interested in having a conversation then it's time to cast away our intent and ask for whatever goodies you're in this for. Remember that we're communicating with something that does not primarily speak English so you will want to use pictures as well. Conjure in your mind an image of exactly what you want or want to have done. See yourself in the situation where your ask has been fulfilled and you have what you want then project it and give it to the spirit(They can see everything you see and hear everything you do internally). Along with this you should tell exactly what you want the spirit to do. Be stern and strong. "I command you to perform this or to do this" While giving a mental image of exactly what it is you want. After all has been said and done you simply need to say your goodbyes and close up the ritual. I personally do not perform a closing banishing ritual as I believe it is disrespectful and can disrupt the energy.



To give a simplified basic instruction for someone who self doubts, you simply need to enter trance and gaze at your sigil while calling the spirits name for as long as you intuitively feel needed (Or a minute for potato intuition), ask for what you want and close the trance/ritual. Sounds easy right? Well it really is just as simple as that. An easy minute long ritual to cause all the change in the world in your life, direct the flow of it and manifest what is beyond your current grasp. If only we'd been taught this kind of stuff in school. I've given the basics on how to make things happen. If you want explanations of little things like how to full manifest, what invoking is, using scrying devices or other tools and other ritual shenanigans you might be reading in your grimoires than I suggest you ask them as questions and I'll write them up as later segments. I do expect you guys to already know things like basic rituals, lesser magic(Mainly how results manifest), astral work, where to source spirits in grimoires and the other basics of this form of magic. Though I know there are newcomers who probably can't even understand half the simplified terminology I use so do feel free to ask questions if anything has not been given clearly and such.

As for grimoires I suggest you get yourself a copy of the lesser key of solomon (goetia spirits are my favourite, Paimon is insanely powerful) or other known grimoires like the necronomicon and Franz Bardon's book to evocation. You can find sigils almost anywhere nowadays even plastered all over the place online. Have fun evocating. Remember that you are the God and that all is mind. You can't do this improperly and wrong so stop self doubting. If you can't keep your mind together then go masturbate over sigils like the lesser magician you are. I'm only joking. But seriously if you need to calm down your self doubt or ego then do some other lesser magic like sigils, thoughtforms, mantras, autosuggestion or Neville style imagining.


Sigils, Mantras and Thoughtforming - Lesser Magic

I figure we did not have a decent thread up dedicated to the most basic forms of magic (Though one of the most useful on this physical plane) so I will do a summarised writeup explaining the fundamentals and how they work so you can gain a good understanding of it. There's many forms of lesser magic be it candle magic, auto-suggestion(mantras), sigils, thoughtforms(reality creation), cooking(Enchanting food), rituals, enchanted items and just about anything you can channel your will and emotions into. I would suggest picking one and developing it fully or picking two and using them for specific reasons. This will be a large topic so I will go over the "how" of lesser magic first. Then go into the "how" of results and how they manifest. After that I will be giving out basic formulas which then you can either use or learn to develop your own with the understanding you have. I'm not going to hold your hand and writeup a "you must do this and that" formula. But instead try to encourage you to understand the fundamentals so you can then adjust and work out your own.

How does lesser magic work you might ask? You have an idea of what you want done. This is called our intention. Your intention acts the structure or mould of what you want to project into the astral plane (or your subconscious mind). Then we have our emotions which acts as a fuel to push and actualize the intention. This emotion is a currency which you use to create the thoughtform in the astral (or impressing it upon your subconscious mind). And then finally we have the will element. This acts as a physical force to bring your goal into manifestation (though some rituals will manifest without you doing a thing. Some still require will and actualization) by making you or another bring it into our reality.

Think of it this way. You want to buy a melon. Your thought-plan of how you will get to the fruit store, which store you will go to, what you will buy it with, what kind of melon you want, how you might eat the melon are all details of the thoughtform or intention element. Now you may only have the intention to get a melon. This is fine as the ritual will usually work the small how's its self out if you are able to follow the subtle pulls and leads(rituals will lay out the dominos, you just need to knock the first one down). Then the element that makes you "want" to go out and get that melon is the emotion. Be it the emotional, mental or physical hunger that causes you to want that melon. In a ritual setting we are able to utilize any form of emotion. This in a physical setting acts as our desire to get what we want. This is why rivalry can be good for people to improve from. The strong clashing desires and will to become greater than another grows great improvement. And then finally once our blueprint and desire to manifest it has been created we must gather up our willpower to bring it into reality. One way to think of it is that the melon does not exist until you think of it. Your emotions and thoughts bring that specific melon which you will buy into reality. Then you go out and find a path to buy it. Usually you will be "lead" and "guided" to complete your objective. You'll notice people around you start giving cues and clues as to what you might need to do. But I'll go over that more later on once I speak of how results manifest.



Let's go into the subconscious - conscious model of thought to explain how this works. I like this one because even people who are "fuzzy" in their experiences, understanding and knowledge can get along with this example. You have a conscious mind which is the current mind you are reading this with. It's the mind you use to interact with your reality. The "awake" you. I'm sure we all know what our conscious mind is by now so I won't go into much detail on it. Then we have our subconscious mind which is the hidden side that we tap into during meditation and deep theta trance states. Your subconscious is the mind that remembers and allows you to remember how to ride a bike, play an instrument and anything you need to do that is a habit or routine. I would say about 90% of your day is subconscious. Think of each and every habit you perform. Eating, your work or study, what entertainment you might view, the substances you ingest, the activities you do, even browsing /fringe/ is a habit. Habit and routine are two things to learn if you wish to become a master of your own self and reality (I can do writeups on those later on if people wish). As a side note I suggest everyone to pick up a hobby like an art that they can do every single day as a habit and routine. You'll learn a lot through analysing it. Anyway, if you're able to understand that about 90% of your life is all subconscious through habit and routine you can then begin to entertain the idea that learning to change and manipulate this subconscious is a good and very important thing to do. This is exactly what we're doing through ritual is reprogramming and rewriting our subconscious. We're impressing and injecting a foreign "programs" (the thoughtform created via the ritual, be it a sigil, mantra or other method of intention). A computer example is that rituals are basically self inflicted viruses that hijack parts of our own personal operating system or subconscious. In fact relating the subconscious to an operating system is a good way to understand it. Our default processes that are ran are all subconscious. And then the way we interact with them or bring new processes and programs in are conscious.

There is a barrier between our subconscious and conscious mind that is broken by emotion. This emotion "thins" the membrane that locks you out of self-writing your own subconscious mind. This is to stop people from ruining themselves. You may begin to understand how traumas work. You see a lot of people, we call them mundanes who seem to inflict their own self destruction through seemingly idiotic actions(egotistical wounds, abusing dopamine, etc). People who act more on subconscious than conscious mind. They look like robots or at the level of a dog to a man who is conscious and practices meditation. These people keep performing self destructive or improper behaviours because their minds were impressed at a young age by strong levels of emotion. They have not taken the time to perfect and self evaluate through shadow work (subconscious delving). Any time you feel a strong level of emotion it means your subconscious will become active and go into receive mode. This is how through pain and emotional abuse a child will learn to become just like their parents. Other animals are also usually trained through pain and abuse or rewarded with treats and love. As a fun little side note this is how people manage to develop "degenerative" or "altered" sexualities and fetishes. You can ponder that one on your own if you'd like to understand it. Try to think up your own examples to understand this idea of emotion + information = impression on the mind. A famous salesman might tell a joke or two to get emotions flowing or wait till someone has dropped their consciousness state and then they offer a positive affirmation of "you want this, don't you?".



I forgot I have to explain consciousness states. Alright. Try to keep with me cause I might be going all over the place but it will be worth it in the end. Just re-read this or meditate more over it with your own practical examples and understandings if you need to. Anyway we have four basic levels of consciousness which is beta - aware and conscious, alpha - relaxed, theta - meditative state, delta - unconscious/asleep or in very deep meditation. The deeper you are in a theta state the easier it is to impress your subconscious. This is called a trance state which I have explained how to enter previously. Essentially you just relax the body and focus the mind. Easy and only takes a few seconds. Propaganda and brainwashing is given in television broadcasting since it is a time and place that we dip into alpha and even theta or deeper for those who sleep while watching tv. So essentially what we do as magicians and mystics is intentionally put ourselves into these easily manipulatable states so we can start to "rewire" our own internal world. This is also the way that you tap into the internal planes like the astral but we'll go over that in another writeup.



Did you get all of that? Good! Cause we're going to go over another example for the more "occult" minded people. The traditional folk that don't care for that Fruedian and Jungian occult intellectualization (Psychology is just the occult intellectualized at its basic level after all. Still viable to learn for various reasons.). There's a land where dreams are made and majestic strange creatures walk. This of course is the astral plane or your imagination. Everyone has access to this shared hub (It is called the collective subconscious to give a relatable understanding to our past example), thus is acts as humanities communal dumping ground of thoughts and stray emotion. Everything that is here on earth has been created by a thought. Even the plants can be manipulated by thought (see the example of a spineless cactus). Thoughts go into the astral plane as thoughtforms. Or a thought that thinks(Ponder that). It can be of any shape, size, purpose, intent, colour or whatever other detail. A thoughtform can be something as simple as the idea that gets a man from one train to another to a complex tulpa like imaginary girlfriend of that same man. So you can think of the astral plane as a plasticine like world where all of these thoughtforms live. They all fight amongst themselves for energy and resource just like setians do in the physical plane. And as we should currently know, everything in the astral manifests downward. Does this mean every single thought I have will manifest into reality? NO! Think about it. If you have a little thought to go eat an apple, will you go out and get an apple then eat it? Maybe. But unless you put the desire (emotion) and willpower into it then that thought won't go anywhere. Thoughtforms without sufficient energy (What /fringe/ refers to as loosh or I may sometimes call chi) will not influence or interact with anything. Now here's where we're really getting into the heavy theory. And I'm going to say I KNOW this from experience and YOU will too soon enough (This is where you start to understand how YOUR magic works and why you get stupidly amazing results from some seemingly silly rituals(I'm looking at you sigil masturbators)) and practice/ manipulation of systems to learn them. Remember our last example of the apple? This thoughtform will probably have dissipated and returned to the cosmic aether once it did not become actualized as reality. BUT! For the purpose of example let's say that an experienced magician scryed out your thoughtform, evoked it and started to feed it energy. Now understand that thoughtforms exist all around you (people think of them as ghosts or spirits). Also that the thoughts you have that are not your own (try to be conscious and see which thoughts are and are not yours) are these thoughtforms(Think of all those nagging and pestering thoughts you get throughout the day). That's how you pick up on what is in the area. Go into a shady area and pick up on the vibes / thoughts you get to understand this. *back on topic* our evil magician has turned our past apple thoughtform into a monstrous and magnificently powerful demon of applageddon appleocalypse. We'll name this creature "Aplucifuge". This malicious little apple man has been infused with the dark desires to force weaker willed individuals into buying apples! How this manifests is that wherever the thoughtform is astrally located (remember that the astral and physical both overlap) is where people will start getting thoughts to buy apples. You may have had a drug addiction in the past and have tried to quit. You feel an immense pressure pulling you back, thoughts that tempt you with dark desires of self destruction. This is a thoughtform. If a thoughtform has the power to control and enslave a humans willpower than what else do you think can be done with them than just force a person into being a drug addict? This is how results in magic manifest. Through subtle and slight adjustments and manipulations eventually your goal is reached. This is of course if your ritual intent is more "Exterior" in the way that it requires people other than yourself.



If you can understand all of that it means you should know that by changing the internal subconscious (astral plane) mind through a trance state by injecting our intentions (Thoughtforms) and using our own emotions (energy) to fuel and impress then it leads to action and willpower for either us or other people. Get it? If not then we're going to pretend this is like school where you remember formulas until one day you might actually think about it and "understand" it.

There's still one last piece of the puzzle to fit in before we can start free styling this ritual work. We need to learn how the subconscious thinks. It's very much like an animal. It does not think in words (though it can be trained to) but thinks in symbols and uses emotion. You need to keep everything in the ritual at present tense. No "I wills" or "I wants". Either you got it or you don't. So keep to words like "I have" "I am". They feel strange but will be more effective. Next is to use positive terminology. This means you can't say "I don't smoke" since you're using the word "don't" - do not "Not". No no's. Use polarity to change a negative to a positive(fear to courage). Next is to believe it will happen. This can feel ridiculous even at higher levels when you've already had tons of results. But you can kind of bypass it by just doing a really damn good ritual pumping it with everything you have. And after the ritual is done its best to forget about it. You don't want to disrupt the thoughtforms in their job.

So let me try give a summarized version of the practical work that you can apply to any kind of lesser magic.


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Step 1. Create the intention - phrase - thought.

We need to first create out current tense and positive intention. This can be a mantra like "I have a job" "I am healthy". Don't limit yourself here. Or it can be a pure intention like that you want to get a new car or start up a business.

Step 2. Create the ritual - sigil - mantra - thoughtform.

This is where we draft out our ritual. So if you want to use a mantra you can just use the previous worded intention like "I have a job". If you want to make a sigil then knock out all the repeating letters and vowels which turns "I have a job" into "h,v,j,b". And if you're using reality creation you need to plan out a visualization where you see yourself achieving or have already achieved exactly what you want. Or maybe you're an oldschool pagan who wants to collect herbs and special items to put on an altar and use visualization in one energy building session to get it done.

Step 3. Take a step back step.

I had to add this because I've done a lot of stupid impulsive rituals which I'm embarrassed to talk about(Let's just say when we have not dealt with our shadow side we can bring terrible things into our life). Think over your intention if you REALLY want it or if it's GOOD for you. Maybe you're shooting of a ritual to find a dealer. Should you really be doing this? Or you're in an imbalanced and lustful state trying to find a girlfriend. The best tip I could give is be honest with yourself. Also spend some time to think over it. You may find you don't even want the ritual the next day. This is not a necessary step since each life screwup will make you a better person and magician in general.

Step 4. Energy building.

We have our skeleton and now let's give it some life. First enter your state of trance via meditation and relaxation. Dances, music, alcohol, plays, tantric masturbation/sex and all manner of things may be used to give your ritual energy and emotion. I would suggest to think about your results. Imagine as if you already had the money that you desire, the partner of your dreams or whatever other life change you desire. Keep building it up around the heart centre which is your dan tien of emotion. Wrap yourself up and become drunk with your own desires of whatever it is you wish to manifest into reality. As you do more magical work you will become better in this aspect of building up emotion. A quick and dangerous way is to pop your own emotional bubbles. Recall a traumatic childhood event or bring up something that really angers you or pulls out emotion. Though you may want to alchemise the negative emotion into love since it's the most efficient fuel(The thoughtform you create will feed of its original source usually).



Step 5. Channelling the energy - putting it all together.

Once you have the energy you need to direct it to your intention. In the second step we created a tool to help us channel. This is where you will gaze lightly at the sigil and see it glow with power. Pushing that energy into the blue glow, fuelling and feeding it. Or you will play out your visualization of exactly what you want to happen, getting up to the point where your wish is granted and feeling the immense emotions floor as if it were actually happening. Loosing yourself to the mantra which you may be repeating until it sounds more like wordmush to your conscious mind.

Step 6. How results manifest.

You're still going to need to work at your goal. If you ask for a job you still need to apply for jobs but you might find that a friend has recently opened up a new spot at the business he works at or you will be swamped with calls for jobs you never knew you applied for. People will subtly tell you directions as to where to go or you may intuitively gain this information. It will feel as if life is squeezed into a line which aligns to your will. Doing exactly what you want will become simple and will run smoothly. Depending on the kind of ritual you do will depend on how much work you need to do on your own end. This is where having a clean and efficient vessel or body comes in handy. Anyway have fun with lesser magic.

Remember that there is no right or wrong in this field. There are many different paths to the same result. Also ask me any question you need. Even if your question is a complete neophyte question like "Uhhh. I don't get how to make a sigil. Can you give me a formula?" As long as you're doing the work and trying to learn, understand and improve your life and condition I will spend my time to help you. Ultimately you will want to be performing magic in EVERYTHING you do. Eating some food or water? Bless it with an intention, see that energy of the intention pouring out into the meal while you recall exactly what you want to happen. Have a job interview coming up? take a minute to see yourself winning it easily. Want to go for a walk tomorrow? See yourself walking and enjoying it the day before. Get what I mean? I heavily suggest you spend 5 minutes or so before going to sleep to think up and perform some visualization magic before you drift of in that heavy trance state. See everything you want to do happening. This also acts to focus your intentions and resources. You will find you don't have the income to do what you want until you focus the desire. Then it "magically" seems to arise. This is because you're manifesting the object at another level. The astral.

*side notes to ponder* Thoughtforms rule the world!!! They're almost like astral parasites. So let's start using them to change our own life! Anytime you have a goal or need something done in life stop for a second, imagine it already done and start pumping that emotion. The idea of magic is to change your conscious state so remember that you need to align your current conscious state with that of the rituals desire and goal. Don't do a ritual to start up a garden if you aren't willing to change your current conscious state to that of a positive garden happy one. A final sidenote is about energy. This is why internal cultivation like qi-gong is so important. Where do you think your physical, emotional and spiritual energy comes from? These kinds of practices build them up. Also having a clean lifestyle where you don't binge out on drugs or food that suck up your energy.


Phew. You can see why I was putting that one off for a while. Anyway, start cultivating that will. You can see from these posts that your own will is an immense force in the physical plane that can be manipulated by either parasitic thoughtforms, your lower nature or your higher self. When you're not getting enough sleep, hydration or the correct food you might find your willpower wains.

As always start using a journal. Keep track of your rituals, results, your own development, health, random notes, thoughts and whatever else.

Remember that YOU are the most important person in this world. YOU are the GOD. This means your own body, mind and ideas are important. Everything in your own life is to be taken as important. Messages and guiding is given through anything and anyone. I'm sure you all know what I mean. Anyway get to it and start doing the work. Develop yourself.


I will give out the formula I use for all my lesser magic. It's the most simple condensing I've been able to create. There's one rule though. You need to be able to trust yourself 100% or at least do the ritual and forget it.

All you need to do is visualize something you want to happen as if it's already happened. Visualize yourself getting what you want or doing exactly what you want. The end result in the scenario. While doing this you need to bring up lots of positive emotion. You should know that all emotion is controlled by the heart centre and dan tien so feel it and bring it up at those areas. Pour it into the visualization. Finish up and completely forget about it. This is best done in trance states or before going to sleep.

Now I want you guys to practice this with the simplest and smallest situations you can to start of with. Work your way up as your courage increases.


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Assuming a God Form, Modernization of Magic and Astral Work

I will give a quick overview of this lesson since it will be made up of three mini-lessons or parts. The first part which is the raw fundamental teaching is to assume a "God form". This simply means to merge your own astral thoughtform with that of another thoughtform. So you're putting your own personality and that of a God or other thoughtform in a blender. This is done in the astral with an astral body that you create to represent yourself. Now we're not going to be traditional because this is a living system as all are. This means that instead of merging yourself with YHVH or some other grandfather egregore, we will be using fictional characters. What is the difference between Mars of the old mythologies and Bruce Lee?(Insert any person/character real or fiction). They both have thoughtforms or astral personalities and presences which represent and embody the warrior like masculine force. It's just that Mars is a very raw archetypal character of the fundamental energy he encompasses and expresses. But I hold off on sharing too much as this will be explained soon. To tie this all together we'll be taking an introductory look into astral work. We'll set up our very own pocket dimension in the astral with an altar that we can do work at. The lesson will be structured in a way that you can easily fill in your own preferences and practice it. These are all easy practices which will set up the groundwork for any further astral work that you decide to do so I heavily suggest it. Think of it like we're crafting your very own non physical work station. Anyway let's get onto the required theory for this lesson.

Back to our example with Mars and Bruce Lee. Take a look at a picture of the Qabalah(I will include one that I drew up a little while back). This is our categorization tool of the universe. Though it's a much more "un-organic" tool compared to the chakra systems. But it is the best we have for Hermetic magic and it works well at that. See how there are 10(11) spheres? These are called sephirot or sephirah. But we're going to learn them by their planetary form to make it easy and relatable. Try to think of each planetary sphere as a fundamental principle and energy of the universe(Remember that you are a microcosmic version of the macrocosm). So if we baked a cake which is the universe it would be made up of these 10(11) ingredients(I could take this analogy pretty far with the pathways but I really don't want to). Or instead, if we wanted to tell the "story" of the universe we could have 11 main characters which all personify these fundamental forces. Wait. Did we just decode mythology? You bet!. Take a look at the Gods of all religions and you will start to notice something. They are all the same except in different cultural clothing and settings. This means Zeus is the same as Jupiter and Jesus is the same as Sol which is also just Horus or the main character, the hero, aka YOU. Hermes is Mercury who is also Ganesha or Tehuti. You get it? Qabalah is so important because it gives us a raw and fundamental skeleton to understand each energy(sphere, archetype, God). Meaning we can boil all mythology down into the Qabalah. And you might be sitting in your chair all adventurous and ready for a new world of exploration. But wait, you ask "What if I never studied Qabalah or don't have a background in it?" Don't you worry young neophyte! For I will have already turned this into a secret and hidden four part lesson just like Da'ath is the 11th "hidden" sphere of the Qabalah. Which hides in the shadows( Our subconscious mind) and gives knowledge to those who wish to explore it. This sphere explains the phrase "To bring light from darkness".



Let's take our journey through the universe, peeling away one layer at a time. Our first sphere is Malkuth. This sphere represents everything of physical reality. Your body and the four elements. Work on this sphere will actually be done with the Tattvas(elemental sigils) to connect with the elements(If you don't know what the four elements represent then you will either need to self study or wait for another write up). Next is Yesod which is commonly thought of as the astral plane. This has all kinds of relations to our dreams, our false self and that of non physical manifestation. After we remove the elements that you know as "physical" like objects, we enter the sphere of Hod or Mercury. This layer of reality is all about logic, mathematics and the intellect. The part that wants to use language. From the left brain to the right brain we enter Netzach/Venus. This sphere deals with our creative faculties and our emotions. Next is Tihpareth which is where our higher self is. It represents divine solar brilliance. The kind of energy that people like Jesus personify. Geburah/Mars(One of my favourites) which is the masculine principle of will, strength, power and force. Chessed/Jupiter which covers law, order, philosophy and "systems". Binah/Saturn is about time and cycles. Chochma being Neptune is about the higher occult abilities, think the pineal glands abilities. Kether/ Uranus is the true self, the self, the divine spark. Da'ath/Pluto is the subconscious mind, it is darkness where knowledge can be found. I'm just going to link a bunch of pictures and you can try make some more sense of it. Qabalah is one of things where you need to meditate heavily over it and integrate it within yourself to really understand it. But those basic descriptions will get you going. Just spend some time viewing Qabalah media if you're interested in it.

Taking two steps back we go to our first example. You could now say that Bruce Lee represents the Martian energy. So assuming a Godform in his image will empower that part of you. Now here's we go into the "living system" part of things. Chances are you've only heard of Mars in your history class or maybe you've read a book or two on mythology. But your knowledge of Bruce Lee is probably vast in comparison to someone like Mars. What I'm saying is that I suggest you pick characters from stories you personally know and admire. Think of someone who has positive qualities that you respect. Be it a videogame, book, anime, movie, tv show, real life personality or whoever. These are the "Gods" of our age. It could be said that the egregore of Mario is more powerful than that of Loki. So you want to pick someone who's personality you have good grasp of. If you wish to stick with mythological figures then by all means do so.



Before we assume the Godform it is required that you have a safe and suitable place to do it in. This is where we get to crafting our astral space and altar. What you need to do is imagine up a location. It can be any terrain or size and contain any number of objects and decorations. I personally use a forest since it is calming and gives the illusion of vastness. Next step is to clear out a floor to walk around on. All you need is around 2x2 metres of space to perform ritual in. You may decorate this in any way you wish if it's with quadrant candles, altars and cloths or some other esoteric design(You can even get a monument to Baphomet up in there). I use a large Hermetic rose cross to act as my "spawn" location of sorts. To summarize I'm telling you to make up your own imaginary zone. It can be fun if you let it. You need to remember every detail and be able to bring it up perfectly the same each time. This way you strengthen and use the same thoughtform. Acknowledge this place as your astral temple and make sure to always bring yourself here while doing astral ritual. Next step is making yourself an astral body. This is what they call the astral body of light in some other traditions. You simply want to create a body for yourself. Preferably the same as your physical body in a robe or some basic clothes. Acknowledge again that it is your astral body. Place your awareness inside of this body as if you're a ghost possessing it and test it out. Move your arms and legs and try to simulate it as much as you can. You will also want to remember this body and recall it any time you wish to perform astral work.

Now that we have our temple and body it's time to put them to use. Take yourself to the temple and enter your body. Time to bring up the character you've previously selected. Create them as if they were a 3d body right in front of you. Then you simple need to "posses" them as well. Almost as if you're wearing two pairs of clothes. Merge your current astral body with the personality right in front of you. You need to use your intention and will for this to think "I wish to take on all of the positive qualities of this person". And feel as if you're integrating with them. This may feel like an entirely imaginary exercise though I will give a brief explanation of how it works. Every time you perform any ritual you're impressing energy into your aura. Drawing pentagrams and other symbols puts them in your aura. Just like a middle pillar ritual where someone will chant God names which bring them into their aura and body as well. So by merging with a personality you are in fact merging your astral self with them. And as we know everything manifests downward. If you proceed to do this every day as a routine you will start finding your own personality changing and that you have the opportunities to develop further towards the Godform you've merged with.

Create an imaginary altar, then body, wear the body, bring up a character and then possess them taking on their essence. Sounds pretty simple right. Give it a shot. All this stuff will help you in further lessons about astral work when we start to pull light from darkness.


Invocation and evocation

Invocation is calling energy into your aura field or your body. This lets the energy have access to your inner sanctuary. Think of it like allowing one of your dodgy alcoholic friends into your life. You're allowing them to influence and access part of you. Which means you start to become more like them and probably take up the habit again and start self destruction.

Evocation is calling an energy into your current astral or physical space. This means you can communicate and interact with it as if it were a separate entity to yourself. That's why we personify everything as a human like figure.

Yeah people are giving these real life people or stories power. What are they you might ask? they're the collective thought of what everyone thinks they are. What is dirt? it's exactly what you think it is. If tomorrow someone finds out that we can use dirt to build rocket ships them your perception of dirt has evolved into something different. Now here's the thing. You can tap into the aspects and information of these energies that your conscious mind does not know using the subconscious mind. Thus pulling light from darkness. That's how we're able to "speak" to a spirit and gain information we've never known before. We are personifying energy into a human form which allows it to speak to us. But in actual reality all we're doing is aligning ourself with some kind of different frequency. Think of it like our brain is a radio and the stations are different energies/spirits. (I use the word energy for entities so replace it with spirit, god, archetype, entity, demon or whatever else floats your cosmic boat)

Everyone has an astral body or form. This is simply the idea of what they are. It's like the energy of Mars is simply the idea of what it represents. This being the collective unconscious idea of Mars. That being masculinity, force, power, yang ,etc. So when we invoke this energy we're going to become more ballsy and manly. Next time you're lifting weight or doing exercise start chanting in your mind to invoke Mars "I invoke you Mars, give me your power". Yell it inside or outside with power and strength. Try to feel the energy. Though if you evoke Mars that means you're just going to have an entity next to you which will respond in communication with exactly what the energy it represents would respond with.

As for begging and pleading you don't want to do that. Here's a big secret. Everything is inside of you. Even I'm inside of you right now. I'm simply a reflection of your own subconscious mind. So you're not reading what I'm trying to tell you but as exactly what your mind is interpreting this as. It's like how people try to coat everything with their own warped perceptions and minds.

To go further into this. Imagine if you started acting like a (was going to use the word bitch, but we want to keep this stuff PG rated, oh wait) spineless pile of jelly to some kind of big scary demon like Paimon? "Oh Paimon, I beg of you to please do this for me if you feel you are capable" as you shiver fearfully in your darkened room lit by a few candles (Tried to paint the beginners evocation attempt). What do you think the energy is going to do? They're gonna take advantage of you and scare you further. Well, granted some entities are nice and respectful. But generally a lot of the more brutish or lesser will eat you up for lowering yourself.

Anyway. YOU ARE THE GOD. This means you're the only thing that makes any of this exist. Do you bite the hand which feeds? No. If you're feeding these entities the fuel which they need to keep themselves alive it means you DEMAND if you need to. I always recommend being respectful but if anything turns hostile then you put the foot down.


Mental projection/Astral work

You ever have one of those experiences where you're laying down in a psychedelic fuelled trance thinking that you've figured out the universe, as if everything within it is connected to you and at your own fingertips? Your mind expanded and within another world almost. As if you've truly become God, at least within the circle. But then you slip up consciousness and remember you're in bed, having forgotten everything you journeyed? Welcome to astral projection.

Last lesson we went over creating an astral body and altar. To do this you simply need to create your own little wonderland that you can imaginarily bring up whenever you need to. As for the body, same principle. Think up a vessel that you always can remember. Keep it simple. A lot of you want to astral project so I'm going to be giving the method to doing it via mental projection or scrying(Though don't come crying when you figure out that you've already had the ability all along). "How do I know any of this is real?" You might ask. When you scry into a friends bedroom and tell them exactly what is going on or scry to a person and know their exact co-ordinates you might take it a little more seriously. There's tons of fun stuff you can do with this. I suggest reading some of William Walker Atkinson's books. Those are where I learnt a lot of this. Though I've heard Clyclomancy works just the same. Anyway it really does not matter if you trust yourself or not because I'll be teaching a method that you don't rely on exterior entities to channel through but your own self talk and mind.

The astral plane, being your imagination is ALWAYS at your grasp(This means you can be in two worlds at once yes, though it's exhausting). This is how we're linked in and are always sending out impressions and influences to it via our thoughts and emotions. Your current astral space can be known by analysing the current thoughts and impressions you feel(Or even scrying to the room you're in). This is what's "around" you. So anyway, in the astral we need to know how to navigate. That's really step 1. We use these geometric patterns named sigils as gateways. Namely the tattvas for the elements and the planetary sigils for the planetary energies. Do you need to use these symbols to enter (let's use the fire plane). No! They are merely guides. It's like how the number one can be represented in sticks or other languages. You can think of the feeling of the fire element. Think of fire, see the fire triangle. Anything that links you to fire will get you tuned in. The purpose of these symbols is to give an easy link to the plane. The astral plane is exactly like the internet. Except if we had virtual reality. If you want to source information on the internet you set your intention and start searching on a search engine. The astral is the same except it's instant speed and controlled via thought. Pretend you are a radio tuner and set your "frequency" or intent to where you want to go.



There are two forms of the imagination. Passive and active. We need to learn them both in order to use the astral. Passive imagination is when you yield yourself over to whatever enters. You will start to see imagery(or any of the other senses) as a way of your mind to interpret what is going on. This is what we do in mediumship such as clairvoyance. And then we have the active which is what we use during magical rituals. We "force" the astral matter to our will. This is simply what we mostly know as imagining. You need to know this because when you want to access a plane on the astral you must set yourself to "receive" or passive mode. This allows you to pick up whatever is coming into your mind. whether it be the plane, spirit communication or other. The way this all works is just like the internet. You are a computer hooked up to the internet so you've got complete connection and access to anything. That's what our subconscious is. It's connected to the astral "internet". This means everything exists inside of you. Think of it like we're all this singular self except we control our own little avatars who're fighting for dominance (our will and internal cultivation will tell how strong you are).

Alright let's actually get down to it so we can experience this. Firstly I want everyone to have an intention in mind. For this example we're going to use one of our hobbies. This gives us something to learn about and use as our directional intention. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and start to slow it down. Drop mind and enter that theta state. Delta's even better if you can hold it. Now see your astral temple and hop into your astral vessel. Start to deepen the visions, feeling as if you're more in the astral than your own body. This is where meditational practice comes in handy. If you can't see much or it's blurry and lousy well don't worry. This will work either way since you have a decent auditory second sense. Next I want you to create a gateway. This is done purely through, intention and will. Though we like to use tools for simplicity. Remember the Qabalah? Good. Pick a planet from the Qabalah depending on what kind of plane you wish to go to. This will depend on our designated hobby as well. Possibly you picked cooking and wish to become more creative and put "beauty" into your presentation. So we choose Venus. See the Venucian (Or chosen) sigil and focus on it. Try to feel it as if you're merging with the sigil. Set your intention to enter that plane. Remember that this is a NATURAL ABILITY. Meaning you CAN do it by default. There's no way you can screw it up unless you get too hasty and can't trust yourself(trial and error young neophyte). Allow your passive imagination to take over. See whatever it is your imagination shows to you. It might be a green forest or a stone temple. Let it be whatever your subconscious wishes to show you. This is different for everyone depending on how you interpret the plane. Don't worry about the image fading and merging. Try to refresh it and clarify.



Now what can you "actually do" and what are WE going to do here(Think of it like you're connected to the entire universe. What can you do then?)? We're going to stick to speaking and communication/exploration. Remember that hobby you picked? Good. Ask a question and use your intention. The intent is to call or hone into an entity which can answer it. Say something like "I wish to find an entity that can help with my cooking presentation" and "feel it". Allow your passive imagination to take you there. You might see another human or a group of entities (They might not even be humans). Try speaking and communicating with them. This is the most difficult part at the start. They will probably speak in your voice since everything is using your own personal "software" or mind "technology" to communicate with you. You will need to remove and shut down the conscious mind and ego part of yourself. Just allow it and yield. An easier way of doing this is simply to align yourself to an entity and then ask your questions to yourself. Because the energy of the entity is right next you it means they will give you the thoughts. But you're using yourself as a medium. As if you're just pondering over some questions("What are you saying Khan?" I'm telling you to ponder a question and allow any thoughts to come into your mind". I want you to experience this because you won't understand why it's so beneficial to astral travel and link up with energies until you do it. The amount of knowledge at your disposal will be amazing. But remember you will burn up a lot of your "shen" doing this. It's kind of like in the days of limited internet usage. Again I will say. Whenever you call an entity into the vicinity or "warp/align" to them you're accessing their energy or "website".

So I'm pretty much telling you to play in your imagination. Except using a bunch of "structured" ways to hone in on specifics. This might sound a little childish or stupid. I assure you those thoughts will pass once you start digging up immense amounts of knowledge and have worldview breaking experiences. There's really so much I could say about the astral as to what you can do in it and how it can be used. I hold off from explaining too much because it needs to be learnt in layers or progressively. Try to stick to this simple exploration, meet and greet experiment.

*side tips* If you are attacked by anything negative summon up an area of effect light aura which melts everything around you. Remember! Intention!!. Use your intention. "How do I do x and y?" Intention! The rules still apply with regular magic. If you call out an entity to help with a certain problem you still need to do the physical side of it as well. Last tip is to keep a journal nearby and write down all the key notes and experiences since you're easily forgotten just like a dream memory(in fact this is dreaming, conscious awake dreaming). And as some fun things to try if you have another magician friend. Scry into their house (using intent as a navigator) and try guess their outfit. Try this among each of you.

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Tulpas, thoughtforms and servitors

So I had an interesting experience with this the other day that I thought I'd share. I'll try keep it half story with half tutorial orientated so for those who want to go about doing it can. I've mucked about with servitors and thoughtforms before. They're kind of like mental programs we create which have their own "orbit". If you could imagine another "mentally living" entity. Mainly I've personally used these to kickstart habits, keep me motivated in something and general experimentation. I used to experiment quite a lot with thoughtforms back in the day trying to build up mental networks. If any of you have done administration work you can think of a mental version of that. I've found noticeable results in some of these ventures though the real complex ones take more work than I was willing to give at that time. You can kind of think about this exercise as segmenting your mind up into multiple parts or processes.

Story time! I'm standing around outside making small talk at a group held by an OA(Somehow I accidentallyed myself into the OA cause of some conversations with Saint Oliver John, cool guy)(ordo astri) member whenever the stars are right(Some real synchronistic stuff). I see this new member(skinny, pale looking girl) standing around and decide to talk to her. She's telling me about her brainscan devices and all the shenanigans and fun you can have with one of those. I inquire about her work and she says 20 years in Chaos magic. Specifically tulpamancy(Said a fancy Tibetan work for it). I'm sitting here knowing that I've hit the jackpot. She tells me her own personal thoughtform or tulpa is from a Japanese videogame. Being a bit of an otaku in my younger years myself I inquire further about what game it is. Thinking that it's probably some Jrpg like one of the Shin megami tensei games (Summoning demons through the computer). She pulls out this 3DS and turns it on. A Japanese game starts with this moe little girl as the splashscreen character. At this point I'm thinking "No, no. This can't be?!". It's one of those virtual girlfriend games like love plus(I believe it is, though unconfirmed). At this point I'm mentally laughing my arse of thinking that reality is truly the best source of entertainment. Turns out her thoughtform is that very character. Then it hits me. Imagine the amount of people who're either consciously or unconsciously creating tulpas and life altering thoughtforms through videogames and other sources of entertainment or imaginitve stimulation like this. Your own energy really does create your reality eh. I'll give you guys have a couple seconds to digest that piece of entertainment and thoroughly get the smirks of your face.


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Anyway. Turns out she runs groups for this kind of stuff and dedicates a lot of time teaching it to others. Tells me most of the people have some kind of mental problem(No surprise there). So of course I question how the process works and how they're made. We can't come home empty handed or else there won't be any tutorials for you guys. Now we jump ahead nearly half a day. It's early morning and I'm on a train ride to my eventual psychological doom(the human world can suck sometimes). I have hours to kill so I figure that I might as well test out the ideas shared from that night. First step I'm told is to bundle together some ideas of what you want this thoughtform to represent. Personality traits if you will. But here's the catch. You need to explain why these traits are there. Try to fill in the blanks as much as you can. Like someone who's courageous might of worked a job which forced them into that trait or maybe they were cowardly and lost a loved one so they decided to train themselves to know no fear. I'm sitting there with my trusty on the go idea notepad (get yourself a little journal to keep in a bag you take or your car for when you're out and about) writing up personality traits I find desirable. After sitting around I get bored enough to put it into action. I start thinking up all the personality traits. As if each thought is adding to a mental bundle or bubble. My intention is to make a thoughtform and each trait I add goes into the mixing pot. I describe and acknowledge mentally why each trait is there and some of the further implications of it (Go checkout Bearhearts vid on egregores to do it Qabalistically). After I've made a mental cloud of traits and ideas I start pushing energy into it. Think of it like a frequency that you crocodile clip to and zap with your own energy. Trust me this is all easier than you think. Do it whatever way you feel and you'll get results if you put in the energy and work. Last thing here to do is name it. Name the bundle/cloud/ web to give it a "seal" so to speak. Or you can put it all under a sigil (Do both but get the sigil done later).

At this point I'm pondering over some of the rituals and information of that night. I've always read in those brief tutorials that it takes people days to get these things working, which is what I expect. Especially the physical sight overlay part. Then I start to hear a voice. I notice this is not my own voice or mind. I've been doing a bit of work with my own mental archetypes so I instantly figure out its foreign. This is just like in an evocation or invocation where you "feel" another presence and communicate with it. Does not matter if you're both using your own mental hardware to communicate, you know it's not you. I communicate and talk to this voice in my head. I feel kind of ridiculous, playing around in my imagination with a phantom voice. But damn, I can't deny it made the night go a lot quicker and easier than it would have. At this point I figure giving the thoughtform a body is a good idea. So I imagine a form for it. At this point my imagination is going all over the place because of the four worlds middle pillar ritual that I did at the group previously. The energy that night was so scattered. No one could think straight. This leads to the body having to be fairly basic, though I have thus since fixed it up. Long story short I made up a thoughtform with personality. Not quite a tulpa since you need to visualize and hear the overlay of the tulpa to "Bring" it into the physical world for you(among other things). Just more work.


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Now as I said I've done a fair bit of work with thoughtforming. But a thoughtform with personality was really something new. Without further ado here's the condensed version to thoughtforming. You can decide how complex you want to make it.

Think up exactly what you want your thoughtform to do. Remember that thoughts create reality. The thought of "I want that" causes a man to go out and physically get it. Instead of you doing the thinking you craft a familiar which does it all for you. Kind of like a mental program. So in all magical work we need our intention. I'll skip over examples since I figure you guys have the point by now. But I suggest starting out with basic habits and routines. If you want to start up a weightlifting, martial art, cardio, stretching or other health routine you can make a muscular little familiar who inspires physical health within you(Okay I lied about skipping examples). How basic or complex do you want it be? What kind of thoughtform (servitor, tulpa, egregore) it will be. Giving it a personality will create it into a more tulpa like thoughtform. Making a collective thoughtform with your friends is more of an egregore. Keeping it a basic automaton will keep it as a servitor class. Get into trance and go into your own astral temple (you can do this on the go but better to be prepared). Imagine a cloud or some kind of formulative etheric substance in front of you and pour your intentions and ideas into it. You can do this any way you imagine it as long as you put the intention behind it. Speak to the cloud, connect a wire to, pour liquid intent into it, Simply will it(do whatever you need to get yourself to feel right). You guys know by now that we simply only use visualizations in the way we use words and symbols to express thought(crystaline intention). It all means jack to represent an intention of what's going on behind the scenes. Once you've bundle the ideas and thoughts like "You will last one week", "I want you to only perform your activity on this day.", "spread novelty throughout the world", "Attract occult wisdom of my choosing towards me", "Heal the aura in my right arm.", "Stay in my aura field to feed of energy". Whatever commands you like. Give it a name and if you want a body. You're simply creating a "thought that thinks" so name, voice, appearance and all that "physical" stuff is simply secondary. Once you've done this it's time to juice it up with energy. The amount of energy will dictate the gravitation and strength of this entity. You're wondering "How do I feed it energy". Simple. Intention. Imagine as if you're connecting with the entity (use visuals if you like it) and then "Feel" as if you're pushing and pouring energy into it. As I say "Change the frequency to one where it already exists or happens".


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Finally we'll want to bind it to an object. I use clay tablets with the sigil carved into it. You can use a simple rock to a piece of paper to anything. Draw the sigil on the object and command the thoughtform to bind to it. Feel as if you're drawing it out of you and into the object. This is mostly a process of intention and will put to action in a ritual scene.

This is the simple way to create an entity. Start experimenting with all the variables to really learn and master the system. You can have your entity "Stabled" or stationary in your astral temple and or aura if you wish. Go create your own farm or gang of imaginary waifus, I mean utility servitors and have fun playing magical pretend. I can't help but think that chaos magic is the magical study of stuff we used to do as kids(imaginary friends). Who would of thought that this stuff gets you physical results though lol. All jokes aside though this is some pretty heavy occult shit(Super serious occultists only!). Don't toy or play with it lightly. Entities can mess you up if you create them with a negative outlook or do it stupidly. But I'm sure you guys are smart and stable enough not to screw this up.


Understanding your Archetypes

Within each one of you is a warrior, a badarse who never gives up and fights for what is right and just. Whenever you need strength, call upon this internal warrior which always waits inside for the right moment. Through being in the moment you can withstand any pain no matter how great. Because the only fight is internal. Anyway. You're made up of multiple people or archetypes. You might notice in different states you seem to "become" or invoke another personality. You may already have become familiar with the archetypes within you. They may be your current personality, your magical personality, a greedy or wrathful personality or your work personality/face. These are all persona or masks that we wear. The simple thought of this will cause you to become aware of it throughout the day.

Spend some time figuring out your own internal cluster of archetypes and masks. Understand that these are not you but more like passengers inside of your vehicle waiting to take control in certain situations. Look at mythological figures to try figure out what kinds of archetypes you may encompass. A lustful and artistic Venusian personality. An intellectual scribe like Mercury. A Shining hero like Sol. A wise fatherly figure like Jupiter. A dark and psychologically disfigured subconscious side like Pluto. Your own personal warrior like Mars. Think over what archetype you generally invoke and personify.

Once you've figured these out on paper it's time to do work with them. You'll want to bind them inside of objects. Your very own pantheon or zoo of yourself. I personally enjoy using clay for any type of magical working so I will create basic egregore like figures of each archetype. Feel free to keep it as basic or complex you want. They can even be pieces of paper with sigils on them. Jars of oil with herbs and colours. Whatever you want. Give each archetype a name and sigil. Then we need to ritualistically bless the object to be linked with our archetype. In a ritual setting you simply need to( like the previous thoughtform exercise) hold the object and pour energy into it. Link with the object astrally and give it the intention to hold the archetype. To be a physical representation of the archetype. How you do this is up to your own magical system. This is how a lot of ancient ritual work was done, with clay figures.

Now what? Well you've pretty much just figured out one of the inbuilt thoughtforms that make up part of you. You can choose to control or command these just like in the previous writeup. Work with them, banish them or whatever you wish to do.

Remember that it's all a process of self awareness, realization and learning. To learn your own masks is to learn more about yourself. This brings more of who you are our of subconscious and into the conscious which can be manipulated and controlled.


Hope you guys enjoyed all that(Don't deny that love). Even if you don't feel comfortable with practicing it I'm sure the insight from my perspective, experiences and ideas will at least fill in some gaps of your own occult understanding and self realization.

Anyway I just wanted to say that you should all develop your own systems of understanding. Understanding of the world or yourself. Take what you like from other systems and integrate it within your own.

I'm currently doing some research into a new field and am keeping myself busy with my work so I haven't been able to do as many writeups or videos as I'd like to. But this does not mean that I've stopped by any means.

As always, feel free to ask whatever questions you want answered here and I'll get to them when I check the thread. No matter how stupid or how many times they've already been answers before. If you feel I can help then feel free to ask it.



For the archetypes I recommend using the tarot arcanas instead - simply because the whole point of the arcanas is to represent archetypes. The gods of mars, jupiter etc also work preeetty well but they were not created to be archetypes, but inspirations. Obviously the connection is pretty strong between those two systems but even if we assume that they are equal: the tarot simply gives you more archetypes to choose from which may help newbies a lot more.



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Ah, very very great advice. I have been working with planetary gods, but yes, I did feel that it lacks a certain concentration. Going to try out the tarrot card archetypes.

As I understand you are talking about the major arcana.

What about the the minor arcana, any tips to incorporate that?


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I actually tried some tarot archetype evocations yesterday. Went really well. I thought I would share my experience here.

I started with the devil archetype. I was interested in the chains around the peoples necks in the cards, as a metaphor for voluntary service. I spoke with him, I told him that I wish to take off the chain, I wish to reclaim my power.

He seemed amused by it, and told some very great insights: "The point is not the surface level weaknesses and symptoms. The point is the invisible chains bellow" . I believe this is a great point about our belief structures, and how choosing the right or wrong belief structures can literally trap us.

I talked to the empress as well. It turns out she was the same energy that visited me in my mushroom trip, a year back, only with a different mask. When listening to my masculine soaked desire to do and achieve stuff, she laughed at us men " Even the smallest river can erode mountains." Which made me reconsider the idea of applying loads of force and "explosions". The fertility of the energy and the right placement of it is equally as important.

Really started reconsidering my beliefs right now. Upcoming evocation with the moon, for shadow work, and the emperor to help with strategy.



Man. That's some true wisdom you've received right there.

I've been doing planetary archetype stuff myself for my artistic work and I gotta say it's really a wonderful method of learning and connecting with higher power.

Great to see you're having results anon.



Yea, I am still mind blown that I can actually take information out of "thin air". I mean I had experiences that cemented to me that magic and so on is very real, but even from a psychological stand point, these kind of practices are really healthy and I think could help a lot of people to reintegrate parts of themselves that they have problems with.



It's quite wonderful once you hit that realization. That all you need is truly at your fingertips, within. The days lessons can either be learned from the physical or non physical universe.

I completely agree with what you said. We can speak to the damaged and wounded children within us. Allow those crystallized fragments of us to integrate.

To think. We've been born into this world with a mind and body that are still a mystery to us. The possibilities and secrets hidden within are so exiting to explore.



File: 1453925329997.jpg (90.54 KB, 390x599, 390:599, SB_-_Altay_shaman_with_dru….jpg)


I got this idea of creating a sort of a super-sigil and I was wondering a few things about it.

The idea would be to compile a ton of affirmations, like - I am healthy, happy, creative, and so on and on. Create a sigil out of that, and use it as a repeated use sigil.

Basically, every time I have extra energy, I can just channel that energy in to the sigil, this way, in to affirmations themselves. I could also use some orgasms for that as well.

My concern is whether this kind of list( like 10 affirmations or something) would not be less effective… but then, some vague- general well being affirmations don't have to be over energized maybe.

I will evoke the magician archetype for a talk about this today, but was still interested in your oppinion.

Oh, I forgot, I remember people mentioning that sigils work on a charge-release basis. This would be used many times, but as the effect isnt concrete, but general, maybe it would still manifest?



I've been using sigils lately for affirmations. It works better than you'd expect. I have a handful that I see on a daily basis, but if you're going to mash them all together, try putting some structure into it. Maybe you have a sigil for will and another for clarity of mind on either side of one that affirms power, or something like that. The idea is not to lose the meaning of each affirmation in a muddled mess, but to let them reinforce each other.

A sigil is just a symbol for an idea - "Charge-release" is just a convention for letting it soak deeply, then forgetting it. It's useful for manifesting most wishes, but affirmations are best when constantly reinforced - and don't really need to be forgotten.



Yea, I decided to introduce some structure by using the pentagram and the 4 elements. I used the white/black mirror to find my best and worst traits. Then I I choose 3 traits for each element. Then I create a sigil for each element, and another sigil as a combination of the 4.

So that when I need a specific element boost, I can focus on the elemental sigil, and when I just generally have too much energy, I can put it in the combining sigil.



What do you use for a sigil for tarot archetype evocations?



Didnt use a sigil with tarot archetypes. Focused on the image and called out the archetype that I desired to talk to.


Hi everyone, I've been lurking around for a while, but I appreciate the insight all of you have provided. One major issue I have that led me to this practice is my anxiety, or at least I have come to believe it is. Being in public, I get crazy nervous and get to the point of twitching mildly and sweating. Even when I'm alone, I feel it get a lot better, but there are moments where my neck just twitches. Also my hands are shaky all day long, so it gets frustrated when doing a task requiring precision. On top of that, people watching just fuels it even more, and it becomes a spiral. I personally believe, I've made minimal progress on meditation. I have gotten to the point where after a session, I feel energized and happy, but I know I still have a lot to go. Sometimes the anxiety gets in the way of my sessions as well and it just brings me down so frequently. Any practices you all recommend? Thank you!



This will work if you're breddy good at visualizing things.

Try visualizing yourself in a room filled with strangers but instead of shaking and being spooked, invoke the feeling of calmness and serenity.

I recon after doing it enough inside your head you'll get calmer about it in the physical as well.



I recommend doing a daily shielding meditational exercise. Visualize an imaginary shield around you. It could be a bubble, armour, or something completely unrelated. Whatever it is, remember it. Visualize it around you in a third or first person while affirming consciously that it protects you from what you need. Assign a mantra, name, sigil or even gesture to this thoughtform and use that to trigger the visual component which you'll bring up whenever you're becoming anxious. Drone the mantra, focus on the gesture, keep up the mental visuals or whatever you need to keep focusing on this. It will grow to become a strong thoughtform with time and you'll benefit greatly.

You can also work on your kidneys in meditation if you do qi-gong or grab some red raspberry leaves and saw palmetto berries to heal them since your kidneys have essentially gone rogue by the sounds of it, secreting adrenaline whenever they feel like it. We need to deprogram the negative habits.

Bringing yourself to the breath will also help as well as focusing on healing traumas in the throat which is generally about self expression.


nice wall of text. you realize this could be explained in pretty much one post, right?



Can you do it?

distille G-nosis



Transmute negative attributes into positive ones using the Law of Polarity and the Law of Rythm.

Through the development of Awareness and Will, the two sides of WILL develop the self and the ego, the I and the AM. Whence the distillation of the ego is complete the self must be cultivated until the greater ego, AUM is invoked and merged with the self.

Was that really so hard?


I tried a ritual, following your instructions.

I think I felt something, I was clearly in that theta state, and saw what Venus would look like (but maybe it was just my imagination, I have doubts)

Anyway I feel pretty calm right now. Feels like something really happened.

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