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File: 1453233319437.jpg (295.5 KB, 789x1000, 789:1000, 1425800286507.jpg)


So new guy, listen up: we're going for a wild ride.

You probably think we are bunch of hippie dippie losers stuck in some Matrix/Neo fantasy, role playing our lives away writing like people taking World Of Warcraft seriously. Problem is, most of us are not role players, let alone liars.

It doesn't matter if we think we are wizards or not, we've seen things normal people wouldn't even imagine; done things few thought they could do and we are so far ahead on all this "life" stuff that you are having problems dealing with.

We call you mundane. Not because we hate you. Not because we are better than you, but because we struggle every day to live with you. We don't like the food you eat, music you listen to or the political system you so dearly vote your money away on. We have surpassed that illusion already.

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File: 1453233510528.jpg (326.95 KB, 806x1000, 403:500, 1425800815433.jpg)

The Matrix movie is an excellent parable of what this world kind of is. We are not humans in pods per say, but we are not entirely human either. The atheists are not even wrong with their faith, it is entirely constructed to make people abandon any spiritual pursuit and accept a life of slavery to the powers most people can't see.

Some of us wake up. Either through depression, drugs or because we feel that something is strange with this world.

"Why does dreaming feel more real than being awake?"

Why is there more than 2000 years of books and knowledge talking about expanding the personality? Buddha surpassing the material. Jesus ascending to heaven. Moses splitting the sea.

It's because it's a concept that is truly possible and the foundation is laid in our genetics and human body. Almost like we are supposed to find it.

But first, you might think that the ultimate red pill is that the fake jews run the world. They own all the banks, media and food companies and Hitler was right. Well that's just part of the story. Truth is, there's a big galactic and astral war going on for our planet right now. The enemy of the human race controls both sides of every country and faction you see or hear about in media. They move because they are told to, not because Russia has free will and USA is a free country. They say "jump", everyone says "how high?". The few countries that do not bow to this leadership is deemed scapegoats in the media like North Korea, Nazi Germany and countries like Libya and Iraq.

It is only when you take a step back and start fiddling with the spiritual world, you will see the truth. When you unplug from the Matrix and see that you are being deprived of your energy just like a battery.

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File: 1453233533339.jpg (271.39 KB, 1000x996, 250:249, 1425801143315.jpg)

I know you have a lot of questions. But you also have a programmed reaction to whatever you see on this board as being: edgy, fedora-tipping, crazy, nutty, conspiracy theory and all the other things the media has made you believe that we are. Instead of coming here with an open mind and unbiased opinions, you already have an opinion established that we are all crazy. I will try to touch on some things and also help you on your way as to let you awaken and start walking on your path.

The first thing I'd like to recommend is that you get interested in lucid dreams and out of body experiences. If your dreams are foggy and hard to remember, you are already deep into the system and it will take actual effort of you to dig yourself out. Start taking up a dream journal and write down as much as you remember as to instruct your brain that it is important to remember dreams. As soon as you can remember every dream, every morning you wake up, you can start working on the spiritual aspect and find the reason why you were born.

It is not important whether or not God exists or if you believe it to be true or not. Your emotional body and mind can be affected by a blockbuster movie with just some music and eye-tearing drama, why would religion be any different? Realize that all the power you will ever need exists inside of you. All those prodigies you hear about and see throughout history all access this potential. Some have had great head starts because of their heritage but that doesn't mean you can also get started on your journey.

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File: 1453233569484.jpg (273.98 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 1425801604961.jpg)

You are more than your physical body. When you die, it is not the end. There are actually several conspiracies that exists within the new age movement whether or not our death is also controlled and constructed to the point that we were forced to be born here. The sooner you can get out of the loop of "reincarnation" that forces people to be born here, the earlier you can work on becoming the original version of yourself.

Through Out of Body Experiences, you will quickly learn that we are more than our body. OBE is not a lucid dream, no matter how much they are trying to tell us that. Find guides on YouTube to get you started with leaving your body, but also ask the Universe for guidance on your path. Decide here and now what it is you want to find, and then focus on that for a moment. The universe will answer back to you.

But in order to leave room for this knowledge you are about to learn, you will have to let go of your past. All the history you've read, all the movies you've watched and all the garbage music you've been listening to, needs to go down the drain. The victor always writes the history. If Hitler would have won the war, he would have written it differently. Establish that everything you can know are theories. It will widen your understanding depending on what theory is more likely to be right, because there's always a new factor and information that changes everything. Something science is really bad on understanding sticking to half truths of "acknowledged" theories, accepted by a board of "victory writers".

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File: 1453233674244.jpg (244.71 KB, 709x1000, 709:1000, 1425801943685.jpg)

In the end, it comes down to several things, but mostly:

How would you like to live your life?

Did you ever watch people as you grew up thinking: "I want to be like that person"? Did you not have values and ethics in your heart you knew was true? The society we live in corrupts and makes people very evil. Why did you allow yourself to treat people bad? When did you allow negativity to take a hold of your life? Why are you not happy?

Everyone aspire to be happy. We want to be happy and we want to help others so they can be happy. But there's a hidden force not allowing us to be happy. The majority of people are not happy. Even with our free market, free society, free opinion, free politician system, free global everything; people are not happy. We consume, we buy, we have sex, we live with people, we live out our fantasies, but everyone is still not happy.

Few people find happiness. But they do not find it outside of themselves. Happiness is not a little toy you can buy or a car you can drive. These are temporarily pleasures, driven by the illusion and group pressure; "Buy this, become happy, I promise". But the object only leaves our wallet empty and on Monday we have to return to the slave job to grind the debt of our bank while the object is standing somewhere collecting dust.

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File: 1453233787364.jpg (229.85 KB, 702x995, 702:995, 1425803002619.jpg)

Problem is, you got all your priorities wrong. You think you are happy when you insult people (on the Internet). You think you are happy because you are better than the people that claim to be wizards here. Most wizards can't really say that they are happy either so don't expect to get happy responses back when you insult them. And you won't find happiness in your clothing collection or in the reflection of your new Mercedes car either.

All these things exists inside of you. It's like a tap which can easily be turned on and out from it flows all this happiness that you've been looking for. Surely it helps that you have a job you like, a wife you love and a good family, but these are all external things. What happens when you loose your job? Your wife dies? Your family betrays you? Then you can go head first into whatever religion and spirituality you want, happiness still won't be found outside of you. It's the tap inside of you.

But what is blocking you from experiencing happiness right now?

Firstly: It's you. But there are external effects that is affecting you that you probably don't even know about. The food you are eating is designed to trick you and kill you slowly. That's why we don't want mundane food. It's pure garbage. The water in your faucet is filled with chemicals not even the rich fake Jews would grab without protective gloves. The toothpaste contains crap humanity haven't needed for 3000 years in order to maintain healthy teeth and there are plenty of fluoride free alternatives.

All the things that you eat and drink right now, your body actively works to filter and remove from your system. No wonder everyone is so sick every day when the bodies needs to fight off poison and have no room for rest. You will not see a single human live past 100 years as long as we have our modern diets and customs and wizards of /fringe/ works actively to minimize the intake of poison in order to prolong their life to longevity and beyond.

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File: 1453233863070.jpg (22.66 KB, 236x310, 118:155, 1432047244960.jpg)

So how do you get free? You've probably seen the iron pill and his diet circulating both /pol/ and other boards with its fruit, vegetables and raw meat diets. This is of course a sound diet if you are getting unmodified food directly from the farmer or the hunter. Everything else you find is treated with first insect poison, then wax to keep it from rotting, then flushed with tap water, cooked in tap water and then put on your plate. Even worse if you put it in the microwave and kill the food and its healthy bacteria.

The meat industry? Cows injected with vaccines, hormone altering drugs and other muscle building proteins, packed together in unhealthy environments and forcefully bred to accommodate for the high consumption; I don't think it's natural or healthy. Go do some research on how the animals are treated in the US and what injections they give the cattle, chickens and pigs to alter the profit of the meat. Chickens are debeaked to avoid them hacking at each other because of the stressful environment. Pigs have their tails cut off because they bite each others' tails when packed together. This is all done without anesthetics too.

And there's also one more issue. All animals you eat are female. The cow, the hen, the pig, the deer, the sheep and the goat. Because a male animal after puberty gets a real sour and bad taste in its muscles. This means that you are eating a spoon full of female hormones that affects your body's balance. There's a reason we eat calves when they are young, because after puberty the meat is not edible. This intake of female hormones affects everyone and gives rise to diseases but also to changes in the body that you see in the youth. Homosexuality is not more natural than being obese in the point that it's avoidable and treatable.

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File: 1453233898457.jpg (438.62 KB, 999x1000, 999:1000, 1425803992775.jpg)

But the physical body needs movement and activation. Otherwise the blood clogs up and you become a fat unhealthy fedora tipper.

So you do some sport to activate your body or you lift weights. This is very good and exercise should be encouraged among our youth from an early age as to prevent the Call of Duty generation from becoming NEET.

The sexual industry also contribute to unhealthiness and consumerism. The daily dispersion of the body fluids leaves the body at a malnutrition state all the time. Always being deficit of zinc, copper and protein we need to actually achieve happiness from the infinite tap. Female ejaculation is different, but the bad habit of craving sex does not help her curiosity for the spiritual world because she's always one penis away from satisfaction.

Even if atheists don't understand it, the old religious texts that write about sexual misconduct has a point. Modern science is not backed by the best interest of man, it is backed by the people that want to earn money from the medicine industry. They will claim that anything is healthy just for profit. Eating bananas is for monkeys remember, just drink this juice and you will get everything you need from a banana x20.

I'm not advertising to follow religion blindly. Without logic and intellect, religion is such a waste for the brainwashed sheeple. No, read the texts and discern the good from the bad. Mix with a lot of texts and find some occult books to even out the mix with spiritual practice.

A common mistake is to believe in Jesus, but not actually following his teaching or being like him. How can you be corrupt, hurt other people and claim that you believe in Jesus? That is absurd.

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File: 1453233959699.jpg (289.23 KB, 791x1000, 791:1000, 1425804498965.jpg)

The pictures we are enjoying in this thread is made by Alex Grey. He's a talented artist that draw pictures based on what he's seen during trips on certain stimulants. This segues into the next topic quite nicely.

Altered states of consciousness

"The reason drugs work, is because we are drugs".

And with a small breathing exercise and sitting like an utter fool on the floor, you can release and disperse these drugs at will whenever you want. This is done through meditation, trance and energy work. The body is a magnificent being, much like a computer or machine. Where we put our focus, this is where the body's attention goes. What if we want to hear something? We close our eyes and focus on our ears. What if we want to see? We open our eyes and focus.

Meditation is not so much about sitting on the ass and doing nothing. Less than that, it's not about clearing one's thoughts and becoming empty of them. That is just a mini-step in order to unleash the true potential of the mind and body.

When we stop thinking and just sit in the present moment of what is our breathing consciousness, we open up both our brain hemispheres for use. Have you seen a painter or a composer talk while creating art? It's because it takes a lot of skill and experience to talk while using the creative part of the brain. But a lot of people in today's world only think. This unbalance create people that are uncreative and can't access their spiritual side. How is it that artist can draw these amazing pictures of things that we only see in dreams? It's because they can tap in on that state of being and just let it flow.

So works spirituality the same way. We close down our thinking mind and chatter, and open up both of our brains in order to alter ourselves and change. And with enough experience and practice, eventually you'll go to places you thought didn't exist within yourself. You'll meet beings that are made by you, and also from places that have nothing to do with you.

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File: 1453233994738.jpg (228.33 KB, 785x1000, 157:200, 1425805270530.jpg)

This is where the spiritual world starts. The etheric, the astral, the mind, the imagination, the memory and much, much more. I will summarize it in this post, but first hand experience is recommended.

We live in the physical world, the 3rd dimensional universe where everything has a width, length and height. There are certain laws that we need to adhere to like gravity, light, attraction and time. Through science we've discovered that these laws are governed by small particles and magnetic fields, quantum particles and relativity even touches on how time works because of gravity. We are used to living here and we are born here, and we die here.

The etheric world is the non-physical density (dimension) where our physical universe cast a kind of shadow. Everything here exists just as it does in the physical, but nothing is really solid. In this world, we encounter spirits, aliens, demons, angels and thoughtforms and this is also the most common world we leave our body to go to, when we have an out of body experience.

The etheric can be viewed through our mind's eye and many people have this ability secretly. It's called remote viewing, but the definition assumes that we are doing it remotely, when in actuality it's just a shift of our consciousness to that physical location. You'd be surprised how many know how to remote view.

The astral world is the complete "fantasy" land beyond the etheric where a lot of stuff happens. This is where spirits and demons actually live and come from and there are possibly infinite amount of astral worlds just as there are suns in our universe. Many of the astral worlds can be direct mirrored reflections of our own physical world, while others can be complete fantasy "alien" worlds. There exists heavens and hells here where some dead spirit travels to, to learn some lesson. This is where you can find great spirits of the past that has walked the earth and also guides. The astral world has so much to be said about, I recommend intending to go there as a goal in your life.

The mind is a multi layered fantasy world much like the astral, but is more subjective and local to the soul experiencing it. This is where you can make stuff up that doesn't exist, open up portals to the astral, build habits and traits inside of yourself through a self induced hypnotic trance state. Many people astral project here thinking they are projecting to the astral, while in reality they are facing their hallucinations and illusions. This is one of the basis for the skepticism around the astral phenomena.

The memory is your local hard drive with information on your current life, but with some tweaking could give you access to supposedly previous lives. The memory can be explored just like you would being outside your body, but it's completely internal. But a trick could also be done to access the etheric through memory which is a good method to leave one's body.

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File: 1453234030355.jpg (308.62 KB, 725x1000, 29:40, 1425805860075.jpg)

Problem is: We can only show you the door, you are the one that has to walk through it.

You are the one that has to take up lucid dreaming, OBE and meditation. You are the one that need to pursue what it is you need to find.

We're not going to debate you whether or not this is right. We're not going to say you should do this. This is something you will have to look for inside of yourself.

Maybe the very reason you've read this thread thoroughly from the start to the end, is because you deep down seek and yearn for the truth. Something that drives you that your logical mind can't explain. People call it the Higher Self, the inner guide, the inner voice, God and many things. But you also have free will. You can go back to your life and ignore this whole thread as complete bullshit. This is not even backed by science, scientists calls this hallucinations. It's also written by a person using a keyboard, not a scribe or a prophet that created a big religion 2000 years ago.

But when you do decide to go back to your mundane and normal life, don't attack the wizards here and call our faith shit without even trying it yourself. There's a reason why many people here take the red pill and tumble down the rabbit hole, never to come back; and that is because it is impossible to come back. Once you unplug from the illusion and see true what we are, what we can do and that we've been lied to our whole lives, the divine flame sparks within us and we go through all the stages of denial and grief. Then we settle in and accept the truth and try to make the best out of it. And then we find a way, we become Neo, chosen people, the ones.

But it's not an easy path. The warriors path is a lonely path. There are traps everywhere. Traps for the ego, traps for the greedy, traps for the people that are afraid. If it's consolidating: Know that everything you fear and have problems with, can be dealt with very easily. There's not a demon we don't have the power to banish, not a guide we can't invoke for protection and guidance, not a single thing we can't do with our patience and dedication.

"For the patience of the enlightened is indistinguishable from the gods"

I hope you find this thread helpful and that it has shown you something. Feel free to pose questions at any time and check back within 24 hours; I should have answered them for you.

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File: 1453234070597.jpg (232.76 KB, 794x1000, 397:500, 1425806850934.jpg)

There are also things I forget to mention that doesn't really deserve its own post. I will briefly touch on it in the following posts.


You have this crazy friend that is looking at the stars wondering about some intelligent life form being out there, but too far away to come here. Well, to your surprise, these beings are already here. They have bunkered up in different factions and it can be summarized very easily into: The people that respect our freedom and the people that doesn't. They fight over our politicians and "free market" while we drink Coke and Pepsi. All meanwhile masquerading as angels, demons and different beings in the etheric for different people to be baffled about when Jesus shows up at the end of the bed to bless them (or angels and demons masquerading as aliens to make us think they are aliens instead of demons). We can't really be sure whether or not they exist because they all manifest in similar visual styles in our mind's eye. It seems logical that if they are spiritual beings just like us, they would be able to make themselves look like they want to look like in the etheric world while having physical proxies somewhere in the galaxy. It takes actual experience and understanding to know if aliens exist in the 3D world just like us because there are many uncertainties regarding the spiritual worlds.

Disinfo Operations

Because of humanity's gullibility or because how the spiritual world works, there's always disinfo coming through in one way or another. The obvious agents are the top institutions making websites with fake occult information to lure people into the wrong spiritual practices which doesn't work. This leads to a lot of curious people becoming angry and leaves the spiritual world all together (mission complete). And then there's the helpful idiots that do different kinds of drugs or stupid trance meditations that go explore some dream world inside their mind without realizing that they are projecting inwards. They go on forums and make threads how they met Jesus and the Demiurge and how they know the ultimate truth of the Universe (also mission complete because it's a trap). And then there's the obvious counter-intelligence in media defining anything spiritual as wacky, nuts or unhealthy. Often showing big groups of hippies sitting in a large circle chanting some random mantra while looking completely smoked. This is also part of the agenda because it will make people avoid joining any spiritual meeting. If you have the chance to go to a hippie meeting where everyone sits on the floor and chant mantras, you'll actually be able to get a headstart on the spiritual path because of the good energies. But beware of the money grabbers that are so full of ego or channel spirits.

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File: 1453234164047-0.jpg (95.04 KB, 1000x326, 500:163, 1425807363492.jpg)

File: 1453234164047-1.pdf (1.91 MB, The Book of Knowledge.pdf)

The chakras

You hear it all the time, those rainbow colorful wheels that are spinning and doesn't actually exist unless you make some fantasy about them, etc. Well, the chakras are parables. Every chakra is tied to a physical and biological gland and function. The Rosicrucians have good info on this because they write very technically.

Because of how our body digest food and sexually reproduce, our chakras are very good visual images that helps in meditation. Because when we focus on our body in our mind, we activate that part and run energy through it. This energy is electromagnetic, blood, prana, light and many things yet not observable by "accepted" modern science. If it turns out to be just oxygen in blood, that is still energy.

The major chakras of the body needs to active and "spinning" in order for us to advance in the spiritual world. Without balance, we can't leave our body, can't feel happiness, can't reproduce and we are attracted and prone to get diseases very easily. Lots of the mundane food suppresses the energy of our glands in the body and the most notorious example of this is the pineal gland and its calcification. But the pineal is only but one gland of our whole body, many other glands can be clogged up from alcohol consumption or fatty foods. Science can still describe this very well, but so did the Rosicrucians 100 years ago, so nothing new under the sun.

If you want to work with your chakras, I recommend the Book of Knowledge.

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File: 1453234232844.jpg (236.68 KB, 760x1000, 19:25, 1425809366280.jpg)

Vibrations and words

Everything you hear and see, are vibrations. Oscillations of little protons or vibrations of air in the atmosphere that reaches your organs. The whole science of these vibrations have scientists baffled. When we observe particles from a particle cannon, they act like tennis balls. But when we don't observe particles, they start behaving like waves. And with the science of waves, we see that two identical waves amplify each other in a very mesmerizing way like when we throw stones across the surface of water.

To our surprise: thoughts, emotions, feelings, even our nerve system and heart works through vibrations. The first 3 not yet being proven by modern science, it will be proven soon that our heart beat emits the feeling of the mind and then eventually in the future: it will be proven that emotions exists as an unknown energy. It's hard to understand that our thoughts are waves that exists physically when we can't see them, but very soon: the US intelligence will begin to use mind state altering devices that will work across distances, unless they are already using it. This will be part of a transhumanism agenda where mind states can be induced and altered remotely, just like binaural beats do today.

But how does all this work? Yin and Yang, purpose and intention, it is hard to put the finger on it. Masaru Emoto performed a series of tests where he made water react to spoken words and thoughts just by freezing water and taking pictures of the crystals. Modern scientists calls his tests fraudilicious and not tested over ten thousand times makes the proof lacking. But if his water experiment's theory is true, this explains our mind's effects.

If our minds do exists as vibrations that affects matter on a quantum level and water can be affected by intention alone; it takes little intelligence to realize that the human body is composed of roughly 57% water and what we say or think about ourselves and others, affects us deeply.

So when we listen to Mr JayJay's latest album singing about his penis erectile dysfunctions and the not so dressed females lining up to yank the magic protein shake, we are indeed affected on the lowest atomic level. Thus it is important that you feed your mind with good intentions equally, as you feed your stomach with food that has good intentions.

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File: 1453234320520.jpg (299.36 KB, 736x1000, 92:125, 1425810029622.jpg)

Why evil exists

Hippies always say that God created Evil because he created Good. Supposedly, Good cannot exist without Evil as Light cannot exist without Shadow. The problem is that human free will dictates whether or not we choose what we get and we have an active free choice of choosing what we want to see. If we want light, we flip a switch. If we want less shadows, we add more lights. Similarly, if we want more good, we shift ourselves into more good states of being.

Some people claim that Evil is necessary as well so that Good can prosper and evolve. Because people that become good cannot have done so without evil existing. And in the happy hippie future where everyone is not evil, evil must still exist as to show people what it is.

I disagree. I think the goal to attain an evil free society is well within our reach as human people and evilness can be kept in theoretical form in educational information. Because, if everyone on Earth lives with happiness originating from the inside, having parents that knows this happiness, in a society where everyone is happy and knows this, it will lead to a civilization where evil is non-existent.

If people knew that there is nothing to be afraid of after death, there is a secure net in the society that protects them from all harm and everyone lives in harmony, there will be little cause for evil to take root.

But all in all, the current main reason for evil being rampant is the lack of love. Not sex, unconditional love. The love you feel when you hug your children or pet your animal. The love you feel for people that emit a loving glow of radiant happiness. This love is lacking in this world. And because of all the bad things we have in our world, love will never manifest as long as evil prevails.

So it is an easy question you ask yourself: "Do I want people to live in harmony, peace and love?". Or "Do I want people to be miserable?".

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File: 1453235761869.jpg (403.15 KB, 996x1000, 249:250, 1425876418118.jpg)

How can you write all this?

Because time is running out. If you cannot see or are unaware of the world's current state, it can be summarized fairly easy:

The economy is going down

Countries are pushing tensions between them

Ignorance and Foolishness is rampant

Despite 7 billion people, we have less philosophers and inventors than the ancient civilizations

You are not the best version of yourself

WW3 is currently happening

Even though we have the biggest food industry, most developed technology, most advanced schools, machines that can fly and take us to space, machines that replace manual labor and many more things; WE STILL ARE STRUGGLING WITH BASIC FUNDAMENTAL STANDARDS OF LIVING AND NURTURING!

When children starve, get beaten and sexually abused a couple of miles near you and no one has the decency to listen to their heart and undoubtedly know that such actions are unforgivable; meanwhile a video of a cat with large cute eyes keeps the attention of billions of people entangled.

Where mundanes find it uninteresting and boring to partake in any advanced or intelligent political debate locally because they "trust" their superior rulers to have more decency than the common man, and find contempt in a life living as a slave to a system they are unaware of.

Yet when millions and millions of square miles of warehouses, are filled with food, fuel, resources, ingredients, metals and manufactured goods that cannot be freely accessed because it is owned by the 1%, later to be given to the sheeple mundanes at a discount price on black Friday; even though the price of the object has been reduced to almost nothing due to robotics and conveyor belts.

To the point where children realize that their parents are indoctrinating them with a false and Marxists, sexist conditioning into abandoning their identified sex and they speak up to their parents: "ENOUGH WITH THE GENDER BENDER BULLSHIT, I AM A BOY/GIRL AND I ACCEPT IT!".

As the philosophers and historians in the future looks back to this date and laugh at our ignorance for how we think the human mind works. Unless they are non-existent due to the coming wars and poverty that will strike the world once again. Unless there is no proof or existence of our ignorance due to radical groups burning books and destroying the heritage so that we must start a new every thousand years and relive every era with improved technology.

This is the heart in you that cries out. This is the children of the future that look at you and ask: "Where were you when the world went to shit?". No more will you let ignorance grow in your mind, because you are now eager to learn the truth about the world you live in. You like to help others because you know that it can lead only to good results. You share this bond with other animals, where you know that you cannot hurt another being because this being is you as much as it is not you. It is love. It is the love I carry for the people of the future. For if I go down without a fight, I cannot forgive myself for letting all this happen on my watch.

"Welcome to the real world."

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File: 1453235997254.jpg (55.02 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1431120407259.jpg)

This long post will be about a very common topic that I noticed that I did not write about in one post, but I have talked about many times.


You cannot truly develop or venture into the unknown until you have conquered your fear. But in a traditional sense, you cannot conquer fear because you cannot overcome a negative feeling with rage, anger or more fear as it only feeds the thoughtform to create more of itself. So you must battle fear with the opposites of energies: love, compassion, understanding and strength.

The problem with fear is that it strikes when we are usually at the weakest point. When we are stressed and accidentally locks ourselves inside a small dark confined space. When the battery on our phone runs out and dark shadows stalk our nightly walk. As soon as we grab the bat and shield and stand ready to fight fear, the battlefield is as quiet as crickets chirp. But just as anything, we can invoke fear and we can fight it on the home front at any time.

>Find a relaxing spot and do the breathing exercises that gets your body very relaxed.

>Imagine in your mind a place that you know is your mind. As long as you know and believe you are imagining it, you will get there.

>When you get there, it will look different for everyone that does it, but it's usually a large space in dark or bright color.

>Wish and focus your intention on meeting the being responsible for the things you fear.

From this point on, you are on your own. I can't give you any advice except for once: The sooner you realize that it's not a battle, you will win. But you can't win the way you think you will win. At any moment you want to abort, just exit the construct you've created and move back to your physical location.

Morpheus: "I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it."

The weapons for fighting fear is also manifested through our thought during our wake hours. When confronted with your fears, realize that what you are afraid of is very silly. There's no need to fear death because we are infinite beings. There's no need to fear pain because pain is just the body's protection system against injuries. Spiders are more afraid of you than you are afraid of them. Eventually you will be so free of fear, you will start to feel other beings' fears.

Watch the movie Fearless and Revolver. Enjoy.

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File: 1453436148246.gif (62.25 KB, 387x291, 129:97, tommy.gif)

I read your entire spiel, and there is not one thing of value or truth to what you have said. You'd think that by cheer epistemic luck you'd chance upon saying something accurate, but you have not. It's like you have created a memetic chimera of the worst parts of fringe and paranormal chan forums.

It's breathtaking in a way, like a 32-car pileup. I only hope that the condition that caused this is temporary, or at least treatable. You have my deepest compassion for your predicament.


File: 1453782281802.jpg (158.18 KB, 583x581, 583:581, 1401405354812.jpg)


>everything you just said is wrong

>I won't tell you how to do it right though

Here we go. Faggots like you are the reason /fringe/-like boards never go nowhere, "le greatest magicians" like you end up driving away the few people who are willing to share information, and we end up surrounded by people circlejerking about how much they know without sharing anything and shitposters.



Who cares whether he's right, hes got SICK BURNS BRAH


I liked the Alex Grey paintings at least


File: 1453932967577.jpg (9.67 KB, 288x175, 288:175, telephone.jpg)


"sharing information" isn't making a giant gish gallop of postulates and claims that are purely the result of a psychiatric episode.

It is posters like OP that present themselves as some grand guru, posturing and gesturing, that are the reason why these boards are shit, not those who call them out. It is people like you who so readily defend and enable their spewing that is the problem.


thank a lot OP. I've been searching for a comprehensive guide for a bit. this really sums it up well for me.


>what kind of music do you listen to?



To be fair, both of them are are idiots.

Let's start at the top

>It doesn't matter if we think we are wizards or not, we've seen things normal people wouldn't even imagine; done things few thought they could do and we are so far ahead on all this "life" stuff that you are having problems dealing with.

OP believes that he is better because he's further ahead in life than other people in some regard. However, in the next line, he struggles "every day to live with you," because the people around him don't like his tastes in food, music, and has ignored one of the social don'ts by talking about politics around people he knows very little about. He refuses to compromise or share why his tastes are better, and the holier-than-thou attitude puts people off, so he vents online.


>We are humans, but not completely.

What is OP's definition of human, and how he is not? I would like to hear. Not going to touch on the Matrix stuff here since that's when people might start to realize that something isn't right with the world, but unfortunately created a bunch of 'chosen ones' that think they have the correct answer.

>The jews

There are somethings that you cannot change at this point, and buying into the meme only gives it more power. He further complicates things by tossing in both galactic and astral warfare going on at the same time, but fails to state why Earth is important

>North Korea, Nazi Germany and countries like Libya and Iraq

Brings up Nazis for no reason, thinks countries on the 'Axis of Evil' are 100% good, leaves of Iran, and puts on Libya. N. Korea is insane, transformed to suit the needs of one man while the rest starve. Saddam was one of the few things keeping the region stable with Iraq through fear, but was killed because Jr wanted to do what his father could not. OP might have a point with Libya.


Author automatically assumes anyone visiting /fringe/ except those like him aren't willing to read what he wrote, and puts the reader on the defensive. Starting info is fine, and is the typical recommend practice that I've seen on /x/, /fringe/, and other places. However, sometimes, a dream is just a dream and doesn't mean anything. Looking for answers only in there solves nothing.


What conspiracies? OP assumes reader knows of them, despite making a beginner guide.

>Finding guides for OBEs on youtube

>Let go of everything in your past so you can see the truth

This is one of the directions that cults take to indoctrinate new members. If you don't know where you've been, how do you know that you won't repeat the same path you've been walking all along? Or if it's even the correct way? OP brings up Hitler again for no reason. He needs to get off of the internet and realize that most people don't care about Nazi boners.


no comment. basic stuff from books on helping to deal with depression


Author assumes reader's feelings, again putting them on the defensive. Same error as at the start with believing that reader looks down to him. Other happiness stuff pretty basic introductory tier.


While I agree Monsato is vile and we do have too much fluoride in drinking water, bringing up 'da Jews' again here isn't needed. There's a way to talk on /pol/, and then everywhere else. Author also ignores the fact that more people are living to 100 than ever. Link to article from 2014: http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/04/health/centenarian-death/



That's why you're supposed to wash your fruits and veggies before eating them. If you're that concerned with tap water, get a good filtration system.

>check your food and don't buy from labels that do that, if you feel that strongly about livestock treatment.

>All animals you eat are female

Not true. The majority? Yes. All? No. Especially if you like chicken tendies since male chicks are tossed in the grinder.

>a male animal after puberty gets a real sour and bad taste in its muscles

Confirmed for not eating venison. Tasty as fuck. The so called sour taste is due to not prepping the carcass properly.

>Homosexuality is not more natural than being obese in the point that it's avoidable and treatable.

Lol, no. It happens, just that there's less pressure to keep it hidden these days and have kids. There's always going to be some fags. All the estrogen from birth control pills in the water supply is already fucking up fish, so I'll give OP that.


General need to work out. Fine. If you're fapping so much that you get dehydrated and lose that much minerals, stop fapping so often, take vitamins, and drink plenty of water. OP then advocates eating unmodified food, which he went against inthe previous post.


people that use this term unironically now usually have a 'me against everyone' mentality. Only they know what's right to do

>A common mistake is to believe in Jesus, but not actually following his teaching or being like him. How can you be corrupt, hurt other people and claim that you believe in Jesus? That is absurd.

Logical fallacy. People are human, they make mistakes that sometimes hurt others.


no comment, basic beginner meditation


no comment, beginner stuff that used to be on 4chan's /x/ before it went to shit


Some stuff that cults try to use to get members to join along with OP thinking at this point the reader is still hostile towards him. If they got that far, they have more time to waste than I as most that don't agree with OP would either look at a few posts or not even be on this site at all.


>ayyyyy lmao buy some Crystal Pepsi

Disinfo is yep.


Basic chakra and calcified pineal gland meme


Quantum mechanics do not apply to psychology. Binaural beats don't work on most of the population, and even then, you have to be in a controlled environment. The US Intel device thing has been kicked around for over 30 years. The ice test is simple to do yourself to see that it doesn't work.


good vs evil debate has gone on since forever, as everyone has their own definition.


OP realizes things are shit and posts it to a Tibetan yarn weaving forum. Uses it as an outlet for his frustration, and might not do anything about it offline, where action matters more than words.


Some poorly written text about the fight or flight response. Fear in and of itself is not the problem. Fear is a natural reaction to something you think might cause death and/or harm. If it's getting constantly in the way, seek help.


File: 1453956325516.png (310.13 KB, 595x496, 595:496, fractal wrongness.png)


Original OP thread maker here. This thread was imported from 8ch.net/fringe/ and as such, do not retain the tripcodes or flags of the original thread.


OP believes he's in this boat with all others and believing that he is better than others won't solve anything. If a 10th of the population were struggling to live with the mundanes on this planet we'd have more alternatives for our lifestyles.

Humans are flesh vessels in which some have souls and personality and some are hollow beings like NPCs in the background. The level of humanity boils down to how much you care about the world and how much you are indulged in it. You can talk to thousands of people complaining about the system, but none will know the cause of the problems or the people behind it.

You don't see the problem with how media portrays truth seekers. Most fedora tippers that come here already have an opinion about us, that's the purpose of this thread is: to break down the notion that they have. To spark an interest from within to begin the journey.

The reason why you must let go off everything you've been taught is because you must be ready to let go at any moment. There's not a single day where I don't have to look at what I know and leave room for new information. History is written by the victors and social Marxism was made into a big monster that makes people hate themselves. The holohoax is one historical occurrence that has been exaggerated to death, it's the first red pill the truth seekers usually find and because of their programming they can't change what they've been taught and fall unto the zombie bandwagon.

Fasting has proven to me that food is part of the system. By changing your diet to a pure and toxin free alternative, spiritual abilities comes shortly after. But for someone buying their food from Wallmart, they will never know the bliss of mucusless breath.

>Linking CNN unironically

Do I have to remind you who owns CNN and who their target group is?

Your enthusiasm for commenting on my posts was lost beyond this point so mine does as well.

You know there's a fedora flag in the list you can use instead.



disdaining without adding anything of value isn't helping, as >>496 pointed out.



> stuff that cults try to use to get members to join

I wonder what.


>The reason why you must let go off everything you've been taught is because you must be ready to let go at any moment.



i'd ask what you mean, but then I don't want to spend the time re-reading the whole thread (i did a few weeks ago on 8ch) and then the response and then see what you mean


Just wanted to say that I read 90% of OP's posts (I skipped some things that I felt I should come back later for) and have to say its probably a good summation of how a lot of people feel and think but havent really put into words. My problem with it is that is assumes a "superiority" when it says >we have surpassed that illusion already. My problem with this is that recognizing the illusion and surpassing it are two very different thing and the only thing this "Guide" for the "Mundane" seems to do is recognize the illusion we live. It doesnt present the alternative but rather describes the conventional.

Anyway I appreciate the writeup and posts. keep it up.


I think the OP is very good and worth stickying being the only explanation on the catalogue.

I don't get why he bashes NEETs and calls everyone fedora tippers though. That could be done better.


File: 1465171620657.jpg (340.54 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1360001655006.jpg)

I'm currently writing a 2.0 version of this thread with answers to questions and updated texts for a more friendly tone. I appreciate the bumps that people have done on this thread and the old one.



It might be a good summation of what the board thinks and feels, but there is a lot of hate between the lines. I find it detracts from OPs original intent, whatever that may be.









Nice wall of text dipshit. Next time build formal structure into it out of respect for the reader.

>protip: include an intro and conclusion

No one wants to hear a halfwit ramble on for almost a dozen posts. kys



There's no shortcut to enlightenment. Without patience you might as well never start the quest.



>ooga booga booga listen to my rambling I'm enlightened I swear

Why should I listen to someone who cannot be cogent, lucid and succinct?

>protip: I shouldn't




While I sympathize with you, I think it's better/faster than figuring it all out alone, at least at the start.

Then when it's not necessary there's no need/maybe no point in being here.



Read your entire thing. Appreciated all of it. Thank you, sincerely.

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