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Is it possible to travel to a parallel universe? and if yes how to do it?


I forgot about The Questions Thread sorry.


Such a topic might deserve its own thread though.


Although I doubt it is anything more than unintentional willing, /r/dimensionjumping exists on reddit. Montalk also has articles on time/dimensions.



/r/dimensionaljumping *





Except it's not actually about 'jumping dimensions'. That's simply a metaphor. If anything it's a lot closer to being some kind of occult/magick subreddit. It operates under the assumption that your reality is simply a 'patterned' 3D sensory experience, and that through intent you can alter these patterns i.e. your reality. It's like a very bare bones form of chaos magick that's not shit.

The mod has it all written out, but very few people bother reading that shit.


You can't jump between parallel universes in the way you're thinking. Ffs, learn to do some research. Its like an old film projector and you get to create the next piece of film. We're just too logical so we try to match up one frame with the next as to not break our own psyches because we're weak pussies who can't handle a chaotic expression of time. You're switching universes right now. I watch movies months later only to find out theres a 15 minute scene cut into the movie that was never there before, and its usually a blatant synchronicity pointed directly towards me.

Whatever you're looking for in life, you're gonna find it. Some people just truly desire a larger change in their external world because they believe its what they need to progress.


Any thoughts on Burt Goldman?


I've only come across one instance of a person supposedly leaving this universe… and he was about to be hit by a truck, lol.



i read an interesting story on the internet about a guy who shot himself with a shotgun on accident (thought it was unloaded) on acid and switched to a reality where he didn't do that. but, he was on acid and it was just a story on the internet so it may as well not have happened at all



> I watch movies months later only to find out theres a 15 minute scene cut into the movie that was never there before, and its usually a blatant synchronicity pointed directly towards me.


So someone else at least admits experiencing this.



dang, I'd like to have this kinda stuff happen to me.

Guess all I need to do is try, tho






Out of my experiences, the memorable ones I can recall

>Danger 5(tv show) changed from episode 4 on in season 1

>Dope(movie) added an extra 2 minute scene near the end directed at me

>Watched an intact piece of paper vibrate slightly and suddenly there was a perfect rectangular empty space where there was paper before

>Put a plate down in the kitchen, walked away and back, its gone, walked away and back again, its where I left it in the kitchen

>Wanted to smoke with a friend but no water for the bong, he's checked his car for water in his recycling box of bottles and there's none, I reach in and pull out a full water bottle

You stop remembering all the crazy synchronicities after a bit that relate to yourself to be honest. I learned to grow internally without external signs.

My favorite incident of all time though

>Want to go to bar

>Ask friend the week before if he wants to go

>He says he's working that day till 9pm so he can't

>He texts me that day and he's not even working

>He doesn't remember telling me he had work

>He says he couldn't have told me because they day I remember asking him he hadn't even seen his work schedule yet

>He ends up driving us to the bar that night

>Got fucking WASTED because I left vodka in the car so I wouldn't have to pay for drinks

Reality hopping is fun guys, join the crew


File: 1482879208482.png (3.92 MB, 1800x2521, 1800:2521, 1455848177557-1.png)

You never stop visiting them/traveling through them all you can do is learn to trim the sails to which one you end up in.

Also, this >>3733 (Checked)

As within so without, alter your mindspace and your meatspace (and timeline too) will reflect it.



So what should I do to get to the timeline where whites decide to kill every single last "human" of non european lineage? I'm going to try using "all fucking niggers must hang" as a mantra and meditating on it for a hew days straight.



worth a try






Explain what this picture shows please.


File: 1483163866676.jpg (595.83 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 333e33149b649a0245fa2a4b63….jpg)


>spoon feed me plz I can't read

It's proof that it was Berenstein instead of the alleged Berenstain spelling.

And while I'm at it I suppose I'll reply to you as well. >>11574

Spend much time & loosh on manifestative-imaginational states of being which resonate said desire.

Personally I would revise that mantra to a present tense statement of desired form. Additionally even if all the nogs poofed off the surface of Earth we'd still have plenty problems with shitskins and maybe chinks. And that's a lot of destructivity. I find it easier to simplify targeting by instead focusing on Aryan Superiority, but what ever drives your desire.

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