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File: 1453219711225.jpg (351.6 KB, 875x941, 875:941, 1429147078411.jpg)

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There are a lot of people asking for meditations so here is the centralized place for them.

There are a great many meditations, diverse in form, for many varied and wonderful purposes that develop a multitude of different aspects and I want to help open up the wonderful world of meditation to /fringe/.

Meditation #1

Meditation Name: Quiet-Mind Meditation (Q-MM)

Type: Concentration, Thought-Control, Entity Detection, Banishing

Technique: Allow your mind to go silent, do not let any dialogues take place in your mind, let no thoughts intrude upon you. Hold your mind in silence for a minimum of about 5 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes. If you want to go longer that is OK but for daily practice 5-15 minutes will do. If you can make the silent mind your default mental condition throughout the whole day that is even better and you will have more energy to do things without inane internal banter draining you of your vitality.

Comments: This is the most basic and well known meditation which usually precedes many other more advanced meditations. When people think of meditation, this is usually what they know about, even though meditation is so much more than this. I find doing a one-pointedness meditation beforehand easier to clear the mind of invasive thoughtforms or reading 1 to 3 chapters out of an occult book can help. It doesn't always do the job though, like last night for example I picked up an extremely invasive thoughtform from just a few minutes of exposure to a radio and it was very difficult to banish and took about an hour to banish. Radios and televisions are prime sources for nuisance thoughtforms that can disturb the silence and peace in your mind by forcibly repeating themselves in your mind against your will. It can be incredibly easy or incredibly hard to do, depending on what entity attachments you've picked up. It allows you to detect the presence of these attachments because in trying to resist them and keep your mind silent, you can suddenly realize these thoughts are not actually coming from you, but originate as an outside force intruding upon your consciousness against your will. So it serves as a basic entity detection meditation as well although more advanced meditations exist for this purpose and to root out more deeply embedded and less obvious thoughtforms either attached to you or just hanging around in your immediate etheric environment.

Featured In: The Book of Knowledge, Initiation Into Hermetics', and countless other books. You will always find this meditation, under various names, as the start of any serious occult development plan – which is why I'm describing it here first.

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File: 1453220668638.jpg (345.51 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1429148824518.jpg)

Meditation #2

Meditation Name: Void Meditation (VM)

Type: Concentration, Sensory Deprivation, Deep Trance

Technique: Focus your awareness into an empty black void and release yourself from all the impressions of your physical senses. You should feel weightless, sightless, smell nothing, hear nothing, think nothing, only be aware of void. All pains, all distracting thoughts, everything is just gone and voided.

Comments: This is a much more advanced version of Q-MM. It is considerably more challenging to do but a lot more powerful. You do not just let your mind go silent and stop the dialogues from taking place in your mind, you completely block out the impressions of your senses. From this state you are freed from the burden of your physical body and ready to launch yourself into many other meditations as well as to make contact with much more powerful astral entities. It is not uncommon for you to become aware of more complex entities around you and to be pulled out of this state suddenly by them. You are also fully astrally projected in this state, as no awareness rests within your body anymore. Lots of very strange things can happen unexpectedly while you are in this state so even if you have something planned out some entities may interrupt you and you may end up dealing with something you didn't anticipate dealing with when you set out to do this.

Featured In: Some wizard's pastebin and probably some of the various books.

Note: this is also related to the goal of The Arcane Formulas book, void meditation is pretty similar to it, and also so called "Transcendental Meditation (TM)" is pretty much just void meditation.

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File: 1453221176735.jpg (384.64 KB, 975x784, 975:784, 1429149808560.jpg)

Meditation #3

Meditation Name: One-Pointedness (1-P)

Type: Concentration, Selective Awareness, Focus, Mental Unification

Technique: Focus on any one thing with one sense and only that one thing. Do not let the mind wander from that one thing. Your mind should concentrate so hard on that one thing that it merges with the object of the meditation. It can be an object around you physically or an object in the astral, or a sound, or a smell, or a feeling, these flowers, etc.

Comments: There are many different meditations that are variations of this type of meditation. I am posting it here in its most generic form because it is a very important meditation but I will probably post specific examples of it later. Doing various types of one-pointedness meditation will massively increase your ability to concentrate and to work with thoughtforms later and focus your will and direct energy. It also will help with telekinesis and feeling yourself in an object such you can move it like its your own body and feel through it and so on.

Featured In: The Jhanas


File: 1453221290062.jpg (355.71 KB, 872x614, 436:307, 1429150640846.jpg)

Meditation #4

Meditation Name: Numbers Meditation (NM)

Type: Thoughtforming, Subconscious Processing, Automatic Mentation, Counting

Technique: Visualize numbers in various ways while keeping your mind silent. Add the numbers up at various increments and do simple math. Use Arabic numerals and roman numerals. Change around the fonts you use, the method they appear, there colours, how many appear at once, the angle you are viewing them, spin them around, etc.

Comments: This is actually a whole lot of different meditations depending on how you use it. You will notice many details of the numbers are subconsciously filled in. When beginning to visualize the number you might not think at all about what font or colour you want to use yet that will be automatically filled out as you will notice and you can look at them closer. This is a basic thoughtforming practice and also serves the purpose of restraining an automatic response; normally when people look at numbers or words they inevitably read it in their minds. You say "ONE", "TWO", "THREE", etc. but in this exercise you are not do to that. You are supposed to just watch as the numbers are added up before you. In doing this you discover a deeper layer of thinking that lays behind words and manage to tap in more strongly into your subconscious powers. Whenever you handle any cash or do any counting during your day, you should attempt to do it via this method. You will also notice that loosh powers up your number thoughtforms and makes them more complex and appear more clearly… if you aren't putting much loosh into it they will be vague and hard to see but if you concentrate on some of your numbers then pour loosh (emotions) into it they will grow stronger quickly (depending upon how well you hold your concentration on it and the intensity of your emotion). Doing this you will learn how to actually use your loosh.

Featured In: ??? (Like every meditation I use, I discovered it independently, but I haven't found any books yet suggesting the practice of numbers meditation even though it's so useful and I use it constantly).


File: 1453221485536.jpg (427.02 KB, 800x1053, 800:1053, 1429316791500.jpg)

Meditation #5

Meditation Name: Body Awareness Meditation

Type: Awareness-Targeting, Etheric Modification, Energy-Work

Technique: Focus your awareness on a part of your body. Then another part… and another. You may jump your awareness around from one point to another or sweep your awareness through your body. You may also sweep back and fourth over a part to create an effect within the etheric body. By playing around with how you focus your awareness (through feeling by the way, not visualization, although you can combine visualization to the feeling) many effects are produced through the energetic/subtle body.

Comments: Doing this meditation strengthens the astral body, helps you target parts of your body with awareness, and will prepare you for doing operations of all sorts upon your body using the awareness to target the part and then intentions and emotions to make modifications to and program that part. This is essentially what New Energy Ways by Robert Bruce was about and the technique has been expanded on in Energy Work. It makes astral projection easier.

Featured In: New Energy Ways v2, Energy Work


File: 1453221583075.jpg (25.97 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1429318979160.jpg)

Meditation #6

Meditation Name: Invoking Earth

Type: Trance, Relaxation, Heavy, Feeling

Technique: Relax your body. I suggest letting your arms drop to your sides, then laying down, then raising up leg for a moment and letting it drop, then the other, and so on. Use your intention and if you want some visualization and body awareness to bring in a sedating effect through your whole body. Feel extremely heavy and let your body collapse. Alternatively hold a posture and invoke Earth by making the posture feel solid and unbreakable, intending that you can not change it.

Comments: Very useful for developing finer muscle control, strength, making modifications to your body, resting, fixing posture, and concentrating high levels of etheric energy into yourself for various uses.

Featured In: ???


File: 1453221707309.jpg (30.03 KB, 237x408, 79:136, 1429319781554.jpg)

Meditation #7

Meditation Name: Gathering Earth

Type: Astral-Hands, Earth, Etheric, Feeling

Technique: Project/imagine your astral hands. Now use them to touch anything in your environment around you and feel those things with your hands. Plunge your astral hands through objects and brush them through, collecting energy on the way, and bringing it to your body. You may also do this through your body, gathering Earth energy from one part of your body to another.

Comments: This is useful for supplying more energy to your body to heal it and to the astral body making it stronger. It also helps you feel and interact with things around you via the astral senses and can be used for telekinesis if you just push things around with your astral hands.

Featured In: (Maybe IIH and Energy Work?)

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File: 1453222244061.jpg (75.01 KB, 1023x692, 1023:692, 1429319987502.jpg)

Meditation #8

Meditation Name: Astral Hands

Type: Astral Hands, Awareness, Energy

Technique: Imagine a pair of hands. Keep you regular physical arms still and inactive. Now move about your astral arms, feeling through them and seeing them with your mind's eye. Use your astral arms to grab onto something and pull yourself out of your physical body or to try and interact with and feel and manipulate objects around you both on the astral level as well as the physical.

Comments': Very useful for many purposes.

Featured In: Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon and Energy Work by Robert Bruce.


File: 1453222740637.jpg (410.3 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 1429320290498.jpg)

Meditation #9

Meditation Name: Invoking Water

Type: Trance, Water, Mind-Reading, Creative, Resonance

Technique: Allow your astral body to expand a bit, project yourself if you want or stay within your body but expanded beyond it, and start casting out thoughtforms and sending out pings and trying to tap into thought-currents around you. There are many ways to do this, like projecting a thoughtforming and looking at it then rotating it, or say looking at a wall and then walking trying to rotate your view and see what's around it or near it. Once you start receiving impressions of things you didn't intentionally think of, you have water invoked. Now just let them come in. You should end up getting a slideshow of random impressions. Adjust your emotional resonance to change the general quality of what you receive.

Comments: This is essential for me at this time to survive and is what I do nearly constantly right now. If you can tap into the right currents you can receive huge amounts of energy and healing at the same time, without depleting your energy supplies. By staying in this receptive state, you become open to many things, and receive thoughtforms and impressions and so on from others. A little directing it by the will / fire can help you lock into new things. Occasionally you will receive bad things which you shall have to shut off and banish and then try to turn your focus away from them and open yourself up again to new impressions.

Featured In: ???


File: 1453222962864.jpg (170.38 KB, 1111x719, 1111:719, 1429320670157.jpg)

Meditation #10

Meditation Name: Astral Pulse

Type: Banishing, Detection

Technique: Imagine a pulse that expands out from you in a spherical manner and then bounces off of all objects near you. Program the pulse with various intentions to create different effects, such as incinerating thoughtforms in the area around you, or detecting and revealing them.

Comments: Do this in your room to see what/who is around you etherically! If the pulse you sent out bounces off of everything and returns and nothing is detected then your immediate etheric environment should be clean. When I do it though, I pretty much always encounter something around me, sometimes a LOT of stuff around me.

Featured In: I just found it out on my own but I've heard of another guy doing the same thing under the name of Gnostic Pulse.


File: 1453223414551.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1356808974283.png)

Meditation #11

Meditation Name: Music Meditation (MuM)

Type: Concentration, Mindfulness, Creative

Technique: (a). Put on music and concentrate on what you hear; "just listen"; it is easy for us to put on some song while doing something else (like reading while listening to music); this doesn't count as listening to music and is harmful to your concentration skills. So, put on music, relax and just listen. You might want to avoid "noisy music", (like heavy metal, noise, etc.) and try genres like classical, orchestra, instrumental, etc.

'(b). Isolate one instrument from the song and then try to replay the melody it plays, (if you pick a flute, replay the parts in the song the flute plays, for example). Isolating instruments is more easy in the genres I mentioned above.

(c). This can be fun; compose a song in your mind. You might start with percussion or bass pattern, and then add more instruments on it. You can also try this; take mundane sounds, (like barking, wind, car-honks) and "tweak" them mentally, changing the pitch, resonance or quality, etc. If you are unsure how some sound sounds like, download Audacity to edit samples (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/windows) and samples from https://www.freesound.org/

(d) Take a song and meditate on it, clear your mind and feel the energy of the song as it flows through and simulates your body. Try intensifying it or move it around. Sing along with the song can significantly amplify magnitude of the energy depending on how much will/intention and emotion you imbue it with.

Comments: While it can be entertaining, you might want to be careful what music you listen to; thoughtforms can easily attach to you if you listen to certain types of music, (popular, simple-patterned, lyrical).

Featured In: The Miracle of Mindfulness, Wisdom of the Mystic Masters


File: 1453223505440.jpg (391.62 KB, 859x854, 859:854, 1429665597330.jpg)

Meditation #12

Meditation Name: Painting Meditation

Type: Thoughtforming, Visualization, Memory

Technique: Paint/daw pictures in your mind's eye. First you imagine a surface to draw on such as some asphalt, a chalkboard, a canvas, paper, or you can paint in some void, or whatever. Now you imagine your material to paint with, like a paint brush, or some chalk, or a pencil, or whatever. Now move it in your mind's eye and start drawing stuff with it, holding the whole image of the thing as you go along.

Comments: I do this one all the time. The more complex and intense your drawings get without parts of it you drew already before dissolving the stronger your astral senses will become. You can end up drawing very huge pictures over a very big canvas with a lot of stuff in the scene and moving your mind's eye around and back looking at stuff without it dissolving. Although at first you probably will be able to barely even draw a line, and then another, without the first line dissolving.

Featured In: ???


File: 1453223567576.jpg (151.69 KB, 829x964, 829:964, 1429672134185.jpg)

Meditation #13

Meditation Name: Sculpting Meditation (ScM)

Type: Thoughtforming, Visualization, Memory

Technique: Project a 3-dimensional space such as some void or a bunch of astral haze in a room you are in or something similar. Not project a 3D point which emits trails of particles or what have you behind it. Begin moving the point around and in the process creating the sculpture for a thoughtform you are making. You can create statues and trees and other things that are 3-dimensional doing this. It is also fun to do elemental-themed variations of the sculpting meditation (such as figures made out of water dancing around) and you may animate the forms you create and have them move in a predetermined way repeatedly or following some simple algorithms. If you let them move more intelligently however you'll end up with a full-fledged thoughtform that is more sentient than you may have intended for this practise.

Comments: Very fun, it is an advanced form of PM (Painting Meditation). It happens to be easier at times to work with these 3-dimensional forms than it is to create 2D forms. If you do this practise your visualization and many other astral senses can very rapidly unfold and be intensified and made more powerful.

Featured In: ???


File: 1453223645622.gif (1.05 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1429898540731.gif)

Meditation #14

Meditation Name: Sparkler Meditation (Spark-M)

Type: Visualization, Thoughtforming, Concentration, Dynamic

Technique: Visualize a bright point. Now move it around with your mind's eye. It should emit particle trails as you move it around. It can be a spark, a luminescent ball, a ball of fire, or any of a variety of similar structures all of which should be bright and emit particles in trails as you move it around 3-dimensionally. This is easier done with eyes closed and moving the particle-ball around in void at first but in its advanced form you can do this with eyes open moving the particle ball about your room or other surroundings.

Comments: It's a helpful precursor meditation for the PM and ScM meditations and really fun. You can also upgrade it by imbuing it with qualities like heat-emissions, vibratory-emissions, electrical-emissions, etc. and making it so it bounces against objects (usually scattering more particles in the process when hitting something) and you can feel it if you happen to touch it with either your astral hands or your physical hands.

Featured In: There is something similar in a Chaos Magic text about chao-balls I've read but it's not quite the same.


File: 1453223697103.gif (804.84 KB, 640x395, 128:79, 1430263581496.gif)

Meditation #15

Meditation Name: Walking Meditation Type 1 (WM-T1)

Type: Observance, Memory, Walking

Technique: Walk around somewhere and observe everything around you. As you observe also remember it at the same time; that is recall the scene you are looking at in your mind while looking at it or recall in your mind what you just saw moments ago in your walk then look about you then recall again. Create a mental map of absolutely everything around you. Later on when you're done walking about return home or to a comfy place where you can sit and let you body go inactive and now repeat the whole walk astrally, going over the whole scene in your mind, and even examining it from new perspectives and angles while in your astral form in order to discover new information about the environment you walked through that you didn't even notice while walking about it physically.

Comments: This is a precursor to visualization, increases your ability to memorize everything immensely, gives you photographic and holographic memory, and even develops some astral abilities and allow you to access information about things that was not initially recorded at all in your physical memory.

Featured In: ???


File: 1453223757246.gif (1.14 MB, 720x626, 360:313, 1430264818684.gif)

Meditation #16

Meditation Name: Walking Meditation Type 2 (WM-T1) or Movement Meditation (MM).

Type: Motion, Etheric, Subtle Body, Astral Projection, Balance

Technique: Walk around or in place and the whole time focus on the motion of your body endeavouring mentally to reproduce and be fully and holographically aware of your whole body's motion. Then stop moving at some point but keep walking mentally. If you do this right you'll walk out of your body, leaving your physical body standing behind you, and your mental body will be projected forward still walking.

Comments: If you are doing martial arts or any kind of sport or anything at all that requires the memorization of some movements and writing them into your muscle memory practicing variations of this will help immensely. You'll get stronger, faster, and better in a way you'd never be able to achieve just doing things the mundane way without active mental work.

Featured In: There is something like this described in The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot and some sports psychology manuals.


File: 1453223809247.jpg (883.71 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1430265282937.jpg)

Meditation #17

Meditation Name: Thrashing Astral Projection (ThrAP)

Type: Astral Projection, Motion

Technique: Mentally fling your arms and body about, turning around, trying to crawl out of your physical body, generally just thrashing about. Keep it up for awhile and eventually you'll overcome the "gravity" holding your astral body in place inside your physical body and be able to get out.

Comments: Simplest method for astral projection and one I keep using a lot.

Featured In: ???


File: 1453223854248.gif (998.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1430266009264.gif)

Meditation #18

Meditation Name: Telekinesis (TK)

Type: Etheric, Force, Motion, Telekinesis, Astral Hands

Technique: Pick an object to practice your telekinesis with, perhaps a tennis ball, or a water bottle, or something else in your room. Now push it with your hand, while concentrating really intensely on what you're doing and mentally reproducing the whole action. Repeat over & over, pushing the object and then putting it into place, once in awhile stop and just do the whole thing mentally with no actual physical movement of your arm.

Comments: Eventually you'll reach a point where you can move the object with your mind / astral hands alone when you manage to imagine the whole thing intensely enough that the actual physical object itself will be clearly observed, felt, etc. to have moved. If you want to make this more abstract and pure then you just focus on and project the force of motion feeling only without the visualization or form of your astral hands and you can move the object that way.

Featured In: ???

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File: 1453223954161.gif (1020.55 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 1430266281318.gif)

Meditation #19

Meditation Name: Telekinesis Type 2 (TK-2), Aerokinesis

Type: Etheric, Force, Motion, Telekinesis, Blasting, Qui Gong, Air

Technique: Move your arms and body about slowly and smoothly through the air, feeling the air around you as do it, while falling into a trance state. Feel your awareness penetrating the air around you and moving it just like you move your arms. As if the air is an extension of your body, your awareness/spirit being embodied within the air. Then by an act of will move the air around you as forcefully as you can towards water or foliage.

Comments: In this manner you can transfer force through the air and towards objects. Water is a good thing to practice with as you can then see the ripples from what you are doing. Foliage on plants also works.

Featured In: The Book of Knowledge describes a technique similar to this.

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File: 1453224059407.jpg (37.62 KB, 500x493, 500:493, 1430266939591.jpg)

Meditation #20

Meditation Name: Electric Meditation (EM)

Type: Awareness, Energy, Electric, Telekinesis

Technique: Move your awareness around your body, rapidly and rhythmically, creating intense vibrations. Build up tons of energy (usually in around your stomach area); note this technique is PAINFUL but the pain makes it easier to go deeper into trance and do it with more intensity. Keep building up electrical charge and pulsing and moving it around then send it out with intense force through any part of your body (usually the finger tips) towards something. The electrical current dispelled in this way can be used to restructure matter, move it around, set it on fire, or to consciously interact with machines, lights, etc.

Comments: If you are not careful you can burn yourself and destroy a lot of objects around you. Before trying to use this to interact with a computer, practice on something like the electrical lights around you. This whole process is also made way more efficient by the use of a persistent thoughtform that does whole thing for you rather than having to bruteforce will this to happen.

Featured In: Learned it from another wizard. The man known as Dynamo Jack on youtube also appears to do this exact same thing and I've seen quite a few other people besides doing this.


File: 1453224121858.jpg (42.86 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1430267510951.jpg)

Meditation #21

Meditation Name: Astral Mirror (AM)

Type: Clairvoyance, Entity Detection, ESP

Technique: Imagine a mirror, in any manner or shape you like, or any object with a reflective surface. Concentrate on it with your mind's eye until it stops being fuzzy and comes in fully clear. Look at the mirror and see what it reflects off of its surface.

Comments: You should see it reflect what is around you in your immediate etheric environment. This will allow you to detect entities around you. It can also be used to see what's physically around you without actually turning your head and looking at it, so you can see for example someone standing behind you and ask them to raise up some fingers and you'll tell them how many fingers they have risen and you've done things right you'll register an accurate perception. It is also possible to create astral mirrors over top of physical mirrors. If you do that and you look into your mirror you just created an astral component for, you're going to see a lot of weird shit, like entities behind and around you or you might see something like your own reflection suddenly stop being a mirror reflection of you and move and express itself in a manner contrary to what would represent an actual physical reflection of you; that is the reflection will come alive and be animated of its own accord. This meditation can be dangerous if you don't have good control over your emotions and a lot of skill in thoughtforming. Pic related. I never had problems like this but other people who "let their imaginations run wild" or who get scared too easy end up giving massive amounts of loosh to entities like this and give them a serious foothold.

Featured In: ???


File: 1453224212686.jpg (32.43 KB, 846x270, 47:15, 1430268179165.jpg)

Meditation #22

Meditation Name: Tossing Shit At You Meditation (TSAYM) or Make Your Own Poltergeist

Type: Haunting, Telekinesis, Thoughtforming, Hurting Yourself

Technique: Imagine all sorts of objects being thrown at you such as glass, random shit in your room, etc. and work up a ton of emotions such as fear and try to avoid the stuff being thrown at you. When it hits feel it break against your body and tear it up, causing bleeding and so on.

Comments: A wonderful way to greenpill yourself and experience a very advanced and real phenomena very easily. You'll end up with a lot of scars and bleeding and so on but you'll have created your own poltergeist to haunt yourself. Once you're satisfied with the results you can begin banishing it and getting rid of your fear of shit being thrown at you. Pro-Tip: Imagine this activity being confined to a specific area, preferably a specific room, do NOT imagine it can follow you anywhere and that you're always in danger no matter where you go of having stuff thrown at you…

Featured In: ???


File: 1453224267988.jpg (253.9 KB, 750x1056, 125:176, 1430276528461.jpg)

Meditation #23

Meditation Name: Desire Meditation (DM)

Type: Desire

Technique: Cultivate desire for something, intentionally, persistently, and intensely. Keep building up the desire for that thing over at least 3 days.

Comments: Desire is the most powerful force in magic besides Visualization and Imagination and Will. Desire determines the course of our life and our future incarnations. It fuels our thoughtforms and creates fluctuations in the astral. Mastery over desire will allow you to accomplish all the most beautiful and amazing and wondrous things of magic. Learning to Desire to Desire will give you the key to the accomplishment of all forms of meditation.

Featured In: Magical Use of Thoughtforms and a couple other occult books.


File: 1453224362249.gif (1.73 MB, 500x334, 250:167, 1434424884441.gif)

Meditation #24

Meditation Name: Motivation Replenishment

Type: Mindset Shift, beginner level

Technique: When you find yourself engaging in activities of a low nature (television watching, browsing timewasting sites etc.) stop and immediately quiet your mind. Shift your focus to an activity of self betterment (visualization, reading texts, doing chores) and will yourself to vibrate into a calm state with a focus on what you need to do well at whatever task it is e.g., visual acuity for visualization, memory for reading etc. This should only take a minute but more time will be more beneficial.

Comments: Oftentimes sitting still with your eyes closed for a minute will put you into a state where you will happily take action, and will allow your urge to partake in time wasting activities to disperse as you become calm. Since this only takes a minute or two, it is very easy to do this and set yourself up to do whichever tasks you feel are important. It can sometimes be daunting to launch into something you don't immediately feel like doing, but calming down for a minute is always easy and launching into activity from there is surprisingly easy. You can also shorten the length of meditation each time you do it to form a habit of eliminating a certain unwanted time waste.

Featured In: ??? really just a short single focus meditation a la Bardon, with an activity in mind as the focus.


File: 1453224667942-0.pdf (2.03 MB, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol….pdf)

File: 1453224667942-1.pdf (1.92 MB, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Vol….pdf)

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is a key text of the Trika school of Kashmir Shaivism. Cast as a discourse between the god Shiva and his consort Devi or Shakti, it briefly presents 112 meditation methods or centering techniques (dharanas).

Osho wrote these books, going in depth for each technique for those who wish to try them. He says one should try them one by one, and one will definitely have an immediate effect, at which time, the practitioner is meant to drop all the others and focus only on that one.


File: 1453224751807-0.pdf (77.91 KB, Meditation Handbook.pdf)

File: 1453224751807-1.pdf (260.4 KB, Henepola Gunaratana - The ….pdf)

Two books of meditations, the latter is Buddhist ones.


Meditation #25

I went today to see one Swami Narayan, in Musafarnagar, about seventy miles from here, and a three-and-a-half hour journey by car. (One can really put on speed here in India!) Many people have great faith in him. He is extraordinarily learned–quite probably the most learned man in India, not only in the Hindu Scriptures, but in every imaginable branch of knowledge. His library, worth about seven hundred thousand rupees (on hundred thousand dollars), occupies one and a half storeys of a large building, and I’m told he’s not only read every book in it, but can refer from memory to exact page numbers. Yet he is extremely simple and modest, so much so that one might easily take him for an ignorant fellow.

Rani and Indu say that whatever he says is infallible; it must come true. At least, such has been their experience.

He is also considered one of only four living masters of Tantra, a fact which earned him a terrifying reputation in Bengal years ago as a man of vast powers. But I found him very simple, unaffected, and kindly. Certainly he didn’t fit the usual conception, my own included, of the Great Saint. And I wasn’t there long enough to say that I really formed a strong impression. But whatever impression he did make was a good one, and one that got steadily better, to the point where I must say I felt inwardly full of joy by the time we left……

……I then asked him about one of the points on which Swami Muktananda had challenged my Guru. Naturally, there will always be a few differences in techniques between one school and another. Swami Muktananda, however, had made a point of saying that Master’s version of a mantra was wrong. Hong-Sau, he said, is incorrect; it should be repeated the other way around: So-ham. I had suggested a way by which the difference, which seemed trivial enough, might be reconciled. “No,” Baba had said, “all the Upanishads say that it should be So-Ham not Hong-Sau.” So, according to him, my Guru was wrong. That did not seem so trivial a matter.

But what could I say, once he backed his claim by reference to Scriptural authority? I could feel, and did, that if my Guru had taught the mantra as Hong-Sau, his power alone would make it right for anyone who wanted to take it that way, but I couldn’t counter this other argument. I don’t read Sanskrit.

So now I saw my opportunity. I asked Swami Narayan whether it was true that the Upanishads teach only So-Ham, never Hong-Sau. Swamiji replied:

“No, on the contrary, all the Upanishads teach it as Hong-Sau.”

There followed about forty-five minutes of going through various Scriptures. One of them, the Hong-Sau Vidya, says, “This is the highest mantra.” It also calls it “the god of all mantras,” and says, “The world is created with it; the world is preserved with it; and the world is destroyed with it.”

“By chanting this mantra,” the Scripture goes on to say, “the seeker quickly attains liberation.”

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File: 1453230420005.jpg (212 KB, 700x919, 700:919, t6703-st-anthony-reading-m….jpg)

Meditation #26

Meditations Upon Books

for cultivation of memory, awareness, & intuition

All Fringe Wizards read a great many books but we could be making the process a lot more efficient and productive. Here are meditations I have devised for that purpose:

Part 2 >>33

Part 3 >>34

Part 4 >>35

Part 5 >>36

Book Meditation, No Visualization, Reciting

Type 1 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting basic

(do this with a book you are just reading now)

1. Read a sentence.

2. Look away or close the eyes.

3. Recite the full sentence you just read perfectly.

4. Read the next sentence.

5. Repeat - until you can do this easily then move onto intermediate.

Type 1 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting intermediate

1. Read a full paragraph.

2. Look away or close the eyes.

3. Recite the full paragraph you just read perfectly.

4. Read the next paragraph.

5. Repeat - until you can do this easily then move onto advanced.

Type 1 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting advanced

1. Read a full page.

2. Look away or close the eyes.

3. Recite the full page you just read perfectly.

4. Read the next page.

5. Repeat - until you've finished the book.

Suggested book for practising this on: The Kybalion.

Having read an entire book… proceed with this:

Type 2 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting basic

(do this with a book you read and have not gone back to in at least a few hours or a day, this is using long-term memory not short-term memory)

1. Recite the first sentence from the first page of the first chapter.

2. Check for accuracy of recital.

3. Recite random other sentences throughout the book and check for accuracy, until confident you can quote anything out of the book from memory.

Type 2 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting intermediate

Do as before, but full paragraphs.

Type 2 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting advanced

Do as before, but full pages.

Type 2 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting master

1. Recite the entire book from memory.

2. Use a random number generator such as http://www.random.org/ where the minimum is 1 and the max is the number of pages in your book in total then recite

2b. Use a silly mundane to call out a random page for you to recite, recite the page for him from memory, then show them the page (or have them looking at the page you are reciting while you yourself aren't seeing it) and impress the fuck out of him.

Goals for the above two meditations are:

Memorize instantly upon reading, if it takes you forever to memorize a book and then you can recite it all perfectly fine – you still may have to learn to memorize faster so that with your next book you can just read the whole book once and recite the whole thing afterwards no problem.

Recite everything accurately and fast, you don't want to make mistakes or struggle to remember it each sentence as you go along reciting it all.

Type 3 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting basic

Find a book you have not yet read…

1. Look at the cover page or title.

2. Start "reciting" the first sentence, without having read it.

3. Check the sentence carefully, not scrolling down to reveal too much at once.

4. Wrong? Just move on to the next sentence, keep going along until you're eventually accurately "reciting" full sentences before having actually read them.

ProTip: Using trance and the power of faith/belief beforehand to reprogram yourself to be able to do these meditations will make it easier. You should also do quiet mind meditation beforehand and if you want void meditation.

Type 3 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting intermediate

Continue like you were doing in the basic meditation – but full paragraphs.

Type 3 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting advanced

As before but full pages now.

Type 3 book meditation, no-visualization, reciting master

Recite an entire book without ever having actually read it. (Then check through the normal means for accuracy).

Note: at this point you are starting to become practically omniscient and soon will only need the titles of books and samples of text to check for accuracy and you can read any book without actually having it.

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File: 1453230532903.jpg (57.17 KB, 597x800, 597:800, 1265575143100.jpg)

Book Meditation, No Visualization, Absorbing

Book meditation, no-visualization, absorbing retard

1. Look at a word, hold the thought.

2. Look away / close the eyes.

3. Recite the word.

Book meditation, no-visualization, absorbing mundane

1. Look at a few words, hold the thought.

2. Look away / close the eyes.

3. Recite all the words (in order).

Book meditation, no-visualization, absorbing basic

1. Look at a full sentence, hold the thought.

2. Look away / close the eyes.

3. Recite the entire sentence. (check for accuracy of course, and proceed)

Book meditation, no-visualization, absorbing intermediate

1. Look at a full paragraph, hold the thought.

2. Look away / close the eyes.

3. Recite the entire paragraph.

Book meditation, no-visualization, absorbing advanced

1. Look at a page, hold the thought.

2. Look away / close the eyes.

3. Recite all the text of the entire page.

Note: At this point you should just be glancing at a page and instantly absorbing all the information on the page all at once.

Book meditation, no-visualization, absorbing master

1. Look at a page, hold the thought.

2. Look at more pages, still hold the thought.

3. Look away / close the eyes.

4. Recite all the text of all the pages you looked at.

5. Keep going adding pages until you can eventually open up a new book, glance at every single page in the book in rapid succession, then accurately recite the contents of an entire book whose pages you've only glanced – proving you have absorbed into your mind all the contents of the book at incredible speed.

Book Meditation, Psychomancy

Lobsang Rampa and William Walker Atkinson and probably other authors familiar to us have described how to do this in great detail and you may refer yourself to them.

To do this you just touch an object, in this case a book, and start to get an idea of what its contents are then you check it.

You can start with mail or notes or whatever.

At first you will get really vague impressions like "it is good news" or "it seems to be about sports". Eventually as you progress with practise you get much stronger impressions, and know much more fully the details of the contents of the thing you have touched. You will be able to know absolutely everything about the object, including how it got to you and who touched it beforehand and what thoughts people who touched it were thinking, what all the text says, and any other information which the object is comprised of or has attached or associated with it.


File: 1453230583872.jpg (149 KB, 680x584, 85:73, 3990261.jpg)

Book Meditation, Visual Recall

Book meditation, visual recall basic

1. Look at a letter.

2. Recall the appearance of the letter in your mind's eye.

3. Practise with each latter in the alphabet, until you see each letter easily reconstructed in your mind. Do the same for numbers, roman numerals, other character sets, and symbols you know about and want to practise with.

Book meditation, visual recall intermediate

1. Look at a word.

2. Recall the appearance of the word in your mind's eye.

3. Do this for long while until you are able to flash words through your mind with great speed + clarity.

Book meditation, visual recall advanced

1. Look at several words or a sentence.

2. Recall the appearance of all those words in your mind's eye.

3. Do this for long while until you are able to flash huge collections of words through your mind with great speed + clarity.

Book meditation, visual recall master

1. Look at page.

2. Recall the appearance of the entire page in your mind's eye.

3. Do this for long while until you are able to flash pages of a book through your mind with great speed + clarity.

Goals for the above meditations are:

Recall the image with as much clarity / lucidity as you possibly can. Vague shadowy out of focus impressions are not so good, you want to aim ultimately for seeing the words more clear than something you see with your physical eyes. Practise with different fonts, font colours, etc. and even make each letter unique if you can by recalling slight smudges and other microscopic details of the form. e.g. you may view metal numbers such as the ones people have on their houses as address numbers in your mind's eye and include in your recall the details of the rust on it. You can also imagine forms you haven't seen before at all but you can't check them against objects in your environment for accuracy as it's just constructed by you on the spot and doesn't have a physical equivalent in third density.

Be able to rotate and view the recalled images 3-dimensionally, seeing it from different angles.

Be able to flash these images extremely fast through your mind and still perceiving each one perfectly lucidly. If it takes you like 5 seconds to visualize an "A" and then a "B" then you need to speed up. You may easily trigger a sequence of images flashing through your mind so fast you can end up seeing thousands of them in just a minute and it's a pretty mind-blowing experience to have and will give you an idea of what the "life-review" many people go through after dying is like.

Book Meditation, Thoughtformed Books

I will give this exercise a little differently then the above ones, not in steps…

Visualize a book, basically a rectangle, and position it in 3-dimensional space relative to your surroundings. This may be done in astral spaces or in physical space as well. Now just keep working on the book, making it more clear, so that it eventually isn't a vague phantom at all but clearly visible to you. If your phantom book is not solid and your hand passes through it and you don't want it to be that way, meditate upon the spacial sense… press your hands against objects in your room, especially books, and focus your attention very clearly on the impression. Think about it a lot and recall that feeling of pressing up against it. Now apply these spacial properties to your book so you can feel it when you touch it, can push it around and handle it like a physical object, etc. You may then try pushing your book up against physical objects in your room and causing them to be knocked over / pushed around. You can eventually completely objectify and materialize your book such that you will have a physical book which anyone can see and handle AND give it all sorts of magical functions like making it capable of reading itself! People will hear your book narrating itself, probably very melodiously, and the mundanes will be in utter shock! You may also apply such mysterious functions to your book as to make people who touch it put it down and walk away, or feel burned by touching it, or make it so only certain people can read it and it appears differently to others or they will not take an interest in reading it. The book may also telepathically transfer its contents to someone that touches it. Anything you can imagine…

Note: you may also modify physical books however you want and dematerialize them.

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File: 1453230659542.png (660.08 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1370178.png)

Audiobook Meditation

There are some meditations I practise with audiobooks that are worth doing.

Audiobook meditation, speech-to-text, basic

Visualize each word the person says. This is really challenging if they are talking really fast. As you listen to an audiobook focus on nothing but visualizing each word said as clearly and fast as you can. Say you are listening to a 5 hour long audio-book – you will just be focused on seeing each word as the narrator goes along the whole time and it is a really mentally intense exercise starting out.

Note: before doing this you must do clear-mind meditation, you can't have other thoughts distracting you, you really need to focus.

Audiobook meditation, speech-to-text, intermediate

Do the same as before except now you are seeing whole strings of words put together in your mind's eye, forming sentences. Probably the older sentences will fade out like a ticker-tape or as if you had a rectangle of focused vision on part of what you're seeing and the other stuff goes out of focus just the way stuff in the edge of your physical vision is out of focus. You should aim to see as long as possible sentences within the visual field of your mind's eye as possible.

Audiobook meditation, speech-to-text, advanced

You should see an entire page, piece of paper or chalkboard or scroll or whatever else surface you prefer, and as the person goes along narrating you should see each word written down onto there. You should clearly see entire pages of text filled out as the narration goes along, everything being written down by your mind's eye.

Audiobook meditation, speech-to-text, master

For this you will need to be listening to some narrative, audiobook, whatever – which you have not heard before. This time you should see all the text written down before it's even said. As the narrator goes along actually narrating it, you should see the specific words the narrator is on highlighted (perhaps in a golden glow or however you want to see it) and you should find that the narrator is indeed saying everything you see in your mind's eye.

Note: You can do all of this on people talking to you or on conversations you are overhearing in public. When attempting the master level meditation you could do the following on a person:

1. Find a silly mundane to talk to.

2. See with your mind's eye, in the form of text, what they are about to say.

3. Watch as they say what you just saw with your mind's eye.

4. Interrupt them at some point to tell them the rest of what they were about to say and spook them. There 2spookied reaction should confirm your success.

Note: If you do the above successfully, you are unlocking an aspect of telepathy and precognition, and may use this ability to receive people's thoughts without them being spoken.

Audiobook meditation, seeing the narrator

While listening to the narration, visualize the figure of the person doing the narration, speaking. Just keep practising until you see clearly a person narrating. You may create tulpas that act out the narration for you and can do it very passionately. You may also use tulpas to read books for you, books which you may have copies of, or even ones that you don't… if you can try to find out who your narrator is to see if you created a new thoughtform doing a narration or actually managed to remote view the narrator.


File: 1453230719857.png (2.51 MB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 17063797.png)

Book Meditation, Remote Viewing

You may remote view books and in this way read books you don't have and even find books you've never heard of.

Lay down in bed or get comfortable, close your eyes (unless you're really good at seeing with your mind's eye even with eyes open), now expect / intend / wait for a book to appear before you.

Start reading it. The book at first will be out of focus but it should come into focus as you try to look at it more and more with your mind's eye. The book may also be mutating on you while you're trying to focus in on it, that is, the text and other properties of the book may be changing randomly. With proper focusing in on the book you will be able to view books without them doing this and you will be able to read it properly without its pages changing at random.

In this way I find random books which sometimes contain new concepts which I look up then to check if it's relevant to our consensus reality and I learn new things!

Note: this is very related to astral projection, remote viewing is a form of AP.

I often do find a lot of texts / books / writings that are just gibberish too doing this especially if I am just doing this with no particular text/book in mind at all and just want to see whatever comes to me at random. If you having nothing specific you're trying to go for, you can easily end up finding stuff that's pretty much "schizo word salad", and it's really funny to read.

The more you narrow down your intent the better texts you will find. You can be as vague as "I intend to find a new magic book" or as specific as intending for a book whose title, author, and edition you know already or you may even form an intent along the lines of "a book read by person x I know" and end up finding a book person x has read before. If you are super vague and form the intention of "just finding any random collection of text" then the results will vary extremely. You could also form an intent like this "I intend to find a book that I really need to read right now which is the most relevant to my spiritual growth" and see what you get.

Note that intentions aren't really spoken out like I am putting them in quotes in the above paragraph, they are unspoken things. Catch yourself for a moment before you are about to think out a sentence/dialogue in your mind and you will be able to focus then on the intent behind what you were you about to bring fourth in your mind, then you will know what I mean by intentions. It's the same principle behind why some healers can say something like "stomach, calm down, be strong" etc. to a person and even if that other person doesn't speak their language it will still heal their stomach. It's because the intention and the thoughtforce behind the words is what matters, the words themselves are just a symbolic thing, which have been associated to the meaning and intentions and other thoughts/ideas that correspond with it. Consider the difference between "push" the sound-complex-word, "push" the intention, and "push" the physical fact carried out by movements through the body. Our minds are well trained to recreate the spoken-word "push" but not very good at creating the telekinetic force to cause an object to push because we haven't caught onto subtle things like this. You could at once think "push" in your mind and create the telekinetic force at the same time but you're really doing two things at once and one part is only symbolic. The thing with spells, wherein a wizard says certain words (perhaps in latin or another language), and a corresponding action takes place is they are just saying and doing certain actions to focus them upon what they want to do but there is no inherent power in the specific words they spoke otherwise anyone could just say the same words and have it work for them. Merely imitating a wizard's physical actions or surface appearances isn't enough to do what they do, one must understand the subtle forces of the mind at play. A lot of mundanes who might have in their childhood tried to imitate a wizard and then got frustrated and let down when their imitation produced no results probably developed their scepticism and butthurt over magic in this way.

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File: 1453231332420.jpg (59.3 KB, 565x381, 565:381, 1435844818782.jpg)

Meditation #27

Meditation Name:Energized meditation/Reichian Bodywork




Step I Sit or lie down. Make Faces ~ Stretch all the muscles in the

face. Open your mouth as wide as you can, move the jaw from side to

side. At the same time open your eyes as wide as you can. Move your

eyes up and down and from side to side. This will begin to destroy

tension, thereby destroying uncontrolled and extraneous thoughts

generated by this area. Make many different faces. Do this for about

2-3 minutes. (A word of caution: While in the end these exercizes are meant to

reduce and eliminate certain thought patterns, some might find an increase of new

thoughts from previously "Hidden" places of the mind. If this is the case don't be

concerned, since this will be a fine way to perform "mental house cleaning.")

Step II Hum and Chatter — Hum from the depths of your voice

box. Use OM or just MMMM. Do this for 1-2 minutes. Now using

your tongue, chatter — DA DA — BA BA BA. Stick out your jaw as

far as you can and continue humming and chattering. Do this for

2-3 minutes.

Step III Shoulders to Ears — Pull your shoulders up as if you were

trying to reach your ears. When they start feeling tired, drop them as

low as you can. Repeat this 3 times in 2-3 minute intervals.

Step IV. Nose Breathing — With your mouth closed take in a deep

breath inflating your chest and pulling your stomach up. Be sure to

pull the belly in. Hold for a 7 count and then just let the chest fall and

the belly relax. Repeat this 10-20 times. Be sure to allow an

additional 7 count to elapse before your next inhalation.

Step V Turn Head — Now bring your attention to your head and

turn it from side to side as far as you can. Repeat for 2-3 minutes.

Step VI Leg Stretch — Lying down on your back, hold your legs

about 4 inches off the ground and stretch outward. Hold this as long

as you can then let them drop. Repeat this 2-3 times.

Step VII Quick Breath — With your mouth slightly open breathe

rapidly, sighing as you exhale. Do this for 2-3 minutes.

Now lie down and sense and feel your body, for about 10

minutes. Note every sensation you feel. Now assume a meditative

position of your choice making sure that:

(1) Your eye lids are not tightly closed, but simply relaxed.

(2) That your jaw is relaxed and not tense. Make sure of this by

trying to stick out your tongue; if you have to lower your jaw, it was

too tightly held. Check your forehead making sure it is not

wrinkled. Once you are relaxed, either concentrate on your mantra

or point of focus. For those students who do not have a mantra or

point, we suggest Dr. Regardie's Mantram tape or simply OOOOO-

OOOMMMMMMM. For students who wish or require specific

images or points of focus, please feel free to contact us.

(3) Finally make sure your throat is not blocked by holding your

head in the wrong position. Make sure it is straight. In order to

reduce thoughts, keep the eyes relaxed and still, with your tongue

touching the roof of your mouth. Do not move the larynx and again

be sure that your jaw is relaxed. Meditate before eating, or wait for

2-3 hours after eating a heavy meal. It is also best if the bladder and

bowels have been emptied before you start your work.

Comments: Benefits of Undoing include: Deeper relaxation, altered states. experiencing aspects of your self that were repressed, releasing pain and nervous tension, becoming more enlightened, clearer thinking, less robotic in one's reactions and perceptions, kundalini releases, better orgasams, and possibly death (just kidding about the death part),and you can use sigils in the last part to charge them.

Featured In: Udoing yourself with energized meditation and other devices by Christopher Hyatt.

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File: 1453231577205.jpg (187.66 KB, 789x1012, 789:1012, 1387055153672.jpg)

Meditation #28

I have been using this one for years and have upgraded it with my own visualizations and such to have deeper focus within the meditation, which you can do yourself once you get used to it.

1. Sit in comfortable position where you have your back straight and your legs in a comfortable position ( I usually do the Burmese Stance when meditating because my legs fall asleep easily.)

2. Begin by closing your eyes and breathing normally for about 1 to 2 minutes.

3. After your body begins to calm down from doing whatever it was doing before this, start breathing in through your nose (Hold 3 secs) them breath out through your mouth (Hold for 3 secs) this is a very important step to attaining the Trance state. (The more you do this, the more your body will adapt to this state and you will feel your body naturally enter this trance)

4. After you are done doing trance breathing, you will notice how heavy your body is and how your are in a void of darkness. This is good, the next step is to count 0 to 100 in a very slow and steady pace. Remember, it is not a race. With this you can reach the state of gnosiss very easily. This whole step is very basic, a more advanced technique would be to visualize each number with your mind will counting up instead of just saying them in your head. This also helps with later steps with visualization.

5. if you did all the steps correctly you should now be in a very blissful state where you do not feel your body and you are only conscious in your mind. At this point you can either stay in the void and enjoy it OR you can visualize yourself in different scenarios.

6. Visualizing is very fun, I usually almost always end up in a huge forest with great landscape that I explore. This skill takes practice to get to, but once you do get to the point of visualizing there is no limit to what you cant do.

That's all I have pretty much, you can also customize these steps however it fits your needs. If it doesn't work the first time don't worry, it took me a week to actually get me to step 5 ahaha.

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File: 1453232053101.jpg (2.88 KB, 250x282, 125:141, 1449383214955.jpg)

Meditation #29

This is the most powerful meditation you will ever do.

This is how Bodhidarhama Tat Mo, Naropa, Milarepa, all the tantric Bodhisattva's and even, the Buddha himself, achieved enlightenment.

It can be used to do anything, I won't detail the practical uses, half of the fun is figuring them out, however, I'll lay down the basic practices for the serious one's out there.

Only Developed Energy Bodies Should Try This

No kiddies allowed.

>inb4 How do I know I am developed enough ?

The day when you'll be able to breathe through both nosestrils at the same time and regulate your breath to do so on command under 1-10 minutes is the day when you can hope to be prepared enough for this.

In accordance to this, you need to have had a kundaini rising and are conversant in the science of breath.

This is Highest Yoga Tantra, not some soccer mom stretching, new ager feel good or some dellusional wizard imagination.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens to you as a result of practicing this High Tantric Practice, don't be stupid, don't be energetically imbalanced and especially, don't be fucking stupid. If you do not meet the criteria's, this practice can result in:

Emotional and mental instability



Medical conditions that even Dr Pheels can't treat


Spontaneous Combustion

And much more, ranging from sweating like a jew in the oven to death.

>Ignore this at your own risk, don't cry if you fuck yourself up, I won't help you.

1. Synchronize the ida and pingala channels, monitor your nose strills.

2. Work on all your chakras thoroughly, don't race, take your time, breathe into them a certain number of times

3. Feel yourself as hollow, like a balloon. Your skin is glowing and on the inside there is only empty space. Take the time it takes to strongly establish this state.

4. Feel the energy from your perineum going through the spine and further up to the crown. When you feel the energy at your perinium, contract the PC muscles, as if you wanted to stop to pee mid flow.

5. At this point you should feel the central channel quite clearly and have some kundalini flowing inside the shushuma. Aquaint yourself with these feelings

6. Now feel two side channels going in through the nostrils up to the third eye and going down to the back of the head on both sides of the central channel, touching the root chakra, going up and merging together at the lower dan tiens

7. At the dan tiens, feel a small and hot ball of fire in the central channel, so hot that your breath, coming from the two side chanels, ignites this fiery ball and makes it extremely hot. Now hold the breath there in that dan tiens for as much as you can. (seconds at first, minutes later).

7b. As you are holding the breath inside the central channel at the small ball of heat just below the navel, draw energy up from below and above, lock and trap it in the ball of heat. Feel the ball of heat combusting into a fire so hot it would melt anything that would come in contact of it.

8. While still holding your breath, feel the ball of fire being so hot, it is igniting itself and sending flames up to the navel chakra and licking it ferociously with it's extremely hot flames. Feel your navel chakra being ignited too and the fiery ball growing so much that there are no distinction between the dan tiens and navel chakra.

9. Now release all the extremely hot energy you have created – straight up through the central and bursting out the top of your head where your crown lights up on an explosive mystical fire that keeps on growing and getting hotter and hotter and hotter. It seems to never die…

Do this all in ONE CONTROLLED BREATH (slow inhalation, gnetle hold and SLOW exhalation) and repeat it over and over and over again until you can't handle it anymore.

This is the Core Practice of ALL Tantras, it has nothing to do with sex, it is all about mastering the different energies of the body.

And thus, the first step of Highest Yoga Tantra is the mastery of the most powerful energy that has been awaken by means of Hatha Yoga or other stimulating practices, the kundalini.

>"As the chief of the Snakes is the support of the earth with all the mountains and forests on it, so All Tantras rest on Kundalini." ~Hatha Yoga Pradipika

[Admin note: courtesy of AuntWatermelon]

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Meditation #30

Encapsulation Thoughtforming Book Mediumship

you imagine a capsule, which is usually a basic geometric figure such as a plumbob, or can also be a box or a chest or anything which conceals its contents, and is usually coloured black but doesn't have to be

you spin it around in your mind's eye intensely while willing that it absorbs the emotional energy / desire-force around it (you may power it directly from you or from ambient energy in a room or various ways)

when you're doing this to begin with, you merely intend/expect that book will be in the capsule, and you don't have any specific intentions about the content of the book

if you keep spinning the capsule like this (and it must spin btw as fast as possible, faster and faster), it eventually disintegrates from all the force you are putting into it, which will reveal that which is inside the capsule (in this case a book)

it is typical for your body to generate a lot of heat when you are doing this and it might tire you out unless you've got very large reserves of vital energy (it varies depending on the person), if you overdo this you may feel emotionally drained / anhedonic for awhile

if you don't get to point of the capsule disintegrating from spinning super fast, just try and pry it open either by an effort of the willed imagination, or by reaching out your hands to it (although touching it might give you a shock or other effects)

anyways, you'll find a book inside, and you should note as many details as you can about it; you never thought about any of it, but you will notice it has a certain thickness, the cover is a certain material and colour, it has so many pages, all these details you never thought about yet they are all there

open it and read it, everyone finds different stuff inside, it might be messages to you or someone else, it might be poems, it might be a novel, it could be on any topic, could be math equations, could be a bunch of notes, could be music sheets, might be in a different language or contain passages in a different language, could be concept art for a game, could be mostly drawings in there, you never know what you will discover

repeat this whole procedure again but this time have intention to get a book (or books) on a specific topic, this will narrow down the kind of stuff you get, instead of it being purely random

in this way you can learn lots of things and also because you can read these books with the mind's eye, you don't have to tire and strain your physical eyes like you would looking at a computer screen or a physical book for hours on end

there is also an adaption of the above to get astral copies of very specific books that exist as physical books here in this plane

lets say you've never read the Corpus Hermeticum, well you could use this technique to get a copy, open up to a random page (say page 7), and then read that and then check it against the actual book

if it says the same shit, you've done it right, now you have access to infinite knowledge basically because you can channel any book ever from anywhere across space and time

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Thanks a lot for this. Tried it, immediate and strong results and was the clearest explanation of kundalini anyone could have given me at this point. Though it seems Step 7 is drawing in elemental fire, when I could be using a more balanced energy.


File: 1453392076496.jpg (207.65 KB, 771x867, 257:289, runningenergy 80 cosmic to….jpg)

Meditation #31

Meditation Name: Running Energy

Type: Energy-Work


1) Sit in a straight backed chair with your hands resting on your thighs, palms facing up

2) Create a grounding chord linking you to the center of the earth

3) Now bring the earth energy up through the balls of your feet, up your legs, and when it arrives at the 1st chakra allow it to fall down your grounding chord like water. So now you have an upside down "U" of energy going up through your legs and down your grounding chord.

4) From your crown reach up into the 'universe' with your awareness and find a frequency of 'cosmic' energy you like and invite it down through your crown, into your spine, and on downwards, finally exiting your grounding chord. This should run down the 'back channel' of your microcosmic orbit.

5) When this cosmic flow is strong, begin to mix it with the earth energy in an 80/20 ratio [80% Heaven & 20% Earth] and bring this up the front channel of your microcosmic orbit. Each time it reaches a chakra as it travels upwards, hold your attention on that chakra until it begins to spin and balance.

Comments: This draws in and collects the cosmic Yang and the earthly Yin, raising the level of loosh in your body which allows for more negentropic results. Furthermore in this you're running your microcosmic orbit in the Yin path (which according to Dawn) is default mode when you sleep or 'recharge'.

Featured In: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?34696-Breatharianism-and-living-on-Prana-a-how-to-guide

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File: 1453392463355.png (191.24 KB, 398x414, 199:207, pranic flows from heaven a….png)

Meditation #32

Meditation Name: Drawing (in) Yin-Yang

Type: Energy-Work


Stand astride comfortably, with bare feet directly on the ground. Let your arms hang freely on your sides. Move your hands a few cm in front of your thighs. Feel how energy is freely flowing through the entire body, from the ground to the cosmos and inversely, depending on what you imagine. Next, close your eyes partially and inhale deeper than normal but do not exaggerate the breath. Stop the inhale when your lungs are filled with air. Do not block the larynx or nose. Simply, when the lungs are filled, hold your breath.

Now imagine that an invisible and imperceptible inhale is continuing. This is actually the prana inhalation. Prana is not air, it has no mass and does not occupy space. Prana follows mind's will, that is why it is enough to think that prana flows into your body in order to make this happen. Keep holding your breath while imagining that prana is flowing into your body. After a while, you will notice that you want to yawn. You may yawn but do not inhale. Continue drawing in prana through your imagination of directing it into the body.

When you feel saturated, you can freely release the air out of your lungs. You may have felt tingling of your body or tears in your eyes. Repeat this exercise effortlessly after your next inhalation. Repeat all of this effortlessly but do not force the body to withstand without breathing. This exercise is pleasant and arousing feelings of energy that deeply vitalize the body.

Be aware that prana can be drawn from the sky or the ground. Your imagin-ation decides that because you are directing the drawing of prana. When you chose to draw prana from the sky, you will feel it flowing through the middle of your head top. When you chose to draw prana from the ground, you will feel it flowing through your feet and legs.

You can also draw prana simultaneously from the sky and Earth. This is the most efficient way to saturate your body with energy. In this instance, you are directing the prana flow from above, through the middle of your head top and from below, through your feet at the same time. You have to clearly feel it. Both streams of prana, the upper and the lower, meet in the area of your heart or in another place of your choosing.

Comments: This one is similar to the former one, but more basic in nature. Again it's good for powering up the aura/soul for many things, not the least of which is simply living and vitalized.

Featured In: InediaNonEatingFasting.pdf aka Life Style Without Food by Joachim M. Werdin

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File: 1453393412040.jpg (1.89 MB, 3456x2304, 3:2, apple.jpg)

Meditation #33

Meditation Name: Conscious Eating

Type: (Body) Awareness, Self-Knowledge


CE gives your body exactly what it needs (real body needs) in right quantity and at the right time. Here is how to do it step by step. Let us assume that you feel hungry. Pro-ceed as the following points suggests.

1. Stop for a while, relax the mind and body and ask yourself: “what is it?”. Now, FEEL the answer, do not THINK about the reason, because you need to feel it. The more feeling there is and the less intellectual process happens, the more Consciousness is manifesting itself. The thinking process (intellect, the conscious mind activity) is a smaller, more limited sphere of Consciousness. Man needs to transcend it in order to better understand the mind and the body. So feel the answer. It is possible that at this point the hunger will vanish and … well, in such a case this is the end of CE.

Another possibility is that a picture or emotion will emerge, because blocked emotions, thoughts, thinking mechanisms, when they are being pushed out, first are felt as hunger. If this is the case and you start to eat, they are being covered with food and put back inside your psyche.

2. Do you still feel hungry? Go to the next step. Ask yourself, what it is that you want to eat. Scan through different foods and feel what food is most appealing to you. Having found it, imagine for several seconds, that you eat it. Imagine feeling it in your mouth and stomach. Ask your-self again: “what is it?”, and feel the answer. If the hunger vanishes, you can stop here. Also at this moment some pictures or significant thoughts may emerge to help you understand yourself more. Immerse yourself in them, let them fully pass through you, feel them all over the mind and body, so that you understand better what they are all about. After they are gone, they will never make you hungry again.

3. If the body really needs some substance called food, the hunger you feel will not vanish at this stage, so continue the procedure of CE. Take the food that you feel the body needs to eat. But do it consciously, feel your every move, how you are taking it, cutting it, cooking it, preparing it etc. Use your feelings to carefully observe yourself (deeply feel your-self). Continue to concentrate on the same question: “what is it?”, and wait for an answer with your feelings (it is the feeling to answer, not the mind). At this stage the hunger may vanish and pictures or unusual thoughts may appear. If nothing happens, proceed to the next step.

4. You are now sitting in front of the food that you feel hungry for. Slowly take a piece, all the time observing yourself by feeling your every slight-est movement and body reactions. Bring a piece of the food to your nose and smell it. Delight yourself in the smell and keep your feelings open for the answer to the question: “what is it?”. You need to feel it, not to find the answer by thinking. Again, the same may happen: either the hunger disappears or emotion, picture, thought appear(s). If not, continue.

5. Now bite the food. Keep it in the mouth and immerse yourself into feel-ing it. Feel the whole intellect, psyche and body reactions. FEEL, FEEL and FEEL, observe and do not think.

6. Next, very important, chew it for a long time, never less than three minutes; the longer the better, even a few hours in extreme cases. Usu-ally three to six minutes is enough. Swallow ONLY when it has changed to liquid and changed the taste. Remember, the food you are chewing will change taste once or more. Never swallow it before the taste has changed, else it will not be conscious eating procedure. FEEL, FEEL and FEEL, observe and do not think. When chewing you may start to feel disgusting taste and will not want to swallow it, then spit it out.

7. Proceed this way with every bite until you feel that you are full. By doing so you are making sure that you satisfy the so-called “real body need” (for specific substances, regardless of what the body uses it for). With CE you are all the time making yourself conscious of the process that you are going through. The process starts by feeling hunger or thirst. As you proceed with CE, you discover what it actually is. If it is not the real body need, you will not force the body to eat what it does not need. The best care for the body is to give it what it needs, when it needs and in the right amount.

With CE you are becoming a non-eater consciously, without fighting or misunderstanding, without making many mistakes. You are discovering the real relation between your body, Earth and your psyche.

Comments: I've noticed when I do this I feel much more energy being gathered from the food as I slowly intake and savor it, also water as well. Often when I am feeling 'low on energy' I'll just intake some prana from drinking water very slowly like this, extracting most(all?) of the energy from it before it even gets down my gullet. I can feel surges of energy up and down my shushumna from the various things while I chew. It really gives now meaning to savoring your food.

Featured In: InediaNonEatingFasting.pdf aka Life Style Without Food by Joachim M. Werdin

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File: 1454276503357.png (55.34 KB, 250x440, 25:44, Antakarana Strengthen.png)

Meditation #34

Meditation Name: Antakarana Strengthening aka Building the Rainbow Bridge

Type: Energy-Work


1. Invoke the Soul by speaking the Soul Mantrum three times.

I am the Soul

I am the Light Divine

I am Love

I am Will

I am Eternal Design

2. Optional. If working with a Rainbow Bridge group, link Soul Star to Soul Star with your group members whether they are physically present or not. The group link adds power to your personal process. Per your preference, you may also link to the Spiritual Hierarchy, and any fully enlightened spiritual masters, saints, angels, etc. with which you are affiliated such as Christ or Lord Maitreya, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Gabriel, Mahavatar Babaji, etc.

3. Focus your attention in the Soul Star/(Alpha) Chakra six inches above the head. Feel the radiance of the Soul Star and imagine that it is shining as bright as the Sun. In time you will actually feel the radiance of the Soul Star.

4. Mentally move the Soul Star diagonally forward to a position just in front of the eyes. Then move it straight into the center of the head, and slowly move the Soul Star straight upward to its normal position six inches above the head. Repeat the triangulation three or four more times. The Soul Star should be moved slowly and deliberately up the shushumna/central channel because it is literally burning away hindering thought forms and emotional blockages to open a channel for the flow of higher energies.

5. End each session by invoking the Spiritual Whirlwind to clear any loose debris from the aura. Do the vortex for about 5 minutes.

Comments: I also to an itteration through my crown chakra. I do not know why it seems to be a common occurance to drop this from some meditations dealing with the chakras, but it personally does not feel complete without it to me and I see no harm. There is an annimation in >>963 if the instructions or the picture is unclear.

Featured In: Alice A. Bailey's channelings of Djwhal Khul collected in Rainbow Bridge Techniques

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File: 1454276558718.png (39.42 KB, 248x625, 248:625, Antakarana Clear.png)

Meditation #35

Meditation Name: Antakarana Cleansing aka Spiritual Vortex/Whirlwind

Type: Energy-Work, Grounding, Cleansing


1. Invoke the Soul by speaking the Soul Mantrum three times.

I am the Soul

I am the Light Divine

I am Love

I am Will

I am Eternal Design

2. Say:

In the wisdom of the soul, I invoke the spiritual vortex.

3. Visualize a spinning whirlwind of energy similar in shape to the funnel of a tornado. See the whirlwind rotating clockwise (from left to right) as it moves downward through the aura. The tip or lowest point of the spiritual whirlwind follows the Shushumna/Central Channel. The color of the vortex is usually white. As the vortex sweeps through the aura it picks up loose debris floating in your aura from the clearing work and contacts from the environment and carries them deep into the earth, where they can be utilized by lower evolving life forms. When it drops its energy into the earth, it simply ceases to exist and disappears.

Comments: A new whirlwind must be invoked if you wish to do it again. This process is continued for about five minutes or until you feel that your aura is clear. The size and speed of the vortex is controlled by the Soul. As the whirlwind sweeps debris out of your aura, it also fills it with the light of higher more rarified energies from the highest planes. I made sure this is large enough/wide enough to engulf my entire being, including my aura.

Featured In: Alice A. Bailey's channelings of Djwhal Khul collected in Rainbow Bridge Techniques

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File: 1454276610967.png (41.25 KB, 220x560, 11:28, Antakarana Widen.png)

Meditation #36

Meditation Name: Antakarana Widening aka Rainbow Bridge Widening

Type: Energy-Work, Attunment/at-one-ment with higherself


1. Invoke the Soul by speaking the Soul Mantrum three times.

I am the Soul

I am the Light Divine

I am Love

I am Will

I am Eternal Design

2. Speak the Mantram of Unification

The sons of men are one and I am one with them.

I seek to love, not hate.

I seek to serve and not exact to service.

I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.

Let the soul control the outer form and life and all events, and bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight be.

Let the future stand revealed.

Let inner union demonstrate and outer separations be gone.

Let love prevail.

Let all men love.

3. Make one large triangle from the Soul Star/(Alpha) Chakra to the Earth Star/(Omega) Chakra.

4. As you move the Soul Star up the shushumna/central channel, visualize it moving in a clockwise (from left to right) corkscrew motion boring a path through the channel up to the position of the resting position of the Soul Star, six inches above the head. Imagine the channel is being widened as the Soul Star moves up the channel.

5. It is recommended you end with an invokation of the spiritual whirlwind for 3-5 minutes.

6. End the process with a prayer for universal good will or peace appropriate to your spiritual background and culture. The suggested closing for ending the process is the Great Invocation.

From the point of light within the mind of God, let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let light descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the heart of God, let love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the will of God is known, let that purpose guide the little wills of men; the purpose which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men, let the plan of love and light work out, and may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let light and love and power restore the plan on Earth.

Comments: As I do this I take it quite slowly, it can take me several minuets to do one rep. I also don't stop at the default position of the soul star but build it all the way up to my higherself/monad. As I keep going up the antakarana, through the densities and dimensions, and I get to a massive pool of white light that I connect it into.

Featured In: Alice A. Bailey's channelings of Djwhal Khul collected in Rainbow Bridge Techniques

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Nice! I'ce been doing a basic version of the vortex probably bc I think it was in a guided meditation I did


Meditation #37

Visualisation Exercise - Fire Kasina

(from the 8ch question thread 20)

"stare into a candle flame, right in the brightest part just above the transparent semi-conical part. Staring into it leaves an imprint on your retinas that you can see when you close your eyes. Eventually you'll see a slight shadow outlining the flame, and this is your cue to blow out the flame and close your eyes.

pay attention to the after-image it as it flickers and changes colors and shapes. Sometimes it will vanish completely and come back slowly. Don't try to force anything to happen, just watch passively. Eventually it'll go out completely and won't come back, and that's when you light up the candle again and repeat the process.

Eventually (after a couple of days or weeks of practice depending on how often you do it) you'll figure out how you can "adjust" your attention to bring the blob of color to the forefront, or lose it completely. Its almost like tuning a radio. Practice this tuning ability enough to become really strong and you won't need a candle flame as a "seed" anymore, you can do it purely by imagination.

For reference, the steps my mind goes through when doing this "tuning" runs something like this:

- attention wavers and I start to lose the previous blob of color

- be confused and uncertain about whether I am actually seeing anything or just fooling myself

- realize that either way, there's a distinct "something" in the blackness, however faint, that my attention can be directed toward

- as I direct my attention toward this this thing, it becomes more clearly distinct as a thing separate from the nothingness around it

- what were previously only hints of colors become actual colors

- repeat

A couple of things I have noticed after doing this practice for a while is that It becomes easy to fill your whole field of vision as your lying in bed. Like you can jump into the intense visuals of a dream before you're even asleep, its not a real dream though and I have yet to figure out how to make the transition from this state into an actual dreaming state, but I suspect I can do it by deliberately doing rapid-eye movements. The other thing I found out is I can make fractally/flowerish patterns appear on surfaces while my eyes are open, like the effect you get when high on acid."

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>4. As you move the Soul Star up the shushumna/central channel, visualize it moving in a clockwise (from left to right) corkscrew motion boring a path through the channel up to the position of the resting position of the Soul Star, six inches above the head. Imagine the channel is being widened as the Soul Star moves up the channel.

move the soul star up? I dont get it. Do you move the energy of the chakra down the side of the triangle and then up back to its position?

> I also don't stop at the default position of the soul star but build it all the way up to my higherself/monad.

and I don't get this either. Where/what does it build on? is the soul star the earth star equivalent of the higher self's chakras and you keep rising the star up to i dunno?


File: 1455568586713.swf (33.61 KB, Antakarana Strengthen.swf)


>move the soul star up?

Imagine the soul star as a dense mass of energy, that purifies, transmutes, and clears where ever it goes. You, with

>Do you move the energy of the chakra down the side of the triangle and then up back to its position?

Here is an annimation.

>Where/what does it build on?

There is an energy pathway, connecting the lower you to the higher you. It is called the antakarana or the rainbowbridge. I believe it is also cognizant to the norse bifrost as well, but don't quote me on that.

>is the soul star the earth star equivalent of the higher self's chakras

It is part/connect to that, more so than your other chakras, yes, but it's also in part you.

>and you keep rising the star up to i dunno?

I keep raising it up and going, eventually I get to a mass of dense white light-energy. I connect-build-clear it into there.



>Here is an annimation.

oh, I thought it was supposed to only be 1 triangle from soul star to earth star and then work up, but working through all the chakras in a triangle is interesting.

>I keep raising it up and going, eventually I get to a mass of dense white light-energy. I connect-build-clear it into there.



Thank you for these meditations. May love and light fill your life.



>I thought it was supposed to only be 1 triangle from soul star to earth star and then work up

There is 2 versions, the one with many triangles is more for clearing stagnant energy out and basic construction in the early stages. The single triangle version is more for widening it once you already have a base to work with and don't have masses of energy to punch through.



Thank you very much for this. I will be using it to great effect.





Interesting, and can you give us the benefits you got from it and how long would it take the benefit that you descirbe.

>The scholar K. Paul Johnson maintains that the "Masters" that Madame Blavatsky wrote about and produced letters from were actually idealizations of people who were her mentors. Johnson asserts that the Djwal Khul was actually Dayal Singh Majithia, a member of the Singh Saba, an Indian independence movement organization and Sikh reform movement.

I would pobably try these methods but I wanted to know people's experince of it and not the "new-agey wish-washy" testimonies.



It has been extremely effective in clearing out debris from the aura, both of myself personally and also those who I heal. Since I do it regularly it does not collect in my field, but in others they have reported immense levels of release and healing and not uncommonly even to tears.

When I connect the antakarana to my higherself I can feel the energy flowing forth and down into my body, charging/vitalizing me and turning the wheels. On occasion I do this for others as well and I can sense the same and I have also seen and gotten their reports of its healing effectiveness as well.

The words are not strictly necessary, but they do help.

Time scale wise, when I heal folks with this (after I was practising it for less than 2 months) they reported the change mentioned above, often and usually, in less than a single 30 minute session.

Myself, I have ironically less useful data on since I had very little to clear out in the first place, I mostly just widen the bridge; in that respect I managed to get it to a uniform width of a little more than 2 inches (and staying there in between sessions) after (almost) daily work with it for about 3 months.



omg i only got as far as the throat chakra 2x but I'm so high I have a hard time being grounded! I'm at work so I probably shouldn't continue just now.

this is amazing. My aura was so dang cloudy! I am developing the skill to sense that but I can tell by the effect on my disposition.






I felt emotions bubble up when it entered my heart. I had a heartbreak recently.

I feel pretty good, having completed the session. Had a significant buildup in my head, throat, heart. Heart (and maybe other areas) still needs work but I was told to seek external healing.




>I made sure this is large enough/wide enough to engulf my entire being, including my aura.

in that pic, the vortex looks like it gets small inside the sushumna, so you make it large/engluf your whole body instead of that?



It's a cone/vortex shape that moves down. I make it, at the narrow end a point and at the base it's about 2 meters in diameter.

Also, recently I've started adding small ball-point of light at the start to "break the wake" and to help loosen the stagnation. Then I have the rest of the vortex to help sweep it away and get carried into and then down.

Originally I was doing it as prescribed above but I found this works better also if you ask for a blessing from God it really helps power it as well.



BTW, can you link to where I can find all the practical teachings of Alice A. Bailey?



It's hardly all of it but is here are some.


The books seem to be somewhat difficult to get a hold of, but here are most of her works (minus 3 of 'em).




Can someone seed? Everyone seems to be stuck at 96.6%



I know; that's why it's missing 3 books.

I don't have the last bit of the data, I'm hoping that may happen one day as well, but in the mean time, it's still the most complete torrent I could find.


Did anyone save the rhythm meditation?

Image or text, anything works, its good and important and I don't want to type it again.




not there, thanks for trying.



Where did you find this?




Auntwatermelon shared it on 8/fringe


File: 1470241082469.gif (2.54 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 9f1.gif)

Meditation Name: Transmutation of the Reproductive Energy

Type: Transmutation, Energy Work, Breath Work.

Technique: Keep the mind fixed on the idea of Energy, and away from ordinary sexual thoughts or imaginings. If these thoughts come into the mind do not be discouraged, but regard them as manifestations of a force which you intend using for the purposes of strengthening the body and mind. Lie passively or sit erect, and fix your mind on the idea of drawing the reproductive energy upward to the Solar Plexus, where it will be transmuted and stored away as a reserve force of vital energy. Then breathe rhythmically, forming the mental image of drawing up the reproductive energy with each inhalation. With each inhalation make a command of the Will that the energy be drawn upward from the reproductive organization to the Solar Plexus. If the rhythm is fairly established and the mental image is clear, you will be conscious of the upward passage of the energy, and will feel its stimulating effect. If you desire an increase in mental force, you may draw it up to the brain instead of to the Solar Plexus, by giving the mental command and holding the mental image of the transmission to the brain.

Comments: This transmutation of the reproductive energy gives great vitality to those practicing it. They wil be filled with great vital force, which will radiate from them and will manifest in what has been called “personal magnetism.” The energy thus transmuted may be turned into new channels and used to great advantage.

Featured In: The """Hindu‐Yogi""" Science of Breath By William Walker Atkinson




>can't write it in proper format



File: 1470243061968.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.21 KB, 576x432, 4:3, Fuck_you_leatherman.jpg)


It's too long to post it here imho

♂No, fuck you leather man♂


File: 1470469418002.jpg (175.88 KB, 550x358, 275:179, kyubey-copy.jpg)

Meditation Name: Entity Creation

Type: Concentration, Tension, Bodywork, Breathwork, Entity Creation.

Technique: You can create an astral body of such an Entity in the following manner. You can do it while seated, but it is more effective to do it in a lying position. Concentrate on your starting idea –or decision, which constitutes the backbone of your Entity. While you are concentrated in this way, contract all the muscles in your body powerfully, without moving any part of your body. Then imagine the Entity in the shape of a small thick cloud or of a ball of condensed fog above you. Gradually loosen the muscle tension and simultaneously visualize that neuromuscular energy flowing out of your body and into the Entity. Do this for about ten seconds, until you become completely relaxed.

You should repeat this process from time to time, for the Entity’s energy depends on the energy you invest in it.

In order to provide it with an ethereal body and by doing so make it more efficient, keep a glass of condensed milk or honey by your side while you are performing the previously described operation of pouring energy into it. The life energy of these fluids will serve as the basis for creating the Entity’s “ethereal body”.

Comments: In Tarot, Mouni Sadhu elaborately described a procedure to deliberately create an Entity that can serve as a means of demonstrating desirable traits towards which the Entity can direct man.

The more components an Entity has, the stronger it is and the more powerful its effect. Those components can be: thinking component, which is an idea or decision that constitutes its basis, astral (which comes down to invested emotional energy) and ‘mate- rial’. Since it is difficult to create an Entity’s visible material body, practitioners tend to be satisfied with the ethereal body they create for it.

An Entity can be created with the purpose of influencing others (for instance, if we create it for a depressive person, the starting point or decision may be “X is calm, in a good mood, and full of optimism”) or with the purpose of affecting oneself, that is, the operator herself (to give an example, “I am persistent. Whatever I start, I complete owing to my persistency”).

Featured In: Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski - The Invisible Influences (page 69-70)


File: 1470470983819.jpg (122.62 KB, 800x719, 800:719, Major-healing-potion.jpg)

Meditation Name: Self‐Healing

Type: Concentration, Breathwork, visualization, healing

Technique: Lying in a relaxed condition, breathe rhythmically, and command that a good supply of prana be inhaled. With the exhalation, send the prana to the affected part for the purpose of stimulating it. Vary this occasionally by exhaling, with the mental command that the diseased condition be forced out and disappear. Use the hands in this exercise, passing them down the body from the head to the affected part. In using the hands in healing yourself or others always hold the mental image that the prana is flowing down the arm and through the finger tips into the body, thus reaching the affected part and healing it.

Some Yogis follow the plan of placing both hands on the affected part, and then breathing rhythmically, holding the mental image that they are fairly pumping prana into the diseased organ and part, stimulating it and driving out diseased conditions, as pumping into a pail of dirty water will drive out the latter and fill the bucket with fresh water. is last plan is very effective if the mental image of the pump is clearly held, the inhalation representing the lifting of the pump handle and the exhalation the actual pumping.

Comments: I like to imagine drawing Green/Emerald/Golden light in using this technique. Help accelerate the healing process and getting rid of minor annoyance like headache, flu, zit, etc. If you're going to use this technique to heal other people make sure to cleanse and purify yourself before and after doing.

In cases of long standing you may find it helpful to give the mental command in words, such as “get out, get out,” or “be strong, be strong,” as the case may be, the words helping you to exercise the will more forcibly and to the point. Vary these instructions to suit the needs of the case, and use your own judgement and inventive faculty.

Featured In: The """Hindu‐Yogi""" Science of Breath By William Walker Atkinson


It makes me proud to see more meditations are being posted here. Thank you.


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Meditation Name: Cessation-Contemplation

Type: Concentration, Awareness, Thought-Control.

Technique: Sit in a relaxed and upright posture, with straight spine, open chest, hands resting naturally on the thighs. To take such a posture already expresses the genuine dignity of being human. To remain in that posture during the ups and downs of our thought and emotional processes expresses the fundamental confidence of trusting in unconditional goodness. The eyes are open [or closed] with soft gaze, slightly down, and we take the same attitude to the other senses—open but not fixed or harshly string to experience something. As we sit there, we allow our minds to identify with the outgoing breath, to go out with it, and then to return to be attentive to the posture as the breath comes in. As thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations begin to pop up, we note them and let them be as they are, not trying to push them away, or holding onto them and indulging them. We begin to become mindful of the precise details of our thought and perceptual processes and also aware of the relationship between them. A thought or feeling arises, and then it goes away. Where it arises from and whence it goes, who can say? But occasionally we might catch a glimpse of non-thought, of open mind. A glimpse can be tremendously refreshing. It is such a relief to realize that we can afford to let go of our conceptualizing process altogether.

Comments: In practicing this inner watching, you'll get progressively better at becoming mentally free because you'll stop clinging to or rejecting your thoughts, emotions and sensations. Thus your mental awareness will increasingly "open" and your ability to function in the world will increase as well, so you'll actually be expanding your awareness while saving a lot of energy that you'd normally waste in useless clinging. Furthermore, your internal state of peace and calm will progressively develop with every increase in clarity. Thus if you keep observing the origin and destruction of thoughts while paying particular attention to where they come from and go to, you'll eventually obstruct the stream of consciousness.

Try to meditate twice a day, 20- 40 minutes each time.

Featured In: (The Craft of the Warrior, Robert Spencer, (Frog, Berkeley: California, 1993), pp.146-147)


When people talk about visualization is it actually possible to really see something?



do you 'really see' your dreams?


File: 1471555690101.jpg (24.11 KB, 500x556, 125:139, 11951284_610310835775228_3….jpg)


Depends on how deep you go into trance. When you get so deep that you start to loose feeling of your body then visualizations usually "come alive", unless you are consciously voiding them of course.

You can also employ LD/AP and then there is no difference between visualization and "seeing".

In other cases, it's just seeing with "the mind's eye" and it also depends on how well your imagination is developed.

Also, describe

>to really see

You mean as in seeing with physical eyes? Because even when I'm not in deep meditation then my visualizations have a depth and details and I… well I "really see" them but not with my eyes. Still, they are not perfect of course, but I'm confident that you can train yourself to such an extent that you can "live" your visualizations. It's kinda abstract but I think you catch my flow, ay?




What I'm talking about is close to clairvoyance, as in you can lucidly image something into waking reality and mentally construct it into your personal reality.

As in you imagine an orange, the tactile sensation of the orange, the smell of the orange, and it is real to you.

Though I suppose this is pretty much adept or master territory.



Ah, yeah, I get it now. I've only heard it in regards to tulpa creation, where you basically overlay your tulpa onto your reality and thus see it (you can feel it with other senses too). Tulpa.info might have some materials.



Is this not the same as the first meditation in Step I of IIH, but with a lot more no-use info?



IIH was published in 2001 lad

That was published in 1993

Wonder which one was first?



Wait, what?

What about publishing?

You know IIH was written around the 40/50s?



I thought you were implying that it was stolen from IIH which wasn't mass circulated in 1993.




sameanon here


Yea that's the way more typical way, and probably will increase focus skill in an inherent fashion



but if you want to do what was said in this post


>make clear that there are thought-loops and thought-forms using your attention/processing power without your consent. It makes it possible to remove them much more effectively and thereby increase your focus.

then focusing on thoughts is the other way

you might be thinking, how can two things opposite to each other both be considered meditation?

meditation at it's core is literally focusing. ignoring everything else and focusing on one thing only

another way to meditate is actually combining both of these things and IMO it's the more efficient way of doing things

>The easiest way would to focus on your breath and use this focus to not pay attention to any thought that may come up.

When you try this, most people end up with a very hard time and give up after reaching such trouble (especially if you get high depending on the strain)

So when you end up on some thought train and realize all of a sudden that you haven't actually been focusing on your breath, what you should do is take the thoughts that bother you and 'let them go'

If more instruction is still required, then when trying to 'let them go' consider the thought and why it came up in the first place. make a plan of action or realize (or think up a reason) as to why the topic/issue doesn't actually matter at all (or at the very least it doesn't matter 'right now')

To learn more about this phenomenon of thought trains and such, there's a lot of buddhist study and discourse on this, they call it the mindstream it is quite interesting. It's also called 'stream of consciousness' in contemporary/western psychology

Normally I wouldn't be saying all this as a beginner might have unknown ability to focus and they could be good at it when trying it for the first time… but you already said you were bad at focusing so I thought I would go through all this beforehand



>especially if you get high depending on the strain


>So when you end up on some thought train and realize all of a sudden that you haven't actually been focusing on your breath, what you should do is take the thoughts that bother you and 'let them go'

Which is exactly what you are doing when after losing your focus you get back to it. You let go of the previous train of thoughts and focus again on the breath. Without feeding it awareness, it dies on it's own.

>If more instruction is still required, then when trying to 'let them go' consider the thought and why it came up in the first place. make a plan of action or realize (or think up a reason) as to why the topic/issue doesn't actually matter at all (or at the very least it doesn't matter 'right now')

So… You basically make another train of thoughts to "get rid of" the previous one? So, how do you get rid of the new train? You again wonder about how the topic doesn't matter and you wonder why it came to you in the first place? You repeat it ad infinitum?

At some point you have to replace the focus of thoughts for a focus for something internal or external which isn't a thought. The breath is just the simplest example.

>When you try this, most people end up with a very hard time

It's literally the easiest type of meditation.


>>especially if you get high depending on the strain


what? you end up with a very hard time especially if you get high on weed, though it depends on the strain. should I magnify on details and spell it out even more specifically for you?



> So, how do you get rid of the new train?

well if you read what you quoted it says how

>>make a plan of action or realize (or think up a reason) as to why the topic/issue doesn't actually matter at all (or at the very least it doesn't matter 'right now')

understand that it doesn't matter (which is essentially what 'letting go' means), or at the least it doesn't matter right now while one is meditating

if simply realizing that doesn't work, one can make a plan of action for the future to resolve whatever is causing the worry behind the thought pattern

I know it's the easiest type of meditation that's why I'm giving instructions for it instead of offering an alternative. I'm speaking from experience, sitting down and focusing on my breath was incredibly difficult for me. even if I could ignore my thoughts, I would end up controlling my breath and forgetting the proper pace of breathing. Actually It's quite difficult to focus on my breath it, I focus on some noise or something else that's not in my control often switching between a fan noise and my heart beat or something. sometimes you can hear the sound of vibration itself in complete silence and stillness that's always fun

>Without feeding it awareness, it dies on it's own.

if it was as simple as that people wouldn't need to meditate in the first place. not being able to focus means you cannot help but feed awareness to things that you never meant to feed. Maybe you were lucky enough to have a still mind from the get go but pretty much half of people have ADHD and literally need a reason to focus on nothing. with practice they will be able to control it fixing their adhd


File: 1473098419719.gif (876.19 KB, 2160x2160, 1:1, serveimage.gif)


>you end up with a very hard time especially if you get high on weed

I just didn't get it as it came totally out of the blue.

>should I magnify on details and spell it out even more specifically for you?

Woah, chill out mate, did I insult you by not getting your remark about mad weeeedz?

>understand that it doesn't matter (which is essentially what 'letting go' means), or at the least it doesn't matter right now while one is meditating

But that is still thinking anon

>think up a reason

>make a plan of action

If you have some obstructions when meditating and the way in which you solve this issue is by creating more thoughts then it can become a habit.

If it works for you then all right I guess. I have a pretty much opposite experience, as I used to get caught up in my worries, then analyzing the situation (however absurd the issue might have been) and making plans… and then the same over and over again. I had it from my childhood and it only got worse, to the point of obsessive-compulsive disorder pretty much where some depressive and worrying thoughts were arising, then automatically I was starting to ponder over the situation, analyze it from every possible perspective and then make a plan or even asses the possibility of different outcomes, it gave me a feeling of slight relief for a moment but soon it was coming back again. The only way out was to slowly learn to redirect my focus to something other than thoughts - breath for example. Now I can't even remember when was the last time I had this kind of thought loop. Must've been a few years ago.

I know that this example is maybe extreme, but well, it depicts what I mean even better.

I don't know, maybe your method will work for some people, I'm just saying it's like fighting fire with fire. When you set aside some time to meditate I guess you want to be still and focused and not worry about and plan mundane matters.

>I would end up controlling my breath and forgetting the proper pace of breathing

What's wrong with controlling your breath and how does it obstruct meditation? Especially in hatha yoga you have those fixed proportions of inhalation, holding breath and exhalation. Most common is 1:4:2 if I remember correctly.

>Actually It's quite difficult to focus on my breath it, I focus on some noise or something else that's not in my control often switching between a fan noise and my heart beat or something

If I start paying attention to those things it's even easier tbh. I just sort of mix the feeling and sound of me breathing with the ambiance of the room, noises of the city, heartbeat etc. and it moves me even further away from thoughts. Can be just me though.

>if it was as simple as that people wouldn't need to meditate in the first place

I don't know if it's simple, but it's true. If you don't pay attention to a thought it won't last. If you think about one thing and then start for example reading or playing vidya or focusing on your breath the thought won't persist. Without your awareness of it the thought can't exist "on it's own".

>Maybe you were lucky enough to have a still mind from the get go

I'm not some special snowflake and I did have (and still have for that matter) very cluttered mind. Sometimes I feel that I've lived most of my life in my mind, between daydreaming, thoughtforming, wondering about ideas, discussing them with some "daydream personas" (as the term "servitor" or "tulpa" would really be too much in this case) etc. I just learned how to control it.

>pretty much half of people have ADHD and literally need a reason to focus on nothing

That doesn't mean that thinking up reasons and planning will help them in any way. They try your method and they have some thought, they understand that it doesn't matter, they have a reason why it doesn't, if it's some mundane thing that they need to do then they plan for it. For a few moments they may be still and without a thought, but what then? Some other thought arises and they go through the whole process again, while focusing on something other than your thoughts (at this point I'm not even speaking strictly about breath - related meditations) have this benefit that there is no new thought process involved - you have an obstruction, maybe you dwell in it for a few seconds before you realize that you moved from your focus, and then you just go back to it. It is simple, but why meditation would not be?

Anyway, that's just my point of view.



>arrow thingie where the name is

How u do dis



one word responses to a quote is mad disrespect. feel free to accept this post as ramblings though

if all the issues that can cause thoughts have been resolved then why wouldn't thinking stop? also like I said I speak from experience though what matters is that I can explain the logic

if you were doing it over and over again then the plan would end up being memorized and doing it once more over would take like a millisecond oh no -> oh yea -> let go. peace

if all those outcomes are really due to actions within your control then it wouldn't be a bad idea to think of all the possibilities. surely if you did that you were aware of every issue in your life and were well on your way in resolving all of them immensely accelerating progress no?

to expand my possibly OCD method, once your done planning everything you can do and you decide on the best thing to do, then it doesn't matter anymore and you can forget about it; when the time comes and your conditions arise you can follow through with your plan autonomously. I did this so much I basically ingrained this process into my subconscious, and this is what I attribute my very enhanced intuition to, like the process is happening real time in the background and I never have to worry anymore building immense trust in myself. but it's not even about trust (As you should never trust anything not even yourself… unless maybe you are on psychedelics. shit does not work on shrooms and you'll have a panic attack. just trust yourself, also have a sitter) as at the same time I consider the second and third best or so, rearranging as new info comes in due to doubting the first one. even this has become a subconscious process and my life simply becomes choosing between the best options. the most efficient way to do this is always only taking two options and it should immediately become obvious which one is better. it has to be this or that. then take the result and match it up with the third, this or that? I call this binary decision making and this even resolved my indecisiveness completely

maybe this only works if your smart though lol idk anyone can be smart. but yea, definitely doesn't mean everyone should do this. regardless… wait let me ramble one last time aside from going OCD and graphing your entire personal bubble of a universe like your a fucking god through every moment… (you totally are a godspark anyways)


anyways… the important part is realizing that it doesn't actually matter so there's no point in thinking about it.

I didn't expand on other ways of realizing it doesn't actually matter, but one can come up with the following themselves in the perspective of the present: if something is not in your control then there is absolutely no point in thinking about it, just hope for the best (positive belief and all that). another way of reaching this conclusion is thinking 'I don't know and that's okay' or like 'all that matters is the here and now, and I know I'm sitting here undisturbed and nothing else matters'

as an aside, something worth mentioning is the buddhist way of looking at emotions, how there's over a hundred different emotions but they all fall under 3 categories. positve negative and neutral. all emotions are positive or negative except two, and apparently to reach nirvana and let go of all things mundane, one should not strive for positive emotions but actually should strive to be one of the neutral emotions. the neutral emotions are confusion and equanimity. equanimity is accepting that you don't know and realizing that it's okay, that it doesn't matter. and of course, that's what one should be striving for.

i found this out when I took my friend's book on buddhism possibly about the 8fold path, and just randomly opened it in the middle and read a 4 page chapter on emotions. it was the only chapter I read there, so you can imagine how enlightening the entire book would have been.



>one word responses to a quote is mad disrespect

Apparently you don't know anything about efficiency.







Don't do this, you will make Demiurge angry!







Indeed it is, so it's appropriate in the context of explaining the reason for being offended. What may offend one person may not offend another, and the question was asked if it was taken as an insult and the answer was that indeed a one word response was taken as an insult

well actually it's annoying when people go 'huh' or 'what' to a whole thing without specifying what they don't understand, or whether not understanding was even the problem. basically ambiguous responses that aren't rhetorical, pretty gay



Thanks. I appreciate the wealth of information on meditations, but the meditation on books is particularly fascinating.



Best meditation ever. I can't help but accidentally make poltergeists ever since some stuff that happened to me. I just end up freaking myself out because of this stuff


File: 1476348064440.jpg (421.1 KB, 1512x1920, 63:80, 1467068527215.jpg)

Meditation Name: The Secret Smile

Type: Energy work, Emotional Alchemy, Emotional Internalization, General Well-being


Take the meditation posture you prefer best. The most important point to remember here is to keep your spine straight as possible though I'd also recommend a posture where your legs are comfortable and you can easily feel your feet. Keep your tongue pressed up to the roof of your mouth (This is to connect your governor and functional channels.) Close your eyes and slow your breathing down. Put a smile on your face (Lift your cheeks so the corners of your mouth turn upwards if you're a salt mine like me who's forgotten what a smile is)

Clench your toes as tightly as possible until they really hurt and then release them, Do this three times. Once the pain has stopped focus in on the feeling of relaxation in them and move it up your legs. Pull it up your ankles, up along your calves, feel it rise up over your knees, thighs, and across your hips. Feel the muscles relaxing along the way as you do this. Pull it up along the length of your spine, up over your head and down to the point where your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth. Swirl the feeling of relaxation in your mouth and mix it with your saliva. Swallow it down and let the relaxation circulate through your body as it goes.

Next, Think of a time you did something really well and were proud of yourself. Not only this, but other people were also proud of you and recognized what you'd achieved. Let the events fade away and hold onto just the feeling. Move the feeling down to your feet, and then feel it rise up your legs in the same way as the first step (You don't need to clench your toes anymore.) Let it rise up your spine, over your head, into your mouth. Mix it with your saliva and swallow it down. Mix it with the first feeling. Repeat this step twice more for a total of three cycles, or more if you're enjoying yourself.

Think of a time you laughed your ass off. A real deep, great laugh that you couldn't control or stop, Let the events fade away and hold onto that feeling of uncontrollable wild laughter. Let it flow down to your feet. Move it through your legs, up your spine and over your head. Mix this sensation of joy with your saliva and swallow it down. Let it mix with the others. Repeat for three cycles.

Think about a time you were in love, Truly, Madly, Deeply Do. Head over heels, and were also loved in turn. Let the circumstances fade, Hold onto that feeling. Move it down to your feet (Noticing a pattern yet?) move it up through your legs, up through your spine and over your head. Mix it with your saliva and swallow this loving feeling down, charging your body with deep unconditional love. Let it mix with the other feelings in your body. Repeat for three cycles.

Now for the fun part! Think about the best orgasm you've ever had. Take out the person, people, or animal in question and hold onto just the feeling. (Assuming you're a man it might help to focus on the moment just before the orgasm. Creaming your trousers would be counterproductive at this point.) Move it down to your feet, Up through your legs and spine, then up to the top of your head. Mix it with your saliva and swallow it down. Mix it up with the others. Repeat for three cycles.

Try to feel the combination of these energies which by now should feel pretty great. Circulate it all over your body and play with it for as long as you like.


The end goal here is to learn how to truly internalize these feelings. Practice until it is so easy that it's just background sensation or an easy warm up for any other exercises. The feelings you are learning to create on demand are relaxed calm, Confidence in your abilities, Happiness, Love and Ecstasy. Or simply put, you're making yourself cool, confident, happy and sexy. Pretty useful. It's a great starting point for anything you'll have to handle in your life. /fringe/ or otherwise. Enjoy, and have fun!

Featured In: Path Notes of an American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris (Pg. 69 - 71) Paraphrased by anon



Isn't this basically the inner smile technique from mantak?



They've got similarities but they're not the same. Mantaks version moves 'positive smiling energy' through your vital organs and eventually through your MCO. In my opinion though, it's very vague as to what this 'smiling energy' is. . You don't really get the sexiness and confidence with the Mantaks inner smile. So after experimenting with both, I find this one superior and prefer it. Hence, Wanted to share it with you



Is there a prequel to the first part? I really do feel like a fool when I say that I cannot find myself able to recite the sentences I've just read after many attempts. Maybe the Kybalion wasn't the best to begin with, as it's sentences go on for a long period of time with many large syllable words. It really is quite frustrating.



Have you just tried creating your own prequel to the first part? If you find it difficult because the book has long sentences, how about trying another book? How about just going for as many words as you can remember, and see if eventually you naturally become capable of full sentences? Instructions posted here are usually only as good as you are adapting them to your situation.


Meditation Name: Pain Meditation

Type: Sensory Transmutation


The safest way to do this is to take a single very spicy pepper and chew it thoroughly before spitting it out. Then assume whatever pose for the meditation as the feeling of the spice burns your mouth. The goal is to totally accept the pain to the point that your face looks as calm as when you normally meditate, simply let the feeling of the burn wash through you. The result will be an increase in will power and tolerance to external stimuli.



You can actually program yourself to take pleasure in pain, or at least to be indifferent towards it via this meditation, at least if you combine it with self-mutilation or have some other constant pain stimuli.



To combat pain just mentally map out the area of the pain as precisely as you can and it'll go.




What books of Alice A. Bailey is left out, and are there any more? I can search for any books of hers you're looking for on theoccult.bz



I love being god. Literally thought the other day there was no spicy pepper meditation in the thread and I should look it up or ask.



Does it work?


any meditations to help with tinnitus? I've read focusing on the ringing just makes it louder though

I'd like to make it go away, but if not then at least to not have it be annoying. When I focus directly on the sound it ends up driving me crazy

sage for question

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