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File: 1483659277814.png (209.07 KB, 934x730, 467:365, jhgh67u67.png)


Electric Anatomy - Daily Cultivation Thread

What's to be Covered?

It's my intention to create a brief(hahahaha) explanative series of write-ups in order to detail the experiences, systems and knowledge required for cultivation of your awareness(The basics to general occultism). To cultivate oneself is to wash, perfect and refine the core of awareness which is within our body. This is a daily task that develops and progresses slowly. We learn to focus the mind, strengthen the breath and develop the body. Cultivation is putting yourself into unnatural, manmade conditions with focused and engineered exercises in order to develop and push your natural potential. We strive to go against heavens law through understanding of the universal principles. Through this, great trial and results come about. Declare yourself as God and prove it.

It is up to you to take these words and learn through your own life experiences. I'll share the methods and exercises which I've found most efficient. Be patient, diligent and balanced in all that you do as understanding and results come with time. Reality is as it seems so don't let the simple and basic ideas be overshadowed and neglected. Each new season and year you will gain perspective which shows a new layer to life.

Know that I'm handing you a loaded gun. If the pendulum swings you'll end up strangling yourself with your own power. The only difference between a saint and demon is the separation you give it. It's up to you to figure out how to fix yourself and to adjust it to your own gender, body, race and other varying factors. Some of you are more in body and need the mental aids while the others are up in the clouds and need a dose of reality. The only other help you'll get is for the time when I'm answering questions, otherwise you're on your own. You need to fix your own problems and figure life out by yourself. Even I don't have the whole picture yet(that's why I've held off on giving this out for so long). But if you're dedicated and feel that cultivation and becoming an immortal is your own path then you'll find great value in these words. As long as you keep the golden rule of balance and patience in mind then you'll be fine. There's always a nice sunny day after a long monsoon.

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File: 1483659334984-0.jpg (1.62 MB, 1244x1840, 311:460, 2.jpg)

File: 1483659334984-1.jpg (1.77 MB, 1268x1780, 317:445, 5.jpg)

File: 1483659334984-2.jpg (1.4 MB, 1134x1574, 567:787, 1.jpg)

Our Core

Within your naval is an energetic centre which is hugged by two diaphragms. The lower diaphragm is our power, it is within our hips, genitals and lower naval. The upper is control and sits below the lungs or sternum and fills up the mid torso area. These are known as dans(lower dan tien, middle dan tien) and also have relating chakras(sacral and root for lower, heart for upper and solar plexus for core). The major functions of the lower area are legs, elimination, procreation, stabilization and digestion(redigesting of the earth and water). Functions of the upper half are arms to articulate, breathing, heart rate and the digestion/cleaning functions of certain organs. Within the core is our connection to the present moment. The kidneys act as a bridge which balances the upper and lower parts of the body (think hexagram). Our aim is to cultivate this area as our major centre of awareness. Meaning that all actions be them physical or non will be performed here. Though eventually through developing this area, the entire body follows and will become a singular unit.

Think of the times when you've lost or slipped in consciousness. Possibly an emotion had the better of you, a jolt of the physical body through harsh frequency or even forgetting an idea. When our connection to the core is cut of through improper movements, blockages of the body or mental conflicts to name a few, we lose connection to the present moment. The stronger your connection, the higher a frequency you can operate at. Each sense will clear, your moves become sharper and move pronounced and abilities to grasp and interact with reality accelerate. Clean energy creates an efficient circuit.

An undivided attention and whole body awareness is a perfect state of enlightenment. Each breath we take is a cycle of the body. Perfect breathing leads to perfection in all things through a refined awareness. Returning to our core allows us to have the strength (lower body) and control (upper body) to do this. Through breathing, we may diagnose blockages/damage within the body which stop our awareness from accessing certain areas or that try to grip and restrict our awareness in others. From this explanation you may soon find that mental and physical issues are both abnormalities or imperfections within the bodies cycle. Creating an inability to experience life with all of its fullness, all angles and perspectives.

The Awareness

The awareness is a word I am using to describe what you may know as Chi, Prana or consciousness. Other descriptive words I've found are that of voltage, focus, will or charge. Do not think, but feel. What is it that you sense? do you smell? do you hear? Just be within the moment and allow life to exist and pass as it wishes. Who are you? Look beyond your room, your body, your thoughts or ideas. Who's reading this? If I tell you to place awareness within your hand, what is actually in your hand? Is it physical or mental? It is the is-ness of everything.

You are awareness(Condensed mind/spirit). It exists beyond time, beyond person, place or thing. It just is. Everything is made from awareness like a universal clay. Different objects have different densities, amounts and qualities of awareness. Your toaster may not be aware enough to have a conversation with you, but it can still perform automated tasks. From infinite chaotic potential to quantized and materialized matter is the spectrum of awareness. Reality exists between and within these. They dance and ripple from one side to the other, bringing us the experience we have. The mind creates the body and the body perpetuates the mind. They both exist in unison but are split through differentiation for sake of thought. Material reality is mental(spiritual) and mental reality is material(Lead is gold and gold is lead). If all things are awareness then a master of awareness has mastery over all things within the spectrum. All of life is a learning experience of this skill(Qi-gong). Look no further than yourself and your life, start to understand that everything is as it is. To know something outside is to know it inside. All things are important but only make sense once they are acknowledged within.

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File: 1483659395666-0.jpg (3.96 MB, 2704x1848, 338:231, 4.jpg)

File: 1483659395666-1.png (125.16 KB, 634x450, 317:225, 45645t43.png)

File: 1483659395666-2.jpg (1.39 MB, 912x1816, 114:227, 3.jpg)

Body's a Cycle

The body is a condensed expression of your awareness(or that of your parents, guardians, teachers, etc). Every action creates a ripple, a scar or mark upon you which perpetuates. This means the exercises given are specifically designed to unify your fragmented (body parts, organs, circuits, archetypes or elements) self, to gather, purify and refine. Throughout our lives there are parts of our cycle (our body, our awareness, our mind - all the same thing) which go "offline", degrade, weaken or even become unconscious and then try to go against you. Think of your cycle as a colour wheel or system of statistics(chakras, 9 gates, 5 elements, dan tiens, 12 zodiac, GURPS Attributes). If we look at the body without ego we can see our own physical and mental problems. They may be poor concentration, lack of imagination, inability to speak or explain internal concepts, difficulty connecting with people, poor elimination, lack of sex drive, poor digestion, unstable grounding, difficulty in physical tasks, etc. We can have too much or too little of these qualities. Any mental issue has roots in the physical body and physical problems cause problems in the mind. Both express and perpetuate in the moment.

We want to look at the body as one whole being. Each part is a mirror, reflecting or expression of another, forming angles and patterns. The top is the bottom, the external limbs are the internal body. There's also circuits or paths throughout the body (like cables) which link qualities of the organs(elements) and other parts. The tendons, muscles, organs, skeleton, nervous system and others all link up in their allocated channel. One change ripples and spills out into all things. Don't think too hard over it or try to understand it all before it presents its self. A lot of this understanding comes through the cultivation process. Allow this to act as seeds for the coming exercises.

Nature of Cycles

Doing the right thing leads you to the wrong and doing the wrong leads you to the right. Jumping into cold water makes you warm up and jumping into warm makes you cool down. Asking a question creates a potential answer. Life is a process of rising and falling. You have a good day and then a bad. In this business we cultivate our awareness over the day and then lose it through the night. The main idea here is to be balanced in what you do(unless you know the cycle). You can't spend all day cultivating and get annoyed when you burn out and you can't spend all day trying to recover or heal. Cultivate for a purpose in life, to be better at what you love to do. The best way I've found to do things is in repeating cycles of work and rest. I find that it's more efficient to only do enough that you don't cause damage or damage which can be easily repaired. This means you're still fresh and strong for the rest of the day, allowing you to do as many revolutions of your activities as you need. Thus in your exercises I recommend you spread them throughout the day(or night) and only do as much as you're comfortable with (with time you can increase intervals and length). When you making a cup of tea, do some squats or pushups(insert any exercise). Find those little times throughout the day when you're not doing anything, maybe in transit, waiting or have breaks. 1,2 or even 3 minutes adds up. Longer sessions will allow you to push through walls.

You'll hit high states of supreme clarity. Amazing ideas, visions and experiences will happen. These seem to only last for a fleeting moment and the desire to re-reach the past state can make you overstay your welcome. If water never moves it starts to stagnate. Allow for rest or a change of actions.

Last thing to say here is that to understand life simply, all that you do in a day and think in the night become your life. Your body moulds into the tool to fit this lifestyle. You are between heavens law and earths pull.

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File: 1483659419248-0.png (110.93 KB, 554x435, 554:435, ldt.png)

File: 1483659419249-1.png (67.79 KB, 278x586, 139:293, mdt.png)

File: 1483659419249-2.png (85.98 KB, 528x439, 528:439, hdt.png)

Keeping a flow

Through cultivation practices you're going to gain a lot more energy. If this energy blocks or stagnates than it'll weigh you down, cause pain and make you feel more lethargic than before. It may feel like electric shocks, like dense matter stuck and will usually vibrate or resonate with environmental sounds/pressures. Hence why it's necessary to always keep a solid flow. Make sure you have both a mental and physical hobby to take up your time, a job, family or some education. You're going to have a lot more responsibility over yourself. Background noise/static is a common ground for excess energy that people use(This is why aum is used). Focus on your breath, do some exercise or start up a project. Make sure not to always keep your awareness hauled up in any one spot. Your focus is a like laser which will burn and fry anywhere it stays for too long. The best thing we can do with excess energy is flowing it downwards. Angling your body so that the posture is unobstructed, keeps the proper curves and having solid grounding.

Changing Cycles

We all have problems in life. These can be summed up as a singular consciousness problem. Each new season your problems may seem to fade and then reappear in different situations or areas. You can even use a kind of medicine to remedy it. The same issue of a new problem arises. Ultimately until you've mastered all of reality (yourself), you'll have to "suffer" or repay your debt. Track down reoccurring events in your life. The emotions which are common, health problems, mental and relationship issues, etc. These give an analogical view into your body, your cycle. Knowing one side of the coin can give you a look into the other. Generally in your body you will be too tense in one area and too loose or relaxed in another corresponding area. This could be the inner thigh and outer thigh for example or on the front core and back.

I'll throw in some info on meridians and why building equal form is necessary. Feel in between your most defined muscles. There should be an area in between the overlap which you can dig a finger into. The core contains tons of these once you achieve the geometrically sharp effect to your muscles. They're pretty much fault lines which are intersections of muscles. When using specific channels you're activating the muscles along them. You may notice strange defects like moles or spots along these lines. When the muscles are overloaded they'll re-route the energy back to your organs. That means if you're skipping parts of the body, others are excessively stressed. As we age many of these circuits close or stop working properly. Through training the body we un-"lock"(perfect etymology) them. That's how you know what "level" you're on in a manner of speaking. Generally the body develops from the inside to the outside. Take notice of how your core develops.

Quick tips

Inhaling brings awareness it inside and exhaling brings it out.

Stay balanced and centred as a rule of thumb.

Too much tension on a single angle/area will cause locking and stiffness(Think only using three fingers instead of 5).

Too much relaxation will cause loss of form and flaccidity.

Positive leads into negative, negative leads into positive.

You can only inhale as much as you've exhaled.

Balance the internal with the external and take notice of changing cycles.

Slow breathing for cold environments.

Keep dietary habits stable.

Act from the innermost naval area.

Learn to go beyond the threshold of discomfort. This is where real results happen and walls break. Don't burn yourself in the process of training though.

Tensing puts you in body and relaxing puts you in mind.

Exercise and breath meditation are methods of alchemizing your energetic charge(allowing for recovery or stimulation).

Wear a fundoshi (or light clothing) if you want your creativity back.

Extremes can create opposite reactions.

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File: 1483659451900-0.png (450.54 KB, 718x685, 718:685, 78jyujy.png)

File: 1483659451900-1.png (597.08 KB, 738x872, 369:436, hjyjj.png)

File: 1483659451900-2.png (316.08 KB, 743x511, 743:511, yyrtyrt.png)


Cultivating the Breath

The area which we wish to initiate our breath from is focused within the naval. Our naval eventually becomes a "spiritual centre" which you may know as the solar plexus(Takes much time) that feels like a sphere or ball. Instead of thinking that you're breathing oxygen, keep the idea in mind that you're inhaling pressure and inflating the body like a balloon(Or that you're simple relaxing and opening everything up). Inhale slowly and subtly using the naval. Use the muscular functions of the diaphragms within the lower and upper naval to create internal pressures which form an air vacuum. Extend this breath for as long as you can. If you do this slowly, you will be able to inhale for as long as you want (10 seconds, 20, 30, etc into minutes). The little things are what turn regular breathing into internal cultivation. Visualize a circle around your waist and focus within to keep centred. Keep relaxed but with a light tension which spreads through the body to keep you from jolting back or loosing focus. Once you have inhaled for a sufficient time and feel the "inflating" or pressurizing effects, start to exhale. You may cause a jolt or whip back like sensation and suffer from shocks and little tension tremors while exhaling. Continue this for as long as you can (go a little beyond the comfort barrier). You may notice parts of your body reject and work against the exhale. These areas are faults in your internal cycle and will be worked out within time. To create proper exhaling pressure with the naval your lower diaphragm must be used (anus, perineum, lower naval area). Continue with a couple more. If you notice the body growing too tight, hot, tense and locked then your focus may be too low on the lower naval (burner or fire). If you're feeling too loose, spacey and ungrounded(Your upper naval may hurt), your focus may be on the upper naval (water). Form the body as a whole, eventually moving all of it to breath.

Cultivation of a longer, smoother, subtler inhale and exhale will allow for stronger internal muscles and greater mental capacity/ability. Feel free to experiment with the breath through doing quicker breathing(Like that which Wim Hof teachers). Key factors are to stay centred and keep all of your body moving with you. This makes the bodies "refresh rate" much more synchronized. Breathing is actually cultivating awareness. You're bringing aether(the world) or spirit(unmanifested matter) into your body. Finer the breath, purer the matter. Through you're currently like a balloon which will deflate as soon as air is put into it. So on the next exercise we learn to strengthen our walls and forge the body into a sturdy container.

To master this exercise you'll develop a breath which is unbroken. The inhale and exhale are combine into one and is completely smooth without shocks or stuttering. It is both strong and subtle, able to speed up and slow down. Key principles are to think of the body like an accordion. You're relaxing the body and tensing the body which creates a suction effect. With time you'll learn to feel the negatively charged or denser energies in your body which fall down to the root and feet/legs. Our goal is to breath enough that we flush out and purify this stagnate awareness but not too much that we cause a disrupting ripple.

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File: 1483659499978-0.png (1.06 MB, 798x635, 798:635, 67j67j.png)

File: 1483659499978-1.png (27.33 KB, 314x371, 314:371, 121.png)

File: 1483659499978-2.jpg (2.33 MB, 4021x3029, 4021:3029, 203603.jpg)

Reverse Naval Breathing

(Only perform once you've condensed enough awareness within yourself, this means extended inhales to fill down to the root) An Incredibly important and potent breathing exercise. This one focuses on developing your internal muscles in order to allow more load or strain on your body. It's how we cultivate internal awareness and strength. With practice you will be able to use the naval as a pressure chamber and electrical ground for daily life. When you see people raising their "power level", "dragon" or "spirit", they are pressurizing themselves through this breath. Many if the past ideas discussed will apply to this breath. Keep balanced and centred. If you find yourself hunching forward too much then lower the tension and draw back your shoulder blades. We want to cultivation even and smooth pressure. This means lightly tensing and slowly building up as you warm and grow in awareness(each new breath). The key idea is conscious pressure or force. If you're going unconscious then you may be using too much (or too little if the body is going floppy). Use both lower and upper naval diaphragms together(find the space within and focus there). Think as if you're combining the tension/force of your lower body and the air or spirit of the upper body. Smash them together within the naval and keep both forces balanced. With warming up, practice and time you'll start to feel more areas of the internal body (this expressed externally through new muscles) allowing for a greater perspective(angles).

To perform the exercise you will begin centring yourself with a couple breaths. Choose a posture and hand position. You may also gaze at your nose for added internalization. For all exercises I recommend placing the tongue tip touching the back middle of the teeth, the upper and lower sides creating a suction like effect within the mouth like you're inflating the tongue and filling it. Inhale for around 2 seconds or 50%(this creates electrical buffer) using the naval while slowly pulling in and raising the tension level of your lower diaphragm (anus, perineum lower naval) and middle diaphragm (cough or pant to feel it). We start slow and raise the tension as we cross the 50% mark otherwise you may end up locked on one part of the body. You can continue the inhale while tensing and pushing your awareness down to the root. Extend the time as you improve. Make sure that when you exhale you don't cause a jolt or huge loss in awareness(This takes time to build strength in). At first you may feel more comfortable doing intervals of this breathing with regular breaths in between. This allows any excess build-up in the lower or upper naval to pass (notice when you're pulsating heavily).

Another way to imagine this exercise is that your lower naval is a burning orb, your very own energy refiner and trash compactor. The foods we eat, excess waste and anything else that goes into the body (sound, vibration, air, smells) is processed here. You're inhaling while compressing both of these walls or in a 360 degree spherical area. In doing so starting slowly and subtly will allow you to increase the amount at which the lower diaphragm/ energy ground can handle. The body naturally uses another location to ground excess energy until we train a proper one. This will be an area your awareness is unconsciously locating at. Go beyond the barrier of discomfort. Areas which are weak will feel uncomfortable. But learn to distinguish between damaging pain and discomfortable pain. If you use lighter force to build up there will be no problem. The lower dan can be thought of an endless void which we can compress as much as we wish. The more we compress the more charge or pressure is built. Hence why it's used to manage internal pressure, holding more tension to raise the voltage, drawing in excess negative energy(The heavy stiffness produced through exercise). The secrets of this area will be revealed in your own practice.

All power and control of the body originates in the breath. Stronger breathing muscles will help to build a more focused and refined mind/body as they fine tune your tensing and relaxing abilities. Fine some spare time throughout the day in order to recalibrate the breath. Training is best done either in the morning or at night before sleep. I recommend first doing extended inhales to build up awareness then perform compression to build up structure throughout the body. If compression is performed too soon you may feel discomfort in the less trained/aware areas.

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File: 1483659631704-0.png (141.25 KB, 640x708, 160:177, 45h56hthth.png)

File: 1483659631704-1.jpg (1.69 MB, 2792x2084, 698:521, acupuncture-points.jpg)

File: 1483659631704-2.png (10.63 KB, 543x262, 543:262, channels.png)


Microcosmic Orbit

While I've broken these exercises into categories(mind, body, breath), you'll combine them together through daily life as the awareness allows. The microcosmic orbit is a holistic exercise which aims at rebalancing the body and unblocking the channels in order to let us penetrate deeper into the body. It may look simple at first but it's a helpful exercise for breaking into the imagination to perform magic ritual. Anyway, as you perform this exercise you will eventually break through the first "layer" or "level" of internal cultivation. Slowly we unlock new circuits or paths in the body which allow for greater movement, thought, perspective and ability. Eventually you'll discover an entire network and world within your own body.

Begin by centring yourself through deep naval breathing. This starts the "fire" under the naval which keeps your awareness strong. After a couple breaths, draw the awareness from the naval to the front of the body. Take it down to the lower naval, genitals, perineum and anus. From the anus/tailbone you will start the back channel and go upwards from your lower back, upper back, through the neck into the head. The next waypoint is at our crown which starts the front channel. Keep drawing the awareness through the body to your face, neck, chest and back to the naval. You may want to re-centre at the naval with a breath or two. Use the previous experience in naval breathing to always anchor yourself with stability throughout the exercise. Feel free to go slowly and use as many breaths as you need to go through the body. Eventually with much practice you will only need 4 breaths and then an inhale for the back channel and exhale for the front. Keep the awareness as a mist or cloud which does not favour either the middle, left or right channel/side of the body. At first, keep the awareness around the spine belt (governing channel) area and keep from spreading out too far to the sides of the body. Look up the eight extraordinary vessels meridians. With each revolution as you feel ready, move outwards and gather more channels. You may feel areas which are stuck or blocked, either use more tension or more relaxation. Through a couple more cycles these start to ease up. They are blockages in your internal cycle. Start with around 3-5 and add or remove an extra each few days or when you feel necessary.

Through practicing this exercise you will gain mastery of mental awareness. Through using this in physical activity you can modify and "flavour" parts of yourself. An example is a stronger or more precise punch, enhanced defence. I'll cover this kind of stuff in another thread.

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File: 1483659658136-0.png (651.34 KB, 717x595, 717:595, j767j6j.png)

File: 1483659658136-1.png (611.3 KB, 847x885, 847:885, krt7b467u4.png)

Developing the Imagination

Originally I did not intend to put any discussion or practice of magic as that's better made its own thread. Through I figure sharing methods of cultivating the imagination will keep on topic and give little ideas as to developing magical potential. Future threads which detail astrological cycles necessary for magic working may be created. Anyway, a familiar is what you might know as a thoughtform. Like an imaginary friend, being or creation. We play God through creation.

The characters in writing are sigils. You may notice how esoteric characters like those of older Mandarin look. We can create sigils or symbols to represent and express our familiars just how the sigil for moon is representing the idea of the moon. It's also customary to create a working system of designs for how your own familiars look. You may use geometrical shapes, natural objects such as minerals, animals or plants for example. Pick simple things which you can easily visualize as this will aid for the practices. These can be put on paper to create talismans, carved into objects and even given bodies through crafted dolls of dead or living matter (homunculus or spirit possession).

We want to start with simple symbols in our imagination. Sit, relax and cross your vision while looking in the middle or in front of you (focusing on middle of head). Close your eyes at first if you need. You may need to pretend this is happening on a white sheet of paper if the black void is difficult to create upon. Start to visualize the number 1. Do the 1 times tables up to 12. See 1x1=1, 1x2=2, 1x1=3, etc. At first you may only be able to see a single number/symbol and will probably read it out as you see it. Don't worry too much as chances are your imagination is still very unconscious. Once you start to work into double digits like 2x6=12, use more abstract visualization of that in long division. See two 6's, one above the other merging into a 12. Linear and cyclical visualization are the two methods (energy goes in a circle or line, combine them to make a spiral). Another exercise is to play with 2d geometry. The circle, triangle, rectangle and square. Move these shapes around in 2d and even 3d space. Merge them together, colour them in different colours and shades. Move onto 3d geometry. The cube, sphere, cone, prism and cylinder. Bounce them of each other, drop or throw them. After playing with basic shapes and symbols for a couple days, weeks or even months (the basics may take a long time, don't stress) you can move onto creating your own more complex forms. Pretend that you have an ink source and create your own forms. Namely and specifically that of symbols/sigils or simple familiars.

Eventually as you grow familiar with the basics it's time to start projecting the imagination upon reality. Practice with simple shapes, objects or animations at first. You may try to see the number 1 inside of plants when counting then and combine them together in front of yourself. The way we project our imagination is to bring the awareness above your physical eyes and into the brow while still looking. If your connection to the naval (present moment) is strong enough you'll be able to imagine something like a hologram while conscious and looking. With practice the imaginary vision merges with the physical. I recommend dedicating some time before sleeping while either doing meditations or laying down waiting for sleep to developing imagination. The imagination is your tool to create and experience. Some of my own examples are that I use it to pre-think and develop the science of many kinds of arts and to craft projects. Even this very thread had been taught up along with many others within the mind.

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File: 1483659676792-0.png (132.63 KB, 527x1194, 527:1194, ghhghjg.png)

File: 1483659676792-1.png (332.53 KB, 634x310, 317:155, uytutyu.png)

Fighting Yourself

As you strengthen and challenge yourself, the old you lash out like an open wound . Whenever we get to a low energy state, devoid of awareness the past ingraining starts fighting for control. Be cautious around mental mediums like water, fire, wind, animals and people. These challenges come in the form of physical and mental actions like negative thoughts which pester you or uncontrollable physical urges. Understand and learn to differentiate yourself from these thoughts. Know that you have control of yourself and are allowed to choose who or what you are and what you will become. Though it is a long process to complete control so know how much you can push. To diagnose your own unconscious, sit in meditation. Sit for as long as you can as the body starts to reject and repel. Feelings of pain, discomfort, heaviness, burning, numbness or cold will arise. Feel links between these angles, as if threads connected them together. These parts will need to be remembered throughout all exercises as we are intending to "Exercise" them away. You'll find two major left and right cables which go down to the perineum to the top of the body. The one which hurts through endurance training is your weaker side. We aim to branch out and open up new circuits one by one. Hence, increasing awareness in the body. Think of this as your "level".


Principles of Body

At the capstone of our tower is the mind. This sits upon a firm foundation and mechanical creation of our body. It's a system of transportation cables which hold voltages that become more precise as they reach the external limbs. Truly the most intricate machine which nature has currently produced. It's our job to learn and develop this tool, to maintain it. Through knowledge of hollistic anatomy, of tension and relaxation, of major points and paths do we get a feel for it. We intend to forge the body into a singular unit. We seek to unify the mind - body connection through aligning our bodies "refresh rate". To make the pinkie tendon line as strong as the thumb. The back as strong as the front, etc. Your own body will be different to another persons. Find your strongest angle and weakest.

As awareness expands, so do the muscles of the body accumulate, the tendons thicken and bones develop. We aim for perfect form/posture. This allows for 100% conversion of energy which reduces all expenditure. Your body is like an electromagnetic pendulum. The main rule of thumb is to perform action from the naval and as awareness increases, take on and gather more parts of your body. Through time, more angles or sides of the body will unlock and become active. Keep the posture straight and strong just like that of a tree. Trees still flow and move in the wind but are always stable and grounded. As we develop the internal torso area so do the external limbs follow. Thus keeping conscious of the posture throughout your day will allow you to keep acquired fitness. This is holding your own weight as a cat does. Through daily training we thicken and develop the same channels which are used in previous meditations. A strong body supports a wise mind.

Always remember to warm up through stretches and light movement. Start slow and light at first as you build up like the rising sun, then warm down with light exercises or breathing. The key idea is not to harm and cause damage through excessive exercise of a single area but to spread work for maximum effect. Building up the body completely from scratch may take 5-10 years for those without a root and around 2-5 for those with one(As little as 1-2 years if you really know what to do and have the right influences). This is not a race or competition. Be like the bamboo who spends years building roots and foundation to later become truly invincible. I'll give fundamental principles in some exercises below and expect you to learn and apply these to all that you do. All exercises are good, find the ones you like that work for you and give you maximum benefit. Develop yourself from head to toe.

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Regain your Grounding

Our lower body acts as a power generator. It's the beast within us. Warriors who're within their body are polarized to this areas. It also acts as an electric ground to pull the excess awareness and disperse it outside to the ground(bounce). This allows for us to use higher voltages - more tension within the body. The digestion system handles breaking down and burning the excess waste as the body is a self cleaning machine allowing you immunity from ballshit of life. The sexual organs regenerate and re-energize the body through producing water and the anus will ground excess blowback from all of the training we're going to do as well as stabilizing us. Life is both literal and metaphorical. To understand a part of your body and what it gives, put it in a story. If you lack grounding and a stable foundation in life, train the legs - root.

Standing meditation is our first and fundamental exercise. Having the ability to meditate in any position internally and influence externally is mastery of static posture.


This collection of articles is the best I've found for pictorial tai-chi fundamentals. Go over the zhan zhuang or standing meditation parts. The key concepts(You'll find they link for all exercises in this thread) for this are to keep aligned and straight. Expand awareness through the body starting from the naval. Keep awareness even/equal around the body(back, left, right, front side). Visualize a circle around the naval to help with this. Use naval to breath and keep the state of tensed relaxed to hold structure. Start with the legs fairly close together, no further than hip or shoulder length. This helps to evenly distribute the weight upon all 5 major circuits (5 toes, 5 fingers). Keep muscles of the body engaged and allow weight to ground down the legs. Be stable and light. Watch how a tree flows and emulate it. To activate the back, keep your shoulder blades and hips tucked back. This will help for feeling the back

The arm/hand position will control your flow of awareness. Higher up with elbows raised will train the arms while low elbows will focus on the legs(I recommend classic tree arm position to build good arms). With time you can either squat lower and lower or widen the hips and legs, reaching a horse stance(The ultimate external cultivation exercise!!). This exercise can replace classical meditation. You can perform microcosmic orbit or breathing in these stances as well as martial arts for example.

I recommend looking up information on horse stance(and shaolin stances) to get a good idea.

The two main types of exercises are static and rhythm. These can be done in a soft or hard style. Form and formless. We practice static forms in order to build muscle. It gives a foundation for our other practices in life. Your cultivation should support your life, work, family, etc. Our next exercise is one which may bring discomfort to the quick shooters of fringe. It is running, roadwork. Running puts our posture, structure and breathing to the test. It helps us to develop functional muscles and stamina or regenerative capabilities. I recommend as in all exercises to start small, light and only do as much as you can without causing heavy injury. Barefoot walking or running is good to conquer earth(take a month of walking before running in bare feet). Running can be performed as a light jog or with quick sprints and anything in between. One is better for stamina and the other is good for explosive power of the diaphragms. Work up to running in natural places like forests. The extra roots and foliage are great. It will help for when you go to learn light step with practice of balance. A long run in the morning prepares you for a bright day.

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File: 1483659748414.png (628.73 KB, 654x976, 327:488, 5yy56y.png)

A Grip on Life

No matter how much internal force you cultivate. You'll need to learn how to channel it properly. Your body complexifies as it starts to reach the hands and feet. The muscles, pathways and bones are a series of electrical components to modulate, redirect and utilize the awareness energy we project through it. A strong grip is essential in any field or task. Good use of the hands will follow through in all of your life and allow you to turn mind into matter through craft. I also recommend learning to have basic control over your opposite hand(hand is your head, don't be half brained). Basic training of the opposite hand takes about a month. This opens up more possibilities into understanding the opposite side of reality. I never properly understood holistic - magical thought until I achieved a fair level of ambidexterity. Start using all 5 fingers in life as well. This is difficult and slow at first but will help to keep you conscious of your entire body. My philosophy is to make the left foots little toe as strong as the right thigh. Fingertip pushups are great to train both awareness and fingers.. Start against a vertical wall.

I recommend grabbing some bricks, jars, water jugs or anything reasonably heavy which you can grip with all 5 fingers. Preferably a circular shaped gripping area. Rings of metal work. Grip these objects and move the wrists around in circles while keeping stable and rooted. Increase the strength and grip. Farmers walks are a great grip exercise if you have weights. Train your grip just enough to be comfortable in life. Using martial arts weapons are a great way to train grip so go grab a broom and become a samurai!.

I recommend checking out a book by the name of "Convict Conditioning - Paul Wade". I saw a fellow fringe poster talk of it a while ago and found it to have one of the best list of calisthenics. So I don't have to go on too much about training programs or regimens of exercise I'll tell you to check it out. Pushups, pullups, handstands, bridges, leg raises and squats. It's fairly bread and butter. If you have weights go do some squats (goblet are good or front), deadlifts, bench press and probably the best which is a one arm snatch. Always balance weight work with other lighter work. They're can be great but too effective. Every medicine is a poison concepts. You'll figure out what you need within time. Train the body so you're able to use it from head to toe. Start with a balanced set of exercises and within time you'll figure out how to create your own when required. Horse stance with elbows raised is honestly good enough if you dedicate to it. You'll get variety from whatever other things you like to do.

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Misc Skills

I recommend learning martial arts. Tai-chi in particular is based on fundamental natural form for humans. Kung fu is fundamentals for all of these and will make more sense as you develop. These allow you to understand practical use of awareness energy. Boxing and muai thai are good for practical fighting skills. Taekwando for acrobatic kicks. Jiu-jitsu for grappling. JKD for understanding of the lance or spear "fa-jing", and wing-chun for its philosophies as well as bagua(spiral power). Each art has a piece of the puzzle and you'll learn functional movements to be used in daily life. I personally favour martial arts as I find they're what you'd think of as a fun exercise which builds a warrior spirit. These lead into other body arts like that of acrobatics and gymnastics. Both require an immense amount of body awareness and will aid in your life. Rule of thumb, learn everything you can and experiment with everything. Another necessary skill is balance. I recommend learning how to balance on one foot, the middle of the foot, while moving and sitting/standing on exercise balls. Run on edges and practice jumping on objects.

Using the awareness to perform tasks instead of what we think of as muscular functions is our ultimate goal. Qi-gong sets aim to teach this. To do this you must be in full control of each exercise. Perform it consciously and slowly to feel each part. Feel the channels from the tips of your toes and fingers which run through the body and have aligning muscles. This is how you build some of the less common muscles which are neglected. Eventually you gain a near infinite amount of stamina and ability since the muscles do not burn out or tear. We think of the body as being comprised of energy or subtle matter at this stage. Breath through each exercise and allow the breath to fill your body. Through relaxing we're able to tense. Through tensing we're able to relax just like turning a little to the opposite side first in a vehicle. There's truly an infinite amount of small tips I can give. But all of these will be found and understood intuitively as you practice and practice and practice(blood is currency). The best I can do is inspire you to put in the work, to forge your body into a true vessel of your will. If you truly wish to walk the path of a magician, you must be rock solid at the core in order to withstand the power you conjure.

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Levels of Cultivation

Think of the body like a cube. Overlay an octagram (8 sided geometrical shape) on top of it to express corners. Now cut the body into 7 layers from top to bottom like a cake. Each of these 7 layers has 8(9 if we include the middle) angles. These 7 layers are what you may know of the chakras. The angles are front, back, left right, the 4 in between those and one in the middle(older systems use 12/13). Traditional cultivation would start at the root and work upwards as meditation sects start up and go down. To unlock one of these layers you must gain control of 8(9) angles. Hence there being what you'd think of 9 levels of each layer. That being 7(8/9 if we count the pre and final levels) levels in total. Most of us will look like wooden block puzzles due to the different lives we've had, climates, foods, gender, etc. This means your path will be different from another's, but the same. I recommend cultivation from the middle and then focusing down more than up. Through exercises you get to pick which area you cultivate. You can choose a single centre, multiple or all. Compare pullups to squats or visualization meditation to breath work. Each layer grants a different ability, those lower for physical skills and higher for mental. Overpolarizing will make you go crazy and run into problems. While much slower, holistic cultivation is suggested. I hypothesize there are more levels beyond this by repeating the process. Or that simply we increase already gained abilities.

The simplest words to summarize the process is that you're building up your anus (root) in order to sit and ground properly. The bladder (elixir field) in order to hold/produce alchemical liquid. The core for tendons. Breath to pump essence upwards. All in order to activate your natural senses and the two spiritual senses of your imagination and awareness as well as perfecting the body. All in all this makes you a complete being able to perform whatever you can imagine from mind to matter.

Ending Words

To understand life in a simple and practical way we could say that it is comprised of posture, breath and mind. Training these three fundamental factors develops the body, soul and spirit. Each revolution you have the choice of moving up, down or staying still. If your ultimate alignment is to rise then each step you fall will become one which you gain. The three basic exercises of horse stance, cyclical meditation and breath meditation are one which can take you as far as you wish.

Alchemy is the truest nature of reality. Transmute who you are to who you will.

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File: 1483659819251.pdf (162.21 KB, Daily cultivation.pdf)

Anyway if you want more resources on this kinda field your better of reading wuxia or Korean/Chinese manga thank books lol. But here are some books


PDF in post


Thanks for the content, however I would like to remind you again that 2 x ' is italic, 3 x ' is bold. 4 Does nothing



Ah thanks. It slipped my mind.


reupload your videos fambo



Hahahaaha!! I couldn't help but laugh my ass off when I saw you'd linked pages from Veritas. That was such a great manhwa. Wish it had continued. Great write up bro. Thank you for writing it.


File: 1483847269196.png (35.49 KB, 172x195, 172:195, 12.png)


I agree. It has the greatest explanation on breathing I've seen in graphic novels. S2 when.




>others are up in the clouds and need a dose of reality.

it would help if I had a grounded idea of what reality is


Good thread.


I too saved that first pic from Veritas.



i dunno where these pics are from


> Through using this in physical activity you can modify and "flavour" parts of yourself. An example is a stronger or more precise punch, enhanced defence. I'll cover this kind of stuff in another thread.




It'll come as you train.


First is Zui Wu Dao, Second is Star martial god technique and third is The breaker.

The other pic of horse stance is from Red storm as well.


An update to reverse naval breathing.

After hearing the idea of continuous tension I decided to try it and found it's a more optimal method.

After you've warmed yourself up and have awareness of the lower half, keep the tension or hold around your hip, naval and diaphragm areas even when exhaling. Feel as if you're compressing and expanding while keeping the entire ball/area tensed. This version takes much more strength and endurance so I recommend starting with lighter tension until you've worked up the correct breathing.



Keep training.



I'm still a neophyte, but I've been doing related techniques outlined here naturally probably all my life. I've recently gained a certain 'defense', like a grounding that eats pain and discomfort. harden my awareness wherever I feel strength needs to be in order to aid myself or others. Bringing awareness here has also given me the ability to give strength to others who have been beaten down by life. It's as if they're free to be themselves without having to save face, because coupled with this defense I swat away any need to save face. As if they're allowed to breathe and be themselves. With men, they become free to be strong with me and it builds powerful camaraderie- as if we're all a bunch of manly veteran survivors who are still fighting the good fight against the painful emptiness of the world, yet can still be compassionate for one another. I can do this for others naturally, but have found difficulty in doing it for myself. When I do this for myself, is it normal to feel a lot of pain? It comes in doses, as if there's a dam that only lets so much of its water out. It still feels overwhelming. This is all probably akin to what you call Tension.

I want to jump into this work, and rush through the pain. I'm even considering taking Ormus to accelerate the healing process. But I feel I'm not ready. What do you think I should do to rid myself of all this bullshit I've been carrying?



Sounds like you're developing a root, a magnet that grounds and pulls in. The idea of it interacting with others is fascinating. I always find we're like semi solids which melt into the surroundings, influencing and being influenced.

I agree, we are all like warriors who have our own battle.

As for your problem of pain. I've found with too much force or when we overexert that the body starts to burn up like a double edged candle. It's like a gauge which you take on an amount of accumulated damage. Best tips I can give are to lower the tension, to be as holistic (tense back as much as front) as you can and a healing technique.

The breath technique is to inhale/exhale into the naval while relaxing both ways. To feel as though you're accumulating and pulling in on inhale and releasing on exhale. Make sure to stay relaxed on the exhale. It's like reverse naval breathing but with relaxation instead of tension. For accelerated recovery focus on the tailbone as this builds dense matter like bones or if you need to heal the waterways focus more on the lower naval. For muscles, the naval(you can focus on all of these). I recommend eyes focusing down on the nose as well. You can also put your head down if you need to.



I've gone my whole life without a root, so to get confirmation from you that this is what I thought it was is fucking elating. Thanks for all your help brother. This thread will become an enormous influence on my life, and the lives of many others I'll be able to help.

I agree that we're all semi-solids. I'll gladly give you a closer look at what I do- I use the root as a means of maintaining personal individuality/strength. With that, I've learned I can "give" support and care to another man without taking away any of their self-respect or dignity. It can be demeaning to an aggressive man when he is being aided by another man, especially around other men. So they often see my gesture with contempt, like I'm calling them weak and helping them because I think they're beneath me. So they lash out to "take" from me before I take their dignity from them, like they think they're cutting me off from their life force and will get the jab in first. With my root, nothing they lash out and try to take can be taken at all, and I show that I don't need or want anything from them either. To a man who doesn't allow themselves to relax, to show weakness, someone's ability to give support to their weaker side without exposing any of their or his own weakness suddenly gives them the seemingly supernatural ability to let their guard down while simultaneously keeping their guard up. As if they know nothing can touch them now that I'm watching their flank. These kinds of guys have had to fight their weaker side their whole lives. They've come to know a lot of pain and disappointment, so they've chosen not to be hurt anymore by cutting off and attacking their relaxed, soft side. When I do this for them, they don't just treat me like a friend, but like a real brother at arms.

I'm devising similar, and inverse techniques for other types of men. The opposite type of man are those who try to relax me by putting their own guard down, those who are too relaxed and try to show everyone that we should all just get along. They've wanted to all out pounce on me later when I've refused to let my root go down. Turns out they only do that because they see any strength or tension as a threat, because they've been trying not to hurt anyone their entire lives with their own strong side. When I was less experienced, I'd keep my root/strength up around them. They would wonder why I'm still holding strong even after they've let their guard down and shown me that they mean no harm. They can't compute that a man can be strong and "giving" at the same time. It's eye-opening to see a man who's otherwise very effeminate suddenly target you Hard because you're not being effeminate with them. But all I need to do before that happens is put them "behind" my root, let them into my softer, giving side. From there, I can slowly "give" support by giving them a root (instead of the softness I give to the aggressive men). I do this by not "giving" or affirming anything at all to their soft side, like I don't need to. This lets them see that I don't need them to be soft for me. That their strong side can't touch me at all because I'm not being soft for the sake of holding back, or to get along. It lets them give themselves permission to root themselves. I can see the change in their body, their faces, their outlook on life. They "relax" by tensing up and being a man with you, letting their gut out, because they know you can take it without a second thought. Their fight is fending off their strong, tense, dark side all their lives for the sake of others by being weak and effeminate.

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