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File: 1481911260908.jpg (155.83 KB, 1637x922, 1637:922, EMF absorber.jpg)


Anyone working on anything mechanically fringe? Like magnetic resonators, orgonite, psychic generators, ghost sensors, or Schauberger vortex machines?

Have any future plans for projects you want to work on?


f l u i d c o n d e n s e r s


Making a orgone blanket currently out of silk and steel wool in alternating layers, once I get all the material I should be able to complete it in total of 7 layers. Have to make the outside of it wool instead of silk though, since silk gets fucked by sunlight.

I'm hoping to combine the properties of orgonite with the properties silk has of insulating from etheric energies. It'll probably work as far as I know, I'm just not totally sure what the overall effect will be.


I've tried several different versions of magnetic resonators and I can't even get an LED to light up. I would've thought my apartment building would be throbbing in aerial electricity. I'll try some more, maybe something much closer to the ones in videos.


Wool is good, guards against ice, rain, and fire.

I've never heard of silk and and steel wool being used as orgonite before, but it does make me very curious, especially since this is something you can wrap around you. Very good plan.

I've never made or bought orgonite before, so I have no experience with it. I should try a substitute method to skip the pricey polymer resin, maybe cardboard soaked in a mixture of glue and a seed-based oil. I think I can buy beeswax around here for not too much.


File: 1481976060823.png (569.83 KB, 1726x2400, 863:1200, 1469424415159.png)

>OP pic

>EMF absorber

The two magnets' magnetic fields induce current in the copper wire which lights up the bulb. The bit of copper pointing up is just there to trick gullible plebs who can't into electrical engineering.



Gearing up to make some Orgonite myself so your experiment sounds absolutely fascinating. Please do keep us posted!!




redpill me on orgonite



>eccentric German doctor living in America discovers that a box made of alternating layers of rock wool and iron heals cancer and schizophrenia after testing it on sick cats and dogs and seeing them get better

>tries to tell American medical community

>they, of course, tell him to fuck off because such a simple device wouldn't make them any money and if people could cure themselves so simply what would they need doctors for? The majority of the doctors in this organization were jewish and tipped him off to the FBI resulting in his arrest on suspicion of being a communist propagandist, which was of course totally false, fucking KIKES

>found that mice with cancer living in his accumulator box lived longer than healthy mice outside of the box using control groups (ignored of course g-d bless america)

>FDA eventually gets tired of this fucking GOY doing this and during the early 50's imprisoned him, burnt hundreds of books he had written (the only copies) and the FDA had him killed by (((heart attack))) before he could show up to court in prison

That's where the name orgonite came at least.

It's basically just a fluid condenser which Bardon tells how to make using metal coal and resin. The idea is that an organic compound (polyresin is organic in the chemical sense) has metal immersed in it to influence the way that ether interacts with the object acting as a fluid condenser which is basically an etheric magnet.



nice but what does it do exactly? is being around the orgonite healing?



Energy tends to prefer having an organic form to react against.

Organic matrix filled with a conductor and a semi conductor is an ideal vessel for "catching" energy.

When actual organic bodies are introduced near the orgonite the electromagnetics interact and exchange some of the energy.

This contstant exchange and fight for energetic equilibrium is the purpose of orgonite.

Just like leaving a hot pan on the stove will scorch it, leaving stagnant energy burning in your body will kill it.



So, lets say you have blocks of these materials

and you have small "tower" with hole in middle in which copper conductor is.

u let the current flow and it generates some type of field ?



I don't think it would work that way. From what I understand about orgonite is that it is a passive device, mainly used to absorb unwanted waves in the air such as from a mobile tower. You can think of it as an air filter but for electromagnetic waves. So it shouldn't be generating anything.

There are copper tube devices called cloud busters. These might be of more interest to you. Invented or popularized by the same guy that created orgonite. They are easier to build so you can test them fairly easily.


After seeing this thread and looking up on orgonite energy I see lots of videos on youtube where when people set up these orgonite towers helicopters and UFOS visit. Whats the deal?




They are't alien UFOs they are American spacecraft, possibly russian.

During the cold war devices able to detect ether were created, in the 80's they created devices that could generate ether waves. They called them "particle colliders" and used them to change reality (that's what the LHC is). Orgone works similar on a much smaller scale, it absorbs these fine energies lessening the reality distortion in a field of space. The secret society goons detect this and send their goons to spy on it, they killed Reich for using his cloudbusters to disrupt their ether detection devices.




So the gubmint can sense etheric distortions and come wreck your shit, like in Harry Potter?



Yeah be on the lookout for a smelly scottish man with haggis, he's gon make u a wizard 'arry.



>using silk



this text might have what you want


Wilhelm Reich* learned through observing the mechanics of Sex how to manipulate the subtle forces behind it, emotional energy he called Orgone which throughout history have been called Chi, Prana, Spirit, Loosh. Od, Vril..

[* http://proliberty.com/observer/20030310.htm]

By stacking organic & inorganic materials he (without knowing it at the time) created an area of subtle energetic flux. People in the vicinity of this flux without explanation started experiencing health benefits, sickness, depression and cancers vanished and nobody really knew why.

Wilhelm placed this padding under a chair in a box and (supposedly) miraculously healed people.

The padding made out of wool & steel wool had the properties to (greatly*) impact the subtle universe, attracting & repelling the ether, the fabric of spirit upon which the material plane rests.

Causing a motion of 'something' using the mechanics of human sex.

[*All things material impact the "immaterial" (Immaterial being the high frequency vibration foundation created in the universes first moments of explosion & expansion) just as the immaterial exerts force upon the material - Some things more than others]

Today we can draw upon the scientific progress made in the last five decades to further study what Wilhelm did, we can compare it to scientific discoveries and get a clearer picture.

With advanced photography (Kirlian Photography *) it has been established that the human body is surrounded by a biologic electromagnetic field**, an aura, centered at the heart extending a good 2-4 meters.


[** http://hebrewvisionnews.blogspot.se/2014/08/the-human-aura.html &


Studies in biology and DNA suggest individual cell bio-EMF's, each cell have an individual artificially intelligent field*, (which all together align to create the much stronger whole field), communicating to the cells next in line, when this field is disturbed or damaged by radio pollution, radiation or sickness, they start coding faulty, causing cancers. When the cells aura/energy is spent it no longer has the capability to split and repair your body, by then you're knocking on deaths door.

[* http://spacecollective.org/gamma/6945/Electromagnetic-field-of-cell



Stacking inorganic and organic material creates an artificial ubiquitous movement in the surrounding area, it strengthens and replenishes the energetic body.

Wilhelm spent his late life in America, inventing, building cloudbusters, hypothesizing and chasing UFO's with Orgone weapons on the presidents order. Furthermore it is speculated that he was directly involved with the Roswell happening. Wilhelm Reich died in police custody and literal tonnes of his research papers were burned in a holocaust of knowledge.


The result was Orgonite.

Orgonite is made out of fiber glass, a produce manufactured sticky resin used to coat boats, it shares many properties with tree sap, which when hardens forms Amber. Amber have the metaphysical properties of attracting 'spirit' in large quantities, If you add to this Epoxy some metal filings they will repel 'spirit' (Orgone, Chi..) on a surplus of what the amber can absorb, creating a ubiquitous movement of spirit or/and an imprint upon the Ether.


>The goal

The goal of this project will be to determine the most suitable materials & the best resonating coils & shapes, for purpose of transmitting into the Ether the vibration of a mandala* corresponding to love, learning, peace, death, pain or sickness - With a continued goal of distributing these items (cheaply) and assembling an easy DIY guide.

[* A mandala is the visual representation of a high frequency vibration, a mandala typhically depicts higher vibrations such as 'love'.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8 ]

My residence is Gothenburg, Sweden, (if you're closeby you're more than welcome to help), with plenty of universities around I'm sure I can find kirlian photography equipment somewhere, if not here then at least in the capitol.

Worst case scenario the pieces will be sent to Russia for examination/photography.

This is what perfect geometric coils do without power.


Relevant links from last thread.


>Vortex math, Hail Rodin edition






>Article on Wilhelm Reich


>"How to make orgonite"


>Physics of Crystals


>Relevant site about Orgonite general with plenty about coils


>How major landmarks around the globe are connected.


>Science of consciousness (the little we know)


>A mandala is a 2d imprint of a vibration


>Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto


Shopping list.

>copper wire

>small amounts of gold/silver wire & dust

>iron wire & dust

>aluminum dust


>bucket of jewelry quality epoxy (fiber glass, manufactured tree resin)

>basic smelting kit

>various crystals, apache tears, moldavite, egyptian yellow tektite, quartz

>a geiger counter to be modified for measureíng orgone

>materials to create suitable mandala molds

>fume mask

>high performance magnets & buckyballs

There is Yin and Yang, Yin being utmost high vibration energy that has transended what we would call energy, fire, electricity..

This foundation of spirit has since the beginning of the universe molded the material, Yang.

It is subtly poking at and rearranging 'physical matter', according to its own shape, this Yin/spirit foundation is the driving force behind evolution, not just of biology but of atoms and stars. It is what decides the laws of our universe.

Yin forces Yang to align - But! Yang exerts force upon Yin.

Therefore, when there is motion of spirit it creates life in its image.

Orgonite roughs up the Ether creating motion.

The problem is that the Yin imprint is that of the Yang Orgonite, if the Orgonite is chaotic, the Ether will be filled with chaotic motion.

Thats why i want to get enough funds to figure out what 2d imprint of a vibration would (and how it) transmit the best throughout the Ether.

Optimally we would want a Yin imprint as close as possible to a high frequency vibration such as love, learning or evolution.

We can also seed the Ether with death and entropy.

If the Orgonite is potent enough it will resonate in the immediate surroundings and quell all other imprints, caused by Yang or emotions.

Technically it doesn't generate loosh but the effects are similar, after the Ether is roughed up it moves back in line with the high vib lineup and this excess motion impacts you for the better, energizing the area, replentishing and redistributing energy.

If the Ether is stale, for example if you live in concrete void of organic life and plants it breeds an area of cancers, cells do not get enough loosh, start to shrivel up, die and error when exchanging information with the cells next in line, resulting in faulty programming, thinking it is something else > cancer



>using silk


"Not an argument"



Silk repels, metal repels in surplus of what it attracts, your shit won't work.

Use wool.



Maybe I should have clarified the purpose of it.

I'm trying to block all outside interference of energy. The idea was to create a magicians cloak that absorbs a certain amount of energy but repels all outside energy from getting to me. For my purposes I need everything but my feet to be protected from outside energy in any form. Pretty sure silk is the best material for this.



Every link you've posted I've been through and read at a prior time. However, I've come to the conclusions that the Kirlian photography is not a legitimate proof or way to test the movement of energy.

The phantom leaf experiment was the only link to actual life force and it hasn't been replicated outside of the soviet union.


>this guys makes kirlian photography units at home and gives tutorials on making kirlian photography units. He hasn't been able to recreate the phantom leaf experiment.


>this guy explains the aura as water molecules and also claims an inability to reproduce leaf aura


It seems to me that kirlian photography isn't a way to measure success or movement of chi or aura. This saddens me as I search for a way to quantify or track success within this field.


>This link claims the ability to photograph aura

However they do not name the technique which is clearly not kirlian. I've scene claims like this before and it seriously looks like a Public Relations move for religious traditions in which someone paints colors on a photograph in photoshop and calls it an aura.

I've watched/studied vortex mathematics as well. It seems to me that very few have been able to apply it to real world situations. Every argument against the rodin coils is that they maybe are stepping up voltage but that in no way represents an increase in total power output vs total power input.

So I haven't clearly found it stated what these rodin coils are doing. They are supposed to create a vortex and increase in power. Have you scene the books on the vortex motors the German SS used for flying saucers? I think this is the proper use of vortex mathmatics.

I will check back in this thread and hope to hear a response.



The entire problem is that you can't detect ether, or any mental phenomena with the crude technology we have.

And the closest we could ever conceivably get would be to create an AI of DNA and brain cells and get it to detect mental phenomena, but that seems a rather abstract approach when it would be functionally no better than a human seeing mental phenomena and describing it, it would be analogous at best. The technology of humanity is crude in any case. We are born with the sun in our hands would we but realize it, but we scrounge in the sand for sticks to light fires that are extinguished by the tide.



Well this brings the question about moving forward in our spiritual journey.

Someone with a clear astral path, ability to communicate with the guides/angles tasked with teaching humanity should be able to taught how to view either and create machinery to harness it. This theory has been proposed and believed on this forum by chaos/golden dawn/ aleister crowley/ abrehmelin the mage etc… We should have the ability to astrally project or skry and communicate with spirits tasked to teach us of these technologies.

In our spirit awakened sleep we should be taught and study such topics. This is to have occult knowledge of the world around us. Am I mistaken?

Why is there no such person here?



>reading comprehension

You can't teach anyone to do something that requires internal understanding. Socratic Dialogues. Any machine capable of recording astral phenomena would be based on biological fundamentals and so its recording would be trashed as subjective delusion by "scientists".



>what is learning?

It has been proposed by others that relative theory is false, particle theory is false, we have been led in the wrong direction spiritually and physically for more then a century.

I expect we would be taught and lead in the correct direction

I can tell a child how to build a paper airplane and he doesn't need a working mathematical understanding of aerodynamics. I can lead my child on a proper path of studying and understanding towards an understanding of aerodynamics.

apple can tell a chinamen how to assemble iphones without understanding for the digital programming that runs the underlying parts.

I myself am not limited by iq or mental capacity. As I would assume many here are not.

So you didn't particularly answer my question.



We do not care about scientists, we care about what we can manifest on the material plane. We continue our duty to bring beauty, truth, love, justice knowledge and understanding to the physical plane. Manifesting heaven on earth.

If claims are being made that we have contact with the guides where are the manifestations.




Bullshit sissy wizard


File: 1482954628404.jpg (56.41 KB, 500x657, 500:657, 1387948991023.jpg)


>to have occult knowledge of the world around us. Am I mistaken?

>Why is there no such person here?

Many of us only have bits and pieces, lots of theories and unfortunately not infrequently a significantly smaller research budget than we (well, at least I) would like. And that has limited many things and often forced me to turn to primarily to experiments with a heavy or entire aetheric or astral basis with very little or even no physical resource requirements. (Practically meaning I can acquire what I need for free or by foraging in reasonable time.) Nonetheless here are some findings:

Yes I've done magical experiments prior, however the trick isn't is doing some small little proof of concept on a shoe string budget but actually finding a way to practically harness that phenomenon in a useful and not outrageous way. If you're just out to prove the power of mind over matter there are many such small things you can do, including plants can help make it more obvious as well.

To that end I've taken to enchanting, I suppose it technically is, so what I'll do is take things, usually liquids (or things passing through liquid state for awhile at least) and while they are in that form immerse them into a given type of energy. What happens is the water (or what ever) will start to alter the geometry of the way the substance is organized on a, whole, but molecular level. The end result-effect is not dissimilar to flowing the medium through certain geometries in the physical; as psychically what is going on is fractals of those same shapes are being cymatically induced in via the energy signature.

The more power it is subjected to the purer of that type of essence it becomes, I see this as some type of primitive alchemy in some respects. I personally feel that psychic alchemy should also take place within the body as well so that is actually a main test bed and consumable items frequent targets, however I digress. The more I work with a given object the stronger it becomes, however as it's bond type shifts this can unravel or crystallize (gas or solid) or a whole host of other things (depending on how you direct the energy and/or if you include it in other magical working(s)).

An example of something frequently done is I'll take water (as natural as possible, but often I'm forced to suffice) and and impress an intention or element (I use this in the broad sense of the term, more so a way to quantify the infinite into a X-fold paradigm) and energy upon it for awhile. It has now become charged with that and will not only resonate into reality with that flavor but can also be taken medicinally to correct energy imbalances. You could also just skip the intermediary and do that directly to a person as well, and that's another field of study.

Another example is take an object while it is malleable program it, as it solidifies it will hold, as a beacon, to the input essence stronger that if it remained liquid however it will also grow at a slower rate as well.


>We do not care about scientists

Do not forsake all of what it is for the core, the method it self, is not at fault. The issue actually lies with the appeal to authority through the veiled guise of an absolute knowing that the method can theoretically produce, yet in practice is crippled by impure agendas of the academic administrators, and that is what need be routed out.

Empiricism is actually foundational to any research be it mundane or magical. You do a thing, an experiment, a spell, and observe what energies (chemical or emotional or etc.) you put in and how they manifested, you take this data and try to understand it and how theories work with it. This is true regardless how the observation is made be it though computer or through clairvoyance data is had.



thank you for that honest response

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