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File: 1481710455826.gif (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Study Martial Arts.gif)


True magic is rejecting it and using your muscle to complete tasks and overcome barriers, physical and emotional.

The best esoteric study is found through practice of martial arts.



>kick-boxed and trained in MMA for about 5 years

>almost done with an engineering degree

>pretty content with the progress of my wizardry powers

I can shoot funs pretty well too, who else jack of all trades here?





I'm not obligated to convince you of anything or prove you anything. I don't care about you or any (((power))) you think you have control over.



Then why make this thread?



>I don't care about you or any (((power))) you think you have control over

Why make this thread then?



High five hive-mind brother.



>author of the "you're all niggers" thread

Thank you for the great post (((OP))). You really make the parentheses meme pointless when you're basically calling anything and anyone you don't like A FILTHY FUCKING KIKE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



Only if you're gay.



So I have to become a faggot like you (((OP)))?

I'll pass on that.


File: 1481844492189.gif (3.26 MB, 600x452, 150:113, uhh oh we got a bad ass ov….gif)

Everyone who responds negatively to the challenge presented is clearly in need of martial arts study.

Your body is weak and timid, rude to look upon.

Disgusting and terrible.

You would house your mind in such a poorly constructed abode?

You would defend your mud-hut of a temple to the point of throwing a robe over your shame and shouting down a true majesty.

Mystery entered your realm and left as soon as it came. It left you with a mirror and you shrieked.


"I can't use magic, so let's just tell these people that unless they conform to body standards they're useless."

Sounds like you're compensating for something OP.


Magic is governed by the size of your scepter. Who's got the biggest wand gentlewizards?



and the motive is revealed

>magic is bad, stop doing what I don't like

poor shilling




You assume much and know very little. Why should I correct you? I wont. You're just idiots.



You won't convince anyone here that training the body is necessary to achieve higher powers because they're all armchair occultists, LARPers, and professional bullshiters. Yoga and oriental martial arts are methods to train the body to remove barriers between the mind and spirit, but you're also retarded if you think that once your body is in perfect condition that there is any point in using yoga or martial arts other than to maintain it while you pursue the finer arts of direct manipulation using the astral organs.


I don't want to break it to anyone, but this is what every second thread is about.

It's the most common thing.



>implying that true yoga isn't overwhelmingly mental and energetic and asanas and bandhas are just a helper

I don't think you ever did yoga.


File: 1481899135771.jpg (14.45 KB, 168x167, 168:167, ce9f684c5b.jpg)



Where does one start with Yoga?


File: 1481902161792.jpg (319.51 KB, 444x1022, 222:511, IMG_0105.JPG)


>don't do real magic bro let me show you the way

>I see you don't want people to do magic

>fucking retard you just an idiot why should I bother helping you guys

Lmao thanks for the loosh anyway fam



To train the body is good but it must be developed along with the mind and spirit as well.



>implying that you aren't forced to be competent in every asana before they teach you the mental side




I would engineer if I could math.

Was in various martial arts for short periods of times throughout life, too bad it doesn't cover overcoming financial barriers.



I think you should just hit people until they give you their money or something



There is no need for me implying this, I can simply state it as a fact. Read some hatha yoga manual already and stop spewing disinfo.

Also, "yoga" is such a broad term. I assume you are speaking of hatha? Other yogas, like bhakti yoga for example aren't concerned with the physical body at all.

Even if "they" forced you to do anything, that doesn't change the nature of the teachings nor the fact that you can be competent in most (most likely all) of the techniques with no mastery of asanas, mudras etc. Take pranayama for example, which is like the most basic stuff in hatha yoga. Sure, certain asanas can have a measurable impact on the process, but if you think that work on the physical body is the aim of hatha, then you are very misinformed and you've likely no knowledge of the real thing.

And even forgetting all of that - how exactly sitting motionless for hours in one asana is "training the body to remove the barriers between mind and spirit"?



Sorry, I missed your post for some reason.

Dunno, all my knowledge comes from hatha yoga manuals, treatises and countless descriptions and mentions scattered around many books concerning Eastern mysticism and Tantra (mostly Kaula school, as the progenitors of it - Matsyendranath and Goraksanath were also progenitors of hatha). I cannot point you to a single entry-level book I'm afraid.

Although recently I've downloaded loads of books on hatha yoga, pranayama etc. but I haven't gone through them yet, maybe after I do that later tonight I will have something for you. I also have some other books that I've had for ages, but they didn't strike me as too great overall and certainly not "entry-level" good.

Now, if you want to start on Bhakti Yoga then I have something that should get you started


Just bear in mind that bhakti yoga is not something you think yoga is, most likely.

There are other "types" of yoga, but I only know (to some extent at least) hatha and bhakti.



This is why I made this thread, for this reply. People thought I was trolling but I'm not.

And continued practice of martial arts is the best way to stay fit and healthy. Only fat idiots would respond negatively to this thread topic.


I broke my foot last week (a small crack at the distal epiphysis of my left lateral malleolus) and wondering if there's some useful info to share regarding how to heal it effectively?



I like how you try to save face but the op is saying "reject actual magic, just lift weights for real power"

That is literally in now way saying that trading the body helps in magick rather it is saying train the body and do nothing else



shut up noodle arm!

lift some weight before replying to me



If you stretched before physical activity you wouldn't need to be healed in the first place.





What about when you fight someone who also studied martial arts and they pierce your liver with their fingers?


File: 1482020582542.jpg (168.77 KB, 625x415, 125:83, heres-what-the-why-dont-we….jpg)


>but the op is saying "reject actual magic, just lift weights for real power"

Which is kind of funny because as always the answer is somewhere in the middle. OP, You are aware that chi control has martial arts applications right? Or is that what you meant?

Someone who knows what they re doing and has undergone a Kundalini rising could really fuck your shit up eight ways from Sunday.



>not training until your muscles break down to the point of becoming pure energy

you won't have a liver to pierce then, you will be too ripped



Why do I get the feeling you don't practice what you preach and are just shitposting.



Because you type to a mirrored monitor and you're typing to yourself, projection your own defeated mindset in hopes it sticks. (It doesn't)

I am rubber you are glue.



You're rubber I'm glue, I smell a big fat JEW.


File: 1482149376930.jpg (14.72 KB, 540x332, 135:83, 1481959417797.jpg)


projection your own inferiorities onto others you only spotlights your own character flaws.



projection of your own inferiorities onto others only spotlights your own character flaws.

projecting your own inferiorities onto others only spotlights your own character flaws.

by projecting you own inferiorities onto others, you only spotlight your own character flaws.



Would I shitpost about training flesh gains into energy gains brah?

Do you think that I would shitpost in this thread merely because some would find the OP absurd in his assertion?


File: 1482371024380.gif (1.38 MB, 777x435, 259:145, r e c o r d.gif)


Don't step up to the master.

You're a broken record.

You're not my first,




I am always glad to help. If you need further assistance with your grammar, please contact me right here.



You stupid or something?




>those pictures

S T R A I G H T - O U T T A - R E D D I T



You stupid or something?




t. redditites



Do you know of any texts that give a good overview of the schools of yoga and their application? Also of "tantra" in general. I know very little about these topics but I'm trying to get out of the armchair, please assist.



>That reddit-tier image

>That fucked-up grammar

>That pissy attitude

'Nigger magic' OP confirmed. What a salty little faggot.


File: 1484088363421.jpg (86.2 KB, 564x557, 564:557, c3351ca1160b6668e48dfebccc….jpg)


Sadly, I do not know of any such text. I'm not that much into yoga to know of any such text that would be trust worthy, and Tantra is so vast that it is even hard to give a general overview of it. There is one book I found recently and that is S.C. Banerji - Companion to Tantra, which gives the descriptions and differences between various tantrik currents, but it is a purely scholar work. Almost all of the reliable material on Tantra is scholarly work, so that leads me to my second point.

>I'm trying to get out of the armchair, please assist

Then this might not be the best way for you. Let me explain - Tantra and various yogas, which are instruments in Tantra, are all very practical and straight to the point, but they require you to have some knowledge already as to the modes of working and the general metaphysics of the system. Secondly, there is a lot of misinformation about these subjects, and when you are studying them it takes a lot to sort through the misinformed sources and find the real ones. The original and not distorted teachings are usually only found in scholarly works on the subject which are pretty heavy to read, especially for a beginner as there is a lot of Sanskrit terminology involved. So, while walking this path is practical and the path is extremely powerful in itself, you must do a lot of scholarly work too, in the beginning especially.

Now, there is no one book on Tantra or on Yoga that would sufficiently explain everything. There is no crystallized structure to them, there is no "general" Tantra. All you have is various schools, all slightly differing from one another when it comes to workings and metaphysical theory behind it. Furthermore, there is no Guru to guide us (well, apart from "Guru within" meme) so for a Western student of these systems it is necessary to study a lot of texts, to get to know the system from as many sources as possible, to forge our own understanding of it.

A good entry level book in my opinion is Kali Kaula by Jan Fries (simply because it was my entry-level book) and while it does mention other Tantrik schools, it is concerned primarily with Kalikula - a Shakta branch concerned with Kali as the deity presiding over this path.

shivashakti.com has a great wealth of information in regards to Shaktism and Kaula, the books by Mike Magee do too. Material from Woodroffe is okay, although it is written in such a manner that I find them quite boring most of the time and hard to follow.

I was asked about materials on Kashmir Shaivism recently



Here is something I wrote regarding "tantric sex" meme and a bit about Tantra in general


And then you have Buddhist Tantra which is also quite distinct from Hindu one, except for the fact that it is too not a homogeneous tradition (you have Vajrayana, The Southern Treasure school of Bon etc).

Here is something that should get you started on chakras, other articles on this blog are sometimes useful too


If you want to get out of armchair then just start doing stuff. No matter what you do, meditate, get into lucid dreaming, do some fun shamanic journeying etc. Find something you are already familiar with, something you can do or something that is pretty fast and easy to learn and just do it. In the meantime study different traditions to find the one you like the most and extract the teachings and implement them into your own work. It's not binary - either you just study or either you just practice. I think that combining the two works best - practice what you study or study more about what you practice. At least that's what I'm doing.

So… I'd rather you not study Tantra at all, if it would just turn into an excuse of not doing practical shit.

I'd really wish to be more helpful, but as I said before - most of my knowledge of yoga comes from various mentions scattered around different texts. Some practice here, some practice there etc. I really don't have any one book about this stuff that I would study and that would explain the stuff to me sufficiently. It's almost the same with Tantra in my case - studying wide array of texts and forging my understanding through it, being able to see the tradition from multitude of perspectives. I've read some hatha yoga manuals but I haven't practiced from them much, just did it on a general principle of broadening my knowledge.

On the second thought Prana and Pranayama book from Bihar yoga is nice, it has some faults but it explains pranayama way better than that meme """""Hindu-yogi"""" book from Atkinson, but it doesn't go into too much of the really occult practices of Tantra and is based solely on Upanishads from what I've gathered.


File: 1484739596745.png (706.66 KB, 502x799, 502:799, Unbenannt.PNG)

>the "I can kick your ass so I must be better than you" meme

Hello /fit/, so nice of you to pay a visit. We still sing the legends of Zyzz the sorcerer. He gave us so much

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