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File: 1481120262647.jpg (66.94 KB, 640x426, 320:213, baby-443390_640.jpg)


I astral projected for the first time a few minutes ago (I think?), and I'm quite scared something bad has happened.

Once I was about 10 minutes into meditation, I visualised myself outside my body on mars, and I saw my silver chord stretch all that distance - I didn't feel exactly like I was there or see as if i was standing on mars, as i still felt present where i was meditating, but i felt like i projected a version of me there, an awareness -

Then i decided i'd stop, in case it was dangerous to continue before i knew what i was doing - i tried willing my body back, or clearing my mind, but that didn't work. What worked after was pulling the chord, and the body back to me.

Problem is it was coming back down from space and into my house, towards my body way too fast and I got scared. As a knee jerk, i severed the chord. The astral(?) body recoiled (kind of like a body would do if it got hit by an asteroid in the chest in space?)

I guess the fear was partially based on a feeling that this body wasn't really me, and that it was about to enter MY body and possess me

Long story short, i opened my eyes and i feel a bit empty and off as i write this. Is this all in my head, did I imagine what i expected an astral projection to be like? or did i really sever my chord, and now have no astral body? Could an entity have possessed me, and replaced my original astral body? Am I just being paranoid and over-imaginative?


I find it magnificent that various people are able to hallucinate in such a similar fashion, fitting so many criteria and rules. This bears closer inspection


Yes you're fucked (No of course not.). Now, keep following your fears and I guarantee you will screw yourself up.

What you did was more likely astral projecting and remote viewing.

Astral projecting: outside your physical body

Remote viewing: placing prana/consciousness outside your physical perceived reality of your body.

Hallucinating or not. It doesn't matter when you imagine very vividly. Also, another question you could ask yourself is: What is in your head and what not? Trust your intuition.


>or did i really sever my chord, and now have no astral body

You would not be typing this now if your cord was severed. Instead, your physical body would be turning cold now and your soul permanently in the astral - until reincarnation or soul-death.

Don't worry, you're fine.


Classic 'should have been a post in the Question Thread' thread. OP, here's a tip: if your post is entirely about yourself, it doesn't need its own thread.





Thanks for your input everyone. Feel a lot better now.


Sorry about that. Will do in future; If there's any mods on, feel free to delete this thread.


The astral is a practice zone that links the immaterial with the material. It's like a spiritual virtual reality. Can you make mistakes? Yes. Will these mistakes "fuck you over"? Not unless you're astral sexual, then you're fucked. (Find a hot succubus/ cool incubus)




oh c'mon, what's wrong with having some fun in the astral


If that chord was really severed, you'd be dead.

And this thing is insanely hard to cut, too.

Don't worry, OP.



> feel free to delete this thread.

just click that little arrow by the OP and "delete"



Ask Kyle Odom.



i wouldn't mind talking to him



you're not supposed to even be able to sever the silver cord …..

so maybe you weren't projecting in the first place?


The greatest Masters are those who, after throughly believing in AP, realize that it's just hallucinations. But to come to this realization, you must first wholeheartedly believe it and waste many years doing so. You're on the right path, my little wizards.



>the greatest masters are those who realize magic is bullshit



No such things as hallucinations, perception is reality. Subjective idealism son.



You can influence "le real world" with it and get previously unknown info, so how is that a hallucination?

>inb4 flag

Lets not go into semantics of maya, Brahman and all of that stuff. If you meant that "how can AP be reel if everything isn't reel" then it's kinda meaningless post anyway.



>what do you mean

>go to neighboring house during AP

>see the inside of it despite never having done it before

>confirm later in the physical that it looks the same as you've seen in AP

This is what I meant, as an example.

Also, you totally ignored my point about influencing physical world from AP. You can influence people and events, so if it's a hallucination then it's a group hallucination.




Also, your description of AP as "daydreaming" and "coming up with new ideas" shows that you likely don't have any knowledge about it, neither theoretical nor practical.



>sure, but you could do all that without AP

That doesn't mean that AP is a hallucination.

>you can move about without car, cars therefore aren't real

>try walking in the street and throwing bank notes on the ground

I'm not sure what is this example.

You can go to your friend's dream when he sleeps and you AP, talk with him or do whatever and the next day confirm that you both can agree on details of what happened. Another example of how you can confirm for yourself that AP isn't a hallucination.

>also it seems to perform very badly when people want you to AP something they already know and tell them what you saw before you physically check the place out; or i could say that it works best when looking at things nobody else yet looked at or wanted to look at physically

Are you speaking from personal experience?



Just to clarify for anyone reading your posts.

What you're referring to as "AP" is not Astral Projection, it is remote viewing/clairvoyance. Astral Projection is projection of the vehicle of consciousness into the mental plane, where there is no direct correlation to anything within our subjective plane of physical reality.

So the anon you're arguing with could have been confused because of your misuse of terms (even if it is common vernacular in some online communities). I wouldn't disagree with the idea that AP is hallucination because even though that statement would not be strictly true it is true in the sense that the mental plane has no rigidity outside the minds of those who touch it, that which is unobserved in the mental plane does not by definition exist.



>What you're referring to as "AP" is not Astral Projection

Why is your definition better than mine?

>it is remote viewing/clairvoyance

It is not viewing distant objects/places/people only, but also interacting with them.

>mental plane

You are not projecting to mental plane, but to the astral one. You move about in your astral body and in the astral plane, and not solely in the world of ideas which is mental plane. Now, at least in the terminology I am using, astral projection, as the name suggests, is the projection to the astral. There are of course "higher" astral realms which do not correspond to the physical, but they are not yet part of mental plane. Sometimes the projection into "lower" astral, which corresponds with the physical more accurately is called etheric projection.

Honestly, I have never came across your definition and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to this.



There is no such thing as "soul death"



There is no soul.



If there is no soul then there is no such thing as soul death.



What is dead can never die.



>etheric projection

There's no such thing as etheric projection.

The very moment your etheric body leaves your physical body, you'll be left with a unorganized mass of organic cells without the needed medium-solid energetic sustance to

keep them alive, in place and working.

The only moment your etheric body leaves your physical body is when you die.



First off, there are many different parts of the soul, even the aetheric part. Furthermore I'll use the term aetheric projection, as differentiated from astral projection, when I speak of projecting my awareness to another physical (non astral) place.

And besides, unless you actually projected 100% of your being, like with teleportation, your flesh vessel would remain intact where you left it with part of the subconsciousness running it. If you where masterful enough you could remove even that connection but this is no small task.

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