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File: 1453252015630.jpg (2.81 MB, 3212x2392, 803:598, 1442750133031.jpg)

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Energy work, Qi-gong, Chakras and Taoism

What is this thread about and what will I find here?

This is a basic level(for the fringe neophyte and initiate alike) summarisation tutorial of your own energetic anatomy and how to start practical work to use, develop, learn and connect with it all. We'll be going through the entire chakra system, the three tan tiens, your bodies organs, aura field, yin and yang chi or energy, energy healing, energy and health, diet and food, water, air and nature and how it relates to chi and all the way into kundalini rising for those daring and dedicated enough. I will provide a list of practical exercises for each of these categories on how you can actually start using, interacting, controlling and manipulating them. The student of any school be it Western ceremonial, yoga, or some other major category will all be able to benefit from and integrate any of this into their work.

All the work found in here is based on my own practical experience of what I have collected and found to work the best. You are free to take or leave these exercises if you feel your own work better or you already are comfortable with one.

[Admin note: importing for posterity, courtesy of Khan]


Why Taoism?

As the poor young neophyte trudges through a swamp of complex and archaic books which almost serve no purpose to him at this stage other than confusion and ego buffing he starts to wonder "Hasn't someone already simplified and converted this intangible Hebrew junk into english yet?" . Having studied the seven Hermetic principles and being filled with glee and wonder for a new world you may have delved externally into all forms of ritual magic which brought upon amusing and exciting results. Evocations which melted reality into your palm and devious parapsychology that brought a smirk to ones face. But it all comes back to the same question "where next and how is this really helping me progress?". But it just so happens that a man who's initial Google search brings upon books of tantric sex has already been converting the old world into the new. The man in question being Mantak Chia. A man who gives us the raw secrets and ancient wisdom of Chinese Taoism and converts it into a practical system for health and spiritual development.

Pre-requisites for Energy work


You need to have Read Robert Bruce's New Energy Ways to at least chapter 10. It's only a 61 page book (You don't even need to read it all) which will take you two brief afternoons of work to get through.

A solid meditation schedule of at least 5 minutes a day. Try to work this one up to 15.

Sexual abstinence (Tantric sex is allowed) of at least 3 days before attempting these practices.


A meat free diet (This part is required while raising kundalini no question). This allows you to become less dense so you can focus and feel energy much easier. Raw is heavy suggested if you can manage it.

A stretching, exercise, yoga or other earth mastering schedule. Even a couple basic stretches in the morning if nothing else.

10-30 minutes a day. Can be before going to sleep if you want to do it then.

A partner to practice with you if you're interested in practicing Qi-gong for others.


Energetic anatomy


You have a physical body with organs, glands, veins, arteries, plexus, lymph, bones, muscle and a couple other basic components. The energetic body is similar in that it is a series of tubes which is the meridian system or the nadis. There are thousands of these and it is too complex for me to go into much detail. You can study these in further depth if you wish to undertake medical Qi-gong and acupuncture specifically.

Being a micro version of our universe your body runs on 7(8) basic chakras. These will be best shown through the diagrams given and will be explained in further depth later. The chakras are energy cluster like vortexes which propagate at specific locations namely the plexus of your body. They all have a specific colour, mantra, plexus, gland, element, god and many other relations. Modifying and charging these will activate hormonal secretions from your main glands which give a whole host of effects. Your chakras develop throughout your life. Most people never get to develop their higher chakras because of trauma or attachments with leads to the spiritual retardation you see in society today. You can think of the chakras like step down converters taking in energy from the universal source and converting it into usable energy for your body.

The other key component to chakras are tan tiens (said as Dan like Taoism is said as Daoism). There are three of these in your body.

One located in the lower naval, heart centre and head. They act as energy batteries and almost like alchemy caldrons which transmute Chi or energy, prana, vril, loosh (each culture has a word for it) into a higher forces. These tan tiens fuel your bodies organs and glands thus cultivation of chi will lead to health and spiritual development.

The last basic part of your energetic anatomy if your aura. We won't go too deep into this but all you really need to know is that this is a field that surrounds you and that your energetic body projects. It can be seen by a trained practitioner and is what we manipulate in energy work. Strengthening the chakras, tan tiens and organs will lead to a stronger aura field.




This chakra is located at the Perineum between your anus and genitals. It is related to survival instincts like hunger, thirst, and self preservation. It develops while you are a baby and common wounds that occur in this chakra happen then. If you are not fed properly or held as a baby you will develop problems here. Activating this chakra grounds you in physical reality. Colour: Red. Mantra: LAM.


There are two points to this chakra. One is located at the base of your spine on the tailbone. This is where your kundalini energy is stored. The other is at the pubic bone area above the genitals. This chakra is about sexuality, creativity and desires. It develops during early childhood when you first start experimenting with the world as a todler. Problems that can arise from improper formation is excessive eating or sexual activity. Activating this chakra can produce strong sexual desires. Colour: Orange. Mantra: VAM.


In some systems this is technically not a chakra but in the Taoist system it is used. The location of the two points is at the naval and directly behind it on the back. Activating this chakra will stimulate your digestion.

Solar plexus

This chakra is located at the lower sternum area just before the fleshy area of the connecting two ribs and the second point is directly behind it on the back. It develops during adolescence and puberty when you first start experiencing life. It is related to the ego, self esteem and willpower. Wounding on this chakra can cause personality problems. Activating it also helps digestion in the stomach and acts to strengthen willpower in physical reality. Colour: Yellow. Mantra: RAM.


The location of this chakra is in the middle of the nipple line and directly behind on the back. This is thought of as where the higher self resides. Most people don't develop this chakra because it requires developing compassion and humility. Learning to love and forgive yourself and forgiving and freeing yourself from all wounds and people namely your parents. It can be thought of as a gateway to the higher centres and to spirituality in general. Activating this chakra will bring up unconditional love. Colour : Green. Mantra: YAM.


This chakra is located around the fleshy hole of the throat around the base of it under the adams apple and the back location is around the base of the neck at the largest vertebra. Activating this area allows for creativity and ease of communication. It allows you to speak as if you've had a couple drinks. It represents expression. This centre is shut of when you lie or fail to properly express yourself freely and truly. Colour: Light blue. Mantra: HAM.

Third eye

Everyone's favourite new age buzzword located right in between the eye brows and at the base of the skull on the back around your cerebellum. Activating this chakra will help immensely with higher occult work like visualization, energy work and abilities like clairvoyance. It is characterised by insight and wisdom. We see with our first eye before the others. Opening both of these locations allows you to draw in a lot of energy as well. Colour: I personally a royal or dark blue but some use a purple. Mantra: AUM.


This is right at the top of your head and there is some debate as to whether it relates to the pineal or pituitary. You commonly see people coming out of psychedelic trips centred around this area not know how to communicate anything they've experienced. Opening it gives a sense of interconnectedness, true bliss and contention. This is the spot where you can draw in vast amounts of yang energy from the heavens(Cosmic phenomena). Colour: Violet.


Tan Tiens

Lower tan tien - Naval

This is located around the lower naval area and controls most of your primal and base organs. The intestines has a brain and is loaded full of neurons. Too bad it's full of crap. Focusing on this point is very grounding. It is also the easiest energy storage area to pack full of chi so I suggest directing all the excess energy you've accumulated through your work here at the end of a session. This area is your bodies main energy storage. A martial artist will use this centre to draw chi from to deliver devastating attacks. This is a common area to focus on during mindfulness meditation and it is good to breathe deeply into the naval to energise it.

Middle tan tien - Heart centre

This centre is located around the same area of the heart chakra but more inwards and it controls a larger volume. Focusing on this area will allow you to feel strong emotions. It is suggested to channel and call emotions from this centre while doing magical work. You can also get in touch with your intuition via feeling in this location. Loving energy from the heart centre can be used to transmute negative emotions/energy from organs or parts of the body into positive energy. It can also be used to channel positive energy into healing.

Upper tan tien - Head

Your third and final tan tien is located around the third eye area but like the heart centre, more inward and with a large volume encompassing all of the glands and organs inside of your head. Charging and focusing on this centre is where the magic really happens. All of your higher spiritual centres get fed through this battery and development of it will truly awaken them. Though don't go neglecting your lower centres by skipping to this one first. A poor foundation will collapse in on its self after all. This is where a majority of the energy is directed and shot up during tantric sex or kundalini.


File: 1453252345365-0.png (198.71 KB, 1013x683, 1013:683, 1442750575409-0.png)

File: 1453252345365-1.png (29.58 KB, 391x378, 391:378, 1442750575409-1.png)

File: 1453252345365-2.png (512.29 KB, 2468x940, 617:235, 1442750575409-2.png)

File: 1453252345365-3.png (131.95 KB, 1057x684, 1057:684, 1442750575410-3.png)

File: 1453252345365-4.png (714.92 KB, 2030x1114, 1015:557, 1442750575410-4.png)




Chi is the substance you might all know as energy. It permeates everything. We are swimming in a sea of this energy which is never ending as far as we know. It allows for all life to happen and for the universe to exist. It can exist in a raw form and be transmuted into anything one desires. Using the powers of man to craft items is transmuting this energy to the physical. Our bodies are always being supplied with chi through the air we breathe, the sun and other cosmic phenomena, our sleep, food, earth's magnetic field and other people.

There are two main forms of chi which is yin and yang. One is a subtle and passive form of energy which allows and yields. It is cold, slow and magnetic. This is called yin and it comes mainly to us from the earth's field. You may draw this in through your root chakra and the chakras in the palm of your hand and middle of your feet.

Yang is a much more volatile and fiery counterpart to yin. It is warm, quick and electric. You may use yang to direct and lead yin. To control and guide it. Yang is heavily found in what is called the heavens or the skies. This is from the sun, other planets and cosmic phenomena. This energy can be drawn in through the third eye, breath and crown chakra. It is also produced by the body along with yin by certain processes.

Food has a yin and yang quality to it as well as liquid. All of your organs and chakras are either yin or yang. You can classify and categorize the entire body and then even entire world by these two forces. This won't be necessary for now though. Always remember that these energies may be dual but they are only different polarities of the same force. As everything dual is actually one when looked at with a higher perspective. This is shown through the Taoist symbol.

Your amount of chi will dictate your bodies overall health. Health leads to spiritual development through the higher glands and organs in the brain like the pineal, pituitary, hyper thalamus, thalamus, corpus callosum, cerebrum and cerebellum. This is why it's important to develop and focus on your health in this kind of field.

The accumulation and working of chi is the basis of Qi-gong. Tapping into the flow of chi is what we are going to learn. Not only your own flow but the flow of the world around you. Everything projects an aura or energy signature that you may interact with. Trees for example transmute negative energy into positive energy and are helpful advisories in this field of work. Water also acts as a path or conduit for chi. This is why it is beneficial to find a positive natural area for chi cultivation. Your backyard or a local park may work just fine for this.

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File: 1453252551106.png (519.13 KB, 820x1139, 820:1139, healing sounds.png)

Exercises and development


I suggest you set a routine to do 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation every day. This can be done at night but preferably in the morning or evening when the sun is out. If you can do this outside then it is also preferable. Try to pick a single posture or asana for your meditations like padmasana. Sit in this posture with your tongue touching the roof of your mouth. Just before the teeth is the easiest and most comfortable place I've found. This is called the wind position as shown in the above pictures. You may put your hand in a mudra like the index touching the thumb for concentration. Focus on your lower naval area tan tien and breath slowly and deeply pulling energy into this area. The more focus you can hold on your breath and tan tien the easier and clearer your mind will be through this meditation. Do not interact with thoughts but do not push them away either. Allow yourself to be like water and the thoughts to be as light shining straight through you. The intention of this exercise is to practice zen or no thought.

Six Healing Sounds

Since this exercise is an auditory exercise I thought it better to link a video of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yMHHhxwlt4

To convert and simplify what he says. Smiling equates to projecting positive energy. Looking equates to projecting your awareness and also visualizing the organ, colour, etc within your imagination and tactile feeling it.

This exercise may look comical at first like many of Mantak Chia's, but once you experience results you will start to understand the power of simple visualization exercises. I recommend this exercise be done whenever you need to get rid of negative emotions and rebalanced yourself. You may of had a sour or tough day, or a bad experience with someone and feel unbalanced. This is a perfect exercise for those situations.


File: 1453252625602.png (461.67 KB, 1146x645, 382:215, 1442804001440.png)

Feeling Aura Electromagnetism

Begin by rubbing your hands together or bringing awareness to your hands. If you have already completed Robert Bruce's book then your hands should begin to heighten in sensitivity and you will start feeling the energetic components of the hands. If you still need a little boost then I suggest you start spiralling energy around the palms through either tactile or visualization of a white energy spiral. We're trying to activate the palm chakra and strengthen the aura field in this location. Once you feel as if your hands are sufficiently warmed up then it's time to feel auras. Put your hands together in a prayer position and slowly pull them away. Focus on the magnetic like sensation that arises from your energy and how it changes when you pull both hands away from each other. You will start to feel there are certain locations at which your hands wish to settle. This may be around a metre or a half away from each other. That is the size of your aura and can be increased through energy work or even basic thought and emotions. Now think of something that brings pain or disgust to you and feel how the aura field shrinks. Do the opposite by spiritually empowering yourself. Focusing on divine bliss and love and your aura will expand. You will notice the aura field settles at different locations during both of these thoughts.

Once you have the hang of this you can start testing it out on other living beings. Ask a partner if you can feel their aura field or if you don't have anyone willing you can use a tree. Put your hands near the greenery of a plant and try to tap into the aura of it. You can make some tree friends this way.

The Inner Smile

This is a great exercise to get you into distinguishing negative and positive energy in your own body. Negative energy festers like an infected wound and will only serve to make your life miserable and unbalanced. That's why we have grounding and "spiritual cleaning" exercises that can be done. The inner smile is a very thorough version of this that focuses on the organs. It's a good exercise to learn because of how it leads into higher up versions like the wisdom chi-kung. A tip with all exercises is that there is no right or wrong way to do something. Instead it is a question of effective versus not effective. Your intention and imagination is key.

I will include a video for this practice as well since I figure it will be more beneficial.


To explain the practice. The intention is to feel every organ with your tactile sensation and to project loving positive energy into it. You will pull energy in through the third eye point and drag it towards the organs. The order I do this is thymus, lungs, heart, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, prostate and sexual organs. Then I will collect saliva and pour chi into it to swallow which leads into the stomach, large intestines, intestines and bowel. Lastly is the Head which goes left and right brain, cerebellum, corpus callosum, thalamus, pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus. Finish by pulling energy down the spinal cord and throughout the entire body washing it of any negative energy. You can wash the energy down to the earth to recycle it.

I heavily suggest looking at the anatomical diagrams given previously to see the location of these organs. You may not be able to feel each of them individually at this point but with practice it will come. Don't worry if all you can do is send positive energy to the general area. As this still is extremely effective.

I will also post a picture to go with the previous 6 healing sounds that summarises the organs and their element/ colour. Though don't put too much thought or worry into elements right now as it is only required for advanced work and medical practices.


This is not so much an exercise but a basic explanation of yi. Yi is what you will be using for all of these exercises and is the way you direct and control chi. Yi is a combination of your intention, mind, focus, will, the fire element, tactile and visual imagination.


Chakra Meditation

Hopefully by now you're well enough adapt at feeling and moving energy around to begin working on your bodies major energy centres. These are call the chakras as previously discussed and are located around the front and back of your body. I've linked many pictures to show the locations of them so it's up to you to use your sensitivity to be able to feel and locate them.

Let's move on to stimulating the chakras. There are an infinite amount of ways I've found to stimulate chakras but I'll give you my few best. First you want to pre warm and stimulate the body by bouncing your awareness up and down from feet to head. Another good method is to imagine pulling energy in from all around you, charging up your body. Once you feel you're warmed up enough you will want to start from the bottom most chakra, the root, to the crown chakra one by one. The next step depends if you are a visual or kinaesthetic person as most of these techniques do. You will grow accustomed and favour one specific way of utilizing your yi. Start to feel the location of the root chakra, bringing awareness to it. Next use one or multiple of these techniques. Spiral the energy whichever way feels correct at this centre. Gather the energy from all around you into this centre. Feel the centre burning with energy. Feel imaginary hands ripping apart the centre and tearing it open. Feel the centre expanding and pulsating.

Visualize each chakra as a coloured sphere for the visual people. Visualize any of these above with your visual or tactile sensations. You may also add colour coding for each chakra and the energy you're pulling. If you start to feel energetic sensations, pulsations, electricity, a glob of energy or a light sharpness you've tapped into the centre.

Remember the golden rule that everything you do works. It's just a matter of how well it works. Work on each centre individually. But you can work on both back and front centres of the dual chakras with experience. After a while you will be able to activate any of your centres by simply willing it with your yi. You can take this into your practical life as well. Need to work up some courage to say something? Start activating the solar plexus and throat centres. Communicating with spirits or using visualizations? Get your third eye working.


File: 1453252776654.jpg (19.4 KB, 360x471, 120:157, 1442827864052.jpg)

Absorbing Yin and Yang Energies

As we mentioned previously there are two main forms of chi. Yin which comes from the earth and yang which comes from the heavens. We're going to learn how to ground ourselves and absorb these energies. When I first started I had a mental barrier which said "You mean I can just pull in energy from anywhere at any time? Free energy?". You may have a similar one that will be broken down by these practices. You can indeed pull in energy at any location of your body for a quick boost to heal a pain or quickly energise after an exercise set or even to just detoxify negative emotions. Except using the mentioned centres are most effective at it.

Grounding is the act of connecting your bodies energy circuit to the earth. Take your shoes and socks of and go stand on the earth. Start stimulating the chakra in the middle of your feet and hands. Also stimulate the root chakra. These three areas are the main areas which can absorb yin chi. Yin is cooling and grounding. It helps to counteract and balance the fiery yang chi from organ activity or exercise. Back when I was learning to handle the excess of yang my body produced from kundalini I would have to take of my shoes during exercise and ground continuously to avoid overheating and energizing. This later went away as my energy body strengthened to handle the excess energy. Try to feel (if you are visual or tactile) or imagine a line from your palms, feet and root chakra to the earth's field. The earths field expands far into the air so even if your hands and root are not attached physically they are still able to gather the energy. A good position to take is tree position. Though I've found even padmasana will work just fine for grounding(though it is preferable for the beginner to touch his feet to the ground). Calm your mind(this should be done for all practices) and work on feeling the cold magnetic sensation of the earth. This will feel almost like your aura fields magnetism. If you cannot feel it do not worry. Energy sensitivity comes with practice. Feel yourself drawing and sucking up the energy into your body as if you're made of straws.

Drawing yang is very much similar except the centres used are different. For yang we will use the crown, breath and both third eye points. Start by stimulating these points as previously shown in the yin tutorial. Then work to draw in and drain the energy from the heaven. This is best done also on the earth when the sun is out. You can face the sun with your eyes closed (or open for the sungazers) and draw in the cosmic energy. Yang will feel a lot faster and warmer than yin. More energetic.

Once you have drawn in either of these energies you may put them to use in whatever you wishb e it chakra work, energizing organs, energy healing, general aura enhancing, fuelling body parts, satisfying hunger, purification of body, psionics, ritual and more. I suggest once finishing your meditations that you end by spiralling the energy in your lower tan tien. Feel as if the tan tien is absorbing this energy. To feel your tan tien try to place awareness around the lower naval area. You might feel a fleshy almost void like substance and area which is the tan tien.


Desire meditation

Being a practitioner of esoteric arts means you might find yourself having trouble managing desire and controlling yourself in the case of masturbation, food, drugs or other comfort items/habits. There are methods through energy work that one may transmutate these pesky thoughtforms into beneficial energy. All desire stimulates and builds up in the sacral chakra. It is here that acts as a womb to bring manifest towards what we desire be it positive or negative. Some of us with self control issues will understand the difficulty of brute force willpower to controlling this area. So I give a much more effective method of controlling your lower centres.

Next time you start to have cravings, be it food, sex, drugs or other desires close your eyes and go into a light meditative state like all other exercises. In this state your perception to energy internally and externally is greatly enhanced. You will notice that there is a glowing of energy inside of the sacral chakra in between the tailbone and pubic region. Each progressive attack of the desire thoughtform strengthens and brings you closer to this region. To banish the energy here you simply need to draw it upwards. Either draw and sweep this energy to one of your tan tiens (I recommend the lower as always), chakras, organs or through the micro/macrocosmic orbits (to be discussed later). You may even pour this energy down into the earth if you do not wish to store and transmute it. Continue this until the desire starts to dissipate. With practice you can focus on your sacral area and another area to simply will the energy to move. No dragging, drawing or sweeping will be required. Think of it like plugging two parts of a circuit together. The energy flows naturally. This is a tip as many of the tips are for all exercises as you will develop these abilities with practice and tinkering of your own energy body.

Food and Water

Ever wonder why you're taught in the occult to bless your food and water? It is because all energy has intelligence. If you eat food pre-packaged and processed by machines or workers then chances are you are not going to absorb good energy. Negative emotions bleach and stain anything they come into contact with. Leaving black residue that either needs to be transmuted, banished, or washed away. In the case of our own food it acts as almost like a magnet for energy. To bless food we program the intelligent energy inside of it with a desire of our own. The stronger the intention the stronger the effect.

Begin by relaxing and entering your light meditative state. You should be able to do this within a second or two. Closing your eyes can help significantly. Bring awareness to your hands and start activating the aura field around them. This is done simply by awareness or the stimulation of the energy within your hands. Place them over your food , water or even any object you wish to program/bless. Think of what it is you wish to program into the item if it's health, dedication, courage or wisdom. It can be anything as your imagination is the limit. Start summoning strong emotions at the heart tan tien. As if the desire already exists in your life. Start to pour this energy down your arms into your hands and feel as if the aura of your hands and the food/drink is connecting and absorbing your energy.


Organ Tonifying

If you've diligently been practicing the inner smile then you will currently have a little practice and a good feeling for your internal organs. Good thing is that we can take that to the next level with using chi to tonify the organs. What this means is that we're lacquering the electro conductive fascia surrounding the organ with chi. Essentially this fascia is the battery which the organ feeds off. I like to use this to improve my digestion mainly. I'll warn you that using it on the pineal will create for an intense night of dreams.

To tonify organs you simply need to work up some chi. Moving chi around in the body through energy bounces or other activities will create yang chi. You may combine this with yin that you draw upwards from the earth in the naval as a cook pot to create something we call "original chi/force". It is a balanced chi that can be used for many qi-gong activities such as the microcosmic orbit. Once you have your chi ready and circulating in the naval it's time to pick our organ. Let's pick the pineal gland. To feel the pineal you will need to tighten your eye lids, mouth and anus. You should be able to now feel tension in a gland at the upper back part of your head. To feel the pituitary you can simply look upwards and you should feel a gland around the third eye area. Either draw your chi upwards to either gland or feel the naval connecting and making a circuit with the gland and move it via the circuit made. Start to "wrap" and spiral the chi around the organ. Feel as if the chi is spiralling inside of the organ like a miniature chi galaxy.

Always remember to purify the organ of bad chi before tonification. Simply change the polarity and project your positive energy or love into it to do this.


Energy Healing

By now I hope you're starting to get a feel for the basic things that energy can do. If you don't see the common theme it's energy + intention funnelled through a chakras = results. This does not mean you can just go setting things on fire wily nilly since everything takes practice and time.

Where you get the chi you want to use is up to you. You can draw it from the heaven, from the earth, air, other living creatures or even yourself. I heavily suggest getting yourself in a comfortable grounding position and hooking up into one of these energy sources (preferably the earth). Start drawing up the chi and setting your intention to heal. You will also want to convert the energy into positive and loving chi. If you wish to use visuals then stick to using white. Other colours are used for very specific problems in medical qi-gong (You may study medical qi-gong if you wish to complexity this). Put both your hands together, activate the palm chakras and warm up your hands aura field. Place the hands directly above whatever wound or pain you wish to heal and start projecting a strong field of healing and positive energy. You can imagine the wound burning up or you may even draw the negative chi and drain it into the earth. Continue this for a minute or two and your pain should significantly reduce or be eliminated. Do this several times each day until your injury or pain is gone.


File: 1453252977933-0.png (381 KB, 766x514, 383:257, 1443093324107-0.png)

File: 1453252977933-1.png (469.03 KB, 1058x544, 529:272, 1443093324108-1.png)

File: 1453252977933-2.png (119.63 KB, 454x520, 227:260, 1443093324108-2.png)

File: 1453252977933-3.pdf (4.85 MB, DL-B25 Cosmic Orbit.pdf)

Dropping of some images for future write ups/ to stimulate ideas for people. I managed to find a really nice pdf which is jam packed full of exercises and information if anyone is interested in some extra study.


Microcosmic Orbit

This being one of the main practices in the Taoist repertoire and rightfully so. It flushes out and energizes the main two channels of your body along with all the chakra points in those channels. Both front and back channels are equally balanced in this practice. Take a look at the last pictures posted to get a visual idea of the circuit you need to make. It is also suggested to perform an energy cleaning or banishing ritual before this. Some examples are basic grounding meditations, baths, LBRP, six healing sounds, inner smile or other favoured exercises.

We start this practice in our usual asana(posture). Making sure to touch the roof of your mouth at the location just before the teeth. This closes your front circuit. You will also need to tense and tighten the anus and perineum lightly so no energy escapes at the root. Many people are susceptible to energy loss from this point because their muscles are weak and forgotten. For an extended and detailed version of this practice where you use body movement for warm-ups and also work on the original force refer to Mantak's book "Awaken healing light". Start drawing in energy from whichever source feels most comfortable. You may use the breath effectively in this exercise to form a rhythm for your cycles. Breathing the energy down the front of your body, drawing it through each chakra point down to the sacral. Exhale while drawing your breaths energy and extra energy from the sexual organs down the root chakra and back up the coccyx, through the spine and finaly to the crown. Draw this accumulated energy through each chakra in the back channel on this journey. You might find that the chakra points on your back are much more difficult to feel and might require some individual work to find and open them up. Continue breathing and leading the energy from your crown back down to the sacral chakra. Passing all other front chakras in this process. Exhale at the sacral region to complete another cycle. This will eventually become one continuous fluid motion from exhale to inhale. You may perform this while in motions like walking once it has been practiced and learnt. Complete as many cycles as you feel are needed be it 10, 20 or 100. With practice you will be able to use your entire body to draw energy to a focused location wherever your yi is located in the orbit. Doing this will allow a much greater accumulation of energy for your body.


File: 1453253168402.jpg (293.2 KB, 884x852, 221:213, 1439771546208.jpg)

Cleaning the emotional body

This is based on my own practical experiences of what works and what I've found to be exceptionally helpful.

The first step of becoming a magician or even a strong and developed human is to clean the emotional body, to control the subconscious brain. Without this you will either fall into ego trap and become what we commonly see as a mentally ill wizard(I'm sure we've all had some experiences ourselves or with others) or reach kundalini psychosis from your energy work and turn into a wreck or never even be able to reach the levels you want because of lack of mental and emotional control. When you're not fully integrated and have control or knowledge about the subconscious then you are liable to externalizing other peoples power and your own past wounds. You may see people with victim mentalities who limit themselves or others who are too shy and scared to live free. People who've been emotionally abused and wounded who "hate" everyone and everything are common examples of this problem. These are the edge lords that we see commonly here on 4chan or any other social media outlet of this world.

Throughout your day you might notice little jolts and sparks of emotion which are triggered (and are commonly called triggers) by certain external situations or people. Maybe you were emotionally neglected as a child and when someone goes to hug or show love you repel it. Maybe you've pretended to be something you're not or to like something you don't and when someone talks about this you instantly go to defend it or to feint love for it. Figuring out your own emotional wounds will take some meditative childhood and adolescent digging. The key rule is if you've felt and expressed a large amount of emotion in any experience of life it has left a mark in your subconscious. This creates a fragment of your being which needs to be reintegrated to become whole. It's called emotional trauma. Once you start to understand emotional trauma you can then begin to see why so many humans act irrationally and strangely. Why they have buttons and why you probably should be careful and delicate with handling them. You should begin to develop more humility and tact.



Now before we move onto fixing your emotional body and becoming whole, we need to discuss the use and conjuring of emotions. This is a basic magical skill which EVERYONE should learn and MASTER. You can't break through level one of wizardry if you don't learn this. The most basic and useful emotion is love. We all might have different understandings of what love is and how it feels but I'm going to teach you the practical version which you can use for magic. Centre yourself in your heart area around the sternum and thymus gland. This is your heart dantien. Relax fully and melt into this area. Think and imagine that you have everything you want (materialistically, socially, vocationally and whatever other areas). Put yourself in the visualization fully and pretend that it really happened. As if you had just won a million dollars, try to feel those strong emotions right now. Keep pushing this and trying to feel more joy while focusing on the heart centre. You should begin to feel what we call as love. We all might need to think of different things. Some might think of animals and others money. Keep yourself immersed in this emotion for as long as you can and strengthen it. Remember what it feels like because now you can bring this up at any time you want. This is how a yogi will get himself drunk on his own bliss.

Now that we have the ability to induce love, it's time to reprogram our bad memories. This is how the past, present and future all are interweaved. When you have a negative imprint in the past it influences your present actions which also influence the future outcome. Start recalling all of your negative childhood experiences (this is not for the faint of heart, but you'll feel much better afterwards). When you've pulled up an experience which you feel is triggering large amounts of negative emotion in you, start to induce love and love this experience as if it were a wounded child. In doing so you're replacing the bad emotions felt and imprinted all of those years ago with positive and joyful emotions. This can be a little strange because you're feeling good and positive at all the horrible things that might of happened. But when you realise that these past negative imprints are negatively effecting and influencing your present day actions it becomes more manageable. Take an hour to go through all of the situations you can. You'll find that all the negative experiences in your life have a common thread like anger, shame or fear(there are many others depending on person to person). This theme is now your current life hurdle to get over. We won't just stop with experiences. Think up all of your friends, new and old, all of your family, rivals, enemies and whoever else is in or has been in your life. One by one forgive, accept and say sorry to them. Make them do it as well and give them a hug. Doing this will make your subconscious relinquish old grudges and memories against these people. This is especially good if you blame your problems or ruin on family and friends. Remember, even if other people have screwed you over in life, do you want that experience to keep screwing you over after they've left or do you want to clean yourself of it?

After this you might feel empty inside and drained or released. You'll start to notice differences in how you act and treat others. You'll become more free and peaceful, able to control life again. You'll notice that people or situations that used to annoy you no longer do. As you were a little wounded child to the world and now have grown up emotionally.


Chakra Healing and Development of the Higher Circuits

Alright. Now this part is work. I won't sugar coat it or make it out to be any more glorious than it is. You'll cry like a bitch and need a shower or two. This is true development of your own emotional and energetic self. I've already covered basic emotional healing and shadow work. Study it well enough that you understand the theory and practice. Now we're going to take it up a notch and work it into the chakra system. The purpose of this exercise and information is to remove all the emotional traumas in your chakras. Then we develop and strengthen the wounds until they turn into a scar, a remnant. This work is ESSENTIAL before attempting kundalini. If you don't remove your imbalances and develop your chakras then they will be enhanced 10 fold from kundalini. This means your anger, desire, ego, fear, pain and any other negative quality starts to control your life until you remove and control it. It's not easy to remove a weed which you've fed. It may be possible to do but it's much easier to cut them while they're young. This work is not for those who can't humble themselves and change. Purification of the mind is the age old lead to gold. So you need to treat this work with absolute respect.

Let's get right down to it. Each of your chakras is related to a certain period of development in your life. Chances are you've only developed the first three to really any practical extent(root, sacral and solar plexus). This goes for about 80% of humans. Each chakra will have a wound from that period of development. Think of these wounds like your trials and given tests in life. If you were not fed properly as a baby then your root chakra will remember that and in adult life you will fear for your survival. Or maybe you were poor and never were able to satisfy your ego with material possessions in highschool which has lead to a solar plexus mark. This leads you to buy expensive clothes and cars to impress others around you. To understand our own wounds we must first know the chakras. Your wounds to do with the root chakra will always be related to how you were treated as a little baby. They will be to do with survival and fear. The sacral chakra develops after this in early childhood. Problems here are related to your desire, be it for food, sex, drugs or other dependencies. Your solar plexus develops around adolescence. Wounds in this area will be to do with your ego. The ego is like your personal avatar, the way you present and think of yourself. You're going to need to go into deep meditation and ask yourself/ recall all of the traumatic events in your life. Go through each chakra trying to remember/decipher what might of happened in your life and how you were mistreated. Refer to my previously linked guide for a thorough explanation on how to fix this. But basically you need to change the memory into one where you were given what you needed or where everything went well. For example if you were not fed correctly you need to change the memory into one that you were fed properly. If you are bitter about not finding love in your younger years you need to change your memories so that you did. This releases all emotional bindings and ties to your past wounds. You may feel awkward about this. But just do it. Confront the pain so much that you can only feel love and bliss for the memories that you might of been raped, starved, abused or harmed. Not in a way that you enjoy it but in a way that you see it as a wounded child. Be compassionate and loving to this child.

Go through each memory in your life, reliving it and alchemizing the negative emotions into positive ones. This is a long process which can take several days of work to get thoroughly fixed. You also need to start externalizing these changes which should happen naturally. If you have a dependence on a drug and then clean the wound related to this one you need to actually stick with the change and give up your addiction. These changes will usually come naturally after some time.



Next circuit is the heart chakra, our 4th. Developing this is a little more difficult and thus most of humanity still struggles to understand it even exists. That's why most people can't understand your mystical or occult experiences. When they can't even tap into compassion they will never be able to even comprehend that something higher exists. They say the heart chakra is like a door or bridge to the higher centres of your being. The lower three chakras are your lower self (Which most of humanity is trapped in) and the highest three are your higher self (Creativity, spirituality and perception. That's why you can probably still talk to your artist or stoner friend). This is how you know we're getting into serious stuff. To put it simply I'm decoding a lot of occult intangible gibberish into practical techniques and information. To develop the heart chakra you need to gain humility and compassion as well as true self love. This means forgiving everyone who's ever done you wrong, apologising to everyone you've ever done wrong to and starting to love yourself so much that your body and mind are a home(This is all done in your imagination through visualization. I would never make you leave the house young wizards). People without self love cannot feel comfortable with who they are. They also do not treat their bodies and minds correctly.

The meditations for this chakra are similar to before. Enter a meditative trance state and bring up one by one everyone you know. Your mother and father are especially important as we need to integrate the "divine masculine and feminine". *fun jokes* How do you know someone's still internally a (man)child? They hate and can't deal with their parents or everyone of a certain gender. This is shown in mythologies as the hero slaying or defeating his parents(Jupiter killing Saturn. Or as Mantak says "Slay the Satan".). Imagine someone in front of you and forgive them, say sorry to them and allow them to do the same. You need to "feel" as if this is actually happening. Your subconscious can't tell the difference between reality and fiction. Many people have blocks at this point where they can't forgive their parents or someone who greatly hurt them. Think of it this way. If you were raped as a child and cannot forgive the person who wounded you, you're still being hurt and restricted in life by this person. But if you give up the attachment to them then you've essentially freed yourself from it.

Next is the part about self love. You need to change your internal dialogue to one of love and respect for yourself. Instead of saying "You're useless for failing this" or "why did you fuck up and masturbate/smoke dope/drink/binge eat again" tr y to use an opposite positive polarity. "We'll get it next time" "I can change and become better" "I understand your pain and will help you change". You might find yourself changing your diet, exercising, quitting addictions and negative habits, finding new friends and love, exploring new avenues of yourself, taking up new hobbies and many more things when you start to work with yourself instead of against it. This is where your meditation comes in handy. Through mindfulness meditation we're able to "catch" ourselves in negative thought loops or pre-programmed self hatred. You might also notice in certain locations and activities you will have more of these negative thought loops. You can try a banishing ritual like projecting positive and loving chi in the rooms or on the items of these activities. We can leak and stain items with so much bad chi that we create a negative talisman(The opposite can be done "lucky charms").



*yay for funky music keeping me going*


As a freebie I'll throw in some information on developing the throat chakra and third eye. This is not going to be a guide as the previous one for the heart is. Well it kind of. is Figure it like planting seeds. Your throat chakra is the centre of self expression and creativity. Seeing as we express ourselves through our creativity and voice. To develop this centre you'll want to take up a hobby that you can express creativity through be it arts, craft or other. Remember that creativity can be expressed in almost anything even if it's cooking or a binary activity like coding. You can even creatively make your fingers dance on a table if you so desire to get the ball rolling. This will allow you to learn more about yourself since whatever you pour creativity into will resemble your true nature. Think of it like pulling your true self outside of your mind into reality. I heavily recommend everyone to take up a hobby which uses their body like singing or dancing (tai chi) that you can perform anywhere be it in the bath/shower or outside at a park. By this I mean you can pull it out whenever you want. You can even pretend you're the next mf doom if you don't want to sing.

Your third eye is what you see with. Everything is energy, a singular vibration. Your third eye is able to see the entirety of this vibration. Except most people's perception is shrouded by lies and negative imprints, past failures, etc. Meditate over this for a while. Developing this centre will require you to learn how to perceive what is beyond your two eyes. Using the imagination we're able to perform amazing feats. I've scryed into people's rooms and told them correct details of their clothing and room features. Entered others bodies only to see that their location appeared exactly as imagination. Picked up on thought channels in rooms which are later vocalized. Read minds, Learned and received practical information and meditations in the astral. Intuitively been guided to spiritual plants and many more things. I would be here all day listing the perception shattering experiences I've had but these are some examples of the abilities we can perform with our third eye centre. I believe there are many books in psionics and parapsychology which you may develop these abilities in. One of our helpful members has been talking about cyclomancy for this field of development.

Anyway If anyone is game enough to actually do any of this work feel free to ask questions to clear up any misunderstandings or for some general guiding in it. If you want to go for kundalini (I'll write a guide for soon) then you will really want to clean up your emotional body wounds as much as you can. At the end of the day there's only so much you can do to prepare for it though. Either way your entire life will flip upside down and you'll be forced to drown in the filth of your own suffering and childhood wounds until you climb out of it bloody and bruised. But I can't deny it's worth it. Godlike development awaits for those who feel the call.



Astral Projection - Scrying Method and Gateways - Basic Introduction

Aight let's go over some basic stuff just so you're clear on what you're doing.

The astral plane is related to Yesod in the Qabalah, the womb of Gaia as they say. That means in "human measured thought distance" we're right next to it. A little different from the mental and causal planes which are thought of as further away. In this case we're only using distance to grasp an idea since you may exist in all planes from any location. I'm probably only complicating things more than they need so don't think too hard on this.

So really the astral plane could be thought of as a dreamy plasticine wonderland of psychedelic-esc fun where you get to play with spirits, gods, ancestors, other people, bodhisattva/teachers and other astral critters/beings as well as world creation to pre-manifest, draft out some physical skills and objects among many other things. The astral is your imagination. Same place you go in astral projections, dreams and lucid dreams. Except you're just in a personal bubble for dreams and lucid dreams mostly and where astral traveling is more like a multiplayer experience where you start interacting with over people/energies in whatever vibration/plane you're in.

So how do you get to it? quite simply you just use your imagination be it auditory, visual or other. Sounds too good to be true right? You'll want to enter a really deep trance state for the best results and also do a little bit of chakra work on the third eye and qi-gong on your pineal for the best results and connection. Start firing up your imagination. Think of it like you're navigating in a land where your thoughts are your vessel. Want to go to another country? think it. Want to see an astral replica of a friend? imagine them in front of you. Now this may sound kinda lame "you mean I just use my imagination?" "Isn't this kind of rubbish or fake?". Those questions will be answered once you start pulling "light" out of darkness and surprise yourself with true life progress. If you want you can let your subconscious take you on a trip like a rowboat in a streaming current. You may also astral project via conscious sleep but that is a little more advanced than what most of our neophytes can handle at this stage. This is what most books will give you techniques for. It comes naturally when you heal your body, charge up your lower tan tien and do other qi gong activities like juicing up the pineal and pituitary glands. But that's going to take time and hard work so get comfortable(or agitated).

Another fun technique which I used to mainly use back in my Hermetic and Qabalah days is to use "Astral gateways". You've probably already seen planetary sigils and tattvas before(if not then look them up and probably check out that Qabalah thread I wrote a while back to get an idea on the spheres). Well It's time to put them to use. Start by meditating and lightly glancing at one of these. You sigil/tattva will depend on what plane you wish to travel to be it the Earth, Martian, Venusian or some kind of gate in another grimoire like the Necronomicon. Then when you have the sigil burnt inside of your mind you simply need to "adjust/align" your vibration or intention towards it. Some people find putting it on a door or making a portal and affirming the sigil into it works well(I used to use the portal method since I clip into world geometry with astral doors). You can feel it swallowing you and the energy of the sigil becoming one with you and opening something up inside your mind. This is good fun since you can meet tons of useful spirits to scry of and work with.

I recommend keeping a pen and journal in your hands during this if you're using the scrying method. Astral memories are held in short term so they will burst like a soap bubble.

I recommend during a shielding ritual before each sessions as well as learning or creating a custom astral fighting style. Sounds ridiculous except you'll thank me when you have to take on some nasty astral critters after opening a gateway to who knows where. You might also want to banish or ground yourself after to clean of any residue.


Kundalini Rising/Raising the Dragon

Alright. Here's my final main piece for this thread. After that I won't be writing up threads or exercises until the community grows and they're needed. There's not enough good information on Qi-gong, energy work and the occult in general on the internet when it comes to practical and useful work that you can understand without decoding. I say this as a means to try inspire you to take my work, make it your own and forge upon it. Whatever you feel you're here for in life to do. Whatever you feel ties you and binds you to this world. You're going to need to work on it and walk the path yourself. Others can give you little bits of information and guiding that might make you think a little differently. But ultimately you're on your own. Become the master.

With sharing this well guarded(probably rightfully so) and dangerously powerful exercise I would hope that you're able to make your own calls for if it's time or right for you to do. It's not for the faint of heart or the undedicated. This will put your esoteric progress and life in general on overdrive. A man can waste 50 years before deciding it's time for a change. But after this you're going to suffer psychological and ego death on a weekly basis if you don't change with the unleashed forces. Your life can become a living misery akin to depression and apathy, to emotional instability and the "magicians craziness". Your entire body can suffer damage to the nervous system, inability to exercise or to move it beyond the bare minimum because of intense overheating and "short circuiting". Just like the cleaning hands of a psychedelic, you will be shown every last piece of filth and trash stored up in your mind and ego. You might quit your job, school and give up friends, family or people you thought you held dear. Your entire life will slowly change for better and worse since both paths eventually lead to freedom from suffering. I'm not trying to say this is all bad as more power and energy than you could ever imagine will be at your fingertips. The ability to perform and learn faster than ever before, like a child. To grow physically and spiritually at enhanced rates. Wells of creativity, intuition and mastery open up to you for consumption. You will become super human. Mundane life becomes easy mode but controlling and managing your own self becomes the opposite. This is why I've posted a detailed thread and second last post about emotional body healing. You'll want to scrub every last fault and problem that you have before trying to accomplish kundalini. Else wise they're enhanced 10 fold. Every emotional problem, habit, fault and delusion in your life. With this they will be shed quicker than ever, but you need to be a strong person to handle it. Also I heavily suggest you have been practicing energy work for at least 2 months every day. You need to build up a strong nervous system and energy body so you don't suffer any possible damage. Though you can heal the damage done. A minor detail I rememberis that you need to be practicing a meat free diet for (I believe it is a week in advance thought I'm not sure on this. You'll need to source this somewhere else) this to properly work. Other things are eating a light meal or fasting for that day(energy work is hard with digestion). You may want to also ground and bathe or clean your aura up before this.

Now that we've taken that out of the way let's get onto the actual practice. Firstly I'm going to admit that I had no idea on the theory of kundalini when I risen it(this is not a onetime deal but damn is it effective the first). In fact I had done it about a month and a half after reading and practicing Robert Bruce's New Energy Ways book. One night I had been intuitively guided to perform a strange series of energetic exercises and techniques which progressively lead to a full kundalini experience. Later on I figured this out after studying the theory and practice of kundalini in more detail. I've come to the conclusion that you don't really need the theory for it. In fact it can just overcomplicate and confuse you more. Study it if you want but I will only be giving what you need to practically do it.



Start by pre stimulating your energetic body. I perform this while laying down on my back(I did it in a bed the first few times and now on the floor except things can get a bit intense there) and have found padmasana to be uncomfortable and restricting for the energy flow. Once you feel your energy body is ready you can start by opening the chakras, drawing energy to them and using your own personal technique for activating/opening. Do this until you've reached all the way up to the crown chakra. This work is just to get your energy body open and warmed up. Next start to draw energy from whatever source works best for you be it the hands, feet, third eye, crown, perineum or other into your root chakra at the perineum. The idea here is that we build up a huge amount of energy at the root which we then warm up and build into an explosive push that unlocks the dormant kundalini energy inside of your tailbone or sacral chakra. Continue building up energy at the root chakra for around 2-5 minutes. You'll want to have your intuition guiding you this entire process so follow that. Eventually once you feel it is time, start opening and activating the root chakra. Just as if we were doing normal chakra exercises except this time it will feel stronger and like we're building something up. This part of the process is the build up phase where we need to keep activating it until an explosion of energy happens. It can take up to around 5 or more minutes until the root chakra explodes. You'll start to feel your entire energy body pulsate, grow, electrify, lighen and do other strange things. Your coccyx might start to feel electric and your heart chakra might start beating rapidly like the first few OBE attempts. As you continue to build up and pressurize this energy in the perineum it will feel like your entire body is building up steam and is ready to explode. You might feel jolts of energy which make you spasm so try to keep still if you can. Eventually this will all come to a climax where the energy shoots right up your spinal cord to the head. At this part you might feel entirely like jelly or like you've separated from your body or are in two bodies. There is many strange phenomena that can be experienced at this point and usually intense amounts of energy and astral projections can follow that night. At this point you've successfully raised kundalini. Congratulations.

I suggest you to perform this at least once a month for as long as you can to continue the development and modification of your entire energy body. Kundalini is a slow process that eventually engulfs all of your chakras and completely changes them. Not to say you won't gain effects and benefits the next morning because you completely will.


File: 1453253550403-0.png (23.21 KB, 520x312, 5:3, 1444127608009-0.png)

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Sexual alchemy/Tantric masturbation

I had a bad feeling that I had forgotten an exercise. I figure this is one that might help some of the masturbation addicts here. You'll need to have a good feel for moving energy and the microcosmic orbit before attempting this practice.

Let's get straight down to it. First exercise we'll be learning to control an erection (Can't help you on this one girls. Either experiment yourself or go read Mantak Chia's many books). It's fairly simple since all you need to do is create a circuit from your testicles and penis to the back of your head or right at the pineal gland. We've gone over creating circuits in previous exercises and if you can't do that just sweep and drag the energy from your genitals up the back of your spine through the microcosmic orbit. For finding the pineal all you need to do is tighten your anus, iris and mouth. This will create a tension in your head where the pineal is located. This pulls the fiery yang chi out of your genitals and into your head where you may accumulate it to charge the brain or bring it down into the lower tan tien through the microcosmic orbit. Eventually you will be able to control an erection within seconds. A convenient trick for modern society.

Once you've mastered erection control you're basically done. All you need to do in your own sexual practice is repeat and continue this energy drawing tactic. Also learn to control your breathing and tension of your body especially the hips. This will help to alleviate energy blocks. Continue slowly building up energy at the head or running it through your microcosmic orbit while masturbating/ in intercourse until you feel it is enough. This energy is very potent and can be used to heal or enhance your body. It also works well to energise yourself through the microcosmic orbit. The final piece of this is stopping the ejaculation. Technically you have taken out the "light" from your sperm but it is good protocol to hold onto the nutrients. Try this while urinating to get a feel for it(though note that it will require more tension and strength to hold in sperm than urine because of the force behind it). Take your three main hand fingers and press them up against the perineum behind your leg. Try to hit the middle of the perineum with a strong amount of force that it closes up the pipe where the urine and sperm come out of. I will supply an imagine to give a better idea of this.

Anyway give it a shot. Don't get mad if you accidentally ejaculate all of your built up light. You've still captured and harnessed a lot of the energy inside of it so don't feel too sad. Though I would not advice using this practice as an excuse for your own lust.


Using the chakras

I felt like I should make a little write up so here we are. I'll teach you a practical application and ability of each chakra(There are many!! But you need to find them out yourself with experimentation). I want everyone to start playing around and experimenting with this. You can do most of these(if not all) right now. This will help give everyone a more practical "understanding" of their body. Learn to use the vessel artfully as your tool.

First we all know the root chakra is about survival. Next time you start feeling a biological emotion to do with survival focus on this centre. It may be hunger or fear. Start honing in and feel the root. Calm it down via your will and energy. Next is our sacral. Do you need to conjure up more energy and desire for a certain project? Feel this centre and rev up that desire. Keep feeling as if you REALLY want to do something. Then we have our solar plexus which is will. Are you a floppy dead spineless jelly fish? Kindle this area until it alights into a fiery solar orb of strength(Feel the dragon or warrior inside of you). Feel your passion, will and rageful power(in a good way) channel from this area. At the heart we can feel absolute bliss. You don't need alcohol anymore once you've unlocked this. This is the centre where we can control and cultivate our emotions(For ritual work as well). Try to make yourself almost drunk with the feeling of love at this centre. It will help you connect with others. At our throat we can activate creativity and self expression. You might be a shy person who has social anxiety. Next time you need to talk to someone try focusing on the throat chakra and powering it up. See how much more open you start to feel. Mileage for the next two will depend on your own abilities and experience. Powering up your third eye helps immensely with visualization. Any ritual work will require this area since it opens up your metaphysical 6th sense. Let this one slide unless you know what you're doing and actually need it. And at the 7th chakra our crown, we open up to let our true self come through. Opening this up will allow your intuition and guidance to sky rocket. You know that voice which tells you not to do things and to do some things?

Do this right now. I want you all to have your own experiences. By now you should all know how to activate a chakra at will so this should be easy. Activate your solar plexus and get some work done or force yourself to do something spontaneous. Cultivate a new desire to do something at the sacral. Create some kind of artistic work with the help of your throat chakra or do some scrying and astral projection via using the third eye. If you're reading this for entertainment then you're wasting your time. Start cultivating your own abilities and control over your body. When you control the body and mind you control the world. A couple minutes of your time to try the exercises in this thread will lead to true knowledge and wisdom of a part of yourself you've never known existed.


File: 1453253688868.jpg (247.99 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1364097558886.jpg)

I'll be dropping some knowledge here about WHY you want to be doing this stuff. What is kundalini energy? It's your creative force and energy. What we use to create, to do, to live. The energy that decides the level of your health is this same energy. It runs up your spine from the coccyx and goes to the two glands pineal and pitutiary which regulate hormones for your body. Most people either ejaculate it away or clog it with too much blockage in their bowels and digestive track and emotional organs. Either you create or consume energy in this world. Both can be done and kept in balance. Consuming energy will always brainwash you(Think tv, movies, music) while some forms are lesser or could be thought of as good brainwashing. Creating allows you to push forth your own Godly self or true self upon the world. With creation you learn more about yourself and about who you truly are. You impress the world with your own being like a carpenter creating a wooden statue of himself. Cultivate your energy and you will begin to cultivate your own consciousness. YOU ARE THE GOD. CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD.




Go educate yourselves and soak up everything you can.

This thread is only the basic exposure of this system. It will prepare you for stepping into the larger world.


Intermediate Routine

This routine is intended to be done (If wished) in two parts. It will take you 15 + 15 = 30 minutes to do. This routine will cover your entire energetic side. All that's left is for you to do the physical side which is your stretching, weights, cardio or whatever you wish to do. It's intended to be a quick routine that compresses larger techniques from 10-15 minutes into 2-3 minutes.

Start out with 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation. I can't begin to say how IMPORTANT this is. If you can't do anything else in your day at least get 15 minutes of mindfulness. This keeps a thread connection to the divine meaning you can never slip fully from grace if you do this every day.

Next move into about 2 minutes of warm-up exercises. Do a cleaning exercise like imagining a solar orb above your head running white liquid into your body washing all the negative energy downwards. And then pull yin from the ground into your body to stabilize it. You may also perform an inner smile or 6 healing sounds. You can even use an ordinary bath or shower and visualize the water cleaning your aura. Finally you may also imagine your astral body surrounded by a white field and in that field is a white cloud that cleans your aura. See how many different exercises we can use to fulfil the same intention.



After that we spend 3 minutes working on the lower dan tien. Start tracing a red silhouette in your lower naval as if you looked at a birds eye you would see the silhouette (horizontal). Or you may roll it in circles and spiral it. We simply wish to warm it up. After that imagine pulling solar energy through your entire body (pore breathing) into this dan tien. Breath energy straight into it through naval breathing.

Spend 2-3 minutes warming up the chakras. Start at the root and pull energy into it via pore breathing or pulling via the hand, feet, perineum, crown or third eye points. Work your way up to the crown remembering that there is a chakra at the front and back for each chakra besides the crown and root.

After you've done this you will want to pull more energy into your naval area. Pull some energy to your kidneys warming them up activating your original force. Spend about 2-3 minutes on this exercise. Pull the kidney energy and the scraps from the lower dan tien into the naval. Spiralling it imagining you're holding a solar ball. Pull yin from the perineum(your connection to the earth) and yang from the heavens into your crown down to the naval. Combine all these energies as if your naval is a big cook pot.

Our final and most important exercise will take the remainder of our time, 5 minutes (though if you're serious on advancing further I would bump this up to 10 then 15). Take the energy we've gathered at the naval and start cycling it down the front of your body. Cycling it within the microcosmic orbit. Try clear all the meridians within the front and back channels of your body. After sufficiently cycling you may take this energy into the lower dan tien (you can charge the other as well but I suggest the lower only until your energy body has developed). Spiral it into the lower dan tien until you feel the energy is all collected.

One exercise I forgot which you will spend about half a minute on during the dan tien warming up is bouncing the taiji pole. Bounce your awareness from the crown to the root chakra trying to feel inside your entire body. Then imagine as if a pillar of light is forming within here enlightening and flaming your entire body. Bringing it alive.

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File: 1453254117514.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1447141360638.jpg)

Yin fields

I'm an avant follower of blessing food. Might as well make it useful in some way other than silencing the emotions and bodies cries(hahaha, oh help me). So one day I'm blessing a coffee cup and notice that I can enter a state where there I "connect" with the liquid, as if there is no difference between me and the drink. Ultimately there is none except for your perception of it. If you can intellectually understand it this far then you can perform this technique. It is a little more advanced than some of the others but at the same time it's very simple. We've discussed the use of "yi" to focus our mind, perception, visualization and all that other stuff in order to direct and control energy. Well this is very similar except you're learning how to control it outside of yourself through using what I like to call a "yin field". I use this word because in this practice we're using our yi to tap into a passive "yin" field of something outside(or inside) of yourself. Be it a meal, computer, book, other person, planet, empty space/air or something else. Try to imagine it as if you're projecting your own awareness outside of your body like in astral projection. But you're growing in awareness of what you are connected with. If you know much astral theory you can then understand that it's kind of like we're becoming aware of the object or areas astral presence and linking up with it. Whoah, that's a lot to think about. I think a picture will explain this easier.

There are a few preliminary exercises and requirements for this one. Though I can see that you could develop them while practicing this technique. You'll want to have a basic level of energy sense. Let's begin. Go into a trance state and warm your energetic body up. The fuzz or static is what you want. Try to project this around your hands. Left is yin and right is yang. As long as you can feel we're good. Next is some experience in food blessing or any kind of lesser magic. Ideally you need the ability to "tune" yourself with an intent or certain frequency. Can you feel as if you're falling? or that you're made out of metal or stone, and as heavy and dense. And then how about your emotions. Can you feel intense levels of joy or pleasure at will? In food blessing we simply pick an intention and feel as if it has already become a reality. Immersing yourself in the pleasure and success it brings. And now we're going to take it to a higher level of complexity.

Start out by picking an object. Preferably solid like a cup or cutlery and something that wont dirty your hands. You'll want to feel it all over and remember how it feels. This is actually just a crutch as with higher ability you can feel it with mind alone. You may be able to do this already. Once you've felt it with your physical hands begin by touching it with your astral hands. To do this you simply need to imagine as if you have another set of hands which are imaginarily touching the object. Feel the density, texture, weight and stability of the object. Now create an astral or imaginary cloud of energy which feels the object and immerses or bathes it within the chi. You may want to put your hands over the object to help you. Can you still feel the object with this cloud? After this try to merge the cloud of energy with the object. Connecting with the structure and formation of it. As if you're reading the "yin" or passive schematics of the object. This is best done first with water. Get a cup of water and immerse your yi cloud into the water. I call this cloud a "yin field" as it's a field of yin energy since you're trying to feel and pick up on the objects impressions. Feel the Spatial area of the water, the liquidity, density and weight. Shake the cup up a little and try to put yourself within it again and feel the movement. Almost as if you're being shaken back and forth. Practice by projecting out a yin field on different kind of objects, your body and empty space.



If this practice is too difficult for you currently then take it a step back. Perform the same exercises except within your own body. Pick a location on your hand and create a spherical or other shaped yin field within it. Keep your yi held on this area and feel how it awakens the circuitry within your hand. I suggesting creating a sphere within your lao-gong point in the palm(google brutha). We can now change this yin field into a yang field. It becomes yang once we change from passive observation to active forcing and intention. Start to imagine this sphere burning with energy. Similar to our previous chakra exercises. You can feel it spirally with energy, burning like a sun or pressurizing and gathering within like a black hole. Create a custom sensation which you personally feel works best for you using either tactile, visual or both imaginations.

Now that we've briefed over changing our passive yin field into an active yang field we can test this out through some experiments in order to learn how to use it more. Go grab a glass of water or one of your meals and put it in front of you. Warm up both of your hands by projecting an energy field around and inside of them. Place them around the food item. Start to project your yin field around and inside the food item and remember that you don't need to visualize a link or chain from you to the object but it may be done if it helps you. Feel the object, become it! The texture, the warmth, size and any detail you can bring to mind. As if it is a part of you like your hands and feet. Now start to bring up your intention for the ritual that you wish to impress within your mind. It could be a goal, a change of habit or anything else that changes your current state and consciousness. Feel as if you're already experiencing the future where this is a reality. As if you've jumped time and achieved your goal. No doubt within your emotions and mind that it exists already. Bring your awareness back to your yin field in the food and change it to a yang field. Imagine as if the object you're blessing has become the future where you've achieved the goal. A good way to think of this is that you pick an apple, put a yin field around it and try to form the apple to taste like an orange. As if your field carries the intention to taste like orange and you're simply merging the two.

Try to get the concept down and do a little practice with it. I have a few more exercises which use this yin field concept which I will go over a little later. Stuff like cultivation using it and healing. Essentially this is my way to explain and teach "yi". Except it's a method which takes it further because you can now tap into the astral component of reality with your energy. We're essentially fusing western and eastern. Anyway I thought I would try to learn photo editing to give a comical but helpful visual representation to this and future exercises.


File: 1453254307564-0.png (20.75 KB, 550x371, 550:371, 1448894617357-0.png)

File: 1453254307564-1.png (30.2 KB, 551x367, 551:367, 1448894617358-1.png)

The breathe

"To control yourself you must control your breathe." In each skill that I practice be it martial or body arts, artistic pursuits of visual and musical arts, patience and control of ones will, or spiritual practices in meditation there are two key factors. Control of the breathe and control of the posture. Your spines location decides how far the energy from the sacral and coccyx runs through the spines. Slant it around the stomach below the solar plexus and you will be overcome with desire for appetite. Hold sexual arousal and the energy will go no further than your sexual organs. Close up your heart and feel inadequate to expression and your energy will stop around the heart and throat points. Vulnerability allows expression of your true self. Though one must learn to become a master alchemist and allow all harm to pass through like light and water.

Onto the breathe. Breath inadequately and your spine will not have the energy required to fuel each centre. You may notice depressed folk cannot hold their posture correctly and will breathe shallowly. Spirit is the same word used for breath or air in many cultures and languages. Rightfully so. To control the breath is to control your bodies energy supply. Not only that but the lungs act as an internal biological pump. Each exhale massages the organs and sets a natural rhythm of your entire body - the sacral spinal rhythm. Try to understand how the breathe is so intimately connected with your bodies current level of energy and creative fuel. Not only that but the breathe is your bodies main source of detoxification as the skin and lungs remove around 70-80% of the bodies toxic yield. This is difficult to understand at first but through full body breathing becomes a realization. The faster and harder you breath the more your body pumps blood and lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system cleans out all of the toxic waste within your body. This is why you might find yourself feeling light toxic shock and weakness after exercise or breath work which works the lymphatic system.




Think of your breath as the bodies control mechanism. We as conscious beings understand that the body is not us, but simply a tool or our own vessel of God - the self - nature. First we must understand proper breathing techniques. View the pictures I'll include about the upper diaphragm. You have under your lungs a balloon like parachute which expands and contracts to allow the lungs to expand. You need to breath from this area which is located just below the sternum and above the intestines. Try to breath from this area like a pump. From the chest. Around the middle not at your shoulder or upper chest area and not around the intestines or belly region but within the middle. Combine all three areas to form a full breath. You will know you have this down when you can breathe completely silently. You need to train yourself not to breath from the nose or throat region which cause sound and strain/stress. Breathe in as deeply (to the lower naval - urogenital diaphragm area- lower dan tien) as you can without straining or causing unneeded pressure. A full silent breath at around 3.5 seconds in and 3.5 out. Try to always become conscious of the breathe. This may be difficult and annoying at first but with consciousness of the breathe brings true awareness and control of the body and mind. You can first start this practice in your mindfulness meditations and allow it to branch out. I also suggest breathing in fresh outdoors air. Open a window, door or two if you are able to.

Now onto utilizing this breathe. Your natural rhythm will set your body into the heart or true self state. This is who you are beyond the ego. This could be thought of as your creative childlike self. To enter the lower self or your body increase your rhythm by 2x. If you breath at 7 seconds per cycle then increase it to 3.5. Notice how your body starts to pump fasters and how you become conscious and aware of your body. This is good for any kind of exercise as it allows connection with the bodies subconscious. Now slow the breathe down by 2x to 14 seconds a cycle and notice how you relax completely and start to enter a deep trance state. Slow breathing is the key to entering a theta and then delta state. It slows the bodies organs and processes to slow down (the breath is the key to how fast your body works and pumps) allowing you to enter the non physical counter part of reality. Partner this with some chakra meditation and you'll have a powerful sense of visualization - near perfect for the advanced practitioners. This slow breathe allows you to feel your entire energy body and interact with it with much greater strength. I'll call these two breathing techniques the yin - slow and yang - fast breathe. Try out the yang breathe while you begin a physical training sessions and watch how your lifts increase. Then try out the yin breathe during your meditation or ritual work. You can begin to see how we can have complete dominance over our bodies by means of the breathe. You may trigger this instantly. A small warning is that if you're digesting a lot of food the yin breathe will be very difficult.


File: 1453254384908.png (97.93 KB, 1163x641, 1163:641, 1448894706798.png)

As our Second bonus technique I'll teach you the left and right brain breathing technique. Any of my pranyama yogis will know this one. You have two brain hemispheres, the left which controls your scientific functions like logical work and the right which controls the artistic like creative abilities. These also control the opposite locations of the body. "Ida flows through the left nostril and Pingala through the right nostril. Ida is also called Chandra Nadi (moon) and Pingala as Surya Nadi (sun). Ida is cooling and Pingala is heating." So your Ida channel is Yin and the Pingala is Yang. Feel your breathe and see which nostril it is mainly coming out of. Left will mean your Ida is predominate and the right will indicate the Pingala(This runs on a cycle throughout the day. Ida night and Pingala day I believe). Our exercise is changing the flow from Ida or left to pingala or right. To activate Pingala you will plug up the left nostrol (Ida) and breath through the right. This makes the left brain activated. Vice verca. So you can think that whatever nostril you block will activate that part of the brain. Block the left nostril to activate the left brain hemisphere and vice verca. This might be a little confusing to understand but please do try to understand. I'll post a picture to show the correspondences of the left and right brains for what they do. Also you may activate both brain hemispheres by blocking the left nostril. Exhaling. Blocking the right. Inhale, exhale. Then repeat it with the other nostril for around 10-30 cycles. This energizes the brain significantly. Give it all a shot.

That last section may require a bit of meditation. This is your que yogic brothers to add your experiences on this.

Final technique in this breathing mega series is of direction of the breathe. This is for the students who are having trouble feeling energy. Instead we are going to use the breathe as our energy source. Simply breath in and try to "feel" as if you're in taking an etheric sense with your astral senses. This may be directed and guided to your lower dan tien for storage or to any part in the body like a wound or pain. You will find that it removes the pain and increases the healing of that area. Try it! There are many other uses of this technique as we can use it for our chakra work to breath into chakras to activate and warm them up. You may find you enjoy using the breathe as a directing force for your own energy work and use it as your main tool. A martial artist will use and direct his own breathe to enhance and control the flow of his bodies movement in this manner. The aspiring guru and daoist master will do the same with their meditation.

One last thought I wish to give everyone is of full body breathing. Our body naturally does this but as most functions it is inferior to a conscious version of it. The kidney cleanses and detoxifies through the skin. Through conscious interference you are able to use the entire body for breathing. Not only this but you can also draw in chi through it as well to enhance your bones, nervous system, ligaments, muscles, organs and other energetic parts. Ponder over it and give it a shot next time you're in meditation. Feel the entire body and will it to form an in and out rhythm with your breathe.


File: 1453254474516-0.gif (125.3 KB, 444x444, 1:1, 1449059059957-0.gif)

File: 1453254474517-1.gif (339.88 KB, 444x444, 1:1, 1449059059957-1.gif)

Blockages (in the Microcosmic Orbit, MCO)

During your practices with energy work you may find certain areas in the limbs and especially the Microcosmic orbit which are difficult to move energy through. It feels as if the energy is squished towards the sides of your body and tries to find an alternate pathway through. Just like a blocked pipe it reroutes through failure of pass. These are your energy bodies blockages. They need to be worked out and removed for you to live a more fulfilling and complete life. Think of your micro cosmic orbit as a solar system. Each planet orbits around the sun in a perfect way. If there is any disturbance in any orbit, each planet will be effected and it throws of the entire system. The same way with your body how it is your own personal solar system. Think of the energy like water chipping away at a stone. Gradually the blockages will be removed with time if you put in the work. Here today I have a few new handy techniques which I've found help immensely to remove the blockages.

First you need to map out your own blockages. Either mentally or on paper depending on which you prefer and require. Run the microcosmic orbit through your body and take note of where it feel difficult and weak to pass through. This may feel as if the energy wishes to pass around or that you simply loose concentration and body awareness every loop at that point. With more energy means more sensations so feel free to pool as much energy at the naval before starting a session(as well as drawing in some kidney jing and sexual energy to ramp it up if you wish). Next you'll want to run energy through the limbs, arms and legs to find out which spots are effected there. You will find your blockages correspond to certain meridian channels - organs and chakras. These blockages tell the story of your own life since they are a replica of your energetic to physical problems. I noticed this while clearing my own blockages memories would appear of experiences of the past and present to show what I've been doing to cause them. An example would be you may have a root chakra blockage out of continuous fear. This burns part of the circuit and disallows it going any further. Or a solar plexus blockage if you always feel you cannot express your will freely. A throat blockage if you're shy and unable to communicate naturally to others. You probably get the idea about now.

There are two techniques which I give to help you in your own journey. The first is the "Cosmic yin, yang spiral". To perform this technique you simply pull yin from the earth with your feet or perineum depending on the posture and spiral it through your legs, body (blockages will try to hault this flow. Relax and slowly allow it to pass like a wave of water. Heavy but gentle), down and up the arms, neck and head. Do this in whichever direction intuitively feels natural(clockwise or counter). Then pull yang down from your crown point and do the same except in reverse. Continue for another cycle or as long as you feel necessary. There is a Gif picture given to visually show this.


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Our second technique is a simple reverse flow technique. View the gif of the dragons quest to create a harmonious body in alignment with the dao. This young dragon passes through a blockage in the yang warming path (up to the crown on the back and to the root on the front) and then back to the yin or cooling path. To perform this technique you simply perform the microcosmic orbit as usual except whenever you encounter a blockage you run the energy back and forth throughout the entire body area where the blockage is. By this I mean don't just run energy up and down a small path of the sternum. But the entire sternum and rib cage area(Wide instead of thin). Or not just at the spine. But entire back of the torso(in the area the blockage is). This clears all of your meridians as well as the main chakras. After the blockage has been loosened continue the orbit path until you come across another. Run a full cycle and repeat. You may combine both exercises and do one after the other. Wrapping around the heart area and pushing up and down the sternum/rib since the entire body does not need to be spiralled if you just wish to clear one blockage or area.

This may add an extra 10-20 minutes to your practice time since blockages are rather tough to counter. But I'll wager that after a couple days or a week of practice you will feel better than ever. Old habits and cycles will pass and you'll become a greater master of yourself. Remember that your blockages in life are what manifest as blockages in the energy body. Fixing the microcosm fixes the macrocosm. Good luck!


Not sure what thread to put this in(I figure here since it's energy work related) but I seem to have developed the ability to sleep about 2-3 hours a day. Not really sleep but more conscious rest.

There are two main phases in sleep. The delta meditation stage of healing and balance and the REM stage where your mind "defrags".

As students of nature we've learned how to enter this delta state consciously. To replicate it in your sleep simply sleep on your back without a pillow. Put the pillow under your knees if you wish. Rest in a meditative state for about an hour or two in this state. You also need to take about two 10-30 minute meditation naps during the day (I find 5 minutes of chakra balancing and energy work and 15 of meditation works well). This is your delta state.

You want to keep your body in good condition since we're cutting the healing sleep down(Though to be honest a day of fasting is equivalent to a month of regular sleep I find). So stay alkaline if you can. Though I'm currently out of fruit and have been surviving on acid grains the past few days of developing and first trying this. So it is possible to do if you're an acidic mess. Just use baking soda.

After or before your 1-2 hour block of meditation you'll need to trigger a forced REM state. This is simply done through visualizing. I found out that visualizing in a delta or theta trance state acts as REM sleep and have continued to develop it. The hard part is thinking up what to visualize. I personally use this time to astrally develop skills in physical reality that I'm currently involved and interested in. So you're kind of forcing a lucid dream.

I suggest activating the third eye and charging it before starting this visualization session.

How long do you need to visualize? To be honest I haven't worked that out. I managed just fine on about 10 minutes of this state and 1 hour of delta meditation along with a single nap (Though I've now increased it to two to be on the safe side).

I hypothesize that humans are meant to consciously sleep and control their dreams. I found that when you visualize well enough and long enough you enter it in a lucid dream or astral projection. Though this takes practice. So again. It adds to the hypothesis that we're meant to do this during the night or day.

Warning. This practice is only for those who actively cultivate their internal energies. As I figured this out the night I figured out a lot of the blockage theory. I believe having a good MCO allows for it to work. You may also suffer a time crisis where you don't know what to spend 20 something hours on. So only do this if you actually have a hobby or time sink.

I'd love to hear everyones experiences with sleep experiments as well if you have any.


Improving your vibrations

Once you gain higher levels of sensitivity you begin to feel vibration influences and your own internal state. This vibration level changes through exterior crystals like food, water, people, technology, or really any form of light communication vessel or light in general (music with proper or improper hz tuning, the sun). Be aware that your posture and relaxation (blockages and MCO) will influence it along with your mood and current state of energy and happiness. Most of you who practice these arts may have noticed that many (I believe I've maybe been around two or three positive people while being conscious of this) if not almost all people you come across are subconsciously(or consciously) steal your energy and lowering your energetic state. This may start to feel like a kind of toxicity or suffocation where you need to drink more charged water, take a bath and get outside to counteract this disgusting feeling. The best tip I can give is either to limit time around poisonous people and/or to create your own energy shield through simple visualization and intention.

Nature is the source of all so to get back into nature is the most healing, grounding and energizing thing you can do. Try to perform as many activities as you can outside in nature if this is a possibility for you. Make your house a natural state with crystal, plants and anything which produces "orgone energy". At the moment I'm testing out magnets as I hypothesize magnetic jewellery and house magnets can draw in negative energy(like a miniature earth). Always keep a window (or multiple) open if you're able. Purify your water, put Himalayan salt in it and whatever crystals you wish the water to absorb frequency from. Then leave this water out in the sun. Himalayan salt can also be used for baths to self banish and energetically clean. Most people and electronic devices project negative energies into our aura which need to be cleaned through grounding or absorbed (Which is where the magnets come in). Remember that the earth is a huge ground which pulls out any negative energy within you. Meditating outside not only energizes you from the sun but cleans out much of the energetic waste. Another note is on food. Try to eat as many water rich alkaline(electric) foods that you can.

All of this along with proper maintenance of the body and energy work will develop you into your own solar system, radiating with light and energy. A little note on circuits - hold hands with another person to create a circuit. You can project your own chi outwards and if your flow is strong they should be able to feel it. You may also ask to project chi on their forehead and back of the head with both hands. This produces some amusing results.

Know that any way light can be transmitted it can be manipulated to both frequencies. Our water, food and even electrical poles and street lights all poison our bodies energetically. There is a war going on to keep you stupid, sick, weak and drained. Start slowly improving and making adjustments to transform your house and body into a positive zone or if you can set away from common man and the forces that control.


Here's a little tip to our devout practitioners but mostly to the beginners who're having difficulties. Through much work and experience I've found that the greatest and most powerful force is simply awareness(This may come as a shock). For example. If I wish to clear out a blockage in the arm or leg for example (You can use any bodily location) I will slowly run my awareness through it like water in a river. Lightly taking notice of a location in your body does much more than most of us would think. It's like how a more experienced musician will play with subtle, light and precise touch.

Notice and keep awareness at your finger tips. You may not feel intense sensations of static, electricity, water or other energetic sensations but you will be "Activating" and lighting this area up. Especially if you do as one of our practitioners found out with "focusing" the awareness. This is actually a more advanced technique which bypasses the swirling, breaking, pulsating or other tactile sensations. Though a combination of all can be used. Find what works best for you personally. It may also change with more experience.

If you're able to hold simple awareness then you've already accomplished the most important step of nei-gong or dao-yin. All we need to do after this is experiment and practice.

To show the true power of simple awareness I'd ask all of you to place your awareness in your intestinal-naval region after a meal. If you can, try focus it like a lens or magnifying glass. You may notice the food starts to pass through and digest quicker than ever before.

Hopefully this has opened up your mind to the many possibilities of this kind of work. Experiment with what awareness can do to the many parts of your body. After that you can refine you yin yi or passive awareness so that you can feel negative and positive energies or feel the energetic circuit of your bodies current state( where energy is located as well as blockages, etc).

As a side note try to bring the energy from your breathe to the awareness for an extra boost. Or you can "draw in" chi from all around you to this location.

Have fun and good luck with your practices! I'll be experimenting and learning as always to bring you guys more information and resources.


A little while ago I mentioned using awareness to clear away blockages. I forgot to mention the most important part which is sensation. What you need to do is target an area where there is a blockage (or just go through the entire body slowly) and once you have your awareness placed over it try to "feel" it. By that I mean feel the insides, the organs, glands, flow of blood and such. Feel everything that is going on and try push or force yourself to feel it all. Most of us will notice that we can't feel our insides. This is because we've lost touch with them through modern living.

Remember that your body is your story. Each scar, tension, health problem and other expression is an expression of something deeper and a part of your life.

Here's a picture from R Budd to give a good example.


So whenever you place awareness in let's say your leg and then "feel" around to clear a blockage, you're allowing energy and blood to flow properly into that area, potentially healing the other side. Think of the body like a country. If the roads are blocked then you can't move supplies. Health is much more simple than we've been taught to believe. If you can keep a proper flow of energy and blood then your body will get the right substance to heal, develop and function. The meridians are like rivers which transport water to the plants and animal. The earth being another analogy of us.

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I'm just gonna use this thread to post my health finds.

Sun gazing. I've been testing it out the past week or two and I have to say it's pretty amazing. It seems to give me the effects of fasting except without the act of fasting. Things like rapid healing, high energy, no hunger or need for food and less sleep(as well as dream clarity and intensity).

I haven't had the chance to do it the past 3 or 4 days cause I over did it which caused a temporary burn in effect. Just a note. I do it during afternoon hours(The only optimal and possible time for me to do it) and it's summer here in Australia. I find if I go for around 10-30 seconds that it does not cause any burn in for over a couple minutes, hour or a day at this level. I imagine it will improve with time. Technically you're meant to start with sunset or rise but I've found that you can start at any time really. At least that's my own experience cause I've never been a sunglasses kinda guy.

Give it a shot and see if it helps you. If you do cause a burn in from looking too long then don't worry. Even if it persists for a day or two(even more). It'll be completely gone in a couple days of abstaining from looking at it. I've found it's almost impossible to melt your eyes and cause permanent damage since my eyes force shut after long enough.

I feel as though this is an absolutely necessary practice for anyone interested in personal alchemy of the soul and body. I imagine in a month or two once I work up to the minutes level it'll just burn away any health problems and overcharge me. I'd recommend it also to anyone who's interested in inedia. I'm personally weening of food slow enough that it does not cause a pendelum swing or lack of energy. That's just what I've found works best for me.

Some more brief notes about the three layers of your body which we use the three dan tiens to represent(I know I'm probably repeating myself here but I need to keep drilling this in until it ticks inside of you - innerstanding).

Meditate over the knowledge that the lower dan tien links to the sensual and animal body. Try to understand that part of your consciousness(how to talk to it, not with words. How to use it, interact with it, etc.). Then build up and feel your heart dan tien. Understand how to communicate with this area. You do it through frequency and vibration. Use your heart like a radio dial, tuning to frequencies to feel alignments. Then finally our upper dan tien in the head. This is the centre which can communicate with words. The level or layer of consciousness which we understand things intellectually(and spiritually).

If you guys can understand these three layers in your own conscious experience, as in actually know when you're using each part then you can split them up further into the chakras. Lower three - lower dan tien. Heart - heart and head - upper three. Each chakra can be thought of as a different state of consciousness. Try to understand and meditate over which state each of these are so you can analyze and use them to your advantage.

I can explain the conscious state of each chakra in the next post if you guys need it to try piece more things together. Though for now I'd suggest focusing on the dan tiens, bringing in energy and experiencing what happens. If you guys want free LSD then breathe energy into your head dan tien while in mediation (just before going to sleep works best) and activate the third eye and crown chakra (or the entire energy body if you're doing MCO or other work. That all helps) and have fun hahaha.


I've just figured out something which I define and call "Chi pressure". Ohohohohoh I can't wait till I've perfected this. Try to place your awareness at a certain location as usual. Then feel it out as if you were trying to clear a blockage. After at feel as if you're amplifying it with magnitudes worth of power. As if it's radiating with magnetic force , pressurizing in that one spot of awareness. You may start to feel jitters and static like some of the previous breathing exercises. You may also move spontaneously if there is a blockage which is being removed.

The main test in this exercise is to differentiate between chi force and muscle tension. You must work on intensifying the pressure without overly tensing the muscles. Try to keep a not too tense but not too relaxed tension/hold on the muscles. Also remember to breathe well and pull energy from the lower dan tien. You can use your lower dan tien as a storage device of energy to amplify your chi power. Remember to think of creative uses of this chi pressure, like healing, muscle control or organ control.


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I counter it with the following statement; from the fires of conflict, a new beginning.



First off, I was copying content, not even my own, from old /fringe/ that was useful and helpful to the neophytes.

Secondly, if you don't like it ignore it, or go else where. Self-moderation/censorship is the core of channer culture.


File: 1453339035205.jpg (35.5 KB, 362x266, 181:133, ardha_padmasana.jpg)

Meditate and contemplate over "pressure" next time you perform energy work. Ultimately all is pressure, all is light, all is sound or frequency. They are all one in the same. Our eyes feel the pressure and convert it to sight, same with the ears and so on.

Thus what we do with energy work is move and control this internal and external pressure. Focus awareness on a location and ramp up the magnetic, electric or vibrational pressure of your own energy(however you feel energy). With this we are learning to manipulate an extremely fine version of the most prime and original force or energy within this universe we live in.

Think of your body as a series of pipes or tubes. When they get blocked you start to physically or densely manifest health problems. Just like a blocked water pipe or faulty ethernet cable. Use the chi pressure through focus of awareness and amplification to clear out these blockages.

You may start to feel miniature tube or cable like parts in your energy body. These are meridians which link up finger to toe through the body. Symptoms of muscle spazm are also common when you figure out how to amplify the chi.

I feel like a child again after a couple of days clearing out these blockages. Any and all health problems, tensions, blockages and such are shedding away. Flexibility, strength and a whole new understanding of the body is developing. My creativity and imagination is that of what it used to be in its peak.

I can't say much more than learn to control the pressure to clear out your blockages and learn to transmute the vibration of this pressure to remove tensions(Physical manifestation of energy blockages and problems). This along with cultivating the lower dan tien are the first two steps in this field(again, reverse naval breath and use chi pressure to pressurize that lower dan tien). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoTKieFljrc Here's a video on the lower dan tien if you guys need it.

Please feel free to ask questions. Other than that I'll post the next steps to higher energy abilities once the time is right.



It's called by many names. That tingling you feel is your nerves responding. Feels electrical, doesn't it?

If you can learn to condense it outside your body, you'll see it acts on muscle much like electricity does, and can make dead things twitch.



>Feels electrical, doesn't it?

Bioelectricity is the lowest level physical manifestation of this energy. After that you start to get heat manifestations like Tummo and Dynamo Jack's pyrokinesis.



That's actually what I'm currently working on. Do you have any tips for it?



I've also gained interest in this recently, I've done this "electricity" a couple of times by accident and haven't tried to do it outside of my body yet.

This energy comes from breathing solar + light energy (Uranus and Sol) from the "fake dan tiens" and sending this energy to the real one, then I circulate it to the perinum, then, center of the earth and back up to the real dan tiens.

From there, I compress it and repeat the process 4-5 times.

The LDT energy combined with the earth's core energy makes something akin to electricity, only when compressed and "mixed", otherwise, it's just heat.

It feels like actual lightning bolts are coming from your perinium. Be sure to keep calm when the electricity comes in, haven't been bold enough to put it at the heart dan tiens and it's probably best that way.

Make sure to store it back in the LDT and the bone marrow in the legs.

The energy is pretty fucking strong and feels like actual lightning bolts in your body. Other then the curiosity aspect of it, I haven't investigated it further, it's not that pleasant to have electricity passing so close to your balls, lol.

It does seem like a dense and physical energy, be careful when working with it, softer organs probably wouldn't like it that much.



That's amazing! I've heard of some masters combining different forms of energy to create intense and powerful forces. I'm going to try and figure out and investigate what I can with this.

I just did a bit of combining and circulating them to test it out and I have to say it's some powerful stuff we're playing with.



Also here's some qi-gong if anyone is interested in learning.



That along with the 5 animals is a pretty complete set.


File: 1453383819339.gif (8.69 KB, 327x267, 109:89, attractrepel2[1].gif)

I also found this powerful sensation in the past, but always avoided doing, because of it's suppressive nature.

Don't you think it feels a bit like tensing up to suppress an emotion? Make someone yell in your ear or listen to someone eat loudly to become angry, and then try to suppress this anger. You will feel the same tension of electricity you're talking about here. I know this well because when I was younger and dumb I'd pretend my cousin doesn't annoy me (while in reality I was suppressing anger and I felt this exact electricity).

I'd describe it as very powerful, electrifying but also forceful. Feels like something quite unhealthy, but then again, pairs of culturally positive/negative emotions feel the same because they're on the same spectrum eg. pressure on heart chakra from both extreme sadness and extreme happiness. So whatever this tension is, it could prove beneficial if there's someone who localized this feeling and could provide an explanation.

More loose association I have with this feeling is force of repulsion of two same ends of magnets. Or perhaps rubbing two magnets together. I always intuitively associated it with words "discharge" and "demagnetize", but if this thought doesn't hit a spot for you, then ignore it, maybe it's just my lunacy.


>After at feel as if you're amplifying it with magnitudes worth of power. As if it's radiating with magnetic force , pressurizing in that one spot of awareness. You may start to feel jitters and static like some of the previous breathing exercises. You may also move spontaneously if there is a blockage which is being removed.

>always avoided doing, because of it's suppressive nature.

It feels a bit like general sensation accompanied by many positive and negative emotions. When younger I used to feel this electrifying suppresive, powerful tension in my root chakra when getting dominated in a game and it's basically "butthurt", anger, denial. It could be a characteristic of positive feelings as well but I'm not sure. Also reminds me of restless leg syndrome, when you feel weird urge to tap you foot on the ground very quickly. It feels like it has enormous potential, both positive and negative




Good stuff. I didn't know about the naval diaphragm. I could feel quite well even just with a little practice while watching it. I'll play around with this as I feel I need to work on my lower dan tien.

Historically I've only really moved the energy when trying to work on it and not so much the flesh. So I'm interested to see where this leads.



Heat is not correct - it's the result of pulling in a particular sort of energy at the expense of the others. It can just as well be dense freezing cold.

Read about the elements in IIH (and practice) - it's not Qi-gong but the alternative perspective could shed some light.


Get good at pulling vital energy from the universal source and condensing it in your body. Always release it at the end.

After that condense it into particular body parts. Your hands, your fingers, your belly, your eyes, your left nipple, etc. Condense it directly from the source, it should not pass through any other part of your body.

Once you're good at that, the easy way is to condense it from the source, through your body (hands are easy), into the object of interest. The hard way is to do it directly, which I haven't yet mastered. There's no feedback to tell you you're doing it right.

You don't want to use up your own energy for this.



He is talking about heat coming from the LDT or by the practice of Tummo, it's indeed extremely dense and a totally different kind of heat from IIH. You could put anything in your LDT, even ice cold water element, it will be transformed as heat energy when released. Try it!


I'm not a mundane by any stretch but when I read about chackras and energy channels in the body I can't help but disbelieve what is written.

Is it simply a case of trying it anyway when it seems crazy and seeing what works or am I dense?



>Is it simply a case of trying it anyway

That is where the science part of magic comes in. You do experiments, trying, as best as you can, not to bias the result. Just observer what is, and what happens with out (dis)belief.

>when it seems crazy and seeing what works or am I dense?

No, you're just more left brained/rational. You want proofs before practice, I can understand and sympathize with that >>2 has some greenpills/evidence on the youtube links (specifically playlist 1 and 2)



I definitely will. In fact in my early experiments I can't seem to get anything other than heat, like you predict. I don't know if that's the final answer but I know there's something to learn here, they have to fit together somehow.



He clearly states he is not a mundane, yet you point him to basic knowledge…?



Yet it is a basic problem. That is why.

To be able to truly believe you can either work at it yourself with meditation or seek eternal evidence of the power of your mind and the reality of the subtle energy body/soul/aura (which the 2nd one notable provides hard proof of.)



Sorry, but I think it should be pointed out to you by someone.

You say you are not mundane, but you have not figured out the chakra system. This really points to the fact that you have been reading more than applying. The real question would be " how do you think the chakra system works? what tests have you done? for how long? what were the results, sensations?"

This is really basic knowledge, and you should consider this topic a priority. The energy path ways and energy condensations are definitely real, dedicate yourself to some tests and you will see.

Reading about this kind of stuff is really only a SMALL part of the whole deal. If you dont actually apply it, you are wasting your time.



Disbelief is the first step to belief. Worry not about beliefs or disbeliefs as they are merely the working of the intellect. Take some time to acquaint yourself with the occult energy body. Go over some chakra or meridian pictures/ other information relating to the energy body and see how it makes you feel. See what conclusions you come to and how it relates to your current world view. We use this information as a means to keep the left brain happy.

Within the coming few weeks these studies and meidtations will flower to form stronger ideas and even more questions. Eventually after enough exposure you may find yourself even trying out these energetic practices. It is in that experience which you will find both an answer and another question.

Feel free to take your time. If the occult studies happen to be your path then you might find these systems present themselves either sooner or later.

And be sure to ask any more questions if they come to you. No matter how minor they may seem.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



It seems like this electricity is a pretty good thing, you were right.

A combination of Yang Qi and Yin Qi, creates this electric Qi. John Chang, (The Magus Of Java) shows it on video. It's also called the electromagnetic fluid in hermetic science (combination of the electric and magnetic "fluid").

Apparently, using it, the physical world can be influenced to a pretty good degree, it's the energy his students use to do telekinesis, it can push physical objects, pretty damn far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-Ki2-VzUVs

The use of the electric and magnetic fluid is, the key to levitation, pyro-aero-…kenesis, condensation and dissolution of energy (physical), true clairvoyance, telepathy, teleportation, psychometry and all the other things Qi Qong master do.

Used correctly, it can supercharge all things, wether you are a martial artist or a magician.

Pretty damn powerful stuff, however, it can also just be triggered by emotional surges of anger and the likes. Emotional mastery is needed if we don't want to hurt ourselves and others.

I'm still taking it slowly for the moment, my training being focused on other things, but in the coming months, I hope to have the opportunity to cultivate these energies more intensely.


Can someone learn to warm up his hands on demand?

Is that what Reiki is about?



I was smoking weed the other day and I started using what I perceived was "electric" energy, but I thought that was just yang Qi.

I imagine a sort of undulating energy flowing in small amounts quickly, and a larger slow and strong flow like a power line toward where I want it to go,

and I figured yin qi would be more like putting my awareness of qi flowing slowly and heavily into an area.

I was using my hand, and I used both on a few people to show the difference.

When I pet a (female) cat with the electric qi, it is magnetized to my hand and there are static shocks from the contact with fur.



No wonder it took the guy 18 years to get to that level.

Accumulating loads of energy and releasing it all at once is some tiring work, especially if you try it multiple times as a training session.


can anyone describe how to use yin qi and yang qi and how it feels?


>universal source and condensing it in your body. Always release it at the end.

why always release it? I'd want to store it in my lower dantien, as I've been directed in qigong before.



>why always release it?

The idea is that it causes too much strain on the body if it's left in a condensed state for too long, though I've found it dissipates on itself if you stop concentrating on storing it so it's basically a non issue.



If the energy is balanced, >>831 is correct. If you don't feel a need to let go, you don't.

If it's not balanced, and that's easy to do when you're first getting good at it, it could have strong, uncontrolled and usually negative effects on your emotions and mental state. That's all, it won't kill you.


Hi Tapio, how are you?


Reposting this book from original thread because it is the height of dominance




I do reiki and people say my hands are warm when I massage them.

Yes it does warm the hands. Not what it's "about" necessarily but it does open up energy channels to channel divine energies through you.



That's the energy. I did a ton of testing asking just about anyone I could to tell me what my chi felt like. Most told me heat. Kids can feel it more than older folk and atheists give the best humorous responses if you're confident of yourself. Don't let people make you doubt yourself by making you think it's hand heat cause my hands are notoriously cold as ice blocks (though they're improving heavily as I remove these shoulder and neck blockages) but the chi still packs a fair punch.

Though as you said you certainly can warm your body with chi as I've recently been pushing my nervous system to the limit (I'll share the techs soon) and it is like over clocking a piece of electronics(Not fun if you have blockages but it's a good identification method).

What kinda stuff do you do in Reiki? I spoke to a guy the other week and he told me about how he was able to share memories of people has he removed their traumas. Now that's some amazing stuff which I want to try.


Great book. Though it's a little bit of a pain to understand unless you have a bit of grounding in energy work culture/meta.


I assume that's someone from IRC?

Unless you're speaking to someone else and not me.

Anyway I've been of fringe for a while. How's everyones work been going? I myself have been learning a ton about health as usual. Really going hard on achieving that perfect state.



On the subject of health, what do you think of the book Ageless Living in the Occult Seed library in the Initiate section?

Allegedly it's a tutorial for immortality but the smell of New Age is quite strong.

As far as heating up the body goes, I'm torn between pouring Earth core energy into the tan tien and using Bardonic fire element. The tan tien method is faster though requires a specific posture for great results but with the fire element you can do it anywhere and in any state.



First, thank you very much for this information. I'm just starting, and I'm becoming aware of how much of a edgelord I was and why. I want to work through it to become centered. That's why I ask you for more information on cleaning the emotional body.

Thank you very much for this, seriously


File: 1455912411100.gif (1.34 MB, 500x500, 1:1, on point.gif)


Just going to chip in and say; keep up the good work. You are getting closer.



I just got super spooped, like really spooped. Anyhow, thanks based magician, I intend to keep this.



I think it's something that can help one break down their beliefs about the necessity of death and otherwise help one come to terms with being in the world but not of the world which is required to fully embrace the what it means to be an immortal.

It contains one half of the answer to living as an ageless being. The other half is internal alchemy and energy work.



I checked out and the index and it seems to have a good list of things you do need to live naturally and fix our mistakes of modern society. Immortality is more simply than we think. Living by the dao and understanding it (nature) is key. Observe the seasonal cycles to understand why death occurs, rebirth and how to escape the cycle. Ultimately it all comes down to healing your body into a perfect vessel and topping up the energy reserves.

Though health is a skill like many other so just as you would not expect to be a master guitarist in 2-5 years you can't expect perfect health in a year.


Certainly. I'm currently working on videos which cover my entire knowledge base of health. There will be a video covering shadow work/ emotional healing.

Other than that you're going to need to separate your consciousness into parts. Understand when your heart is speaking(your true self) and when your ego is speaking (the false self). You'll need to do a lot of meditational work. You may find the body carries many emotional scars of past trauma which all need to be re-experienced with a mature and stable frame of mind.



I'll wait for that videos. It looks like this will be hard work but I no longer desire to live in pain and scared, which makes me hurt other people in turn, its a neverending wheel of mutual caused suffering. I've had enough.


Ok, so I have to read NEW from Robert Bruce, but I've read what he has to say about it on Astral Dynamics. He recommends 3 months of working the secundary centers prior to working on the chakras. I'm not in a rush, and it seems reasonable, but I would like to know what the fringe wizards have to say about this.



Admittedly I raised kundalini around the second month so it's all related to how much you feel you can handle.



Impressive, I'll take the 3 month mark just in case, because I'm becoming aware of many imbalances in my life that I didn't thought were present.


hey khan, so what are some things you accomplished with a raised kundalini that you feel like you couldn't have accomplished if it wasn't raised?



I can't really say much as kundalini more or less just speeds everything up. Kind of like a writer binge drinking coffee to speed up their work flow.

Though it did force me take up spirituality full time since it became a do or die situation. So I would say that.



>What kinda stuff do you do in Reiki?

I'm attuned to reiki level 2 (3="master") and it's simply channeling divine energy to heal. The more intuitive one gets with it the more stuff happens like that I guess.

I haven't had anything of the sort, but a friend of a friend pulled threads out of her head and they probably had associated traumas or whatever I dunno.

When I gave reiki to someone she said she was seeing a cave with a blue light emanating from someplace.



My masters get intuitive messages from (not sure where) when people worked on them or when they work on people.

There's nothing I learned that is super interesting other than, perhaps, the cho ku rei symbol which is for divine intent or somesuch.

I use it for about anything. I can feel the symbol's energy after I draw it in the air, my jaw vibrates with its energy.

One picks up the other's energies when healing (as expected).

There's a distance healing symbol, an emotional/trauma healing symbol, a master symbol that maybe is a stronger version of the cho ku rei.

the symbols I think are supposed to be more powerful once you're attuned/in the lineage, and one is supposed to I think have the energies of all in the lineage to help with the healing.


this says the christ consciousness is within the master symbol/awareness.

I haven't done anything too special with it but it's heightened my energy senses and probably helped cause my kundalini awakening (attunement is a surge of energies/alignment of energies/opening of nadis to facilitate reiki flow)


the attunement threw me to my center by overloading me with energy, as kundalini also did.

it brought out underlying anxiety as well. I had a hard time controlling my thoughts, which I did not recall being quite that.

Naturally, heightened awareness brought heightened power, and I started to think myself more responsible for things.

I got a book of stuff from my reiki 1&2 course. Mentions stuff like how to shield one's energies, different hand placement for different conditions, section on cleansing aura, grounding methods.

attunement "opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the reiki source… enables the recipient to permanently open and connecct to the Universal Reiki Energies on mental, physical, emotional and psychic level. It also clears and balanced many important energy channels within the physical body… each attunement received opens up to higher levels of healing and understanding of Universal Spirituality. The attunement can also increase psychcic sensitivity. students often report experiences involving opening of the third eye, increased intuitive awareness, and other psychic abilities after… attunement.".

a friend had to divine what time his master left her room or something to be qualified for level 2.


Hey Khan, what is your experience with/opinion on different chakras/systems?

the soul star and earth star chakras, for two.

the higher heart chakra and its difference from the regular http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/chakra-meanings.html

and I think there were other systems with more chakras i don't know. I know that chakras are as energy points so there are lots in the body and the main ones are the 7.





Great stuff bother. We need to be teaching our kids this kinda stuff. It sounds like you get a really nice rundown on practical energy work.


There's definitely a lot more than seven I've found. For example as you mentioned the thymus, the cerebellum, upper back part of the head, naval and lower kidney to name a few. If these are considered major or minor I'm not too sure.

I'd recommend experimenting on your own body to explore new energy centres and organs.




this says yam is the mantra for wind/air and maybe the reason yogis have unstable relationships, bringing that element into the heart.


Listen up fellow practitioners. The way we bring energy into ourself is through the breathe, If you breath deeply inwards this is a yang breath. Exhaling is a yin breathe. When you breathe it it forces your body to flow the blood much quicker and harder as well as the energy. Tensing the lower dan tien or naval area(little lower) is how you use your energy. Breathe in and tense that area to use the lower dan tien.(This pressurizes and energizes the body)

Next we want to tense the perineum and anus region. This closes the sacrum - root gap thus giving you kundalini and tensing the perineum is giving you yang. I'm sure you guys have seen the magus of java - John Chang and wondered "How does he use yin and yang". This is how. He tenses both the perineum, anus and lower naval creating an intense effect of electricity and pressure.

How do we use this in practical application? Simple!

Next time you wish to increase chi-blood flow to an area like the digestion of food. Your pineal gland, throat, etc(any chakra, gland, organ, limb, wherever) . Simple tense the anus, perineum and lower naval while exhaling deeply. Hold in this breathe and start to travel your awareness to a location on your body. This will tend immense amounts of energy there.

Prelims for this are anus/ perineum exercising and lower dan tien training.

I recommend this in padma for sitting down or horse stance for standing up.


so raising the kundalini brings up negativity.

does that happen even when it's raised during sex?

is that what mantak chia is talking about when he talks about raising the sexual energy with a partner? it seems rather reckless to write about that, then. Perhaps there is a disclaimer that i ignored.



This is a great summary!

Here is a list of a couple of practical applications I have tried in the past, using this same principle:

- Healing any illness: healed conjunctivitis, sore throats, stomach cramps and dry/non-dry cough. Obviously haven't tried cancer yet ;^) .

- As mentioned, digestion works god damn well. But you know what works well too? "Breatharianism". You can feed off of that dense energy pretty easily. It's a bit pointless, since you still have to meditate 3 times a day for 1h or so, instead of eating 3 times a day, and that energy might as well be your own anyways… But if you decide to spend your life in a cave, it's an easy technique to practice and with time, master and maybe put on autopilot. For the moment, there is still a form of "voluntary nourishment", which defies the purpose, so I just call it energized fasting. It helps to turn of the stomach too, with the help of the navel chakra. I've done a 3 day dry fast, which was intended as a one day dry fast, but i saw it worked so well I just went with it. Was working out and doing yoga every single day. I still use it daily to reduce worthless food consumption, it works.

- Fatigue, Franz Bardon says that electromagnetic energy deficiency is what causes fatigue, since this yin yang qi is the electric and magnetic energy of IIH, doing the same technique to your 3 DT + body parts works pretty well. I haven't entirely switched to it, but I reduced sleep to a mere 3-4 hours. The mind and body still needs 2 hours of deep sleep to repair themselves, so I guess I won't blame them.

- Thought and emotion transferrance: yup that too. I tried it on various peoples, thoughts is harder, especially more abstract ones. Emotions is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Thought transference isn't mind control though, the person just feel as though he is having a "shower thought", in his own terms, or "some kind of inspiration". Coupled with a positive emotion transference, something interesting could be done, haven't tried both at the same time though.

- Improving the blood flow of an organ is nice, but you know what kills, (literally). Fa Jin.

This one is a bit different, but it's the same workings.

Raise energy from the right foot to the right leg, to the LDT. Breathe into the LDT. Make the LDT spin. While spining the LDT, if you've done it right, your head, or trunk should move and follow it's movements. Send the accumulated energy to the left arm.It should move too, following the LDT effortlessly as if struck by lightning. The little knack to get is how to make larger movements of the arm, at first, they are quite small, about the size of the LDT. That is learned through learning how to move the arms from the torso. Takes practice, but it's not that hard. You need a "rotating dan tiens" for that though. I am no authority on energy work, but taoists generally say that it takes 365h of Qi Gong to be able to fully rotate the LDT. I can't confirm or infirm being well above the required time before learning the technique.

It's right foot to left arm, left foot to right arm.

Master this and you are essentially a tai chi master. The electric-like yin yang kung, sent to the arm, triggers the nerves, the muscles don't contract at all, but the arm still moves. Mastering this creates powerful discharges, making you able to hit effortlessly, but with so much power. It's the key to bruce lee's one inch punch or the tibettan's "no inch punch". It's what martial art master mean by "move from your center".

It also makes movement control such as tai chi and all martial art forms a LOT easier, you are able to control the timing and the flow of the movement using the LDT rotation, move it slow motion, your whole body is under the same effect.

On a note, I prefer using outside energy directly, instead of breathing it first, both works, but I find it easier to accumulate while retaining my breath, it creates a better concentration atmosphere.

Also, be careful with the UDT/third eye, brain and heart. pretty sensitive energy centers which should only be stimulated lightly and with focus awareness.

John chang is obviously able to do a lot more, levitating, throwing fire, telekinesis,… They are no limits.

Welp, I believe that's all I did for now. I learned the workings recently, about a month ago, it's not that hard. You need a good concentration, to be competent at qi gong, pranayama and general energy work, then, you are all set.

Pretty awesome that we came to a same understanding of the phenomenon! Hope it's going to be as helpful for others as it as for me, I figured that out right after I miserably failed with the whole inedia thing, was relieved to see that there was a way to "game the system".

Have fun!



It doesn't bring negativity, it energizes your whole self. If you have negative aspects about you, they are enhanced, as well as the positive ones.

Raising it during sex is a flawed practice, the breath is too quick, the energy doesn't penetrate the being and is used up in myriad of ways. One has to be very advanced to be able to control it while having sex and the partner has to be able to be doing the same thing for anything "real", to happen.

No, sexual energy and kundalini is not the same thing.

Kundalini hurts, burns and is rises for days and days. You go through, waking, dreaming, deep sleep, death and rebirth, loose your mind, self, everything. The very few students who want it badly attain it by spending 6-12 years of practicing kriya yoga. Those for who it arises spontaneously, it does so after a considerable amount of work, as per Sikhopanishad:

"Should the body (of the practitioner) perish out of negligence, even before the attainment of (the fruit of) Yoga, endowed with the impressions

left by his experiences during the previous birth, he will attain another body.

Then due to the influence of religious merit (accumulated during previous births) and by contact with his Guru, he will achieve success. The fruit will

be quickly produced by having recourse to the hind door (the Susumna path) and from the practice made

during the previous birth (the practitioner) will reap the fruit at once.


I have no idea how anyone put in the minds of westerners that kundalini is a trivial thing to do and can be rosed in a couple of hours, while high on weed, but that dude was a skilled liar. What usually happens in these cases is that prana moves inside the outer layer of the shusuma, it's a pretty good thing, keep at it for a couple of years and it'll get inside, reducing considerably the time of kriya practice.

General rule of thumb: if you have no pain, it's not kundalini, if it doesn't burn as a vietnam war flamethrower would, it's not kundalini, if your bowels aren't moved by it, it's not kundalini and if your body, after several days, doesn't suddenly go from extreme heat, to "dead body" cold, it's not kundalini.



Glad to see someone echo my understanding of magic, too bad I can't ever write wordy posts like that.

>Obviously haven't tried cancer yet ;^)

I have on someone else, it was unfortunately karmic and the end result was as predicted though energy work has managed to alleviate all symptoms up to about the last month of his life. The effect was so great that he was even able to do bi-weekly hikes to our state's highest mountain, something the doctors considered nothing short of a miracle as most of them barely had the energy to do the hike once in their lives at most.

>tai chi master

It's so weird that after becoming adept in one path of magic, you can pick up all others effortlessly, usually reaching proficiency in their techniques within a few exercises, rather than months of work.



I'm glad to hear this (:



>Fa Jin.

Awesome tech I'm gonna practice.>>1359

>emotion transferrance:

>yup that too

yup. that too.

> I prefer using outside energy directly

how do you do that?


> I can't

not with that attitude!

"I don't want it bad enough" is what you mean.

That's not a problem, we have different specialties. and you can probably write well enough that an interpreter could write that kind of wordy post.



Yeah I'm planning on learning Fa Jin once my blockages are all fixed up. I find If I do it now that I just lock up and overheat immensely in blocked areas.

I think I'll be all clear pretty soon with how fast I can clear them now.



>not with that attitude!

Rest assured my attitude was right, I was just stating the result in that post.

When you can report successfully removing metastases that spread all over the body and simultaneously fight the toxic chemo all while the patient is a mundane agnostic who constantly reaffirms to himself that he's sick and dying, feel free to write here.



I dunno, I just figure one can do near-anything if one tries hard enough, but perhaps it's too much effort if it's not in one's divine plan, so to speak



The akashic records did point to him dying when I checked them. Plus he passed away in a strangely convenient time with lots of "coincidences" about it.

I could probably take up his karma but dying in place of someone else still seems like a terrible idea.



> I can't ever write wordy posts like that.

is what I was referring to, haha. (: You didn't say "I can't heal someone meant to die" or anything like that.



Pardon my retardation, I misinterpreted your post entirely.




the spam begins



But is dealt with adequately. They started since one week ago.



How many different muscles can I tense in my pelvic area? I can at least 2: the anus and the perineum/penis muscle BUT I can't isolate the tension in the perineum without also tensing my anus muscle while I can easily only tense my anus muscle without tensing my perineum/penis muscle, anyone has any more info on this?



Tense them both to activate the entire pelvic floor. It takes time to get these muscles strong enough that you can willingly decide which one to use. We've neglected them since childhood after all.

Another technique is to add the upper diaphragm below the sternum. This compresses your energy even more.I'm hypothesizing this is the key to using the heart dan tien since I can transmutate my energy to the head dan tien through tensing of all these muscles and energy control.


File: 1458495542165.jpg (66.28 KB, 960x720, 4:3, mulha_bandha.jpg)


I did some research and I found that yogis talk about 3 points of controll in the pelvic floor, I hope that daily practice of those mudras will help me train all 3 (you probably already knew about them)

Also what's your oppinion on the straight leg horse stance? Is it ok if I do that instead of the regular horse stance?



Yeah the blue part is effected when you tense the lower dan tien front region around the lower naval. You create a kind of suction effect where the entire bottom and front of your body (then later the top once you work with the middle diaphram or dan tien) starts to compress inwards, creating a seal.

I do appreciate the picture as it's a good clean diagram.

As for horse stance it all depends on what you specifically need. I recommend everyone to learn some Zhan Zhuang or standing meditational posture. I don't know your situation so I can't advice what you would need though your self always knows what to do/guides you to what you need. If you're unable to support the full horse stance you can definitely do variations or others to build up the core and leg strength since it is a different posture to what most of us are used to.

Either way they all build up the lower diaphram and core muscles (full body but mostly those).

Has anyone managed to reach a natural use of the upper dan tien? I'm still trying to figure out what exactly it is as I've come to understand the middle and lowers are just diaphrams which act kind of like pumps or energy master circuits. I can tense the head and remember as children we'd all do it as a joke and the blood would flow there so I hypothesize this is the control function of the upper dan tien.

Anyway here's some Khanology philosophy. Essentially we go through life using these vessels of light to express our self.As children they are perfect and strong. The flow of blood and chi is functioning from the pumps in your body being the three dan tien or diaphrams and other corresponding muscles. The posture is straight and perfect which allows the organs and their corresponding channels to function properly. We eventually fall from grace through traumas, dehydrating substances, poor decisions and all kinds of things which attacks our body, pulls it out of whack and causes us to tense or block the flow. As we age more and more the muscles which keep the body in check start to sag, weaken and fail in their jobs.Namely the diaphrams and core. These are internal strength muscles which allow the blood and energy to flow smoothly. It allows our nervous system potential to be strong. It is said once one has a full lower dan tien that the energy starts to flow out into all the other channels. I've noticed that when I use my lower diaphram the blood and energy floods my entire body and pushes on all the blockages to unblock it. Then I started noticing that the upper diaphram naturally strengthened (again it is said the lower dan tien flows to the middle).

It feels like the more I experience and understand the more I notice that no one has any idea of what they're talking about but merely just repeating coded(hidden, analogical) language. Is it just that no one wishes these things to be taught (because you could teach this entire system to someone in a day if you knew what you were talking about). Anyway I'll stop my angry rambling lol.

But to sum it all up. Nei-gong = internal work = internal strength. It's all about strengthing the muscles within your body so that you can compress the blood and nervous system flow. This then aligns your posture and organs creating a proper flow within the body leading to health, strength, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, will, ease of learning and pretty much everything else. Remember that your bodily abilities are all grounded in the physical so they need a physical correspondence to the mental. Oh and another thing I wanted to say is that we use entertainment, substance, sun, air, water, etc as food to fuel us so that we can regain our lost strength and abilities(at least we do, most folk use them just to survive. But we're kind of saving up our change in order to buy a better body lol). Eventually once we have a perfect body I hypothesize that air to pump the blood will be enough to sustain the body. I figure we're going to become some kind of never aging, immortal and invincible masters with this kind of practice the way that life is already heading.

One other thing is that you should all ponder what already is. As in understand your experiences and try to relate them to the gibberish analogical language in this system of practice. A good thing to think over is heat or warmth. I figure warmth plays a huge part with healing as the blood is like a warm electrical liquid which flows into parts of the body to strengthen and heal them (thus we're compressing the flow to flow this out more and stronger). This is why I think everything to do with heat is energizing. Like food for example since it produces tons of heat and allows us to function comfortably. Thus why tummo meditation is just compressing the diaphrams and breathing deeply. If we can do a permanent tummo then we'd be in a pretty damn good situation.


File: 1458616495728.png (198.71 KB, 1013x683, 1013:683, qi gong 1.png)

Aight, all that fairy tale stuff about a hero fighting a dragon or monster to reach the princess. That's your heart fighting the beast or lower self to reach the higher self. Basically you abstaining from too much pleasure in order to still having a functioning brain. Along idea is going back to never never land (The imagination).

Let's go over how we can achieve this or achieve enlightenment. The three dan tiens are your urogenital diaphragm and lower belly where you deeply laugh from, the sternum/heart diaphragm where you cough or laugh from and around the centre of the head where you put pressure in order to blow your nose. Notice each of these areas have a sphincter in order to intake or outtake being the anus for lower, mouth for middle and nose for upper. We also work these three areas when we're sick. You could kind of say sickness is a program to heal and train you internally. Start to get familiar which each of these three areas. Tense them all together and tense them separately.Wherever you tense will flow blood and bio-energy to. But we're going to learn how to use them together. Realize that it does take time to gain strength in these ares (expect a month).

First learn and practice lower diaphragm or reverse breathing and then practice and learn the microcosmic orbit. Once you've practiced those and built up some urogenital diaphragm strength you're ready to combine them.

Breath in while tensing the lower dan tien, middle (you compress the both like in tummo) and then compress the head dan tien. Keep your focus on the crown area and this should shoot energy straight up to the head. Then relax, exhale and slide your focus down to the perineum. But mostly I just want you to practice breathing while tensing all three diaphragms/dan tiens(the MCO part comes later). You may start to already get how this is working. As you inhale you go from the perineum to the crown while tensing all the dan tiens along the way. This raises your energy to the head. Then you exhale and fall from the front of your body releasing tension on the dan tiens coming full circle to the perineum.

This is the advanced microcosmic orbit. You convert bio-energy(jing) at the lower diaphragm to emotional energy(chi) at the heart diaphragm and then to mental energy(shen) at the head and then to wuji or enlightenment energy. This means every part you tense slowly raises your consciousness. Try this out and you'll see that you now can completely control yourself and stay in a perfect consciousness state. Congrats, you enlightened anon. Now all you need to do is to make this a habit and you've won the first step of the game.

Remember to touch the roof of your mouth with the tongue. You may also experience and find tension, overheating, pressure, pain and other side effects. This is because you're activating parts of your body which have been dormant since childhood and you're also clearing out blockages as well. This also produces golden nectar or sweet saliva to heal your body. Though learn to differentiate it from mucus cause you might expel a lot of that. Warning, this does cause you to raise vibes intensely like taking some psychedelics so you'll want to probably keep a lot of water on you. Have fun.

I'll make this in video format today for anyone who's still struggling.




oh man, this is gonna be fun. first pee drinking makes me uncomfortably-fast vibing, now this.



Oh just wait till you get into the sungazing and then make some ormus while you're at it lol.



i drank half a glass of piss this morning and it was… actually pretty good. vibration normal though, of course i eat a lot of meat and eggs and dairy for swole



Any recommendations for not being uncomfortable around people or making them uncomfortable with high vibes?

Someone gave me a shiatsu massage and I unintentionally numbed/over-energized her hand.

I waved at it and cleared it a bit with gold energy.

I imagine on my comfortability end I have to keep firm boundaries.



I went full HAM and drank all of my pee for 3 days and then was rather uncomfortable.

I don't think the meat and dairy would make you not vibe faster after significant pee drinking. Though of course not using them would add to it, but that's for when you're ready to be less numb.



That's a difficult one. You can always hang around atheists cause they can't feel energy lol. But in all seriousness your best bet is awareness. Where your attention goes the energy flows. Try to cycle the energy around you. Though this may be difficult in a massage setting since those things are made to rip open the channels and pour energy through. Or you can absorb it with the left hand.



Here's an extension to this current technique which I figured out last night.

Quite simply you want to store the energy you cycle in the lower dan tien. Tense the diaphragms, push the energy to your crown and then allow it to fall into the lower dan tien.

I'm currently working out the theory for what this does to the body. I hypothesize this is converting raw chaos or sexual energy into energy for the lower dan tien. I'm also pondering if tensing the diaphragms converts the energy to a higher form, it feels so with the conscious state I'm in.

I'll post more updates for progression techniques soon.



Classical alchemy texts call this True Serenity.

Ldt to mdt, to udt transmutes sexual energy to Shen, letting it fall back to the LDT through the microcosmic orbit front channel pacifies the whole sexual-animal part of you, feels pretty serene.



The chakras are our 7 tuning pegs of the body. They are the control circuits for the elements. Learn which element corresponds with each chakra. Get in touch with the physical, dense form that these chakras manifest in as muscles. Tensing or imaging light flowing into this area will enliven or electrify it as life exists both physically and mentally.

The lower dan tien is the solar plexus, our intestines or naval, a bio battery.

The middle dan tien is our heart chakra and the upper dan tien is the third eye. Give it some practice every day to get in touch with and to figure out what these centres of manifestation, will/creative faculties or frequencies can really do.

The body is the tool to do anything. It's just that we've been manipulated and dumbed down into not understanding how it works and the true potential of it.

Light is life and it manifests in our bodies as warmth. Water is the carrier of this life.



Here is an updated video on specifics about the lower dan tien and cultivation of it.

This acts as our biological battery which powers our physical life force.

We transmute our lower or baser life forces in order to fuel this. The chakras, tension points or gates of the body act as step up or down converts. First the bio-battery must be fueled in order to fuel our middle dan tien and then the upper dan tien to infinite consciousness and then finally to dao.

It may take one to two months for you to have a strong urogenital diaphragm, at this point you can always cultivate during your entire day. Warmth and increased bloodflow are clear signs of proper cultivation.

Quite simply you lightly and firmly (not enough to ware yourself out) tense and shut the anus, perineum and base of the genitals. Then focus on the lower dan tien or naval region.

We don't want to tense the naval as this converts the energy to the heart. You will have to feel this out to gain the understanding

Please refer to this picture our lovely anon linked >>1705



what is this bullshit?


What is your opinion on Falun Gong?



Started reading Zhuan Falun and the other book but can't say yet if it's any good.

If I finish it and practice the exercises I will share my results here.


The best part of Taoism is sexually vampiring prepubescent girls. I can't wait for that to come back into vogue.


Time to change my flag because it's become too cliche.

Bigu is a crucial component of Taoism. If you are eating rice like a good goy then BOY DO I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS FOR YOU!

Some wonder if Bigu is pure inedia or just abstaining from grains. No matter the case, it would be wise to starve the corpse demons.



What do you mean? Not searching for obvious reasons.



Oh, nothing… It's not necessarily the most enlightened path one could argue and requires knowledge of other disciplines to even be effective instead of descending into pure degeneracy.

One of those would be mastery over the Taoist Golden Elixir. Now be gone with ye, cowardly prude.



>learning or creating a custom astral fighting style

how do i do this



Are you able to reliably astral project already?



It's yugely unnecessary, you're just wasting loosh by acting out the theatrics.

What actually does anything in the intention and use of awareness vis will.




Yea just do whatever you want. The point is to do it at least once so you can be confident when you find yourself fighting later if ever.

It doesn't matter at all what you do just that you are confident



It's probably the most fun prepwork you can have. Fun and practical. Ever played outside as a kid, imagining all the cool fighting abilities you used on imaginary enemies? Ever tried doing the kamehameha hoping you could actually unleash that blue beam of light? Well, maybe you don't have to go that far but you get the point. The astral is a doggy-dog world and you need a means of defending yourself that is filled with your intent and absolute confidence.

Do you need to rely on weapons? Maybe your bare hands is all you need. Maybe you don't have time for that and can simplify it down to an abstract thought that's filled with your intent. No matter what you go with you have to have the upmost confidence that when an astral critter (or worse) shows up to steal your loosh, you can fuck their shit up.

If you have never felt murderous intent, you will - it can save your loosh and put the fear in some strange beings that picked the wrong astral traveler to bother. Maybe ow the edge isn't fit for you. I suppose you can love something even while you're killing it (or thwarting it so it leaves). As creepy as that sounds, that may be the spiritually healthier option in the long run. Once you've tasted battle, you may develop a certain kind of bloodlust. That's kind of where I'm at but at least I'm aware of it. Regardless, intent is just so important that it cannot be emphasized enough and once you've been confronted in the astral and you triumph, you will have greater resolve knowing you've been tested and you're stronger than you believed in. Believe in your own strength. At this point I believe that triumphing in the astral serves as a rite of passage. Just don't go looking for a fight. Believe me, the fight will come to you.

Sidenote: I wouldn't recommend trying to actually do a kamehameha. It's a waste of energy. I tried it during a spontaneous lucid dreaming event when I was ten, woke up, and felt like I almost died. I was stuck in bed for an hour shivering and covered in sweat and had almost no energy even afterwards. All I kept thinking from then on was, "Wait, that was real?"


"Jing-Chi-Shen Utilization"

This concept is our traditional trio painted in Chinese philosophy. Simply meaning the physical body, flow of present awareness and our mind. They're all resources but in a simpler form than you may think. When you eat too much you may find it difficult to move your body or when you ejaculate you may notice the weakness of your legs and hips. This is loss of jing(posture). In order to build jing we put awareness on the body. This accumulated resource is spent through daily life activities as you see fit. Remember that without expending, we cannot rebuild and you will stagnate. But too much expenditure creatures debt. You cannot horde it like a banker.

I find posture is best strengthened through standing meditations like wu-ji, ma-bu or tree stance. I recommend it as a daily practice in place of meditation(two for one). After this, exercise is a great method since you're able to build all three in more complex and complete forms like martial arts. An example or utilization in martial arts is a punch. Your base jing is how strong the tendons, bones, muscles and such are. The chi in this example is your breathwork and tension/relaxation. The shen is the idea or intention, the visualization you put in it. Generally you'll exhale and tense on impact to maximise damage while keeping a proper, stable stance. Your shen or intention could be for practice, to harm, to protect another, to kill and it could even be for a flashy move through adding visual effects.

Staying conscious of these three factors is crucial in life and will come with practice. You may also come to notice others(Even their intention and inner visuals). These relate to the dans so focusing in on your hip, naval and leg and perineum region allows for understanding of power, stability and rooting. Focusing around the thoracic cavity and arms allows control of the breath and flow of movement. Awareness over your head allows you to notice the imagination, voice and intention. That one's handy for stopping pesky thoughts, visualizations or other psychic attacks and leaks.

You may have come to notice energy within the body but are dissatisfied with the lacking power or control over it. Through strengthing our jing we build up tendons(cables) inside of our body which allow for greater voltages. Improving our control over the mind allows for a more abstract and creative use of our energies. The body is a mirror to its self and will express holistically. This means each part works together and requires one another for utilization(your feet tell your entire body). A strong magician requires an equally powerful body in order to conduct high voltages for their intention. As the martial artist needs a meditative mind to have proper control of their body. Breath as well being the medium for these worlds. Slower breathing to activate the mind and quick to enter the body. Both take a high level of internal strength. With any of these left defective, they will express throughout your entire life and ripple.

Anyway, hope your practices have been fruitful. Results may feel slow but that is because we live in an externally quick era. If anything we're advancing internal technologies at far rapid rates than before. Be diligent and humble in what you do to acquire earnest results as you've probably already noticed yourself advancing far more than before in life or compared to others.


Does anyone have a thread up on 8ch fringe? I need to borrow it to post this cause all mine are currently down by the looks of it.



Oh snap. Khan! Good to see you back round these parts.

I think you could just hijack the Magick 101 thread on 8ch. Alternatively just make a new energy work thread. The board got wiped at one point so all of your good stuff went with it. Bleeding shame to see it all go like that.



All the old threads are archived, you can get them back, recompile and post again if you feel like it.




Yeah I'm thinking of compiling something new and comprehensive to combine all three polarities and ideas. I just need to think up a way to connect and order it all as well as filling in a few gaps.

We can probably all see how /fringe/ has gone fairly downhill. Though there are a couple attempts I've noticed to share good knowledge. Like attracts like so we can choose to invigorate it or allow it to rot more.


Why is sexual abstinence necessary? I have a gf, and we have sex regularly. Do I really need to fuck up my relationship to do these things?



Mantak Chia? Read the masculine sexual energy and give the feminine to your gf (>>>Implying).

Would make the sex better without the lose of semen. Which is the more important aspect. However you would require a time of pure celibacy, no porn, avoid any kind of arousing theme, image, etc.

Of course the purer the better, but since you have a gf it's better than nothing.

I think you should read the bruce's book about energy or this OP (energy part) to get you in the right direction since it might hard to just jump into the mantak book.

Meditation should be a usual practice. Try to get the acess concentration, try to focus your attention (deep focus) instead of pure awereness. Try mental + visual focus by just stare at something for 10-20 minutos without staring away, have some good light in the room to avoid loosing sight, concentration or just falling asleep.

The feel you get after that "newby" meditation should be got rapidly after sometime in 2 or 3 breaths of are and mental focus.

Avoid dullness, cultivating compassion and joy maybe a good "counter-part" to this meditation, you have some good ones here or the general meditation.

This is my opinion, if someone would like to correct some of it, I would be glade.




If you use Mantak Chia your partner needs to use it too or you're losing energy every time you have sex.

If both sexual partners use the techniques properly you form a feedback loop and will actually increase both of your loosh.



> The feel you get after that "newby" meditation should be got rapidly after sometime in 2 or 3 breaths of are and mental

>in 2 or 3 breaths of are and mental focus.

Sheeiiit. What I meant was, after sometime of doing that type of meditation, you should be able to get the same quality focus but without the 10-20 minutes in 2 or 3 breaths of air - deep ones. Read the science of breath and just do the full breath.



> better than nothing.

I would have my doubts about the ability to try to convice a girl about this but who knows?

Probably sell the old story about muh tantra, or red/black tantra meme.

Anyhow I would have to refute (to some extent) the non-lose of energy. The term loosh is very good since you would lose energy in a physical and emotional (or even mental way). Yet it maybe in fact that you just focus all that energy and channel to a more subtle energy. I guess that's how the taoist work. Building physical energy and then use it to a more subtle one.

I should ask you (not for me of course) how should be the timeframe of sex? 1 time every week? Would guess having the ability to refrain oneself would be essential to progress further.



Well as far as I'm concerned it depends on what your goals are.

If you want to escape third density you may as well not have sex altogether as it'll ground you, but for the average person in third density I'd say you can have it as often as you want if you're not going to remain celibate, as long as you don't ejaculate. The real purpose of being able to control sexual energy is redirecting it into the child creation process and feeding the newborn plenty of loosh.



Original Anon here. I'm a complete noob, so how much meditation/energy work can I do before regular ejaculation becomes a major factor? Idk, I'm willing to try all this stuff, experiment and see its impact on my life, but Idk if I just wanna jump headfirst and give up sex with my gf.


File: 1476843741142.pdf (2.24 MB, Mantak Chia, Michael Winn-….pdf)


Having sex without ejaculation is not difficult.

If you use the Mantak Chia methods you can orgasm without ejaculating and redirect the energy.

If you were meant for a life of celibacy you would know it instinctively, most celibates are in one of their last reincarnations in third density.


How do you find women to do sexual alchemy with if you are a robot?



Git gud or don't


>>To multiple people above

Abstinence is only required for the beginning phases. After that tantric masturbation/sex is more ideal and ejaculation to be moderated. The stronger your body becomes, the less of an issue this is.

If anyone wants to really learn the mechanics of this they'll have to do a bit of experimentation. It takes internal knowledge of your energy levels to understand.

I'll give a brief lecture to share language for your coming experiences.

Play with inhale relax, expand (not enough to loose intention and awareness of the body from crown to anus) then exhale contract and tense (again, only enough that you can do it holistically and consciously). The exhale contraction of the anus, perinuem, lower naval, naval and middle diaphragm convert your negative lower energies to positive mental. This creates a feedback loop similar to ldt meditation.

Keep a focus on the genitals but do not go tunnel vision. Your aim for cultivation is to strengthen the amount of tension/ voltage that the lower areas can handle. Go slower to be more conscious.

Now if you want to understand the interrelation between two people it's to do with this inhale- exhale expand-contraction. If something contracts around the penis it will force the person to contract as well. You are your genitals after all(hexagram). Thus you use this to link up breath rhythms. Try squeezing your penis like a one hand towel wring with your hand(same way you brace before using a martial arts weapon, your dick is a katana!) and you'll understand this concept.

Last thing is ejaculation. Think of your entire body being inhabited by a warm fluid. This is your conscious awarness. This rises and falls as the temperature, day time, or other factors do. Ejaculation will release about 30% of this fluid so you may notice a loss of awareness or even a weakening of the nervous system. Think of it as you've lowered your awareness level or strength. This is not the be all end all as you just need to do 10-20 minutes of breath meditation (depending on your level it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 minute) to regain it.

This can be good as you get better at regeneration but just don't overuse it.

It all comes down to experimentation, knowing the body and how energy works. Admittedly sex is probably the most fundamental way of understanding reality, energy, yourself, etc. You could probably become Goku level if you had your own harem lol. This is how the Chinese emperors achieved immortality.



>tantric masturbation/sex

I actually thought that you knew your shit. There is no such thing as tantric sex, nor masturbation. At least if we are talking about real deal Tantra and not New Age one.

Please, read




It is a blanket term for consciously or working with the awareness.


File: 1477553282585.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.85 KB, 640x204, 160:51, f9c7b8337795e6ba1780b1b3de….jpg)



Nevertheless it's incorrect and it spreads disinfo as what you understand by your "tantric sex" term isn't actually tantric.


>dat flag

>dat pic


I wonder If people with the human magnet syndrome have an inbalance in their chi energy. Yin chi is magnetic, correct?




>Many scientists and proponents of science, including James Randi, claim that this ability is caused by sticky skin

Talk about swamp gas and metereological ballons of an explanation



God, some insuferable videos I linked here, alright. That's what I get from youtuber age news. Sorry, but I hope ya'll got the point.



Did you delete your youtube channel?


So, Anon can learn Kamehameha and Rasengan when?


File: 1478536642154.jpg (24.01 KB, 289x301, 289:301, Kukai2.jpg)


The time is NOW!



I had to choose between myself or my teaching.

It's like a vortex drawing me in. I needed to go into darkness to train.

For too long I've had so much to explain, to say, but no words, no time, and such. It all piled up and I realized that the knowledge does not matter. Teaching people wont help them. Only inspiring them to do things themselves.

Everyone will figure out what they need and what they want.

Also that I felt I could not at the current stage deliver myself in a whole manner. I wont return to a larger sharing network like youtube until I can.


Train your body. Gain enough awareness that you already know how to do it.



Well said. Do you make any kind of art?



Yeah. Most practiced in music


Currently making 20 minutes of track for a friends producing assignment. Here are the unreleased (somewhat unfinished) tracks.



Aside from that I've been improving my visual art skills in order to make graphic novels and other visual media.

Martial arts and writing philosophies.

I guess I'd think of myself as a cultivator artist.


File: 1482080254605.jpeg (86.26 KB, 501x585, 167:195, image.jpeg)


>Begin by rubbing your hands together



>not rubbing your hands when it gets cold

>living in an area where it's above freezing today

Nigger detected, Suomi will destroy your nigger hordes.

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