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The day of the Blood Moon is past.

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/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to;

Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Quantum : Qualia : Psychic Abilities

– Anything that is fringe in some respect

Important Threads:
OFFICIAL QUESTIONS THREAD: >>5194 *more info at bottom of sticky — Dream journal: >>2435 — Fringe music: >>1867 & >>3701 — Astral Projection: >>691 Emotional Alchemy: >>5697 — Meditation Superthread: >>5708 — Occult Films: >>2640 — Demon Hunting guide: — >>152 Greenpills: >>3446 — Thoughtforms: >>6300

/fringe/ Books Reading List:
1. http://montalk.net/files/fringeknowledgeWEB.pdf
2. http://www.scribd.com/doc/35530128/Zivorad-Mihajlovic-Slavinski-Invisible-Influences
3. http://www.scribd.com/doc/37587609/Shadow-People-Astral-Spiders-And-Hypnagogia
4. http://www.peacefruit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/TranscenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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IRC: irc.datnode.net #stormchan - - - Web chat: http://webirc.datnode.net/?channels=#stormchan

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Friends, let us conspire together.

Suggest ideas for group rituals, group projects like project chaosvoid and other illuminati style operations. Illuminati is as illuminati does.

What can we achieve?


From the greenpill facts thread:

>Washington crime study shows 23.3% drop in violent crime due to meditating group

Source: http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/washington_crime_study.html

Let this be inspiration for us, if it is truly possible we could be capable of all sorts.

Another idea: group publications, guides and/or magazine type project.

I have heard of chaos magicians using the same sigils and numerology leading up to a certain numerologically relevent date when the sigils will be spread, in that case, written onto black balloons.


Here is a pdf called Gathering The Magick Creating 21st Century Esoteric Groups which could be helpful to our purposes.


File: 1394392477071.jpg (16.54 KB, 266x380, 1394049021203.jpg)

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Old music thread seems to be on auto sage, can we get a new one going?

>New Age Track for Meditation,Yoga,Massage & Deep Sleep


I love falling asleep to this one after having fapped, found it 2 days ago
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File: 1398292724105.jpg (140.22 KB, 960x823, 1398161988481.jpg)

>Arman Behdad - Bells of Fortune (Original Mix) [HQ]



File: 1398299410185.jpg (23.19 KB, 436x432, 1384158880784.jpg)

>Chris Zippel - Stretch Marks



We need an embedding feature so we can watch these inside of the thread without opening a new tab.


yeah. i have too many tabs too


File: 1398314638919.jpg (130.39 KB, 784x710, mein excited face when.jpg)

>2000% stretched and slowed down, Inspector Norse - Todd Terje, The most relaxing audio on Youtube

This is fucking amazing


File: 1373170969002.jpg (340.79 KB, 703x586, Astral Projection - Praxis - B…)

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This is how you get into the astral planes:

See before you what can be seen with your mind's eye. If you must, project something at first, then look around it for things which you do not project. As you look around everything else will start to come into focus and take form around you. DO NOT THINK ANY WORDS. Any sounds will fuck up the process.

There is a skill which you ought to practice to get good at APing and it's quite simple really but a bit hard to do. You must see numbers in your mind (preferably elaborate fancy numbers in a beautiful font like I visualize) and count them up but only with seeing them. So you see 1, you see 2, you see 3, etc. and count up and then backwards. It is very hard not to think / sound out each number as you see them but once you get the hang of seeing the numbers without thinking them then you will have the skill you need to AP.

This exercise, quite simple in nature, is meant to overcome the conditioned programming of your mind and to let you use only your mind's eye to do what must be done. It is important that as you phase into the astral planes you do not talk at all until you're fully there. Even when you're there start by thinking thoughts and maybe communicating with another entity telepathically before you think about moving your mouth to sound out words out loud. You will know the difference…

Also when you are going there start by just looking around. Do not move at first. Eventually once you're more there you can start moving and after awhile it will be clear as day.

Now here are some odd things you can do in the astral planes:
1. Telepathy. Normally you experience this as empathy in the waking. Empathy lets you feel what others feel. In the astral telepathy is way more advanced and you can mind-read too with some difficulty and transmit your thoughts with less difficulty.
2. Levitation and telekinesis. Hard to do and generally a massive waste of astral energy. If the rules of the plane you are in don't allow it then just don't bother or do it once and enjoy getting prematurely disconnected after draining your energy… just to find out.
3. Energy manipulation, shielding, banishment, enchanting, and many other forms of magic.
4. Possession; you can possess people, access their memories and thoughts, and if you fuck up forget who you are at least temporarily and end up living and thinking you're someone else Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1398018864929.jpg (27.22 KB, 315x428, Mogu.jpg)

So I astral projected for the first time last night.

I didn't even leave my house though, because I looked outside and saw this big guardian dude just staring at my house.

I looked out front and saw a bunch of red etheric lines as well.

Not sure what it means but I figure I'm not ready to explore the astral realms. Perhaps I was projecting my fear.


Nice dude, I am still trying myself. How long did it take you?

Keep going there and try to remember it is not a huge fearful place, you can escape danger. But don't be fooled because I have heard there are some things you don't want to fuck with there.


File: 1398050139462.gif (804.84 KB, 640x395, kamondo_strains.gif)

I have decided to write up a new guide because since I wrote the previous one I have come a long way and developed a variety of new techniques I use.

The previous one is good but mostly for going to place far away. This new one is specifically for getting out of your body in your own room OBE style.

Alright so here's…

Motion-based Astral Projection:

The first thing you're going to need to do is some kind of repetitive motions, exercises, whatever. Probably a variety of stretches, push-ups, pull-ups, walking forward in long deliberate strides, or spinning around. Sit-ups will be an especially good idea as well. The whole time you do this, keep a clear mind and focus on nothing but the motion, now pick a specific one you're going to use later to AP and repeat it over & over & over endlessly for hours if necessary until exhaustion. You should really feel the motion and have that motion burned into your mind, never think about anything else, just feel like you can't stop repeating it. Feel like even when you stop you are STILL doing it. Every once in awhile, perhaps every 10-15 minutes, you can stop your physical body moving but your mind must still feel as if you are moving. You can start with eyes open if you like but you should eventually close your eyes. You could also do various martial arts throws and other things if you like for this. Whatever. Lets say you're spinning and then you stop spinning and you still feel like you're spinning. Then you've succeeded. The more clearly you can get the feeling of space and motion into your mind the better.

The other thing you need to do is develop your subtle body. I hope you've already done the previous stuff but lets say you haven't. Well this is what you're going to do.

1. Assume a comfortable position laying down, standing up but still, or sitting… whatever the fuck it don't matter, just need to be able to relax a lot.
2. Look straight ahead at some point that you can focus without turning your head at all. You don't really want to have your neck turned I find. Look at it and don't think about anything, keep your mind clear, and keep your focus on that thing and bring it into your mind.
3. Close your eyes without the image of that thing disappearing. Keep your mind clear.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


You could also do this… find somewhere that you want to walk around and walk at a very rhythmic very steady stride. Keep your mind clear and keep extremely focused on the feeling of walking. Maybe have your eyes closed. Then every once in awhile physically come to a stand still but see if you can mentally feel as if you are continuing to walk forward. Eventually the result will be that you walk out of your body and your physical body is just standing there behind you. It's quite a simple technique and I would really like it if some other fringe wizards would try this out and tell me if they succeed with it and tell me of their experiences. You could even be walking to a class or to work or something and you could put this technique into practise by keeping a super steady stride and just pausing once in awhile but continuing to walk mentally forward.


Wow. This thread is amazing. Quick question, are the astral planes a way to travel to other realities? According to other sources, I should be able to make myself disappear and re-appear on the enterprise if I wanted, but that doesn't seem to work for a whole lot of people.

File: 1396411729935.jpg (215.87 KB, 1280x720, 1396254484261.jpg)

No. 5194 [Reply]

Hello, eveyone. I have noticed an increase of newcomers, and thats excellent. Instead of making an entire thread, lets keep the questions in one, shall we?

* Read everything in the sticky.
* Look it up either online or in your books.
* Just look as hard as you can until you find an answer. If not, drop a question!

Feel free to ask anything /fringe/ related.

>pic unrelated, I just cleared my pictures ;_;
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I've read fringe knowledge and some other stuff from the sticky and I have a few basic 'goal' oriented questions.

Could I use a sigil for weight loss? Would it be something like "i want to lose weight"?

What are the limits? And will i ever attain practical abilities like feeling what people I'm talking to are feeling/thinking?

Can my magic be based in nature? Manipulating plants, control of water or heat (I've read up on tummo but am not sure of the limits)

In a hypothetical situation could magic ever be used for self defense in reality?

Thanks, I've been completely uninhibited with those questions and I will continue to study.



Shit, forgot. Psychic abilities and there relation to the occult? Mind reading, influence on others minds (as weak as communicating a message like 'look at me')and knowledge of future turmoil for certain people that can be avoided if I am to know. Can this be nurtured and learnt.


Yes, you can make a sigil but be sure to exercise to help the process. DO NOT USE "I WANT", USE "I WILL LOSE WEIGHT" OR "I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT".

>Can my magic be based in nature? Manipulating plants, control of water or heat (I've read up on tummo but am not sure of the limits)

That was the very first form of magic ever created, look up shamanism.

>In a hypothetical situation could magic ever be used for self defense in reality?

Not really, martial arts is kind-of magical in a sense.

No prob about the questions, beginners always have the most interesting theories and questions.



>Not really, martial arts is kind-of magical in a sense.

In the words of Bob Wilson martial arts reprograms your bio-survival mechanism, just make sure when you flip out you've learnt something that'll actually do damage or disable your opponent not just sparring kicks and punches or they'll stand there taking what coulda been a real beating totally untouched by it while you look like a weak idiot.


File: 1398314167647.jpg (88.17 KB, 650x886, tibet skull.jpg)

the best fighting style is kind of like drunken monkey style, but less drunken and more cat-like in the agility and reflexes

i saw it in a movie where some little chinese dude fights jean claude van damme

i was like DAMN.

p.s. if anyone knows the name of the movie let me know (it takes place in some kind of secret city full of fighters)

p.s.s. if anyone know of any better fighting styles also let me know

File: 1395118092149.jpg (22.15 KB, 285x298, prozac2.jpg)

No. 4091 [Reply]

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File: 1398295889591.gif (1.99 MB, 390x323, 1397931541001.gif)


>Holy shit OP! You know what that picture is from?

Yes, I was introduced to him by my pal NobodyTM.


>I've never met another Randy Prozac fan in the wild… pic related



This is somewhat tangential but what you are talking about reminds me of something I have noticed about the difference between having sex under "power neutral" conditions (type A) and then having sex as a prostitute, where there are generally two kinds conditions which are the customer paying to basically venerate me (type B1) and the customer paying to consume me (type B2).

After type A sex the feelings are basically as you describe in your post; a general lack of energy or torpor that slowly resolves over time, but has little impact on your being if you haven't been overindulging.

Type B1 and B2 conditions however result in feelings that I am sure you can predict. I've found that when engaging in B1 sex I am filled with energy and clarity, more creative, more responsive, or perhaps its more accurate to say that I fill myself with energy and clarity because it feels like I am actually taking something from the other person. For days after B1 sex I am on fire, shit just goes down the way I want it to.

However during B2 sex I have found I have to be very careful. While I was still kind of new to prostitution this kind of sex was very upsetting and generally took a heavy toll on my existence. But then I started to notice these kinds of subtle interactions and now I know I just have to sort of guard myself during this kind of sex.

Have I been hoarding loosh?


File: 1398305715343.jpg (60.33 KB, 441x440, 1397725386973.jpg)

are you a girl? what made you get involved in prostitution? are you any good at your job?

also i wanna fuck a hooker (dont wanna pay though)

also a nun

but only those 2. i wont waste my jing-loosh-mojo on anyone else [p.s. im not coming on to you, p.s.s im not the person youre replying to]

p.s.s. you may be hoarding loosh but you probably arent doing anything with it (since you still think of/refer to yourself as a prostitute instead of a world class brothel master)


Not a girl.

Also, I only used the word prostitute in an effort to remain objective.

I wish you luck on your quests though; you will need to train real hard if you want climb those two summits.


stay away from those b2 types please

stay safe. keep weapons around you

File: 1398303396824.gif (786.42 KB, 500x519, Bailey jay lookalikegirl i thi…)

No. 7332 [Reply]

This is a thread on loosh generation and farming.

As I am not experienced with the farming of loosh I will give some of what I do to generate almost uncomfortable amounts of loosh.

>Be relentlessly positive no matter how many times you get smashed and beaten down stay positive until it becomes second nature and it is your default state.

>Get unreasonably excited about anything in your life or coming into your life. (stop and smell the rose and lose your shit over the bio-geometry and anything you can think of that is cool about what you are experiencing.)
>When you are low on loosh and feeling blank smile whether you are happy or not I have found forcing yourself to release those feel good chemicals into your brain makes it much easier to start generating loosh again.
>talk to people friends, strangers and family. Just get a little perspective on your third density life relax build social skills and capitalize on the fact that we are social creatures.
>Think of what you are working on and studying like you would a middle school crush. (get excited, invent wildly imaginative schemes about what you are working on, obsess over it and get excited for any amount of time you can spend on your project.)

Some of these things take time before they become second nature, however this is entry level generation and you should be able to exercise these techniques with little effort.


File: 1398310040900.jpg (103.57 KB, 1280x1024, sphinx.jpg)


do you find yourself mentally arguing with yourself? or mentally arguing in your own head with people that you know? you keep yourself in a low vibration because of this

you are digging your own grave because of this

now you can mentally revise the arguments, and imagine that the person you are arguing with is now no longer arguing with you, but instead they are saying exactly what it is you want them to say (feel it to be real = raise your vibration = attract the situation you imagined/mentally revised, if you harbor no self doubts that is)

or you can keep silent! pic related.

more info


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1398277421647.jpg (26.9 KB, 495x301, 1396944044276.jpg)

No. 7278 [Reply]

tfw no wizard friends to summon demons in the woods with

tfw no left right arrows on nook so can't greentext
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Yeah somehow I doubt you do.

Anyways, that's not what what this thread's about. It's about lonely wizard feels.


I know but it is extremely easy to get friends, although mine are all mundanes.


>wasting time in worthless company


Dude, just because someone's religious beliefs contradicts yours isn't reason to completely ignore them. That's very narrow minded, which I wouldn't expect from an occultist. Try not to be so fucking elitist. 2/10, would not converse with.


You got defensive so obviously your friends are worth something to you.
I would still prefer not to spend too much time with mundane things.

File: 1398271132820.jpg (8.33 KB, 200x260, black-sun-unveiled-genesis-dev…)

No. 7269 [Reply]

A mate of mine just sent me the Amazon link to James Pontolillo's The Black Sun Unveiled: Genesis and Development of a Modern National Socialist Mythos: http://www.amazon.com/The-Black-Sun-Unveiled-Development/dp/1493646923

Here is the Amazon description:

In 1990 a new and unusual symbol called the “Black Sun” suddenly appeared in German neo-Nazi circles. It was identified with a sunwheel floor inlay said to have been venerated in occult ceremonies during the Second World War at Wewelsburg Castle, the secretive personal retreat of Nazi security chief Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. Over the last twenty years the Black Sun has been transformed into a metaphorical comet “blazing in the Northern sky,” particularly among neo-Nazis with esoteric and occult leanings. An Internet search of the terms Black Sun, Schwarze Sonne (German), Sol Negro (Spanish), Soleil Noir (French) and Sol Niger (Latin) reveals the extent of its penetration into everyday aspects of far-right cultural life. The symbol appears on T-shirts, CD covers, flags, decorative household knickknacks, wristwatches, uniform insignia, tattoos, etc. In response to the phenomenal growth of interest in the Black Sun, several previous authors have weighed in on the topic of neo-Nazi occultism. While they have succeeded in producing much-needed general reviews, each author singularly failed when it came to addressing the mystery of the Black Sun itself. What is the origin of the Black Sun mythology? When was the Black Sun first identified with the Wewelsburg Castle sunwheel? What do current-day neo-Nazis believe about the Black Sun? Why have esoteric beliefs found traction among neo-Nazis? What does the Black Sun mythology hold for the future of National Socialism? This groundbreaking study provides answers to all of these questions.

Does anyone know anything about this book? Normally I'd just pick it up and read it, but at 800+ pages, I'd rather find out if it's worth my time first.


Get a .pdf version and skim through it.


It's been out less than 6 months. A PDF version is not available. No ebook version was released.


Huh. Personally I never pay for books so either wait or just buy it if you have spare cash to pay for it.


>I'd rather find out if it's worth my time first.

Judging from the generic bluepilled liberal vocabulary of the author, it isn't.

File: 1398270328902.jpg (83.48 KB, 600x620, fringe wizard.jpg)

No. 7264 [Reply]

Here is a banishing/invoking ritual you can do in public, it is a freestyle ritual therefore you don't need to invoke or believe in any gods

-A pencil/pen/crayon or any drawing instrument
-A sheet of paper

1. Set out your sheet of paper in front of you, preferably on a hard surface.
2. Stare directly in front of you or close your eyes, do not break this focus for a moment.
3. Bring a white light to cleanse you, do it however you like. Do the Qabalistic Cross, down your spine, anything you like.
4. Draw 4 pentagrams on your sheet of paper. At the top & bottom, left and right, clockwise = invoking, counter-clockwise = banishing. The way you draw your pentagrams is important as it determines which element you want to use/banish.
5. Make them all connect in a circle.
6. If banishing, draw all those nasty thoughts out on your sheet of paper, just let the thoughts draw themselves.
6a. If invoking, draw think of the element you just invoked and draw those thoughts out.
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I can go in a nigger crip territory wearing all red, believing i won't get shot…


i will get shot.


I am referring to spiritual entities here.


I can walk into a astral plane that is gang-territory dressed as a member of their rival gang…


i will get astral PWNED


Do you even Franz Bardon?


I do something similar only for remembering information for work.

>Have a notepad, write down info (doesn't have to be legible what matters is the act of writing it down)

>as long as notepad is on person i can recall anything i wrote down.
>when i am down with info i tear out the pages of useless information and throw it away.

The act of tearing out the pages and throwing it away takes my ability to remember the info away.

EZ mode memory trick for if you have a crazy job that goes through a lot of useless info. al la journalist.

File: 1398288398630.png (5.01 KB, 234x240, spr14.png)

No. 7297 [Reply]

I want to share something with you and I need some help

but first I need to confirm that you really are what you claim to be and that you know what you're talking about
- no internet buddhists and magicians that quote old books but have 0 experience

so, do you have any interesting magic and/or meditation experiences / stories to share?




We're all meditators and magicians, read /fringe/ we all talk about it


File: 1398289085199.jpg (508.85 KB, 1031x1880, 1398217975979.jpg)

why should we help you.

you dont even have the decency to post a picture that isnt worthless

File: 1393593068289.png (194.27 KB, 1011x801, Green, red, and bluepills.png)

No. 3446 [Reply]

Post your greenpill facts in here. Follow the same format (describe the fact then cite a source). Lets accelerate the awakening process with bite-sized information!


>Concentration on a certain body part increases the flow of blood to that part. This was established at the end of the 19th century by Weber, a German psychologist, who measured this accurately with a scale later named after him. When a person holds his/her hand on the Weber scale and concentrates on that hand, the blood vessels in the hand expand and it becomes heavier. The same happens to all body parts, the pineal gland being no exception.

Source: http://www.peacefruit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Transcendence.pdf (Page 15, Pineal Breathing Chapter)
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File: 1398285591641.gif (21.28 KB, 505x785, fashioner and his forms.gif)

nigger i am the demiurge

you are too (because everyone is their own demiurge. pic related. but its not spiritual solipsism. maybe its about… helping others break out of their own self built prisons?)

this website = a bunch of prisoners in a physical reality. also the prison of their own body built by our own thoughts (that possibly conglomerated into one bigger thoughtform? or something worse?)

maybe we must learn to love our own thoughts, and thought forms, and each other (since we are all our own thoughtforms)

maybe im high? or autistic? is it bad to see the body as a prison? or good to see it as a temple

im nto sinister :(. p.s. in the movie A SERIOUS MAN there is a scene with a little red headed jew kid listening to yahweh prayer albums on vinyl. and at the EXACT MOMENT he starts listening, the tv pans to a view of a brain in a jar surrounded by its henchman. so yeah thats yahweh to me. god of the jews. (escaped alien AI perhaps??. coen bros did also make a movie that subtly featured alien abductions)


File: 1398286097995.jpg (227.17 KB, 1170x709, TrekWorld_Nicholas-Roerich_Kan…)

a bunch of prisoners posting on a website about how to break out of the prisons*

oh gosh i should stop posting. also nice 88. heil hitler (but i secretly feel bad for the jews most of all)

but not the coen brothers though because theyre geniuses. btw 'the big lebowski' could be seen as an allegory for the 3 poisons of buddhism. dude = attachment [to his rug], walt = anger, donny = ignorance


File: 1398287155617.jpg (27.69 KB, 366x405, 12obv.jpg)

(p.s. when i say i am the demiurge i meant that i am pure thought-imagination btw. so in that sense i did make all the planets and everything even this and that computer)

pic related the best demiurge depiction IMO (ABRAXAS. each letter represents a planet or something. idunno too much about him. so much to read and do! "sometimes the best thing to do is fall where you stand and drown in the wine of the beloved. theres no place closer to him than nowhere in particular" -Rumi [i butchered the quote though badly. is he talking about the vast infinity of his own imagination? i think so…]

pic related also the funny jew from a serious man who kept laughing like crazy even as some bitch stabbed him

“Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.”
― Rumi


File: 1398287329925.jpg (34.36 KB, 1031x775, a-serious-man-21.jpg)

wrong pic this is the funny jew


File: 1398287512487.jpg (44.39 KB, 480x284, tibet-stronghold-potala-1939.j…)

i said pic related twice holy fuck am i on drugs or just schizophrenic (like the demiurge?)

also with this post i now have 5 pics posted ITT in a row. also all the pics are on the front page. hell yeah. in this way im an attention whore and narcissist (like… the demiurge?)

plz dont ban me whoever. heres a nice pic 4 u

File: 1397926608334.jpg (177.48 KB, 709x2000, Fringe.jpg)

No. 6895 [Reply]

/fringe/ needs more OC
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File: 1397944038586.gif (16.48 KB, 633x758, Give Loosh.gif)

An old OC I made months ago.


File: 1397944054499.png (9.91 KB, 226x343, LOOSH.png)


should be
>tfw no loosh


File: 1398277241032.jpg (83.48 KB, 600x620, fringe wizard.jpg)

made this 30 mins ago, the wizard isn't OC but i added a few touches


File: 1398284932033.jpg (212.95 KB, 1200x1200, 1398198990272.jpg)


File: 1398231727361.jpg (355.54 KB, 722x1010, the_temptation_of_st_anthony__…)

No. 7215 [Reply]

What's the #1 thing holding you back right now from developing occult power?

For me it's noisy mundanes.

They are the bane of my wizardly existence.

I wish I could be free of them so I could meditate in silence until I reach a level of development where I can meditate anywhere later on.
18 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You don't need 20 years of study, you can start doing magick right away using chaos magick's sigil techniques, you can learn breathing techniques like this one >>7080 to get to know your body better (knowing which parts of your lungs you're using is much more useful and practical than you think) and how to get free highs, you can read some RAW to help break your conditioning easily and in a fun way, do the practises in his prometheus rising book.

Do all of the above as a starting point and you'll be getting there within a few years easily.



I'm thinking of getting an ouija board or something and daring some prince of hell to fuck me up if he can. That seems to get results for people who don't even buy into the occult, at least in spooky anecdotes you hear.


Be sure to protect your sanity and develop a banishing ritual first, you don't want negative entities sucking off your energy forever.



No that's stupid, it's a parlour trick that doesn't develop you spiritually or psychologically or anything.


If the metaphysical doesn't exist, nothing really means anything as everything would end with death, so it wouldn't matter if you spent your time on something that doesn't exist.
Dedicate yourself.

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