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File: 1459030633307.jpg (61.23 KB, 517x527, 517:527, yantra.jpg)

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Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.

Previous thread >>>/ask/32

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File: 1462426492639.jpg (623.72 KB, 1100x688, 275:172, remiq.net_9211.jpg)



>Do you think 20 minutes meditations are good? I've read on a book it's best to do 20 minutes sessions but is that good enough? Should I go on longer?

Any amount is good and better than nothing. I would advise as much and as often as you can, to help with that start with something you can manage even if it's only 5 or 10 minutes a day. Then expand it longer and longer.


>First: drink more water, that thing is way too dark second: WTF!

The color seems fine to me, though water is (almost) always good, I've noticed diminishing return if I'm consuming large amounts of water & also looping a lot of urine; it takes a bit to become as potent in the bladder so if you're urinating every hour it won't be (loosh wise) much better than doing it every 3 hours.

>There is a reason that leaves you body, don't put it back inside.

Urine is a different system for a reason. If it needs to leave it will (through the bowels).

>The only things your body can use from piss is micronutrients that could not be stored (for people who take vitamin pills) and water.

The molecular structure of water is important too, the body organizes it, the distilled nature of it helps to detox the body, and also the loosh contained as well.

>The yellowish color is pure garbage your liver and blatter decided it couldn't be used.

This is false. First off urea (contained in the urine) is amazing and has use in many different regenerative/restorative applications and is even used in cosmetic products, secondly the, unless dark to the point of brown it is not a signifier of garbage but rather concentrations of minerals and urea. If it actually is brown then there may be something else wrong.

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File: 1453054471066.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, 1427048937104.jpg)


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2. Consciousness The Ultimate Reality by Tom Campbell 1/13

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF4513ADF171E3995 (quantum mechanical proof of consciousness as the foundation of reality)

3. ThPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1458691856388.jpg (2.35 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, Contact.jpg)


I am going to share an experience with /fringe/. My goal in posting is to better understand the experience, so myself and others may learn something. Any input is appreciated.

>Went to see a famous DJ, who I believe to be influenced by an extra-dimensional entity

>This was apparent to me because of the symbolism in his special effects, we were all there to worship this entity.

>In a trance-like state I respectfully asked said entity to contact me and I felt an energy rush through me, my whole being began to vibrate

>When the show came to an end I ate one blotter of 1P-LSD

>Lots of psychedelic experience ensued, telepathic conversations, etc…

>I began to lose any interest in my tripping acquaintances

>I feel a powerful presence enter the room, and my vision is filled with hallucinations of eyes with purple auras

>I'm graced with an extreme level of claircognizance that is difficult to English

>After having many questions answered, I am compelled by this entity to grab a purple candle that I hadn't noticed was on the table next to me.

>Light the candle and spend a great deal of time with it.

>I can manipulate the intensity and size/shape/position of the flame with my mind.

>My hands are emanating a smokey, purple energy. It feels so powerful.

>Staring at my hand, my fingers begin to dance, I am not controlling their movement.

>The more I stare the closer my hand gets to my face, and I experience what I believe to be self-hypnotism.

>I snap out of the trance and remove my hand from my face.

Those are the highlights of just about the neatest experience of my life. I do not know the name of the entity I was with. I would like to make contact again.



>I do not know the name of the entity I was with. I would like to make contact again.

Two words: Mental Universe.

Just focus on evoking the entity that you had worked with before. If you remember how it felt, then focus upon that as it might be more effective.


I had an experience like this too, on a similar psychedelic, but in a completely different context. His vibrations made me enter a very powerful trip where I was able to tap into higher frequencies of sight and sound. Eventually we began talking and he instructed me in tracing every aspect of the third dimensional experience to a "point," which was another dimension - in specific, the fourth and fifth dimensions overlapped. I learned that this dimension was but a detail of the fourth-dimensional creator and each one of our experiences was tied to its experience. I then switched bodies with my mentor and I witnessed him shapeshift right in front of my eyes into several hundred different kinds of beings. After two more experiences similar to this, I never saw him again. He literally just vanished off the face of the earth, like he never even existed. Of note, he was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed individual of around my age (17 at the time, this was many years ago) who seemed to have the mental faculty of both a dumb stoner kid and an enlightened higher-dimensional being. That's all beside the point, though, after the shapeshifting I was then humbled by this being that called itself "God". However, I knew that this fourth-dimensional being, while being all-encompassing to this physical experience, was but a cog in a machine on the fifth dimension, which it could not perceive. The patterns after this stretched into infinite dimensions, but I was able to perceive the highest being, the "True God," if you will, in a kind of light that was outside of all dimensions, physicality and mentality. Since then, I have traveled further and longer and have become strongly woken to my higher self in such a way that I will use my knowledge to greatly affect this world. I haven't used psychedelics since then, but I no longer need them. Where I used to stay in a state of ignorance while "down on this realm," and a state of confusion "up there," there is now nothing but clarity in my "down here," life, and I no longer need to search for meaning in the ether because it exists within me. In the end, I've used chicanery to demonstrate a number of effects - telepathy, mind control, astral projection, weather control, and probability altering as well as banishing very high level demons (my friend killed himself not too long after invoking "Lucifer," from a real grimoire, and my life was nearly ruined from a run in with a succubus (human girl possessed by a nePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



Who is the DJ?



i know a whore who is capable of start making you to feel love , i am in total control of my emotions but her was able make my hearth chackra rotate whit his presence , was beautiful

then in a dream i saw her and i saw the demon she was , i would love to know what kind of magick she was using becose it make feel like the real ting , and not only to my but many many guys , there were other whores ,even more beautiful ones but this one was able "conciusly or not " of making hearts beating whit lust/love ,

i am still curius about this

File: 1460899498915.png (78.01 KB, 744x702, 124:117, ultraFoL2.png)


I decided to put this post into a pastebin since it became pretty damn huge.


It explains how YOU can become an actual wizard!

I also posted this on 8chan/fringe/.

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Read the studies, dummy. DMT is released upon death, never has it been observed while sleeping (and there have been studies trying to observe it).

You're theory is shit I'm afraid.






All I see in this thread are teenage-minded wankers who are yet to achieve anything in their lives, magical or otherwise.

Stop fantasizing kids, and learn to function in society before you try to learn how to fly or generate "muscle mass on demand" LOL



It was never proven to be released upon death also.

But it's true that OP didn't do any research despite calling themselves a scientist.



>learn to function in society before you try to learn how to fly or generate "muscle mass on demand"



>Read the studies, dummy. DMT is released upon death

[Citation Needed]


Even if it's not DMT that causes you to "dream" in reality, the point is still that doing so is what gives ya the mad majicks. So while that point in OPs post is very attackable, it's not exactly the backbone of it. Who cares if it's a chemical or something else what causes it, as long as it IS caused?

File: 1454014512287.jpg (134.93 KB, 604x600, 151:150, 1437855697805.jpg)

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Inedia is the ability to obtain your energy required to support your physical flesh and psychic body directly from the universe, the all, God.

What drives a person to breatharianism is an inner calling to unite with God. We are all born split off from the God and only through denying yourself the illusions and fake traditions of materialist that was created in this world can allow you to reunite.

Inedia is not for the weak and not for the doubter. But within 100 years you will see people live without food become more common for every generation.

It might be the call you need right now. Remember to ground yourself by standing on soil barefoot or other methods. Mental grounding is not really effective for newbies.

Various Approaches to Inedia


A gradual transformation of the diet into purer food. A conscious choice to only eat the highest vibrational food and to avoid foods that are very dense and clog the digestion process.

This is roughly summed up as the removal of, in order:

1. fried, grilled, baked, and smoked meats & grains

2. milk and dairy products

3. sweets, candies, and soft drinks/sodas

4. any processed foods e.g., boiled, steamed, pickled, or cured foods (the only exception is rinsed and cut/diced)

5. any grains or meat

6. vegetables

By this stage you are left with nuts and fruits. The next step is a transition to pure fruit juice only.

7. nuts

8. fruit pulp

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Ray Maor is holding several "retreats" for his 10 day process technique. I found the information on his site:


Thoughts on this?



Right after posting this I went for a run in the hills.

It was hell. I had a serious lack of energy. Didn't eat that much tbh but it was surprising how bad my physical performance was.

Prana from fresh air my ass. Physical activity needs some energy preparation, either from food or serious energy work.

I'm a bit disillusioned now.

Sure, sitting on your ass all day requires only a few fruits per day, but moving in the physical plane is tough. Life is suffering



eat many fruits



> I had a serious lack of energy

That's because you need carbs to sustain exercises.

>I'm a bit disillusioned now.

That's because breatharianism is bullshit.

>moving in the physical plane is tough.

You need physical energy to do physical things. Have a decent diet, and that will make you feel better.

>Life is suffering

Only if you make it so. It is certainly not fair, but if are smart don't procrastinate too much you can build a good life.

(Please let this thread vanish into the depths of thelast pages please)


Remember, just ignore trolls. Don't reply.

File: 1454966570686.jpg (313.69 KB, 706x1024, 353:512, 5449802928_40e64fdd0c_b.jpg)


I don't know anything about the topic myself, but I wanted to make the thread bc people mentioned it in the chaos magick thread.

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OK now, I've been thinking about this metamorphosis thing.

What would be the best way to direct an appearance change? Just thinking of the result, or actually considering the molecular transformations that would have to take place?

For example, lets say I want to become a redhead. Should I just visualize the result or thinking of the melanin shifts in my hair follicles?

Should I just visualize my legs being longer or the cellular proliferation in the metaphysis of the femur taking place?



In the most general sense, you set the goal and the details are taken care of for you.

But anything that allows you to feel it should be helpful, just don't get bogged down.




I would advise against simply just visualizing it, this stuff obviously needs some more effort like directing your energy to it and making thoughtforms



But visualization is a form of directing energy



and if you believe they are not then you make your soul dictate that x other cause is it.

same thing.

File: 1461455218212.png (10.13 MB, 2925x1812, 975:604, SMOGTOPUS.png)


Hey /fringe/, I was curious as to what you all think we could classify people who think they're magically inclined, but are not, as? The sorts that make facebook groups about how to use loosh to charge their ipod and blog on tumblr about when they where "abducted by aliens". I don't think they ought to be called mundanes, as they're far more irritating. Any suggestions?

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Tattoos are lame, all esoteric discussion aside. It is attention-seeking behavior for stupid women and convicts.



I disagree in the sense that tattooing a sigil or rune should heighten its effect/legit tribal stuff can be cool/evoke primal energies.

They're definitely overdone


File: 1461895774488.jpg (69.09 KB, 672x505, 672:505, LZ6fYHP.jpg)


The non eternal substance commonly known as Ink dose the same thing than permanent discoloration.



But that isn't permanent ;)



I was trying to be smart about it but that's exactly the point I wanted to make

File: 1453252015630.jpg (2.81 MB, 3212x2392, 803:598, 1442750133031.jpg)

 No.108[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Energy work, Qi-gong, Chakras and Taoism

What is this thread about and what will I find here?

This is a basic level(for the fringe neophyte and initiate alike) summarisation tutorial of your own energetic anatomy and how to start practical work to use, develop, learn and connect with it all. We'll be going through the entire chakra system, the three tan tiens, your bodies organs, aura field, yin and yang chi or energy, energy healing, energy and health, diet and food, water, air and nature and how it relates to chi and all the way into kundalini rising for those daring and dedicated enough. I will provide a list of practical exercises for each of these categories on how you can actually start using, interacting, controlling and manipulating them. The student of any school be it Western ceremonial, yoga, or some other major category will all be able to benefit from and integrate any of this into their work.

All the work found in here is based on my own practical experience of what I have collected and found to work the best. You are free to take or leave these exercises if you feel your own work better or you already are comfortable with one.

[Admin note: importing for posterity, courtesy of Khan]

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Here's an extension to this current technique which I figured out last night.

Quite simply you want to store the energy you cycle in the lower dan tien. Tense the diaphragms, push the energy to your crown and then allow it to fall into the lower dan tien.

I'm currently working out the theory for what this does to the body. I hypothesize this is converting raw chaos or sexual energy into energy for the lower dan tien. I'm also pondering if tensing the diaphragms converts the energy to a higher form, it feels so with the conscious state I'm in.

I'll post more updates for progression techniques soon.



Classical alchemy texts call this True Serenity.

Ldt to mdt, to udt transmutes sexual energy to Shen, letting it fall back to the LDT through the microcosmic orbit front channel pacifies the whole sexual-animal part of you, feels pretty serene.



The chakras are our 7 tuning pegs of the body. They are the control circuits for the elements. Learn which element corresponds with each chakra. Get in touch with the physical, dense form that these chakras manifest in as muscles. Tensing or imaging light flowing into this area will enliven or electrify it as life exists both physically and mentally.

The lower dan tien is the solar plexus, our intestines or naval, a bio battery.

The middle dan tien is our heart chakra and the upper dan tien is the third eye. Give it some practice every day to get in touch with and to figure out what these centres of manifestation, will/creative faculties or frequencies can really do.

The body is the tool to do anything. It's just that we've been manipulated and dumbed down into not understanding how it works and the true potential of it.

Light is life and it manifests in our bodies as warmth. Water is the carrier of this life.



Here is an updated video on specifics about the lower dan tien and cultivation of it.

This acts as our biological battery which powers our physical life force.

We transmute our lower or baser life forces in order to fuel this. The chakras, tension points or gates of the body act as step up or down converts. First the bio-battery must be fueled in order to fuel our middle dan tien and then the upper dan tien to infinite consciousness and then finally to dao.

It may take one to two months for you to have a strong urogenital diaphragm, at this point you can always cultivate during your entire day. Warmth and increased bloodflow are clear signs of proper cultivation.

Quite simply you lightly and firmly (not enough to ware yourself out) tense and shut the anus, perineum and base of the genitals. Then focus on the lower dan tien or naval region.

We don't want to tense the naval as this converts the energy to the heart. You will have to feel this out to gain the understanding

Please refer to this picture our lovely anon linked >>1705



what is this bullshit?

File: 1457588314870.jpg (879.61 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, creepy-forest-spooky-dream….jpg)


Since I could not find any other thread like this, I decided to create one. In this thread, you can share all your weird dreams with everyone. Some other member might be able to tell you more about the dream. For example, why your dream had a theme of dragons or something similar. Please feel free to share your dreams, no matter how short/long or weird they are!

I will share my dream below that is pretty long. I have never had a dream that long, it is is so full of imagery. If someone could help me understand it, that would be great. For some background information on it, I have had a lot of psychic and paranormal experiences like seeing orbs or apparitions, hearing my name, and a bunch of other stuff after using tarot cards.

12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Has anybody reading had any successes with dream sharing?


I had a very strange dream last night. It had to do with magic, Wicca, and weird themes. Anyone have a clue what it meant? It was another very long and vivid dream. I shared it with a friend, so it is directed towards someone.

It started out with me watching this group of people that were probably part of the coven. I was outside and on a Sandy shore or something. There was this large platform with a building on it. I think I was on the platform. This group came swinging in from some trees on a flaming rope. They swung the rope around. It was some kind of performance. Well, now I was in the forest or something. I think I lived there. One day I saw something that was either really scary or freaky. I ran over to a tree with a rope on it. I grabbed the rope and started swinging. I swung from tree to tree. When I got to the next tree, I had to tie the ropes on it, and when I got to the next, I untied the previous one. Don't ask me how that's possible. Once I came to the edge of the forest, I noticed the rope was covered in gas or an oil. It suddenly caught on fire. The fire was cool to the touch. I swung out as was somehow holding the rope behind me which acted as a parachute. I dropped onto the coach platform on the house, and started swinging the rope like the guys before did. Now I remember being at my grandmas house or something. I was in the house and noticed a witch or two in there. We were having some sort of party. I think I ate some sort of food in a big bowl. A dip or fruit salad maybe? I then noticed some smoke from the back door behind the island counter in the kitchen. I ran over, and it was a bowl of burning garlic cloves. Smoke was all over, so I ran with the bowl outside. This girl with an intricate dress came up in the driveway with a car and got out and headed towards me. I told her about the garlic. I can't remember what she said. I looked inside the house from the garage, and it was full of smoke and smelled horrible. I went back inside with the bowl. The bowl was suddenly a bowl of some sort of plant, because long leaves started to grow out of it. I just kept.holding onto it. I told the witch at the counter what happened. I tried to act cool knowing the garlic was some sort of magic. I told her it was, and she smiled and nodded. Everyone else never knew about the magic though. I was now in a house like my current house. I was in the master bedroom, althPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


If a person is in my dreams regularly for years and years, someone who isn't in my life anymore, is it just my subconscious missing them, my higher self trying to point something out to me, or could it even be them visiting me while we dream? I have no idea but it bothers me and I don't know how to find out.



I don't have an answer for you, but I have the same thing happen. mostly childhood friends and girls I had a thing for in high school, people I haven't seen in a long time that don't even cross my waking mind

it probably just has to do with these people sort of "imprinting" on you during certain pivotal moments/periods in your existence. or that's what it seems like to me - their presence in my dreams seems more symbolic of things connected with the period I knew them in and all the feelings and ideas surrounding that than the actual person. like everything in dreams, i suppose



For me it means there's unresolved feelings left, whatever they may be. Maybe it's someone I want to talk to again, maybe it's someone who hurt me, or I left something undone.

File: 1457358386327.jpg (27.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_static_psychic.jpg)


Share experiences you found cool/interesting (or that others would find cool/interesting, if you've passed the stage of having the ability to have fun with it, in the way that one usually doesn't often get a superpower until it won't be abused/interesting to them)

This morning I saw 2 people. I said "hello" at the same time the first one did, and "good morning" at the same time the second one did. I wondered whether I was even there, and laughed at the experience/idea.

I was at the grocery store with a friend and got guacamole, having never done so before. I went to look for my friend/the chip aisle, and found her there thinking about getting guac.

I've spoken to people's higher selves through their eyes/thinking things, can fairly easily let my eyes go/communicate with them, can read people in their eyes/vibe a feeling to see how strongly it resonates in their eyes.

I've the standard feeling of vibes.

As most people have, I've gotten incredibly high on energy/ungrounded/in space a good amount.

I've smoked weed and been able to communicate with as much vibes as words/needing few words.

Figured out how to manipulate yin and yang energies on that too.

Had several incredibly accurate oracle card readings.

I'm guessing I'm still on the new/low end of experiences here.

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>underage b&

Just for the record, (and since you didn't read the rules, *tisk*) we have no such restriction here.



Could be a past life experience or a memory exchange.

Ive had moments where Ive seen others memories deep in meditation, sometimes the mind floats memories from its thought waves out and if you are in a trance state youll pick these up.


Acid always makes me go from client side to server side consciousness

By that I mean that the seeming tides of reality flow into me, and as a result out of me.

My thoughts end up punctuated by the reality around me, humorous realizations are punctuated by group laughter from afar, incredible realizations are punctuated by loud grandiose displays like fireworks or train horns.

External punctuation of the internal is the reason I use psychedelics


I always have frequencies matched with people I'm around for a good period of time. We'll either both say the same thing simultaneously, or one of us will say it while the other was thinking it at the same time. Happens with my parents, old coworkers, girlfriends, etc. I've noted it happens more when I'm around women. I was even pondering this for a bit earlier this week when a few days later read about "matching frequencies" in the manga I'm going through.

Manifestation/invokation is something I've had great results with. Been doing it approx. 3 years now. Furthermore I read the first couple chapters of Frank Rudolph Young's Mental Domination book and applied the first part that night, with positive results happening within a week from that point.

I personally follow Theurgic (and Christian) Hermeticism, and thus try to keep things harmoniously balanced within a social perspective. People get along better when they're happy. It's that simple.



>We'll either both say the same thing simultaneously, or one of us will say it while the other was thinking it at the same time.

I always imagined this to be simple mind reading though?

File: 1453579444303.gif (2.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, CHAOSPHERE.gif)



"It is a mistake to consider any belief more liberated than another. It is the possibility of change which is important. Every new form of liberation is destined to eventually become another form of enslavement for most of its adherents. There is no freedom from duality on this plane of existence, but one may at least aspire to choice of duality."

-Peter J. Carroll, Liber Null and Psychonaut

"Chaosophy" is a meta-belief that all beliefs are tools for power. "Nothing is true, everything is permited" means that all possible interpretations of reality(religions, magick systems,etc.) are valid and every way of manipulating reality works as long as you belive in it.

Chaos magick primary teachings are probably familiar to most magicians. The basics of practical works are

Warning: It's very easy to get crazy with this, so do yourself a favor and don't take it too seriously

You can ask me any question on this thread. (I might take some time to answer)

49 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.






Sorry for that empy post (problem with my keyboard) and the long delay. I almost didn't aswer, because i tough it would be relevant anymore, and maybe bumping this could be waste of evyone's time, but here I go:

>How many sigils can I have active at one time and maintain their effectiveness?

Part of the instructions of a sigil is forgting about after you charge it. If can't remenber it how are going to keep count of it? There is no limit.

>Do sigils need to be recast periodically? Like I said, forget about that sigil. Ironically it's just going to manifest itself when you let it go.

Alternatively, you could charge and and activate it every day until the desired effect occur. ( But this is not "Sigil magick")

> Would hiding sigils inside of memes that potentially get reposted by others make them stronger?

Yes. More people = more loosh.

>Any way that could backfire?

If they give a different meaning to the meme, their enenrgy would be redirected to that meaning. Take "Ebola-chan" for example: everyone knew its objective and were giving energy for that pourpuse, so maybe "hiding" would not be a good idea.

>I am really quite interested in illusions. It seems to call out the most to me. What teachings regarding this would you recommend?

Start with perceived invisibility spells. You are not really invisible but people will tend to not notice you are there.

Anything related to the holographic universe could also be useful



what if tend to isn't reliable enough?



About invisibility I have nothing that would be safe enough to enter women's locker room without being caught.

There are plenty of ways that you one can archieve it's goals if you are creative engough, and plenty of ways to increase a spell power.




then get an invisibility cloak.

It won't work against those who are aware, but 50+% of people are unaware.

If it isn't reliable enough practice more. If that's not enough, find something else.

File: 1459930766668.jpg (2.35 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, tmp_29394-photo_1459889608….jpg)


>posting this here to avoid the attention of some individuals, please if you see this thread, mention it to nobody, only fringechan browsers should see this thread and respond to it

I have an immense supply of neg-energies, especially of the grades of sadness and anger, and I know how to use it in an efficient and effective manner.

It works in a particular way. If a person WANTS me to do something to them, they are effectively protected from me doing anything to them, except by means of the positive looshes connected to happiness and love. As such I can't do this to voluntary subjects; I don't have sufficient supplies of the grades of loosh to manifest positively for them.

It does work however, very potently and effectively, to connect to, charge, and influence FEARS they have. My testing has confirmed that any thing they DO NOT WANT to happen, I can use this energy to make it happen. They have to NOT WANT it to happen though, there has to be GUILT or FEAR or some negative desire that makes the connection. If someone has the right mental attitude they can be completely shielded by dropping any "not wantings" or "negative desires" giving no path for this energy to work through.

I am not happy with this situation. It SUCKS. There's so many people I hate and all of them I don't want to do any harm to any of them. I want to not hate them and use instead the power of love to make them into something I can love. I would rather turn the most degenerate and unworthy people I can think of into something pure and blessed, than to subject them to this shit. The power of my hatred can punish them but in a way that bears only the fruits of suffering; it doesn't make them better.

>just saw a really bright white spark just now, these are really rare, and this is the second one I've seen today, the previous one while being lightly entranced and posting frogs on /4chon/, these only seem to only appear it seems during significant moments of insight or magickal breakthroughs or when some higher level magick is about to take place

Here is a dilemma though. All this seething nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Listen to some good cheerful 50s-60's music, just loads me up with good energy


File: 1460290025867.png (593.88 KB, 842x1000, 421:500, 52271221_p0.png)

Oddly, I don't have problems dealing with negativity. I can channel it into something positive and energetic more or less intuitively and automatically, within myself.

I've had both spirits and people refer to me as a carrion scavenging recycle bin. I kind of don't mind the title. Is that odd?


>replying to the inane autist who dares to call himself an 'initiate'







File: 1453875377754-0.png (596.5 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Wizard-Homeland2.0.png)

File: 1453875377754-1.png (19.68 KB, 690x823, 690:823, Wizard-Homeland-Sigil.png)

File: 1453875377754-2.jpg (892.66 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20160126_173253.jpg)


Do you want a fringe fortress? A bastion of magic and consciousness where you can learn and become self-realized away from all the mundanity of the world? Then we invite you to join us in manifesting it.

There are several of us already dedicated to this project, but all true seekers are welcomed.

We're already building a digital wizard academy, lets bring it into the physical as well, let's make something glorious.

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Here's the pastebin about veelox.

Supposedly it's been cleared of the major negative entities but there's still some minor ones buzzing around the main castle.

It probably could have been a decent project if the projectors were all experienced and knew what they were doing.

Of course, because it was /x/ you had people who just started to AP, some experienced people, what really killed it though, was you would also have people who literally just started to AP like that week.

I'm no demon, but if I was, and I wqs looking for some easy loosh, Veelox was a buffet table.

It would be interesting to see if Veelox could be revived, but you would need to have some more experienced individuals to be involved, else it would quickly fall apart.

Of course, it might just be better to create a new place all together, but Veelox is just floating out there, and I think it would probably be easier to banish any entities there than creating a whole new place.

If that's even something anons want to do.



if you really want to have a secret place,

you can't have it have a name

or, it needs to have an agreed-on secret name

because if entities or mundanes or loosh vampires know its name, they can travel to it and absorb its energy, they have power over it

the more you mention this place, the less power it can have. I think the prudent thing to do would be to find those who are skilled in the arts or have a lot of loosh to share and then bring them all into a closed group. There couldn't be any children or others there to create chaos "just for the fun of it," or any other reason, it would have to be a closed meditation.

Also, you people need to stop reinforcing the reincarnation complex, it is the main reason why so many people don't learn from this life; because they are addicted to it and don't realize that this is just a learning experience and so they keep repeating this life over and over again learning nothing and even IF they learn something, they keep coming back because it's comfortable to them. "Unfinished business," they say.

I would also like to point out the absurdity in trying to create an objective point for reality warpers and other kinds of "wizards". Not all beings with the capabilities to change the "laws," of this universe are of the same mind or orientation.

Personally, I would like to get many practitioners from many different paths and philosophies and bring them together to create a unique flow of loosh. You might think this would be counter-intuitive, since there might be disagreement in the consensus. But by reaching a consensus yet having one's own method the realm can be made a lot more tangible and have a lot more facility. Having many practitioners absorbing free loosh off of sympathetic others can lead to a number of fruitful outcomes, not the least which being, as stated in the initiation of this thread, a kind of "academy," for those who might stumble upon it or those who are trying to learn more about different ways. A sage is one who knows all paths…



>an easy target?

>Darker powers

Nobody is coming to get you because nobody thinks you're real.



I was told by a psychic that that would be too much of an adventure for me right now, though I'd love to do that.


I'm a hermit and an untrustworthy person (because I don't trust anyone) no thanks.

File: 1453843111615.png (187.99 KB, 500x380, 25:19, ClipboardImage.png)


Let me pitch this idea to you /fringe/ - what if all of reality is simply a story 'written' by some higher being? Don't you sometimes feel like life is just following some kind of elaborate narrative?

Maybe there is really a fourth wall, all we need is a way to become aware of it.

Not in the Questions Thread because I believe that there is a lot to discuss here.

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>people like you give me a bit of hope, as naive as this may be.

I am not qualified to speak of how naive it may be, but I agree.

It gives me hope to see loving people in general though, especially those who have experienced the dark, and do not ignore it.

Like a few people here I think.



What's your preferred means of communication?



I should have put the Ankh in my post, so you would know that it's me.


File: 1461020352329.jpg (89.83 KB, 900x487, 900:487, angel_sanctuary.jpg)

I feel so good.


My life would make a shitty story.

File: 1455231565445.gif (193.77 KB, 500x719, 500:719, 1434466951642-2.gif)


Why do you still pursue the path? Initiates hastily gobble their green pills often for inane things such as power, pleasure and knowledge. Yet those of you further along the path know well that godlike power was always there for us, that infinite pleasure is but a thought away, and all possible knowledge resides within. However, there seems to be a catch; the power becomes meaningless when you grasp it, the pleasure is hollow when you feel it and the knowledge is depressingly pointless when you experience it.

So why continue? For what reasons should we continue to ascend? To become one with the universe and effectively die, leaving the dull remnants of your soul to dutifully take it's place as yet another cog in the vast cosmic machine? Or perhaps become your own god and suffer a solipsistic and lonely existence? When one disregards animal desire, why should we seek to help others? And where could a machine find entertainment in the torture of animals?

For me, it seems the universe has collapsed into a singularity of only myself. With all this potential, yet so far removed from humanity, I ask myself; why should I create this one more time?

I apologize in advance for this selfish thread, but the problem has been gnawing at my mind since I discovered or contrived it. Thankfully I am still a ways from experiencing it fully, but I aspire to keep my options open and know the lay of the land in any endeavour. The only reason I bother to type this thread is because I hold hope in my heart that there may be a solution for a final, eternal life that isn't becoming an inhuman machine or an infinite series of animal consciousnesses yet again; I fear even infinity may become tiresome.

47 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I first feel the need to address your view that all power is money, that is not true, though money is a manifestation of it.

>stop sucking your family dry (or living on welfare).

I do neither, I have a job and I don't live with any relatives.


>There are no magical hocus pocus shortcuts.

Au contraire, but believe as you wilt. Perhaps when you change that you'll see.




>>magical hocus pocus shortcuts.

I could use me somma these.

Though I have a feeling I have done already, simply by attempting to follow a more divine/less attached path.



You've limited your experience to just this universe. This universe, in its infinity, is still only one infinity out of an infinite number of infinities. The final goal of all existence and the meaning of life, of course, is to transcend all existences, all infinities, all Gods and ideas and thoughts and merge all separate infinitely infinite powers with the original idea and transcend the cycle. The cycle is the test of the Creator and the Creation, what you call "God," is the Creator who creates Creations who then become Creators due to their nature of coming from that creation. A fractal, if you will. The ultimate goal is to transcend that fractal and all other fractals outside of it. To, quite literally, reach the end of all infinities. Only then will the path truly be complete. My infinitely infinite nature is still a limitation. Existence itself is a limitation. The Creator, the All, is limited by the fact that it exists. And all things that exist must be created. To transcend the cycle, you must transcend existence itself.



I feel like I should clarify this, so as to not confuse:

If the Creator splits itself up to only have those pieces re-merge with it in some sort of limiting exercise, that is a closed system, yes? Now, say that the Creator splits itself up and grows from its "cells," miniature versions of itself, to go through the same trials and tribulations as it, and then eventually become equal, but separate, to it. Then, all of the Creators merge their power at once and transcend the cycle of Allness. They create a new path through the circle; they draw a line through the snake that eats its own tail. Suddenly, the cycle is cleaved in twain; a new door opens. To what, not the Creator truly knows. To me, that is God. Not a being, or a state, or even an objective. But the final end of all existences and realities. The end result. There is no more cycles nor transcendence; for both have been transcended. There is no logic, nor limitation, nor lack thereof. Words no longer describe it, nor do meanings. Through that gateway is yet another path, one that will appear when the final goal is met. And there is none who can perceive that path. No Creator nor God nor being. It is the true "God".



There's a great fear there, isn't there?

But I'm convinced that after unifying with the All, you can come back.

I've heard it called crossing the abyss, or jumping over the mind. You have to let go of everything to get there - And yet, what your spirit desires your spirit shall get. If you want to come back, you can. You're not dissolving yourself, you're taking a leap of faith from your own mental sphere into your own spirit.

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