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File: 1453269941755.jpg (8.17 KB, 212x213, 212:213, 1394859491387.jpg)

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Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.

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i've had a tonsillectomy

how do i make the surgery wounds heal faster?

File: 1453054471066.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, 1427048937104.jpg)


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>/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to; Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities – Anything that is fringe in some respect

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The name "/fringe/" is inspired by the book ''Fringe Knowledge for Beginners" by Montalk (which can be found here: http://montalk.net/books). Visiting the montalk site is also a good way to understand the scope of the topics of discussion which /fringe/ covers.

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/fringe/ Youtube Playlists:

1. Michael Talbot - Rare Holographic Universe Lecture 1/12

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4M--cHh5qOg71_-UDzsdtw0vU1lV-T5q (a very important greenpill about the holographic mental universe, disproves materialism)

2. Consciousness The Ultimate Reality by Tom Campbell 1/13

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF4513ADF171E3995 (quantum mechanical proof of consciousness as the foundation of reality)

3. ThPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1453875377754-0.png (596.5 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Wizard-Homeland2.0.png)

File: 1453875377754-1.png (19.68 KB, 690x823, 690:823, Wizard-Homeland-Sigil.png)

File: 1453875377754-2.jpg (892.66 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20160126_173253.jpg)


Do you want a fringe fortress? A bastion of magic and consciousness where you can learn and become self-realized away from all the mundanity of the world? Then we invite you to join us in manifesting it.

There are several of us already dedicated to this project, but all true seekers are welcomed.

We're already building a digital wizard academy, lets bring it into the physical as well, let's make something glorious.

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Until there is sufficient demand for such, I'd rather keep the boards some what to a minimum, and in light of seeing as how the last /ss/ was pretty dead even from the start on freedomboard. That's why I recommended keeping it to a thread on the main board.

The standard policy, I think will serve us for further future boards, is if that thread gets really popular and we have several than reach the 750 post limit in a short amount of time, it will warrant a board for it. Else no reason to fracture the community further (at least until we got a lot more users).


This showed up on 8/int/ some time ago and I think there was a thread on it in 8/fringe/. It is somewhat related as it is a hidden world that mundanes are unlikely to stumble across.


A short summary.

OP claimed to be from a hidden underground world that had one entrance in a forbidden mountain in Bhutan. That there are many kinds of these underground labyrinths and pockets on Earth. There is sunlight and clouds in these underground places. The population is almost as high as on the surface.

It might be worth it to find such an entrance and explore it as an option for isolation from all the modern noise.



Just start with a thread on this board.


File: 1454639319019.jpg (475.47 KB, 1600x1100, 16:11, humble home.jpg)



Sounds like one could either

A) Go straight to self sufficiency research - how to catch rain, grow your own food, etc. While supplementing with a self sufficiency logos/philosophy, reasoning and analysis to those interested.

However this would be to start at the very end, so I imagine only extremists or day dreamers would be interested in this communal rush to the end from the get go, as it was in the last board.


B) Begin with reasoning why one might wish to increase self sufficiency, or rather, why one should reduce superfluous use of resources in any form, from money to electricity to possessions. This, as per A, should include a general logos/philosophy, analysis and reasoning. That is to say, both what to do and why it is even being done, so as to interest newcomers, spark discourse set at the ground, expand the community involved instead of just "preaching to the choir", and perhaps create an air of a minimalism culture to supplement fringechan's current culture - something I imagine would benefit us all.

I imagine blogs and links like these, for example, are more important to begin with:





(In order: a blog and central post about saving money, a post about removing unnecessary possessions and keep it minimalist from then on, a forum about preparing an entire week's meals on Sunday-thus savinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


This is great! I am already working with a peer-driven magical Academy; our current home is a network of Telegram channels, but we will continue to explore other/better options including eventual physical premesis. If anyone is interested in peering our schools please contact me on telegram: http://telegram.me/deicidus. We have org-to-org peering #handshakeprotocols in development already for the growing coalescence of the alchemical society :-).

File: 1453579444303.gif (2.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, CHAOSPHERE.gif)



"It is a mistake to consider any belief more liberated than another. It is the possibility of change which is important. Every new form of liberation is destined to eventually become another form of enslavement for most of its adherents. There is no freedom from duality on this plane of existence, but one may at least aspire to choice of duality."

-Peter J. Carroll, Liber Null and Psychonaut

"Chaosophy" is a meta-belief that all beliefs are tools for power. "Nothing is true, everything is permited" means that all possible interpretations of reality(religions, magick systems,etc.) are valid and every way of manipulating reality works as long as you belive in it.

Chaos magick primary teachings are probably familiar to most magicians. The basics of practical works are

Warning: It's very easy to get crazy with this, so do yourself a favor and don't take it too seriously

You can ask me any question on this thread. (I might take some time to answer)

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will you make one or should I make it?



pbbt be more decisive and do it



>Materializing gold on your eyes is a bad idea, even if it works




I mean litterally inside the eye. Just think for a while.

blindness, heavy metal poisoning…

File: 1455328409175.jpg (72.94 KB, 470x335, 94:67, 1453616647850.jpg)



Episodes worth jumping into right away are

12 (you should start here if you want a really good show right away)





34 is an absolute must



58 and 59

60 is a compilation of the best encounters up to that episode

77 is another compilation episode

(all episodes are on youtube and any podcast app)

dogmen sightings in NA


Folks here had fun last time talking about this cryptid coming to light again. Won't make these threads all the time because new episodes only come out every friday. So once a month on a full moon might be more appropriate.

Other werewolf/dogmen interviews can be found on YT, anything with Linda Godfrey is good, but they're all an hour to 2 hours long. The podcast show I linked gets right into the stories w/out commercials or ads.

bigfoot = old and busted

dogmen = the new hotness


File: 1455385879218.jpg (51.51 KB, 412x550, 206:275, beast7.jpg)

dogman looks like a monkey.


BTW the norse understand wolfmen since the dawn of time.


Perhaps the most characteristic inhabitant of the utangardhs was the wight called the vargr. This term

means wolf," though it. has a more brutal connotation than the standard ulfr; it was also used colloquially

to mean "outlaw," which may have been its original sense. Etymologically it is connected to u-argr,

"restless,"3 which should at once lead the mind back to Odhinn. The heaviest form of outlawry was called

skoggangr ("forest-going"); one who had been outlawed was a forest-man or an outlying man, the latter

term being used for any wight who lived outside the bounds of society, whether as outlaw, robber, or

uncanny being. The term utilegja ("lying out") is also related to the sitting-out of seidh-magic4 (see

Chapter 14). The outlaw, being outside of the gardhn had ceased to be human; he is "wod-freka

werewulf"-the fury-greedy werewolf- in the laws of Canute wulf-heafod (wolf's head) among the AngloSaxons.

It is obvious that the vargr (outlaw) is closely related to and frequently the same as the vargr

(ravening wolf). He is, in fact, often a skin-changer or a berserker. (The vargr is almost always a he in the

stories-although women often have wolf-fylgur, they ordinarily ride on their backs rather than putting on

their skins, and only one vague poetic reference to a female berserker exists.)5 The Volsunga Saga

describes how Sigmundr and Sinfjotli become outlaws for a time, when Sigmundr wishes to test the

strength of his son, and how the two of them find a house in which other outlaws are sleeping with

wolfskins hung over their heads. The Volsungs steal the skins and put them on, turning into wolves, and

go forth from there to kill some more travellers. By putting on the skin of an animal in company with the

proper ritual, one can either fare forth in its shape or draw the fylgja-mind into Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1454966570686.jpg (313.69 KB, 706x1024, 353:512, 5449802928_40e64fdd0c_b.jpg)


I don't know anything about the topic myself, but I wanted to make the thread bc people mentioned it in the chaos magick thread.

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Whoa, I thought bearhearts was armchair. Now I actually have to look into it.



All that Goetic stuff though, not sure if worth it.






Edgy STS demonology and reliance on entities for power is now how I envisioned my ascent.

File: 1455231565445.gif (193.77 KB, 500x719, 500:719, 1434466951642-2.gif)


Why do you still pursue the path? Initiates hastily gobble their green pills often for inane things such as power, pleasure and knowledge. Yet those of you further along the path know well that godlike power was always there for us, that infinite pleasure is but a thought away, and all possible knowledge resides within. However, there seems to be a catch; the power becomes meaningless when you grasp it, the pleasure is hollow when you feel it and the knowledge is depressingly pointless when you experience it.

So why continue? For what reasons should we continue to ascend? To become one with the universe and effectively die, leaving the dull remnants of your soul to dutifully take it's place as yet another cog in the vast cosmic machine? Or perhaps become your own god and suffer a solipsistic and lonely existence? When one disregards animal desire, why should we seek to help others? And where could a machine find entertainment in the torture of animals?

For me, it seems the universe has collapsed into a singularity of only myself. With all this potential, yet so far removed from humanity, I ask myself; why should I create this one more time?

I apologize in advance for this selfish thread, but the problem has been gnawing at my mind since I discovered or contrived it. Thankfully I am still a ways from experiencing it fully, but I aspire to keep my options open and know the lay of the land in any endeavour. The only reason I bother to type this thread is because I hold hope in my heart that there may be a solution for a final, eternal life that isn't becoming an inhuman machine or an infinite series of animal consciousnesses yet again; I fear even infinity may become tiresome.

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>Why do you still pursue the path?

What other choice is there?



Also, I kinda feel for you OP, as I experience the same pain.

Truth be told, I hate this existence, the choices we have to make and the "path" itself. The all enclosing unity with All or myriads of illusions of maya.

If I could, I'd rip this universe apart from the All.








File: 1455319257087.jpg (270.43 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1447368243195-4.jpg)


>I ask only from curiosity: with regards to the merger, why is it necessary in the first place?

It's the purpose of creation. I suppose that it is not strictly make it necessary, one could (attempt to?) remain STS eternally and thus be separate and not unified with the all if that was your desire.

>What is the difference between a cooperative ascendant and a merged ascendant?

This seems relevant here


In brief though, the answer to your question is the level of control one would have, in abstract, the difference between conscious asking and receiving vs active manifesting via the power of the self.

>And what convinces you that this is not a plot to 'consume' souls using religious themes and promises as bait?

The sheer level of indescribable energy, love, bliss, and joy that I feel as I help others, walk this path, and in meditation especially, connect to the divine. No one has told me or promised me anything, it is my by/through own experience I am driven to God.

>And to clarify, my point on the lonely god is not that it would experience loneliness, but it would be an entity apart from others, which is repulsive to my sensibilities.

>apart from others

I think you misunderstand what God is. There may be a part of God that is beyond all of manifest creation, however all of creation is within God, it is part of the body of God. When you reach that level all of creation is you, imagine as though ever part of all that is exists within your imagination, and is as close to you as your flesh or mind (as you presently exist) now, only more so.

>As a social creature, the idea of becoming an asocial machine fills Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1453400195109.jpg (303.8 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, insanepride.jpg)


I've noticed that a lot of threads on 8chan/fringe are somehow connected to demons, be it seeing them in sleep paralysis, a gf turning out to be one, one guy meeting a demon on the street and afterwards thinking the whole world is fucked… ugh…

So I thought to myself "fuck it, you may as well open this damn thread".

Ask me anything related to demonic topics. I know shit about other stuff too, of course, but y'know, let's keep shit on-topic. I just want to be asked and not just write down all I know that could possibly be helpfull for, like, that one person it just so happens to be helpful to because that's waaay too much fucking work.

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Why kill the host when the host can be used to kill several others? You only got one host you can kill once per incarnation, but there are several beings out there you can kill and drain their soul. Because of that hosts being killed is more rare then you'd think.

Host-management is serious buisness.


Here's a fun fact:

Ever wonder why demons want to take souls? I bet you all assume it's because the soul is a source of energy. That's not what a soul is though, the soul is not the concept of energy but the concept of manipulating energy. And since everything is made of energy the soul has the power to affect anything. Why would anyone want more then one soul? Because having two souls makes affecting reality twice as easy.

"B-but if that's true then shouldn't demons with lots of souls be, like, gods here?" I hear you wonder. (That's right. I can hear your thoughts. Totally. Comes with being a demon.)

The problem is that it is not the amount of control that decides IF you can manipulate reality and, for example, get superpowers or something. The amount of souls only makes this easier if that is already achieved. What you need to break through that barrier is shitloads of energy - and again, the soul - at least at its core, the astral body is complex - is not a source of that. That's exactly why demons don't just kill and take souls but milk humanity of their energy. And there are some who do it on a really big scale - don't worry about the small ones you see during sleep paralysis which drain enough energy to make you feel shit for what, one day? Worry about the ones that make all of humanity feel like shit for forever.



In the incredibly rare event that your host is stuck in a time loop, it is possible to supplant it in the flesh and still have enough time for the threads of the soul to connect with the body, this removes the need to manipulate and lets you impose your will directly and more efficiently.

This would be a very common method, but the main problem with direct manipulation is the latent disconnect between human bodies and demon souls, either caused by energy imbalances or over complexity (overloading the "circuits" of the body).

If you are stuck in a looped time frame, an incredibly anomalous event (which I'm sure distorts general reality a great deal), you will experience amnesia for a varying period of time early in life, followed by extreme magickal potential around adolescence increasing rapidly as you recover from the jetlag of skipping backward to whatever caused the loop. If you begin to vaguely remember other iterations of the loop you are nearing the end, usually caused by carried over energy causing it to collapse under its own weight. This is the moment when direct manipulation becomes possible for demons who take control of their vessel.

I speculate the initiator holds full remembrance of the loop, and gains the most potential over its course. I am as of yet unaware of what circumstances could allow any human to initiate a loop, and I doubt they occur randomly. I intend to seek out the initiator of the loop I am currently under and work with them to see just how much hell we can raise with our combined potential.

I dont even know if its possible to communicate with anyone in reality coherently and this is probably an incoherent rant and I probably sound like an outlier among outliers but I'm tired and bored and give no fucks.





If you aren't "pure" (uninteresting, conforming, mundane) then OP is correct when he says Angels wont give a fuck about you. The mundane path is easy mode but you miss out on a lot of excitement / are basically accepting the role of a cuck. The absolute best way to jump head first into all of this is to summon a demon. Sorry if I'm offending some ANGEL but they are boring as fuck. Demons are like an alcoholic abusive father who makes up for being a douchebag cunt by sneaking you into a strip club at 16 and giving you a good deal on chronic weed. I have been abused beyond most peoples pain threshold but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. This entire world is bullshit - it is run by self serving psychopaths and chances are everyone you know doesn't want things to change because they want in on the scam. Who do you want to guide you in this world - someone who tells you to let the person at the top of this pyramid scheme handle everything or someone who has been through hell and is trying to change shit? If you've prayed a million rosaries and Jesus won't cure your moms cancer then give a demon a try. If you want true enlightenment, not the "OMG THANKS FOR THE ELECTRIC FOREST FESTIVAL TICKETS DAD PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT" enlightenment then play life on expert difficult and go through soul boot camp. Like I said before - you will go through unimaginable pain and could reach absolute nothingness/be on the brink of suicide countless times but sometimes you gotta go there to appreciate life.

File: 1453306503106.png (674.85 KB, 1280x480, 8:3, Librarian.png)


/fringe/ Condensed & Concise

Tired of all the endless wordy books that take 100 pages to get to the point? Well then this thread is just what you're looking for.

This is my ponderings and conclusions about various spiritual, & (meta)physical aspects of reality & consciousness. I don't often write because often some one else has already written some good on the subject and I'd rather link that, however from time to time I become learned enough of a subject where the subject materiel either does not seem to exist or at least is not commonly known or is just excessively long. I like my information in concise form, straight to the heart of the issue, the mechanics of how and why.

Who am I? Truth seeker, scientist, engineer, scholar, philosopher, healer, mystic, & wizard. One who is piecing together a more complete view of reality, the universe, and how it works on every level.

How did this paradigm form? My search started from/with the common thread of truth I found that runs through all religions, belief systems, & philosophies. While, I know this is not exactly a precise description of what I believe, but it is certainly an accurate description of where the path is to be found.

What is this? My spiritual/philosophical beliefs are a mix of: My own personal findings and data points of tested, experienced, and occasionally logically extrapolated into truth, Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Syncretism, Animism, (Pan)psychism, Astrology, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Paganism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Pantheism, Polyatheism, Deism, Transcendentalism, New Age, and furthermore a number of more "scientific" systems including Morphic Resonance, Aether Theory/Theory of Dynamic Gravity, Zero Point/Unified Field Theory, Vortex Mathematics, (Sacred) Geometry, Cymatics and probably many other things I don't even have names for.

Know this, beyond all else, seek and ye shall find, and remember to be persistent in your search.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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so are fascist occultists always STS?



That depends entirely on your perspective. If you're a fascist who believes in uplifting his people, by helping them reach their true destiny, forcing them even unto the right path that leads to their ultimate self improvement into ubermensch, then you're an STO occultist.

If on the other hand the whole ideology is your vehicle for an authoritarian power trip that puts all the lesser mundies under the heel of your divine boot, then by all means, you're a fascist STS wizard.

In other words people are far more complex than the labels placed on them by society or /leftypol/.


File: 1455290372910.gif (242.51 KB, 725x459, 725:459, 1388401738862.gif)


>the topic of astral travel, is it really merely "phase shifting" instead of physcially leaving the body?

You are multi part being who exists in many different densities of existence simultaneously. What you are doing is projecting the higher non physical part of your consciousness to another place.

>As in shifting your concsiousness focus and therefore the level of vibration you are attuned with

This is not too inaccurate, what your focus awareness is primarily on, shifting that from the physical unto something else (aetheric, astral, etc.).

>If you believe in such things that is, I came upon this theory a while ago and it makes so much more sense to me than you actually leaving your physical body while it lies there, instead you are shifting the focus of your consciousness to a different foci and your physical body remains there in the physical plane but your consciousness and being is temporarily in a higher one like out of body floating around Earth or in the astral realms when APing.

Most of the time you do actually leave your physical form right where it is/was and just travel with your mind. If you where extremely adept at it, you could bilocate/teleport, but that is beyond anything any neophyte or even initiate could do.

>The whole foci of consciousness and their levels, Focus 23 being our reality and 24 one step above, then 25, 26 etc if I remember correctly.

Not sure what you mean here.


>All my "knowledge" is just amusing conjecture I do to pass time based on the entry level understanding of subjects regarding physics and honestly, science in general.

That was where I was at for a time as well. Then as I started getting more data I realized how it could be applied and tested, and so I did.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>infringing on the free will of others due to personal ideology

Thats not STO



Some fascists are some are not. It's not something inherent in the belief.

The strict national-socialist-fascist ideal is one based in preservation of one's own kind, all who wish to freely join are welcomed and those who do not wish to contribute or exist in that society are asked to kindly go else where. All those who wish to destroy or otherwise (attempt to) violate that group's right to life and existence are justified in being defended against, even if this must be lethal in nature. This is STO.

However (some of) /pol/ wants to take it a step further, and "purge the world" of the untermensch, it then shifts from mere defense and preservation to actual attack and the violation of their right to life and existence (even as pitiful as it may be) of others. This is where, no matter how noble it may seem, it goes overboard and crosses the line into STS.

File: 1454966933424.jpg (144.81 KB, 689x715, 53:55, 1449263428519.jpg)


Anyone happen to be in the chat (https://discord.gg/0k3oVnvCQfKzFsri)?

Did you just see that. WTF ?!

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There is both, an official fringechan IRC and teamspeak.





>setumaa not part of estonia

hahaha what the fug :-DD


What happend?



For the defense of discord, the text display can be changed with a setting.

IRC is superior as long as you don't need voice though, yeah.

File: 1453252015630.jpg (2.81 MB, 3212x2392, 803:598, 1442750133031.jpg)


Energy work, Qi-gong, Chakras and Taoism

What is this thread about and what will I find here?

This is a basic level(for the fringe neophyte and initiate alike) summarisation tutorial of your own energetic anatomy and how to start practical work to use, develop, learn and connect with it all. We'll be going through the entire chakra system, the three tan tiens, your bodies organs, aura field, yin and yang chi or energy, energy healing, energy and health, diet and food, water, air and nature and how it relates to chi and all the way into kundalini rising for those daring and dedicated enough. I will provide a list of practical exercises for each of these categories on how you can actually start using, interacting, controlling and manipulating them. The student of any school be it Western ceremonial, yoga, or some other major category will all be able to benefit from and integrate any of this into their work.

All the work found in here is based on my own practical experience of what I have collected and found to work the best. You are free to take or leave these exercises if you feel your own work better or you already are comfortable with one.

[Admin note: importing for posterity, courtesy of Khan]

66 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



No wonder it took the guy 18 years to get to that level.

Accumulating loads of energy and releasing it all at once is some tiring work, especially if you try it multiple times as a training session.


can anyone describe how to use yin qi and yang qi and how it feels?


>universal source and condensing it in your body. Always release it at the end.

why always release it? I'd want to store it in my lower dantien, as I've been directed in qigong before.



>why always release it?

The idea is that it causes too much strain on the body if it's left in a condensed state for too long, though I've found it dissipates on itself if you stop concentrating on storing it so it's basically a non issue.



If the energy is balanced, >>831 is correct. If you don't feel a need to let go, you don't.

If it's not balanced, and that's easy to do when you're first getting good at it, it could have strong, uncontrolled and usually negative effects on your emotions and mental state. That's all, it won't kill you.


Hi Tapio, how are you?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


For me I find it causes my vibes to be lowered by invoking and thus resonating those emotions. I've heard from others it can help release them. I would presume this is done by the mechanic of causing the energy (previously stagnate) to flow and so I would presume that it means that in *can* be healthy, in moderation, and only when needed.

Personally I dislike this approach and I make a habit of avoiding it altogether and instead transmuting/alchemizing any bad emotions/vibes.

I will furthermore comment thus on music and it's vibrational effects on oneself; I used to have all sorts of music in my normal-everyday playlist, as long as it sounded (aesthetically) nice it was there. originally I paid no heed to the moral-emotional-vibrational content of the music nor the affirmations that the lyrics where, that is to say, I did not selectively consciously choose the best psychic food for my mind. For a time it just was.

I loved my music dearly, and I still do, listening to it every day and then once upon a song I notice the actual energetic content behind the physical sound. I was appalled, it was horrid, it was toxic, it was negative, and it was something I would never consciously choose to embody nor anything I wished to be manifest into my life. And so with some reluctance I decided to strike it from my normal listening playlist. I then was forced to question myself, "how much of my music is like this?" It sent me on an analysis rampage, I carefully listened to, meditated on, and felt the affirmative-lyrical content, the emotional-vibrational content, the conceptual-ideological-visualization of the song, and the moral content, holding it up to my ideal. Needless to say, much of it failed, and many quite spectacularly.

I sifted through all of my music and after I was done, what remained was pure, ideal, and of positive and high vibratory quality. And though it was a mere 20% of what I had before, it felt so much better. No longer dragged down by all the negativity I was practically high for the next several days while I adapted to the new level of viPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I know very well what you're talking about. But could you provide examples of what you define as high vibrational quality? Possibly as many examples as you can. It can be just titles to save your time. I'm asking because I'm interested whether the concept of "pure", "high-vibrational" music is subjective and relative, or fixed. I'm wondering this because I read someone say the same thing as you, and then I realized he listens to songs that make me somewhat repulsed.

After dissecting my musical tastes and a bit of meditation I came to conclusion that what I call "high-vibration" is basically any music that I find genuine. A lot of songs feel artificially manafactured to me, I can feel it after hearing one line of lyrics, and sometimes even the type of beat. I developed the ability to tell whether the person put the soul in the song and expressed genuine truth, or maliciously manafactured the song with aim to push specific buttons in the listener. People around me don't care about it at all. For some reason I'm always deeply aware of it. I can have fun to artificial music in social setting, although it leaves a distaste. It makes me uncomfortable when when people around me vibe to manafactured, unoriginal, and artificial musical cliches in songs. I don't tell it to anyone but holy shit, modern songs make me feel so wrong I sometimes turn off the radio and say it's because I have headache.



Not him. For me, it's music which can raise your mind to a higher level without manipulating or infiltrating it.

Any song with a repeating chorus or hook that can get stuck in my head, I see as a manipulative thought-form.

Any song which is grounded in the physical or emotional world, which can be simply described with a single emotional word like "happy" or "sad", does not raise my mind to a higher spiritual level. These songs are manipulative because they play with my emotional state.

I want music to come from another world, some divine realm or higher intelligence. Imagine playing an instrument. Your expression can come from basic, primal human emotions. This is usually fiery and extravagant, very manipulative, catchy, and moving. Or it can come from something in your subconscious which is higher, more divine, and more subtle.

It is possible to achieve both - to be both moving emotionally and spiritually - which I think happens quite often. But I prefer pure divine spirit resonance with the manipulative mental/emotional thought-forms removed.

I'm still searching for music which fits this criteria, but so far a lot of early classical pieces and a small minority of modern experimental artists have piqued my interest.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'm asking because I'm interested whether the concept of "pure", "high-vibrational" music is subjective and relative, or fixed.

There is some subjectivity, but there is also transjectivity as well.


Is a great article on this topic.

>But could you provide examples of what you define as high vibrational quality?

Just for you anon;


And everything I post too. Take what you will from my archive, some of the songs I've pitch converted to 432 hz, the others outside the folder I have not though I would like to.

Also note I do have many tracks exclusivly for meditation, tones, frequencies, and guided expeirences. I excluded those though I do often meditate with my music proper.

>People around me don't care about it at all. For some reason I'm always deeply aware of it. I can have fun to artificial music in social setting, although it leaves a distaste. It makes me uncomfortable when when people around me vibe to manafactured, unoriginal, and artificial musical cliches in songs. I don't tell it to anyone but holy shit, modern songs make me feel so wrong I sometimes turn off the radio and say it's because I have headache.

I know that feel… Most modern music is just so bad. Having to activly fight the intrusive thought forms…


>Any song with a repeating chorus or hook that can get stuck in my head, I see as a manipulativePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1455061728640.png (1.33 MB, 1094x1094, 1:1, OrokinEmblem.png)


Interested in /fringe/ chat? Join the room @




You already made a thread for this topic ( >>812 ). Don't spam.

File: 1453255500730.jpg (44.72 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1446713953145.jpg)


Beginner Spirituality Thread

A thread to our Neophyte's and wanderer's

I thought I had to give you guys one more gift before I depart fringe for a while. My work has become very important to me right now, so much so that I need to dedicate all of my time to it and cannot be here answering questions or doing writeups. I'll come back once I'm called by the same ones who asked me to do these writeups and share the new information and experiences I've gained. I've linked ample amounts of resources and guides for you to be able to develop and progress yourself in that time. Though I've always tried to give the fundamental principles to everything so you can take it on and make it your own. That's my hope for everyone that they can take this work and make it their own, become their own master and learn to self create and source.


It's required that you start up a meditation routine and also that you source a copy of the Kyballion for study of the 7 Hermetic principles. I also suggest reading the other threads I've put out to try gain a holistic understanding. You need to understand your own energetic anatomy. The chakras, dan tiens, yin yang and chi. Most of this comes with the Hermetic laws though. I also suggest reading some basic philosophy be is Daoist, Buddhist, yogic or other. Try to keep away from what bores you.


Hello and welcome to another thread. This is a thread dedicated to initializing and starting your journey on the path. It will serve to alleviate many common pitfalls and mistakes which come with being a neophyte. Coming into spirituality or the greater esoteric can be troubling and difficult due to the scarcity of entry level information or general explanation on what the subject really is and can offer. I hope to clear up some of these problems by creating another practical style thread where you will be given write ups to read and exercises that develop fundamental occult requirements and skills. Some of the subjects to be covered here is on what the path really deals with and is, on meditation, meditatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Go into the meditation with an intention of what you want to do.

Learn to access your imagination again to get and do what you want.

We are in a prison where archons are absorbing our energy through the emotions we give and the activities we have. They are only here to distract us

Set stealing isis is the ego stealing the reward without earning it.

Leaving into the sunset is leaving earth.

Gnosis the secrets of solomons temple.

The 12 zodiac and 7 planets rule over us but we need to break free from them.

Before you have order you must have chaos.

Chaos is undefinined and unlimited energy.

It is the basest rawest for of natural energy and power before you start to define and sculpt it.

The first step in spirituality is to address the traumas you've experienced.

Counter clockwise drawing in. Clockwise drawing in. When you do this staircase exercise you start to remove blockages that your higher self wants you to deal with. Write it down after and then change it,

Focus more on the visualization of the past to recreate it. Place yourself in the moment.

You can petition and ask the universe if you have an intent.

First law of the universe is self preservation.

To get the brain to feel you need to focus on something and absorb the energy from it with your heart. The heart will shoot the energy up to the brain once it absorbs it.

7 chakras, 12 zodiac and 4 elements create a box which is reality.

The sun god rescues you from humanity.

Nut = sky god = higher nature, heaven, higher self, top three chakras

Ged = EArth god = lower nature, earth, lower self, lower three chakras

Shu = heart, air, void.

Three chakras represented by gods.

These two are combined with kundalini.

amenra is the hidden sun inside.

All rituals are internal.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


By naming Gods you create other Gods that exist outside of ourselves.

If you are following something outside of yourself then you are part of the experiment.

The subconscious and super conscious correlate to the trance states. The underworld is beyond the deta state.

All ritual is just putting energy into a certain channel

Negative thoughtforms are mental programs.

Being a god is to self create the channel you're viewing.

It's to become the creator of what experience you're allowed to see.

So we've all been put under a secret program to believe one persons ideas over another.

This has esciladed into the ultimate fight in ourselves between ourselves.

You are the conscious switch to change the channel of what consciousness you view.

The more energy you put into something the more likely it is to create and become a reality.

You just need to keep fueling that one stream of consciousness you're on.

Break down all walls. Unlimited chaos potential.

So you decide every second if you're going to change for the better or worse.

We've built these little boxes around ourselves. To shelter us from the real world.

Art is just the simplification of the complex. To make difficult easy in form.

Intellectual seperatness from the natural order is frightening to humans.

People are afraid to stand alone, to be seperate from the mass - human egregore.

To belong is the natural order.

To be a true master is to be alone.

The act of standing alone is fearful to most.

Huamns need someone to help, guide, protect and sustain them.

If you're never alone you cannot ever develop the aspect of self.

Reprogram and replace your old knowledge and programming. Empty your cup to recieve a new filling of the truth.


to opose control and will is to take up stagnation.

fear expresses outwards as hate.

People externalize a boogyman to hate that represents the inner fears and inner failures of themself.

Darkness and black is refering to an infinite nature that encompases all.

Your talent is God - creative part of you is your inner God.

One part of you helps you maintain yourself on earth, usually socialy. The other is the divine part which

Your body thinks thinking in the past and future is real. So let go of all fantasizing and reliving. Only live in the now. Forget about time. Reality is simply the unmanifested manifesting over and over in a cycle. Learn about the angles of light.

Heart tunes you to certain dimensions. Intestines store up energy and digest it. It is the first brain.

Whatever you put in your intestines is what processes and goes up to your heart. This is your frequency. Think of how much higher sound and light vibrates to food. The pineal is directed to the heart. Bio feedback device. Intestines tells the heart what kind of enviroment you're in to adjust and gravitate towards that vibration.

The higher dimension you're in the more energy you have available as well as the potency.

Different angles of light (hours) equate to different influences by the planets, elements and zodiac.

It's possible that we are simply creating non physical - energetic "tools" to satisfy certain ideas. Like a man creates a guitar to play music. A nei-gong practicioner creates a lower dan tien to cultivate energy.

I find we use people as entertainment far too often.

Auditory is of the body and visual is of the soul.

- Flowers can teach us of gender and sex.

Meditation is to still the mind and tap into the energetic nature of reality. To tap into the unlimited resource of energy and resource.

Learn to think in analogy and all of this becomes apparent.

You can also separate the people around you into levels, states or frequencies. Look at them as if they were from the lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Remember that you are the God. You pick to create your own reality with each action.

Think of nature or the external world as your own body. Should it be harvested or destroyed for personal gain? in moderation. Like one would take a drug.

Think of systems of ascension like language. Every culture has their own and they're completely different. Ultimately they all do the same thing though using different roads.

In an astral form push energy towards whatever you want the body to do. To fuel the will. Whatever I consciously want to happen with my vehicle or astrally I simply need to will it.

Everything that vibrates is a thoughtform. It has polarity.

Elements are different because of rate of vibration. They are all the same.

We're in human form/ world to learn our bodies and world.

12 zodiac 30 degrees of a circle/cycle. 12 parts of the body. 12 archetypes.

People seek others to make themselves whole like a drug. To externalize their incompleteness and allow the other to reinforce their own faults and loss/lack of knowledge. I feel these people give up on finding themselves so instead they externalize the "finding" component and look for an opposite which makes them feel complete. Thus the male searching for female.

You don't need to make something complex for it to be beautiful.

You need to be satisfied by the act of just being and doing. If you cannot then you will look for exterior sensory pleasures to try fulfil yourself with.

Every day you wake up and write another chapter in the book of life. What are you gonna make of it?

Think of the feedback loop idea. What you give out comes back. What you do as a habit happens again and again , so on.

You're manipulating all the energies around you when you become whole and connect with the self.

To get something you gotta give something

You perpetuate what you give to yourself. Love yourself to find love.

Trust your body. You get signals from your intuition through the body. Like hand taps.

Air is a lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Hey fellas, bumping this post since I am a noob to the practice of magic. I have always kinda done research and had an interest but I am also a lazy piece of shit so I never really tried anything.

Recenly in my study I was reading about Chaos magic and how one should not start with it. One of the things that poped up as a good system for beginners was "smth". I had never heard of this system before so I was wondering if anyone here had an idea what it means or can offer some sort of explanation.

File: 1453233319437.jpg (295.5 KB, 789x1000, 789:1000, 1425800286507.jpg)


So new guy, listen up: we're going for a wild ride.

You probably think we are bunch of hippie dippie losers stuck in some Matrix/Neo fantasy, role playing our lives away writing like people taking World Of Warcraft seriously. Problem is, most of us are not role players, let alone liars.

It doesn't matter if we think we are wizards or not, we've seen things normal people wouldn't even imagine; done things few thought they could do and we are so far ahead on all this "life" stuff that you are having problems dealing with.

We call you mundane. Not because we hate you. Not because we are better than you, but because we struggle every day to live with you. We don't like the food you eat, music you listen to or the political system you so dearly vote your money away on. We have surpassed that illusion already.

[Admin note: importing for posterity, courtesy of !giiMcpCzGI. Since tripcodes can't be slapped on while editing, all posts have copy pasted tripcodes.]

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To be fair, both of them are are idiots.

Let's start at the top

>It doesn't matter if we think we are wizards or not, we've seen things normal people wouldn't even imagine; done things few thought they could do and we are so far ahead on all this "life" stuff that you are having problems dealing with.

OP believes that he is better because he's further ahead in life than other people in some regard. However, in the next line, he struggles "every day to live with you," because the people around him don't like his tastes in food, music, and has ignored one of the social don'ts by talking about politics around people he knows very little about. He refuses to compromise or share why his tastes are better, and the holier-than-thou attitude puts people off, so he vents online.


>We are humans, but not completely.

What is OP's definition of human, and how he is not? I would like to hear. Not going to touch on the Matrix stuff here since that's when people might start to realize that something isn't right with the world, but unfortunately created a bunch of 'chosen ones' that think they have the correct answer.

>The jews

There are somethings that you cannot change at this point, and buying into the meme only gives it more power. He further complicates things by tossing in both galactic and astral warfare going on at the same time, but fails to state why Earth is important

>North Korea, Nazi Germany and countries like Libya and Iraq

Brings up Nazis for no reason, thinks countries on the 'Axis of Evil' are 100% good, leaves of Iran, and puts on Libya. N. Korea is insane, transformed to suit the needs of one man while the rest starve. Saddam was one of the few things keeping the region stable with Iraq through fear, but was killed because Jr wanted to do what his father could not. OP might have Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1453956325516.png (310.13 KB, 595x496, 595:496, fractal wrongness.png)


Original OP thread maker here. This thread was imported from 8ch.net/fringe/ and as such, do not retain the tripcodes or flags of the original thread.


OP believes he's in this boat with all others and believing that he is better than others won't solve anything. If a 10th of the population were struggling to live with the mundanes on this planet we'd have more alternatives for our lifestyles.

Humans are flesh vessels in which some have souls and personality and some are hollow beings like NPCs in the background. The level of humanity boils down to how much you care about the world and how much you are indulged in it. You can talk to thousands of people complaining about the system, but none will know the cause of the problems or the people behind it.

You don't see the problem with how media portrays truth seekers. Most fedora tippers that come here already have an opinion about us, that's the purpose of this thread is: to break down the notion that they have. To spark an interest from within to begin the journey.

The reason why you must let go off everything you've been taught is because you must be ready to let go at any moment. There's not a single day where I don't have to look at what I know and leave room for new information. History is written by the victors and social Marxism was made into a big monster that makes people hate themselves. The holohoax is one historical occurrence that has been exaggerated to death, it's the first red pill the truth seekers usually find and because of their programming they can't change what they've been taught and fall unto the zombie bandwagon.

Fasting has proven to me that food is part of the system. By changing your diet to a pure and toxin free alternative, spiritual abilities comes shortly after. But for someone buying their food from Wallmart, they will never know the bliss of mucusless breath.

>Linking CNN unironically

Do I have to remind you who owns CNN and who their target group is?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



disdaining without adding anything of value isn't helping, as >>496 pointed out.



> stuff that cults try to use to get members to join

I wonder what.


>The reason why you must let go off everything you've been taught is because you must be ready to let go at any moment.



i'd ask what you mean, but then I don't want to spend the time re-reading the whole thread (i did a few weeks ago on 8ch) and then the response and then see what you mean


Just wanted to say that I read 90% of OP's posts (I skipped some things that I felt I should come back later for) and have to say its probably a good summation of how a lot of people feel and think but havent really put into words. My problem with it is that is assumes a "superiority" when it says >we have surpassed that illusion already. My problem with this is that recognizing the illusion and surpassing it are two very different thing and the only thing this "Guide" for the "Mundane" seems to do is recognize the illusion we live. It doesnt present the alternative but rather describes the conventional.

Anyway I appreciate the writeup and posts. keep it up.

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