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The day of the Blood Moon is past.

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/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to;

Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Quantum : Qualia : Psychic Abilities

– Anything that is fringe in some respect

Important Threads:
OFFICIAL QUESTIONS THREAD: >>5194 *more info at bottom of sticky — Dream journal: >>2435 — Fringe music: >>1867 & >>3701 — Astral Projection: >>691 Emotional Alchemy: >>5697 — Meditation Superthread: >>5708 — Occult Films: >>2640 — Demon Hunting guide: — >>152 Greenpills: >>3446 — Thoughtforms: >>6300

/fringe/ Books Reading List:
1. http://montalk.net/files/fringeknowledgeWEB.pdf
2. http://www.scribd.com/doc/35530128/Zivorad-Mihajlovic-Slavinski-Invisible-Influences
3. http://www.scribd.com/doc/37587609/Shadow-People-Astral-Spiders-And-Hypnagogia
4. http://www.peacefruit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/TranscenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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IRC: irc.datnode.net #stormchan - - - Web chat: http://webirc.datnode.net/?channels=#stormchan

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File: 1397748172537.jpg (142.04 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

X-Men: Days of Future Past | Official Trailer 3 [HD] | 20th Century FOX


>implying we won't become the X-Men after completing the Book of Knowledge


File: 1397748482335.png (260.57 KB, 830x580, Screenshot from 2014-04-17 11:…)

>that Magneto


anyone got that video they show to new freemasons its like 2 hours long


This is some kind of underground occult mindfuck film made by the temple of the psychic youth. It's a big file so you need the mega extension installed to download it without it breaking.


Also I have a few other videos in my mega folder, just check videos and videos2


There's a workshop on pranyama, two films made by a wiccan (I think) person called Janet Farrar, a cannabis entheogen guided meditation (close your eyes for it and it'll work better, it'd be better as an mp3 really) and a recently made documentary on alan watts with previously unseen archive footage.

All these are unavailable on torrent sites outside of theoccult.bz


File: 1397797140014.jpg (32.41 KB, 333x314, 248380_10150633549045652_45425…)

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Here is my copy paste post with additional information on cannabis and the spiritual/otherrealm effects, the nutritional aspect and a method.

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File: 1397945902782.gif (749.49 KB, 500x280, loosh demon in disguise.gif)

drugs are for mundanes, but yes they can help dull the assault of the modern world (life under siege)

however we, fringe wizards, know that DROWSINESS and DISTRACTION are our only enemies. all other beings of awareness are our parents and siblings, from lives long gone

tl;dr: drugs are for "the living dead" (what blavatsky called spiritually unaware persons). i am the living living emissary of infinite imagination (so i can smoke drugs and drink poison cuz i got no quibbles about it)

p.s. drugs CAN help the living dead become the living living (because, honestly, if it wasnt for weed i would have probably ended up a good goy)

oh most of my family are mundane and only few are fringe wizards. youre all my family btw. time for me to stfu cuz im high…on weed… but mostly loosh


so i shouldnt smoke weed before i watch game of thrones today???


You shouldn't smoke weed period. Muh asceticism.


why if it wasnt for weed i dont think i be here today…


So weed confirmed anti-eugenic and a crutch at once?

File: 1396411729935.jpg (215.87 KB, 1280x720, 1396254484261.jpg)

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Hello, eveyone. I have noticed an increase of newcomers, and thats excellent. Instead of making an entire thread, lets keep the questions in one, shall we?

* Read everything in the sticky.
* Look it up either online or in your books.
* Just look as hard as you can until you find an answer. If not, drop a question!

Feel free to ask anything /fringe/ related.

>pic unrelated, I just cleared my pictures ;_;
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Good work illuminatus.

Also that video is hilarious in how they've twisted him talking about the reptilian brain, sounds like Barrack's been reading some Robert Anton Wilson or Carl Sagan.


File: 1397964908938.jpg (46.75 KB, 598x336, 1397939832134.jpg)


I'm going to just name my Tulpa "Kate" based on the Linux Text Editor by the name same; is this a good idea?

I'll change the name later if the tulpa suggests a new name.


I suppose I have heard of worse sources for names… the name itself is okay though
Good luck


My tulpa will help me grow spiritually and maybe let me escape this realm too, she can possess me later on and do whatever she wants with the body, I just want out… unless I can reach a level of power that I can be god-like in this world.

File: 1397923255486.png (1.04 MB, 900x900, Fringe.png)

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Questions every wizard must ask themselves: taken from


Q1-Who am I?

Q2-What do I want the most?

Q3-What do I aim to be?

Q4-What does knowledge mean to me?

Q5-Am I waiting for something?

Q6-Why am I living like this?
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>international society for krsna consciousness
>Sure is egocentric in here


Q1-Who am I?
Pretty cool guy who studies artificial intellgence in college
Q2-What do I want the most?
Knowledge about the creation of the universe. Answers to things I have scene. The ability to move across the multiverse. The basics really
Q3-What do I aim to be?
A god
Q4-What does knowledge mean to me?
The most valuable thing there is
Q5-Am I waiting for something?
Q6-Why am I living like this?
Because I actively make the decisions that keep me this way. I like the way I am living and wouldn't change it
Q7-Can I live differently? How?
Yes, by being more productive
Q8-What does money mean to me?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Answers to things I have scene.


File: 1398024657771.jpg (432.29 KB, 2048x1314, family.jpg)

Q1-Who am I?
Navy Photo-journalist and boffer extraordinaire.
Q2-What do I want the most?
To keep chasing the dragon that is getting over my fears and neurosis.
Q3-What do I aim to be?
Someone who can speak well, who is healthy, well travels in this world and the astral.
Q4-What does knowledge mean to me?
Inspiration through information. Also a tool to inprove life.
Q5-Am I waiting for something?
I am waiting for a girl i genuinely like who i can spare experiences with, i am sick of one night stands. That and seeing my friends on leave this june.
Q6-Why am I living like this?
Because i am a junior enlisted my shit is very much together but sharing a room with a Navy bro is not really a problem. I am however going to deal with loud call of duty kids down the hall when I can tell where the like to holler and carry on on work nights.
Q7-Can I live differently? How?
I can, Be more social with civilians and invest more time in boffer and studying however, i am choosing to progress all these things slowly with the change of season.
Q8-What does money mean to me?
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You sound like a filthy normal.

File: 1373170969002.jpg (340.79 KB, 703x586, Astral Projection - Praxis - B…)

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This is how you get into the astral planes:

See before you what can be seen with your mind's eye. If you must, project something at first, then look around it for things which you do not project. As you look around everything else will start to come into focus and take form around you. DO NOT THINK ANY WORDS. Any sounds will fuck up the process.

There is a skill which you ought to practice to get good at APing and it's quite simple really but a bit hard to do. You must see numbers in your mind (preferably elaborate fancy numbers in a beautiful font like I visualize) and count them up but only with seeing them. So you see 1, you see 2, you see 3, etc. and count up and then backwards. It is very hard not to think / sound out each number as you see them but once you get the hang of seeing the numbers without thinking them then you will have the skill you need to AP.

This exercise, quite simple in nature, is meant to overcome the conditioned programming of your mind and to let you use only your mind's eye to do what must be done. It is important that as you phase into the astral planes you do not talk at all until you're fully there. Even when you're there start by thinking thoughts and maybe communicating with another entity telepathically before you think about moving your mouth to sound out words out loud. You will know the difference…

Also when you are going there start by just looking around. Do not move at first. Eventually once you're more there you can start moving and after awhile it will be clear as day.

Now here are some odd things you can do in the astral planes:
1. Telepathy. Normally you experience this as empathy in the waking. Empathy lets you feel what others feel. In the astral telepathy is way more advanced and you can mind-read too with some difficulty and transmit your thoughts with less difficulty.
2. Levitation and telekinesis. Hard to do and generally a massive waste of astral energy. If the rules of the plane you are in don't allow it then just don't bother or do it once and enjoy getting prematurely disconnected after draining your energy… just to find out.
3. Energy manipulation, shielding, banishment, enchanting, and many other forms of magic.
4. Possession; you can possess people, access their memories and thoughts, and if you fuck up forget who you are at least temporarily and end up living and thinking you're someone else Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bitchslap me in the astral planes or fuck off mundane.


I'm not afraid of ANYTHING in this world or in the astral, I do come across things that would disturb others, but they don't frighten me at all and can hardly steal my loosh.


The wise words of an enlightened master


You are properly enlightened when you get down to bitchslapping and being bitchslapped in the astral.


File: 1398018864929.jpg (27.22 KB, 315x428, Mogu.jpg)

So I astral projected for the first time last night.

I didn't even leave my house though, because I looked outside and saw this big guardian dude just staring at my house.

I looked out front and saw a bunch of red etheric lines as well.

Not sure what it means but I figure I'm not ready to explore the astral realms. Perhaps I was projecting my fear.

File: 1393593068289.png (194.27 KB, 1011x801, Green, red, and bluepills.png)

No. 3446 [Reply]

Post your greenpill facts in here. Follow the same format (describe the fact then cite a source). Lets accelerate the awakening process with bite-sized information!


>Concentration on a certain body part increases the flow of blood to that part. This was established at the end of the 19th century by Weber, a German psychologist, who measured this accurately with a scale later named after him. When a person holds his/her hand on the Weber scale and concentrates on that hand, the blood vessels in the hand expand and it becomes heavier. The same happens to all body parts, the pineal gland being no exception.

Source: http://www.peacefruit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Transcendence.pdf (Page 15, Pineal Breathing Chapter)
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the thoughtforms thread right? i got it from this book…






Illuminati is multi-faceted, assume when people are against the illuminati they are either conspiracy neophytes or talking about the subgenius notion of "the conspiracy" as in those who are against us.

Conspiracy theorists are on their own path to illumination, it may take some years or even decades before they break out of the shell of paranoia though.

The illuminati is in my opinion to be both opposed and supported.

There is no enemy anywhere.

There is no friend anywhere.



Also OP's picture is clearly influenced by the illuminatus trilogy which is the origin of the phrase "seeing the fnords". The Illuminatus trilogy has the illuminati as opponents of the discordians.



Controlled opposition. Illuminati "opposing" itself.

File: 1397963424631.jpg (341.55 KB, 700x904, Eris5.jpg)

No. 6949 [Reply]

I have an idea on how to spread knowledge and help others 'wake up'…

What if we make a different website that teaches others how to begin the path of wizardy? We could provide basic reading lists, how to do shit such as sorcery, meditation, ritual, etc. We could also provide "homework" which is where the student prints a observation paper or put their observations in their journal. It would be like "What happened? Did you see any visualizations? Did you feel any strange phenomena? etc". I feel as if all these neophytes are confused and it would be cool to have a website that shows people the right path to wizardry. Sort of like a mixture of montalk and online college expect there is no right or wrong path to the students' work, really. Then we should encourage them to post their findings here so we can see.

Any ideas or comments on this possibility?
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File: 1398009993214.png (6.5 KB, 227x191, 1358295364023.png)



I want to attain some seriously kick-ass powers before some neophyte ends up surpassing me or something.



There will ALWAYS be people and groups more powerful than you out there.

Which is a good reason to train harder.



The IoT requires you to be 23 to join I think.


Oh then I'm too young. I don't want to join them or any other group anyways.

File: 1394392477071.jpg (16.54 KB, 266x380, 1394049021203.jpg)

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Old music thread seems to be on auto sage, can we get a new one going?

>New Age Track for Meditation,Yoga,Massage & Deep Sleep


I love falling asleep to this one after having fapped, found it 2 days ago
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I don't even fear fear though. I am just beyond fear.


File: 1397940719634.jpg (200.34 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Phil Rey feat. Felicia Farerre - Ad Honorem (Epic Emotional Music) - EpicMusicVn



File: 1397940994763.jpg (79.45 KB, 1281x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Epic North - This Is The Future (Beautiful Female Vocals) - EpicMusicVn



File: 1397942482082.png (Spoiler Image, 32.17 KB, 250x334, know-will-dare-keep-silent-s.p…)


If you get the message stay quiet.


File: 1398013537187.jpg (192.56 KB, 1440x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Desert Dwellers - Downtemple Dub: Roots [Full Album]


File: 1397752646291.jpg (517.52 KB, 1920x1080, ss_e98deaf0e334206b84c2462276a…)

No. 6493 [Reply]

It's a shame how rare these threads are, seeing as they imply the ultimate freedom of what you experience.


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…because I've been meditating and reading all day.


Well, OOOoowlright.


Because /fringe/ is pretty obscure, and we like it that way.



Well ooooooright.

There's one in every crowd.


Is someone … what?

File: 1392502840129.jpg (162.21 KB, 960x480, 1380608046003.jpg)

No. 2908 [Reply]

I wish to inform my fellow /fringe/ wizards that something major is taking place in the astral and huge synchronicities are happening.

Today I and multiple other persons have all experienced the same events in the astral, been to the same stadium, and encountered the same entities.

This is unprecedented.

I and at least one other individual are also apparently being hunted by something sinister in the astral, according to the tulpa of a third wizard.

This is really strange.

Perhaps a massive convergence of fourth density and third density reality is taking place.
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quick track to astral travel? dream control is taking too long…



could have something to do with the grand cardinal cross (taking place for the next 6 days i heard)


Is it happening?


No look at the timestamp this thread is old as fuck.

File: 1397761022470.gif (4.9 KB, 469x139, 05-03.gif)

No. 6522 [Reply]


Please post images that we ought to print out or draw replicas of and put up in our rooms in order to help ourselves memorize essential magical knowledge.


In Hindu esotericism and tantrism there are five tattvas creating global energy cycles of tattvic tides beginning at dawn with Akasha and ending with Prithvi:

1. Akasha (Spirit tattva) – symbolized by a black oval
2. Vayu (Air tattva) – symbolized by a blue circle
3. Tejas (Fire tattva) – symbolized by a red triangle
4. Apas (Water tattva) – symbolized by a white moon
5. Prithvi (Earth tattva) – symbolized by a yellow square

Every complete cycle is lasting two hours. This system of five tattvas which each can be combined with another, was also adapted by the Golden Dawn (→Tattva vision).
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1397948686659.jpg (154.79 KB, 321x895, tarot meanings.jpg)


File: 1397948852682.gif (7.26 KB, 453x181, Pentagrams.gif)

For the Lesser Pentagram Ritual used by Thelemites


File: 1397948884005.gif (7.79 KB, 318x301, Hexagrams.gif)

For the Lesser Hexagram Ritual used by Thelemites


File: 1397948919081.jpg (419.61 KB, 500x669, alphabet of desire.jpg)


File: 1397960144260.jpg (48.87 KB, 557x595, FD4WFORH1YOIT0B.MEDIUM.jpg)

No. 6666 [Reply]

Check em'

Post all your wizardly notes in here.
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>green-pilled blackwoman defending herself against psychic vampires


Is that Sarah Palin doing psychometry on her or something?


Read all /fringe/ threads (AGAIN) but this time actually take notes and techniques in my /fringe/ grimoire. Same goes for montalk.


Get the motivation to write, maybe cast a sigil that motivates me to write. I'd rather have a book with the knowledge collected from every book I read than to have to go in every book just to find a paragraph.


File: 1397958281904.jpg (43.92 KB, 500x500, 30-Rock-Tracy-Jordan-Money-Shi…)

>wizardly note #2. distractions and drowsiness are gone finally. DONT GO ON 4CHAN EVER (biggest time-sink). also remember to pay respects to the ghost of hitler tomorrow. and read more always

File: 1397926608334.jpg (177.48 KB, 709x2000, Fringe.jpg)

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/fringe/ needs more OC


File: 1397927199837.gif (129.8 KB, 518x98, give me your loosh.gif)

Then make a thread on /comic/ and let the knowledge thread fill /fringe/ up. Here is some OC I made like two weeks ago.


File: 1397944038586.gif (16.48 KB, 633x758, Give Loosh.gif)

An old OC I made months ago.


File: 1397944054499.png (9.91 KB, 226x343, LOOSH.png)


should be
>tfw no loosh

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