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Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.

Previous thread >>>/ask/3229

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File: 1477597016461.jpg (37.26 KB, 625x352, 625:352, 625x352.jpg)


>henever my life circumstances get better, I get a real throwback days later.

I know what some people here think of the concept so I'll just leave this guy here and let him do the talking.

File: 1453054471066.jpg (410.47 KB, 879x879, 1:1, 1427048937104.jpg)


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2. Consciousness The Ultimate Reality by Tom Campbell 1/13

https://www.yPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1476746582210.jpg (118.65 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Dagr.jpg)


All session info is now hosted on:


Curious magicians and humble fedoras are all welcome, as long as they leave their arrogance and ignorance at home.

Same rules apply for Discord chat as for IRC chat and the global rules of the website.

Posts in this thread may be edited and others may be deleted. This is to keep the thread neat, not censorship.

Next session:

AP: 23rd of October @ 8pm UTC

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Check out:

"The Art and Practice of Astral Projection"

by Ophiel

/library/ will have it



which method from the 4 does Mossa use in his sessions?



I remember most of it being from Ophiel, but there was another book he mentioned as well that I do not remember. The book I provided is more then enough in my opinion. That is the only book I've ever used in relation to knowledge related to AP. Mossa's session was redundant for me, I already knew and experienced everything Mossa had taught and more.



Imagining things is not AP.

Changing your astral form is not shapeshifting.


Because of technical issues, the session is canceled this weekend.

Mossa has to build a new computer and will be busy doing hardware related issues the whole weekend.

The session.html page will not be changed because I can't edit it. So the message here is the information you will see.

File: 1453252015630.jpg (2.81 MB, 3212x2392, 803:598, 1442750133031.jpg)

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Energy work, Qi-gong, Chakras and Taoism

What is this thread about and what will I find here?

This is a basic level(for the fringe neophyte and initiate alike) summarisation tutorial of your own energetic anatomy and how to start practical work to use, develop, learn and connect with it all. We'll be going through the entire chakra system, the three tan tiens, your bodies organs, aura field, yin and yang chi or energy, energy healing, energy and health, diet and food, water, air and nature and how it relates to chi and all the way into kundalini rising for those daring and dedicated enough. I will provide a list of practical exercises for each of these categories on how you can actually start using, interacting, controlling and manipulating them. The student of any school be it Western ceremonial, yoga, or some other major category will all be able to benefit from and integrate any of this into their work.

All the work found in here is based on my own practical experience of what I have collected and found to work the best. You are free to take or leave these exercises if you feel your own work better or you already are comfortable with one.

[Admin note: importing for posterity, courtesy of Khan]

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>>To multiple people above

Abstinence is only required for the beginning phases. After that tantric masturbation/sex is more ideal and ejaculation to be moderated. The stronger your body becomes, the less of an issue this is.

If anyone wants to really learn the mechanics of this they'll have to do a bit of experimentation. It takes internal knowledge of your energy levels to understand.

I'll give a brief lecture to share language for your coming experiences.

Play with inhale relax, expand (not enough to loose intention and awareness of the body from crown to anus) then exhale contract and tense (again, only enough that you can do it holistically and consciously). The exhale contraction of the anus, perinuem, lower naval, naval and middle diaphragm convert your negative lower energies to positive mental. This creates a feedback loop similar to ldt meditation.

Keep a focus on the genitals but do not go tunnel vision. Your aim for cultivation is to strengthen the amount of tension/ voltage that the lower areas can handle. Go slower to be more conscious.

Now if you want to understand the interrelation between two people it's to do with this inhale- exhale expand-contraction. If something contracts around the penis it will force the person to contract as well. You are your genitals after all(hexagram). Thus you use this to link up breath rhythms. Try squeezing your penis like a one hand towel wring with your hand(same way you brace before using a martial arts weapon, your dick is a katana!) and you'll understand this concept.

Last thing is ejaculation. Think of your entire body being inhabited by a warm fluid. This is your conscious awarness. This rises and falls as the temperature, day time, or other factors do. Ejaculation will release about 30% of this fluid so you may notice a loss of awareness or even a weakening of the nervous system. Think of it as you've lowered your awareness level or strength. This is not the be all end all as you just need to do 10-20 minutes of breath meditation (depending on your level it can take anywhere from 1 hour to 1 minute) to regain it.

This can be good as you gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>tantric masturbation/sex

I actually thought that you knew your shit. There is no such thing as tantric sex, nor masturbation. At least if we are talking about real deal Tantra and not New Age one.

Please, read




It is a blanket term for consciously or working with the awareness.


File: 1477553282585.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.85 KB, 640x204, 160:51, f9c7b8337795e6ba1780b1b3de….jpg)



Nevertheless it's incorrect and it spreads disinfo as what you understand by your "tantric sex" term isn't actually tantric.


>dat flag

>dat pic

File: 1457588314870.jpg (879.61 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, creepy-forest-spooky-dream….jpg)


Since I could not find any other thread like this, I decided to create one. In this thread, you can share all your weird dreams with everyone. Some other member might be able to tell you more about the dream. For example, why your dream had a theme of dragons or something similar. Please feel free to share your dreams, no matter how short/long or weird they are!

I will share my dream below that is pretty long. I have never had a dream that long, it is is so full of imagery. If someone could help me understand it, that would be great. For some background information on it, I have had a lot of psychic and paranormal experiences like seeing orbs or apparitions, hearing my name, and a bunch of other stuff after using tarot cards.

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I was in my room in my parents house, where I spent my childhood in. My body was feeling heavy, I could barely move. I made an effort and got to the mirror, I saw my current reflection but for some reason I was terrified by it. I was feeling trapped, thinking I would have to stay there forever. Then some small elf-like creature, like santa's elfs, that was all white, colourless, but had distinctive features, but had no voice, guided me out through gestures, showing me to follow him, so I crawled after him and woke up



that was white because it emerged from the wall. It took it's appearance as it had low energy there, as it's size and inability to speak also suggests. It wasn't a regular dream, It is one of the many dreams where I am self aware and unable to move, then I meet some entity that wills to get there after me and rescue me.


Was at a cemetry, it was quite old and closed (ie no new people were to be buried there) and you could see all the graves from a raised platform. It was night. The graves were different, some were tombstones, some were pretty big and had a mausoleum over the grave.

I watched with my dad at the graves. One grave caught my attention. It was fairly richly decorated, and I looked at it from a distance of around twenty meters. Mind you, it was still dark. Suddenly a camel and a lion came to the grave at high speed. They walked abnormal, as if the time was sped up by 2. The camel stood on the grave and it started to dig, exposing the corps of a man who was dead for ~20 years. His body was still intact though, the suit he whore was still good and he did not rot. My parents urged me to look. The lion came and devoured the body, eating it and ripping it to pieces. Then the two animals left, and so did I with my parents. The corpse kept laying exposed, shredded to pieces, with a faint but clear moaning.



Maybe something you thought was lost will turn up but soon after be destroyed or damaged?

I have a dream I'll post later as I'm about to start a class. There's one part in particular I want to ask yall about


I had a strange one last night, I could remember a few things about but I list them.

Apart of my chest skin was gone revealing fatty substance between my pectoral muscles

I heard two woman saying someone named amodaous or Antonio died of a disease he couldn't fight

I remember walking toward a graveyard that I pictured was filled with plagues and diseased bodies, cautious that I might catch the disease I still walk toward it but for some reason I was unafraid of going in.

thats all I can remember

File: 1465505824904-0.jpg (341.27 KB, 890x913, 890:913, 01 - rFydxRu.jpg)

File: 1465505824904-1.jpg (215.38 KB, 890x636, 445:318, 02 - zBCT1De.jpg)

File: 1465505824904-2.jpg (620.85 KB, 2348x2336, 587:584, 03 - 6F8TmCD.jpg)

File: 1465505824904-3.jpg (110.48 KB, 600x773, 600:773, 04 - ucbqal0.jpg)

File: 1465505824904-4.jpg (151.49 KB, 600x599, 600:599, 05 - XZDhAIG.jpg)

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Starting off with the art of:

Paul Laffoley


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File: 1477522950477-0.jpg (4.14 MB, 6949x2256, 6949:2256, Vrubel_-_Flying_Demon.jpg)

File: 1477522950477-1.png (1.6 MB, 956x828, 239:207, vrubel_azrael.png)

File: 1477522950477-2.jpg (1.39 MB, 3122x1082, 1561:541, Vrubel_Fallen_Demon.jpg)

File: 1477522950477-3.jpg (8.14 MB, 4000x2199, 4000:2199, Vrubel_seated-demon-1890.jpg)

File: 1477522950477-4.jpg (427 KB, 1280x934, 640:467, Waterhouse_-_The_Annunciat….JPG)


File: 1477522983781-0.jpg (1.09 MB, 1076x1400, 269:350, waterhouse_apollo_and_daph….jpg)

File: 1477522983781-1.jpg (1.56 MB, 2133x3000, 711:1000, waterhouse_danaides.jpg)

File: 1477522983781-2.jpg (247.94 KB, 847x1200, 847:1200, waterhouse_mariamne.jpg)

File: 1477522983781-3.jpg (856.3 KB, 1644x2800, 411:700, waterhouse_Ophelia_1894.jpg)

File: 1477522983781-4.jpg (123.71 KB, 510x806, 255:403, waterhouse_phyllis_demopho….jpg)


File: 1477523015604-0.jpg (636.41 KB, 1360x1969, 1360:1969, waterhouse_siren.jpg)

File: 1477523015604-1.jpg (312.26 KB, 600x878, 300:439, watts - satan.jpg)

File: 1477523015604-2.jpg (907.32 KB, 1281x2584, 1281:2584, Watts_-_Love_and_Death.jpg)

File: 1477523015604-3.jpg (109.42 KB, 1200x693, 400:231, watts_after_deluge.jpg)

File: 1477523015604-4.jpg (161.27 KB, 1002x1536, 167:256, watts_court_death.jpg)


File: 1477523050189-0.jpg (198.16 KB, 1037x1536, 1037:1536, watts_dweller_innermost.jpg)

File: 1477523050189-1.jpg (163.97 KB, 920x1200, 23:30, watts_genius_greek_poetry.jpg)

File: 1477523050189-2.jpg (148.2 KB, 884x1536, 221:384, watts_mammon_worshippers.jpg)

File: 1477523050189-3.jpg (86.68 KB, 830x1200, 83:120, watts_sunset_alps.jpg)

File: 1477523050189-4.jpg (102.03 KB, 700x1359, 700:1359, watts_the-recording-angel.jpg)


File: 1477523088301-0.jpg (1.68 MB, 4450x1516, 2225:758, watts-chaos.jpg)

File: 1477523088301-1.jpg (230.4 KB, 1800x1049, 1800:1049, Whistler_Nocturne_grey_sil….jpg)

File: 1477523088301-2.jpg (6.05 MB, 3415x4405, 683:881, William_Blake_-_Jerusalem,….jpg)

File: 1477523088301-3.jpg (3.71 MB, 2192x3109, 2192:3109, WLA_vanda_Vishnu_as_the_Co….jpg)

File: 1477523088301-4.jpg (1.55 MB, 2700x1795, 540:359, wyeth_christina's_world.jpg)

File: 1475201559946-0.jpg (60.5 KB, 450x450, 1:1, oto.jpg)

File: 1475201559946-1.jpeg (18.75 KB, 1200x511, 1200:511, rosicrucian.jpeg)

File: 1475201559946-2.jpg (285.13 KB, 1614x1722, 269:287, aod.jpg)


I thought it might be good to meet up with like-minded people. Is it worth joining a fraternity, order or similar organization? Are there any other ways to meet people that I should consider?

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I'm not even close to being able to attend, but brining a bright colored object may not be exactly that easy for some people.

Then again, it can't be that hard to acquire such a colored object.


File: 1477470493571.jpg (41.77 KB, 400x300, 4:3, red-2d20kangaroo-2d2c-2d20….jpg)


Admittedly I was going to go with "Hi! Are you here for the /fringe/ meetup?" but your idea is more exciting.

I have the perfect purple object to bring with me assuming they'll let me bring it into the restaurant…



It's called "lovinghut", I'm sure they'll be fine if you come in swinging a purple dildo around.


File: 1477485047557.jpg (30.98 KB, 310x406, 155:203, 1468370413757.jpg)


Completely forgot that we even have trains going between major cities, thanks for the reminder.


>How do you do, fellow wizards?



>How do you do fellow wizards I am not part of the CIA, you?

File: 1477144477175.jpg (79.89 KB, 640x434, 320:217, girl-1716824_640.jpg)


This will be my first time posting about this topic. I will start by giving my view on this. It may get pretty long but there's a reason I need to lay this out properly.

You may be familiar with threads like this one:


Posters are asked to make a pledge in the style of Anonymous Alcholics or Weight Watchers and if you fail you have to post a confession. This is intended to shame you into giving up your obsession, but this is moralist method, it's not scientific in any way.

The problem with this approach is that it relies heavily on willpower alone. There's no step-by-step way of working yourself through it.

What I present is going to focus on searching yourself and finding your own motivations, this is what I myself used with success.

To use the similarities with over eating/drinking, I'll start by retelling from memory an interview with Micheal Mosley, a brittish doctor, author and creator of the 5:2 diet.

These are his main points

>it's a common idea that you need to eat to maintain your blood sugar level

>if you don't eat for a while, you get tired and in a bad mood, and you think you need to eat to raise your blood sugar

>this is false, we've found by measuring blood sugar levels that when people experience "low blood sugar" it's not actully lower than normal

>you get in a bad mood because you are used to eating, it's a habit

>people don't eat because they are hungry, they eat because it's time for breakfast, time for lunch etc

>in reality you could go 5 days without eating and your blood sugar level won't drop, your body will produce glucose using your fat reserve

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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When you don't masturbate you become jewish and rape young boys.



Yes it is. Cultivation of the sexual force within oneself allows for said energy to be wielded to practical magical ends instead of squandering it on ephemeral sense pleasure.

It is a practical requirement for extreme practices such as inedia or agelessness.



There is nothing in the OP which would be out of place on a mundane website. Even the stupid name 'NoFap' is distinctly mundane. You have to apply esoteric learning to a topic to make it /fringe/worthy, otherwise it might as well be on /b/. If people are going to do that in the replies then fine, but the OP is extremely irritating.


There is only one thing about fap that you should consider and that really matters. Only the most experienced wizards will get the importance of following statement: with every fap, your inner child connects more and more to the comfort as its main god. If you fap enough, you'll reinstall your paradigm to such that values comfort the most. If you have experience in the belief manipulation and chaos magick in general, and you can swap your core values around like pairs of gloves, then it's not a problem for you. But having sexual pleasure/comfort as your core value is a really shitty place to be if you've ever tasted the bliss of having other sources of meaning as your gods. Even from a hedonistic perspective, it's not efficient to masturbate often.

However, I have to say, fap once in a while shouldn't have such effect. Besides, it's probably more about porn than about fap anyways.



>If you have experience in the belief manipulation and chaos magick in general

>chaos magick


File: 1453219711225.jpg (351.6 KB, 875x941, 875:941, 1429147078411.jpg)

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There are a lot of people asking for meditations so here is the centralized place for them.

There are a great many meditations, diverse in form, for many varied and wonderful purposes that develop a multitude of different aspects and I want to help open up the wonderful world of meditation to /fringe/.

Meditation #1

Meditation Name: Quiet-Mind Meditation (Q-MM)

Type: Concentration, Thought-Control, Entity Detection, Banishing

Technique: Allow your mind to go silent, do not let any dialogues take place in your mind, let no thoughts intrude upon you. Hold your mind in silence for a minimum of about 5 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes. If you want to go longer that is OK but for daily practice 5-15 minutes will do. If you can make the silent mind your default mental condition throughout the whole day that is even better and you will have more energy to do things without inane internal banter draining you of your vitality.

Comments: This is the most basic and well known meditation which usually precedes many other more advanced meditations. When people think of meditation, this is usually what they know about, even though meditation is so much more than this. I find doing a one-pointedness meditation beforehand easier to clear the mind of invasive thoughtforms or reading 1 to 3 chapters out of an occult book can help. It doesn't always do the job though, like last night for example I picked up an extremely invasive thoughtform from just a few minutes of exposure to a radio and it was very difficult to banish and took about an hour to banish. Radios and televisions are prime sources for nuisance thoughtforms that can disturb the silence and peace in your mind by forcibly repeating themselves in your mind against your will. It can be incredibly easy or incredibly hard to do, depending on what entity attachments you've picked up. It allows you to detect the presence of these attachments because in trying to resist them and keep your mind silent, you can suddenly realize these thoughts are not actually coming from you, but originate as an outside force intruding upon your conscPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1476348064440.jpg (421.1 KB, 1512x1920, 63:80, 1467068527215.jpg)

Meditation Name: The Secret Smile

Type: Energy work, Emotional Alchemy, Emotional Internalization, General Well-being


Take the meditation posture you prefer best. The most important point to remember here is to keep your spine straight as possible though I'd also recommend a posture where your legs are comfortable and you can easily feel your feet. Keep your tongue pressed up to the roof of your mouth (This is to connect your governor and functional channels.) Close your eyes and slow your breathing down. Put a smile on your face (Lift your cheeks so the corners of your mouth turn upwards if you're a salt mine like me who's forgotten what a smile is)

Clench your toes as tightly as possible until they really hurt and then release them, Do this three times. Once the pain has stopped focus in on the feeling of relaxation in them and move it up your legs. Pull it up your ankles, up along your calves, feel it rise up over your knees, thighs, and across your hips. Feel the muscles relaxing along the way as you do this. Pull it up along the length of your spine, up over your head and down to the point where your tongue is touching the roof of your mouth. Swirl the feeling of relaxation in your mouth and mix it with your saliva. Swallow it down and let the relaxation circulate through your body as it goes.

Next, Think of a time you did something really well and were proud of yourself. Not only this, but other people were also proud of you and recognized what you'd achieved. Let the events fade away and hold onto just the feeling. Move the feeling down to your feet, and then feel it rise up your legs in the same way as the first step (You don't need to clench your toes anymore.) Let it rise up your spine, over your head, into your mouth. Mix it with your saliva and swallow it down. Mix it with the first feeling. Repeat this step twice more for a total of three cycles, or more if you're enjoying yourself.

Think of a time you laughed your ass off. A real deep, great laugh that you couldn't control or stop, Let the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Isn't this basically the inner smile technique from mantak?



They've got similarities but they're not the same. Mantaks version moves 'positive smiling energy' through your vital organs and eventually through your MCO. In my opinion though, it's very vague as to what this 'smiling energy' is. . You don't really get the sexiness and confidence with the Mantaks inner smile. So after experimenting with both, I find this one superior and prefer it. Hence, Wanted to share it with you



Is there a prequel to the first part? I really do feel like a fool when I say that I cannot find myself able to recite the sentences I've just read after many attempts. Maybe the Kybalion wasn't the best to begin with, as it's sentences go on for a long period of time with many large syllable words. It really is quite frustrating.



Have you just tried creating your own prequel to the first part? If you find it difficult because the book has long sentences, how about trying another book? How about just going for as many words as you can remember, and see if eventually you naturally become capable of full sentences? Instructions posted here are usually only as good as you are adapting them to your situation.

File: 1454014512287.jpg (134.93 KB, 604x600, 151:150, 1437855697805.jpg)

 No.562[Reply][Last 50 Posts]


Inedia is the ability to obtain your energy required to support your physical flesh and psychic body directly from the universe, the all, God.

What drives a person to breatharianism is an inner calling to unite with God. We are all born split off from the God and only through denying yourself the illusions and fake traditions of materialist that was created in this world can allow you to reunite.

Inedia is not for the weak and not for the doubter. But within 100 years you will see people live without food become more common for every generation.

It might be the call you need right now. Remember to ground yourself by standing on soil barefoot or other methods. Mental grounding is not really effective for newbies.

Various Approaches to Inedia


A gradual transformation of the diet into purer food. A conscious choice to only eat the highest vibrational food and to avoid foods that are very dense and clog the digestion process.

This is roughly summed up as the removal of, in order:

1. fried, grilled, baked, and smoked meats & grains

2. milk and dairy products

3. sweets, candies, and soft drinks/sodas

4. any processed foods e.g., boiled, steamed, pickled, or cured foods (the only exception is rinsed and cut/diced)

5. any grains or meat

6. vegetables

By this stage you are left with nuts and fruits. The next step is a transition to pure fruit juice only.

7. nuts

8. fruit pulp

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Post last edited at


For those without knowledge I will supply this information.

Air - oxygen, the bones and blood

Earth - minerals/metals, the bones and blood

Water - water/vitamins, the muscular tissue, the skin

Fire - heat/electricity, the fat

Akasha - prana, the cranial and nervous tissue

It is through the combination of the elements that the magnetic and electric fields of the human are formed and their interaction precipitates all action.

You have been taught that humans create a negative energy state, that by nature they expend more energy than is available, however this is untrue. The Sun, Sol, shines light which is known as a radiation. This light contains both fire and akasha. Through the interaction of the fire from the sun and the water of the skin and eyes energy is absorbed.

The digestive system is a complex system of organs designed to eliminate waste and toxins. Vitamins aid the body is the elimination of wastes and toxins when found in the proportion and ratios naturally seen in those of raw milk, meats, and most fruit and vegetables. Foods which are processed do not have the correct ratios and often have too little of the water principle and too much of the earth/fire principles, this causes imbalance in the system and a build up of unpure toxins within the body. Foods are also imbued with thoughtforms, whether from the plant/animal they came from or the production process they followed, the employees who helped create them and those who stocked them in the market, the processing strips these foods of most of their prana. Berries and vegetables found in nature are the highest in prana and contain only neutral thoughtforms from the plants themselves which bore them, second to this in health is that of organically grown berries found in conventional markets, though they may have residual thoughtforms these can be cleansed and the prana content while not as high is suitable for food that is to be consumed.

Vitamins are not necessary to human health, they are necessary to remove egregious wastes from the digestive.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Hi Mossa.



>he thinks I'm Mossa

Do I even write like Mossa? I'm fairly sure he lives in a different country than I and also is a different age.



That's why I tripfag. That's why I should have kept tripfagging.

But no, lets play the pronoun game.

Hey Turk.


File: 1476746082072.jpg (187.7 KB, 640x980, 32:49, 1346808131212.jpg)


How do we define the personality of the mind inside?

What's the difference between our mind's voice and our essence?

Is ego a necessity in order to live in our modern society or the product of said society?

What is ego-death?

This thread will house the meta-topic of ego and allow discussion to flourish.

Re (previous comments):

>The ego is not something to be transcended exactly, what should happen is that a wizard should gain control over the ego and shape it into something better. It is a tool by which we use to interact with this 3rd density plane of existance.

>In many systems it is exactly to be transcended in order to be enlightened (although I don't think it's equal to Moksha/Nirvana as I think that one should also consider karmic stuff and the fact that enlightenment is by definition permanent while so called "ego death" isn't necessarily).

>Even when we are talking solely about magic and not generally understood "spirituality", there are many techniques that require you to drop, if only for a certain amount of time, your individual ego.

>I believe the biggest risk with all of this "ego death" going on in spirituality is that people, after "killing" their ego and no longer percieving it as a part of them, move their ego into the shadow self - causing the ego to have control over the subconcious. I've seen it, "gurus" and whatnot thinking that whatever they do must the right and the only possible truth and everyone else is ignorant because they thought they literally had no ego, thus it is impossible for them to be driven by it so their words MUST be the truth.

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Speaking solely for myself, the beginning practices of actively observing your thoughts and being engaged in the present moment were things I started working on before I even got into fringe knowledge (although this practice made me more receptive to it when I did stumble upon it). I'm sure that I'm missing a greater point here, but as someone with already vivid imagination, imagining most forms of sensation through any of the 5 has come naturally to me for as long as I can remember. But I'm sure that Bardon is very hand-holdy through these steps for a reason, and this isn't the first time I've seen a post on /fringe/ insisting upon IIH as essential to the work being done here, so I'll take it to heart and try again.



oops, meant to reply to >>9065


File: 1477308019658-0.pdf (1.19 MB, Julius Evola - Doctrine of….pdf)

File: 1477308019658-1.pdf (2.44 MB, Rawn Clark - A Bardon Comp….pdf)

File: 1477308019658-2.pdf (1.77 MB, Franz Bardon - Initiation ….pdf)



I highly recommend reading this book by Evola to you.

And if you are going to read IIH don't do it without this companion and the correct edition of IIH, here you go.

Most people fail IIH not out of misunderstanding the instructions due to not using the companion



Thanks for the PDFs. But why is the companion structured in such an inconvenient fashion? First it has the new commentary on Part II, then the commentary on Part I, then the old commentary on Part II.



Thanks for the files, and I appreciate the response! I haven't ready any Evola yet so I'll give him a shot and I'll start the IIH work again with the files you gave me. I also started The Universal Master Key a week or so back, and that has also been helpful both in reading and practice, to anyone else struggling with IIH.

File: 1454966570686.jpg (313.69 KB, 706x1024, 353:512, 5449802928_40e64fdd0c_b.jpg)

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I don't know anything about the topic myself, but I wanted to make the thread bc people mentioned it in the chaos magick thread.

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Look up hair extensions.



I've got no experience in shape shifting, but if you have a lock of someone's hair, you know what their hair looks and feels like. From there, you should be able to use regular visualization tactics to replicate it with more accuracy.




Sounds like its just changes the way you see yourself, is it not?



In a way, if you change your perspective the world changes


File: 1477290530916.png (11.01 KB, 225x225, 1:1, square_gate2.png)

There's definitely enough good info here but I'll give some extra perspective.

Every human is in the same essential body, configured to different levels like customization sliders or a colour palate.

Different cultures live in different levels of humidity, light, different foods, ways of life, physical activity, etc. This creates physical change over long periods of time. The entire body is a cable system. We represent these cables (think finger tendons running to feet and through head) by elements. They're maintained and mastered(related/controlled) through the organs. These express externally through your face. The face is the body (torso, waist, discluding limbs) and the limbs are your body. The body is the naval. Observe people to see what kind of states they're in (what organs/elements are strong, abused, prominent, etc), what side they angle to.

Another idea is to understand the geometry of males and females. The only "real" difference(of bodies in general) is this geometrical positioning(visualize a square gate or octogate).

What does this mean? Changing the entire body is an act of changing these variables(geometry if you like to think physically). At least this is a denser or more external explanation on how it all works. First you need to satisfy your ego.

Next ask yourself. How can you realistically "break" and manipulate reality to deeper levels. Hopefully you thought the imagination. It's so simple as to be taken for granted. This goes for much more than just shapeshifting.

If we remember the cyclical, sine wave nature of reality we can figure out how this may work. Constant enforcing of this form. Create your body map and overlay it at every chance you get. Anyone who practices astral projection will know this kind of stuff(and may have noticed subtle changes).

High tide is impressing, low tide is allowing and yielding.

This all takes a sturdy posture to support use of the imagination. Strong internal breath as to keep your consciousness flowing and a highly developed creative visualization.

I'd suggest first learning how to visualize properly in 2d,3d, creating Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1453579444303.gif (2.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, CHAOSPHERE.gif)

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"It is a mistake to consider any belief more liberated than another. It is the possibility of change which is important. Every new form of liberation is destined to eventually become another form of enslavement for most of its adherents. There is no freedom from duality on this plane of existence, but one may at least aspire to choice of duality."

-Peter J. Carroll, Liber Null and Psychonaut

"Chaosophy" is a meta-belief that all beliefs are tools for power. "Nothing is true, everything is permited" means that all possible interpretations of reality(religions, magick systems,etc.) are valid and every way of manipulating reality works as long as you belive in it.

Chaos magick primary teachings are probably familiar to most magicians. The basics of practical works are

Warning: It's very easy to get crazy with this, so do yourself a favor and don't take it too seriously

You can ask me any question on this thread. (I might take some time to answer)

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But how do you know you are actually changing reality and not just changing the way you see reality?



The answer to that is in your question.



Hm, so you actually don't ever know? It could be an illusion or not(?), is that it?



Can you give me your definition of reality?



Truth as experienced by The All (GOD).

File: 1472694036362.webm (710.88 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, LET_IT_BEGIN.webm)


Prelude, as below so above.


now stay with me

>have this idea planets grow since before

>looking at youtube video that brings up piri reis map

>getting tired of hearing about it with no new discoveries

>look up world tectonic plates over southern america in relation to video and "Aztlan", lost home of the amerindians

>tectonic plate not broken over argentina, argues against the piri reis map being a coast line depiction in favor or being an actual map of antarctica looted or copied from greek/egyptian libraries with connections from earlier kick start civlizations built by and given knowledge to by the people, "gods", from ruined antarctica or from another planet

>looking at the tectonic plates they remind me the plates on a skull

>back to planets grow

>now to saturn

>back to planets grow

>find below detailing idea


> . . .

>during a planets evolution it reaches intervals of equilibrium and stability where the rotational speed allows for inflation without breaking apart

>back to saturn

>back to earth

>earth Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


I'm currently tly reading a very interesting G book called world's beyond the poles which has me thinking my theory might only be half right, while it is true according to observed physics, we could be living on the inside of a giant sphere with stars and planets being gas formations.

Such as ( o x)

We live at x, o, supposedly observable universe (how much has NASA lied?) Is gas and the interior of the sphere is landmass divided by water.

I'll finish my read and update after some thinking.


i had a dream once that planets were actually eggs for giant space animals. the sun was like an incubator and nature/life was like the sperm used to fertilize them.



You're not far off if I'm right on second hypothesis, but consciousness rather than animals.



what kind of giant animal will come out of this egg


File: 1477160717303.png (104.49 KB, 2000x1305, 400:261, toppest of gegs.png)


A frog

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Holy shit. Chaos magic is serious shit.

I delved in it for two years and got incredible results. I was riding a wave of succes and easy money and all the time I vanished thoroughly or so I thought. But yesterday chaos came back to bite me in the ass. We were drinking and smoking dope with my best friend. Something dark came upon us and we went berserk. We plummeted each other and at one point he tried to kill me. Choke me to death. When I came bak to, he was laughing maniacally, so I ran. I haven't seen him or text him since yesterday. The thing is he has access to fuck up my life, undoing all the success I've had in the last two years. So yeah… Chaos is serious business. I will gladly read any and all anecdotes you have similar to this and any words of advise or similar. Namaste

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>If you don't understand how action predicates reaction you don't understand magic at any level.

Hey, I don't claim to. But I just don't see how making myself rich would or even SHOULD have a "karmic" backlash.



>no apparent reason nor justification


I'm not saying the universe is perfectly ordered, because I don't know. But you can't say it isn't just because bad things have happened to you and you can't see the reason why. Human beings have very little insight into why things happen.

>Therefore x resembles nothing to x but it is actually x because I need to believe so.

Don't twist my words, that has absolutely no resemblance to what I'm saying.

Sorry for your loss by the way. I know how pain can make things seem disordered.


Seeking personal wealth above other things is the manifestation of selfishness and greed, or will end up inculcating selfishness and greed. These things will bind you to lower forms of existence and prevent you rising higher.


I don't think should has anything to do with it.



It's not about some vague "karma" but rather a matter of balance of materials. If you use x method to get something you are competing in x field. Then you will be the target of individuals with these same skills. At first you'll have success because noone cares about some newb, but if you persist they'll stop you and take back what you gained. You still need to play politics in all areas.

This is kinda like someone who tries to make some cash but doesn't realize he's selling on the territory of another group. It's a common phenomenon. You're left alone if you seem like a casual because noone wants to bother exposing that they care if you are going to leave soon. If you stay, you're a problem and need to conform to the rules in this area.

Talking of principles here.



>doesn't understand Hermetic Karma

>doesn't understand Law of Cause and Effect




>Hermetic Karma

Last time I checked it was called just "karma".

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