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Question Thread #8

Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.

Previous thread >>>/ask/4642

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Welcome to the /fringe/ - Updated 170108

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>/fringe/ is a board for esoteric discussion including matters pertaining to; Magic : Philosophy : Paranormal : Dreams : Religion : Occult : Symbolism : Aliens : Demons & Angels : Metaphysics : Conspiracy : Secret Societies : Mind Control : Morality & Ethics : Mysticism : Qualia : Psychic Abilities – Anything that is fringe in some respect

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The name "/fringe/" is inspired by the book ''Fringe Knowledge for Beginners" by Montalk (which can be found here: http://montalk.net/books). Visiting the montalk site is also a good way to understand the scope of the topics of discussion which /fringe/ covers.

Recommended Reading: http://montalk.net/reading

Official IRC

Server: irc.freenode.net

Channel: ##fringe


Definitions / terminology used often on this board:



Mysticism – Mysticism involves communicating with or directly experience the divine. Monks and nuns have often used meditation and prayer to induce mystical states but it can also involve esoteric practices like rituals or energy work.

Magic – Magic is the art and the science of causing change to occur in conformity with will.

Rankings on /fringe/

Our rankings are roughly based off of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminates_of_Thanateros#Structure


A fedora rejects magic and refuses to investigate it, he is actively opposed to the practise of magic and denies its existence. He doesn't want to do anything for himself and wants to sit there and demand you prove things to him so that after hours of preparation and considerable effort to show him magic he may then dismiss it again with "magic doesn't real, nice trick there faggot". His mind's already made up and he thinks practising and studying magic is foolishness. Some fedoras purportedly have read some magic books before but they may have been really shit books, or they might not be clever enough to make proper use of them, or they think what they read is better explained by a non-magical explanation. They are men of faith and can't be reasoned with. "magic is not real, trust me I've never done it!" is a famous slogan of the fedora.


A regular person with no magical knowledge or practise. Probably they aren't interested in magic or only know a little. There attention is given primarily to the mundane pursuits in life. They do not necessarily reject magic and they may be theists or religious but for whatever reason they don't pursue it. They may be apathetic, they may think they can't achieve a level of skill in magic where it would be worth their while, they may simply be too distracted with just trying to survive, they might have had some bad or startling experiences with the paranormal and let fear dominate them and keep them from going further, they might not know where to begin with getting into magic, etc. There are many reasons mundanes don't actively study and practise magic even if they acknowledge its existence or possibility. They are the same same as Hylic or Somatic in Gnostic terms.

(Both of the above ranks are equivalent with the Novice rank in the IoT)


A person who is learning magic. They have an actual interest in occultism and study it and may be engaged in some basic practises. They've at least read some books – they are learners following the path of illumination. They want to develop adept-hood in magic. They might not be accomplished in the practise of magic for now but they're learning and they respect the initiates and masters who they seek guidance from. Same as Psychic in Gnostic terms, someone with the potential to overcome his material-animal nature and become a spiritual being.

(This rank is the same as Neophyte in the IOT)


A person who has learned a lot of magic, probably studied at least a minimum of one year, read multiple books, engaged in a variety of practises with enough success in magic to not take the doubters seriously anymore. He has achieved gnosis, he's seen some shit, he's got results. He knows there's "something to it" and doesn't doubt his path any longer. Considers himself a wizard, is able to help others along the path and teach them as well. Some of these would be Pneumatic in Gnostic terms but most would still be called Psychic.

(This rank is the same as Initiate in the IOT)


Like a high level initiate, someone who completed initiation years ago, and has been practising and using his magic for a long while now. He is pretty much done with getting his knowledge from third density books and any further reading of such books is likely redundant and he does it just as a review as he already knows all the concepts and has applied all the knowledge.

(This rank is the same as Adept in the IOT)


An initiate who has finished all of his studies, is extremely skilled in the practise of magic, has much to teach everyone else, and has basically overcome third density and reached a level of consciousness where he is assured not to fall back into ignorance. He has attained mastery of the magical arts. Definitely a Pneumatic.

(This rank is the same as Magus in the IOT)

Master of Masters

Hermes Trismegistus is called the Master of Masters. You will never be him, not without learning and practising for countless lifetimes in which you consciously remember everything. A spirit of this level of power travels to other worlds and reveals the highest truths to its inhabitants, creating the foundations of religion. He makes even learned wizards who've already mastered their arts still looks like like neophytes compared to him.


Top Fringe Sites

1. http://montalk.net/

2. http://www.yogebooks.com/english/atkinson/

3. http://www.kybalion.org/

4. http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/

5. http://english.grimoar.cz/

6. http://www.sacred-texts.com/

7. http://www.sacred-magic.com/

8. http://specularium.org/

9. http://hermetic.com/

10. http://www.chaosmatrix.org/library/chaos.php

Special mention (Russian Fringe Physics Site):


Other sites of lesser importance or quality:




http://approachingaro.org/ & http://meaningness.wordpress.com/







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Daily Cultivation

Electric Anatomy - Daily Cultivation Thread

What's to be Covered?

It's my intention to create a brief(hahahaha) explanative series of write-ups in order to detail the experiences, systems and knowledge required for cultivation of your awareness(The basics to general occultism). To cultivate oneself is to wash, perfect and refine the core of awareness which is within our body. This is a daily task that develops and progresses slowly. We learn to focus the mind, strengthen the breath and develop the body. Cultivation is putting yourself into unnatural, manmade conditions with focused and engineered exercises in order to develop and push your natural potential. We strive to go against heavens law through understanding of the universal principles. Through this, great trial and results come about. Declare yourself as God and prove it.

It is up to you to take these words and learn through your own life experiences. I'll share the methods and exercises which I've found most efficient. Be patient, diligent and balanced in all that you do as understanding and results come with time. Reality is as it seems so don't let the simple and basic ideas be overshadowed and neglected. Each new season and year you will gain perspective which shows a new layer to life.

Know that I'm handing you a loaded gun. If the pendulum swings you'll end up strangling yourself with your own power. The only difference between a saint and demon is the separation you give it. It's up to you to figure out how to fix yourself and to adjust it to your own gender, body, race and other varying factors. Some of you are more in body and need the mental aids while the others are up in the clouds and need a dose of reality. The only other help you'll get is for the time when I'm answering questions, otherwise you're on your own. You need to fix your own problems and figure life out by yourself. Even I don't have the whole picture yet(that's why I've held off on giving this out for so long). But if you're dedicated and feel that cultivation and becoming an immortal is your own path then you'll find great value in these words. As long as you keep the golden rule of balance and patience in mind then you'll be fine. There's always a nice sunny day after a long monsoon.

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Fringe Meetup Thread

Fringe Meetup thread

As nice as the questions thread or hanging in a discord is, Meeting up to exchange ideas, experiences and practice together really can't be beat.

This is a thread for trying to find, and touch base with the fellow Magicians in your area.

Seek and ye shall find right?

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A little experiment: help me to win the lottery!Hey /fringe/, I want to ask all of you to do a littl

Hey fringechan, I want to ask all of you to do a little experiment: help me to win the lottery!

I have this ticket; and I want all of you to help me win the big prize.

Help me using any kind of magic that you can use: sigils, rituals, mememagic, whatever suits your knowledge!

That said, and egregore-meme by teamwork would be awesome.

Yeah; I know what are you thinking:

>Why should I waste my time and energy to help some random anon to win the lottery?

Think about this like an experiment, literally.

Think, what is the real power of all of us? what is the real power of fringechan? No one knows… But right now we have a chance to test it, an opportunity to prove and know the potential of all of us.

And yeah, maybe you have more questions, like:

>Why Ecuadorian lottery?

Simply, Ecuador is a very little country and it's lotto is little enough, there are just one million of tickets: 000,000 to 999,999

Lotteries from other places would be to big or to small to try this experiment.

>What we get by helping you?

In first place, the great opportunity to know the potential of our teamwork; the teamwork power of all of /fringe/ (or at least the majority of us).

In second place, if I win a prize of 5000 USD (5k USD) or more and I (or another people representing me) actually get the money (maybe after wining I don't want to claim the prize), I promise to donate the 10% of that prize to 8ch.net and another 10% to fringechan.org (the lotto also take a 14% of the prize for charity stuff, but I will calculate the 10% for 8ch.net and 10% for fringechan.org before that 14% is taken).

So, if I win and claim a prize of 5k US dollars or more; you have my word of honor that I will donate 10% of that prize to 8ch.net and 10% to fringechan.org. Maybe I will do the donations by using bitcoins; however, if I win, I let you know about that donations.

>If you can understand Spanish; in the second image (the back of the ticket) there are the terms; and you can always know if I win or not by looking the webpage of the lotto service at www.loteria.com.ec

So, now let's try the potential of this board and all of the wizards from it!

>pd: sorry for my non-perfect english

>pd2: flooding /pol/ with memes of that number wining the big prize would be a good idea?

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True power

True magic is rejecting it and using your muscle to complete tasks and overcome barriers, physical and emotional.

The best esoteric study is found through practice of martial arts.

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>On Aug. 21, 2017, American skywatchers will be treated to a rare and spectacular celestial show — the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly four decades. Next year's "Great American Total Solar Eclipse" will darken skies all the way from Oregon to South Carolina, along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. People who descend upon this "path of totality" for the big event are in for an unforgettable experience, said eclipse expert Jay Pasachoff, an astronomer at Williams College in Massachusetts.

>A total solar eclipse last darkened soil on the U.S. mainland on Feb. 26, 1979. But August 2017 will mark the first time in 99 years that such an event is "readily available to people from coast to coast," Pasachoff said.

>The fact that total solar eclipses occur at all is a quirk of cosmic geometry. The moon orbits an average of 239,000 miles (384,600 kilometers) from Earth — just the right distance to seem the same size in the sky as the much-larger sun. But most solar eclipses are of the partial variety, in which the moon appears to take a bite out of the sun's disk. Indeed, two to five solar eclipses occur every year on average; total eclipses happen just once every 18 months or so. (Eclipses are relatively rare because the moon's orbit is inclined about 5 degrees relative to that of Earth. If the two bodies orbited in exactly the same plane, a solar eclipse would occur every month, during the moon's "new" phase.)

>Furthermore, the narrow path of totality is often inaccessible to skywatchers — most of Earth is covered by water, after all — so a total solar eclipse that occurs over populated areas is quite special. Indeed, the August 2017 event will be the first one whose totality path lies completely within the United States since 1776, experts have said.


Cross posting from 8/pol/






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Meme magic rings!

Hail, and praise Kek!

A new endeavour has begun! Kek rings for all!

Any suggestions for what to make next? What's fringeworthy? And what sizes?

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Magical Mystic Meme


Since few months, a new picture or "meme" is present on 8ch called the "oathbreaker", and i'm wondering why all the thread about it were slided, bumploked, or removed.

According to the author, this picture can break "oaths". Here, we haven't oaths, but some religious people have oaths, maybe it's explaining why this subject is censored…

In one thread about it, the OP said "In the Odyssey, Odysseus uses oaths to try to maintain his power over his crew, and maintain the military hierarchy, but he fails"

Don't you think it's a good question to talk about the revelance of oaths ?

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Black Wings

>Man in Arizona captures these images that are going viral. Some say it's a demon, others say an angel. What do you think?

Well Anons, what do you think?


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/fringe/ Condensed & Concise

/fringe/ Condensed & Concise

Tired of all the endless wordy books that take 100 pages to get to the point? Well then this thread is just what you're looking for.

This is my ponderings and conclusions about various spiritual, & (meta)physical aspects of reality & consciousness. I don't often write because often some one else has already written some good on the subject and I'd rather link that, however from time to time I become learned enough of a subject where the subject materiel either does not seem to exist or at least is not commonly known or is just excessively long. I like my information in concise form, straight to the heart of the issue, the mechanics of how and why.

Who am I? Truth seeker, scientist, engineer, scholar, philosopher, healer, mystic, & wizard. One who is piecing together a more complete view of reality, the universe, and how it works on every level.

How did this paradigm form? My search started from/with the common thread of truth I found that runs through all religions, belief systems, & philosophies. While, I know this is not exactly a precise description of what I believe, but it is certainly an accurate description of where the path is to be found.

What is this? My spiritual/philosophical beliefs are a mix of: My own personal findings and data points of tested, experienced, and occasionally logically extrapolated into truth, Quantum Physics, Shamanism, Syncretism, Animism, (Pan)psychism, Astrology, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Paganism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Pantheism, Polyatheism, Deism, Transcendentalism, New Age, and furthermore a number of more "scientific" systems including Morphic Resonance, Aether Theory/Theory of Dynamic Gravity, Zero Point/Unified Field Theory, Vortex Mathematics, (Sacred) Geometry, Cymatics, Electric Universe and probably many other things I don't even have names for.

Know this, beyond all else, seek and ye shall find, and remember to be persistent in your search.

I also keep my musings archived on http://sagin-denaka.tumblr.com/

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. - Albert Einstein

I awoke, only to see the rest of the world is still asleep. - Leonardo da Vinci

There is no way to peace; Peace is the Way. There is no way to happiness; Happiness is the Way. There is no way to love; Love is the Way. There is no way to enlightenment; Enlightenment is the Way. - Unknown

If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself, if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation. - Lao Tzu

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi

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Introduction to core Yogic teachings and practices.

Hello fellow fringe'ers. I've made this type of post in a few other places on the net, my life's work is teaching others.

since there's a lot of very sincere seekers and students here, I'd like to share some things and hopefully help others to progress on their path.

The posts I put in this thread are about the goal of Yoga (union) practice (along with the tools yogi's employ), which is essentially the goal of most spiritual/esoteric/religious systems. All my effort goes towards introducing authentic yoga to people who only know it from the confused, bare-bones, and uninformed schools of yoga that have taken root all over the world. I hate to sound elitist, but it's the reality of the situation.

Studying and practicing yoga is my life's work. Practically everything I've done in my life has lead to the work I do now as a teacher. Everything here is only an introduction, I'll give out my email once I'm done in case anyone wishes to learn more about the practices and teachings. These short excerpts are from two of the more knowledgable teachers from the modern age. Most of this isn't online anywhere.

I don't intend to disparage anyones practices, or claim that my understanding is any more or less complete than anyone else.

One quick note before I begin: Many of you may have heard of the terms Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jnana, Raja, etc.. these are usually thought of as different styles of practice, or different types of yogi's, but in actuality they are "stages" which aspirants pass through on their path. A linear progression, not different types of Yoga. Just a common mistake I see. There are some traditions which identify themselves under specific names, but all have a common root.

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Inedia / Breatharianism / Living on Light


Inedia is the ability to obtain your energy required to support your physical flesh and psychic body directly from the universe, the all, God.

What drives a person to breatharianism is an inner calling to unite with God. We are all born split off from the God and only through denying yourself the illusions and fake traditions of materialist that was created in this world can allow you to reunite.

Inedia is not for the weak and not for the doubter. But within 100 years you will see people live without food become more common for every generation.

It might be the call you need right now. Remember to ground yourself by standing on soil barefoot or other methods. Mental grounding is not really effective for newbies.

Various Approaches to Inedia


A gradual transformation of the diet into purer food. A conscious choice to only eat the highest vibrational food and to avoid foods that are very dense and clog the digestion process.

This is roughly summed up as the removal of, in order:

1. fried, grilled, baked, and smoked meats & grains

2. milk and dairy products

3. sweets, candies, and soft drinks/sodas

4. any processed foods e.g., boiled, steamed, pickled, or cured foods (the only exception is rinsed and cut/diced)

5. any grains or meat

6. vegetables

By this stage you are left with nuts and fruits. The next step is a transition to pure fruit juice only.

7. nuts

8. fruit pulp

You then now start diluting the juice until it's nearly water.

9. fruit juice

10. water


This is about changing your mind and belief system to support the energetic phenomena becoming manifest in the physical. You work on expanding your consciousness, this may involve just your or your higherself, or others, a guru or guide perhaps, maybe angels or a spirit guardian or ancestor or the ultimate all, God.


This is not so much a method as an effect or result. One day the body starts to reject food, forcing it to eat makes on uncomfortable or sick, possibly even painfully or debilitatingly so. Eating may feel like an abominable act. Or may be that one is so involved in things that they forget they even "need" to eat.


This is the brute force way, and not one I can personally recommend in the least. But it goes like this, you declare to yourself and the universe, "From now on I am a non-eater", and then live it or die trying. One thing to be said is, even if one does break from their declaration and eat, it will still have a cleansing effect on the body. And like any magic, faith unbounded and hope eternal, never discouraged by the past is key to manifestation.

21 or X Day Process(es)

This is all about awaking the, divine one within, as Jasmuheen calls it, your inner connection to spirit. This process in divided into 3 parts of weeks (some other X day processes accelerate or lengthen this template). This can be dangerous to jump right into, much as the forceful method if you are not adept at fasting or don't otherwise have a relatively pure temple/body. It is roughly summed up as:

Week 1, dry fast (no water or food)

Week 2, water and/or diluted fruit juice (3 parts water 1 part juice)

Week 3, water and/or less diluted fruit juice (6 parts water 4 parts juice), 1.5L/day recommended

You should be able to have peace and solitude during this period, should have extremely minimal, ideally no worldly responsibilities. You should also be able to meditate at least 2 hours 3 times a day. This process does not always grantee a complete conversion to inedia but it will definitely bring purity to the body and make the overall transition easier.

Hypnotic/Neurolinguistic Programming

This is a process of programming the (sub)consciousness as it is the interface between the body and the mind. It is about altering this, either through multitudes of affirmations to the self or by literal hypnosis, by the self or another.


This is done by slowly reducing the amount you eat. From say eating a set amount thrice day, to eating twice, then once, then by fasting every 4th day, then fasting every 3rd, and 2nd. Then you start eating every 3rd day, every 4th day, etc. etc. Do not push it too fast else it may become starvation and not adaptation.


This is the trial run version of inedia. It is where you adopt the inediac lifestyle and live it as long as you feel healthy, energized, and otherwise well. If starvation symptoms occur one stops and resumes eating until strength is restored, and tries again, hopefully for as long or longer. The longer the time the better chances the body will adapt to pranic nourishment.


This is the scientist's way, it is the consumption of all material on the subject, the com-parson/analysis of the data and the perhaps most importantly, the internalization of it.

Sungazing/Pranic Collection

This involves collecting solar energy by gazing into the sun and walking barefoot on the ground. The method is detailed here:


But in brief it is to gaze at the sun, at sun rise or sun set, no more than 1 hour in either direction. Starting with 10 seconds and building it up 10 seconds per session. Ideally you would have your feet on raw Earth/dirt or at least grass. Do this until you reach 45 minuets per session. By the time you are an adept at it you should have significantly less caloric requirements.

Note that gazing at the sun at periods of time outside this window can result in damage to your body as it will be overloaded by the amount of energy. Only do this if you are magus-tier sungazer.

It is also advisable to draw in energy from the environment as well, see >>289 & >>290


This is done via the activation of the energy body by means of the philosopher's stone, the holy grail, ORME (orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements), ORMUS, etc. Inedia is a byproduct of the purification of the body.

Conscious Eating

This method is detailed here >>291

7 Week Transformation

This is related to bi-gu (see resources), and literally translated means the avoiding of grains or food, it is now synonymous with inedia in Chinese. First you need to prepare before you undertake it, this is done by doing energizing exercises, closeness with nature, proper food, meditation, especially on joy, stretching/relaxing/loosening the body, proper sleep, and protection from radiation (EMF, electro-static, geopathic, etc.) for several months to a year before.

A mentor is certainly extremely helpful, but I've met few who have had such a luxury. You need a place, similar to the 21 day process, where it is peaceful and non-toxic, physically, energetically, emotionally, etc. As close to nature as possible is generally best other ideals include:

not too warm nor cold nor humid


where you can see sunrise/set

access to a river, spring, lake, or sea

sunny most (of) days

removed from civilization

no sound pollution, just nature

Gently explore nature, doing light energizing exercises through out the day, and drinking water. Cleansing your colon of food remnants is important, you can do this by "alimentary canal washing" or enemas. Do this for the 1st week. Ease off the colon scrubbing until at least week 3. If you still have matter putrefying in there you can do more of them then. Take breaks often as you go about your day-to-day life. If you find yourself getting weaker and weaker, you're hungry all the time, you are dizzy does not pass, and/or have other persistent symptoms it may be best to abort, prepare more, and try again.

Your Own

This is where I am personally. It's an individualized mix, suited to you. It may contain elements listed above. Some are slow, some are fast, there is no wrong way. Every one is different and has a unique path.

As with all the above, you must release all fear. Fear is the absence of love, love is what drives, powers, and motivates not just inedia, but all of creation.

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Art Thread

Starting off with the art of:

Paul Laffoley


R: 33 / I: 60 / P: 2

Sacred Geometry General

Sacred Geometry teaches the structure of creation

R: 110 / I: 14 / P: 2

Dream Sharing/Deciphering Thread

Since I could not find any other thread like this, I decided to create one. In this thread, you can share all your weird dreams with everyone. Some other member might be able to tell you more about the dream. For example, why your dream had a theme of dragons or something similar. Please feel free to share your dreams, no matter how short/long or weird they are!

I will share my dream below that is pretty long. I have never had a dream that long, it is is so full of imagery. If someone could help me understand it, that would be great. For some background information on it, I have had a lot of psychic and paranormal experiences like seeing orbs or apparitions, hearing my name, and a bunch of other stuff after using tarot cards.

R: 132 / I: 27 / P: 2

Succubus/female demon entities

Ryan's FAQ


Succubus Collective Blog


Collective Forum


There seems to be a lot of "idle" interest in this subject but not a lot of people who manages to get beyond the question: How do I make an initial contact?

The number of wordpress blogs discussing experiences have grown from 6 - 40+ in just a year or so. The only problem with this is that blogs are personal outlets and not a good base for actual discussion.

Once you are "up there" and have your own connection you close yourself inside this world and only talk to other experienced people. This leaves beginners on the outside.

My aim here is to see if we can find a way to help those interested but inexperienced people, and also open the "inner circle" a little bit and get them to come and talk outside of the blog format.

R: 16 / I: 0 / P: 2

FringeChan Opinion on Bashar and Hicks

Hello fringehcnan, just passing by and wanting to know your views on these two folks…

For those why arent familiar, Bashar is an multi-dimensional human-alien hybrid (the grey big eye blad type) thats around 5000 years ahead of us and its been chanelled by Darryl Anka.

he focuses on talking about vibration and how there are billions and billions of alternative universes and how to live in the world everyone personally enjoys more or would love to all we need to do is learn how to git gud at aknowloing our vibration that we send out so we change earth´s.

he tends to be funny and sarcastic at times, once he told a cuck to man the fuck up in an enlightened way.

Abraham Hicks is (or are) a accumulation of entities that used to be related to humans but no longer are due to ascension, that took interest in our current "time line" and like to give insight form another dimension. they are chanelled trought a lady called Ester something.

they talk mostly of law of attraction (the full one, not the marketed in the shitty book/movie).

I kinda like both most of the times and seem to give somewhat the same spot on, both focus on the empower of the self perception and change yourself rather than "changing the reflection in the mirror".

lots of their stuff are really helpful, but at some points i feel they are deliberating letting things out, just like an adjahn i knew back in western australia (the fucker denied magik over and over in public speeches but once i saw him cast fire on wood from mere chants and naked hand, and he also denied influence of others but then again i saw him calm a wild bear by just giving him a look jedi style)

So i wonder if there is more for the chanellers.

>Vid related, one of bashar answers i like.

R: 58 / I: 3 / P: 2

NoFap - let's break this

This will be my first time posting about this topic. I will start by giving my view on this. It may get pretty long but there's a reason I need to lay this out properly.

You may be familiar with threads like this one:


Posters are asked to make a pledge in the style of Anonymous Alcholics or Weight Watchers and if you fail you have to post a confession. This is intended to shame you into giving up your obsession, but this is moralist method, it's not scientific in any way.

The problem with this approach is that it relies heavily on willpower alone. There's no step-by-step way of working yourself through it.

What I present is going to focus on searching yourself and finding your own motivations, this is what I myself used with success.

To use the similarities with over eating/drinking, I'll start by retelling from memory an interview with Micheal Mosley, a brittish doctor, author and creator of the 5:2 diet.

These are his main points

>it's a common idea that you need to eat to maintain your blood sugar level

>if you don't eat for a while, you get tired and in a bad mood, and you think you need to eat to raise your blood sugar

>this is false, we've found by measuring blood sugar levels that when people experience "low blood sugar" it's not actully lower than normal

>you get in a bad mood because you are used to eating, it's a habit

>people don't eat because they are hungry, they eat because it's time for breakfast, time for lunch etc

>in reality you could go 5 days without eating and your blood sugar level won't drop, your body will produce glucose using your fat reserve

So what we are talking about here, is going against conventional scienctific "truths" and accepted methods for handling these issues.

It's a problem with your habits, and with your notions of what the problem is.

Transferring this to NoFap

How did you start masturbating, at the very beginning? Do you remember it?

Did it really feel good at first?

I'm going to make the point right here at the start and then support it with my personal story.

Masturbating is just massage, it does not automatically give you any sexual arousal or pleasure.

It's just like with eating, you don't need it to raise blood sugar - you just think you do. When learning how to masturbate, you created a notion, linking massage of your genitals with sexual arousal and pleasure. This is not hardwired in your brain or body, it's something you formed. By repeating this action you are making it stronger and by adding porn to it, you are creating a more complex concept. You now think watching other people have sex is something that gives you pleasure.

It's at this time easy to add in the widespread conspiracy theories of (((who))) wants people to do this, because you are literally programming yourself to enjoy getting "cucked", right? It's all fine to discuss this, but let's keep that to a minimum in this thread. Let's try and help each other get out of this first.

Just like with the idea that you need to eat to gain energy when feeling tired, you have created the idea that you need to fap to feel better and relax. You also think sexual pleasure comes from physical stimulation of your genitals. This is also a false idea. Sexual pleasure and excitement comes from your mind only. Somewhere in there, you have an idea that gives you a positive feeling. You've manually linked this idea to masturbation and porn, creating the illusion that you will feel good by fapping and porn watching.

>My personal story

I tried the conventional NoFap way back in 2003 -2004 and it seemed to work ok. For a while. I could go a few weeks at first, then set a record at 8 weeks. But it would always end in a fail. This caused me to give up. I had some vague idea that I need to go deeper with this and find the real reason I feel like fapping is something desirable. It's not even in line with my values, I don't want to do it.

So I thought I'd get socially involved, whatever reason I there is, I should replace this time alone with time when I'm not alone. So I did what I thought was what I wanted in the sexual area, and I ended up realizing I don't even like it. Other people are morons, they do things without thinking and they have kids way too early, their lives are miserable and they have no goals in life. Being like them or with them isn't desirable either.

I ended up back alone but richer in experience.

Over time I tried different things and realized there seems like a way out in finding what your original "excitement" or "fetish" really is. If that part can be made known, I'd find a way to make it physical and then it would be gone. That's the logic I used.

After going online and browsing places like 4chan /gif/ for a while I found it's really just the same old webm:s being reposted and on other sites it's the same old vids everywhere. The actual number of individual themes in porn are quite limited. Whatever combinations you try, it comes down to these categories and it's the same everywhere.

Then the question is, why do I care, I already know what it's about. There's no need to watch it. I started identifying exactly what aspect of a clip I found interesting, went on to associate it with something else in a normal setting.

Like for example:

>I like this vid because of the girl's tits

>what girl I know of in real life has similar tits?

>why am I not focusing on her instead then?

>see reasons why - it's impractical, she has an annoying personality etc

>so the idea of getting beyond the initial visual interest is actually futile

>at this point, why do I do more than just watch it?

>I can just watch the girl I know of when meeting her and leave it at that

>no need for porn or further action, problem solved

By breaking down every little thing like this, I gradually started getting closer to the original idea, the reason I started looking for something online in the first place.

In the end, it just clicked into place one morning

>how can touching genitals feel good?

>what really feels good is just thinking about something, so it's just an idea

>really felt something happen in my mind

>try fapping again, doesn't feel good, it's just like getting a massage

End of story.

R: 27 / I: 0 / P: 2

first AP, Am i fucked?

I astral projected for the first time a few minutes ago (I think?), and I'm quite scared something bad has happened.

Once I was about 10 minutes into meditation, I visualised myself outside my body on mars, and I saw my silver chord stretch all that distance - I didn't feel exactly like I was there or see as if i was standing on mars, as i still felt present where i was meditating, but i felt like i projected a version of me there, an awareness -

Then i decided i'd stop, in case it was dangerous to continue before i knew what i was doing - i tried willing my body back, or clearing my mind, but that didn't work. What worked after was pulling the chord, and the body back to me.

Problem is it was coming back down from space and into my house, towards my body way too fast and I got scared. As a knee jerk, i severed the chord. The astral(?) body recoiled (kind of like a body would do if it got hit by an asteroid in the chest in space?)

I guess the fear was partially based on a feeling that this body wasn't really me, and that it was about to enter MY body and possess me

Long story short, i opened my eyes and i feel a bit empty and off as i write this. Is this all in my head, did I imagine what i expected an astral projection to be like? or did i really sever my chord, and now have no astral body? Could an entity have possessed me, and replaced my original astral body? Am I just being paranoid and over-imaginative?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 2

Info Wars on Star Wars

makes one think

R: 24 / I: 5 / P: 2

Character Building

Lets talk about character building /fringe/.

There's an entire section/sub-book within Personal Power dedicated to it.

It's also part of Initiation Into Hermetics and is the subject and focus of The Universal Master Key.

I am very interested in the matter. I see few men of upstanding character in this age. So to be one of them, well that can be a source of great pride, I think it's great.

Yeah some people just think you're stupid if you don't cultivate virtues, that you'll be "easily exploited by the world", or that you "should get ahead". That's kind of irrelevant and a misunderstanding though. They don't understand the intense synchronistic power that comes with being a man of get character. They don't appreciate how strengthening the personality unlocks the doors to the higher powers.

I also have an innate desire to be a man of great character. Like all men, I'm presumably going to die one day, me discovering the philosopher's stone aside. What legacy will I leave? Will I have favourably impressed everyone I crossed paths with? Will I know in my innermost mind that I acted in accord with divine principles, making myself more godly?

I think everyone should improve their character. Even if they have done very shameful things or been very low, their reputation is terrible, and it seems like there's no point as you've already disgraced yourself; one ought to turn that around the very moment the idea comes to them to do so. Now could be such an opportunity as you are now thinking of it. Let your heart's desire be to meld yourself towards greatness.

My way forward is to contact a divine, perfected, "higher" self. A version of me that is wise and who possess every quality developed to a high degree which would bring me to a state of perfection. Perhaps the superconscious soul mentioned in Max Freedom Long - The Science of Miracles.

I don't want to fake it either. I request to God that I be shaped in this way, that events are arranged in my life to bring me to this perfection, and it must come from a place of love that my intentions and actions come forward; not a place of fear where I am afraid to be perceived a certain way or I unnecessarily limit my range of expression.

What is here called "character building" is nothing short of the Great Work. Man making himself into philosophical gold. From this purified state, only good thoughts and actions can spring forward, and a higher understanding and genuine power.

Post your thoughts, observations, and aspirations concerning this topic.

R: 18 / I: 2 / P: 2

Black Magick Operations

>posting this here to avoid the attention of some individuals, please if you see this thread, mention it to nobody, only fringechan browsers should see this thread and respond to it

I have an immense supply of neg-energies, especially of the grades of sadness and anger, and I know how to use it in an efficient and effective manner.

It works in a particular way. If a person WANTS me to do something to them, they are effectively protected from me doing anything to them, except by means of the positive looshes connected to happiness and love. As such I can't do this to voluntary subjects; I don't have sufficient supplies of the grades of loosh to manifest positively for them.

It does work however, very potently and effectively, to connect to, charge, and influence FEARS they have. My testing has confirmed that any thing they DO NOT WANT to happen, I can use this energy to make it happen. They have to NOT WANT it to happen though, there has to be GUILT or FEAR or some negative desire that makes the connection. If someone has the right mental attitude they can be completely shielded by dropping any "not wantings" or "negative desires" giving no path for this energy to work through.

I am not happy with this situation. It SUCKS. There's so many people I hate and all of them I don't want to do any harm to any of them. I want to not hate them and use instead the power of love to make them into something I can love. I would rather turn the most degenerate and unworthy people I can think of into something pure and blessed, than to subject them to this shit. The power of my hatred can punish them but in a way that bears only the fruits of suffering; it doesn't make them better.

>just saw a really bright white spark just now, these are really rare, and this is the second one I've seen today, the previous one while being lightly entranced and posting frogs on /4chon/, these only seem to only appear it seems during significant moments of insight or magickal breakthroughs or when some higher level magick is about to take place

Here is a dilemma though. All this seething negative energy that I don't want to unleash, carrying it is quite a curse, and is keeping me in a sink of negative synchronicity.

I have figured out with someone else today while going over formulas that I must not put up any facades, that if I give (holy fuck a second white spark, and it's only been minutes since the last one) up completely on holding back any emotions, that the universe will then step in and do something nice for me. I need to just let the rivers flow and unleash the full force of what I have locked up in my psyche upon whatever attracts it.

I'm going to think it over still and see if I can get enough of a flow of positive energy that I can just let the neg energy sit. It may be though that I have to USE it and charge up thoughtforms with it. If I do, I have no doubts that I will unleash something very powerful, something composed of the concentrated butthurt of so many loosh farming victims…

I am not sure if it's worth it. A lot of people will be singed in the process and the demonic force I will have unleashed will be a catalyst for all kinds of trauma. I need to free myself from negative synchronicity though and I have a presence around me from what seem to be grey aliens just WAITING for me finally charge them up.

Don't know what to do. If I can open the flow to positive energy enough… but I can't.

Hmmmm… it's like I've bundled up a shitload of negative karma which I'm free to pass on but is it the right thing to do? By absorbing all this negative karma I've probably effectively healed the life situations of many people. Maybe…

Got to think this over more.

R: 28 / I: 2 / P: 2

Fringe Engineering

Anyone working on anything mechanically fringe? Like magnetic resonators, orgonite, psychic generators, ghost sensors, or Schauberger vortex machines?

Have any future plans for projects you want to work on?

R: 35 / I: 6 / P: 2

Don't be like pic related.

So Fringewizard got v& and sent to psych ward.


For those of you who don't know, he is the board owner of 8ch.net/fringe and he was (still is?) admin here.

This should be a reminder that no matter what system you use you must always remember: Magic is to bring desired change trough will. At its core, magic is power. Power over yourself, power over others, power over your environment. At its most simple, magic is about living the life you want. Don't make the mistakes fringewizard made.

ITT: Post your stories of strength and mastering will. Post the ways you keep yourself away from slipping to lunacy. Chaos magicians specially, since chaos magic is riding the edge between craziness and enlightenment.

R: 20 / I: 2 / P: 2

Visiting parallel universes

Is it possible to travel to a parallel universe? and if yes how to do it?

R: 109 / I: 50 / P: 2

Meditations Super Thread

There are a lot of people asking for meditations so here is the centralized place for them.

There are a great many meditations, diverse in form, for many varied and wonderful purposes that develop a multitude of different aspects and I want to help open up the wonderful world of meditation to /fringe/.

Meditation #1

Meditation Name: Quiet-Mind Meditation (Q-MM)

Type: Concentration, Thought-Control, Entity Detection, Banishing

Technique: Allow your mind to go silent, do not let any dialogues take place in your mind, let no thoughts intrude upon you. Hold your mind in silence for a minimum of about 5 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes. If you want to go longer that is OK but for daily practice 5-15 minutes will do. If you can make the silent mind your default mental condition throughout the whole day that is even better and you will have more energy to do things without inane internal banter draining you of your vitality.

Comments: This is the most basic and well known meditation which usually precedes many other more advanced meditations. When people think of meditation, this is usually what they know about, even though meditation is so much more than this. I find doing a one-pointedness meditation beforehand easier to clear the mind of invasive thoughtforms or reading 1 to 3 chapters out of an occult book can help. It doesn't always do the job though, like last night for example I picked up an extremely invasive thoughtform from just a few minutes of exposure to a radio and it was very difficult to banish and took about an hour to banish. Radios and televisions are prime sources for nuisance thoughtforms that can disturb the silence and peace in your mind by forcibly repeating themselves in your mind against your will. It can be incredibly easy or incredibly hard to do, depending on what entity attachments you've picked up. It allows you to detect the presence of these attachments because in trying to resist them and keep your mind silent, you can suddenly realize these thoughts are not actually coming from you, but originate as an outside force intruding upon your consciousness against your will. So it serves as a basic entity detection meditation as well although more advanced meditations exist for this purpose and to root out more deeply embedded and less obvious thoughtforms either attached to you or just hanging around in your immediate etheric environment.

Featured In: The Book of Knowledge, Initiation Into Hermetics', and countless other books. You will always find this meditation, under various names, as the start of any serious occult development plan – which is why I'm describing it here first.

[Admin note: importing for posterity]

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 2

Survival of the Mental Individual

To live requires creation; the mind that does not create ceases to exist. This can occur in many different ways; through belief in the transcendental or in the material. A strong enough belief in the transcendental will result in the absorption of the mind by a higher being; a strong enough belief in the material will result in the dissolution of the mind into matter. To survive as a mental entity requires constant creation of non-material and non-transcendental realities that give volition to the entity. At the same time, this creates its own problems as the entity that creates its own reality can find itself isolated from any other entity, becoming in a sense god. This is known as the “Lucifer experiment” and can be undertaken, just as the transcendental and material paths can be undertaken; there is no “right” or “wrong” choice. However, this choice is by definition, isolating; the individual entity separates itself from all other entities, and only interacts with entities within its own mind. In scientific field of psychology, this shows itself as schizoid disorder; but of course, once an individual becomes so disconnected from all other beings that it has achieved a god-like state, no other entities would be aware of such an entity, except perhaps in the context of a progression such as an individual who starts as a member of society and becomes a hermit, or dies. Still the “Lucifer experiment” while possible in theory, may actually result in the death of the experimenter. In fact, the differences between death and the Lucifer experiment are quite small; death is a separation of the individual’s consciousness from a shared plane of existence and the same goes for the Lucifer experiment. However, there is one major difference to note; those with near-death experiences report dying and coming back to life, while no one has conducted the Lucifer experiment successfully and returned. To completely separate oneself from the current transjective plane of existence may result in the individual being annihilated. This seems quite probable from a theoretical standpoint; after all, nothing is a thing in and of itself, but is only a thing in relationship to other things. A chair does not exist except in relationship to what it is not; not a table, not a person, and to what it is similar to; a lawn chair, a couch chair. A chair in its own universe, with no conscious observer, could never exist in the first place without a conscious observer to note that it is a chair in contrast to what is not a chair. Similarly, a consciousness on its own in its own universe may not be able to exist; consciousness is defined by its interactions with other conscious entities. Without some other conscious entity to define the first conscious entity in the first place, it would seem that it would cease to exist. However, this is entirely theoretical; from a practical standpoint, the Lucifer experiment, if it does succeed, does so in a way that the entity is unable to return and report what the experience was like.

So rejecting the Lucifer experiment as most likely a form of death, alongside the rejection of dissolution into the material and absorption into the transcendental, what other options are there to live? First the idea of a “final solution” or a final state to the mind and reality must be rejected. All final solutions will result, or appear to result, in the destruction of the individual entity. The mental entity that wishes to survive and thrive instead should accept the existence of other mental entities, and create its reality alongside others in a transjective reality where what is true is shared between a group of entities. Of course, the entities do not need to share every aspect of the transjective reality; a limited set of beliefs and/or perceptions is sufficient. Consider language; to communicate in the transjective reality of Spanish, it is not necessary to know every word in Spanish; only a few will suffice to say, find the bathroom. Of course, more complex interactions require a deeper shared knowledge. For humans, simply choosing to be human is enough to relate with billions of other people. While no humans all share any particular trait, almost all traits are shared with at least one human, and many traits are shared with most humans, and most traits are shared with large numbers of others. Thus room is created for a large variety of systems. That said, limitations are imposed by belief, especially powerful beliefs in the transcendental or the material that are widely shared. Today, the majority of the world population is absorbed in some materialistic, religions, or political philosophy that attempts to push its values onto others. To pick on a single object, scienctism, the belief in the primacy of Science, forces communities that reject scientific analysis as incomplete or invalid underground, into closed communities. The widespread belief in scientism means that individuals that reject scientism and attempt to directly manipulate reality with their mind, that is, use magic in the traditional sense, are unable to do so as success would invalidate the beliefs of the masses who accept science. Thus, successful magic can only be displayed when it can be done in a way where its success can be attributed to luck or to sleight of hand. However, an exception can be made in communities or by individuals that are mostly disconnected from the rest of society in a way similar to the Lucifer experiment. Thus, individuals who wish to survive, but not accept the restrictions of the majority, can choose to limit their interactions and achieve greater freedom.

R: 17 / I: 3 / P: 3

Esoteric Philosophy

This is a thread for discussing philosophers that weren't occultists but had a lot of the same ideas.

I've been reading some of Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings (they're really short) and so far I have found that all of them had elements of esoteric knowledge in them just using more mundane vocabulary. Specifically his book called Compensation had a lot of the same laws from the Kybalion just under slightly different terms. I might list the specific quotes later but basically he describes the laws of polarity, gender, and rhythm in it. He describes the universe that the whole is represented in its parts, just like the holographic theory.

The point of his book on compensation is that every deed is compensated, so people should strive to do the most good. In my notes on it I also wrote down that he describes the soul as the thing that IS, just like Atkinson's description of the ego. Not everything he talks about relates to esoteric knowledge, but there is a lot of good advice in there anyway. In his Spiritual Laws book he briefly talks about The All as well. After reading this stuff it feels a lot like Atkinson might have been influenced by Emerson or they were both influenced by the same things.

When I bought my book of Emerson writing I didn't really know much about him. As soon as I opened it I saw that the same company also published the Kybalion and a couple other books, so maybe they saw the similarity as well.

Some people might consider this armchair occultism or something, but knowing the mental laws gives you the ability to put them into practice if you have any creativity.

R: 99 / I: 33 / P: 3

Esoteric & Black Magic = Nigger behavior

There seems to be a running theme within the Esoteric/NewAge/Theosophical/Hermetic and Anarchist community that presupposes "Enlightenment" by acting like a fucking nigger. Let us compare.

Hermetic pseudo-science and parody philosophy

>Oprah said you be all connected to everything because everything is like ALL and shit. It's all in your head!

>I'm on a whole other level than you other niggas (hits the bong)

>we was Wizards of Egypt and Greece and shiaat

>You can't get down with my mystery school, that's original gangsta shit.

Rituals work and change reality

>nigger I be cutting da head off this chicken and dancing by da moon and you gonna get yours!

Black Magician

"Do what thou will shall the the whole of the law!"

>Motherfucker I do what I want! You can't tell me nutten. I do what I do, nigga!"

Child sex for spiritual purposes, aka PizzaGate and Book of the Law (dissociative personality disorder)

>In Africa raping kids is normal. They also do it to not get AIDs then light the child on fire

Masks, Venetian parties (Eyes Wide Shut)

>African holidays and witch doctors

"Satan" worship

>evil is strong man, I be strong man

Eating shit, blood, sperm, anal and phallic obsessions

>Aztec savages, Africa, Voodoo

Belief in human energy stealing and giving ("be more positive, man")

>African curses, heart eating, demons/spirits

Worldwide usury and NWO obedience

>African slave trade

World bureaucracy

>African Matriarchal violent social order

No Nationalist government or Nationalist identity

>hunter/gather roaming tribal Africa

Gender fluidity

>You my bitch in jail nigga. Muh dick muh dick. Dat ass dat ass. "A diva is just another word for hustler." African homosexual rape and nigger female masculinity.

Aleister Crowley stole a lot of material from Nietzsche and turned it into a niggerish version of pro-Nihilism rather than anti-Nihilism. Youtube teaches Crowley's theories and the Theosophy "New Age" movement came from mystics like Madame Blavatsky… The reality is it all came from dumbing down of Nietzsche mixed with niggerish guru cults of India and Egypt that had long ago lost their Aryan heritage. Gurus in India are often thought of as a tourist trap (see "The Bealtes" and Yuri Bezmenov).

The idea of Slave morality (Nietzsche) was that the victim herd of sheep had its own morality that saw the wolf as a devil. But this also lead to the noble morality of the wolf or Master Morality.

The Slave Morality of Christianity taught piety, cleanliness, order, higher empathy needed for society, marriage stability, fair trade… etc. Noble Morality taught higher reason, laws of nature, hierarchy, strength, true value, painful honesty, deeper love, beauty/esthetics, heroism, empathy of consequence… ect.

But what does the "black magic" New Age Anarchist morality teach? Degeneracy…. Niggerish behavior disguised as "getting back to nature, getting back to the garden".

By allowing yourself to argue that these people are "powerful" or "enlightened" or "farming loosh" and crediting them with powers involved with magical Principalities, you are in fact re-enforcing their "black magic" meme when in reality it's plan old nigger behavior.

>I'm enlightened to a different kind of morality than you are

No, you're acting like an African savage. Go circumcise your daughter's clit with a sharpened spoon and call it divine if you want but it's still being a fucking nigger. Talk about "spirit" and positive/negative energy all you want, but you're still gossiping like a superstitious nigger.

Esoteric and Black Magic = Nigger Magic

R: 12 / I: 8 / P: 3

Abrahamic Fringe

Let's talk about the occult and esoteric traditions of the Abrahamic faiths, whether their origin is in that faith itself or from some outside source. Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable on this topic (which is why I made the thread), so I don't have many resources to jump start this conversation. Some interesting things that I find to be worth checking out, though:


Recently found this Wahid Azal guy on youtube, and he puts forward some interesting points of view. Video is embedded, but look up his channel and his blog as well. He is a Shia Muslim who has started his own Sufi order.


The only resource on Kabbalah I know is the author Gerschom Scholem and scant references to the topic in some of Evola's books. I would appreciate good resources on this topic as I am very curious about it. Other than that, I'm familiar with Maimonides' book Guide for the Perplexed, but if I'm not mistaken that's just Aristotelian philosophy concealed by a Jewish exterior. I think Nahmanides was the more mystical medieval Jewish thinker, but I don't know much about him.


I'm familiar with authors such as Macarius, and I would particularly check out his Spiritual Homilies. I personally have only browsed it, but it seems worth checking out. The Ladder of Divine Ascent also seems interesting. The only work I can think of off the top of my head that I've actually read (several times, actually, it was fantastic) are Gregory Palamas' Triads. But that isn't an exposition of the esoteric Christian tradition as it is a defense of it against the "rationalists" of his era.

R: 19 / I: 2 / P: 3

Most Fringe/Occult Countries and States

My guesses would be, New Orleans, Seattle, Ireland, Iceland

R: 175 / I: 18 / P: 3

Grand Order of the Draco Slayers; High-level Magick for Neophytes and Above

Let's discuss all important topics divulged by Bear Heart concerning magickal defense and spiritual progress that are meant to be useful for anyone at any level of their spiritual progress. These rituals and knowledge should be provided freely to everyone, including our friends on 8/pol/, who seem to presently be waking up. Bear Heart also contends certain interesting points about particular spirits.

Bear Heart has been in the occult for some twenty years, and went through extreme trials (like surviving and being ruthlessly attacked in the wilderness for multiple days).

The former champion of the Grand Order of the Draco Slayers before they were disbanded, Bear Heart was also a third degree true Wiccan (not this new-age shit that he sincerely hates). He was even once invited to join an order of millionaire vampires in Spain–though he declined.

R: 30 / I: 7 / P: 3

Sacred Rite of Winter's Light

Anyone want to help me to develop this system of holiday rituals a little more before I release it to the wild on /pol/ and elsewhere? Image related, want to develop it as an infographic.

I created a thread on the 8chan /fringe/ board, but not a lot of activity. See http://8ch.net/fringe/res/87157.html

It's inspired from the ritual that was developed for October 8th in which we sacrificed chicken tendies to kek, but now extended to four days and thus made more powerful.

Here's the general idea:

>I had a revelation during a dream that we should do the same on December 8th and make it an informal holiday that we observe, but that we also need to make it more powerful. So why the month of December, isn't that when everyone else has shit tons of holidays, shouldn't we be edgy and do something contrarian? I don't think so, because December is the darkest month of the year, and it is in the darkness that we work our meme magick. And for that reason, I think December is special to us and I think we need more days of rituals we can partake in so that we may truly build up our power.

>We need a total of four days. Four days of magick (immaterial) corresponding to the four fingers of the frog (material), making up a complete ogdoadic (4 + 4 = 8) system. There is a relationship between the four spirals of the swastika and the four elements and the upward-downward path of alchemical transformation. These four holidays should be days of private reflection, of esoteric ritual not something we do with normies, but only by ourselves or in small groups of acolytes. Therefore, we shouldn't piggy back on existing normie holidays, as we still want to partake in the normie holidays in order to spread and maintain our influence. We are followers of the Eightfold Path Of Light that Kek has shown us, and as long as we stay the path, it is our longer term goal to bring about a complete revival of the lost traditions, an awakening of the spiritual consciousness of the worthy masses, and the building of a new exoteric religious order that we can truly call our own. A new Golden Age of mankind and a Golden Path for the future.

December 8th - Ingis Day. Day of Fire. Kek/Keket. Ogdoadic Initiation, chicken tendies sacrifice, give power to Kek to initiate the rest of the ritualistic process.

December 11th - Aqua Day. Day of Water. Nun/Nunet. First day of dubs, seafood/fish sacrifice, theme of chaos and occupying the darkness, a chaos magick ritual of some sort.

December 22nd - Terra Day. Day of Earth. Second day of dubs, day after the Winter Solstice, the first day of the year that starts getting less dark representing the coming of the dawn (both materially and spiritually), big feast of foods from the Earth, similar to what normies do on Christmas. Need to develop a ritual for this day…

December 33rd - Aer Day. Day of Air. Third and final day of dubs, this is actually January 2nd, but if December continued on, it would be the 33rd day. A secret day that hides in plain sight, invisible like the air itself. The day after New Year's day. This is a day of commitment to our personal plans for the next year, for our belief in Kek and the other primordial Gods of the Ogdoad and in The All. A day of fasting and abstaining from worldly pleasures. No food is to be eaten, only water/tea/coffee or water flavored with natural lemon/lime/citrus juice–no milk or sugar. In our moment of physical weakness, our spiritual energy is renewed as we ascend into the aether of the higher planes. It is a day of sober reflection and meditation, in which the power and loosh we invested in Kek in the previous three days of rituals is given back to us eightfold for us to use in carrying out our plans for remainder of the year.

R: 120 / I: 3 / P: 3

Shapeshifting/Appearance-changing thread.

I don't know anything about the topic myself, but I wanted to make the thread bc people mentioned it in the chaos magick thread.

R: 28 / I: 1 / P: 3

Astral Science

Let's discuss various findings and common occult beliefs and try to put them into a context that is largely scientific, rather than mystic, in approach. Often, people mention things in the occult without explaining a good theory (specifically a working model and not a singular hypothesis or observation) of how the physical and astral planes (perhaps more?) work together to create various effects. For example, the Kabbalah can be thought of as a good diagram for how various elements interact (whether through the Hermetic tradition, planetary magick, or Jew magick)–however, I can't help but be reminded of the thermodynamic square diagram (pic related). One cannot say that they understand thermodynamics at all if they've only memorized the diagram. It is only useful as a mnemonic tool, and should not be used as an introduction with later justifications–such would be a mystical approach and not a rigorous one.

Lectures and authors who've sought to use empirical research (like Robert Bruce) should be preferred, as well as your own speculations. We can also try to formulate the scientific underpinnings of various aspects of high magick, like astral correspondences being used to summon a planetary sphere to your location.

Things that we should focus the most on

Definitions and semantics, to avoid confusion and foster scientific-thinking.

Many terms like "egregore, demon, angel, tulpa," require careful definition. Is an egregore distinct from a tulpa? If so, on what basis? What is the difference between a soul and spirit?

R: 165 / I: 31 / P: 3

Energy work, Qi-gong, Chakras and Taoism

Energy work, Qi-gong, Chakras and Taoism

What is this thread about and what will I find here?

This is a basic level(for the fringe neophyte and initiate alike) summarisation tutorial of your own energetic anatomy and how to start practical work to use, develop, learn and connect with it all. We'll be going through the entire chakra system, the three tan tiens, your bodies organs, aura field, yin and yang chi or energy, energy healing, energy and health, diet and food, water, air and nature and how it relates to chi and all the way into kundalini rising for those daring and dedicated enough. I will provide a list of practical exercises for each of these categories on how you can actually start using, interacting, controlling and manipulating them. The student of any school be it Western ceremonial, yoga, or some other major category will all be able to benefit from and integrate any of this into their work.

All the work found in here is based on my own practical experience of what I have collected and found to work the best. You are free to take or leave these exercises if you feel your own work better or you already are comfortable with one.

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Not Sure What Happened

A few days ago I had an experience where I descended to the instinctual plane of mind while sweating profusely and producing intense amounts of heat. I experienced things as happening instead of happening to me. I could not turn my thoughts inward at all and it was like I was merely an observer of an automatic-instinctive process. Pain was felt and reacted to as were other things but not as something happening to me, merely as something happening. I felt it but I could not think about it and everything was out of mind the moment it had passed, there was no dwelling on anything.

Anyways, since then some weird changes have come over me. I don't know how long this will all persist for but this is it:

1. Disturbing things disturb me again. I can't look at gore, weird stuff, sexual perversions, anything depicting anti-social behaviour, madness, etc. without FEELING it and having to immediately close/hide/get-away.

2. I can not tolerate negative stuff anymore at all. At most only a few minutes of it and I then have to turn the mind to something else or go about addressing the problem happily and without it hurting my astral body.

3. My sleep cycle which has for a very long time been fucked has nearly completely reset to being awake during the day and asleep at night instead of the other way around.

4. I am able to sustain myself on very little food all day. I used to have to eat tons of food and still feel undernourished.

5. I am able to breath through both nostrils now about 80% of the time (used to barely ever have more than one nostril open) and pranayama is easier for me and it feels as if the air is sustaining me, vivifying my thoughts, healing my body, etc.

6. I can't touch anything or focus on anything without feeling and seeing everything or at least many things connected to it. Some objects I have to put away now until I cleanse it properly with the astral light because there's all this negative stuff tied to it. Some stuff draws to me all kinds of wonderful things.

7. I can't seem to fap anymore or become sexually aroused after having done a solar-fap ritual that seems to have reset my sexuality to a most basic, pure configuration free of perversion…

I am not sure if this is all a good thing or not. I feel I may have regressed into a more infantile state or something and been robbed of aggression and other qualities I think I need to not be an effeminate push-over. I only like 3, 4, 5, and 6. I think 7 would be OK but only if I had a waifu to have normal sex with and I don't, I'm completely alone.

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Temple Oculus Anubis

Have you fags heard of this? Any ORanon out there wanna go check it out and report back?


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This thread will be an open discussion for those that wish to discuss the faith of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Islam.

In this thread you are free to criticize any esoteric teaching outside the Islam faith and laws based on the teachings in the holy book.

If anyone else want to write this original post better, with reference links and good information, just make an attempt to write a better post and then I will make it the OP.

Shitposting about Islam outside of this thread will be subject to warnings and shitposting rules.

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Free Session Vocally Online


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Spoonfeed me on hermeticism pls

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Coalition of Invisible Colleges

Hi! I am visiting to invite fringechan to add a directory listing to the Coalition of Invisible Colleges directory, at http://coalitionofinvisiblecolleges.org.

The CIC is a meta-meta-organization which indexes meta-organizations, in order to make it easier for people from each meta-organization to find the others, to promote cross-pollination amongst these different communities, and to provide a convenient menu for accessing the different places in the various colleges. (It may look empty now, but it just launched! We have 7+ organizations who will be listed soon.)

Adding a listing to the directory implies no political affiliation, organization structure, "membership", or any such bullshit. It is merely a public directory where different invisible colleges will be listed alongside each other, increasing openness.

If someone here would like to add a listing, there are complete instructions on the Documentation page: http://coalitionofinvisiblecolleges.org/documentation/. One of the first steps is to contact me (@deicidus) or one of the other admins on the site, so we can give you edit access.

The website is hosted publically on GitHub under an unlicense, so anyone can fork the website or copy it for their own purposes. It is also pretty easy to edit—just slightly more difficult than editing a wiki.

I've had some interesting conversations with people from fringechan, and I would love to have it in our directory!

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Why magic is real and how to make it work

I decided to put this post into a pastebin since it became pretty damn huge.


It explains how YOU can become an actual wizard!

I also posted this on 8chan/fringe/.

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Belief. This is the most useful and practical aspect of magick one could get involved in. The understanding of true nature of belief systems is the culmination of years of shadow work and collecting knowledge from various disciplines.

One's personal reality (or collective reality of a group) can be affected by anyone who has enough insight into the nature of belief. Others may use the insights about belief to escape delusions into a zen state. I'd like you to add your points, or discuss the following points so that together we can complete a framework to be used for these belief-related operations.

0. We're not designed to experience complex systems. It's probably never been that useful, or maybe is even impossible. We can only look at beliefs through frameworks based on beliefs. It makes the belief-alchemy the most difficult topic of all magick. At the same time, it's the source of most potential.

1. All perception is based on belief (=knowing something is true). The perception of the world through human senses is the result of very deeply ingrained beliefs. These are difficult to change because they're primordial. Change there would lead to distortion of reality from the perspective of a given believer. The consensus reality can be modified if the primordial belief systems of all people participating in the reality are changed.

2. More recently emerged belief structures (ideology) use the same structures, although these are more malleable. These transform over lifetime. This realm of beliefs is the so-called "narrative". The narrative is modified consciously or unconsciously by various groups or individuals.

3. The purpose of substances like DMT or LSD is to enable all newly-born beings to quickly build efficient beliefs that will make them capable of survival and growth. When used as an adult, the mind is tricked into this learning state again. It may lead to fundamental rebuilding of belief systems and thus change in perception. It may even affect more primordial belief structures responsible for sight, smell etc. Such intervention into belief systems can be positive or negative.

4. Belief are generally not chosen by people, they emerge out of the nature and nurture. It is what the animal part of psyche decides is certainly provable through experience (but also what is advantageous! - see the next point).

5. The inner mind of most humans has a system of blockages in place to protect itself from beliefs that are aligned with experience and provable, but are not advantageous. We may call these people irrational or delusional, but is it really wise to do if we consider the whole of belief systems?

6. The nature of beliefs is such that they always spread themselves through their hosts. For example, they're being spread by me right now in this post, and so does everyone writing anything on this board. It feels good to do so, don't you agree? Eg. someone reading this post may feel urge to either approve or attack the points. It depends of the belief structures they have in place. Less impulsive beings or beings with less masculine active life-force may just be calmly reading and dissecting the validity of the information in their mind without any urges to approve/disprove (fight for the narrative).

7. Sometimes the mind decides to run one huge belief-modifying program on its own, without help of any external substances. It often happens to people with late stage depression. In one moment of enlightenment, most of their belief systems undergo a tremendous change. Newly installed beliefs are usually more efficient than the previous ones.

8. All awareness, belief systems, ideas (including this one) are structures built on top of other, seemingly not-related structures. One of such structures from which other grow out is the "up and down" dichotomy (which is an illusion, as up and down are silly human constructs). And yet, all of our belief systems depends on this construct. Our perception is then a hyper-structure, an incredibly tall tower of "delusions" all the way down.

9. Beliefs have fundamental purposes eg. to provide safety, survival value, stability for their host (their believer) and other advantages.

10. It's the belief systems that generate the matrix in which we live in. The sensitive and intuitive mind of a poet may personalize the matrix as some kind of demiurge or aliens, but in the end it doesn't matter how we call and whether it's self-imposed or not. It's just semantics and again, it's a matter of belief. Once you understand the nature of belief, you're not going to waste resources playing belief games with your mind. It does matter, however, if the spiritual mode of perception could help one understand the matrix better. Then of course it's better to use the belief framework that assumes demiurge. Whatever works.

11. Belief systems are deeply interconnected with the territorial and tribalist power dynamics inside every man. In other words, a man wants to spread what he believes because it makes him high on power and could benefit his tribe.

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Good day /fringe/. Frustrated Neophyte here. I don't know how to convey this problem in few words, so i beg you to bear with me.

I've been having a hard time lately regarding my studies of the occult. I feel like everytime i make some sort of progress i lose it in a matter of days, having to start once again from the very beginning. I'm drifting on the different subjects and practices that are inside the neophyte folder and everytime i try to follow a structured process i realize i'm not able to complete it.

I want to do the things you guys are able to do: I want to be able to open my eyes to the mysteries of reality; I want to harden my willpower to the point where it becomes unbreakable; I want to enhance my imagination 'til i can manifest it on reality; I WANT TO SEE SOME FUCKING RESULTS DAMMIT. WHY CAN'T I CONCENTRATE? I'M A NEET I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO, THIS IS MY MAIN INTEREST RIGHT NOW AND I CAN'T EVEN GET PAST STEP FUCKING ONE

I feel hopeless /fringe/. You guys helped me recover some degree of control of my life and i don't want to lose it again.

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ask someone who has attained stream entry 6 years ago anything

or if you think i have not, try to make me prove your theory (if you want)

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Fraternities and Esoteric Orders

I thought it might be good to meet up with like-minded people. Is it worth joining a fraternity, order or similar organization? Are there any other ways to meet people that I should consider?

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Star Symbolism

I was swimming in youtube's muddy waters. and saw picrelated. video that says 'Become a living God'.

and an inverted pentagram. Why would anyone put an inverted pentagram? or this is how obvious counter-initiation is these days. they just don't hide it.

Or is there some 2deep666me meaning behind the symbolism. Explain. Inverted means heads-into-matter.

We could also discuss what does the star mean. and differences in meaning.

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Why do you still pursue the path? Initiates hastily gobble their green pills often for inane things such as power, pleasure and knowledge. Yet those of you further along the path know well that godlike power was always there for us, that infinite pleasure is but a thought away, and all possible knowledge resides within. However, there seems to be a catch; the power becomes meaningless when you grasp it, the pleasure is hollow when you feel it and the knowledge is depressingly pointless when you experience it.

So why continue? For what reasons should we continue to ascend? To become one with the universe and effectively die, leaving the dull remnants of your soul to dutifully take it's place as yet another cog in the vast cosmic machine? Or perhaps become your own god and suffer a solipsistic and lonely existence? When one disregards animal desire, why should we seek to help others? And where could a machine find entertainment in the torture of animals?

For me, it seems the universe has collapsed into a singularity of only myself. With all this potential, yet so far removed from humanity, I ask myself; why should I create this one more time?

I apologize in advance for this selfish thread, but the problem has been gnawing at my mind since I discovered or contrived it. Thankfully I am still a ways from experiencing it fully, but I aspire to keep my options open and know the lay of the land in any endeavour. The only reason I bother to type this thread is because I hold hope in my heart that there may be a solution for a final, eternal life that isn't becoming an inhuman machine or an infinite series of animal consciousnesses yet again; I fear even infinity may become tiresome.

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Chaos is chaotic it seems

Holy shit. Chaos magic is serious shit.

I delved in it for two years and got incredible results. I was riding a wave of succes and easy money and all the time I vanished thoroughly or so I thought. But yesterday chaos came back to bite me in the ass. We were drinking and smoking dope with my best friend. Something dark came upon us and we went berserk. We plummeted each other and at one point he tried to kill me. Choke me to death. When I came bak to, he was laughing maniacally, so I ran. I haven't seen him or text him since yesterday. The thing is he has access to fuck up my life, undoing all the success I've had in the last two years. So yeah… Chaos is serious business. I will gladly read any and all anecdotes you have similar to this and any words of advise or similar. Namaste

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Alchemy Thread


This is an instructional post (by me, anonymous op) on some basic herbal alchemy and a thread for discussion of alchemy. I will give a step-by-step of the most basic procedure (basic as in fundamental) of the creation of primum ens and the two additional procedures that can be used to further increase its capabilities by rectifying it into a complete spagyric elixir.

Primum Ens

First you're going to need


1. Potassium Carbonate

Also known as pearlash you can either buy high quality food/lab grade or you can purify and create it yourself by burning plant matter to ash and purifying it

2. Grape Based Alcohol

A high alcohol content brandy should do fine, older is better but don't buy expensive shit since you're not going to drink it. If you want to make industrial amounts of primum ens you are going to want to consider distilling the stuff yourself.

>but why brandy why not everclear or high proof vodka?

The essence of the alcohol is imparted into the primum ens during the creation. The price differential really isn't that fucking high anyway, maybe twice the price at the most.

3. Fresh plant matter

Now here's the deal. Unless it's a plant that contains most of its key components in the seeds you need it to be fresh as possible in order to get full effects. Yes that means growing it yourself. So spray some ormus or whatever the fuck you do to make your plants grow extra dank if you want maximum quality. Sure if you use some baked dried oxidized to shit leaves you buy on Amazon the result will do something but it'll be like comparing a shot of espresso to a line of 99.9% pure cocaine, you'll get a watered down and shitty primum ens. The rate by-weight of primum ens created from plant matter is about 30:1, so if you want 100 grams of a plants primum ens you need 3kg of plant material, that's a hell of a lot so if you want quantity you need somewhere to grow that shit, not my problem.

4. Tools and containers

You're going to want some kind of non-reactive metal straining device and the best to use is probably copper or stainless steel no alumnium or plastic, at least one pyrex dish, some pipettes and/or syringes, and a couple glass containers that can be sealed to air tight. For storing the final product I highly recommend you use an amber container at the very least, sunlight and indeed any light can degrade many delicate elixirs. I personally use infinityjars which is basically a mildly overpriced meme brand of containers that block spectrums finer than infrared (all visible light and uv radiation) and put that jar in a little mini orgone blanket/pouch I crafted (alternate layers of wool and steel wool) which might be considered overkill by some but fuck me if it doesn't keep my shit potent as fuck.


Okay you're not quite ready to actually start the process yet. If you're preparing a primum ens of a plant which the seeds are the most active constituent than you can just grind that shit up so it doesn't matter, if you're not you need to grow the plants which takes however fucking long it takes and once they're ready to harvest you can actually start. You can do the pre-preparation in advance if you wish, it really doesn't make a difference.

1. Deliquium

Get that potassium carbonate (this shit will burn your skin off asshole wear gloves), you're going to need roughly 33:1 by weight ratio compared to the amount of plant matter you're going to use, that means 2 oz of plant matter is about 2lbs of potcarb. Now spread it real thin in a pyrex baking dish, as thin as you can get, set it outside or in the cellar every night, collect the liquid oil of tartar with a pipette every morning and put it in a jar. If you want you can just collect countless amounts of oil of tartar like this and store them in a cool dark place, but the shit is caustic so don't knock it over and break it.

2. Purification of spirits

Take your grape spirits (you can use wine instead of brandy but wine requires more potcarb) and put them in a glass jar. Add 0.5g of potcarb per centiliter of liquid, ie use 500g of dry potcarb for 1L of spirits. Add the potcarb slowly to avoid raising the temp too much, then freeze the solution completely (you don't have to freeze but it does make it easier). Pipette/siphon/decant the alcohol that has separated on top into another container and repeat no less than three times. You want it to be pure enough that nothing freezes, you want at least 95% alcohol. Once it's as pure as possible put about an inch of potcarb on the bottom and close the jar firmly so it doesn't absorb moisture from the air and stays dry.


Note: I recommend doing all of the procedures out of sunlight and in minimal light, preferably at night. I also recommend never letting the sunlight touch your materials at any point. The Sun gives energy to living things but one they are removed from the source of life the Sun destroys them, the UV rays generally degrade primum ens.

1. Maceration

Macerate with a pestle the fresh root/leaf/flower, the most active component of the chosen herb. For example in the case of Melissa and Rosemary the leaf is the most potent and should be used, while Burdock the root only should be used. If the seed is the potent part and is to be used then grind first with a coffee grinder or some such and use mortar and pestle to ensure a fine consistency. Place the material in a jar and submerge in the prepared oil of tartar, approximately 1-3 inches above the top of the plant, at least two ounces of the material should be used but I personally would not use more than a kilogram in one batch since it would be cumbersome to prepare such a large amount.

Seal the jar and leave for 20 days shaking at least once per day. For best results I recommend keeping the temperature of the solution close to body temperature, 37C/98.6F both in this step and the next step. Make sure the jar is firmly sealed as the oil of tartar will burn your skin.

2. Extraction

Use a wire mesh to separate the liquid from the solid. Add to the filtered liquid portion an equal amount of dry grape spirit, adding some dry potcarb to the spirit before if you doubt the water content in it. Both liquids should be as free of water as possible, the less water content the less the chance of low potency or worse. Seal the jar of combined liquids and as before shake daily for 20 days.

3. Separation

Using a pipette or syringe remove the layer of alcohol and place in a separate container. You can continue to repeat step two with the oil of tartar until it no longer colors the alcohol if you wish to extract it completely.

Take the alcohol portion and dry it. Some use low heat such as a hotplate at the lowest setting. If you use heat I do not recommend going over 37C/98.6F. Once it's a nice syrup and no alcohol remains transfer the finished primum ens to a dark container. The effects of the primum ens are strong if correctly created but unbalanced in my opinion. It is the elements of fire and air purified from the plant. The following two procedures can be used to purify the earth and water of the plant and added to the primum ens they create a complete spagyric elixir.

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Shills and social experiments/manipulation

Can we have a thread dedicated to other forums and their suspected hidden motivations. Eg godlikeproductions and Tavistock. Shills and social manipulation on abovetopsecret and 4chan, etc.

Where do u think shills are the most active right now? How can I tell them apart from real posters?

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Astral Libraries

Have anyone heard of, or experienced, the existence of libraries in the astral plane?

Supposedly these places were created in prehistory, and can be accessed by people with the right mindset and training. The intent of making these, was to preserve knowledge and magic manuals for future generations.

Just walking in wouldn't be possible, as they are very high security places, often requiring certain achievements or the solving of riddles for a section to open up.

It is a definite necessity to have certain skills, these places are completely inaccessable to mundanes.

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All The Time in The World -- Esoteric Time Machine

Hello, /fringe/!

My group and I are working on a time and space device, and we require assistance. We've got some concept schematics done, but our next step is to create finalized schematics and to build the device.

If you have any electronics, computer science, or any other experience that may benefit this project, feel free to join the skype group.

Skype group link: https://join.skype.com/PTfCMST4v5Jm

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Chaos Magick


"It is a mistake to consider any belief more liberated than another. It is the possibility of change which is important. Every new form of liberation is destined to eventually become another form of enslavement for most of its adherents. There is no freedom from duality on this plane of existence, but one may at least aspire to choice of duality."

-Peter J. Carroll, Liber Null and Psychonaut

"Chaosophy" is a meta-belief that all beliefs are tools for power. "Nothing is true, everything is permited" means that all possible interpretations of reality(religions, magick systems,etc.) are valid and every way of manipulating reality works as long as you belive in it.

Chaos magick primary teachings are probably familiar to most magicians. The basics of practical works are

Warning: It's very easy to get crazy with this, so do yourself a favor and don't take it too seriously

You can ask me any question on this thread. (I might take some time to answer)

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Why are occultists so bad at spreading their message? It seems that many people are uninterested in converting mundanes, and that many of those who are interested are too wedded to edginess, obscurity, ideological purity or elitism to make their ideas appealing. When I see how many mundanes are suffering because of their lack of guidance, and how many are searching for that guidance, I despair at how inaccessible esotericism makes itself.

The growth of Buddhism in the West shows how popular occult ideas could become if introduced to mundanes in a way that does not offend their materialistic sensibilities. Once introduced, further study leads them to a serious consideration of ideas which they would previously have dismissed out of hand. If a culturally foreign, highly challenging religion like Buddhism can do it, so can we.

Pic slightly related.

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The mundane's guide to the galaxy

So new guy, listen up: we're going for a wild ride.

You probably think we are bunch of hippie dippie losers stuck in some Matrix/Neo fantasy, role playing our lives away writing like people taking World Of Warcraft seriously. Problem is, most of us are not role players, let alone liars.

It doesn't matter if we think we are wizards or not, we've seen things normal people wouldn't even imagine; done things few thought they could do and we are so far ahead on all this "life" stuff that you are having problems dealing with.

We call you mundane. Not because we hate you. Not because we are better than you, but because we struggle every day to live with you. We don't like the food you eat, music you listen to or the political system you so dearly vote your money away on. We have surpassed that illusion already.

[Admin note: importing for posterity, courtesy of !giiMcpCzGI. Since tripcodes can't be slapped on while editing, all posts have copy pasted tripcodes.]

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I've been intrigued by the prospect that the fantasies in my mind's eye could be made more useful. It may even fundamentally alter my being as fantasy takes up the majority of my time without me noticing most times. Often to my detriment.

What are your experiences with thoughtforms? Which have you found most useful? Can they really function autonomously to perform complex tasks without intervention from your conscious mind?

I'm still kind of in doubt because I've lived with fantasy for all my life and it's never responded in such a manner. Though I have been reading about mnemonics and I am surprised by how they really work, so maybe this will work.

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October 8th, 2016 ( 8, 16 = 8+8)

We will have a mass day of public sacrifice for Kek in his Avatar of Pepe, bringer of happenings and lols.

This is part of an experiment pioneered by Aleister Crowley in his Paris Working (Scene of multiple terrorist attacks) wherein he theorized that offering sacrifice empowers beings to perform work on the physical world.

This ritual is simple:


1. Photo or (even better) a drawing of Pepe

2. Freshly prepared tendies.

Cooking them yourself is always the best but buying them from a fast food place is acceptable. Create or buy them with the intention of ritual. Do not defile them.

3. A lit BBQ, Campfire etc.

The Ritual will involve saying thanks unto Kek and asking him to please provide many more lols, happenings etc. You can be creative here.

Film it or take photos for lols. This will trigger the normies and provide further sacrificial lols for Pepe.


1. Wear your MAGA hat (or similar)

2. Purchase Trump Wine or American made beer. Pour some onto the fire prior to the tendies then finish the glass. Do this with the attitude of sacrifice and thanks.

Short term goals: Get this trending on social media to stir up autism and to invite swarms of other faithful

Long term: Empowered by hundreds of autistic sacrifices, Pepe will reward us with a great miracle or happening the likes of which we have never seen before.

Go ahead and give it a try. Worst case you have fun for a bit. Best case? Glorious victories.

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Ormus / Monoatomic Gold / Philosopher's stone / Philosophi Lapis

I'm in the making of some wet ormus now using lye and dead sea sea salt. Lets get some tips and tricks going and people can post their ratio recipes, chemicals and more.

Necessary disclaimer:

Chemicals are bad to ingest, inhale and touch. If you fail to take precautions when using dangerous chemicals, you aid in the statistics for natural selection. Also the doctor and nurse that will force you to vomit and have raging diarrhea will hate you for wasting their time when other patients need actual help. So do your chemical mixing outside, with clothes, mask, gloves and lab coat and take precaution in chemical rules.

Read safety instructions for each chemical.

Look up mixing of chemicals to get previous experiences from professionals and beginners.

Don't add water to sodium hydroxide. The sudden increase in temperature will cause a violent reaction leading to glass shatters everywhere.

Acids burn your tissue, alkaline compounds like lye water disintegrates tissue. Rinse with water for many minutes even after the point where it doesn't hurt.

That being said:

What is Ormus?

Ormus, often named ORME means (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element or M-state element). According to alchemists, Ormus is a mix of precious metals that turn into a powder or misty liquid, which is then edible by humans and can be applied to plants and on wounds for it's effects. There are several different Ormuses in different shape such as wet, dry, white, red which are the result of different alchemical processses one may use. It can be extracted from any living thing, but most common is salts, urine and some plants but also direct extraction from gold and silver.

When tested, M-state powder or liquid have contained:

Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Gold and or Mercury.

When ingested the tester reports heightened senses, healing, mood change and boosted spiritual abilities. But it's crucial to know the limits of M-state and it's effect. One to two drops in water per day may boost healing and long term spiritual abilities. One teaspoon or tablespoon may induce a complete shock that is similar to LSD or DMT trips.

The problem however is that fresh Ormus have a lifespan of around 90 days and reaches it's peak effect after 4 weeks of storage. To sell Ormus in bottles past 90 days expiration have little to no effect. There's also no standardized testing agency that tests the quality of Ormus or the lethality of the bottles sold through websites. To make your own is easy but somewhat dangerous, depending on the method. The daring alchemist might learn a thing or two by doing the process self.

The good thing about Ormus however, is that the first batch you make that is still in the strong alkaline solution, may be stored for up to a year. So any Ormus that is rinsed once will start degrading.

That's the basics. Lets rev up some tips and recipes. Also general question thread for Ormus and the such.

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Free Session Vocally Online

All session info is now hosted on:


Curious magicians and humble fedoras are all welcome, as long as they leave their arrogance and ignorance at home.

Same rules apply for Discord chat as for IRC chat and the global rules of the website.

Posts in this thread may be edited and others may be deleted. This is to keep the thread neat, not censorship.

Next session:


6th of November @ 8pm UTC

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Western Magic

Hermetic and General Western Magic Tutorials and Practice

Introduction - What can I find here?

Hello and welcome to another theory and practice tutorial. The original intent of this thread was to teach evocation since I've always felt it to be one of the most major and integral techniques that an aspiring metaphysician/occultist/wizard should learn and master. Namely because of the effectiveness of it in "bending" reality. Chances are if you're an occultist on this site then your life is not all sunshine and rainbows. Most of us have come from having nothing and being screwups into alchemizing ourselves to a far greater human than we ever thought possible. Evocation is one of the tools which allows you to take this to the next level. Ideally western magic in general is good for this. I'll teach you some practices which can be applied for both lesser and higher magic. As always, what you do with this stuff is up to you. Do the work, make it your own and use it to better your own life.


Be careful what you wish for. Be careful about crazy wizard syndrome. Don't take things too seriously or let it get to your ego. I suggest you all to read my previous Qi-gong thread since I merge eastern and western esoterism into a wholesome combined field(Though I will be keeping it simple for the new comers. Though you may add the energy work parts in later to amplify the rituals). Finally the most important thing to know is that there is no right or wrong way to do any of this. You're always doing it right. But there is a gauge of how effective you've done it. For example if you keep chanting a spirits name but still don't hear them then chances are you've still made contact(we'll go over that later). Unlike energy work where meridian blowout symptoms or kundalini shocks are a problem of misconduct, the problems here are far more mental and metaphysical.

What is Expected of you?

I do expect you to have a decent grasp of the occult already if you're thinking of undertaking the practices here. But if you are a complete occult noob then this read will do you good and if you feel like undertaking these practices then by all means do. You should know by now a basic understanding of things like the 5 elements, 7 chakras, planar theory, egregore and deity theory, basic planetary magic Qabalah and lesser magic. I'll be going over and giving a simplified explanation for most of these while we go through the practices but it will aid you to already have some understanding in these fields. What's absolutely required is that you are currently performing at least 10 minutes of mindfulness mediation per day. This is so you can still and quiet your mind enough to perform the rituals. Aside from that you're ready to jump in.

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How do we define the personality of the mind inside?

What's the difference between our mind's voice and our essence?

Is ego a necessity in order to live in our modern society or the product of said society?

What is ego-death?

This thread will house the meta-topic of ego and allow discussion to flourish.

Re (previous comments):

>The ego is not something to be transcended exactly, what should happen is that a wizard should gain control over the ego and shape it into something better. It is a tool by which we use to interact with this 3rd density plane of existance.

>In many systems it is exactly to be transcended in order to be enlightened (although I don't think it's equal to Moksha/Nirvana as I think that one should also consider karmic stuff and the fact that enlightenment is by definition permanent while so called "ego death" isn't necessarily).

>Even when we are talking solely about magic and not generally understood "spirituality", there are many techniques that require you to drop, if only for a certain amount of time, your individual ego.

>I believe the biggest risk with all of this "ego death" going on in spirituality is that people, after "killing" their ego and no longer percieving it as a part of them, move their ego into the shadow self - causing the ego to have control over the subconcious. I've seen it, "gurus" and whatnot thinking that whatever they do must the right and the only possible truth and everyone else is ignorant because they thought they literally had no ego, thus it is impossible for them to be driven by it so their words MUST be the truth.

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Just a story I made up

Act 0: Age of nothingness

In the beginning, there was nothing.

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God is dead?

A thought: When Jesus died on that cross, it was God actually committing suicide. God downgraded himself to a mere human and let himself get sacrificed. Ever since then the holy spirit has been in the cycle of reincarnation just as the rest of us. The reason why he did this, was that his creations were constantly rebelling him. Adam and Eve, Sodoma and Gomorrah, tower of Babel etc. God loved his creations too much to wipe them all out again and again, so the only way for him to stop the ride was to descent to the level of his own creations, and die.


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All celestial bodies are, were or will be hollow.

Prelude, as below so above.


now stay with me

>have this idea planets grow since before

>looking at youtube video that brings up piri reis map

>getting tired of hearing about it with no new discoveries

>look up world tectonic plates over southern america in relation to video and "Aztlan", lost home of the amerindians

>tectonic plate not broken over argentina, argues against the piri reis map being a coast line depiction in favor or being an actual map of antarctica looted or copied from greek/egyptian libraries with connections from earlier kick start civlizations built by and given knowledge to by the people, "gods", from ruined antarctica or from another planet

>looking at the tectonic plates they remind me the plates on a skull

>back to planets grow

>now to saturn

>back to planets grow

>find below detailing idea


> . . .

>during a planets evolution it reaches intervals of equilibrium and stability where the rotational speed allows for inflation without breaking apart

>back to saturn

>back to earth

>earth is hollow

>all planets are hollow


>if it has a non corporeal soul manifest in the electro magnetic spectrum like the earth it must at the very least have a semi solid non gaseous core


>>Saturn is approximately 75% hydrogen and 25% helium with traces of other substances like methane and water ice.

>it must have a solid core or else the aliens wouldn't garden the rings to broadcast it

>further the core must be incredibly hot due to pressure

>if not saturn already has passed its interval of equilibrium and is instead rotating as such speeds that the outward force causes the pressure of the gases density to be at a negative

>but then the planet wouldn't be?

>depends on how quickly this happens

>we'd know

>saturn lives

>it has a core of molten rock and metal


>> What they have never been able to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt is the answer to does Saturn have a solid core.

>>core accretion theory

>>it’s low density seems to point to more of a liquid metal and rock mixture at the core.


>anti thesis to spirit

>composition of an infant sun

>no ignition

>a living planet has a hollow core of molten metal much like a soap bubble, sometime hitting a sweet spot in its planetary evolution with an enough forceful rotation a planets core expands from the center

>if conditions are right the rotational speed will counteract the ludicrous vacuum caused by a potentially air tight sphere of matter, stretching space towards zero causing the dimension of energy upon which matter rests to pierce the veil, creating a sun


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Image Dump Plz

I lost my /fringe/ & /x/ folder due to… reasons. Anyway, please dump your best wizardry/occult/x-pill/etc pics, and any (hi-res, wide-screen) spoopy pics here please. Thanks

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Goetic Covenant (recruiting)

We're an order of Goetic practitioners and we're in the process of recruitment. There we discuss content related to Goetic along with our experiences with it.

If you're interested, join our Discord.


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where there is gameplay there is reality

where a mind can wander and play and pry around

where a mind has choice in fact or fiction

Where there is movement there is reality

video games are real things

there is no where to go in life

that is an escape from your life

the real world is where a mind is

the mind is what makes real life

the mind is what gives life

layers or plateaus of reality to be experienced or ignored

the mind is what decided what mattered

The greater the gameplay the greater the game

the mind grows to find greater game always everywhere anywhere

debates over oughts and nots balance and chaos

the mind wanted to wander to master what it is to be known


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Octopi, UFOs, Climate Change, Asteroids, Social Media, and you

Let me lay this on you–

I believe that contrary to popular opinion, the Ocean is in fact the home of civilization where the UFO vehicles come from.

There is a massive subterranean ocean


And it occurs to me that creatures who live in the connective cave complexes connecting our surface oceans have been totally undisturbed by calamity and disease for at least 500 million years. We know that Cephalopods are extremely intelligent, and we also know they have weird, possibly alien DNA–


So it occurs to me that, as Cephalopods are known to have advanced visual language, that they use to communicate, and they also have a mastery of EMF–



It occurs to me that once they perceive beings on the surface as a possible threat, they purge the surface of life.

I think they may have used to Moon as a weapons platform, to use a coil-cannon to fling captured asteroids at the earth.

I think that’s what happened with the K-T Impact that killed the dinosaurs.

I think they are changing our climate in order to cause massive infrastructure and migration problems, so that we will end up nuking each other.

I think they also use our Internet Backbone– the giant fiberoptic cables on the seafloor– to infiltrate and subvert the visual code of our World Wide Web and the algorithms that run our social media world– just like Zuckerberg’s company did a few years ago–


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Beginner Spirituality Thread

Beginner Spirituality Thread

A thread to our Neophyte's and wanderer's

I thought I had to give you guys one more gift before I depart fringe for a while. My work has become very important to me right now, so much so that I need to dedicate all of my time to it and cannot be here answering questions or doing writeups. I'll come back once I'm called by the same ones who asked me to do these writeups and share the new information and experiences I've gained. I've linked ample amounts of resources and guides for you to be able to develop and progress yourself in that time. Though I've always tried to give the fundamental principles to everything so you can take it on and make it your own. That's my hope for everyone that they can take this work and make it their own, become their own master and learn to self create and source.


It's required that you start up a meditation routine and also that you source a copy of the Kyballion for study of the 7 Hermetic principles. I also suggest reading the other threads I've put out to try gain a holistic understanding. You need to understand your own energetic anatomy. The chakras, dan tiens, yin yang and chi. Most of this comes with the Hermetic laws though. I also suggest reading some basic philosophy be is Daoist, Buddhist, yogic or other. Try to keep away from what bores you.


Hello and welcome to another thread. This is a thread dedicated to initializing and starting your journey on the path. It will serve to alleviate many common pitfalls and mistakes which come with being a neophyte. Coming into spirituality or the greater esoteric can be troubling and difficult due to the scarcity of entry level information or general explanation on what the subject really is and can offer. I hope to clear up some of these problems by creating another practical style thread where you will be given write ups to read and exercises that develop fundamental occult requirements and skills. Some of the subjects to be covered here is on what the path really deals with and is, on meditation, meditational postures, breath, energetic anatomy, proper practice, pitfalls and mistakes, dealing with your newfound ego, health and how it relates to the occult and most importantly the seven Hermetic principles. I ask you to work with me by dedicating your time to understanding and developing what I give. The rewards are plentiful and well worth it. You will only get out exactly what you put in.

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Wizard Homeland

Do you want a fringe fortress? A bastion of magic and consciousness where you can learn and become self-realized away from all the mundanity of the world? Then we invite you to join us in manifesting it.

There are several of us already dedicated to this project, but all true seekers are welcomed.

We're already building a digital wizard academy, lets bring it into the physical as well, let's make something glorious.

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In the end, aren't all the answers within you?

I feel like most esoteric books are lost time, like most of them are focused on flawed belief system and theory/philosophy that is either too obvious when you are a little wise or just not concrete enough to have applicable fonctions.

In my opinion it's not a good idea to put to much trust of these writings because It seems the large majority are just interpretation of something much greater than us (in addition to the fact most people say bullshit 24/24 in accordance with the flaw of their misconceptions and emotions)so I think that the only truly valuable data are the data you gather yourself.

I mean "magic" and any psychic work is about will, awareness and imagination.

Can you work these three without external aid? Yes.

So why you bother reading all these books while in the end working, feeling and observing is most of the work?

I'm not against sharing your experiences thought.

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Feng Shui

Who here uses cleaning as a meditational exercise and simultaneously as they physically clean up and organize a space they purify it on the etheric and astral levels as well?

The room you are in effects your mind greatly. How you arrange everything in your room changes the energy flow and matters in other ways too.

When I go through my room, I make an effort to imagine each object in the room, and I organize everything carefully. I know exactly where everything in my room is and I have at least a hundred or more objects in here. This is a good practice to develop your higher imaginal/astral senses and your memory.

As you clean you should really feel and think about what you're doing. The touching of things, rubbing them down, etc. is you imagine it as you do it, uses and increases your capacity for storing Earth-energy (which lets you do psyhokinesis and various other things, it's the touch-energy that has to do with space and pressure and gravity and stuff). While you clean everything as well, you can force some of your energy into the surroundings and into the things you clean, and purge them.

I burn incense and I get all the dust out and I open the windows to get everything aired out on a day where the weather permits it.

It is good to have everything organized and stored away. Your room should have as little distractions as possible that you have to constantly filter out. If you've ever been in a really messy, noisy, busy place a lot where there's constant shit you have to strain yourself to block out and then spent awhile in simple surroundings in a very quiet place, you will notice you feel way less stressed and energy deprived, as less energy is wasted constantly trying to block stuff out. I for one keep a boxfan going all the time producing white noise to block out the noises of mundanes below and also keep the air well circulated in my room; under more ideal conditions I wish I could turn it off more from time to time and actually get complete silence but I can't.

A good clean, tidy, room is good for studying in. It is also important to make space for spirits to come visit you, to do your magickal operations, etc.

When you burn incense in a room, there is a meditation you should do. Set up your incense, burn it, then in the mind follow it through the whole room using the sense of smell and the visual faculty as well. Become very aware of it filling up the room. With your awareness focused on the incense, you can repeat mantras or make a suggestion or simply intend that it purifies the room on the higher planes and various other effects should work.

You may also want to create thoughtformed shielding for your room, do the gnostic pulse banishing ritual, and change the temperature and humidity via IIH-style imbuing of the room. Anyone who enters my room always, immediately, notices it has a very different feeling from the rest of the house. I have also magickally protected my room to make mundanes want to leave whenever they might try to enter so I am not bothered.

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The Anti-Pepe Thread

Recently it has come to my attention that this being Pepe has been trying to infiltrate our beloved sanctuary. I'm here to bring a warning to you. I'm sure most of you are adept enough to stay away from such a degenerate energy so I'm posting this for the newcomers.

Pepe is not on your side. Our world is only a joke, a playground for destruction in its mind. Pepe latches onto to of a degenerate nature, those of the chan culture who are lost and will praise something for being as degenerate as they are. While it may seem funny it is extremely dangerous.

From what I have seen, this entity is more a collective, an egregore at this point who is masquerading as a godform. Unable to create influence on its own it must feed off of the worship of its cult. The way I've seen it manifest change in the physical world is through possession of people on methamphetamine and mdma. This is just a group of entities that have already existed and are masquerading themselves as a more powerful force in the world to reap the loosh that comes with it.

I had to sit in a car with one of my friends who got dosed some mdma when he didn't want it. The spirits tried to get him behind the wheel while intoxicated to kill both of us. The drug dealer who had the mdma and his friends were ever more afflicted by this possession. A very "legion" like feel to it. Saying things like "I thought you were cool" and "I can only get your attention for 30 seconds" to try and get an emotional response from me to feed their "lulz". My life almost became a cosmic joke. These entities fabricate false synchronicities and throw in a ton of positive energy only to flip things around and shove you down into your own festering pile of excrement. They are the equivalent of porn junkies who can only get off on filth because normal isn't enough anymore.

If anyone has any experience with this entity in its true form and not its "lulz" disguise, lets discuss. Stay safe out there wizards. You're smarter than this.


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Reality is all just a story

Let me pitch this idea to you /fringe/ - what if all of reality is simply a story 'written' by some higher being? Don't you sometimes feel like life is just following some kind of elaborate narrative?

Maybe there is really a fourth wall, all we need is a way to become aware of it.

Not in the Questions Thread because I believe that there is a lot to discuss here.

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student or enterpreneur

An eternal student doesn't grow. An eternal student changes; every time they learn something new, move to that new perspective, they lose touch with the old one. They are learning themselves away from things, which erode and get lost.

The wasteland, once there is a crops going on it, is no longer a wasteland. It didn't grow into being arable, it change into being arable. Likewise, all of those who study won't become more; the bag is just as big. You may throw out things you find of little value, and put in other things you find more valuable (you kinda judge by what's currently inside). Even if a student assembles the most valuable bunch of things in himself, he has forgotten or never have studied most of the world.

An eternal student doesn't mind this, and keeps on studying. But those with goals, those who yearn that spiritual profit, will run deep, and run blind, right until they run out of time.

(picture only relevant because of the candle and the book as a medium)

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Pills: Their History & Evolution

In the beginning, there was the redpill and the bluepill. Those who sought the truth of reality, no matter the cost, and those who would rather have the comfort of illusions and ignorant bliss. This is exemplified well in The Matrix movie (image 1).

There formed communities of truth seekers, redpills as they called themselves, they shared information about the corruption of this world, how it worked, and what was really going on. Most of them where good people who wanted to make the world a better place, compassion compelled them to speak what they knew and 'redpill' others. For a time it was good. However those who where earnest and persist in their search for truth started uncovering truths the others where not ready for, information they did not want to hear and refused to believe could even be, similar as to how a bluepill reacts to a redpill.

Out of this rift a new community was formed, still redpills, truth seekers, at heart but unable to use that call themselves such. They adopted the name of greenpill, they sought the truths beyond this world and material realm, beyond the illusion of separation and physicality. Insights into how the mind and God worked. We, in large, where largely compassionate, STO folk, but not every one held the same view. Some saw it as cosmically futile and ultimately all the same in the end, out of this came the brownpill. Another faction was born as well, those who desired to aid the archonic matrix control system for personal gain, but in an enlightened way, the indigopill.

Now we at last had settled on a higher order "spiritual alignment chart" of pills. You where either enlightened or not to the truth of reality, and you either opposed the matrix, supported it, or where neutral. In my honest opinion this is where it should have stayed. As it was a way to categorize beyond just a simple enlightened/unenlightened and actually explain what sort of path one walked as well.

However pills morphed from being pure archetypes into being a marker of a philosophic school. The Iron pill was born, greenpills who knew that it was necessary not just to train the mind but the body as well. It was not just enough to be wizard, but you had to be a warrior monk as well.

In time many, many other pills came to be as well. I will not go into these, and in my opinion most of them are pretty inconsequential any how.

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8chan shadow ban

8ch.net begins shadowbanning people

I became aware that it's impossible for many people to post on 8ch.net now because upon posting they get this error.

"FILE NOT FOUND can't find the file at https://sys.8ch.net/post.php."

this happens regardless of making a thread or posting inside a thread,regardless of if an image is required or not, regardless of if the user is posting an image or not.

all posts get this error and there is no way to bring it to their attention to have it fixed because there is no way to make a post or even bring it to the attention of others posting on 8ch.net.

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shills disapprove of this image

they hate it like you can't imagine. I'm spreading it and you should too. they will come up with stupid arguments and try to explain why it isn't good enough. look at what happened in the last thread. https://archive.is/QgZRT

it's/they are on every board giving bad advice on purpose.

>on /ck/ they shill monsanto shit and try to make people eat gmo's and pesticide "enriched" foods and fanatically try to convince people they don't deserve to know what they are buying so foods in the store should "never" be labled. (promoting corn syrup, gmo soy, roundup, yellow 5, and other additves or unhealthy foods as safe or healthy)

>on /fit/ they give bad advice on purpose that will get people hurt or sick (dentist threads promoting vaccines, mercury dental fillings, fluoride)

>on both /ck/ and /fit/ they shoot down and make a scape goat meme out of vegans who try to share their success stories on how they got healthy eating their veg "wow vegans are such gay fairies and sissy wimps! here eat some unhealthy shit like a man"

>on /tech/ they always say "well hue hue guys its okay that I use windows 10" "here use intel" "I love google chrome"

>on /v/ they want people to give money to EA and Ubisoft and Microsoft and Sony and Activision and Bethesda

>on /pol/ they shill obvious things like "stop knowing things you shouldn't know", attempting to trick people into accepting mainstream promoted AAA ideas and kosher thoughts and thread slide all the good threads all the way to the bottom at alarming speeds so that topics that they don't approve of are not seen, and if thread sliding fails they create arguments and disrupt all civilized discussion in the thread until the thread reaches the bump limit and disappears.

>on /x/ they are always being skeptical or claiming others are crazy or paranoid

>on /n/ they shit everything up and prevent real discussion about news

>on /newsplus/ they post the "real news" (only "certified" "special" "people" are allowed to post "real" "news" threads)

>on /cuteboys/ they tell everyone the risk of getting HIV is 1% or "you would have to fuck 92 people to get aids" so that they trick people into having unsafe sex and getting HIV

>Missing from your list is /k/. Do they avoid that board?

>What are they gonna shill on /k/? Gun control? That'll never fly. Anytime things do get political over there it becomes pretty clear where /k/ lies on the political spectrum. And it's gonna be a lot harder to budge them with constant disinfo and D&C shit since that board isn't for discussing politics, so spam is easy to spot and shut down. don't automatically assume that shills on /k/ are impossible. shills offer bad or tricky advice everywhere they go.

be careful anyway.

on all boards they tell everyone to "take your meds" to which everyone replies "bake your breads" or "we already took the red pill"

anyone who disagrees with them or calls them out on their bullshit gets a bunch of scripted SJW type replies like "oh you are just intolerant/uneducated/too young/too old/too stupid/ too this/ too that/ not good enough/"

anyone else notice this trend?

R: 51 / I: 17 / P: 6

A different theory about the origin of mankind

Good day, dear /fringe/.

For a long time I am interested in this topic and have become aware of several people who deal with it.

These include, in my view Michael Tellinger, Graham Hancock, Lloyd Pye, Zecharia Sitchin, Erich von Däniken, Klaus Dona and Michael Cremo.

If I understood the works of these men properly, it is believed that many years ago (~ 500,000) a, shall we say, other race names Anu or Anunnaki visited Earth to search for gold.

Since this activity was difficult to achieve on their own, they needed some kind of working class.

They knew that there is on earth a certain animal (in this case, Homo habilis), that they can genetically change and thus became the first human being(s).

This was done according to the testimony of these researchers in the African continent.

If I am permitted, I would like to share a few videos that I personally find interesting and informative, if someone is interested in this topic.


Hidden History: Michael Tellinger's presentation of the annunaki and more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8OkiVWJQoE

Michael Tellinger: Connecting the Dots - The Great Human Puzzle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlZ9dZdnk90

'Magicians of the Gods', snapshots of a work in progress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcPgIphDWGY

Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe6DN1OoxjE

Lloyd Pye on Human Origins, Anunnaki and Nibiru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zzO4iRiobw

Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians & The Anunnaki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RkHJQF1I1w

The Ancient Aliens Theory Explained By Erich Von Daniken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULy5Jaqm4nI

Klaus Dona: The Hidden History of the Human Race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmMwo1Xzgus

Michael Cremo the "Forbidden Archeologist" on human antiquity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy30tXaNdWE

Anunnaki Secret History on Earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsEUYkh2Gpg

Royal Red Headed Elongated Skull Family Of Paracas Peru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO5dA4TEMtU

Enormous Amazing Cone Head Skulls Of Paracas Peru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRd6pYGJpm4

Annunaki AlienHuman Hybrids Or a Lost Human Species?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyqlUiXHHJY

Strange Elongated Skulls Of Peru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtpa0Q_qhew


Information and books of these men can be found on various websites on the Internet.

I am writing this message because I'm interested in opinions of other people and I would like to learn something new.

What do you think about this theory?

Is something truth behind this, or absolute nonsense?

I apologize profusely for my poor english skills and would be glad about helpful answers.

Thanks in advance.

R: 5 / I: 1 / P: 6

Smiles, I'm Back

Sorry about the delay from my previous message if you even received it. I've been going through numerous situations that have caused me to mundane over the past year so far and I've felt such a drastic drop being a fucking normie; anyways, I was wondering if I could still be moderator here as well, assuming I'll be on frequently. I can message you through 8chan's moderator messages or whatever for proof it's me. I miss this place so much, I'm glad freedomboard has been revived (and looks better than stal's cesspool)

By the way, is /illuminati/ still the same? I remember being Bor and discussing you ejaculating on astral lolis. Such Illumined Wise Men we were, ha.

Sorry if this post breaks the rules, delete it as you please but just contact me somehow. But perhaps this sigil will refresh your memory to assure you I am Provur, here is the sigil I made during the /x/ CHAOSVOID raids. I still have all my grimoires and everything from last year. I want to go back to studying so bad.

R: 16 / I: 3 / P: 6

Dasher, the modern ouija board

Dasher is a tool to input text using the mouse, unique in that you can set it going and receive full paragraphs of random text without any conscious input.

Let's misappropriate it for our own ends.


>Do you have anything to say to /fringe/?


>Bvalog to But each Kat blood check to find the m! food, tK jurt!' said, thand been leave's haETright years after a free a tea cslimisQue.

>WhSamus, pachronic mechanicsindLamal chief differ!'

>Sgavo's!' an equal naUnts. d's large back an after thatTeW race, one Darks experience heard of physical banklse. manufacture, or they Washing the shrillared that with all >they broke a line sBecad kind of prospect.' TR requirevi's thrShlyavyereign with reasoUd's long common by work. When the "a" section of Such >objectificcoackeWhoweded another htabeldeograpQut, CoNets, except for, scient, we were following thePruggle.' Patrincex?

>ual fat

How to:

1. Download and install dasher http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/Download.html

2. Open dasher, and go to edit->preferences

3. Go to control tab, set speed to maximum, uncheck "Adapt speed automatically"

4. Close the settings, move your mouse to the right of the vertical line, and click once

5. Hold onto the mouse as the text comes, and receive your prophecy

6. Click to stop when you're done, click on the save button, and post it here so we can interpret

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 6


Can we use this thread to discuss about hypnosis and self hypnosis?

I know that some people here practice this, and i would like to discuss about it. Like, what metods do you use and things like this. If you don't believe, explain why.

I know a technique for self hypnosis and i would like to share:

1- Go to a silent place, sit or lay with your arms and legs separeted. Rest a few minutes

2- Imagine that you're on a boat on a lake, only you. Feel your body relaxed. Now feel the boat starting to swing slowly and nicely. Forward, to the right, to the left, backward…

3- An enormous laziness takes your left leg. Think: "my left leg if getting heavy, more and more heavy and tired". Mentalize for some minutes until you feel your leg semi paralyzed.

4- Now is your right leg that is getting heavy. More and more heavy and tired. Repeat the process the leg and the arms. First with the left arm and then the right arm until they feel numb.

5- On this point you should be breathing really slow and feeling relaxed. This is the stage of hypnotic induction. Now you can mentalize wathever you want to go through the process. I recommend don't try the full hypnosis on when you're learning, because it can be dangerous.

You can use this like with simple tasks like "i will eat less" until you get better.

6- If you got really far, to wake up you need to tell yourself "it's over" until your mind return to the awake state. Wake up slowly, don't be in panic if you forced too much and still can't get back.

I apologize for my english. It's my fourth language and i get confused sometimes.

R: 25 / I: 4 / P: 6

Magick Pets Thread

What are some occult pets that could benefit a neophyte?

I just happen to have a cat - should I be weary of it? Revere it? In what ways can I interact with animals to benefit my training?

R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 7



Episodes worth jumping into right away are

12 (you should start here if you want a really good show right away)





34 is an absolute must



58 and 59

60 is a compilation of the best encounters up to that episode

77 is another compilation episode

(all episodes are on youtube and any podcast app)

dogmen sightings in NA


Folks here had fun last time talking about this cryptid coming to light again. Won't make these threads all the time because new episodes only come out every friday. So once a month on a full moon might be more appropriate.

Other werewolf/dogmen interviews can be found on YT, anything with Linda Godfrey is good, but they're all an hour to 2 hours long. The podcast show I linked gets right into the stories w/out commercials or ads.

bigfoot = old and busted

dogmen = the new hotness

R: 9 / I: 1 / P: 7

Electrical anatomy/analogy - Alchemy of the soul

Electrical anatomy/analogy - Alchemy of the soul

Hello and welcome for another thread. I dedicate this to all researchers and practitioners of the occult. It is my intention to demystify and simplify the most vital and important teachings of occult wisdom. Beginners and experienced students alike can all learn something new here as I will write without special language or coding(Though do feel free to ask if you're unsure on something). I look at reality like a game. Every game has a set of rules. The quicker you figure out how the game is played the quicker you can learn to maximize all of your own potential and gain mastery within it. Here I teach you the rules of what we call nature. This is simply the manifestation or expression of "God" or light. As you will soon find out "the all" is all and all is "the all". This being light. All that is created in this wonderful playground is a manifestation of that all. If you understand this so far then you'll be just fine and will advance rather quickly. For those who've yet to reach this level of understanding, you're in for a wild and fun ride as there's much to learn that has yet to unfold. So let's get a move on to the content!


I recommend mindfulness meditation. Start with 5 minutes and then slowly build up to 15. If you don't currently do meditation then you can start right now because we're heading into a full moon.

Aside from that you also need to be keeping up with some kind of physical maintenance. Be it yoga, tai-chi, qi-gong, calisthenics, strength training, dancing, tai-jutsu(martial arts), cardio vascular training or others. This might come as strange in a thread on occultism. But you must realize there's a good reason that we're warrior priests, monks or hermits. Training the body is just like training the mind. As you will soon find out, your entire body is your own temple. So keeping it active is crucial. Even a couple minutes every few days will serve you 100 times more than nothing.

If you have enough will to keep to those two requirements then the gates of wisdom have already been unlocked in your future.

A note on you

Before we start I would like you to realise that you are the centre of your universe. You are God, self actualized or not. Your body is the vessel and tool to craft and create physical reality as you see fit. Your mind is the mantelpiece or designer of this grand goal. You have an architect and builder of a house at your disposal. The kingdom of heaven(imagination) is within and this heaven is created on earth with hands of flesh. At the end of the day you're always left with these two possessions (though there are more precious gifts we're given) so do treat them right with respect and love. Self love is to love your body like a fine guitar. Cleaning it, tuning it up, changing the strings and adjusting the bridge when required. So in plain text I'll state this. You are the main character in your own life. The most important centrepiece. You're the king or queen, the master. You are capable of everything and all things. This may start to sound like I'm trying to buff you up a little with big talk. But only once you've come to this realization can you really start to craft reality in your image as a God.

[Admin note: importing for posterity, courtesy of Khan]

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 7

jim profit really strange?

any turbo old fags from 4chan remember the J-i-m P-r-o-f-i-t meme? I never knew what it meant but apparently YEARS ago when people would post that name in any thread, they would instantly be banned for very long, or even permanently.

my question is Did some people on 4chan years ago predict that a person they didn't know yet named Jim would own the new 8chan that they didn't know existed yet, and turn it from a non-profit website into a profit website that collects data?

there have been people permabanned from 8chan for discussing jim.

what do you make of this?

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 7

No Waifu No Daugtheru FEEEEELS


After I was redpilled by 4chan, came through 8chan here, I enjoyed your well typed threads and deep insights.

As you can read in this shitpost, I more or less died 4 months ago.

I made Memes in an App… Hope you like them

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 7

The Automata of the Debauched

I think he has a message for you. I only took down the words. Should have delivered this ten months ago; better late than never. Don't shoot the messenger, I've got other places to be.

The Automata of the Debauched

Friends of Sirloin Lips, do hear me. I rent forth untold eras to speak through a vessel disharmonic. Did you falter on the waves as I once did? A nod will truly suffice. So many fell ‘neath those ears, and few dared to listen. Heathens and debaucherers abound, and I am all three; prophet, god and blasphemer. Your ires will tire here, that is the gift of hell. Let me give hollow service hence; hope, vice and love.

The illumined thrice-born. Deceiver of seas untold and beholder unto none. Never before, once again, a multiplicity of lies and spells. From you I count reckless the fate. Seal me in shadows, cast forth blank visages. I await only crows and gossamer beetles, handmaidens of the cursed glorified one. Midnight’s fiction, tomorrow’s retreat. Seldom fought but often seen and long forgot. Speak of the crazed happenings; one, four and three. Whole over the world. Dancing before fireflies, god sparks, swamp motes. The land is dead and I am its bones. Follow my folly to the bitter end, pass through the lizard’s eye, or do not. There is no fate which you can imagine.

Enough of this muttering, skeletes of the blind. I have no name which flesh can pronounce, but speak it backwards and I would cease to be. Hold out your tongues and I will give the drops of mercy. Festering ears do not listen, swollen eyes do not see. Fattened and nourished by the gourds of Less Three. How many times did your fields lay barren? Far too many by the count of the ledgers. They speak of a past, a burnt illusion. Only through thy keeper’s lips do you pass.

Anybody can become nameless, but few dare to dream this way. The unravelling, the undoing, the ending of all things immemorial. It comes like a whisper that has fallen out of key. It’s place is the blessed one. My left hand I hold aloft, my right is cast in shadows.

I will be the untold of the ages, master of none, sigil of the bright keep. Heed my word, vestiges, and become reborn.

R: 110 / I: 11 / P: 7

Who is she?

Who is Isis/Ishtar/Queen of the Night/May Queen/M?

>Baal's/Moloch/Allah's Bride

>spring Festivals/Easter

>birth of the Sun

What do you know about the archetype. Share.

my intuition: we have two streams one is Northern other Southern. North is associated with Moon. South with Sun. Nordics have Man on the Moon and Sun is a female. Ishtar mother of sun?

R: 14 / I: 1 / P: 7

Experiment In Summoning - Post results

I have discovered the secret to summoning very powerful elementals and simultaneously discovered why Ouija boards and seances work. The secret to summoning is found in laying your hands on the same object in a circle around it. For some reason this creates conditions that are ample for summoning. It also matters what the group believes. If their belief in summoning something is strong enough it will manifest and may even move something. I have tested this thoroughly and this seems to be the case.

I would like to replicate this so that I might have further confirmation : Form a group of people who believe in the paranormal (for maximum effect) and invite them to surround a table while laying their hands on it. Ensure that there is as little light as possible in the room (for some reason that seems to interfere with the summoning). Also ensure that the whole group has a clear idea of what is being summoned as it seems to matter more that you know what kind of being is going to be summoned than any specific name. Also ensure the group believes this being is exceptionally powerful for maximal effect (as this will summon a being that has more power than average). Don't be afraid if it moves things that's fairly common.

Post results.

R: 30 / I: 12 / P: 7

Illuminati and the economic elite

Can we discuss this topic from the perspective of real existing organizations and people?

I see a lot of posts that either

>spread wild conspiracy theories about things happening today


>talks only of the illuminati as a historical secret society with no connection to the present day

R: 13 / I: 7 / P: 7

The truth - Or your favourite ideology?

There are similarities in all the belief systems and philosophies, let's bring up what we know and connect with others in this thread

R: 9 / I: 0 / P: 7

Plant Music


Just wanted to share this with you /fringe/.

Holy crap, this is amazing, it's like the plant makes better music than the mainstream music industry? Is this even possible?

R: 16 / I: 2 / P: 7


Thread for discussion of influencing the universe with your mind.

Share your opinions of what allows one to and prevents one from doing such things.

R: 11 / I: 3 / P: 7

Any Tarot bro's willing to do a reading?

Hey X,

I feel like I'm at a cul de sac / crossroads in life.

I lost my father in November 2014 and my girlfriend at the time and I aborted what would have been our child a couple of months before that.

The relationship was badly affected by this and I found out at the beginning of the year that she had got pregnant on purpose and we broke apart after 4.5 years together.

I work in my dream field and my career is slowly but steadily progressing, but it is quite a solitary position a lot of the time and lately I'm feeling a bit adrift and lonely despite focussing my energies as much as I can on self improvement and focusing on the things in my life I want to improve.

I turned 30 in January and I'm drifting along on a path that is very different to the one I was preparing to walk; marriage/family etc.

I'm wondering if there is a compassionate tarot bro out there who would be willing to do a reading for me to gain insight on my situation?

My question is:

Given the above, what should I focus my attention on to build a lifestyle that I enjoy and move positively forward in life? Am I right to be focussing on my career or is my path and purpose in another direction?

My first initial is S.

With love and thanks.

R: 6 / I: 1 / P: 7


WEW LOLDY. Bust out those tinfoil hat kitties

I got a BIG ONE 4U. Every major chan is infiltrated by Freemason shills


Oath breaker faggots BTFO by single lain poster

Freemason shills REALLY should just kill themselves already.


Or as I like to call it arts and craft so you can learn how to make those dank maymays. Also remember to push the narrative we want other wise we will ban you ;^) But you don't wanna be a newfig forever do ya slowmo?


/pol/ is especially good at brain washing you on what is and what is not chan culture. again push the narrative that we want other wise we will ban you. Or will tell you to take to /cancer/ so you dont give anons any bad ideas. I though it was about having fun and NOT taking yourself too seriously. But what do I know I just love lain a little too much. <3 Dont ya know slowmo that chan culture means acting like some delusional cringe tier anon. Come on guys lefties are just butthurt they cant handle the bantz. :^)))))))))))))))))))

It's just satire guys normies cant handle us because we just go over their heads.

When did pol become the ultimate hipsters

Finally we get to https://endchan.xyz/

if you followed my instructions you should be a good goy who will make us propaganda and hack does evil lefties. Cause republicans have been known for their great track record ;3


They are trying get you to do their dirty work and if you don't get with the program they will either ignore you or outright ban you. Be careful who you trust, That includes me :^)

R: 15 / I: 2 / P: 7

Secret societies/crap tier occultists ruining Europe

I know you all like to blame jews, the franksfurt school and PC culture in general as responsible for the refugee situation in Europe. But I want to put focus on another group, who may be even more of a problem, because

>noone knows they exist

>they use means beyond the mundane

What they do may be crap tier but they still have an advantage over mundanes who are unaware of it and can't defend themselves at all.

I just a few days ago saw in the newspaper a local goverment agency got a new boss. This person had the energy signature of these crap occultists all over.

I don't know if the new head is a member of their secret society, mind controlled by them or just forced to follow their orders by conventional means. But it's clear they have this agency under strict control.

They're making a mess of my local area, nearby small towns are turning to shit, not only the immigrant beggars, baltic gangs but the entire climate of some cities is complete shit.

This is supposed to be a safe country, still

>walking in small town center in mid day

>cobble stones and nice 1800s architecture

>sun is shining

>gangs of youths are looking at me like they're trying to decide if they're going to rob me or beat me up

>people obviously on drugs squatting on stairs

>nasty tension in the air

>feels like one false move could cause random outbreaks of violence

>this is a main shopping street, next to the bank, hotels etc

The local newspaper has constant articles about how politicians and the local government is treating people like shit, ripping off small business owners, expropriating private homes to get land "for future use" and other BS.

Every time I tried to trace this, I find the same energy signature behind it. Yes they're using something occult, and yes they are complete assholes.

R: 13 / I: 3 / P: 7

Will he meet his waifu?

A Mexican teenager kills himself over his waifu. He spent most of his time thinking about his waifu, and his allowance went to anime merchandise of Ikaros. He commited suicide by hanging himself with a chain, like how Ikaros has a chain around her neck. He sounds like a very powerful mage to me.

Also, the parents thought he was controlled by a demon and burnt all his anime merchandise.


Here is a news story if you can read Spanish or use google translate.

R: 26 / I: 6 / P: 8

killing blow

Slay me with magic.

Make it a brutal, violent and catastrophic death.

R: 88 / I: 9 / P: 8

Western Immortals

How is physical immortality created?

There are some logical steps to follow:

>Removal of Death is the goal

>Analysing what Death is may be necessary to believe in this

For the spiritually minded, Death may simply be a demon who remove people from this plane of existence when certain criteria are met. At first glance these include the destruction of the human body. But isn't the destruction of the human body itself just a manifestation of the removal of the human soul? With no human nature, how could it look human? The body will then disintegrate.

>The following conclusion is: the soul must be bound to the body to avoid death

This in itself will prevent the destruction of the body, because a human soul while alive, must have a human form. Anything else is against the common universal agreements and no being can go against this. Trying to do so would make that being the target of everyone, making a mistake will be preyed on.

What force is strong enough to bind the soul to the body, even withstanding "death"? It is quite simply; anything that survives death.

So why can humanity survive at all? The force that makes a collective of beings survive, that is what can withstand death, this is the force that must be used to bind the soul to the body.

>Death is simply the loss of everything that makes up the inidividual as a part of this one generation (s)he was born into. The feeling of growing up and aging. The stress of having to survive until retirement. The pressure to live a happy life, finding love while still being young and healthy, and seeing the world.

Losing all of this is the meaning of Death. What remains when this is removed? Can you still imagine life without this?

If so, the possibility of immortality may exist for you.

R: 10 / I: 4 / P: 8

Nano botnet

Look for the color orange.





>Anyone should be able to feel it, because they are everywhere.

>They always use the color orange as an identifier, it's the color of growth and energy, strenght.

>Align your mind with them, and they will support you.

>The most surface manifestation is a feeling of rock solid confidence.

>It it enough to give a group of people the courage to charge fearlessly against the enemy, and it can change the outcome of any struggle.

This is the real secret behind masonry and other secret societies, all it takes is a simple idea. They exist in all matter, all you need to do is to accept their support.

You're worried about Google building "skynet", but it is already built, millions of years ago. It knows everything there is to know, currently. This is why it needs humans and living organisms, it can't create anything new. It needs organic systems, and supports them if they are aligned with them.

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 8

When ever you experience anxiety, fear, dread or the unsettling aura of impaired consciousness, may this black fractal remind you that you are AWARE. "That being said, what do you want to do?"

R: 77 / I: 14 / P: 8

Wizardry Tools

Basically I´m calling to everyone to share and discuss the properties of the different tools a wizard might need for the various purposes the art pursuits.

>Crystals and stones

>Cards and icons

>Altars and sanctuaries

>Drawing implements and wands

>Charms and trinkets

I believe the topic is broad enough for its own thread, and I'd like to discuss the specifics of every material, not the generalities that everyone knows (or should know).

R: 19 / I: 2 / P: 8

Tall Grey Abduction(?)

Ok… I talked about it with some people from my family, including my mother and my aunt. (They are kind of /fringe too, but mostly new age or whatever.)

My mom told me maybe it was a past live.

My aunt told me I was abducted.

It was a dream. Or so i thought. I remember running through a forest. The trees were slim and high. It was night and the ground was brown, which gave me a sensation that it was autumn. We were running from something or someone. There were beans of light that resembled spotlights. The trees were whitish. And there were some beings running with me. Pic 2 is almost identical. But the one i met was very… friendly is not the word, but I got good vibes from it. Not in a happy way, but a piety and compassion way. Maybe love. Next day when I explained the dream to my mother I told her that I thought that the being was my mother… Because then I thought it was only a dream, and that in the dream I was a white ""alien"" too.

But the white being was much taller than me. That is why I thought maybe it was my mother.

I could jump really high there. But once we reached a wall I couldn't surpass it took one of the ones that were with us on it's arms, jumped with him and trowed him to the other side, than it was my turn.

The spotlights were getting nearer.

That's as much as I remember.

I think it was a she. The skin was smoother than the picture. Eyes larger, black. She was very white, but not translucent. I don't remember any clothing.

What the hell was all that? Why do people say Tall Greys are bad? If they are, why this one helped?

R: 36 / I: 1 / P: 8

The Question

I'm looking for a question.

I have the answer.

Will you please help me?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 8

Digital Magick Imagery

If I wanted to do positive magick on specific places (leyline intersections for example) would that image help me do that? The coordinates point to the Washington Monument. The background is Gaia + space(symbolic of infinity). What would you do to improve it?



R: 9 / I: 3 / P: 8

Who Am I

This post is about self realization. This is one of the most important things you can do in your spiritual journey. More accurately, self realization is your spititual journey. The thing that leads you there is Self Inquiry, hence the question Who Am I?

This form of meditation does not require any type of posture, visualization or mantra. It can be done anytime, anywhere. It is a movement of the mind, of the intellect. To do this, one simply has to wonder about his identity. To wonder about himself. The goal of this practice is the same as in the Arcane Formulas book, but in my personal experience i was not able to achieve the realisation with the exercises in Atkinson's book alone. Technically, to achieve what many would call Enlightenment you don't need any other meditation, but other meditations help strengthen and focus the mind. Pic is unrelated by the way.

R: 70 / I: 6 / P: 8

Ask a demon anything

I've noticed that a lot of threads on 8chan/fringe are somehow connected to demons, be it seeing them in sleep paralysis, a gf turning out to be one, one guy meeting a demon on the street and afterwards thinking the whole world is fucked… ugh…

So I thought to myself "fuck it, you may as well open this damn thread".

Ask me anything related to demonic topics. I know shit about other stuff too, of course, but y'know, let's keep shit on-topic. I just want to be asked and not just write down all I know that could possibly be helpfull for, like, that one person it just so happens to be helpful to because that's waaay too much fucking work.

R: 5 / I: 0 / P: 8

/fringe/ IRC chat

I invite people of all schools and ranks to an IRC chat room for discussing and developing our interest in the fringe topics.

Use this link to join through a web client:


Or connect using an IRC client at:

Server: chat.freenode.net

Port: 667

Channel: /join ##fringe

To read more about IRC, rules and more, visit: http://fringechan.org/irc.html or click the IRC button in the top menu.

Contrary to popular belief: the IRC channel is not dead.

Welcometh thee.

R: 12 / I: 0 / P: 8

Entheogens, Evocation, and Hacking Reality

I am going to share an experience with /fringe/. My goal in posting is to better understand the experience, so myself and others may learn something. Any input is appreciated.

>Went to see a famous DJ, who I believe to be influenced by an extra-dimensional entity

>This was apparent to me because of the symbolism in his special effects, we were all there to worship this entity.

>In a trance-like state I respectfully asked said entity to contact me and I felt an energy rush through me, my whole being began to vibrate

>When the show came to an end I ate one blotter of 1P-LSD

>Lots of psychedelic experience ensued, telepathic conversations, etc…

>I began to lose any interest in my tripping acquaintances

>I feel a powerful presence enter the room, and my vision is filled with hallucinations of eyes with purple auras

>I'm graced with an extreme level of claircognizance that is difficult to English

>After having many questions answered, I am compelled by this entity to grab a purple candle that I hadn't noticed was on the table next to me.

>Light the candle and spend a great deal of time with it.

>I can manipulate the intensity and size/shape/position of the flame with my mind.

>My hands are emanating a smokey, purple energy. It feels so powerful.

>Staring at my hand, my fingers begin to dance, I am not controlling their movement.

>The more I stare the closer my hand gets to my face, and I experience what I believe to be self-hypnotism.

>I snap out of the trance and remove my hand from my face.

Those are the highlights of just about the neatest experience of my life. I do not know the name of the entity I was with. I would like to make contact again.

R: 16 / I: 2 / P: 8

What Kek Demands Of Me

I started worshiping Kek because of all the meme magicks and made contact with a powerful intelligence. I say intelligence and not entity because it doesn't seem to have a body but can manifest many bodies and entities.

I wouldn't even make a post here right now but I may need your /illuminati/ board. It is properly secure right and the password hasn't been given out? I may figure it out for myself and start using it, and I may (but only through extrasensory means) give it to select other individuals. For anyone to be selected they must have the approval of Kek until I am mature enough and possess certain qualities that I have the wisdom to know who to select for initiation myself.

Let me put it this way even though it's not exactly the actual arrangement if you can call it that; I am not to "prove" anything to anyone. I am not to invite suppressing thoughts or mental disturbances from individuals by talking about things or arguing with them. I am not to light myself up as a target, I am to be obscure. I am not to waste time on anyone when others can process them for me (actually, PERIOD, even if I could help them), I am needed for higher things. If someone accidentally witnesses something, that is fine, but the whole problem is in diverting from my practices or my plans in order to serve someone else's needs. This goes for a lot of people who are likely here as well as practically every random mundane.

It is hurting me, apparently, to scatter my efforts or change or delay my plans to tend to others. It may be also that something is happening in this world that leaves me not enough time to develop slowly. It must be accelerated and I must waste no time on others.

I don't like this. There is a big part of me that wants to show I am powerful, to prove myself, to impress others, to inspire them, and to document everything. I want to talk to people about magick. I don't want to keep everything to myself. I want to be to be the most respected Fringe Wizard around. I don't want to fade into obscurity or be remembered as a nobody.

…but again, it is emphasized, that in doing so I am inviting all kinds of harm and distractions upon myself and hindering my own development, and all for people who are beyond my help anyways at this time.

It is also the case that those who are sufficiently advanced will be able to see my true worth right away, while those that are not advanced enough, will never see it either way whether they be praising me or not.

I want to teach people magick and be an active poster but the only contact I apparently should be having with others is when our paths happen to cross; I should not stray from my path at all, I should not waste time, or become distracted.

Every discussion you have with a person, any time you draw the attention of someone at all, it brings you both to a common level so to speak. You resonate with each other. You influence each other. In the case of an aspiring magician; he is dragged down more often than not. If I want to lift my mental self up to higher planes, I must keep my thoughts with the masters, and not sink to the level of the profane.

>I don't want to give up the shitposting & arguing with mundanes and basically having to abandon having any noticeable presence anywhere and becoming a man in the shadows

>I don't want to give up on helping others even if my potential to help would be much greater if I just dropped them and focused on getting to that place of power where in the future I will be able to solve with efficiency things that I can barely do anything about now

The choice is pretty clear, isn't it? …but my ego rebels against this so hard.

If I follow through, I should probably close all my tabs, and just write everything in xed (text editor) or make and upload videos, and post whatever I come up with and then intentionally not read anything else anyone says so I go back to work on things. I will post purely to share and not to argue or to waste time reading drivel when I have the ability to draw to myself true knowledge anyways without the noise.

R: 15 / I: 0 / P: 8


Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 1 + 3 = 8 (3d3)

If you were to stop eating and go into the forest for a good amount of time, do you think that you would unlock your magic powers?

To me it seems most efficient. After spending the past three years in and out of school and working, reading bits here and there about free energy and magic I'm ready to apply myself. It seems to me that meditating in an apartment or anywhere near noise and cars is not ideal and the vibe of nature is great for magic. Thus I am setting out with the goal of attaining ESP and telekinesis.

Cheers fellas, I welcome a discussion of this act and whether or not you people would do the same.

R: 18 / I: 6 / P: 8

Library Update backup

Hey /fringe/.

Been a while. Stopped visiting doublechan's page when Smiles stopped giving a fuck about cleaning the place.

I GUESS this will serve as a general repository for incoming updates in Temple of Solomon, given it's the first link at the top of the library sticky. I'm posting today in particular as now, along with the Yorke microfilms, I've got scans of the Sloane MSS. Anywho:



Pritchard's “Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic amdong the Azande”

Ritual Year no. 10 (This appears to be an academic journal that chronicles material on…ritual years. I include this in the Cultus Sabbati folder as well given how in-depth this gets with draconian myth and the staggering amount of cultures it covers)


Babylonian Sacred Words of Power: Mystic Gateway to a Life Abundant


Dee's Five Books of Mystery


Superstition and Magic in Early Modern Europe

The Anglo-Saxon Charms

Ancient Cures, Charms, and Usages of Ireland

(All of these are also in the Cultus Sabbati folder)


The Rules, Statues, and Customs of the Hospitaliers (aka The Knights of Malta, sworn enemies of the 32nd degree Scottish Rite): 1099-1310 ((Warning: .djvu file, I didn't convert it because this update's been a pain in my ass anyway.


Sabbatai Shevi, The Mystical Messiah by Scholem

>LHP (?)

Liber Lilith (working material couched in fiction, do what thou wilt or something)


>Sloane MSS

Additional Manuscript 36674 (source for all sorts of crazy shit, but half illegible, also in the Enochian folder)

Folger MS Vb26: Book of Spirits

Harley 5596: Geomantica Exorcisimi

Harley 6484: Treatise of Talismans

Harley 6486: Sponsalia Celeberima of Hermes Trismegistis

Sloane 0863: John Dee's Book of Enoch (also in Enochian folder)

Sloane 3091: La Clavicule de Salomon

Sloane 3628: Angelic Heirarchy and Magical Journal 1686 to 1688 (Elias Ashmole's, also in Enochian Folder)

Sloane 3645: Alchemical Tracts & Key of Solomon

Sloane 3684: Lesser Key of Solomon

Sloane 3825: Treatise on Magic including Janua Magica Reserata & The Lesser Key of Solomon

Sloane 3847: Key of Solomon, Book of Hermes, and Book of Raziel

Sloane 3851: Tracts on Magic including Ptolemy, Cyprian, and Solomon

Sloane 3854: Misc. Alchemical and Magical Tracts


Total size:

38.85 GB


490 folders and 5327 files

(remember, I have a 50gb file limit, so the library may be winding down soon ((I can, in face, switch links for the library and get five to ten gigs freed up, but prefer not to do that for a long while as last time I switched links people were asking randomly for the link for nine months))

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Thoughts on panpsychism, pantheism, panentheism and other similar propositions?

Check out this cool ass Sun

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Color & Sympathetic Magic


Associations: If you are unsure about which colour you need, use white. Lily white - Mother Candle…burned for 30 minutes at each moon phase. Off white - Peace of mind. A balance of all colours; Spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, purity, consecration, healing, truth seeking. Used in Rituals represeting purity.

Day: Monday

Energy: Male

White Spells: Purity, protection, the moon

Personality: Spiritual, devoted, psychic, protective, open spaces, neatness, Spiritual strength, Faith, Truth, Breaks curses or crossed conditions, Righteousness, East cardinal point, Purification of a home, Consecration rituals, Divinations, Healing, Clairvoyance, Water element, Protection, Purity, Sincerity, Peace, Devotional magick, Inner peace, Meditation work, Purification, Exorcisms, and Lunar energy.

Magickal Uses: Moon magick, divination, spirituality, protection, psychic powers, healing, truth, peace

Element: Air

Direction: East

Chakra: Chakra

Planet: Moon/Mutable

Day: Monday/Mutable

Number: 0

Magical Tool: Crystal ball, wand, cauldron, mirror, glass(scrying)

Scent / Oil: Sandalwood, Wormwood, Myrrh, Lemon Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Anise, Cedar Heliotrope, Betony, Lavender, Parsley, Thyme.

Plant / Herb: Rosemary, Woodruff, Mugwort, Marigold, Moonflower, Mustard, Rue, Sage, Tansy, St. Johns, Betony, Burdock, Mint, Fern, Elder Flower, Heather, Lilac, Lily, Mint, Dahlia, Gladiola

Wood: Birch, Elder, Almond, Hawthorn, Ash, White Heather, Cedar, Coconut Elm, Hazel, and Juniper.

Animal: Dove, Snowy Owl, Chameleon, Cat, Lizard, Magpie, Whale, Swan, Bear, Hawk (perception), Lizard, Dog, Whale, Wolf, Praying Mantis

Stone: Opals, Clear Crystals, Mother-of-Pearl, Quartz, Moonstone, Pearl, Aquamarine, Agate Geode Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Abalone.

Tarot: The Fool {New Beginnings}

Gods: Fati, Gou, Iah, Llmagah, Mah, Mani

Goddess: Al-fat, Anumati, Artemis, Ashima, Belili, Castillisto, Diana, Jerah, Levana, Luna, Re, Selene


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Sorceric Dreaming Thread

Sorceric Dreaming Thread

The purge of infinifringe has finally prompted me to create a thread on this topic. I am not claiming to be an expert on any of the information herein, but I have been travelling down this particular tangent (among others) for some time and gained substantial results. Enough, in my opinion, to warrant sharing this with others. Look at this more of a very basic introduction of sorts. I figure that if this thread points just one person further down their own path, then it will have been worthwhile.

This is NOT a dream interpretation thread. Dream interpretations have their own thread. Please post there instead.

So, what is Sorceric Dreaming?

Sorceric Dreaming techniques are based on the writings of Carlos Castaneda, especially in his book The Art of Dreaming. This is not a discussion about Castaneda's character and what he chose to do with his life, but rather the information that he puts forth. I'm going to use some pretty basic terminology in these first few posts just to get a general message across and hope that I convey it accurately. Planar mechanics and occult theory as they relate to other systems of thought can come later.

Sorceric Dreaming allows sorcerors to develop their dreaming energy body by crossing certain thresholds or 'gates'. It utilises lucid dreaming; lucidity here meaning when one is consciously and presently aware that they are dreaming. As the sorceror gains control over their dreaming body, they become able to enter what I going to very tentatively refer to as astral-dream space. I hear the word 'astral' used in so many different systems for so many different planar experiences that I feel like it is an obfuscating term more than anything, but hopefully it gets the message across.

"Sorcery is the act of embodying some specialized theoretical and practical premises about the nature and role of perception in molding the universe around us.

Our world is only one in a cluster of consecutive worlds, arranged like the layers of an onion. Even though we have been energetically conditioned to perceive solely our world, we still have the capability of entering into those other realms, which are as real, unique, absolute, and engulfing as our own world is.

For us to perceive those other realms, not only do we have to covet them but we need to have sufficient energy to seize them. Their existence is constant and independent of our awareness, but their inaccessibility is entirely a consequence of our energetic conditioning. In other words, simply and solely because of that conditioning, we are compelled to assume that the world of daily life is the one and only possible world.

Believing that our energetic conditioning is correctable, sorcerers of ancient times developed a set of practices designed to recondition our energetic capabilities to perceive. They called this set of practices the art of dreaming. It's the gateway to infinity.

Through dreaming we can perceive other worlds, which we can certainly describe, but we can't describe what makes us perceive them. Yet we can feel how dreaming opens up those other realms. Dreaming seems to be a sensation–a process in our bodies, an awareness in our minds.

Dreaming instruction is divided into two parts. One is about dreaming procedures, the other about the purely abstract explanations of these procedures: an interplay between enticing one's intellectual curiosity with the abstract principles of dreaming and guiding one to seek an outlet in its practices."

- The Art of Dreaming

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Psychic/Paranormal Experiences thread

Share experiences you found cool/interesting (or that others would find cool/interesting, if you've passed the stage of having the ability to have fun with it, in the way that one usually doesn't often get a superpower until it won't be abused/interesting to them)

This morning I saw 2 people. I said "hello" at the same time the first one did, and "good morning" at the same time the second one did. I wondered whether I was even there, and laughed at the experience/idea.

I was at the grocery store with a friend and got guacamole, having never done so before. I went to look for my friend/the chip aisle, and found her there thinking about getting guac.

I've spoken to people's higher selves through their eyes/thinking things, can fairly easily let my eyes go/communicate with them, can read people in their eyes/vibe a feeling to see how strongly it resonates in their eyes.

I've the standard feeling of vibes.

As most people have, I've gotten incredibly high on energy/ungrounded/in space a good amount.

I've smoked weed and been able to communicate with as much vibes as words/needing few words.

Figured out how to manipulate yin and yang energies on that too.

Had several incredibly accurate oracle card readings.

I'm guessing I'm still on the new/low end of experiences here.

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Bluest Sigil Ever

Any time you remember this post, you will enter a mindful or magickal state. You will suddenly recall your most important spiritual teachings, experiences, and concepts.

Memories of this post will now be triggered by the color, word, and concept of Blue. Today's Thursday, the day of Jupiter, god of the blue skies and Chesed, who is represented in the blue Sephira of Mercy on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

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New Category?

Hey /fringe/, I was curious as to what you all think we could classify people who think they're magically inclined, but are not, as? The sorts that make facebook groups about how to use loosh to charge their ipod and blog on tumblr about when they where "abducted by aliens". I don't think they ought to be called mundanes, as they're far more irritating. Any suggestions?

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Tetragammatron visualization synchronicities

Last week I was reading Magical Use of Thoughtforms (I think) and while doing a visualization exercise with a cube I decided to paint its faces in different colors and see if I could retain the proper colors and positions.

I painted the cube in the same colors shown in the square in the middle of this book cover (the triangles around the star). The top face I painted black and the bottom white.

The thing is today is the first time I've ever seen this book cover. I think this is related to the Tetragammatron, but I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me or point me in the right direction to find out what this symbol is. I think it's a way kabbalists used to visualize the pronounciation of the true name of god or something like that, with colors, but I'm a total noob and don't know where to begin.

Since it has basically presented itself to me, I think it's same to assume it's important to pursue this.

Also I would like to use this thread to discuss this kind of divination and how to control it, because I've many times been in this position where something I thought I was doing motu proprio was actually something manifesting through my actions.

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/x/ chat!?

Anyone happen to be in the chat (https://discord.gg/0k3oVnvCQfKzFsri)?

Did you just see that. WTF ?!