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File: 1453763245919.jpg (799.96 KB, 774x1000, 387:500, The Wish.jpg)

 No.7[Last 50 Posts]

This is the primary thread for readings.


Announce that you're doing readings, being sure to include what you need and how many you'll read.


Query diviners according to their specifications. Take a moment to make sure the given reader is still reading before requesting a reading. Air-queries are discouraged here; take those over to the Practice thread.

If you're new, please read The Sticky first


File: 1453825756004.jpg (14.99 KB, 236x393, 236:393, a8112812dfc2ce026d84cbaa73….jpg)

Doing some readings

Anyone interested I will need




>A word that describes how you feel right now

Hope I can help!





In regard to health, what steps will lead me to clarity and purity?






Will I get that job I recently applied for? If not, any new jobs in store for me?


Thank you.


File: 1453911389147.png (89.57 KB, 278x278, 1:1, panic.png)



Sorry for the late reply, are you guys still around?



Im here, thank you!




Indeed, thanks





May I have a general reading on my future, please?



File: 1453940550783.jpg (78.88 KB, 350x600, 7:12, cups05.jpg)


First of all i have to say that Tarot is not too great for Yes/No readings, i can try but take it with a grain of salt.


>Six of Swords

>Nine of Pentacles


>Page of Pentacles (R)

>Page of Wands (R)

>Five of Cups

Most likely you wont altough the result is not cenrtain (kind of a so-so)

That said the results are not that bad. It seems that lack of foccus and inspiration/bravery might be the main issue here. Like if you just do things out of necesity/obligation more than you actually want to.

You will get a job (ofcurse) and this job will pay good.... there is a chance that it might be the job you already apply for but again its not likely.

This new job is likely to be far from where you currently live, or be related to water in some form (Exportation/Importation, cargo, fishery ect)

Again take what i say with a grain of salt.

Hope it helped


File: 1453941507487.jpg (44.71 KB, 294x500, 147:250, p o w.jpg)


>Two of Cups (R)

>Eight of Pentacles (R)

>Ten of Pentacles (R)

Interesting reading indeed. Are you already having health problems? are they related to weight in some manner? constipation or urinary problems? not sure tough.

Anyway, this reading could mean two things. The first one that comes to mind is to leave your house more often, and make your work more consistence.

For example, starting a routine like exercises, diet, meditation ecetera. The main idea is consistent work. A warning here is to make this work useful, dont go for something unorthodox or unpractical

Alternative it might actually advice rest over all... ill pull one more card to get a clearer picture.

>Knight of Wands

Yeah start moving friend. Maybe even take a trip to a new place or do something that could motivate you.

Hope it helped





what will my role be in the inevitable revolution?

I'm feeling ok


File: 1453944307960.gif (467.34 KB, 500x280, 25:14, Chavez.gif)


Where are you from...Is this revolution literal? are you from a South American country? Venezuela? Just Curious.

However, knowing this will make my reading more accurate.



it's more of a social one possibly going to escalate into a civil war lets just leave it there.

don't want to sound too much like a nut





File: 1453946153327.png (417.94 KB, 295x539, 295:539, king-cups-universal.png)


Hmm this is interesting to say the least. When i asked about Venezuela was because of a card (King of Cups) I pulled before asking what the Revolution meant.

In this new reading i get it again.

>King of Cups

>The Devil


>Queen of Cups

As you can see quite a powerful spread. Even fascinating

>King and Queen of Cups

>Three Crowns (Death)

>Three Water Cards

Well, people of authority is relevant, indicated by the two-times King of Cups.

Temptation or evil is going to be the opposing factor, the advice is related to transformation... hmm death.

this might mean that what is over is over, dont exagerate, or take rushed desitions. Think before you speak. Remember that it will be a time for change.

The outcome might show you being manipulated by another person or your own emotions... probably a Cancer but i am not sure.

The outcome might change, but it seems hard

sorry for being to vague, it is a vague query.

Hope it helped anyways.

Note: The King of Cups might also be speaking of a person of Sign Scorpio. Not sure tough.






I guess I got skipped? Or was it a problem with my query being too vague?



Thanks. I am a tiny bit underweight and trying to gain weight. I also have digestive and inflammatory issues. I appreciate the reading, it gave me some insight on what i need to do.




I could feel the anxiety of this, or it filtered through my own.

My best friend of both genders is a cancer. (:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Deck.

The Stay Optimistic card fell out when I wasn't concentrating on you much perse, but the feeling I had that you helped trigger, along with my wandering thoughts/energies.

I laid out the angel deck intuitively and it seems the spiritual support you could use is a spirit animal, and you need to honor your beauty by changing the negative thoughts within, forgiving yourself for whatever you did or think you might have done.

On a high level, we are "controlled" by energies, vibes, and it's hard not to react to them unless it is practiced. Think outside "the box" of fear/programming in difficult situations.

The Mermaid deck seems to say you are in the process? of setting your sights higher (card fell out sideways)

The way to do so is to be optimistic,

(try breathing with full embracing of life energy. Feeling alive, meditating on that with full breaths)

Forgive yourself (blocked/reversed?),

and see the signs that appear.

I've got an Energy Cards deck which is supposed to show the energies you are in/attracting, an Ascended Masters Deck, and a Chakra Wisdom deck.

Let me know if you'd like cards/interpretations from those.

Feedback welcome.

I just realised I did an air query not in the practice thread.


File: 1454014721951.jpg (3.22 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20160128_141113.jpg)


forgot to add pics. gonna make an imgur link for them


It's a bit out of order (:




If this is still going



What does my current university project have in store for me?






You read for someone for whom I care deeply. Ask me for any reading you wish, and I will do my absolutely best to give you the VIP treatment, as best I can.




I'm glad that I could do that.

you already gave me a reading here


and really, the only thing in my life that I'd want a reading on is an update on the same thing/romance, haha. and I'm pretty sure the answer is "grow up, try hard to be who you should be [and have been avoiding being], and things will work out. Probably even with the person you'd like them to work out with" My heart is significantly less sore/numb, and my courage is building.

I feel everything else is pretty in order or I have so much to do regarding them that it would either be too unclear or I know too much to do already, so I do not necessarily need the reading.



I apologize for taking so long to give feedback, I've been unwell and asleep for most of the past day. The reading seems rather positive, so that has cheered me up somewhat!

>I laid out the angel deck intuitively and it seems the spiritual support you could use is a spirit animal, and you need to honor your beauty by changing the negative thoughts within, forgiving yourself for whatever you did or think you might have done.

I'm excited to have positive prospects, and the "honor your beauty" part hit a bit too close to home - my absurd vanity has been a delicate issue recently.

I guess I have some clue about what I should be forgiving too, but that's a long process. I'm not sure what can I do to speed this up, as it needs some healing to happen first.

Despite the explanations you added, I'm not entirely sure what to make of the spirit animal. Is there are way to identify mine? If the deck is correct about them belonging to me, there are still many possibilities as I'm really fond of animals and have always had multiple pets at once.

>I've got an Energy Cards deck which is supposed to show the energies you are in/attracting, an Ascended Masters Deck, and a Chakra Wisdom deck.

I'm not exactly familiar with any of these, but I'd be very interested if think any of them might be particularly helpful.

Thank you very much for the reading!






are things really as bad as they appear between me and my family, and me and my friend L? if so what guidance is there for me





Does she have feelings for me or is she just playing games?



File: 1454183786395.gif (871.46 KB, 500x184, 125:46, tumblr_nacpahuosk1tc5rhzo1….gif)

Anyone interested in a reading?

Ill need the usual.




>A word that describes how you feel right now

Hope i can help!


File: 1454183965010.jpg (27.73 KB, 240x409, 240:409, five-of-cups 2.jpg)



Whoops didn't noticed you two.

Alright, ill give you guys a reading but ill need you to reply this post (to know if you are still active, i dont like answering querys if the querent is not going to read them)

Hope i can help.



I would think they are, or at least the female, since someone(probably she) posted on 8chan/div asking about L.

But that's just based on my general anticipation of getting a reading (:


No need to apologise. (:

For a spirit animal, I'm not sure... I found out 2 that work for me because of a friend's oracle deck. (fish-eagle [I dunno what this is supposed to be; it's like a mix of a fish and an eagle? but it showed up in a dream where I saw something that was happening when I was asleep] and Baboon [which represented primal sexuality that I still don't fully express])

You could try this


or I have no idea what else to use aside from intuition/"what does this animal represent to me" kind of thing or meditations to contact spirit guide (which I haven't put the time into).

I'll be back on Monday evening with the other decks, I left them at another castle.




>But that's just based on my general anticipation of getting a reading (:

You are waiting for a reading? is it mine or from another reader?



oh, nah, I just mean when I ask for one I tend to get excited/anticipatory for it, so I assume that other people would be too, and especially the woman who asked.

You already gave me one here~


though I wondered how other people could be involved in it. I do know a couple interpretations for that though; she has attachments to others, and I got a reading where someone said community would be important for us.

I wouldn't mind another reading about it from anyone, but I don't know that it would be a lot different. I am in an entirely different emotional state, but I have only begun to take the steps I need to take. I am confident in my getting there though; my heart grows strong again.

I do wonder a little if this is all worth the effort (rather than starting anew), but I think my heart says it is.

The main reason I had gotten this far is readings that indicated we'd end up together and have the potential to be/are twin flames

(a reader told me that twins can be anyone who is capable and chooses to be, because flames are formless. He also said we are that, though, after leading me through a meditation where I let her go/let us be supported by spirit instead of each other. I thought at first that it might have been a test but I can see how "anyone can be a twin" is a possibility)

I think she was as afraid of us being together as I was of becoming who my soul needs me to be. and resistant of all the signs because she desires freedom/has been caged before.



oh & I got a temporal here http://fringechan.org/div/res/8.html#q94

which confused me bc we will probably be physically apart, but I'm not completely closed to the idea of finding someone else.

My heart is not completely open to that, and my mind... has come around to not wanting to pursue anything too much.

I asked "when I'll meet the person I want to meet" but I meant a lover/soulmate rather than that specific one, because we both weren't being real to ourselves and each other. I think we would be now, but I'm sure our egos are both bruised, and she usually holds grudges for significantly slighter arguments than the one we had. I've let most of it go inside of me, but it's still a little hard to accept the depth of my feelings for her. I imagine it's even harder for her. She didn't open up with the same naivete I did, and didn't let go of her past to the same degree, but I drew her out with that and strength within it, and then we gave each other reasons to close up again, and I blame my fear/inexperience more than anything, 'cause that's the most controllable part for me.

*end diary*



Yeah i am around >>100 is me


no wasn't me on 8chan/div



oh. Interesting. The query there was from a female who asked "What does L thinks/feel about me?"



I'm also still around. Mine was >>106





What can be done to communicate directly with God?



Taking two or three more readings. Query and relevant genders, please.


In that case, feel free to hit me up for a reading any time in the future.



Could you give me a reading? This was my query >>106.




Situation: 10 of Cups

You: Wheel of Fortune, The Fool, The Hierophant

Her: King of Cups, Queen of Cups (reversed), The Emperor

No wonder you're confused! Well, it looks like she's into you but, in a sense, it's in a way that confuses her too. You see, it seems that she might be falling a bit too quickly, and she's putting up fronts in order to keep herself from believing. She's being a bit cold to you, right? Perhaps a bit hot at times, but those come too rarely to call them too clearly. I gather she may have been burned somewhat recently, and she may be playing games as her method of coping, it seems. Now, friend, I speak from experience, not from this reading, but I've known a damsel who played games to hide her strong feelings, and it caused much to go awry in our dealings.

Back to the cards, though, let's talk about you now, bro. I see that the thoughts regarding her are racing in your head, and you're second-guessing a few things, I bet. Are you perhaps over-analyzing her behavior a bit? I see that your heart is ready for love, but your head is a mess. Now, if I can speak a bit frankly, it seems to me that you're overreacting a bit too much, and unnecessarily. Careful with how seriously you take the whole game-playing thing, for it might not be as malicious as you think it to be.

Or maybe I'm projecting ^_^,

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it as much as you currently do, and you should take care to take a deep breath or two before you react to the games that she plays; it's not out of malice, or so these cards say. You're scared, right lad? Well, a bit scared as well is this lass. Now, I feel some kinship with you at this time, so I'll pull one more card to offer you some advice:

10 of Wands

Literally, just keep it together. Keep it together, and you'll see things turn out for the better...or at least they will if they fates favor you.

I hope I've read true and been of some help to you.



Male, Virgo

What are her feelings for me? Is she interested in a relationship with me?



Thanks, bro. You've helped me a lot and answered more questions than I asked.

Would you mind if I ask you another question?



Me: Female Friend: Female

My friend who i also have feelings for has been acting really weird with me, at times seeming like she has feelings for me as well.. Until more recently she's been avoiding me and acting really scared to even talk to me, so what's going on here and is she leading me on, or is something else going on here?


File: 1454352144269.jpg (102.44 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 11960202_959584770769249_7….jpg)

Hey guys, glad to see fringechan is back, 8chans board was getting too cancerous.

I'm here to do some readings with my toth deck. Just leave your request here and I'll get to them as soon as I have the time.

Just give me:

A name (can be anything, I don't give a fuck)

A picture of your choice

Just a warning though, I'm not used to do readings in this way, so take everything I say with a drop of salt. And please tell me if the reading is wrong.



Same here, could you give me a reading Gallinskald? My query was this post:



File: 1454362278801.jpg (201.96 KB, 500x599, 500:599, zaszaszazas.jpg)


I would be happy to be the first one.

Here, have a name: Mush

Thanks in advance!


File: 1454365649428.jpg (406.09 KB, 1024x1212, 256:303, 162634_1116521829.jpg)



How will my pursuit of J go? Will I find love with her or should I look somewhere else?



File: 1454366076614.jpg (143.91 KB, 709x1200, 709:1200, QueenCupsLarge.jpg)



I have been practicing divination/Tarot for some time by now but i feel i am getting worse instead of better.

Is this true? how can i solve this issue? Thanks in advnace



Situation: Death

You: 4 of Swords, Ace of Pentacles, 9 of Wands

Her: King of Wands, Judgement (reversed), The Chariot (reversed)

A bit apprehensive, lad? I can't say I blame you too much, man. Now, it's not entirely clear whether or not she wants a relationship, but it seems like you do. However, your mind doesn't seem as convinced as your heart seems to. Ah, you've known someone like her before, right? You might be telling yourself that you won't make the same mistake twice.

Well, friend, it looks like you're right, and I'm sorry to report that she likely has another man on her mind. And the reason you can't tell whether or not she wants a relationship is that she can't seem, herself, to decide. Ordinarily I look for disconnects between emotions and acts they project, but the two seem to be in line: due to poor judgment, she's acting recklessly at this time.

Decisions, decisions...well, lack of precision in pinning down her feelings for you are causing those actions that leave you confused. Why? She's confused, and she doesn't seem to know what the hell she wants, dude. And, right now, it seems to her best to behoove if she plays things for now a bit loose.

A card for advice for you:

The Magician reversed

Don't waste too much energy on this one, dude. She may have a few features that keep you up late at night, but putting all your eggs into trying to have her basket to yourself doesn't seem like good advice.

I hope I've read true and been of some help to you.


Great, glad to help. Feel free to ask me another if you like; I'll get to it when I have time.


You're next, after I get something to eat.


I can give it a shot if you like, but our notions of god are so vastly different that I can't guarantee any accuracy at all; but I can try if you'd like me to.



Ok man, you did not give me a question so I just threw 4 cards.

2 detail the present situation, those are the 5 of cups and prince of disks. I'm guessing you're pursuing something quite violently right now, I can also see that you should stop since your demand will only end in disappointment.

the 2 other cards deal with what you should do, these are Death and the Knight of disks.

Clear as can be, You need to change, and you need to find something to defend right now.

Hope it made sense



Ok man, I took out 4 cards.

First 2 tell what happens if you go after this J.

These are the 9 of swords and the universe.

I don't think you should keep on man, all I see is you passing through some really nasty sort of pain, the kind you never encountered before.

Meanwhile, the other 2 cards tell what happens if you give up on your quest.

These are the Queen of Disks and Art.

Queen of Disks sould represent another girl that will surely come, Art represents, well, Art, the practice of joining two things to make something bigger than the sum of its parts, creative activity. You probably get to make some really neat things if you follow this course.



Ok man, 4 cards for you:

First 2 decree present situation:

10 and 5 of swords, by this I can see that your problems are purely mental, stop tripping with yourself dude.

Then you have another two cards, advice:

Here came out the 9 of swords and the Universe. I see you still have some hard times ahead man. You're gonna have to get tough and endure, as well as getting out of your own comfort zone to get rollin' again. Try doing readings for more people or something.



alright, I'm back (from outer space)

here are the cards from the other reading, for more detail/for you to find your own path in these.


Center (R) Open Your Heart To Love

Let It Go

See the other person's point of view

Work Your Magic

Center Balance



(drew another as an afterthought)


I drew a spread on Ascended Masters and chakra decks the other day, and I kept the AM one and redid the chakra one. I recall balance was in the other spread as well, and renewal might have been.

My intuition/logic says...

that you gave too much, maybe feel taken advantage of.

You've closed your heart so it won't be hurt again, because you opened vulnerable parts of yourself that haven't been loved strongly enough to be secure in you/free of the negative effects of another

You have to let go of what was, attempt to see why they did what they did, perhaps, and love the part of you that feels hurt. In a way the parts of us that are the most loving/powerful are the most vulnerable also. We need to take the time to love and respect their choices, however foolish they were, and decide how to take a middle ground between the old actions we took, and the opposite. It is hard to be reasonable when emotions are involved.

Again, the instinct card says to find the inner guidance.

The Forgiveness card bit says we don't forgive others, we forgive ourselves for judging them.

In doing these things, you will find your Renewal.

I don't feel like doing an energy deck pull right now, but I'll do 1-4 tomorrow (:



Situation: Ace of Wands (reversed)

You: King of Cups (reversed), 7 of Wands, 4 of Wands

Her: 8 of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles (reversed), Page of Cups

Advice: The Hanged Man (reversed)

Girl, this is so hilariously straightforward that I'm going to keep it really short: she likes you, but she feels intimidated by you, and she's just now gathered the courage to test the waters to see if you like her too.

Let's be honest for a moment: you've sent some mixed signals to her, and it may just be that you might have been a bit scared too, but that has caused some nervousness in her to ensue. Just when you were thinking of giving up your pursuit, you accidentally did something that caused her to consider going after you. I get the sense that you've been into this chick for some time, but that distance she kept has caused you to pull back, as you thought not a good outcome nigh. I would ask you why, but we've all done it at least once or twice.

As far as advice, you should examine your outer behavior towards her in the past, and see if you can thereby draw your future actions a better map. Sit back and obsess over those conversations you've had in previous days (like I have to tell you; I know you'll do it anyway) and check all those mixed signals you sent her way.

If you do this right and correct all errors you find, there's likely something good you'll find. She's looking to strategize, and you should let her do her thing now; your cooperation (for gods' sakes, cooperate) should likely be enow.

I hope I've read true; best of luck to both of you.


156 get because I like the song



Energy card portion.

Energy card deck is such that the upside down ones are either reversed, or a stronger version of right side up.

I flipped the 2 upside down when I turned them over for no particular reason. Maybe I was supposed to.

As usual, center is something that is pivitol (maybe), sideways can be either or both or inbetween.



You know...

The "how does x feel about me" readings makes me want one of those.


I'm a little scared of the answer but I feel like facing my fears is something I need to do to advance.



Right, info would help.I'm a male gemini, she's a cancer.



Based of what you said, should I give it some more time or should I take my chance before it might be gone?

(I'm the guy from >>142 btw)



Sure, why not! :)



You / Her: 10 of Cups (reversed) / Queen of Wands (reversed)

Union Significator / What She Wants From You: 8 of Wands (reversed) / Knight of Swords (reversed)

What She Likes About You / How to Exploit It: Page of Cups (reversed) / The Empress

What She Doesn't Like About You / How to Overcome It: Knight of Cups (reversed) / King of Cups

Projected Outcome: The Chariot

>all those cups

Wewlad, you certainly are emotional, alright. Well, that's not the worst thing, but it seems to me that you've been bitten by love much harder than this qt.

Not to worry, she might still come around, but let's on her first a bit expound. Now, it seems to me that you're running out of energy, and for good reason, I think, for she gives little indication of seeing you romantically. Well, sorry to say, but she doesn't feel the same way, and she might see you as more of a friend, it might seem. Hmm...she's not using you for anything, is she? Careful with that, actually, for her intentions don't look too honest too me, and she might have penchant for attention-wh...seeking.

Now, friend, this is where it gets strange: for the same thing that might make you rage can actually set the stage. I'm sorry, at least initially, to say that you're somewhat naïve. Here's the kicker, though: she likes that, actually! There's just something about your boyish charms that make her consider putting her arms around you. And it might be by mere fluke, but there's likely something to cross her path to consider you viable too. Now, this will be some slow going, I guess, but the advice represented by the Empress is that you be nurturing in a way. You've a good heart, it seems to me, and she likes that you're quite comforting.

However, your chidlike wonder may cause you to blunder, and perhaps speak out somewhat angrily. It's not a singular event, but seems you have a propensity towards letting your emotions get the better of you at times. I'm not judging (oh, such hypocrisy it would be), but you might be overly-sensitive in how you react to innocuous jives. Perhaps better composure might win her over, and she'll see you as more likable someday. While she likes that you're childlike, she might see you as childish in some ways.

Now, the game you must play seems all about emotions to me. Your savior and killer are one in the same: the your naivety and immaturity. Simple solution for you: keep being sweet, but be a bit more mature too. “He's such a sweet boy” and “I can depend on that man” are both things she needs to think of you, lad. The proper pronouncement of your feelings towards useful directions will aid you in your dealings.

Now, despite how badly you may see this reading, the projected outcome looks quite good to me: The Chariot shows movement and action to come, and this battle for her heart might be won. Oh wait, was there something about a journey, mate? Out of curiosity, is this a long-distance thing? In that case, it might just indicate traveling. Use your judgment there, I suppose. However, you might melt her icy heart with the plan I proposed.

Best of luck to you, and I hope I've read true.



>Act Now

Short / Long term: 5 of Cups / 3 of Swords (reversed)


Short / Long term: 8 of Cups / Judgement

Honestly, those both seem like bad options to me. Either have your heart broken and stay that way for some time, or get so frustrated that you eventually change your mind.

>Give Up

Short / Long term: Ace of Cups / Page of Swords

Well, this one doesn't look too bad, but I'm going to tell you one certain thing, lad: no matter what you do, it would be best if you don't become too attached, or at least moreso than now. If you wish to pursue, use your head, not your heart, to guide you. Remember what I said about the placement of your eggs? Be non-committal overall, and do take care not to fall too much for her if you don't want to get hurt.


I'll take a crack at it later tonight.




Yeah, that all sounds about right.

> you've been bitten by love much harder than this qt.

she has barriers I don't, yeah.

>her intentions don't look too honest too me, and she might have penchant for attention-wh...seeking.

ugh. painful to read. sounds right, though.

> I'm sorry, at least initially, to say that you're somewhat naïve.

I embrace my foolishness... to a degree.

Yeah... I know she likes it (:

>there's likely something to cross her path to consider you viable too.

hm. I wonder what that could be. I like the idea if it's something I haven't foreseen.

> you might be overly-sensitive in how you react to innocuous jives


I have an instinct to take play-fighting as actual fighting when I'm emotional...

sad to say.

> despite how badly you may see this reading,

I don't like it, but it makes enough sense to me/I could have guessed it if I weren't inexperienced.

The main reason I pursued this woman despite the foolishness involved was that someone did a divination where it said she'd be my wife. Then I asked what she was to me, and pulled that card, asked again, pulled a twin flame card, asked if that's correct, pulled a card that said it was, that sort of thing.

My ego would rather just drop it and go after someone else. But I'll just pursue her like I would a stranger, by "detaching" from emotions. Which really isn't too possible around her.

She's got a depth of emotion I cannot yet match, so it's no surprise that even if she felt the same thing as I, she's used to feeling much deeper emotions than this, so she wouldn't care as much about it.


> “He's such a sweet boy” and “I can depend on that man” are both things she needs to think of you, lad.

She has before, but she's not one to commit/trust easily when she knows someone for long enough.


>was there something about a journey, mate?

yeah, I've discussed going on a road trip with her.

Sounds like the thing to do.

She's in India now.

>you certainly are emotional, alright


I wish I weren't.

We got along better (in a way) when I met her and wanted nothing but sex from her, and getting through to a woman's heart with sex feels weird to me. I'm probably just a total fool.

I did divinations asking whether I should get with other women and they seemed to be negative. Sadly, since I'd prefer to treat her the same way she treats me, and not give a shit by sleeping with other people.


I do wonder if pursuing her is even the best idea anymore, or if I was suffering under a delusion.

It was definitely a divinely manifested type of relationship, but that phase of it ended some time ago, and I wonder whether putting in the effort is worth it in the end.

I feel it is, but I don't know if I want to lead with my heart anymore because it hurt me before. or at least, I don't know if I want to do that with her anymore, because I did it wrong, and failed myself.



and my ego doesn't like that the best divination results seem to be "dont get with anyone else, just do it right this time around"





A day late, but I'll try. For this one, I'll scry.

I saw the 5 of Pentacles turn to the King of Wands, and I see that charity or submission may release the bonds that hold you from speaking with your maker directly. I heard of a giant oval and a black face, and I heard that in pain is all our race. Well, wouldn't you know; it seems that service to humanity might be your best bet after all.

I see a skeleton, and I know this deals with death; I gather that you might find the divine breath if you were to pursue something of comfort towards those who have lost someone before. Working for those in mortal grief might help you, indeed.

Let's see...

I see a golden mask reveal the face of the suffering savior to me. Your Jesus did bleed, and many weep, and it seems quite clear to me that salvation is often the only thing to keep some who would from themselves who would not; such means thereby, considerations bought.

If you would like to connect directly with your god, there is something about death that you can make easier for those who are with grief fraught.

But don't trust me too seriously; this is all experimental, you see.




iktfb, I have at least 15 readings from others confirming that I should be with a certain someone before fate decided to pull a diabolus-ex-machina on us. I won't get into the story, but it was huge shit. Anyway, I later had unanimous readings confirming a certain someone else entirely.

Neither worked out. The lesson: the future's always in flux. At any rate, I wish you good luck.


File: 1454612861788.jpg (6.9 KB, 290x174, 5:3, Homer tip.jpg)

Doing readings

Anyone interested i will need



>A word that describes how you feel right now.

Hope i can help




Long time since i have done a Celtic Cross

>Heart of The Matter: King of Wands

>Opposing Factor: Three of Swords

>Root Cause: The Emperor Reversed

>Past Influence: Ten of Wands

>Known Influence:The Emperess Reversed

>New Circumstances: Seven of Swords

>Current Situation: Ace of Swords

>Surounding enviorment: Nine of Pentacles

>Guidence: Five of Wands

>Likely Outcome: Eight of Wands

Talking about surprising spreads, give me a few minutes to give you my interpretation.

Hope i can help




For starters i have to say that you need to show more authenticity, be you and follow your guts. What do you have to do in order to change this? you know it.

Is interesting that a family related question gets both Emperes and Emperor reversed, and not only that but also Ten of Wands and Ten of Swords wich both have a person holding several items on their hands.

I might be wrong but this suggest me several things. First that when you speak of family you are likely speaking of a mother and father figure. more than lets say a husband or a brother/son.

Altough both seem upset (Both cards are reversed), it is your father the one giving more attitued trought this issue?

anyways i might be wrong on those assumptions.

What is clear is that there was some fomr of important news that you recived recently... is this related to some fomr of broken agreements or deception? To gain some independence from your family? or are they the ones deceiving you? i cant tell.

Avoid pointless struggles. If you need to take your space, do so, however dont give up in what you truly believe.


Ugh, things doesnt look good with him... is he having a surgery? or something? if so it is advised but i am not too sure about him to be honest.

I would apriciate some feedback and might do another reading for him alone.

Hope it helped.



>all the signs, omens, readings, etc. point to you being destined to be with X then all of a sudden

>diabolus-ex-machina on us

>implying that was fate

Are you sure it was fate and not just high level demonic interference? The literature says that when you may be attacked when you get near something good for you (like a relationship) to try to drive you apart and I also have experience with this specifically as well. Sometimes the level of interference can be quite massive too.

Now certainly you can move into any future you want but that means that litterally, no matter what, you can have any future you want, and so that could even be used to over come the







Can you tell me what would be the right steps to take right now?





Sounds like I should get stronger (:



Thank you for the wish of luck!






Does she like me too?





Sorry for the late reply, are you guys still interested in the reading? i need to know if you are stilll around so i know someone will actually read my reading.



I'm still here man , I'm >>177



Still here, I'm >>181




Ok,ill do yours tonight after work. Hold tight :)


File: 1454732535302.jpg (68.93 KB, 396x612, 11:17, 2-of-Swords.jpg)


>Four of Cups

>Seven of Pentacles

>The Chariot

>Two of Pentacles

For the situation i tried a nother way for this reading. Just the first cards that comes to mind.

I have only tried this two times before but both of them had good results, so i hope this one does it too.

Seems to me that you are in some form of inconformity, or looking for a sign as is indicated by the four of Cups.

The Seven of Pentacles is refering to some patience as challenge, or receiving the right feedback... hmm

seems to me that you need to charge your issues head on, stop thinking in a more analytical way or you will find your self in an more forced situation.

With forced i mean obligated to take choices that you might dont want to take. As like you either chose now, or fate will chose for you kind of situation.

Alternative it might advise a buissnes trip or something related to travel or some fomr of movement

Hope it helped.



>Two of Pentacles

Whoops it was Two of Swords, although. It wouldnt change too much the reading tough.

It might talk about said trip, or something related to handling several things at once.

Follow the money perhaps?

Anyways hope it helped.



Doing yours, but i am having a harder time picturing the cards, so it might take me a while (Its midnight and i am still at my job...)

Ill try to do it today tough.



Yes or no readings ar HARD, to say the least.

>Five cards point a yes

>One points a no

It seems more than likely that she does, at least on a sexual level.

She also seems smoking hot too, so goot taste anon.

Interesting enough, the only card that said no was a card representing quiring or not standing for what you want. No much else to talk, go for it.

There might be other pretenders tough.

Good luck and hope it helped.



That was some interesting insight, yes, quite fitting actually.

Thanks a lot



Mentally: No

Physically: Yes

Emotionally: Yes

Will she, in time, be mentally attracted?

I forsee: she'll come around (yes).

It appears to be over something idealogical, a non shared vice? Perhaps.



Dang, I'd like that kind of reading [from you], same everything (other than my emotion is a wavelength between deepish calm and anxious/energetic) .

I imagine it's similar, though.



lol. I love this reading.

how do you know she's hot?



(oh, I'd also be fine with doing an oracle reading in return, though my intuition is under-developed)



>Does she (the one of your focus) like you?

Mentally: No

Physically: No

Emotionally: Yes

Will she, in time, be mentally attracted?

Yes (5 Pentacles cross Lovers)

Will she, in time, be physically attracted

Maybe, there is hope. (The star)






Will I be doing anything with my life soon?



Whenever you can man



Queen of wands, mostly. Tarot is not great for describing peoples physical appearance though, but it can give a couple of hints.



Wich one is yours anon?, i think i already did it but i am not sure.


Doing yours femanon.



I don't need it, give it to another anon.


File: 1454885749703.jpg (83.25 KB, 350x600, 7:12, qsr.jpg)


>Five of Pentacles

>King of Swords

>Queen of Swords Reversed

Are you in a relationship right now? seems to me that you might be a bit too.... how do i say it... cutting? Like you might be a bit to strict or expecting too much from people around you?

One more card as clarifier

>The High Priestess

Listen to your own intuition and dreams, heck i would even recommend meditation if you dont practice this already.

You have the will power femanon, you just need to listen to your female side.

Are you in a relationship by the way? this might also mean problems in such relationship. Not sure about this though.

Hope it helped.



>Are you in a relationship right now?

No, not technically. I'm sort of kind of pursuing one though, but it's not a realistic thing. I don't want one massively, still coming out of a break up. But it's a taking up time I guess.



Just be blunt if you're trying to not offend me, I don't care

>expecting too much from people around you?

That one is probably true

>Listen to your own intuition and dreams, heck i would even recommend meditation if you dont practice this already.

I practice meditation but idk... intuition hasn't gotten me far.

>You have the will power femanon, you just need to listen to your female side.

I don't know what that means. Follow my heart? jus b miself?

>Are you in a relationship by the way? this might also mean problems in such relationship. Not sure about this though.

I have relationship problems but am not in one right now.

I always get weird readings. Thanks for trying




Cutting as someone who says cutting words. without caring for other peoples feelings.

>Intuition hasn't gotten me far

Thats just perspective femanon. You either expect too much, or ae too hard on yourself. Life its what it is, we dont have control over what iit is put in front of us but we can chose how we react to it.

>Not in a relationship

Ah it was a wild guess on my part, i mean you got a King and a Queen of swords, thought it might mean something.

Anyways, good luck femanon. Hope it helped, if just a little.



Makes sense. Physical seems easy enough to get attractive.




This One man. Unless you already did it and I missed it



Already did it, someone else reply to my reading as its own though... sadly, not first time that happens to me lol




may I ask how you do this type of reading?


File: 1454963798917.png (2.51 MB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 17063797.png)


You may.

Normally, and primarily tarot. I'll define even cards numbered to be yes and odd cards to be no. So there is a normal 50/50 'random' chance, but since I'm using my normal scrying deck and it has all my divination energies and I'm using it as a diving tool, like any other tarot reading, I get what I ask for, and not infrequently the card I draw also has significant art/archetypical meaning too.

Sometimes it's not just straight number = yes or no, that is where intuition factors in, and sometimes I'll draw a clarifier card, but usually it's pretty spot on and my intuition aligns with the even/odd yes/no reply.

On occasion I have used other methods, coin, dice, RNG, pendulum, runes, and even just intuition, defining a vertical up-down feedback to be yes and horizontal back-forth to be no. That latter I use with trees and other plants often.



>Cutting as someone who says cutting words. without caring for other peoples feelings.

sometimes very true




I hope you're still doing readings.




Where should my efforts for appropriate growth, foundation, and kin acquisition (it's all unified), that I'm to have, be? What is that like?


File: 1455128647340.png (264.83 KB, 557x605, 557:605, 1454412243783.png)

I know i move slow, but i am here again, going to do some readings today, anyone interested i will need the usual.




>A word that describes how you feel right now

Hope I can help!





Where is she, the only woman I ever want to love?






What should I do in order to have greater peace this year?






How will my first date with her go, and where will it lead us in the long term term?

She is also a Virgo.




Forgot the last part. Hopeful.





Ahlright, ill do the readings today, however it might take me a while (kinda bussie for the moment)

Hope i can help :)



>Where is she

Do you expect an actual address? i cant do that holmes



>Heart of The Matter: Four of Cups

>Opposing Factor: The Chariot

>Root Cause: The Hanged Man

>Past Influence: Five of Swords

>Known Influence: Queen of Pentacles

>Future Circumstances: Temperance

Clarifiers: The magigian, Knight of Wands, King of Swords and Nine of Swords.

Give me a few minutes to wright my interpretation.


File: 1455142387302.jpg (239.16 KB, 800x800, 1:1, tmc.jpg)



Interesting query and if i say so myself, a very appropriate spread.

First i would say that there is a lot of talking and no action, but i will be wrong. seems like you are trying to improve your life, but not on an orginized maner, or at least not as you should.

In spanish we have the said Dalre tiempo al tiempo wich translates something like give time to time. that is what you should try, there is no point on rushing towards this goal, however try not falling in apathy.

I would recommend meditation, but i assume you already practice it. That said, try to place your actions in a more effective way, connecting intentions with actions seems a problem for you.

Moving on, There seems to has been some self-defeat attitude in the past... perhaps caused by other people? cant tell, but there is quite many court cards in the spread wich leads me to think of it. Be wary of this, try not letting others peoples emotions influencing on something as personal as your inner peace.

Hope it helped.


File: 1455142532121.jpg (121.17 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, gfvc.jpg)




what is my involvement with the vault of the abyss?




Did she just left a relationship? dont take tthis bad, is actually positive. She actually seems really interested in you (maybe even more than you), however there is something troubling for her wich made me ask the question.

You in the other hand... there seems to be something of about you.... perhaps something related to your house or some form of tradition... hmm is this related to febreuary 14?

No time to back down anon. However, there is an action that you might be doing or thinking to do, i cant tell what it is but is not advised to do so... However dont leave things to fate either.

>Future of the relationship

Hmmm i see some fomr of nonconformity, but i think it can be solved, two times i draw a card and two times i get Ace of Pentacles as advice card. It seems that this could be a really good relationship, but you will have to do your part.

Invest on this and the reward will be great.

Hope it helped!



Thanks for the reading. I haven't had the chance to ask her about her past relationships, but it's good to know she is interested in me. And if we do become a couple, we'd be a pretty unusual one aha.

>You in the other hand... there seems to be something of about you.... perhaps something related to your house or some form of tradition... hmm is this related to febreuary 14?

Not sure what you meant here though. We're not meeting up on Valentine's day as we are both unavailable that day.




That's quite accurate.

I've always taken things as you've described, giving time to time, and it has always worked out for me. In fact, most of my success comes from it. However, maybe I got too attached to that idea and fell back into apathy indeed.

Yes, now that you mentioned it, there has been some self defeat based on going after things in the past and not quite getting them, and many people were involved in that, as in pulling me back.

That just reinforces that I really need to work in my discipline and will power then, thanks a lot, it did help.



>Not meeting up on Valentines Day

Well, you got ten of pentacles reversed, which talks problems with home, legacy, traditions, ancestors and the such... for example doing things in unconventional ways (a gay couple for example, not following your fathers carrer and the sort)

i guess it was refering to not going to valentines day? or perhaps it was refering to the unusual couple you mention? i cant tell the meaning in your case, to be honest. Glad it helped though.




No problem, glad it worked for you, and good luck :)



Lol this guy

I guess I meant, where should I look?



Sorry my readings tend to be more vague that what i would like to.

I could try, but the results are ought to be extremily vague, if not entirely wrong.

>Eight of Wands (R)

>The Sun (R)

Both are Fire cards, wich indicates South.... hmm Eight of wands reffers to travels by air and the sun could indicate a time of fun or a baby... however they are revrsed.

Maybe refers to a travel, or a person from another country (south?). It could also be indicated that she will be the mother of your children.

Noted to say that reversed might change the meanings, so take what i say with a grain of salt. Interpret as you wish.

Good luck anon



Forgot to mention, it could also be someone you meet on the internet



can you tell me about the u.s primary's just a general reading?

if you have to do the other requests first that fine.





Hi! Will I be getting a nnew job soon?:



Worried but slightly tranquil.

Thank you for your time!



I could try ( i did one thing similar in the past with creepily accurate results)


Sure, give me some time and ill try do the readings today.



would you do this one after those guys





Thank you!



it makes no sense...




I replied to your earlier post. Pls respond



Ah sorry my mistake, ill do yours first tonight.



ok how about what kind of man will I be at the apex of my magical career



Thanks for the reading :-)


File: 1455294160596.jpg (20.25 KB, 175x300, 7:12, justice.jpg)


>kin acquisition (it's all unified)

What does this mean? Sorry, English is not my main language as some of you might have already noticed.

I did a Celtic Cross, not sure if it was the appropiate spread so tell me if the reading feels off and i will try another spread.

You seem like an open minded person, someone starting a new journy and leaving space for unexpected opportunities. That said, i can also see that there is or were something really troubling for you... perhaps even giving you insomnia or anxiety.

This trouble might have been caused for something related to some will that you had, some aspiration that might have not come true or not in the way you wanted, however you are ready to give up and move away for something new.

Is there aTaurus person supporting you throught this journy? seems very likely to me.Dont be afraid to take his help in whatever form it comes. This part seems really important.

In the end i see you facing various choices, nothing bad though, but remember that you dont need to do things the usual way, some times leaving thing to the unexpected could bring tremendous opportunities.

HOWEVER, remember that justice is present, every pice will fall in line, so its no time to sleep on laurels, even if other people will be helping you, you should also do your part as well and everything will be great for you.

Hope it helped!



Fact: Nine of Wands

Feelings: Queen of Wands

Belief: King of Swords

You will feel good, a bit cocky though but nothing worrisome.

Its interesting that you get two court cards so different. This makes me feel believe that how you feel is going to be pretty different of what you think.

Anyways, the fact talks about an experienced person... however this person still hold some form of inner reserves like somoene remaining vigilant.

Anyways, this is what i can get so far, hope it helped.


Will I get a new job soon and will the new job be a change in my career path? Plus anything else that you see about it.



Relaxed (since its Fri) but with underlying anxiety



Dra one card for democrats and another one for republicans.

>Democrats: Knight of Cups

>Republicans: King of Swords

Daaaam, this kind of things is what scare me of Tarot... two court cards out of the complete deck, and both pretty appropriate for thei respective parties if you ask me.

Well here comes the tricky part... interpretation.

Since both cards are male i would asume Knight of Cups reffer to Bernie Sanders, however the knight of cups is piscies so i wouldnt take that as an absolute.

Republicans in the other hand are represented by King of Swords, and again the zodiac sign of the card (Aquarius) does not match with none of the strongest candidates.

Is interesting that one is a Knight while the other is a King... could refer to Republicans wining the whole election?

If i had to guess, i would say Bernie and Trump will face in the end, however i invite you to lok for both cards meanings and try to interpret them your self. Since honestly, i dont know much about US politics.

Hope it helped


File: 1455478620395.jpg (1.55 MB, 1964x1452, 491:363, The_Lovesickness_of_Frey.jpg)

Hello there, good anons. Today, I'll be impelled upon reading most of the day. If you'd like a reading, fire away with the following information, please:

>A specific query for which you'd like me to read

>Your gender, and any others of relevancy

My time and energy will be split today, but I'll give first priority to this place.



Frey, son of Njorth, had one day sat himself in Hlithskjalf, and looked about the whole world. He looked into Jotunheim, and he saw there a fair maiden, while she went from her father's hall to the bower. Therefrom he got a great love sickness. Skirnir was called Frey's servant. Njorth bade him ask Frey for speech. Then said Skadi:

“Rise, now at once, good Skirnir;

and go to my son to make clear

by words from this wise one to learn

for whom his heart so wrathfully burns.”

Skirnir said:

“Ill words from your son would I find

if I sought from him the truth of his mind

by words from this wise one to learn

for whom his heart so wrathfully burns.”

Skirnir said:

“Oh prince of gods, please tell me true,

for fain would I know why it is you

sit in this hall and on this throne

and spend all your days completely alone.”

Frey said:

“How, then, should I seek to explain

to such a youth of my puissant pain?

Though the elfwheel upon all things shine,

it casts no light on this longing of mine.”

Skirnir said:

“Your longings I doubt so grievous to be

that you may not share your burden with me,

for youthful together were we in old days,

and trust between us ne'er faded away“

Frey said:

“From Gymir's court fare did I see

the fairest of maidens, most dear to me,

with arms so resplendent they seemed alight,

and thence, it seems. are sky and sea bright.

Dearer to me is this maiden sweet

than to youths in old days any maids they did meet.

But gods and elves would never agree

that she and I together should be.”



Will I ever become fully female?



>>kin acquisition (it's all unified)

>What does this mean?

kin = family

acquisition = form of the word acquire = to obtain, to get

he's right, we find our closest spirit family/friends when we do what we must



Anon, I really hate to do this, but I can't read your query. Normally, I only reject health readings, but I'll have to reject this one, simply because I can't read it without bias, and I feel I do you a disservice if I read for you with bias. I apologize, and I hope you get this issue figured out. I'm open to other queries, though.



i'd ask for one but I don't know that I "should" have one since I think my path is pretty laid out + I already got a couple from you (:

I find some interest in that I'm here at this time, but aside from that, someone else probably could use it more.



Well lad, no one else is asking, so feel free.




I'll take a general love reading then. How is my love life looking in the next few weeks?

Male, Virgo



I can pull cards to give you advice to leave yourself in a better position, or I can scry a girl and how you meet her. Your choice.



could you scy what the last few years of my life will be like?

if so what info do you need?



Well the thing is I've been talking to this girl online and we're planning on meeting up next week (couldn't ask her put today because we're both busy). So if you could scry if things will go well with her or if I should look somewhere else and how, it would be really appreciated.

Let me know if you need more info. Thanks.



Dear gods, this board is more interesting than 4chan. I've never done something like this before, but I can give it a shot (completely experimental) if you tell me your gender and age.


I can do this better with a half and half. Sound good?



Pleas do



Ok, assuming that you still mean this (idc if not (: )

Will the path I'm taking end in the way I'd like?

If yes/no is difficult, alternatively I'd like to know something I will need to overcome in myself.



Hey man, can you do me a reading?

I'm on a pretty dangerous path and I want to know how i should deal with it.

I'm a male Scorpio



for the last years





I don't know if you are still doing readings for the day, but can you do me a reading about my occult path?

I'm following a hermetic/alchemical path with the combination of multiple factors of a pagan religion from my country and I would like to know what impacts the path i'm following will have on me and my family and friends.

by the way I'm a male capricornian



Ah you are doing readings! then i shall ask.

One of my brothers (sign Cancer) has been having troubles in his job recently. This was likely caused because of some treason. How will this end? and who the traitor is?

Thanks in advance :P


Apologies for the delay; my internet went down yesterday.


Stay: King of Wands (reversed), The Moon, The Hierophant

Keep Looking: Wheel of Fortune, Knight of Swords, The Lovers

From what I initially see, it seems there might be a lack of authenticity between you and this QT. I'm not sure if it's on your side or hers, but one of you seems to think with some duplicity. Now, this is interesting in that there's something you'll be learning, although it's something you should have learned before. A bit stubborn, are we? Well, it's essentially a repeat of previous mistakes, and it shall quite likely irritate you when you get that feeling of girl deja vu. You'll feel like you didn't really make the progress you'd like, but it seems that you'll finally learn the lesson this time.

Now, if you continue to look for other lass, it seems that your thoughts shall open a bit more, and you might just look for some ass, rather than a relationship itself. It may not seem like the kind of thing that will help, but continued focus on your personal goals might cause you to care about the girlfriend experience less than before.

Either that, or the ass is simply too fat to say no. I saw a brunette girl with her hair in a ponytail tied, wearing short shorts, maybe of the volleyball sort, but few other details can I provide, for you'll not give too wide range to your eyes: they'll be transfixed, or at least upon a spot fixed. This is more of a fuckbuddy than a girlfriend, I think, but your focus on your life will make you consider more strongly such a thing. By matter of circumstance and for love of datass, you'll consider an arrangement for a while.

Personally, and this is just me, neither of these options seem too appealing if you ask me. But, you're not me, and you might be able to glean some benefit from one or the other of the two. I hope this was helpful, and that I've read true.





Alright, before I do this, I just want to clarify that divination is sort of like running a simulation, so it shows the most likely outcome based on current conditions and trends. At any moment, something can come in and change everything, and accuracy is less certain along longer time frames.

Right then, I see a rather idyllic scene: an old man with a cane in his hand and a dog at his feet. He seems to live alone: no family or friends with him share a home. He seems peaceful and calm, albeit a bit bored.

That's all I can see, but I do get the feeling that there's something worrying you, and you asked because you wanted to know if you'd die at a younger age, right? I suppose your concern might seem legitimate to you right now, but it's something you won't have to worry about. Like I said, I've never done something like this before, but I just get the sense that you shouldn't expect young to your death to go.




after you get the other guys would you tell me if I ever had anyone with me before my end years



That first query would best be read with a Golden Dawn spread, so I'll use one of my own for the second question instead.

You: The Emperor

Internal / External Challenges: Queen of Swords / The Magician (reversed)

Advice: Strength / The Hermit

The Good / How to Exploit it: Knight of Pentacles / Ace of Wands

The Bad / How to Overcome it: 4 of Cups (reversed) / Queen of Cups (reversed)

Pretty straightforward, mate: the cards point to your emotions and the importance of getting them to cooperate. It seems to me that you can do some great things, but getting bogged down by the bad feels will cause some lack of motion in the wheels of your mind. There's nothing novel here I find, and I'm sure you're already aware of this, and you're likely already working on it. Well, it seems that it was worthy mentioning again today, for a war with yourself cannot be won in a day.

The lass who won't love you shall plague your mind, and it's up to you, some comfort in yourself to find. Are you a bit clingy or needy with a girlie who acts more freely? By establishing within yourself a comfort zone, you might be a bit more comfortable alone, and that will work out well for you, for you'll seem more confident to others after you do. This is important, as the image you present of yourself right now doesn't seem to offer much help and, more concerning yet: your efforts are not yielding all the fruit they could get, for you don't have enough inner currency with which you can bet.

Speaking of currency, it seems to me that doing the whole “just do you” thing will lead you to a new opportunity you'd otherwise have overlooked if you left your eyes fixed upon the things that previously took your attention away completely. I'm not certain, but I think it's about money, and you'd not give it as much consideration considering the effort it takes initially. When the iron is hot is when you should be striking, and there's just something wild about the timing.

Now, as far as the bad: I'm sorry, lad, but it seems to me that you'll continue to feel lonely. Now, being a logical dude, you'd obviously want to fix it directly. However, this is illogical in that it recommends that you not seek to end the lonely feelings. Rather, just ignore them and focus your mind on other things.

Overall, this spread is rife with themes of solitude, personal power, and finding comfort in yourself. It seems that cocoon mode would provide much better help than chasing that dragon in the form of a girl, while your emotional reactions, still untethered, with great force unfurl. So, from this I guess that it would be best if you cocoon mode a bit. You'll gain a great benefit when you discover within yourself a hidden strength.

Best of luck to you, and I hope I've read true.



>dangerous path

For funzies, I scried and saw a rickety old bridge that was rotting away: well-planned and gentle must be each step that you take. But let's see what the cards have to say.

You: The Chariot (reversed)

Your Path / The Danger: 6 of Swords (reversed) / Queen of Cups

Advice / Outcome: 2 of Cups (reversed) / Knight of Cups

Wewlad, look at that spread! The first assumption that popped in my head is that you're chasing a woman you shouldn't be, but I'll try not to call it prematurely. You must admit it's interesting, how all of these cups abound, and the Queen of Cups as the danger makes me think there's a woman around who could get you in trouble if burst is the bubble upon which you stand. It's not dangerous by virtue of your own hand, but there are a few things that are outside your command, and many slippery steps threaten to land you in a mess if you slip and fall, which is the most likely outcome of all.

Well, that's the case if you continue to chase what you should not. However, the advice that this spread has brought is that you shouldn't be too buddy-buddy with the person or thing the Queen of Cups is representing. If this is, indeed, all about some chick whose beauty has managed to entrance your di heart, then due to some madness resulting from it, your brain might just refuse to do its part. Your two heads might disagree, but the upper one is the one you should be trusting. That's the one that tells you it's dangerous, right? I would say that one has the better insight.

Your path is the 6 of swords in reverse so, even if it's not a woman you seek to reserve, it seems that this path whose goals you rehearse might be recursive in the sense that you seek to preserve something you maybe should have let go already. Even if it's not in terms of a lady, the advice card still tells recommends you beware, and a cup with the dangerous person you shouldn't share.

Careful with this one, lad. Depending on the context, the outcome doesn't actually look too bad, but I really must say that things won't go your way if you step too boldly, when you should be stepping more carefully. Best of luck to you, and I hope I read true.





Still hrre if anyone is doing readings, thank you



> finding comfort in yourself. It seems that cocoon mode would provide much better help than chasing that dragon in the form of a girl,

yeah I'm in the habit of wanting to connect to someone on a higher plane.

that someone is most often either my higher self or a person who wants to be with me when I meet them. which, due to things, is currently the one you already read about.

Try as I might, I haven't seen past her on the soul plane for months/she still seems the best for me.

I only don't like the idea that I'll find her there because I hurt myself by not pursuing her when I was supposed to but thought I wasn't supposed to. Doing the right thing is hard, sometimes.

I'll let you know how that goes in a couple months (:

>You'll gain a great benefit when you discover within yourself a hidden strength.


> Are you a bit clingy or needy with a girlie who acts more freely?

to the extent to which I am insecure. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Sometimes oftentimes, when I seek too much external validation. A trap of old energies I've fallen into on this timeline. or have I.


File: 1455620760119.jpg (314.99 KB, 1100x1862, 550:931, PjYn1v5.jpg)

Going back and forth between the boards, are we? No matter. I shall be here for a short time and offer a small reading or two, in form of listening to voices and seeing occasional flashes or two. I am unable to provide interpretation at times, for the voices speak in their own strange and maddening ways.

A query and nothing more. A query and nothing more...




Staleness was almost to be tasted from the sounds, the whispers and the speech. I could not make out anything besides the few repeated lines, what are you doing. Nothing changes, nothing happens. Staleness and inertia. The sights showed me a red, glowing sun, but trapped within the spires of metal and cages of steel, hanged from the ceiling of a cavern. Above the city of silence.

The staleness persisted. Nothing changed. There was nothing to make the globe, the Sun, to react or move or do anything besides just be there, trapped.

I do not believe you will be successful.






Hello! This one please,thank you!



Should I confess my feelings? What will happen?



What should I do now?



I got an akashic reading that said find peace, avoid harsh things, that my core was damaged, not my ego, from this situation.

It said go after someone else, take comfort in the easier things, don't be harsh on myself, let her go.

Maybe I'll have an adventure with her, but it doesn't matter at this point. She's a very loving person, but she isn't *my* loving person anymore.

Or so I was told/in this timeline.



am i always going to be alone?


Expected to find more of you here. It was slow while I was around, and so I left with no expectations of hearing more from you. So be it. I shall listen further.


The first word that was uttered was soulstorm. Then soul, for several times. Then change. Then it started to cycle through the three words, including more and more rubbish and static in between. The voice, the tone and the pitch changed, going from high majors to minors in span of seconds. Chaos.

There, I saw a screen and a face mouthing out the words that were spoken with a mirthful expression. Looking for something, are we? Looking, but yet not finding. Constantly on foot, but yet with nothing to be found.

There will be change, with obviousness. But yet there will be a considerable deal of confusion, for you will seem to be looking with nothing to be found. Perhaps it makes more sense to you, for I cannot say anything about this. I am but a listener and the messenger.


Yes. No. Positive. Mess. A goblet. A shining golden goblet. From there, the shimmering static fell deaf and sights took over. The golden goblet showed itself, red gems glinting on the side. There is water within. The goblet is knocked over, spilling some. Placed back on the table yet again. Spilled, but yet there is some remaining.

The mess began. The spill hardens, but yet is a soft mass. The same hand that knocks over the goblet cleans up, but yet the mess is now on the ground and not on the table. Out of sight.

Yes. No. It will turn sour. It will turn better, but yet the sourness will not go away.



Thanks, and yes it does make sense. I'm not really trying to find something, I'm just trying to make my self a better person, or something like that. Anyway man, thanks again.


Sorry, ran out of steam before


This sounds fascinating; you'll have to tell me all about it one of these days.

You / The Path: 6 of Pentacles / 7 of Cups (reversed)

Impact on You / Your Family / Your Friends: 10 of Swords / The Emperor / 8 of Wands

Advice: 4 of Pentacles, supported by 3 of Cups and Judgement

Interesting. I hope it's not just too early for me to be reading, but what these cards seem to be indicating is that you're doing this more for others than for yourself. In some way, you'd wish to help, but a martyr is what comes through to me from this spread of cards I see.

Your significator is the essence of giving, and your path is represented by altered states and fantasy. Quite unfortunately, it seems that the effect on you points to defeat. If this is a matter of alchemy, this might be something in which you'd rather experiment on yourself ere proceeding, but it doesn't seem to work out for you completely. I have a feeling that an experiment for which you think yourself strong might go horribly wrong, but your self-preservation sense won't come to protest as much as it should, for you'll be blinded by some STO logic that seems good.

Well, if you're looking to strengthening your family, that particular result looks good to me. The Emperor card isn't terribly hard to call here. However, the effect on your friends seems a bit double-edged to this seer. In a very real sense, something good will come to present itself in their lives. However, there might be some edges rough becoming due to how hard you strive: you'll think you know the best for them, and it might be true, but some advice and help you lend might insert a bit of distance twixt you and them.

The advice here, unsurprising, is that you become a bit more compromising. Not just that, but hold back a tad: it would behoove you to think a bit more of yourself here, my lad. You see, all this focus on friends and family seems to be a bit too strongly motivating. But really, you should be focusing a bit more on your own safety. There is something to be said about have the right reasons in mind, but not keeping bread in all seasons can leave you in a bind. Be a bit less giving, at least until you have handled your own well-being.

Apologies for the delay, but I hope I read okay.



Well your reading got something correct that's something I can tell. Don't take this the wrong way, it's probably related to the fact that you did the reading later on, and that's fine. But here is the thing, I started following this path due to a multitude of factors, some of them where for my self, others were more altruistic in nature. You see, I belive in the power of the example, and if you are a good example and is capeble of generating good/positive energy, the other will get the same energy and eventually they will follow a better path in their lives. Call me naive, but thats my belief.

So you see, your reading is not incorrect, but it's not really right either, And as for the outcomes, the first one seems plausible, and the second one is kinda incorrect. Most of my family and friends think I'm quite selfish right now (personally, I think they are faggotring about my changes, but I respect their opinion)

Also, your reading looks really simillar to a reading someone did to me a couple of years ago, and if I'm not mistaken, the cards where the same ones, I mean I could be wrong, but this result seems really familiar to me. Anyway, dont take this the wonrg way, I enjoyed the reading, but it was more related to the fact that the spread and the reading it self sounded very much like a reading from the past. But hey,thanks man!

And keep doing what you do.



I specifically looked for things like pictures, but I couldn't see any. I don't know if that means that they weren't there, they weren't there are the time, or I merely missed them. Experimental as hell, remember.



Egh, I'm not sure if I could get that specific with such a general reading. If I had to tldr it, I would say it pointed to focus more on your external physical reality than internal things, the latter of which I interpreted as emotion.


I think I might be off my game, then. If the cards were similar, it was merely me misinterpreting them. The thing about the Emperor as example makes sense. I wondered for a split second if it referred to imperiousness, but then just told myself it would be reversed if that were the case.

I think I was just off when I tried yours, maybe all of these (grain of salt, everyone). Looks like I have a mystery to solve; I appreciate your honesty.


I'll take a crack at yours after I solve the Mystery of the Rusty Reader.



Yeah I know. I was asking "could it work" when "should it work" was a better idea. One reading I got saw two people and not one. I'm already going after the second one.

I got hurt too badly and wanted it too much to see beyond My desires.

Apparently we've had past lives together. But we're too unstable together, so a future life or higher plane will be where we unite in that way. Or we won't. I think we will though.



Sounds like you are trying.to.find yourself, and find a greater sense of.ease or accomplishment (:



I wonder if it's deja vu/synchronicity.


I like sharing the results, so to speak. I imagine it's wellish received, or maybe I'm just projecting my nosiness (:


will there ever be a good chan again?



as was before, so will be again



thats good to know



It's alright man, your readings are good. It's probably just a small bump in your road as a div reader.


Hm, I think you are right on this one, could it mean something or just a common thing that happens to everyone?



Its alright it cant wait. His job seems safe for now. In fact i would rather change the question if you dont mind.

Remember my issue with my late fathers house? We are (again...) having troubles with the lawyer (We cant reach him)

What is on his mind? does he plan to scam us or he is hiding from some one else.. does he even care?

Thanks in advance!



It happens most often when someone is on a familiar path. If the path is familiar, it's you following the path of your Spirit. Or so I've intuited and read.



People say synvhronicity or seeing the same thing twice means youre on the right path. I got a few when I rose my kundalini.

I think it means you're following the path your Spirit would take to some degree so you start to see things like that, with multiple sets of eyes so to speak




First one wasnt showing ):


how is america's golden age going to look


Are you sure you dont mean how the empire will fall

I wonder if America can be salvaged or if it's on the way out.



I have yet to give up on america

with trump running at least


Any readers tonight?



I got skipped. If anyone would mind doing a reading I would really appreciate it. Thank you!


when i get the ability to see the akash i'll be back here


if you dont mind an oracle card reading i can do one... tomorrow or the day after


for yes no i invoke my higher self and do this


but i'd ask an akashic reader, which i am not, unfortunately.

i'm guessing readers are overloaded. as am i


Feeling better now; let's try three readings: gender and query, please


File: 1456270385439.png (172.73 KB, 712x488, 89:61, firefox_2016-02-24_00-28-5….png)


Thank you for that link. I was like, whatever, fuck it, lets give it a spin. I asked out loud "Will I be forever with my [soulmate name here]?"

Pic related was the result. Thank you, based intuition.




would you please tell me how powerful I look at the peak of my life



yeah, I've had some scary-accurate results from that thing. (:



in brief, how will my courting of a woman go? (I'm expecting temporary but easy enough relationship to get over my last one where I gave too much)



I saw a man, resplendent and shining, but under a bridge he was hiding, seemingly gathered around a small flame, and he would make use of a hidden fame. Friend, you would do well to put forth your efforts in terms of how the affect another. The hidden path of a teacher I see for you. Someone hidden to construe some hidden lessons from you. You'll teach someone at the point when you consider yourself completely worthless and failed, but by means of their success you'll know you've prevailed.


I see a rollercoaster ride, many lows, but so many highs. You'll have moments when you lose your faither, but you'll also have moments when she makes you say that you would not have it any other way. Gods, I see bleeding coming from inside the rollercar at the top. You'll want to drop out when it's right near the top, for you'll want to give up right before you can claim victory. You'll want to say “fuck this, this isn't for me,” but good prize can be claimed for those who have gained path to the top. Before you theretofore drop, you'll have her approval, though it won't last too soon. You'll think yourself a loon if you cling to it, but you'll want to work extra shifts just to hold onto it.

Hard won and hard spun, though it's unclear whether or not you're the one.



how will chris-chans "fans" and cultish followers react to his death in the future





Can you tell me how my love (romantic) life is going to develop for the next couple of years?




Sorry, but my friend with leukemia just told me she has a brain tumor then bricked her phone, and I'm afraid she's hurting herself. If you promise to pray for her or do something to heal her, I'll read your query. Otherwise, I'll give priority to those willing to help.



hey man, I don't want a reading, but will remember your friend tonight. Hopefully she gets better.



Oh gosh.

I can't imagine why I'd manifest that kind of thing after the one I just had.

I wonder if there's someone else easier / if she's even right for me.




My god, man! I will pray and light a candle for your friend tonight, hope my prayers can help.

And hey, no need for the reading c: prioritize your life and friends right now

Also, would you mind giving me your friend's name (just the first name) and sign? It might help during my prayer .



I did a prayer in the form of half focus on my connection to my higher self and half asking the divine to do what it will to ease that for her, and doing a qigong set followed by a quiet mind meditation/attempted void meditation for a time.

Then I realised that half-focusing on myself is a little too STS, since it's supposed to be an exchange anyway, and attempted a void meditation/qmm with the intent of connecting to Source and asking it to bring the energy where it will, imbuing the golden healing source with Intent. I did this with not perfect concentration, for 25 minutes.

I got an image of 4 upside down glass cups in a row, I think blue/clear, and hands switching the places of the 2 on the left.

What is most important for me to focus on in my life, in terms of connecting to my higher self and getting the things I want/need? Particularly regarding romance/intimacy/creature comforts/touch. [I assume openness is the best policy, because it's the best thing I can bring to the table, not knowing the romantic game too well yet.]

I have been erring on the side of taking what people offer, so if you don't wish to do a reading (or a short/simple) I won't mind, and you've already done lots for me.




Thank you both. First initial is A, sunsign is Cancer.


You / Situation: Temperance (reversed) / 8 of Swords

What You're Doing Right / How to Exploit It: Page of Wands / 4 of Cups (reversed)

What You're Doing Wrong / How to Change It: 7 of Cups (reversed) / 5 of Wands

Additional Reflection: 5 of Pentacles (reversed)

Projected Outcome: 5 of Swords

Lad, are you sitting by a bit too idly? It seems quite clear to me that you won't ever get anything much out of fantasy. Hoping and praying? It serves mostly for delaying progress towards what you seek to find.

Bold, much bolder than now should be your mind! Oh, friend, I feel there's something firey in you that's just now beginning to lure its pretty head, and should follow the voice that inspires you to go forth bravely instead of the one the calls you to return to distracting feelings.

And the same time, it seems that your dealings might be improved if you don't ignore the silly opportunities that come along. You might be inclined to think them less useful than they are, for their outward resplendence falls quite short of that of a star.

And against that fantasy? Break it, friend. Break those thoughts of everything sorting itself out on its own without some necessity of conditions to bend.

The additional reflection points to paucity. It's not necessarily material things, but perhaps some feeling makes you think that you are not equipped sufficiently. Look back up at the spread: the cups are the bad things, and the wands are the good, so it should be well understood that being a bit more bold should bring some good result to you.

Indeed, the final card shows an almost unfair victory for you to ensue. You've got this, if only you know how to wield that fire inside yourself to light that path for yourself.

Best of luck to you, and I hope I've read true.


>bullshit occultists among themselves




Well I already did the prayer anyway, used your nickname as a way to try to get my friends to help your friend, but I think I can do another one.


This place is neat. Never did a reading in here, but if anyone wants one scry that may or may not be accurate, then go ahead! Give me your gender and your query. Please no financial stuff though. I'm not sure how long I'll be around or available for doing a reading, so if you respond an hour later after the post time, then it's highly likely I will not respond with a reading.



Just a general love reading.

I'm male by the way




You're lucky I almost remembered to check up on this before closing the browser window. I wasn't expecting anyone to respond or say anything, since this board seems to be somewhat dead.

/I have to warn you, the first vision may be something from the past, because general readings tend to give me stuff from the past instead of right now or future/

Seeing anything was difficult at first, but then I felt like I was looking at some sort of a mirror or at least a glass pane. Extending my vision outwards, this glass pane seems to be extending with me, having no end to either sides. Dark, dark water behind it, keeping it all there. After a closer look, it seems that it was keeping more in there and not just this disturbed, dark water that was seemingly having a taint of algae

A face. Hair twirling in the water, akin to tendrils spreading outwards. A woman, most assuredly so. She was scarcely dressed, but yet still retaining a good sense of modesty of herself. The skin and the empty expression on her somewhat featureless face made me think that she's a dead corpse that's yet to bloat from the water. Words, a term, a name - Death Prophet. Reminiscent of one, too. Surprising me, she touches the glass with her right hand, still staring either at me or through me with her empty, dead look.

The glass shatters sooner or later, for one reason or another, and from it the water spills outwards. Not just that, the woman together in tow. And once she hits the ground, her entire form, the body, blows up in a cloud of ash. Confusion. That's all I think when this scene happens before me. The ash seems to be forming something else, but it's slow and steady, and nothing else seems to happen besides that.

Focusing more on the present and the future, I see three cards. The Lovers turning into the Hierophant, and the Hierophant holding down the Lion of Lust in a chain. The Hierophant is leading the Lion someplace, upon a road with the sun ahead of them. The road does not lead anywhere so far, or at least I cannot see anything past the aged, wizened man and the orange lion. There is a woman upon the Lion; Whore of the Babylon, hm? Or perhaps the Primordial woman, Eve?

She climbs off of the Lion and holds the lion in her hands in yet another chain. Both the man and the woman do not look at one another, but they still look forward and ahead. The man is walking on a road that's clean and easy to walk upon, while the woman is bare footed, walking upon a road that's thick with pieces of glass. Her reaction says nothing, but yet the road is painful to simply watch.


To go into some slight elaboration here, I suppose I could interpret the three cards that I see later on, since they seem to be talking about future and not the past or the present. Controlling or having a hold of your lust or passion even through knowledge and discipline. But yet, it seems that you'll keep your love feelings and what not in check, in the middle, with both discipline and lust at the same time, ala Eve/Babylon and the image of the Hierophant. The Lovers could be obvious and I'd be tempted to say that it could very well mean incoming love, but the obvious signs of duality and balance make me think otherwise.

tl;dr - no gf, more work with balance and heading towards someplace with all of this with no real idea where. At least I think so. Please provide feedback, I'd love to know if I was accurate or not!



I feel you are kind of correct on this one. I personally think I need to work on other stuff right now and a partner wouldn't be the best thing right now.

Also I think the women means a past friend of mine. Do you remember her hair color? That would help to put more sense in the reading.But overall I Think it meant to be someone from my past during my times as a beta androgynous man, and I still remember her from time to time, not in a bad or depressing way, I just happen to remember something about her from time to time like any other person i had contact in the past.

But yeah, I feel like your reading was pretty accurate, good job m8!



Ah, this explains quite a few then! That would be the best interpretation that I could muster up from the reading. Just work on figuring some things out, balance a few things, perhaps work on some occult stuff here and there, but no ladies for now.

Dirty blonde, if I am not mistaken. Long hair. I normally do not bother with giving appearances, because I am oft wrong with them. It would explain the man who was behind the glass pane as well. I almost didn't notice him, and shame on me for not including that particular small part. He was almost invisible, not reacting, but still in some ways there. Possibly you then... Huh.

And thank you! Always glad to know if my reading was accurate or not. Good luck to you with your love endeavors, anon!



>I wasn't expecting anyone to respond or say anything, since this board seems to be somewhat dead.

Unlike many chans. We are not really segregated per board like on 4 or 8chan; most people check all the boards, especially cus it's not super fast.



Well I guess you are right about being wrong when in comes to the appearances, but that's fine. And about the man you mentioned.

Yeah, it's probably her bf, the guy is all right actually, but that was some time ago, so I don't feel bothered about this anymore.

And oh well, I guess I will continue my path to become a non-degenerate occult wizard then, thanks again m8.


File: 1456891937194.png (133.08 KB, 1681x1238, 1681:1238, 1451961440606.png)

will I ever marry someone that I can let know the real me?



I'm a dude by the way



I don't think a div is required for that, and teh answer is "yes, if you are willing to change and fully become the person you should be/aligned with your divine purpose."


If you are still doing readings I would appreciate one.



I need some insight on what I should be doing to move my life forward.






>Will I ever be free from chemical dependency?




hows does america look in 2020

will politics be free of corruption?



>will politics be free of corruption?



ok how about this

will they be cleaner than the festering abomination they are know


File: 1457966087291.jpg (94.28 KB, 640x427, 640:427, favela-1[1].jpg)


>how does america look in 2020


I am looking for a reading.

Male, leo, 22.

How do I find sexual satisfaction? Do you see a likely person to have sex with me soon?

Thanks in advance.



Are you just looking for sex with anyone, or someone likeable?

Because if it's anyone, why not just cast a spell/set an intention, go out and try.

Build root chakra and keep it steady/stable, keep your energy within, but radiate calm/confident/sexual energy.

I think.



Someone likeable. Can someone give me a reading?


I will be here doing readings sporadically; if you query me I'll try to get to you as soon as I can whenever I'm available.

I require:




The divination method I'm using depends on your query but mostly it will be either the I Ching or Tarot.


I will be here doing readings sporadically; if you query me I'll try to get to you as soon as I can whenever I'm available.

I require:




The divination method I'm using depends on your query but mostly it will be either the I Ching or Tarot.



I'm a dude, and you can call me Brandon. I'm ronery, so I'd like a reading on finding a nice girl. Thanks.



Call me Three, I'm female. I'm hurting a lot after parting ways with a friend. I'm looking for advice to calm my heart, thanks.



Hi, I'd like to know what does my crush think of me and what will happen between us. Edward, Male. Thanks!





>How do I find sexual satisfaction? Do you see a likely person to have sex with me soon?

Thanks in advance.





>How will my life change if I move back to my rural hometown? Specifically, with regard to my spiritual development



For your next romantic opportunity:

I see a small yellow box floating, blue aura all around it. I opened it up and saw two cards: The High Priestess, and The Empress. I see The Empress smirking, inviting me to the throne she's in. The High Priestess, however, frowning.

Assuming the two cards I saw meant different chicks, you're going to have a choice in this matter and it seems that you will meet both of them in a rather mysterious (occult?) setting. If they mean the same chick, then I'm inclined to say you're the High Priestess in this picture: the Empress is a chick looking up to you and trying to seduce you, however you're not very impressed with this.

Either way, you won't be ronery for a long time, it seems.



Hexagram 50:2.4 (The Caldron) -> 52 (Keeping Still)

Am I right in saying that you parted ways with this friend because of all the shit that has been stacking up between the two of you, and it finally blew up and exploded in both your faces? There seem to be the theme of envy and jealousy, stemming from the moving lines, which caused the shift in the situation into a standstill right now. I seem to be getting the feeling that there are some feels involved in this, perhaps on your friend's side.

Well, if it's advice you're looking for.. here it is: what you should focus on this point onward is strengthening your character. Treat this as a lesson learned and experienced gained, and Keep Still- be a mountain; immovable by anything, and ground yourself. I drew a card on what you should do to move on from this all, and it was The Star in reverse. Ya need to stop feeding the negativity and dwelling on this; remember that every light casts a shadow and you can choose to focus on either the light, or the shadow. Focus on the light.



You / Her / Union Significator: Ace of Wands reversed / Ace of Pentacles / Temperance

How You / She Sees It: 9 of Swords / King of Cups

What You / She Needs: 4 of Wands / Strength reversed

Projected Outcome: Queen of Cups reversed

It seems that you had a recent brush in with her; a talk perhaps that cleared the air between the two of you. She sees you as an opportunity to move on from something that hurt her in the past, and you're full of nightmares worrying anxiously on what will happen. It seems that this cleared up a little in recent times, however.

I'm getting the feeling you're already trying to move on from her because you don't see this working out. What you need here, mate, is a distraction. A good time to make you forget all your troubles.

Unfortunately, friend.. I, too, don't see this working out. If you carry on with this, you're going to be fucked in the head by her more than you already are currently. But well, that's love, right? If you still want to try for this, I can only say one thing: if you want her to see another side of you, show her that side. Stop trying to put up a strong front, if you are.



That's a.. weird query. Well, let me scry for this.

I see a little frog jumping around anxiously. I see it bursting into flames, eyes turning red and staring at me wanting something. I stared back for some time, and it burned and turned into ashes. Right in the ashes was an ineligible note written in green ink, handwriting almost resembling that of an autowriting.

I'm not too sure what to make of this, lad. But the way I see it: the more anxious you become on finding gratification, the more it's going to burn you from the inside out. See, no chick desires a toast frog, so chill your cock.

(Pardon the language)

I pulled a card on your next romantic opportunity and received the Page of Cups. It seems that she's a creative lass and loves freedom; a "whatever happens, happens" kind of girl. She's a carefree angel at heart, and you're going to have a handful with this because she won't be easily tied down and be abide.


Will be back later to grab this.



Hi reader, thanks so much for this. To be honest I don't really know what happened but I have a feeling you are correct. I think this person had feelings for me but I didn't see that and this friend never told me so. Maybe this was the reason for the terrible argument we had, because I actually didn't understand what was going on. It's only now that I can see it. Being the mountain is exactly what I have been striving for. Great reading, keep it up.



Hmm. I read a site about psychology and dream interpretation. A frog shows lack of commitment, the fire is passion and lack of patience, the note is an important message I need to convey, and the color green is vital change for the better.

Thanks, I guess once this is done, I will find peace and be understood.






Hi, I want to know if what I consider to be my best friend actually considers me as a real friend.



can you ask him/her?

I had a person consider me as their best friend, and I came to consider him a friend, but he is on a different path than I am, and thus I don't care all too much about him, no more than a stranger, but that doesn't mean I don't care.

I'd also be frank with him if he asked me, but that's me

He teaches me to keep my ego from dismissing the mundane, that mundanes have feelings and being "high and mighty" doesn't get me anywhere, that people have a certain limit of info to absorb and will reject anything past where their ego will allow them to go.



No worries; I hope you feel better. Arguments with friends are terrible, especially when you're in the position of not knowing why it happened.


You're welcome. I hope you find the peace you seek. :^ )


Hexagram 31:4 (Influence) -> 39 (Obstruction)

The changes will mostly be societal in nature. I'm getting the feeling that you're going to have to leave behind some friends or groups you partake in when you make the move. However, this is also an opportunity for growth; ever hear of "out with the old, in with the new"? That's what's happening over here.

The fourth line of hexagram 31 is straightforward, so I'm going to copy-paste it verbatim for your interpretation:

>Perseverance brings good fortune.

>Remorse disappears.

>If a man is agitated in mind,

>And his thoughts go hither and thither,

>Only those friends

>On whom he fixes his conscious thoughts

>Will follow.

Now, we see the changes culminating in hexagram 39, Obstruction. With this, this entire reading has the theme of "moving on", in more of a social context than anything else. Hexagram 39 also speaks of seeking allies (friends) and "seeing the great man", which refers to somebody you hold in high esteem for advice.



I saw an old and wet cardboard with some markings in black ink. A man goes up to it, and tries to dry the wet cardboard by fanning it with his hands anxiously. However.. He's afraid of damaging the cardboard, so he does the fanning really slowly while kind of anxiously. Conflicted, he seems.

I get the feeling you're the man here, and the cardboard represents your relationship with your best friend. Hmm; am I right in saying that you're afraid of damaging the relationship by flat-out asking him if he does consider you a real friend?

I drew a card on him, and it was the Ace of Cups reversed. It seems that he's rather conflicted as you are, with most of his emotions regarding you bottled up inside him. Along with the scry above, I'm inclined to say something happened between the two of you that led to you thinking this.

I drew another card for your best course of action, and it was the Knight of Cups reversed. I'm going to second what >>416 said-- you should talk it out with him, however, keep your emotions in check when doing this and be realistic about your expectations on the outcome of it.

Good luck, friend.


File: 1459117312451.jpg (11.32 KB, 185x343, 185:343, ufo-05862.jpg)

I will be here doing more readings sporadically throughout the week.

If you query me, I will try to get to you as soon as I can whenever I'm available.

I require:




>a spooky picture, preferably to do with aliens

The divination method I'm using depends on your query. Let me know if you have a preference; I practice the Yijing, tarot, scrying, and to a lesser extent, runes. I will occasionally do some bibliomancy as well.


File: 1459121019099.jpg (220.49 KB, 750x1118, 375:559, 1433892168332.jpg)


I know it's dumb but it's just my D&D alias

Jack Emperor


What should my major be in college



I prefer scrying but whatever works best for you is good



I saw a circle being broken into half, and two lines forming a V shape replacing the middle of the circle. I see an abacus with orange beads, looking very strangely. A figure approaches the abacus, and smashes it open. I get the feeling you're tired of the world and status quo and wishes to do something extraordinary, perhaps world-changing.

I drew a card on this, and it was the 4 of Cups. Growing disappointment and boredom with the choices you're offered, I see; confirming what I felt above.

Seeing as a figure approached the abacus and smashed it, I don't think you'd be too comfortable in an accounting/business role. I drew another card on what you should seek to do, and it was the Knight of Pentacles-- something rigorous and methodical, I'd say, that allows you to earn a comfortable amount of money.

I recommend a creative major; something that allows you to express yourself in a manner that benefits the world. Creation. I'm thinking Computer Science and programming.


File: 1459134618739.jpg (337.17 KB, 1600x1023, 1600:1023, 01c (3).jpg)


File: 1459136345140.jpg (633.21 KB, 2592x1728, 3:2, 7d1Q74x.jpg)






I drew multiple queries today about whether someone is my soulmate, and I wondered whether the answer I got is correct, and how to get over the despair therein, aside from the obvious self-love.

I can provide the answer I got if necessary.


File: 1459136382738.jpg (220.43 KB, 1200x1190, 120:119, vRdFGSx.jpg)


File: 1459136411467.jpg (163.99 KB, 1600x911, 1600:911, nEPEBTn.jpg)


this was me as well



Thank you for the dump.

Do you mind clarifying if you are in a relationship with this person? I'm going to assume that you are from the feeling I'm getting, so:

I drew three cards: Queen of Swords, The Emperor, and The Empress in reverse. Security seems to be something you seek; the Queen of Swords seems to be what you desire to be. In this picture, The Empress is seen as being overly dependant on the father-figure, central to this read, The Emperor. I'm feeling that you are the father figure in this, and that you're feeling drained from something to do with The Empress (i.e. your supposed soulmate).

For whether the answer to your query is correct, I drew the 8 of Cups, telling me you're conflicted from this, because it offers a fork in the road and some choices you have to weigh that would result in emotional upheaval on both sides. This was the card that stood out the most among the others.

While I was shuffling my deck, the 9 of Pentacles fell out. I'm not sure what this means, but I felt this card screaming. Perhaps it's telling you to see far ahead of time instead of focusing on the now; what do you stand to gain and lose in the flow of time?

From this reading; from the Queen of Swords to the 8 of Cups, I get the feeling that you have a decision to make and time seems to be of the essence. I drew another card on your best course of action: The Hanged Man in reverse, which seems to be saying it's not a decision you should be making any time soon.

If I am wrong, I apologize and I'm willing to give another read; let me know.



Thank you for the reading

I'm intrigued by who the person I hold in high esteem could be

I suppose I'll find out soon enough



I am not in a relationship with her, nor was I, but we had a sort of close friendship, where I wanted more but didn't treat her the right way/make her treat me the right way. Then a friend of hers came in from out of town and I felt them fucking. Ripped a hole in my heart.

An akashic reader told me we had past lives together.

>I drew three cards: Queen of Swords, The Emperor, and The Empress in reverse. Security seems to be something you seek; the Queen of Swords seems to be what you desire to be. In this picture, The Empress is seen as being overly dependant on the father-figure, central to this read, The Emperor. I'm feeling that you are the father figure in this, and that you're feeling drained from something to do with The Empress (i.e. your supposed soulmate).

yeah, she wants someone to rely on, and I don't want it to be me because I've only suffered for it in the past.

I did 9 online readings which all seemed to say "yes she's your soulmate but forget it for now, and work on yourself/act as though you don't know that."

I really dislike the idea of being with her right now because of how she hurt me, though I know part of it was me being stupid. I have little idea how to act toward her right now, because I've been thrown back together with her without my wishing to be.

It makes my ego sick, and my heart and head are too new to relationships and spirituality to know what to do here, and what the loving thing to do is. I want to do that, but I don't know where self-love ends and other-love begins.

I'd rather just not talk to her for a few years; she's helped me grow, but there was too much negativity exchanged in the process, and I didn't deserve that.



>If I am wrong,

I have no idea.

> Security seems to be something you seek

yeah, I just want this to be over or to know where to go from here, but I guess? the answer is to focus on myself and ignore this person as best I can.



>I have no idea.

that's not quite true. It sounds legit for the most part, and seems to agree with what I know. I'll probably have to look into the akash for specific ways to deal with her because I don't know what to do, and I'm at the point where I need to choose whether to talk to her because she initiated contact, and we share important friends :\





I did the reading under the impression that you two are in a relationship, so I guess I goofed up a little.

>I don't know what to do, and I'm at the point where I need to choose whether to talk to her because she initiated contact, and we share important friends :\

I did another reading for you on this. I drew three cards: 8 of Swords, Ace of Cups, and The Moon, all in reverse. This is representative of your current emotional state: confusion and conflicted. I'm not going to go in details for this, because you already know, so I pulled another card for you on how best to proceed, and it was the Hanged Man.

I'm going to second this:

>forget it for now, and work on yourself/act

I can't say this any better, but it'd be in your best interests to refrain from making any moves right now and gather yourself together.


File: 1459190581143.jpeg (644.67 KB, 964x708, 241:177, aKx3w1.jpeg)

I will be doing something slightly different, if anybody's interested.

Post an image of your eyes in clear lighting, and I will do a reading on it for you.


File: 1459227728218.gif (968.47 KB, 500x293, 500:293, Watcher at the end of the ….gif)




I've been getting the answer of "just keep moving foward" when divining myself what the answer it is I'm looking for that will center my thoughts and ideas and process in life. I've extended this "process" I'm trying to find the center into many aspects of my existence and have found it very difficult to understand how it all fits together so that I can finally "know the right answer".

Yet this "just keep moving foward" is recurring. The answer may be self evident to anyone reading this, and to an extent to me, but I need a third person perspective to be able to directly give it to me straight (preferably in a very conscious manner, and not with another short and sweet snippet like "just keep moving foward" that doesnt' solve my problem).

I prefer you scry, since it's something I can't yet do and isn't part of a closed system form of divination.



I saw a red vortex swirling with energy. In the middle of it was a trident, looking devilish. I get a feeling and sense of confusion: you know what you want (the trident), but you're swamped by the vortex, unknowing how to approach it. I see the vortex growing bigger, and bigger; the trident was getting smaller.

I cast three runes on this: Tiwaz, Perthro, and Dagaz lying in opposition. It seems that you're analyzing various different paths and systems of the occult you can follow, and this isn't bringing you anywhere forward. I get the feeling you're unsure of how to move forward more than anything else; "what if I follow the wrong path that doesn't bring me and results or serve my end goals?", you may ask.

After casting the runes, I focused again and saw pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, seemingly resembling a picture of the vortex. This seems to be what you wish to do-- solving the puzzle. I drew a single card for your best course of action to this: the 2 of Cups in reverse. It seems that your best bet would be to let go of worldly ties and let yourself be absorbed in the unknown. Should you choose to follow this, I drew a single card on the projected outcome: the Knight of Wands-- deep exploration into the depths of your mind and the universe.

This all is screaming to me: Let go of your mind, and flow with the universe. Find yourself in the center of it, and the pieces will flow back to you.



Thank you very much, I'll keep my eye open for such a situation.


File: 1459322807551.jpg (20.25 KB, 640x433, 640:433, 5.gray-alien-what-we-think….jpg)


Male, Gerard

Fam, I'm all fucked up over a girl, and I can't figure her out. I thought I understood, but I have no idea. help me out? Thanks.



For you, I drew three cards: The World, The Devil, and the 10 of Wands. For her, I drew three cards, all in reverse: Ace of Wands, 7 of Cups, Queen of Pentacles. The difference between the two of you here is rather astonishing; there's a heavy difference of viewpoints and opinion leading to much imbalance. I get the feeling here some material/financial stuff is involved that leads to you feeling stressful; she seems to be demanding something from you, I think. The Devil stood out the most: it seems that you're rather tied to this chick and have no escape.

If you keep heading down this path, the outcome is embedded in the 10 of Pentacles reversed. You're going to suffer a lot, mate, mostly financially or materially. The advice here is the Ace of Cups-- find a new cup to fill your tears with; this one doesn't seem worth it and is too much of a material responsibility. How so lies in the 8 of Swords reversed; stop shutting yourself in and let others in.


>it seems that your best bet would be to let go of worldly ties and let yourself be absorbed in the unknown

How does someone let go of worldly ties and let themselves be absorbed by the unknown? I have an intuition of what you mean, but in practice I find it difficult to see how it's to be achieved.

I sincerely thank you for helping me.


Gender; female

Sign; Libra

Word describing how I feel; empty

Dies anyone see any dick in my life?


File: 1459570470576.gif (344.58 KB, 500x750, 2:3, ddaadadxz.gif)


This is meant for >>439


File: 1459963471311.jpg (19.94 KB, 300x291, 100:97, th.jpg)


Jack emperor


Will I live to see the powers that be thrown down from their throne and the world to become right again?


File: 1460149405438.jpg (12.59 KB, 640x403, 640:403, alien group.jpg)




I am unsure if I will get student funding

I left previous study due to mental health but recently returned to a new uni.

I love what I am studying and I am in the best health mentally and physically yet. I fear I will lose all this progress if I cant get funding and my ownly option left is to write an appeal and see of it's approved.

I am very uncertain of my future


any readers around?

I wanna know if I should try running away from this house. is it fate, or is it just me being dumb? is there anything destiny has in store for me from doing this?

I might be asking too many questions here, but I wanna try to be clear as possible.

I'll provide any needed info/further explanations, if required.




I've found a path. I don't know where it leads yet, but it feels right, and further divination have said I'm in an phase of unrestricted growth.

Yet somehow I still doubt myself, like I have before.

Not enough to not progress, since I finally have an open field. But enough to ask for another divination from you. It seems very counter intuitive to what it seemed like you were telling me to do. Somewhere there is something not right or something I don't understand. Which I understand now may be the point. Still, I feel you can put my anxiety to rest.



This was me, asking for further help with >>435

and >>436


File: 1460601258733.jpg (13.01 KB, 285x214, 285:214, 1460498817163.jpg)





I've got an idea on the path I'm currently going down and on the outside I'm very content with where I'm heading. However I've got a sort of uneasy feeling, as if I'm being deluded into how good the future will be. Could you potentially identify the source of the uncertainty in my future?


File: 1466318363481.png (2.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tmp_32690-1462479749331-18….png)


I hope you are still here because I need help



I am going to be moving out of my parents' house very soon. I am deeply conflicted because I so resent my parents for years of abuse. I find their values abhorrent and their influence upon me as insidious.

I do not want to hate them or hold contempt for them. They are old, and I would like to be able to be close to them for their remaining years, but I fear that doing so would inevitably and continually bring me down. Any effort toward healing and reconciliation toward them is met with only resistence.

Should I cut them out of my life?

Not 2 spoopy but I have always had an affinity for frogs.



The answer found me.

It's Love and family. They'll never be perfect, but I can Love them. With magic we can heal together. I cannot contribute to further division in our human world.

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