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File: 1453763245919.jpg (799.96 KB, 774x1000, 387:500, The Wish.jpg)

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This is the primary thread for readings.


Announce that you're doing readings, being sure to include what you need and how many you'll read.


Query diviners according to their specifications. Take a moment to make sure the given reader is still reading before requesting a reading. Air-queries are discouraged here; take those over to the Practice thread.

If you're new, please read The Sticky first

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I am looking for a reading.

Male, leo, 22.

How do I find sexual satisfaction? Do you see a likely person to have sex with me soon?

Thanks in advance.



Are you just looking for sex with anyone, or someone likeable?

Because if it's anyone, why not just cast a spell/set an intention, go out and try.

Build root chakra and keep it steady/stable, keep your energy within, but radiate calm/confident/sexual energy.

I think.



Someone likeable. Can someone give me a reading?


I will be here doing readings sporadically; if you query me I'll try to get to you as soon as I can whenever I'm available.

I require:




The divination method I'm using depends on your query but mostly it will be either the I Ching or Tarot.


I will be here doing readings sporadically; if you query me I'll try to get to you as soon as I can whenever I'm available.

I require:




The divination method I'm using depends on your query but mostly it will be either the I Ching or Tarot.



I'm a dude, and you can call me Brandon. I'm ronery, so I'd like a reading on finding a nice girl. Thanks.



Call me Three, I'm female. I'm hurting a lot after parting ways with a friend. I'm looking for advice to calm my heart, thanks.



Hi, I'd like to know what does my crush think of me and what will happen between us. Edward, Male. Thanks!





>How do I find sexual satisfaction? Do you see a likely person to have sex with me soon?

Thanks in advance.





>How will my life change if I move back to my rural hometown? Specifically, with regard to my spiritual development



For your next romantic opportunity:

I see a small yellow box floating, blue aura all around it. I opened it up and saw two cards: The High Priestess, and The Empress. I see The Empress smirking, inviting me to the throne she's in. The High Priestess, however, frowning.

Assuming the two cards I saw meant different chicks, you're going to have a choice in this matter and it seems that you will meet both of them in a rather mysterious (occult?) setting. If they mean the same chick, then I'm inclined to say you're the High Priestess in this picture: the Empress is a chick looking up to you and trying to seduce you, however you're not very impressed with this.

Either way, you won't be ronery for a long time, it seems.



Hexagram 50:2.4 (The Caldron) -> 52 (Keeping Still)

Am I right in saying that you parted ways with this friend because of all the shit that has been stacking up between the two of you, and it finally blew up and exploded in both your faces? There seem to be the theme of envy and jealousy, stemming from the moving lines, which caused the shift in the situation into a standstill right now. I seem to be getting the feeling that there are some feels involved in this, perhaps on your friend's side.

Well, if it's advice you're looking for.. here it is: what you should focus on this point onward is strengthening your character. Treat this as a lesson learned and experienced gained, and Keep Still- be a mountain; immovable by anything, and ground yourself. I drew a card on what you should do to move on from this all, and it was The Star in reverse. Ya need to stop feeding the negativity and dwelling on this; remember that every light casts a shadow and you can choose to focus on either the light, or the shadow. Focus on the light.



You / Her / Union Significator: Ace of Wands reversed / Ace of Pentacles / Temperance

How You / She Sees It: 9 of Swords / King of Cups

What You / She Needs: 4 of Wands / Strength reversed

Projected Outcome: Queen of Cups reversed

It seems that you had a recent brush in with her; a talk perhaps that cleared the air between the two of you. She sees you as an opportunity to move on from something that hurt her in the past, and you're full of nightmares worrying anxiously on what will happen. It seems that this cleared up a little in recent times, however.

I'm getting the feeling you're already trying to move on from her because you don't see this working out. What you need here, mate, is a distraction. A good time to make you forget all your troubles.

Unfortunately, friend.. I, too, don't see this working out. If you carry on with this, you're going to be fucked in the head by her more than you already are currently. But well, that's love, right? If you still want to try for this, I can only say one thing: if you want her to see another side of you, show her that side. Stop trying to put up a strong front, if you are.



That's a.. weird query. Well, let me scry for this.

I see a little frog jumping around anxiously. I see it bursting into flames, eyes turning red and staring at me wanting something. I stared back for some time, and it burned and turned into ashes. Right in the ashes was an ineligible note written in green ink, handwriting almost resembling that of an autowriting.

I'm not too sure what to make of this, lad. But the way I see it: the more anxious you become on finding gratification, the more it's going to burn you from the inside out. See, no chick desires a toast frog, so chill your cock.

(Pardon the language)

I pulled a card on your next romantic opportunity and received the Page of Cups. It seems that she's a creative lass and loves freedom; a "whatever happens, happens" kind of girl. She's a carefree angel at heart, and you're going to have a handful with this because she won't be easily tied down and be abide.


Will be back later to grab this.



Hi reader, thanks so much for this. To be honest I don't really know what happened but I have a feeling you are correct. I think this person had feelings for me but I didn't see that and this friend never told me so. Maybe this was the reason for the terrible argument we had, because I actually didn't understand what was going on. It's only now that I can see it. Being the mountain is exactly what I have been striving for. Great reading, keep it up.



Hmm. I read a site about psychology and dream interpretation. A frog shows lack of commitment, the fire is passion and lack of patience, the note is an important message I need to convey, and the color green is vital change for the better.

Thanks, I guess once this is done, I will find peace and be understood.






Hi, I want to know if what I consider to be my best friend actually considers me as a real friend.



can you ask him/her?

I had a person consider me as their best friend, and I came to consider him a friend, but he is on a different path than I am, and thus I don't care all too much about him, no more than a stranger, but that doesn't mean I don't care.

I'd also be frank with him if he asked me, but that's me

He teaches me to keep my ego from dismissing the mundane, that mundanes have feelings and being "high and mighty" doesn't get me anywhere, that people have a certain limit of info to absorb and will reject anything past where their ego will allow them to go.



No worries; I hope you feel better. Arguments with friends are terrible, especially when you're in the position of not knowing why it happened.


You're welcome. I hope you find the peace you seek. :^ )


Hexagram 31:4 (Influence) -> 39 (Obstruction)

The changes will mostly be societal in nature. I'm getting the feeling that you're going to have to leave behind some friends or groups you partake in when you make the move. However, this is also an opportunity for growth; ever hear of "out with the old, in with the new"? That's what's happening over here.

The fourth line of hexagram 31 is straightforward, so I'm going to copy-paste it verbatim for your interpretation:

>Perseverance brings good fortune.

>Remorse disappears.

>If a man is agitated in mind,

>And his thoughts go hither and thither,

>Only those friends

>On whom he fixes his conscious thoughts

>Will follow.

Now, we see the changes culminating in hexagram 39, Obstruction. With this, this entire reading has the theme of "moving on", in more of a social context than anything else. Hexagram 39 also speaks of seeking allies (friends) and "seeing the great man", which refers to somebody you hold in high esteem for advice.



I saw an old and wet cardboard with some markings in black ink. A man goes up to it, and tries to dry the wet cardboard by fanning it with his hands anxiously. However.. He's afraid of damaging the cardboard, so he does the fanning really slowly while kind of anxiously. Conflicted, he seems.

I get the feeling you're the man here, and the cardboard represents your relationship with your best friend. Hmm; am I right in saying that you're afraid of damaging the relationship by flat-out asking him if he does consider you a real friend?

I drew a card on him, and it was the Ace of Cups reversed. It seems that he's rather conflicted as you are, with most of his emotions regarding you bottled up inside him. Along with the scry above, I'm inclined to say something happened between the two of you that led to you thinking this.

I drew another card for your best course of action, and it was the Knight of Cups reversed. I'm going to second what >>416 said-- you should talk it out with him, however, keep your emotions in check when doing this and be realistic about your expectations on the outcome of it.

Good luck, friend.


File: 1459117312451.jpg (11.32 KB, 185x343, 185:343, ufo-05862.jpg)

I will be here doing more readings sporadically throughout the week.

If you query me, I will try to get to you as soon as I can whenever I'm available.

I require:




>a spooky picture, preferably to do with aliens

The divination method I'm using depends on your query. Let me know if you have a preference; I practice the Yijing, tarot, scrying, and to a lesser extent, runes. I will occasionally do some bibliomancy as well.


File: 1459121019099.jpg (220.49 KB, 750x1118, 375:559, 1433892168332.jpg)


I know it's dumb but it's just my D&D alias

Jack Emperor


What should my major be in college



I prefer scrying but whatever works best for you is good



I saw a circle being broken into half, and two lines forming a V shape replacing the middle of the circle. I see an abacus with orange beads, looking very strangely. A figure approaches the abacus, and smashes it open. I get the feeling you're tired of the world and status quo and wishes to do something extraordinary, perhaps world-changing.

I drew a card on this, and it was the 4 of Cups. Growing disappointment and boredom with the choices you're offered, I see; confirming what I felt above.

Seeing as a figure approached the abacus and smashed it, I don't think you'd be too comfortable in an accounting/business role. I drew another card on what you should seek to do, and it was the Knight of Pentacles-- something rigorous and methodical, I'd say, that allows you to earn a comfortable amount of money.

I recommend a creative major; something that allows you to express yourself in a manner that benefits the world. Creation. I'm thinking Computer Science and programming.


File: 1459134618739.jpg (337.17 KB, 1600x1023, 1600:1023, 01c (3).jpg)


File: 1459136345140.jpg (633.21 KB, 2592x1728, 3:2, 7d1Q74x.jpg)






I drew multiple queries today about whether someone is my soulmate, and I wondered whether the answer I got is correct, and how to get over the despair therein, aside from the obvious self-love.

I can provide the answer I got if necessary.


File: 1459136382738.jpg (220.43 KB, 1200x1190, 120:119, vRdFGSx.jpg)


File: 1459136411467.jpg (163.99 KB, 1600x911, 1600:911, nEPEBTn.jpg)


this was me as well



Thank you for the dump.

Do you mind clarifying if you are in a relationship with this person? I'm going to assume that you are from the feeling I'm getting, so:

I drew three cards: Queen of Swords, The Emperor, and The Empress in reverse. Security seems to be something you seek; the Queen of Swords seems to be what you desire to be. In this picture, The Empress is seen as being overly dependant on the father-figure, central to this read, The Emperor. I'm feeling that you are the father figure in this, and that you're feeling drained from something to do with The Empress (i.e. your supposed soulmate).

For whether the answer to your query is correct, I drew the 8 of Cups, telling me you're conflicted from this, because it offers a fork in the road and some choices you have to weigh that would result in emotional upheaval on both sides. This was the card that stood out the most among the others.

While I was shuffling my deck, the 9 of Pentacles fell out. I'm not sure what this means, but I felt this card screaming. Perhaps it's telling you to see far ahead of time instead of focusing on the now; what do you stand to gain and lose in the flow of time?

From this reading; from the Queen of Swords to the 8 of Cups, I get the feeling that you have a decision to make and time seems to be of the essence. I drew another card on your best course of action: The Hanged Man in reverse, which seems to be saying it's not a decision you should be making any time soon.

If I am wrong, I apologize and I'm willing to give another read; let me know.



Thank you for the reading

I'm intrigued by who the person I hold in high esteem could be

I suppose I'll find out soon enough



I am not in a relationship with her, nor was I, but we had a sort of close friendship, where I wanted more but didn't treat her the right way/make her treat me the right way. Then a friend of hers came in from out of town and I felt them fucking. Ripped a hole in my heart.

An akashic reader told me we had past lives together.

>I drew three cards: Queen of Swords, The Emperor, and The Empress in reverse. Security seems to be something you seek; the Queen of Swords seems to be what you desire to be. In this picture, The Empress is seen as being overly dependant on the father-figure, central to this read, The Emperor. I'm feeling that you are the father figure in this, and that you're feeling drained from something to do with The Empress (i.e. your supposed soulmate).

yeah, she wants someone to rely on, and I don't want it to be me because I've only suffered for it in the past.

I did 9 online readings which all seemed to say "yes she's your soulmate but forget it for now, and work on yourself/act as though you don't know that."

I really dislike the idea of being with her right now because of how she hurt me, though I know part of it was me being stupid. I have little idea how to act toward her right now, because I've been thrown back together with her without my wishing to be.

It makes my ego sick, and my heart and head are too new to relationships and spirituality to know what to do here, and what the loving thing to do is. I want to do that, but I don't know where self-love ends and other-love begins.

I'd rather just not talk to her for a few years; she's helped me grow, but there was too much negativity exchanged in the process, and I didn't deserve that.



>If I am wrong,

I have no idea.

> Security seems to be something you seek

yeah, I just want this to be over or to know where to go from here, but I guess? the answer is to focus on myself and ignore this person as best I can.



>I have no idea.

that's not quite true. It sounds legit for the most part, and seems to agree with what I know. I'll probably have to look into the akash for specific ways to deal with her because I don't know what to do, and I'm at the point where I need to choose whether to talk to her because she initiated contact, and we share important friends :\





I did the reading under the impression that you two are in a relationship, so I guess I goofed up a little.

>I don't know what to do, and I'm at the point where I need to choose whether to talk to her because she initiated contact, and we share important friends :\

I did another reading for you on this. I drew three cards: 8 of Swords, Ace of Cups, and The Moon, all in reverse. This is representative of your current emotional state: confusion and conflicted. I'm not going to go in details for this, because you already know, so I pulled another card for you on how best to proceed, and it was the Hanged Man.

I'm going to second this:

>forget it for now, and work on yourself/act

I can't say this any better, but it'd be in your best interests to refrain from making any moves right now and gather yourself together.


File: 1459190581143.jpeg (644.67 KB, 964x708, 241:177, aKx3w1.jpeg)

I will be doing something slightly different, if anybody's interested.

Post an image of your eyes in clear lighting, and I will do a reading on it for you.


File: 1459227728218.gif (968.47 KB, 500x293, 500:293, Watcher at the end of the ….gif)




I've been getting the answer of "just keep moving foward" when divining myself what the answer it is I'm looking for that will center my thoughts and ideas and process in life. I've extended this "process" I'm trying to find the center into many aspects of my existence and have found it very difficult to understand how it all fits together so that I can finally "know the right answer".

Yet this "just keep moving foward" is recurring. The answer may be self evident to anyone reading this, and to an extent to me, but I need a third person perspective to be able to directly give it to me straight (preferably in a very conscious manner, and not with another short and sweet snippet like "just keep moving foward" that doesnt' solve my problem).

I prefer you scry, since it's something I can't yet do and isn't part of a closed system form of divination.



I saw a red vortex swirling with energy. In the middle of it was a trident, looking devilish. I get a feeling and sense of confusion: you know what you want (the trident), but you're swamped by the vortex, unknowing how to approach it. I see the vortex growing bigger, and bigger; the trident was getting smaller.

I cast three runes on this: Tiwaz, Perthro, and Dagaz lying in opposition. It seems that you're analyzing various different paths and systems of the occult you can follow, and this isn't bringing you anywhere forward. I get the feeling you're unsure of how to move forward more than anything else; "what if I follow the wrong path that doesn't bring me and results or serve my end goals?", you may ask.

After casting the runes, I focused again and saw pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, seemingly resembling a picture of the vortex. This seems to be what you wish to do-- solving the puzzle. I drew a single card for your best course of action to this: the 2 of Cups in reverse. It seems that your best bet would be to let go of worldly ties and let yourself be absorbed in the unknown. Should you choose to follow this, I drew a single card on the projected outcome: the Knight of Wands-- deep exploration into the depths of your mind and the universe.

This all is screaming to me: Let go of your mind, and flow with the universe. Find yourself in the center of it, and the pieces will flow back to you.



Thank you very much, I'll keep my eye open for such a situation.


File: 1459322807551.jpg (20.25 KB, 640x433, 640:433, 5.gray-alien-what-we-think….jpg)


Male, Gerard

Fam, I'm all fucked up over a girl, and I can't figure her out. I thought I understood, but I have no idea. help me out? Thanks.



For you, I drew three cards: The World, The Devil, and the 10 of Wands. For her, I drew three cards, all in reverse: Ace of Wands, 7 of Cups, Queen of Pentacles. The difference between the two of you here is rather astonishing; there's a heavy difference of viewpoints and opinion leading to much imbalance. I get the feeling here some material/financial stuff is involved that leads to you feeling stressful; she seems to be demanding something from you, I think. The Devil stood out the most: it seems that you're rather tied to this chick and have no escape.

If you keep heading down this path, the outcome is embedded in the 10 of Pentacles reversed. You're going to suffer a lot, mate, mostly financially or materially. The advice here is the Ace of Cups-- find a new cup to fill your tears with; this one doesn't seem worth it and is too much of a material responsibility. How so lies in the 8 of Swords reversed; stop shutting yourself in and let others in.


>it seems that your best bet would be to let go of worldly ties and let yourself be absorbed in the unknown

How does someone let go of worldly ties and let themselves be absorbed by the unknown? I have an intuition of what you mean, but in practice I find it difficult to see how it's to be achieved.

I sincerely thank you for helping me.


Gender; female

Sign; Libra

Word describing how I feel; empty

Dies anyone see any dick in my life?


File: 1459570470576.gif (344.58 KB, 500x750, 2:3, ddaadadxz.gif)


This is meant for >>439


File: 1459963471311.jpg (19.94 KB, 300x291, 100:97, th.jpg)


Jack emperor


Will I live to see the powers that be thrown down from their throne and the world to become right again?


File: 1460149405438.jpg (12.59 KB, 640x403, 640:403, alien group.jpg)




I am unsure if I will get student funding

I left previous study due to mental health but recently returned to a new uni.

I love what I am studying and I am in the best health mentally and physically yet. I fear I will lose all this progress if I cant get funding and my ownly option left is to write an appeal and see of it's approved.

I am very uncertain of my future


any readers around?

I wanna know if I should try running away from this house. is it fate, or is it just me being dumb? is there anything destiny has in store for me from doing this?

I might be asking too many questions here, but I wanna try to be clear as possible.

I'll provide any needed info/further explanations, if required.




I've found a path. I don't know where it leads yet, but it feels right, and further divination have said I'm in an phase of unrestricted growth.

Yet somehow I still doubt myself, like I have before.

Not enough to not progress, since I finally have an open field. But enough to ask for another divination from you. It seems very counter intuitive to what it seemed like you were telling me to do. Somewhere there is something not right or something I don't understand. Which I understand now may be the point. Still, I feel you can put my anxiety to rest.



This was me, asking for further help with >>435

and >>436


File: 1460601258733.jpg (13.01 KB, 285x214, 285:214, 1460498817163.jpg)





I've got an idea on the path I'm currently going down and on the outside I'm very content with where I'm heading. However I've got a sort of uneasy feeling, as if I'm being deluded into how good the future will be. Could you potentially identify the source of the uncertainty in my future?


File: 1466318363481.png (2.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tmp_32690-1462479749331-18….png)


I hope you are still here because I need help



I am going to be moving out of my parents' house very soon. I am deeply conflicted because I so resent my parents for years of abuse. I find their values abhorrent and their influence upon me as insidious.

I do not want to hate them or hold contempt for them. They are old, and I would like to be able to be close to them for their remaining years, but I fear that doing so would inevitably and continually bring me down. Any effort toward healing and reconciliation toward them is met with only resistence.

Should I cut them out of my life?

Not 2 spoopy but I have always had an affinity for frogs.



The answer found me.

It's Love and family. They'll never be perfect, but I can Love them. With magic we can heal together. I cannot contribute to further division in our human world.

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