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Having spent a couple of years working with my own system, and having possibly the most marked results in the mundane world -- I believe I have more or less completed the foundation of my work, it being a neo-pythagorean system of 10 numbers assigned to word, and manifesting in symbols.

With it I read hieroglyphs, create ancient spells, predict the future and determine actuality.

Interested, guys? I'd be happy to expound on it.




One prompt is all I need.

The system is designed to be reflective of universal symbology. Words are bound to the basic system of 1-9 numbers, with consecutive digits being added together to form one number, similar to Kaballah, and 0 functions as a portal number.

1 - Ideos

2 - Form

3 - Network

4 - Arrangement

5 - Being

6 - Animal

7 - Luck

8 - Infinity

9 - Exceeding

For a quick example, 10 becomes one and zero, the numbers together as '10' symbolically would be the ideos and the portal, and to use some imagery, the dove and the threshold together here would be accurate, as would other reflective arrangements. In this way you can transmute 10 into the world, and naturally (also more relevantly) be able to do the reverse, which ironically would be best symbolised as 11.

I'll get deeper over the next few days, for now I will expound on the temporal theory of the system. Essentially all events within ones stream of conscience and interaction (one and the same, but remember where we are) can be interpreted as a receding function trying to make sense of, and eventually reflect the original 1. The 1 precedes everything, yet completes everything. It can be seen as a transcendent which holds the occurring, your day five minutes after you wake up would look something like binary attempting to trap hexadecimal.

Am I making sense?

Also, forgot trip.









why did you stop?

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