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File: 1469204198200.jpg (142.07 KB, 500x833, 500:833, ace-of-pentacles.jpg)


>Do you trust people

>your partner?


>Who do you trust and why?


Habit, it really is just easier to trust people when they do not seem to want to kill you. It can also be that what you get of them is worth more then the risk, such as a girl you has sex with you but also makes you feel like shit.


I trust people in general to not harm me, for the most part.

Why? Because my intuition takes me out of bad situations.

Aside from that. I don't have a partner but I know I could trust mine because the psychic connection between me and the last person I liked made me feel when she intimate with others. So it's not like they could hide much from me.

Myself? Hm.

I do for the most part. I trust me to get things done eventually and be reliable enough. I don't yet trust me to be everything I want to be superfast tho.


File: 1469319059155.png (385.71 KB, 580x370, 58:37, k-werk.png)

I trust Kraftwerk to do the right thing.


>only the trustworthy

>why else would you call them a partner?

>only when i'm not depressed

those who are reliable and not ill-willed



holy shit, what deck is that?


myself and no do not trust people


I trust everyone.

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