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/div/ - Divination

For readings and discussion of theory/practice of divination.


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This board is dedicated to the discussion of theory and practice of divination. Feel free to start a new thread for any discussions -about divination- you’d like to have.

Please see the following two posts for the FAQs and Rules



What is this place?

/div/, also known as Divination, is a board for the practice and discussion of divination. In addition to being a place of guidance and discussion, it is also a place of learning.

Divination? What's that?

We define divination as a practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. It can also help to provide insight into past and present situations, and what to do from there.

What, so you can all tell the future?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. This is a discussion topic all its own, but most of us are of the opinion that you can still change your fate through action. To put this very simply, a future reading gives you an idea of where you're currently headed based on current trends in your life. At any time, you could throw a monkey wrench in this, though. If, for example, you get an accurate reading showing a positive direction in your relationship, and you suddenly decide to cheat... well, you changed your fate, and a subsequent accurate reading would likely come out different.

Some Terms to Know:

Diviner: someone who practices divination

Reader: the person(s) doing the readings

Querent: the person(s) asking for a reading

Query: the post where you ask for a reading

Air-query: a query that is not directed towards a specific reader

For Querents

How do I get a reading?

Lurk the threads. When a reader announces that they are doing readings, query the reader according to his or her guidelines. If a reader is telling you that he or she will do x amount of readings and requires a given set of information, provide the requested information if you would like a reading, and try to link the reader's announcement post to make sure you're noticed. You should preferably try to see if said reader is still doing readings before querying; it only takes you an extra 30 seconds or so.

What if nobody is doing readings right now?

Well, you're unlikely to have your query answered if you post it. Just posting in the thread without querying a reader directly is what I like to call “air-querying,” as you are querying the wind. Some readers actually like taking these, but most do not; most readers only take private queues. If you air-query, it's a crapshoot, and you shouldn't count on getting a reading. Air queries are highly discouraged in the Readings General thread, but you can post them in the Practice General thread. They may or may not be answered, as that thread is for readers looking to practice, and they may or may not want to do a certain type of reading.

What should I do to make sure I get the most out of a reading?

Lurk a bit and learn about the different readers. There are different levels of skill and experience represented in these threads, and some readers will be able to connect with and advise you better than others. I've gotten brilliant readings from both novice and experienced readers; not everyone is the same. When you want a reading from a specific reader, follow their guidelines as best you can, and make sure to phrase your query well.

Everyone wants different info, WTF!?!

Yes, all readers are individuals, and we all connect differently. In our time doing readings, we've all discovered what works best for us (or some are still working on discovering that), so we will tell you what we need in order to connect to you. We are not being nitpicky divas; we are simply telling you what we need in order to read well for you. Why would we bother reading for you if we can't actually help you?

Why won't [reader] read my query?

Well, there are a variety of possible reasons. If you, for example, phrased your query poorly, you shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't get answered. If you ask for a reading that said reader won't read, you're not likely to get it. Some readers won't read generals, some readers won't read love, and some readers won't read death, etc. Respect their wishes, and query something that they'll answer or query someone else.

I posted every @#$%&! day, but I haven't gotten a reading!!!

Sometimes you query a reader directly, and they already have a full queue. Well, there's always an element of luck involved; sorry, that's how it goes.


Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. Let's tackle the obvious first: if you're air-querying or too late in a queue, you didn't get skipped, it just didn't work out for you. If you are in an individual reader's queue, and you still got skipped, let's examine this:

>Did you follow the reader's guidelines?

>Did you link the reader's post?

>Did you get there in time?

>Were queries posted after yours read??

If you have answered yes to all of these, then AND ONLY THEN did you get skipped. First, consider how you phrased your query. If you did the best you could, well...sorry, sometimes the fates won't lend themselves too well to you. Shit happens, basically.

That reading was inaccurate!

That happens sometimes. As previously mentioned, there are different levels of skill and experience represented in these threads. Some readers have years of experience, and some are barely doing their first readings or otherwise practicing. We welcome everyone here, so you might be read by an inexperienced reader sometimes. Not every reader will give you perfectly accurate readings, and some can connect better to you than others. We're all individuals here, remember. In addition to being individuals, we're also human; no reader, no matter how skilled or experienced, gives accurate readings 100% of the time.

That reading made me sad / shit sucks / fuck my life.

Sometimes you're on a bad path. If you get a negative reading, try to take it as a warning, a sign of how things are currently going. The future is always in flux, and you can always change your luck. Forewarned is forearmed.

Give feedback.

We readers love getting feedback for our readings, as we want to know that we're reading accurately. Sometimes we're a little off, no matter how experienced. Feedback is also critical to helping those who are still learning.

For Diviners/Readers

I want to give readings. Where should I do them?

We have two threads: Readings General and Practice General. Anyone is welcome in both, but Practice General is specifically geared towards inexperienced readers looking to practice. You can post your announcement, or just pick up air-queries.

I'm interested in divination. Where can I learn more?

Wonderful! Feel free to ask questions in any of the active discussion threads or ask readers directly. If you feel confused, feel free to start a new thread and ask your questions there. We'll be working on a guide section as the community grows.

If you're new,

Hello and welcome! We love to have you here and reading! If you're just wetting your cards (or whatever you read) for the first time, just say you're inexperienced, but you'll still find a few queries, I can almost promise you. Let go of your fear and feel free to do some readings in the Practice General. All are welcome.



Be good to each other.

As simple as this may seem, it is truly the most important rule of all. Some lurk these threads out of interest in divination, but many come here looking for readings. Think about how you feel when you can't figure something out by mundane means and feel desperate for a reading. A lot of others feel the same way as you do. Before you let off a bit of steam on someone else in the thread, consider that you're both in the same boat. Be good to each other.

Promote a positive atmosphere and keep whining to a minimum.

We get it, you're in a rough spot and you really feel the need for some guidance, but it doesn't help to whine about your inability to get a reading on your own timeline. This sort of behavior is actually detrimental and self-defeating, as it harshes the vibe of the thread and actually scares readers away. Diviners are intuitive individuals and often somewhat empathic as well. If you were inclined to offer some guidance at the end of a rough day, but you find that the place has a really negative vibe, would you bother to give your time in such a situation? If you have an idea for improving the thread, voice it, by all means. Simply saying “these threads suck nowadays” is unproductive and detrimental. Promote a positive atmosphere.

All Global Rules Apply

See http://fringechan.org/fringe/rules.html

Do not Post NSFW images

You'd be surprised how distracting porn can be when you're trying to give a reading.

For Querents

Dishonest queries get dishonest readings.

If you bullshit the reader, you'll likely get a bullshit reading. Simple, right?

Do not start a new thread asking for a reading.

Query the readers in the Readings General thread or post in the Practice General.

For Diviners/Readers

Be clear in your requirements.

Be 100% clear in what you need from querents in order to read from them. If you need to see an entire astrological chart, a full name, a location, and a song, TELL THEM. Nobody will give you good queries if you don't tell them what you need.

Tell them what you won't read.

You're not down to read generals, love, death, whatever? Fine, just make it clear that you won't do __ type of readings. If you make it clear, you're in the clear as well. If you don't tell them that you won't read love, for example, don't be surprised if you receive a mess of queries asking you romantic questions about some girl or some guy.

Announce your limits.

If you're only going to do three readings, announce it in your initial post. If you're going to read for 5 hours, tell them. If you're inexperienced and don't know how long you can read before getting tired (that's fine), tell them. Let the querents know what's up if you read for them. If you're taking a queue of 20 queries and you only read for 5...well, you know how that looks, right?

Share your spread.

This is a suggestion, rather than a rule, but it's highly suggested that you state which cards/runes/stones/whateveryouuse you got. Why?

>Some querents are also readers, and knowing your spread might help them gain additional insight into the situation. You can also get better feedback if you do this.

>More than just a place for readings, this is also a place of learning: novice readers often look at the readings more experienced readers give, and knowing the spread can help them learn better.

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