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The Sticky

This board is dedicated to the discussion of theory and practice of divination. Feel free to start a new thread for any discussions -about divination- you’d like to have.

Please see the following two posts for the FAQs and Rules

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How You Got Started

For the diviners here, I'm curious as to how you got started. Was there a significant experience you had that made you interested? I'm sure s couple of you have some good stories.

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>Do you trust people

>your partner?


>Who do you trust and why?

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Universal Numerology

Having spent a couple of years working with my own system, and having possibly the most marked results in the mundane world -- I believe I have more or less completed the foundation of my work, it being a neo-pythagorean system of 10 numbers assigned to word, and manifesting in symbols.

With it I read hieroglyphs, create ancient spells, predict the future and determine actuality.

Interested, guys? I'd be happy to expound on it.

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Practice Thread

This is the thread for practicing


You can post air-queries here for readers to practice. Please note that feedback is crucial for the readers to improve.

Readers here will not take readings in order, and they will read whatever they want to practice on.


Pick up any queries you like; this thread is for practicing.

If you're new, please read The Sticky first

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Has anyone by any chance attempted to use Hanafuda cards as a method of divination?

As a child I used to predict future using regular playing cards (my grandma has taught me the method) with quite high success ratio considering me being so careless about it, but I lost interest in it after her death. Now with the whole rise of meme magic I consider getting back to the business with more serious approach.

I've thought about using tarot this time, but the hanafuda cards have more appeal to me and that's probably quite important when it comes to magic. It's basically a deck of Japanese playing cards with floral themes (and they all have some poetic meaning to them).

I didn't have much luck finding any specific info on using them for divination, it's mostly about gambling. Nonetheless, according to my understanding all tools including basic archetypes are suitable.

Is it worth a try or should I rather stick to tarot as a beginner? Any recommendations when it comes to using hanafuda?

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Could someone harvest the power of perception with an augmentation of reality? or a virtual reality that mimicked a place in real life but with an augmented theme layered over it.

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Readings Thread

This is the primary thread for readings.


Announce that you're doing readings, being sure to include what you need and how many you'll read.


Query diviners according to their specifications. Take a moment to make sure the given reader is still reading before requesting a reading. Air-queries are discouraged here; take those over to the Practice thread.

If you're new, please read The Sticky first

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Here's a thread in /library/ with books on tarot cards & tarot reading


Hopefully it'll be of use

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I got a deck of Tarot Cards, what do I do with them?

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Readings of your "energy signature"

This was requested in the questions thread, so I'll open a possibility for it, even if my time for this will be limited. Expect no more than 2 - 4 readings done by me weekly.

What this is:

>I will ask you to provide some personal information, including a photo, a picture of your hand will do, you may add a time stamp to show the pic was taken for this purpose.

>Because this takes focus and time, it will only be offered for those who need it most - maybe you have an urgent or very troubling situation you need to get a perspective on.

>If your request gets picked up for reading, you will give some feedback. Did it help you? Do you feel the description is completely off? Or was something very correct? Information like this will help me interpret what I see and I can do better readings later.

What this thread is NOT for:

>Reading your future. I see something of your present, that is all.

>Readings for fun. Things of little importance will not show up in your signature, so this can not be used for leisure.

Anyone who understands the meaning of reading someone's energy signature may contribute by taking their own requests, just make sure it's clear you are a different person.

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Tarot Decks

What's your deck of choice /div/? I have started to get into tarot and have had pretty good results with the Mary Hanson-Roberts deck. It's similiar to the Rider-Waite, but with a more "approachable" art style. Also all the court cards are still white...unlike the degenerate Morgan-Greer...

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naturally seeing into the future will leave you with the issue of being able to avoid certain things...

i think a lot of people argue about this thinking if they see something it is bound to happen

i'd like to talk about the alternate futures we can tap into

i think it would be foolish to think there is one possible future, i think this is true to a point

but i think that speculating into certain areas will allow one to divine and create a future of their own

i don't think that this is true divination but if you can look into multiple possibilities with accuracy i think you've mastered the ability to see into the future as you aren't just seeing one possibility you are seeing many and being able to discern the route in which to guide yourself or others into accomplishing this

naturally i would say that as you do this from the nature of things you may also be causing a butterfly effect


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Tarot does not real

Daily reminder tarot is JUST AN (FUCKING) ITALIAN CARD GAME.



Muh bluebull bullcrap, it's very easy to spread it.

PS. Foretelling-related charlatanry is generally something Gypsies are associated with in 2nd world Eastern Europe ;). Be proud of your race you cucks and don't fall as low as them, Indian r(ape)efugee rogues and thieves.

PS2. Check "Meditations on the Tarot", nothing of your "clairvoyant" shit tho.

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I'm trying to do a ritual using crystal grids, 2c-b, psilocybin mushrooms, possibly chaga tincture, multiple cleansing agents (himalayan salt lamp, burning sage, crystal bowl), some sort of fresh vegetation or plant, burning aromatic incense, mirrors, and a crystal wand. The intent of this is to somehow alter reality to have life like I want it in 10 years, including retrieving a former lover.

I'm going to set everything up and take the substances and attempt to astral project. I am than going to try to use the crystal wand in the astral realm to activate the grid and create a vortex with a set intention. I am than going to go into this vortex in the astral state and see what happens.

Any advice? anyone ever try anything like this here before?

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Messalu hu Rao.

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Methods of Divination and their Uses

I feel tarot/oracle cards are too closed-loop, and wonder what a better way of divination is.

By which I mean, I got an akashic reading today that told me I had past lives with a woman I wanted and that it won't end well if we get together because she's unstable/untrustworthy.

It seems tarot or oracle cards is an "easier" way to get into this type of thing, but that other methods of divination are "more effective" or at least can tell you "hey buddy that's a bad idea because this and that" reliably.

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>an entire board for this

Why do you need an entire board for all this?

Can't you just keep it all in one thread on /fringe/?

>inb4 someone divines something about me from this post