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File: 1453762012356.jpg (63.22 KB, 439x501, 439:501, 16331429.jpg)


This board is dedicated to the discussion of theory and practice of divination. Feel free to start a new thread for any discussions -about divination- you’d like to have.

Please see the following two posts for the FAQs and Rules

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Be good to each other.

As simple as this may seem, it is truly the most important rule of all. Some lurk these threads out of interest in divination, but many come here looking for readings. Think about how you feel when you can't figure something out by mundane means and feel desperate for a reading. A lot of others feel the same way as you do. Before you let off a bit of steam on someone else in the thread, consider that you're both in the same boat. Be good to each other.

Promote a positive atmosphere and keep whining to a minimum.

We get it, you're in a rough spot and you really feel the need for some guidance, but it doesn't help to whine about your inability to get a reading on your own timeline. This sort of behavior is actually detrimental and self-defeating, as it harshes the vibe of the thread and actually scares readers away. Diviners are intuitive individuals and often somewhat empathic as well. If you were inclined to offer some guidance at the end of a rough day, but you find that the place has a really negative vibe, would you bother to give your time in such a situation? If you have an idea for improving the thread, voice it, by all means. Simply saying “these threads suck nowadays” is unproductive and detrimental. Promote a positive atmosphere.

All Global Rules Apply

See http://fringechan.org/fringe/rules.html

Do not Post NSFW images

You'd be surprised how distracting porn can be when you're trying to give a reading.

For Querents

Dishonest queries get dishonest readings.

If you bullshit the rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1454161313647.jpg (155.02 KB, 480x720, 2:3, 16726752.jpg)


For the diviners here, I'm curious as to how you got started. Was there a significant experience you had that made you interested? I'm sure s couple of you have some good stories.

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When I turned 19, I had a strong urge to use tarot cards. I am still 19. When I received the cards, I opened them up and asked my guides to protect me. As soon as I touched the deck, this intense energy filled the room. The energy moved inside of me, and I felt really happy the rest of the day. Since then, I have seen multiple orbs including one light blue orb that said my name, I have seen an apparition of a man with medium length blonde hair and a tan leather vest walk by a doorway, I have seen black Crescent shapes in my peripheral vision, and when I walk towards them my hair stands up and I feel static.

Really, touching the tarot cards seemed to unlock a psychic gift and make me more sensitive to the spirit word. I used to always hear random clips of conversations deep in my mind, but now they tend to be close to full sentences. Like one voice asked me "Can I talk to you for a moment?" I spoke out loud and said "yes," but nothing seemed to happen. I did see a "disturbance" by the door next to me though. Almost like the light was blocked out for a second.

I've also had numerous sleep paralysis episodes, and I have had a few OBEs. I have also seen a dark shape move across a hallway from the corner of my eye. Hopefully this board can help me. This gift seems amazing. Anyway, this is how I started to really get interested in tarot.



I started reading cards when I was 13, in middle school.

I was on a family vacation in Montreal and I bought a set of cards. I still have them today. I still use them each day, over 40 years later.

I seldom do readings for friends and only if I really know and trust them.

My wife is a witch, we married late in life. We are solemates.

One our first real roadtrip weekend we went to New Orleans. We had our cards read by an old woman in the square by the Cafe du Monde.

She told us we were made for each other. She was right.



>My wife is a witch, we married late in life. We are solemates.

>One our first real roadtrip weekend we went to New Orleans. We had our cards read by an old woman in the square by the Cafe du Monde.

>She told us we were made for each other. She was right.


That's sweet.



Thank you.


Recently picked up my first deck (Rider-Waite) and I read somewhere, it may have even been somewhere on this board, that it is suggested to get your deck 'blessed' before use but with no mention of any specific methods of doing so. Can anyone elaborate? Thanks.

File: 1469204198200.jpg (142.07 KB, 500x833, 500:833, ace-of-pentacles.jpg)


>Do you trust people

>your partner?


>Who do you trust and why?

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File: 1469319059155.png (385.71 KB, 580x370, 58:37, k-werk.png)

I trust Kraftwerk to do the right thing.


>only the trustworthy

>why else would you call them a partner?

>only when i'm not depressed

those who are reliable and not ill-willed



holy shit, what deck is that?


myself and no do not trust people


I trust everyone.

File: 1472209772977.jpg (68.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_mn4ozjx69h1srk3vmo1….jpg)


Having spent a couple of years working with my own system, and having possibly the most marked results in the mundane world -- I believe I have more or less completed the foundation of my work, it being a neo-pythagorean system of 10 numbers assigned to word, and manifesting in symbols.

With it I read hieroglyphs, create ancient spells, predict the future and determine actuality.

Interested, guys? I'd be happy to expound on it.




One prompt is all I need.

The system is designed to be reflective of universal symbology. Words are bound to the basic system of 1-9 numbers, with consecutive digits being added together to form one number, similar to Kaballah, and 0 functions as a portal number.

1 - Ideos

2 - Form

3 - Network

4 - Arrangement

5 - Being

6 - Animal

7 - Luck

8 - Infinity

9 - Exceeding

For a quick example, 10 becomes one and zero, the numbers together as '10' symbolically would be the ideos and the portal, and to use some imagery, the dove and the threshold together here would be accurate, as would other reflective arrangements. In this way you can transmute 10 into the world, and naturally (also more relevantly) be able to do the reverse, which ironically would be best symbolised as 11.

I'll get deeper over the next few days, for now I will expound on the temporal theory of the system. Essentially all events within ones stream of conscience and interaction (one and the same, but remember where we are) can be interpreted as a receding function trying to make sense of, and eventually reflect the original 1. The 1 precedes everything, yet completes everything. It can be seen as a transcendent which holds the occurring, your day five minutes after you wake up would look something like binary attempting to trap hexadecimal.

Am I making sense?

Also, forgot trip.









why did you stop?

File: 1453763525983.jpg (6.02 MB, 3673x4590, 3673:4590, Edouard_Bisson_Frage_an_di….jpg)

 No.8[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is the thread for practicing


You can post air-queries here for readers to practice. Please note that feedback is crucial for the readers to improve.

Readers here will not take readings in order, and they will read whatever they want to practice on.


Pick up any queries you like; this thread is for practicing.

If you're new, please read The Sticky first

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Will I become financially independent by the end of the year? If not, when? A general reading would be nice too.

>A word that describes how you feel right now.



File: 1481296370227.jpg (23.31 KB, 400x531, 400:531, 30626_373594_10018911_b.jpg)

Practising scrying, it has been a while I did, so bear with me.


>Query and a Song



>a Song

What do you mean?



A link to your favourite music or any that connects to your feelings over the situation.










A love reading please.



File: 1473856390652.jpg (156.27 KB, 397x293, 397:293, Ujisato_Hanafuda_6.jpg)


Has anyone by any chance attempted to use Hanafuda cards as a method of divination?

As a child I used to predict future using regular playing cards (my grandma has taught me the method) with quite high success ratio considering me being so careless about it, but I lost interest in it after her death. Now with the whole rise of meme magic I consider getting back to the business with more serious approach.

I've thought about using tarot this time, but the hanafuda cards have more appeal to me and that's probably quite important when it comes to magic. It's basically a deck of Japanese playing cards with floral themes (and they all have some poetic meaning to them).

I didn't have much luck finding any specific info on using them for divination, it's mostly about gambling. Nonetheless, according to my understanding all tools including basic archetypes are suitable.

Is it worth a try or should I rather stick to tarot as a beginner? Any recommendations when it comes to using hanafuda?


As far as I can tell (And i am a little nobody) tarot cards are basically an alphabet to interact with weird stuff that is beyond our normal comprehension. Most likely, it is only a set of archetypes that we use to invoke energies and knowledge that we don't know how to operate with, under the regular scientific model.

So no matter what alphabet you use, as long as it makes sense to you and to the person you are talking to. This is why lots of people can use different cards, because the power is within yourself, the cards are only a way to organize your ideas.

If I'm correct then, the deck is irrelevant as long as the energies it represents are resonating inside of you. You could create your own alphabet with the hanafuda cards, maybe it won't be as powerful as a tarot deck which already has meanings inserted, but if it resonates strongly with you then I would say give it a try.

I would recommend tarot first, just to get familiar with using alphabets made of images



>my understanding all tools including basic archetypes are suitable.

This is correct. Or anything which an archetype set can be overlaid works too.

>Is it worth a try or should I rather stick to tarot as a beginner?

Go with what calls to you.

File: 1472486478602.png (599.97 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 3.png)


Could someone harvest the power of perception with an augmentation of reality? or a virtual reality that mimicked a place in real life but with an augmented theme layered over it.


File: 1472504984200.jpg (15.67 KB, 234x230, 117:115, 1467860809413.jpg)

I once saw this symbol in a dead board at 8chan. What does it stand for?



Ungodly faggotry



That humanity is headed into a direction that all life is headed towards, becoming just another light.

It suggests that we shouldn't do that because as we become more empathetic we lose our identity and that also corresponds with suffering we'll put upon ourselves.

blah blah blah.

and this just keeps happening faster and faster over a wider and wider range until we become just another "light"

So yeah, we should stop that shit and try to control our destiny rather than be pushovers to the whims of the masses.

File: 1453763245919.jpg (799.96 KB, 774x1000, 387:500, The Wish.jpg)

 No.7[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

This is the primary thread for readings.


Announce that you're doing readings, being sure to include what you need and how many you'll read.


Query diviners according to their specifications. Take a moment to make sure the given reader is still reading before requesting a reading. Air-queries are discouraged here; take those over to the Practice thread.

If you're new, please read The Sticky first

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any readers around?

I wanna know if I should try running away from this house. is it fate, or is it just me being dumb? is there anything destiny has in store for me from doing this?

I might be asking too many questions here, but I wanna try to be clear as possible.

I'll provide any needed info/further explanations, if required.




I've found a path. I don't know where it leads yet, but it feels right, and further divination have said I'm in an phase of unrestricted growth.

Yet somehow I still doubt myself, like I have before.

Not enough to not progress, since I finally have an open field. But enough to ask for another divination from you. It seems very counter intuitive to what it seemed like you were telling me to do. Somewhere there is something not right or something I don't understand. Which I understand now may be the point. Still, I feel you can put my anxiety to rest.



This was me, asking for further help with >>435

and >>436


File: 1460601258733.jpg (13.01 KB, 285x214, 285:214, 1460498817163.jpg)





I've got an idea on the path I'm currently going down and on the outside I'm very content with where I'm heading. However I've got a sort of uneasy feeling, as if I'm being deluded into how good the future will be. Could you potentially identify the source of the uncertainty in my future?


File: 1466318363481.png (2.11 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, tmp_32690-1462479749331-18….png)


I hope you are still here because I need help



I am going to be moving out of my parents' house very soon. I am deeply conflicted because I so resent my parents for years of abuse. I find their values abhorrent and their influence upon me as insidious.

I do not want to hate them or hold contempt for them. They are old, and I would like to be able to be close to them for their remaining years, but I fear that doing so would inevitably and continually bring me down. Any effort toward healing and reconciliation toward them is met with only resistence.

Should I cut them out of my life?

Not 2 spoopy but I have always had an affinity for frogs.



The answer found me.

It's Love and family. They'll never be perfect, but I can Love them. With magic we can heal together. I cannot contribute to further division in our human world.

File: 1453959684679.jpg (4.18 KB, 116x125, 116:125, 1448184607871.jpg)


Here's a thread in /library/ with books on tarot cards & tarot reading


Hopefully it'll be of use

3 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1469508264085.jpg (376.04 KB, 1296x730, 648:365, 1469134428032.jpg)


one more day to see if Its right.


File: 1469525924715.jpg (29.8 KB, 403x313, 403:313, 13692711_840689189399255_3….jpg)


Doop doop doop, just gonna check fringe before bed.

Goodnight moon.


File: 1469574877275.png (153.88 KB, 611x404, 611:404, 1460937050495-0.png)

Hillary Clinton is officially the dems nom.

I'm not sure if this is as bad as the last time my dream counted to a horrible event.



A few days off and It could still be any of the terrorist attacks that happened last week or that will happen next week. Besides Trump will most likely win anyway so it doesn't really matter that much.



I think a terrorist attack did happen today, could of been yesterday with how news travels.

A priest was killed in a church.

File: 1466816463535.jpg (511.63 KB, 1338x1368, 223:228, rider-waite.jpg)


I got a deck of Tarot Cards, what do I do with them?


Just get a booklet on them and how to use them.


sit down with the cards every night for about six months.

holding the deck in your hands, cut it to reveal a new card. study the imagery of the card carefully and try to deduce its meaning. when you think you have it, cut the deck again, and so on for about 20 minutes.

As you go through the deck, consult a reference book if you get stuck, but always try to define the meaning of the cards yourself first. Pay special attention to cards that come up over and over again over your practice.

As you get better with the cards, begin trying to reconcile the meaning of the cards and your own life. It will not always be clear what the connection is between the cards you draw and the experiences you have. This is good. It will force you to think about things in a new way. Kind of like getting an outside perspective.

Next begin to experiment with your practice. Ask the cards question directly and see what comes up as the answer. You might draw a card to represent a day and carry it with you. You might play with drawing multiple cards. be creative here. Eventually you might want to learn some classic spreads, like the Celtic cross, but you ought to begin practicing intuitively and build from there.

Finally, give readings to other people. Sometimes it doesn't land, but in my experience most people love it. People like being the center of attention, and many can't help but think the cards describe them and their lives.

Eventually as you sit with the cards you will find you are able to enter into a meditative state in which it appears that you are having a conversation with the oracle, and believe me, the oracle makes some very good points. This state is the pinnacle of Tarot practice and it is definitely something to see.

Also some extra advice. I don't know why but tarot and weed go together really well. something about the associative nature of weed works well with the tarot, more so than other substances.



Based advice

File: 1479495589617.jpg (108.88 KB, 480x640, 3:4, psychic-72085_640.jpg)


This was requested in the questions thread, so I'll open a possibility for it, even if my time for this will be limited. Expect no more than 2 - 4 readings done by me weekly.

What this is:

>I will ask you to provide some personal information, including a photo, a picture of your hand will do, you may add a time stamp to show the pic was taken for this purpose.

>Because this takes focus and time, it will only be offered for those who need it most - maybe you have an urgent or very troubling situation you need to get a perspective on.

>If your request gets picked up for reading, you will give some feedback. Did it help you? Do you feel the description is completely off? Or was something very correct? Information like this will help me interpret what I see and I can do better readings later.

What this thread is NOT for:

>Reading your future. I see something of your present, that is all.

>Readings for fun. Things of little importance will not show up in your signature, so this can not be used for leisure.

Anyone who understands the meaning of reading someone's energy signature may contribute by taking their own requests, just make sure it's clear you are a different person.

12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'll be checkin around tomorrow, will remove my pic and put it back up later if you need/want it.




Your signature is dominated by something that in this context looks "odd". I do not see your path of connection to the world clearly because my view is blocked by a formation I have never really seen before. Normally there is a yellow hoizontal line representing the world, or simply the ground surface, and a vertical path is connecting to it from below. The vertical path leading up can actually be interpreted as "underground" and relating to animalistis desires, but this is normal. How you handle them and how you reach the surface is what matters. Not reaching the horizontal line would be a problem.

In your case the field of vision is dominated by a 2 pointed pitchfork with no handle. This makes it seem like your connection with the world is hostile, as for as your intent goes. Going only by this image, I would guess it was the result of some kind of occult practice, but you already mentioned interest in this topic, so I think it's safe to say this formation is the result of something you intentionally formed while being aware of it.

I'm not sure of the meaning of this sentence, but something comes to mind. Listen to the speaker in the very opening of this vid:


The 2 fangs is a universally common formation, also appearing as the horns of animals or fantasy illustrations of demons. I've found it to also appear energetically, and the idea may come from this originally. An organization will need 2 "fangs" as well if it is to be successful. Vampires are symbolized by fangs. There are many examples.

What is different here is that they connect at the base, forming a U shape.

>Ok, now let's move to the pic of your hand.

There is a generallyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>It can be compared with someone who has a natural talent for a sport, and only learns the technical skills needed to succed quickly, while ignoring the basics. It seems like the natural talent is enough and he never experiences any setbacks at all. Then at a time he suddenly gets injured, and because of never learning the fundamentals, he has a hard time recovering. The path back up will be much harder than if he had been working himself slowly up the first time, and he may feel it is hopeless. A person with no talent would have had to learn these things from scratch and would know how to get back again, step by step. But the person who relied on talent alone doesn't know this and will be worse off, he will have to start over from the very basics and learn them as if he was a total rookie.

This rings true. I was academically gifted and I never had to develop my other skills until I left education, and now I'm struggling badly. I already knew, of course, that I had to build these skills up from scratch, but this isn't something I've internalised.

>Your troubling situation results from having absolutely no sense or awareness of the negative aspects of your life.

I am aware of my problems but as I say, I tend to ignore them.

>You have a clear and defined way forward and you know what you are doing.

I'm not sure about this. I don't feel very confident or purposeful but I suppose I do ultimately understand what I have to do. If you see strength and stability in me then that's encouraging.

>you only look so far in the distance, and beyond that you never had to look before. That is probably where your answer and solution will be found.

Makes sense.

Thanks very much for doing this, it's very helpful.



>In your case the field of vision is dominated by a 2 pointed pitchfork with no handle. This makes it seem like your connection with the world is hostile, as for as your intent goes. Going only by this image, I would guess it was the result of some kind of occult practice, but you already mentioned interest in this topic, so I think it's safe to say this formation is the result of something you intentionally formed while being aware of it.

hm... I wouldn't say I formed much of anything on purpose.

>this "hole" in your energy field is the result of practicing chaos magic while lacking a fundamental stability

This makes sense actually.

I haven't exactly tried any system of magic other than "believe it's already there, be thankful for it, shift into a reality where it's true".

Which I've mostly used like when I lose something, hope it's not gone.

Haven't done much practice.

>Your signature is quite uncommon.

I've heard this kind of thing a lot.

The rest seems accurate enough, though I have to ponder the meaning of some of it, and how to get over it. I suppose mentorship/an akashic reading for clarity would do.

The pitchfork for one. I don't think I have ill intent but I could get into it so I guess it's there. Perhaps I've been too willing to go along with my shadow.

The trump thing, well, I've been a little too involved in reading about politics when I've now figured I really shouldn't care or say anything about it because it's better to be on the periphery of that. It seems like anyone I know irl doesn't beliePost too long. Click here to view the full text.




Thanks for the feedback.

File: 1467862269914.jpg (14.24 KB, 185x305, 37:61, hanson-roberts-04590.jpg)


What's your deck of choice /div/? I have started to get into tarot and have had pretty good results with the Mary Hanson-Roberts deck. It's similiar to the Rider-Waite, but with a more "approachable" art style. Also all the court cards are still white...unlike the degenerate Morgan-Greer...



i currently use the Rider-Waite, but I think im gonna get the Aquarian deck next


I'm using The Hermetic Tarot at the moment, but the MHR is absolutely good deck. Easy to find too. I just wish I could find a copy of the fantastic menagerie tarot.


File: 1481302354696.jpg (44.63 KB, 250x441, 250:441, wild-unknown-10240.jpg)

I've started with Marseilles, but focused on the Majors only. Now I use Thoth and Lenormand but I have my eyes on the Wild Unknown deck and probably a miniature Rider-Waite to carry on my bag.

This is a good site to look for new decks http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/


Why do you choose such American-British decks?

I would choose Japan Yugi Moto ultimate deck



Magic the Gathering has nice art though.

File: 1478365719884.jpg (99.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wmr7c0B.jpg)


naturally seeing into the future will leave you with the issue of being able to avoid certain things...

i think a lot of people argue about this thinking if they see something it is bound to happen

i'd like to talk about the alternate futures we can tap into

i think it would be foolish to think there is one possible future, i think this is true to a point

but i think that speculating into certain areas will allow one to divine and create a future of their own

i don't think that this is true divination but if you can look into multiple possibilities with accuracy i think you've mastered the ability to see into the future as you aren't just seeing one possibility you are seeing many and being able to discern the route in which to guide yourself or others into accomplishing this

naturally i would say that as you do this from the nature of things you may also be causing a butterfly effect



Divining one's own future with something such as tarot cards does sound like a good idea, and I practice such actions.

>i'd like to talk about the alternate futures we can tap into

I don't think its like that.

If you desire a specific future, just use reality manifestation to have it come about. I honestly don't think it is as complicated as you make it out to be.


i don't think they're complicated but i think obtaining some of these possibilities is a bit harder .. i mean

if A) is that nature will guide me then this would be a true path?

if B) is the choices i make to alter A then i know the alternatives...

then again i see that its debatable one would say.. this was the one true path

meh its w/e


File: 1479760499120.jpg (431.81 KB, 1920x1018, 960:509, 1458943249932.jpg)


In my experience the way it works is technically we are moving our perspective and perspective anchor (body) through time, space, timelines, the astral,etc.

Sometimes as you or others or the environment as a whole chances energetic/soul quality the manifest world may no longer represent it and thus will charge into the appropriate form; this may very well engender the diverging of people into different timelines as we've seen (a la the Mandela effect).

As to more efficiently and judiciously select a reality to experience brainstorming which "future" with other individuated (and occasionally collective) consciousness it makes sense to communicate with the others in like energy flows/psychic culture matrices as we, our mutual resonation/constructive interference with each other would have greater influence than energies which where not of us/the I.

To an extent there is A future, and that is due to the limit/level of imagination and awareness at this moment of existence many many variables are, despite our hardest magic still cocreative or wholly unaware in nature (and besides it's quite hard to isolate anything in a universes where all is one). So there is lots of inertia, the influence of the past upon the unaware present to bias the future.

The depending on how divergent (y)our personal stream in relation to the rest of the cosmos would impact the probabilities/manifestation time/effort and the level being the past of least resistance is are all things that as a diviner we try to ascertain the likelihood of and results thereof to better craft and gain insight into reality.



Addendum, with said knowledge one can then trim the sails towards or away from what ever probable course they foresaw.

File: 1462482947116.jpg (1.08 MB, 872x1185, 872:1185, 11833401.jpg)


Daily reminder tarot is JUST AN (FUCKING) ITALIAN CARD GAME.



Muh bluebull bullcrap, it's very easy to spread it.

PS. Foretelling-related charlatanry is generally something Gypsies are associated with in 2nd world Eastern Europe ;). Be proud of your race you cucks and don't fall as low as them, Indian r(ape)efugee rogues and thieves.

PS2. Check "Meditations on the Tarot", nothing of your "clairvoyant" shit tho.

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



>methodology of initiation?

Which one?



Beside a reputation, what makes the tarot so useful for divination, if you can do divination with so many things?



Well, for one, there are about 78 cards in a traditional deck and each one touches on a different aspect and situation of life (not even counting reversals.) A single card in combination with others will work to create a bigger picture. Once you really begin to see how each card plays into each other in a spread, it's a pretty efficient way to divine tbh fam.


anyone know which tarot deck is best to buy? I was thinking the Crowley-Thoth deck, and I've heard the Rider-Waite is pretty good. There may be a Hermetic deck which is supposed to be great.

I'm really looking for some old, good deep dark stuff with lots of information on correspondences packed in. Greek/Hebrew letters or other Hieroglyphs or astral realm significations on the decks would be a big plus.


File: 1471848175693.png (67.24 KB, 1305x609, 15:7, rustig-how-to-tarot.png)


Thoth and RW are two very different decks. It sounds like Thoth would work best for you, but for something in the middle, check out the Night Sun.

File: 1462475653256.jpg (28.45 KB, 296x394, 148:197, 10686695_933794700021794_4….jpg)


I'm trying to do a ritual using crystal grids, 2c-b, psilocybin mushrooms, possibly chaga tincture, multiple cleansing agents (himalayan salt lamp, burning sage, crystal bowl), some sort of fresh vegetation or plant, burning aromatic incense, mirrors, and a crystal wand. The intent of this is to somehow alter reality to have life like I want it in 10 years, including retrieving a former lover.

I'm going to set everything up and take the substances and attempt to astral project. I am than going to try to use the crystal wand in the astral realm to activate the grid and create a vortex with a set intention. I am than going to go into this vortex in the astral state and see what happens.

Any advice? anyone ever try anything like this here before?


cool. I don't think this belongs here but if you think it works it works. I would focus on becoming a person that you love and finding a new lover or removing the obstacles between you and the old one by becoming a better person without being attached to the outcome (if you take their freewill, no bueno)

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