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Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.

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File: 1483164379483.jpg (64.81 KB, 480x449, 480:449, b821777a56978da5bb7f1be994….jpg)


Seconding this for a multitude of reasons.



I want to use affirmations to stop myself from aging, but how can I tell if it works when aging takes so long?

80 years max of time as a conscious adult just isn't much time at all I want to see everything worth seeing on this planet.



Dur Neh Viir



Can't stop aging if you can't stop death and illness.



death isn't something to be stopped, it is to be avoided.

death is simply change of our bodies when they can no longer function and we slip out of them.


File: 1483207659927.png (126.36 KB, 375x360, 25:24, sticker,375x360.u2[1].png)

I think I broke my brain and I need help. I've been doing zen meditation and I swear my brain got confused from being concentrated for so long. I feel high as if watching porn, except whole day. It happened 4 days ago. Ever since I'm being pumped with pleasure. Today morning when I realized it didn't go away I cried from pleasure mixed with confusion and worry. I'm starting to give up and just lie on the floor all day. I go to pee, pee, then lie on the floor in the bathroom for 5 hours until I get hungry


Anyone had anything strange happen today?

I was in a half-lucid stupor for like 2-3 hours after waking up and my body was asleep but I could sort of see out of it and hear things fine. But while I could hear other people my house I also heard music right behind me. It was some kind of combination of traditional egyptian song with the singer using death metal type vocals. It happened 3 distinct times with gaps in between and all I could understand is about anubis and judgement. I couldn't make out much more because the voice was hoarse and low and the music kind of drowned it out. Really makes me think.




>he's never been a NEETpro and edged for 18 hours straight without eating or drinking

Pleasure can only last so long until you get used to it, enjoy it while it lasts.




Just enjoy like the other anon said. When you get out of it it will remain as proof of what you can achieve.



delete this now


10 minutes until the end of the world



how'd it go



Give me a reason to first.




Truth be told

Germany, France and Sweden are getting fucking terrible


Are deja-vus really changing timelines?

Is there some genuine explanation available?



The metropole areas are to be avoided.


File: 1483244252958.jpg (2.32 MB, 4001x2387, 4001:2387, 77.jpg)


Death is part of the putrefication process, and is necessary. What one must instead seek is to rebuild faster than the rate of decay (or necessary deconstruction). If you're not exposed to nor consume many toxins then the rate of decay is less. Combined with increasing the magnitudes of energy within your being allows for physical agelessness.


And that's why you must address it on a vibrational-soul level. Anything can be transcended/healed.


It seems to be some sudden shift of a thing, a certain level of discontinuity compared to what one is accustomed to, such that it jars the consciousness of the observer



Is it possible to use New Years Eve midnight for some sort of magic purpose?

If so, how?



Yeah but you're 5 hours late, Universal Time is the universal New Year's Eve.


I felt that today right at the second it went from 11:59 GMT to the next year of 12:00 GMT. It was sort of like if the whole world is an ocean of energy I felt a wave ripple through my energy body. I've felt displaced and disjointed since then.


My hair is falling out. What to do?



Eat fish and eggs, you've got vitamin deficiency.


Greetings fellow wizards. You may have heard I am having Gizmodo write an article on /fringe/. Would fringechan be interested in being included in this article?




I'm just speaking for myself, but the least attention drawn to this site, and the most given to 8chan's /fringe/, the better, since we rely on it to take all the shitposting.

Maybe the administrators would like it otherwise, but as a member of the community, I think we don't need spotlight.

Good luck.


What should one expect out of 2017 - the year of the "Fire Rooster"?


File: 1483297913861.jpg (52.86 KB, 607x331, 607:331, DMisraB6-3.jpg)

When will the Kali Yuga end?




get your kike business elsewhere


File: 1483299964520-0.jpg (826.51 KB, 2404x1260, 601:315, 1451762095327.jpg)

File: 1483299964520-1.png (34.2 KB, 531x389, 531:389, cancer.png)

File: 1483299964520-2.png (339.42 KB, 2000x2368, 125:148, 1388766186433.png)



You're kidding right? They are confirmed degenerate multicultural propaganda outlet.


I concur for many reasons, however primarily the reasons of a breakdown of the cultural adaptation process. Which will probably only be further intensified by there rank mundanity and anti-intellectualism turning this place into /x/ at best. I for don't wist that, not with the true seekers being bombarded with GTFO our creepypasta land with your roleplay energy work & spiritual journey's.

Tis much better to have (several) layers of interfaces, each more properly suited to their tier as not to shit up the place too much and to provide expansion of mind/paradigm at a rate they can accept.



I have a question about the last pic "tier 6"

It says

>we fought to gain these bodies and to attune to this reality

Now this physical existence isn't nice at all. It seems that the human body is that of a slave species confined to the boundaries of planet Earth. Weak and fragile and only blessed with greater intelligence - which is pretty flawed in itself for it can override the human's connection to the All through intellectualism.

I see so many life-positive attitudes and that's fine but many people just ignore that this physical existence is just shit. Ignoring this and focusing on becoming "one" seems like a vague undertaking to me.

Is the physical existence blessing or imprisonment?



/x/ is somewhere in the last 2 pics currently. As long as people here take the topics seriously they will consider us nutcases and won't come here.


>RP somewhere else

posting has taken over and discussion is mostly impossible.


File: 1483304721836.jpg (336.71 KB, 1174x1685, 1174:1685, 2c2fb61842d927b68b58b4002b….jpg)


This is wise.


Practice of mindfulness and concentration leads me to jhana. However, I aim at tummo/kundalini, not jhana. Any advice?

From what I understand, to achieve kundalini I should express desire and love for the world instead of letting go and surrendering (jhana).

Does it mean I should imbue myself with desire eg. enter extreme concentration during masturbatory edging? Or perhaps concentration on a singe erotic image is enough?



It's basically the hyperbolic time chamber. We come here due to the limitations the allow us the ability to grow in ways that may take more time otherwise. It allows the ability to play with and understand form in a more coherent way that if existence was purely aetheric.



4chan/pol/ is utter shit, it's all shills and retarded memeposting. I haven't really used 8ch/pol/ but from the look of it seems like a slow board for womenhaters and general douchebags, in short it's unbearable to even lurk.

What does that pic imply about 8ch?



>women haters

Fuck off bitch.

>muh miss soggy knee



>straight out of 8ch

why dont you go back




Those durations are wrong. Yugas aren't measured in human years but in divine years. Also, it is hard to have some unified measure for such differing periods (for example - even karma operated differently in the Satya Yuga).


To some this existence is blissful, to others it's painful. It's just a matter of perspective and your perception.


>butthurt buddhist

It's always entertaining when they do that.



>What does that pic imply about 8ch?

It's happening, it's happening again, and until the adminstratorship isn't compromised the cancer can't even be stemmed. Of which it is on 8chan and I doubt it will be fixed, another exodus is more likely.



leave this site


File: 1483321427454.png (57.77 KB, 626x754, 313:377, DOUBLE DOSE.png)




>muh hugbox

You people are what killed /fringe/ and fringechan.


Yeah and it happened here and on /fringe/ too. Look at the CURRENT YEAR userbase. Faggots, women, bullshit sissy armchair occultists, and looshurt redditors. My prognosis is that fringechan has irreversible degenerative cancer, it can be treated with Daily Dose but never cured. Though if anything 8ch/fringe/ is much better because 8ch still has shock value like 4chan once did and keeps the "omg so le offensive JUST it's 2017 JUST" normies away



>Faggots, women, bullshit sissy armchair occultists, and looshurt redditors

Better to have a varied userbase than be a sekrit club for angry incels.

>8ch still has shock value like 4chan once did and keeps the "omg so le offensive JUST it's 2017 JUST" normies away

People don't dislike >>5326 because it's politically incorrect, they dislike it because it's immature and it brings the place down. 8channers think they're edgy but they're just plain unlikeable.



>he doesn't even realize why he is cancer

I have to change my prognosis, the cancer is terminal not even Daily Dose can stop it. This site is a giant tumor.



>This site is a giant tumor.

You'd probably better hop on back to cripplechan then. Gizmodo needs edgelords to make fun of.


How do I avoid distractions?



Stop using the internet.



hello 4cuck






Fuck off, assholes.



Are you sure this attitude isn't just the serf trying to justify accept his position because he sees no way to get out?

I'm not saying there's no way out because apparently there are some ways taught in Buddhism. But this physical existence is in my opinion nothing to be cherrished like it is done in the picture and also by some fellow fringe anons. It is dangerous propaganda because there is really no indication that this physical realm is supposed to be a good thing. Or do you know of such indicators?


>To some this existence is blissful, to others it's painful. It's just a matter of perspective and your perception.

It's objectively pretty shit tbh.

The human body is weak and unfit for survival like other animals do. Were it not for the human's intellect, he wouldn't stand a chance. The problem with intellect is that it's still in beta testing phase and not good. People suffer a lot of mental bullshit because of it and I'm not just referring to mental illness here but also the loss of connection to the planet - a fatal error, this won't end well.



>indication that this physical realm is supposed to be a good thing

The fact that living a fulfilling and happy life is not impossible in this realm can be an indicator imho.


It is also "objectively" pretty great. You've got all those chemicals in the brain making you feel good, the technology allows for people living 80+ years which is plenty of time for magical and spiritual progress, you have easy access to esoteric knowledge, you can use magic to your personal advantage all the while you work your way up to realizing the Ultimate Reality (whether it is a "way out" - I don't know, as someone heavily influenced by Shaktism I don't like the Buddhist notion of emptiness). Yes, people suffer, but people also are happy and there are ways to reduce the suffering, not to mention that suffering in and of itself is pretty useful.

>the loss of connection to the planet - a fatal error, this won't end well

Maybe, but I hope not.



>If you say cripplechan you must be from 4chan

Retard logic right there.

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