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File: 1476303770200.jpg (306.31 KB, 500x427, 500:427, 1395333367656.jpg)

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Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.

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File: 1479271084664.jpg (5.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

What is the meaning for this alchemy symbol?





Posting just to acquire a Get is a bit of faggotry anon.



It's just the symbol for sulfur attached to the inverted symbol for mercury.

It has no meaning it's probably just a dank wallpaper or used to look 'occult' and 'mystical'.


cultivating VRIL through long far. w/ dry multiple semi-orgasms

worked in your case? i'm now experimenting





When I was child, I saw a white humanoid with purple stains across the body and oval head on the door of my room. He did not do anything, just looked at me, and then kept walking. What could he be?







You didn't write a lot so it's a bit limited in expression, but I'll give it a try (not trying to be rude, just describing what I see).

Your signature is dominated by what I'd call a "masculine interest", it has direction and isn't the worst I've seen. There is some kind of tone I'd call "sour", like a feeling of air in a closed off room where you'd need to to let in some fresh air. If you can imagine opening a door and walking into a room of 5 guys at a table, all wearing heavy leather outfits (maybe bikers), playing cards and drinking cheap beer, but noone is smoking so the smell of leather and after shave is taking over.

I have a feeling if you were to get into an argument, you may have self confidence with a tendency of being blunt and rude, but you have a certain level of self control and wouldn't go all out. Some people may respect you for this.




>a glimpse of what I remember seeing

I have a memory from before being born, it's something that came to me like remembering something, and it stays there.

It's basically 3 scenes.

>a snowy field

>howevering by the ceiling of a room, seeing an old trunk

>seeing a mirror with an antique frame, feeling something "ancient" like an old culture is touching me

These came back to me very early, when I was a kid, and it felt very real. I know it was something I saw when being in a spirit form, I didn't even know the words for it when it appeared.

Now I live in the place where the trunk and the mirror is. Both of them are family heirloom belonging to the house, I had not yet seen them when the images appeared in my mind.



>I really love music that has some connotations to the occult.

Most music does when you start listening carefully.


File: 1479327182072.jpg (302.26 KB, 1600x1054, 800:527, 13221139_1174161842602301_….jpg)


My earliest memory is hovering above a crib during a storm.


I mean - musicians that are occultists or at least draw heavy inspirations from the occult.



All occult means is hidden knowledge, please stop using occult as a blanket term otherwise it will become a husk word like magic did.



I think everyone knows what is meant by 'occult' and 'esoteric', even though their literal meanings are quite limited.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I think that it is obvious I meant music connected to magic, magical systems etc. (like for example Coil using Enochian calls in some of their pieces) and not some hidden message pertaining to, I dunno… a veiled message about self hatred (like for example Archive - Fuck U). Of course, most music has hidden messages, this is what poetry and song-writing are all about.

>please stop using occult as a blanket term otherwise it will become a husk word like magic did

Now, if I called some mundane song by the term "occult" simply because it has some hidden meaning, it would be correct, yes, but at the same time it would give a wrong idea about what the song is about.

By "the occult" I meant the general "occult scene".



Thank you



Mines not one from when I was born but it's when I was young and

The dream, I was in darkness but there was a light behind it, like a black screen on a powered tv.

I could see but I did not think nor did I feel, I'm pretty sure I didn't have a body.

It is the first dream I remember and when I woke up I was in my home, I did not know it but it was familiar as was my family, I didn't know them but when I went to talk to them there names just came out of my mouth.

I'm sure that's normal, it's probably nothing.



No regrets.


You replied to two different people. I'm not >>4583.


Is Hermeticism deterministic? Just like Taoism and some schools of Eastern thought, in that respect.



I don't know magic and don't visit much but I try to throw my knowledge out there due to it's scarcity.

You seem in a distressing compulsive games condition. I suspect, after a little reading and application, you will find your current state quite alien. As is what happened to me. It may affect your visualization ability, but I wouldn't know.


The addendums are kind of lengthy and boring and placed before practical for some reason.

Curiously, there have been no takers to my knowldge despite the simplicity and effect of this model. I suppose it is still ahead of its time. Things like mindset are only just gaining popularity.

I wonder. There must be some way to meme them. There are many common game states that may be exploitable. Like your mother for instance. Forcing these to become conscious may raise the general quality of the chans.


so if the jews within the last few hundred years are lizard people would that mean that any mischling would be part lizard person?


ages ago i think on 8ch fringe there was a link to a video of a black guy screaming and tapping into a camera and he was talking about some spiritual shit and people said he had crazy wizard syndrome does anyone know what I'm talking about or have the link/name of his youtube channel



can you please read mine



Same request as above here, any Hermeticist that couls help me out with this easy question



Right, I just assumed the second post was the same anon.


The general image has 3 components.

>There is the line where you interact with the world, how you present yourself. This being present is a good sign, it means you are connected with the world.

>There is something nasty, it looks like a ball of poisonous spikes, either aiming at suppressing you, or they were earlier created by you to be used against other people, then later you realized this was counterproductive and started taking it down. It could be both, to make a wild guess it may be the signature energy of drug abuse (I don't know what that looks like but it seems reasonable that such a thing could create neglect of other's needs as a part of your character).

>The last part showing is your path around the spike ball connecting you to the line described in the first paragraph. What you chose to do has led you past that part of your life and given you a chance to overcome it.



Do me next, am curious.



If you are willing of course.




If you (anyone) wants a more balanced reading you should post with anon flag, it's easy to fall back on previous experiences of what a person has written (because all posts give off some kind of signature and it's something I remember, most people here have some kind of individuality that's usually missing in "normal" people).

With that said:

Referring back to the last post


and using the same form to explain it:

>Your signature has a stronger line representing your connection with the world. I'd even go as far as calling it a "strong faith". You are definitely overcoming (having the possibility to do so) the problems you may have experienced earlier in your life.

>The negative aspects are actually not harmful to you. Assuming you really are the "indigo" known here from before (maybe you're not him?) this is a bit surprising. It's not that I have looked closely to identify it before, but I had expected the negative aspects of your life to be more reckless and chaotic. It seems everything is under control.

>Lastly the path describing your connection with the world, and your current lifestyle; this is the part that has the most negative energy of the 3. It's a bit unusual to see this, because it means that part that is usually harmful to a person, for you it isn't, while the part that is normally your strong side, the part where you have control, is bordering to harmful to you. This is contradictive, it means the path you are following to reach your strong faith, is crudely and mostly incompetently performed. To use an example, this is like saying a runner is in the lead in the race, by not exercising, and instead spending his time drinking, partying and being hedonistic in general. It's illogical, it means someone is getting good results by doing everything wrong. It could also mean you potentially could improve a lot if you made an effort, maybe in the example of a runner, you are using only 1% of your potential while those closest to you in the race are at 75% having exercised a lot. But maybe there are obstacles in your personality obstructing you. I don't know what it means, you'll have to interpret this yourself.

Ok, that got long, but I got a bit carried away because it didn't make any sense.


File: 1479417812874.jpeg (75.15 KB, 775x855, 155:171, serveimage2.jpeg)


Real magix/10

>If you (anyone) wants a more balanced reading you should post with anon flag

Yeah, I thought about that but only after already posting it. And yeah, I'm that Indigo faggot which has been posting here.

Everything you wrote makes perfect sense when viewed from the perspective of my life. Well, maybe not sense, because it doesn't make sense even to me (although I have some possible explanations), but it just is that way.

>The negative aspects are actually not harmful to you

>Your signature has a stronger line representing your connection with the world. I'd even go as far as calling it a "strong faith".

What do you mean by that exactly?

>the part where you have control, is bordering to harmful to you

Could you elaborate a bit more, I'm not sure I get what you mean?

Maybe I can write some short interpretation on how it looks from my perspective, if you are interested, but I need to know if I understood what you wrote correctly. Although it is personal, so I wouldn't go into too much detail.




Also, in what way are you using the word "negative"? You mean generally problems, depression, anger, sadness etc. or you use this as in negative - passive, positive - active? Just to be sure.



> in what way are you using the word "negative"?

This meaning:

>You mean generally problems, depression, anger, sadness etc


People from my view usually have 2 sides, one which contains things that are harmful to them, it can be external (ill intent of others) or internal (your own bad actions biting you in the ass). The other side contains what is good for you, your motivations, your will to do something positive with your life, generally taking action and gaining control of yourself.

Now for you it seems there are no negative things. Noone is trying to hurt you, noone thinks bad things about you or anything. There are also no negative things from your own actions. It's just null and void.

This in itself is not strange, but it's more likely to be the situation of a person detached from the world, like some 80 y/o monk in a distant monastery that noone knows about and who doesn't interact with anyone.

When it comes to the positive side, you do not have a lot of positive things there. If you did bad things, this should normally lead to the negative side building up. But for you it seems the negative consequences of your lifestyle is contained in your positive side, meaning it's subtracted directly from the good things you should have had, it doesn't build up hostility or illness on the negative side.

For example it's possible a crime boss would have many positive things in his life, he's doing what he wants and reaching his goals. But in turn his negative side is huge, everyone wants to kill him and he may have cancer from eating and drinking too much.

This is the best I can do to describe it, and I hope you see why I think this was unusual.

>>the part where you have control, is bordering to harmful to you

>Could you elaborate a bit more, I'm not sure I get what you mean?

This is where you should have your salary paid in a check, but instead you get paid in poisonous snakes thrown in your yard. Sure if you catch them they're valuble and can be sold, but it's possibly harmful and kinda not the deal you wanted.



Forgot one thing.

Faith is the same as being connected with the world, reality, while not having faith means you are stuck on your own delusions. Contrary to what some tend to think, being critical of everything does not bring you closer to understanding the world. If you are connected with the world and people around you, having faith, meaning you believe the world is real and existing, you will not be easily effected by negative thinking or hopelessness. When logical people tell you it is hopeless (an illness can't be treated, your financial sitution is unsolvable etc) you still think the world is huge and surely there are ways to solve it. In a way faith defies logic and reason, and can solve problems by not listening to negative arguments.

In my usage of the word of course.



if our post give off certain signatures, would seeing more than one help give a more accurate view of us?

if so


dream thread, I post alot in there if more is needed



would you read me again?



Question bump



Would you consider making a thread for these readings? Maybe we could get /div/ running again.



>if our post give off certain signatures, would seeing more than one help give a more accurate view of us?

Not necessarily, it's best done by just grabbing something quickly and taking a closer look. It's easy to be effected by the message in the post and make interpretations from what was said instead of the "signature".

I'm not sure about pulling an entire thread for this, consider one reading takes 20-30 min with writing down the observations included, and I may have 1 hour daily to spend for leisure browsing online..

But if there are more people willing to do similar readings (I know there are people who can here) I suppose a thread could work.

I've done this before at /x/ but then I asked people to take a pic of their hand, holding it up so that part of their room was in the background, and post that in the thread along with a short personal info (favourite food, color, what kind of place you live etc).

Problem is there would be many requests at once and maybe I can do 1-2 every 2 days, most people wouldn't even stay around to see it.



Maybe I could contribute, I've been learning how into Tarot for some time now and although I'm not terribly good at it but my skills suffice for some fun, quick reads.

The biggest successes that I had were in regards to meeting people, social situations etc. I even created a spread for this. For some reason I really don't get the Celtic Cross one.



Now, that makes a lot of sense, especially in regards to my practice, world view and general lifestyle but explaining it all would take too long. Actually I also don't feel comfortable enough to do so. Thanks anyway!



I hear you fam, if it's a drag don't even worry about it.


I have a question regarding astral projection:

my family is part of a african religion that is famous in the southest part o Brazil, my mother and father are like "priests" of that religion, and i live in some kind of "temple".

When I enter in AP, is it possible that the entities that reside in my house, could contact me?


File: 1479427578022.jpg (24.11 KB, 500x556, 125:139, 11951284_610310835775228_3….jpg)


It is, although I'd think that it's more about the place you are mentally in and not physically. Your fears and expectations have a big role in it, and if you really feel connected to these entities then the chances of such an astral encounter are higher imho.

Is them contacting you a bad thing? Maybe use your natural connection to them to your advantage, but I don't know anything about the nature of said entities. Could you share more info?

On the other hand, AP is not some totally different state. You have an astral body at all times, not only when you are projecting in it. If they really wanted to make contact then they could do so in a multitude of ways with dream being the easiest.



If you have time I'd appreciate a reading as well, if not I understand.



Couldn't they live in the astral plane? Like somewhere near me?

No, I'm just curious. In fact, I was hoping to meet them, I think that is always good to have a guide on the "other side".

Some of the entities are based on aspects of nature, and every person of the religion borns with one of these entities, like a "father" (somekind o guardian).

Mine is Oxalá, he is associated with the creation of the world, the first son of Olorum (like a "supreme" god)

And there is the Exus, they are not entities born of Olorum, nor aspects of nature. They are persons that made "bad" things in life, and chose to work with "bad" spirits for evolution. People ask them jobs opportunities, lovers or to harm someone that you don"t like.

They are associated with "demons", but they are not evil or good. Also, they protect the house from bad spirits.


I'm not practicer, though.

And for example, if i'm not having expectations to meet them, is it possible that they come at me? Like asking what the hell I'm doing here.


File: 1479432035444.jpg (83.53 KB, 468x570, 78:95, 11855891_1140276966002444_….jpg)


>Couldn't they live in the astral plane? Like somewhere near me?

Places in the astral don't correlate with the physical dimensions. Where lies your memory of the first day at school? When you wonder where will you be in two years time where are these thoughts located?

No, you don't need to traverse the astral on foot.

>Couldn't they live in the astral plane? Like somewhere near me?

That's what I meant when I was talking about mental place and not physical one. If you focus on them and in a way imbue your consciousness with their energy and you have a clear intent of meeting them - that constitutes "somewhere near you".

For example, one time after moving out I APed, but instead of being in my new apartment I found myself at my old house. Mentally I was still considering myself more living there than here. I think that it doesn't really matter where you are physically. Of course the aura of the place might influence your thoughts which in turn influence your astral adventures, but IMHO there is no direct influence.

>Mine is Oxalá, he is associated with the creation of the world, the first son of Olorum (like a "supreme" god)

Nice, gonna read up on this. From what I know from my quick glance on Voodoo about a year ago, those spirits have Veves (and from my understanding it functions much like yantras and mandalas do), so I think that a great way of meeting one would be meditating on it's Veve and mentally asking them to guide you in your projection. Basically anything you can do to get mentally closer to them will work. In Tantra it is primarily done by mantras, yantras, dhyana etc. but other systems have their methods too. Even just looking at art depicting certain entity can bring you closer to it.

>And for example, if i'm not having expectations to meet them, is it possible that they come at me? Like asking what the hell I'm doing here.

I don't know, it doesn't seem likely to me. I mean, your intentions are pure and your parents are priests. I don't think any spirit, let alone your guardian spirit, would behave in such a way.

Also, there are many books about Voodoo, Voudon (it's my understanding that such things are right up your alley, right?) in our library. They weren't my cup of tea, but maybe you can learn something from them.

Two books that really caught my interest were "Voudon Gnostic Workbook" by Michael Bertiaux and "Exu and the Quimbanda of Night and Fire" by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold. Haven't read them in their entirety as Voodoo is too… external and ritualistic for my tastes, but they might be a good source of knowledge.

Have you considered talking to your parents about that, or generally learning from them?



Well, my family is deeply connected with the religion, but i'm not. It's interesting, but I don't have planes to follow the religion.

Thank you, I'll have a look.

Yes, but i'm don't think that kind of subject is their speciality.

Also, I heard when you AP, you are vunerable to other spirits. And the fact that I live in a kind of temple, could it provide me protection?


File: 1479433937656.jpg (95.29 KB, 450x577, 450:577, 11407016_733963956716027_9….jpg)


>Also, I heard when you AP, you are vunerable to other spirits

Tbh personally I've never had much problem with it.

My only encounter of this type was this:


and it was more silly than anything.

With that being said, I always have measures to protect myself (with the one I trust the most being mantra of my personal Deity - Daksinakalika) so I'd suggest you find or create your own protective rituals, spells or what have you. One very simple but very effective way is to thoughtform an atmosphere of safety and well-being, for example visualizing a protective sphere around you and mentally affirming your safety. Maybe meditate a bit on Oxalá and try to feel him out, form some sort of relationship before you jump into AP so that you can have a powerful friend "out there" :^)

There are other ways of protection, some strongly advocate the use of LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) but I am not amongst them.

Also, oftentimes the most effective magical tools are the ones you come up with yourself.

>the fact that I live in a kind of temple, could it provide me protection?

Don't know much about that, if you really feel the connection to the entities then yeah, but I don't think that the fact that you live there is in itself any protective measure. I can be wrong though.

So yeah, I wouldn't care too much about it, but I would nevertheless find some means of protection, you never know when it might come in handy.



Thank you for your patience.

Do you have any advice regarding dangerous things in the astral?



The most dangerous thing in the astral is yourself. If you feel troubled or depressed then you might find yourself in a very low state out there, tormented by your inner demons.

But, from my point of view, that's a good thing, because face-to-face confrontation with your fears isn't something that is easily given to ordinary people.

If you find yourself in trouble then just clench your fists and push through, nothing can beat you if you don't allow for it to happen. If you are confused or worried then just fall back on your protective measures and come back later when you've found your resolve. If you find yourself in that situation for a second time that is.

I must go now, if you have any further questions then they will have to wait. Good luck!


So if the world is mental and all an illusion, whats stopping me from doing things such as teleportation or becoming strong like superman etcetera?

And whats the significance of loosh?

If I want to become a 4th dimension being do i have to reincarnate as one?

If every time my physical body dies and i forget everything from my past life, how to I ever progress?

Or is forgetting things only on the third dimension?

What determines who I will incarnate as, i.e into a rich family, poor family?

Why is this so confusing?



there are three basic layers of reality

the mind

the spirit

the material

each one has laws that govern it

the world is mental but isn't an illusion, it has rules and laws.

science lays out the ones for the material.


how do I stop being a dopamine addicted monkey?




Stop masturbating, don't eat fast food, drink purified water and meditate, oh and don't do any drugs.

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