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Do not start threads just to ask a question; post your questions in a pre-existing thread instead.

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Many people even people who have /fringe/ views claim that dreams are in your personal mind.

But every time I have ever become aware I was in a dream and attempted to do anything negative to anyone in the dream I have experienced the dream twist or shift and either push me awake or move my awareness so I forget I'm dreaming and fall into deep sleep.

Explain this fug



Never dealt with something like this, but if the problem seems to be connected to some location maybe create a guardian servitor of this place? Or maybe just create a servitor which would act like a bodyguard of your friend?

Anyway, firstly you must ask yourself whether actually doing anything is a good idea. Of course, if you succeed you will be more powerful and you will get experience, but your friend will be as weak as she is now, even more so, because she will be dependent on you for protection from now on and not on herself. You know, if she endures or destroys the problem herself she will certainly be stronger.

On the other hand, I wouldn't ever hesitate to protect and help people I care about or those generally struggling in their lives. Just something I do even against my better judgment out of empathy which I can't seem to control. Sometimes it feels really beyond me.

So, anyway a few ideas I might have

If you can into astral projection then surround yourself with protective auras, spells, whatever-your-pleasure-is and go into her house and do a banishing, alternatively just scout and see what it is you are dealing with.

If you can't, then maybe use Tarot (or any divination system) to get information about what you are dealing with. I'd do the reading myself, but I'm not yet very pro at Tarot, nor do I know your friend and I think currently I could only do readings for myself or for someone emotionally close to me.

Guardian servitor/bodyguard - I used them with great effect, although never for something this serious, but maybe it's just a case of pumping into them enough energy and they will be able to deal with anything? You could even power it up along with your friend, just create a sigil, either from a name of your servitor or from the "statement of intent" - i.e. it's programmed function and give it to her along with instructions how to power it. You know the procedure of creating servitors?

Also, something that came into my mind - maybe she does it herself? I mean most cases of "poltergeists" are, supposedly, people unknowingly thoughtforming their fears and emotions. You said that her father is an alcoholic, she surely doesn't have an easy life. Combine it with some latent magical ability and maybe you got yourself whatever you are dealing with.

Take care, if you have any further questions I'd be happy to answer.


Maybe you subconsciously don't want to hurt them, even if it is a "dream person", and it results in an inner conflict of sorts? Also, dream persons are part of yourself after all.



>rats are seen as dirty due to their association with pestilence

>rats are associated with jews

>jews created the black death and major plagues of europe by purposely poisoning wells and spreading diseased blood

>jews worship moloch





Hey there.

Could you expand on city ley lines? More importantly, how to use them so that they would not have power over us?



I'd somehow compare it to qi gong, you start off not having any control, and then by the movements you slowly start to notice a warmth in your body, then you learn how the energy flows function and can make use of it.

You have to go out there and "feel" it yourself, walk along streets and find key places. Most people don't just walk around and explore the city they live in. Go to places where roads and streets meet, find those far off places that have these qualities but are abandoned, like an old suburb center where shops are closed and noone lives any more. These places are good to practice on, walk around and imagine the feel of living there, where you'd walk, what you'd do. You'll start to see patterns.

If you don't have abandoned places nearby, there are always some unused side road, or you can go out at night to practice.

After a while you may find patterns, and when you get back to the busy streets you can see how the architecture controls people. Then you're already above it to some degree.

I don't know how else to talk of this, you have to learn to "feel the city", the energy flows in it like in a human body.

After a while you'll notice things, like how defence plans have made an impact on the street plans, there are some obvious example of this in France, Napoleon built "cannon squares", an open place with wide streets in all directions.

If there was a new revolution, you could control the entire city by placing cannons on these squares and you would cut off all movements.

Use google maps and look at Paris, you can see the streets form star formations clearly, those are the cannon squares.

That's just a simple surface thing as an example, there are more specific and complex things in each city, you'll have to go there and experience it to understand them.

Another obvious example of this is Rangoon in Burma, it's said to have huge distances between different districts and all streets are 6 lanes wide, but there is almost no traffic. Not a lot of people have cars. The reason for building it this way is to make it impossible to start a rebellion, if a crowd tried they would be surrouned by tanks before getting anywhere.




But France isn't a country.

It was abolished in 2019 when the European Federation was established from the European Union dissolving all individual rights of countries in the membership.

>not knowing basic history



Very interesting.

Have you tried using these lines and energy clusters to enhance you work?

I have heard about these ideas before. Such as there being places, where energy can be more intense. All the way back to reading castaneda, and those warm spots.

Cities should create something like that as well. And theoretically there should be great potential in those areas I guess.

I am just not sure what can exactly be done there, and for what purpose…




Saged the dead rat, saged another spot I felt it at. Found a wasps nest and saged that while spraying it with a hose. Got bit, and these fuckers are only coming after me and not my friend. She knows how to take care of herself, but I dont think she understands how its affecting her fathers alcoholism. Its only targeting me because Im actually trying to do something about it. Its definitely weaker but holy shit I can feel how pissed off this thing is at me. Physical pain isn't terrible, so I can deal with this spirit. Others I've met before have been way stronger, able to implant thoughts and emotions if they desire too, but they like to converse and chill. This thing is just a puss. Its relying on manipulating lesser beings to entertain itself and get off. Im helping out more for myself, to learn about these types of beings and how to deal with them properly. Helping out my friend is just a bonus. Its opening her up to more than her chaos magic style she naturally tuned into. Shes a natural born empath who can see spirits, but they always try and fuck with her so she just learned to ignore them. This thing fucked with me with a wasp bite on my scalp before I even made the decision to get rid of it. I've had 2 more since, while my friend will be able to sit there unnoticed for hours. Only as soon as I walk up.


File: 1472588795647.pdf (1.34 MB, AwakeningTheThirdEye.pdf)



> Chapter 12 – Ley Lines, Earth Lines and Energy Wells



>but the wasps are only stinging me

Maybe because you're the one who is using a hose on their nest?

>I put my foot in an ant pile and the ants are only biting me

>I kicked a wolf pup and its mother is only attacking me

>I beat a baby and its father is only going after me

>oy vey iz mir WHAT A SHOAH


File: 1472590755876.jpg (130.61 KB, 579x339, 193:113, 1361283696322.jpg)


A book answering not only this but quite a few other questions that I had.

My thanks goes to you.



>European Union dissolving

Yes exactly, that's what will happen ;)


>Have you tried using these lines and energy clusters to enhance you work?

I do always. Whereever you are, you got there by walking a street or using a road, so you're inevitably connected to this energetic system.

The difference is, you'll evolve from

>not aware mundane style → starting to notice you're being controlled → starting to lessen the control → breaking free → turning back to manipulate the system → controlling and using the system

In the long run I want to hijack the entire infrastructure of the EU and take back what they stole, it's definitely doable… from the theory that one spot, if finding the right one, will control other spots and magnify the effect out to all other places, controlling all of them…

If they can do it, so can I.




>inb4 rolling around my room, trying to find the "well" like castaneda



My friend kept spraying the wasps after I fled, and they only followed me even when she was face to face with the nest.


>all the legitimate occultists have left

>/fringe/ is now populated by obullshitists from /x/

Rest in RIP /fringe/ you will be forgotten but not lost.


File: 1472616967728.jpg (1.52 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, tmp_13375-20160830_162825-….jpg)

It happened agian, I'm gonna buy some new mechanical clocks to see if it happens agian, this time it was during a two hour nap, the clocks are missing about 9 minutes.



But where have they gone?



Presumably they all got bored with /fringe/ since they knew everything they could learn from it and had contributed as much as they felt reasonable.

They had nothing left to do and left.




Thoughtforms, never used a sigil in my life.


Maybe jews have been rats in their past lives and have undergone an STS style evolution.


I'm really hoping that by then there's a full on race war, but my years on /pol/ have taught me one thing, that it'll never happen. All I can do now is keep on pouring fire mixed in with racial hate into people around me to accelerate it.



>legitimate occultists

They were mostly racist womenhaters with some basic skills spreading poisonous ideas to mundane /pol/acks, it's no loss. I could never stand 8ch/fringe/ just like any 8ch version of a board, that website must be the worst website ever.

4chan at least has some charm in all its retardedness, 8ch is just a butthurt 4chan with no sense of humour and PC undertones.



t. reddit


The redpill to end all redpills, what does /fringe/ think?




Maybe, if you want to include aliens and nanobots. There is some similarity to the stuff on dataasylum.

That said it's still just normal atheist lingo repeating the

>Moses/Jesus/Buddha was an alien/synonym/whatever and Heaven is a meme

completely disregarding that this gives no aswer to anything at all if you're not an atheist to begin with.



This website isn't for you.


File: 1472671677865.jpg (51.12 KB, 672x372, 56:31, 1470759643793.jpg)


Do you see racist womenhaters around here?


I don't either, I like this place.

>inb4 /fringe/ is for white power wizards

Nazism is german and has nothing to do with racism. White power is american, and guess who ruined the 3rd reich?

It's fine to agree with the western tradition and not like american racism, there is no contradiction.






But he's right you know :^)

I mean, what is so occult about hating women or about being a /pol/ack?




I hate you zombies. There's no point to visiting anymore.



Wake up kid.

Only idiots hate other races, everyone is equal because everyone has a soul.

Go back to /pol/ you stupid racist.


>tfw poe's law has reached its final form

>it's now 100% impossible to tell if someone is shitposting

Beautiful, like pottery.


File: 1472681756698.jpg (31.55 KB, 400x453, 400:453, 6976811.jpg)


>like pottery



Observe this post and the qualities of the poster.

At last we can see that the cancer has reached the critical stage of development, the internet as a forum of discussion is dead.

We witness a husk, a living corpse drawing its final breath. We see the law of rythm once again come into effect, the final decay of what was.

The Internet is dead.



No, seriously, if it's so obvious, to the point that everyone who doesn't get it is a mindless zombie, then surely you won't have any trouble explaining why hating on women is occult.



>Observe this post and the qualities of the poster.

You know your Indigo boy and his attitude towards other posts by the poster with Initiate flag, but his previous posts don't automatically invalidate what he said about women or /pol/.


When was the Golden Age of /fringe/?



the moment before you started posting here



When the real tipp was still alive.


Golden Age of /fringe/ When?


>stealing my trips to shitpost

tipp had to become cubesexual for a bit to realize http://fringechan.org/fringe/res/6450.html#6450

>newchan in any way related to the golden age of /fringe/


Fringe Golden Age was the interstice between gifted individuals being forced off of /x/ because ">>>/pol/" and off /pol/ because ">>>/x/" and the following successful greenpilling of both boards.

>where did everyone go now

Still here, I, and I'm sure others would agree, just don't feel like repeating myself for the ten thousandth time. I, and probably others, lurk for new questions and topics.

also making sure initiates aren't to wrong in answering neophytes on important topics


Honestly though a big reason I don't lurk nearly that often is the influx of all these liberal new age hippie humanitarians.

Pushover scum.



> everyone has a soul

Sure but not everyone has spirit, cunt.


The golden age of /fringe/ and its end are directly correlated to the corruption and collapse of /pol/.

In Feburary the ultimate destruction of /pol/ was enacted and the board quickly collapsed. At the same time /fringe/'s golden age ended.

>there are people on /fringe/ who don't remember the silent holocaust of February

>there are people on /fringe/ who don't remember how /pol/ went from its age of decadence into its age of death

RIP fringe, once the home of bright eyed neophytes, now the home of cuckolds and jew lovers



Psychopaths are born without Spirit, lacking empathy, among traits, because there is no Spirit which wants to reincarnate into that child or have a desire for that experience.

Sociopaths, similar to above but different in the sense that they have a higher spirit but it is repressed by a traumatized Ego, Soul, either a shitty upbringing which requires you to utilize everything you have to survive, the mentality to survive the slums or a broken family, or by, a trauma, such as infant circumcision, the pain alters the brain in a way that it devlops psychopathic tendencies.

The Jewish community is known to have widespread and diverse mental illness with a much higher percentage of socio/psychopaths.







>>He noted that most violent crimes are committed by a small group of male offenders with ASPD, but only about a third of these men are true psychopaths (ASPD+P).

>>Psychopaths are characterized by a lack of empathy and remorse, and use aggression in a planned way to secure what they want, whether it is status or money.



>>Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child's brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery


>>The function of the frontal lobe involves the ability to project future consequences resulting from current actions, the choice between good and bad actions (or better and best) (also known as conscience), the override and suppression of socially unacceptable responses,



if you want a kek or two, read between the lines in the rabbis' answers.


What really hurt the community and drove off a large portion of its members was the need to redpill newfags and unwillingness to greenpill bluepills.

IE loss of board culture resulting in a lot of peoples silence, leave and stay.



>implying there's not a huge government disinfo force prowling both /fringe/ in order to suppress der goyim




>PC undertones



Who said you have to hate? You have to recognize that there are vast differences between every race and if you're so greenpilled then why are genes a sought after commodity by various alien races? When they genetically engineered labor races did they not leave out certain gene expressions like higher degrees of intelligence? Why are automaton races lacking in Spirit?

More mundane but equally useful example, are the most intelligent and successful blacks not mixed? The overwhelming majority of blacks in the world are dark, but their media representatives and leaders are almost always brown (mixed) yet they still count as black in demographics. Genetic admixture provided those gifts, yet they get the benefits of being a "minority" and "disadvantaged" group.


I'm absolutely astonished that there's so many bluepills here, in the sense that they're completely unwise to how the mundane world works, still believe in the /pol/ boogeyman, and still fall for the tolerance meme. By no means do you have to be /pol/ before you can learn to be /fringe/ but if there's one thing /pol/ was good for, it was showing how the mundane world actually works, what the puppets who maintain the planet as a prison are, and how they keep people ignorant and constantly fed lies. As another anon put it, there's simply no answer by any mundane means for the actions of the jews and those who serve them.

As far as /pol/ got to the truth, the answers end where the question, "Why?" begins. And I don't mean why certain events come to pass, I mean motivation behind the forces that caused those events. That's also why swallowing the redpill so to speak is so difficult for some; they look for the answer to why before they look to see what's what. As can be seen, nothing the jews and their allies do makes sense in any humane or mundane context. They consistently work to make misery spread around the world and even at the cost of their own health. Their thoughtforms -in every sense- remain the most hostile to everyone and they're so well versed in spiritual warfare that they cannot be warred against so easily. They're not the chosen people like they claim to be, but something certainly chose them. In essence /pol/ is a very necessary filter for what's rather esoteric but also mundane; in other words, the mundane truth has become esoteric because of the control over information and thus the truth.



>As another anon put it, there's simply no answer by any mundane means for the actions of the jews and those who serve them.

please elaborate, everytime this is asked the response is MOLOCH DEVIL WORSHIPPERS HUR DURR

it's obviously not that simple, and the corrupted demiurge shit doesn't explain their obsession with the land of zion

I think there's a perfectly good mundane explanation, as in it's derived from a exoteric interpretation though I have no idea where to begin regarding the esoteric kabbalah bit


Should I replace sleep with meditating for 6-8 hours? If so, should it be done gradually or all at once?



I agree, it's not that simple. The moloch explanation does explain some things but it doesn't account for others. Even if the moloch end of things is true, it can easily be another facade to mask the real source, or it can be a small glimpse at the real picture. I believe it warrants discussion in its own thread. Rather, there's a lot of theories worth sorting out.

Also, I don't think a perfectly mundane answer will suffice. /pol/ or no /pol/, all evidence points to a calculated series of actions that are derived from a group of people with a historically proven record of bringing misery upon wherever they're allowed to enter. Actions speak louder than words, and if you judge the mountains of actions committed by jews, it's downright senseless - calculated senselessness at that. If there was a true evil (within mundane parameters) look no further than them. Genetics and the exoteric aspects of their religion doesn't cut it, these puppets are like what the greys are to reptilians, except they can blend in with other people.

>esoteric kabbalah

A work derived from the works of fhe magicians of ancient egypt (iirc). In other words it wasn't originally theirs. Yet another thing they stole.

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