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File: 1483691528480.jpg (794.42 KB, 2000x1334, 1000:667, 1453246270152.jpg)

fc156e No.366

So apparently Tumblr is trying to be relevant again, and this time is trying to curse Trump.


The don't know who their messing with, shall we give them a taste of our power? I've already returned some of the energy back to their senders, would the rest of you care to join in the psychic war /fringe/?

0b0497 No.367


Trump's victory already was the result of turning their shit back at them, so what are they going to do? Create more lies to stop the old one's from falling?

Trump can't be stopped and never could, but sure I'll stop that shit before it gets anywhere. No "war" should be needed.

fc156e No.368

File: 1483728422104.png (695.28 KB, 631x901, 631:901, 1454776555762.png)


Many of us have long been involved, directly or indirectly in the effort ranging from taking the lead on constructive actions to simply reposing kek worthy OC & caps.

Make no mistake though, this is a war, they are literally trying to kill us and our kin, did you not read it?

>may he and his works fall and be devoured

>may his name and his word turn to dust and be driven never to find rest in any fertile field, nor nourish any fruit.

Sit on the sidelines if you wilt, however do not be illusioned to the nature of the clash we are witnessing. Even if it could never have been stopped it does not mean it can't be slowed, or would you like more years of ZOG? Or are you just indifferent?

b63a9f No.369


Keep in mind that he is nothing but a means to an end for our efforts.

b63a9f No.370

(… and by "he" I mean Trump of course)

fc156e No.371

File: 1483759957961.png (519.24 KB, 765x519, 255:173, 1459043470689.png)


Indeed, and I think it worthy to protect this investment especially moreover as the dividends so far have been great and I have not seen any cracks in the foundation merely just kikes trying to paint them on.

5e5257 No.376


I said I'll stop that shit, what else do you want. If you see them try again feel free to post about it again, repelling stupid shit like that is nothing.

I've been involved with this since way before Obama. Some little curse can't do anything, that's why this can't qualify as "war", tumblr doesn't stand a chance. This is so much bigger. (and tumblr is not a side either, like half of it is porn, completely opposite to the feminists associated with tumblr)

I've never treated it as a war, this is mere retribution. If they want a war they should stand up in the field with an army, not use these coward tactics.

But it's true I don't care about america in itself, I just want it/them to stop playing "world police" and I want the oil based dollar system broken down. It's effecting my part of the world in a negative way, so fixing america is a means to an end.

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